Update On 1.3

Hi everyone,

Just want to give you a quick fill-in on the status of the new update.

As you may know, I’ve always worked solo on Stardew Valley. However,  for this multiplayer update I’ve had the help of Tom Coxon (of Chucklefish). He’s done all the network coding to turn Stardew Valley into a multiplayer game… truly an impressive feat, and one that would not be possible without his talent. He deserves a lot of credit for this — Thank you Tom!

Now, here’s where we’re at:

Work on the new features is done, and we’ve sent all the new text off to be translated into the different languages. Meanwhile, we are working on bug fixes. Once we’ve received the translated text and integrated it back into the game, we’ll begin a serious QA phase involving thorough testing of all new features in both multiplayer and single player contexts. When that is finished, the update should be ready for a public beta.  I am still shooting for a spring release for the beta.

When the beta gets closer to launch, I’ll fill you guys in on more specifics as to how multiplayer will work, as well as a more complete list of the new features in the update.

I’ll also be sure to let you guys know as soon as we’ve determined a more concrete timetable for release.

For now, here’s a screenshot of the new signs in action:

These signs are crafting items that will be available to you from the start of the game. Any item in Stardew Valley can be “clicked” onto them to display. 

Thanks so much everyone for your patience while we get this update ready. It’s really going to be a “game changer” for Stardew Valley!






  • Beta for spring… Damn, it takes so much time! But it’s worth the wait!!
    And…I want to ask… What about local multiplayer ?! Are you still not planning to make it real? For console players it would be really awesome, my little sisters want to play with me. =/

    • Alex Wymore

      I’m really hoping for this as well. I’m much more interested in playing with my kids than with a bunch of strangers online

      • Right? Sure, if you have friends or family who don’t live with you, online multiplayer is cool, but local multiplayer is also really interesting. =(

        • I’ll also be sure to let you guys know as soon as we’ve determined a more concrete timetable for release.

      • while we get this update ready. It’s really going to be a “game changer” for Stardew Valley!

    • Kyle Lambing

      This is a must for me, otherwise multiplayer will be useless

    • Jordan Stacy

      I believe they are not supporting local coop.

      • I’m not gonna buy many PC and copies of Stardew Valley just to play it like that…

        • Jac0bbb

          You can play on LAN. The dev has tweeted out a picture of him and a few buddies playing at his house.

          • But doesn’t LAN require several PC and copies of the game?
            Still, local playing on console is funnier than doing it on PC…

    • Any item in Stardew Valley can be “clicked” onto them to display.

  • Bombardo

    I’m really looking forward to this multiplayer !! I can not wait to play

  • Carla

    ok but when is spring? here its in september

    • Spring is March thru June in the northern hemisphere.

    • xarai

      concerned ape lives in california, would benefit you to look that up on google

  • Laudelau

    Thanks for the update! I await eagerly but patiently <3 I'd rather have a stable game than a buggy one.

  • PedroSimões

    Will be possible to play journey of the prairie king im coop just like the 2 heart event with Abigail?

    • Michael Miller

      Asking the real questions here.

      • Turtle Shadow King

        it is real well if stardew valley is real

    • Maxime Lavoie

      I HOPE SO!!! 😀

    • Mytzer


    • *Beep* Grammar Correctioner is here *Beep*

      “Will it be possible to play the Journey of the Prairie King in COOP just like the 2 heart event with Abigail?”

      *Beep* Grammar Correctioner out *Beep*

  • Aztec

    Is this update going to include local co-op on consoles? Or is it just Network play with one player per console/PC?

    • xarai

      1 per console

  • I’m curious to see how multiplayer will work. Will time stand still? Or will we still have to tend to our animals and crops even as we try to entertain our visitors?

    • Lurus

      It’ll work like the regular game as far as game time goes. Your multiplayer friends will be able to help you with the farming crops, animals, ect… basically everything you do now with the game just with up to 4 players online working together on the same farm.

      So like you might be planting the crops and your friend is fishing and then another friend could be in the mines sorta thing or just all working together to plant a larger crop kinda however you want to play it.

      I believe money will be in a single combined pool for all players and the host has control over certain things like ending the festivals and when to sleep so might want to only play with those you trust.

  • Adrian Phillips

    Im naming my goat concernedape because you are the greastest of all time. Ps hook us up for open beta bæ

  • Shay

    spring. ok. good. as excited as i am to get a new update, i’m glad i don’t uninstall my mods just yet.

  • Adrian Brown

    I love Stardew Valley. Keep the great content coming.

  • Megan Geneau

    Is it gonna be cross platform?

    • Mike Wallin

      It won’t be cross platform, very few games are and consoles/PC don’t typically work together.

      • Joshua Shafer

        Final Fantasy 14..?

        • Jordan Stacy

          Different, ff14 owns its own servers which you pay a monthly sub for. That’s why cross play is in ff14and not in really any other game.

          • Joshua Shafer

            It’s not really different, they just developed it that way. I’m assuming that, from the way the dev is talking, there will be network-based multiplayer. Which means that there’s going to be a discrete server somewhere hosting for some type of in-game lobby. Unless they’re going to require you just invite someone from your friend list to play. Have to see how it’s implemented, I suppose. My point is, it’s entirely possible. Cross-play isn’t in other games because of Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo. It has little to do with ability and everything to do with money.

        • Mike Wallin

          Like I said, “very few games.” One other is Rocket League, but these are a drop in the bucket of all the multiplayer games that are not cross platform. ConcernedApe already stated this isn’t going cross platform anyways, so it doesn’t matter.

      • Johan Bjäreholt

        Cross platform does not only mean PCConsole, what about WindowsLinux?

        • Mike Wallin

          Yes it does, cross platform means PC to console or different between different consoles (Nintendo to PS4 to XBoxOne). The definition of cross platform refers to moving across different hardware, so operating systems don’t matter here. It’s all server side.

          It’s still Computer to Computer.

          • Marlon Martinez

            Tell that to civ 6, i have a linux and i cant play with my friends who play on windows

          • David Saylor

            Wrong. Computers with different software would also be considered cross platform.

  • Rees

    I can’t wait!!

  • RKade8583


  • Dustin Brinnon

    Woo! Can’t wait!

  • Billy Bob

    how did he post it on the 15th… its still the 14th….

    • Dranmarth

      There’s this magical thing called timezones

    • Wayne McGrath

      It’s the 15th here in the UK. ^^

      • David Jonathan Corrie

        and CA is from Seattle.

    • Ivo

      It’s a magical things called timezones.

  • thaimbomb

    Should add way to find NPCs better. Maybe a menu and times they available. It’s damn confusing to remember with everything going on especially coming back to play from a break.

    • Rabbid Raven 789

      Or you could just google that info instead of expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter?

      • thaimbomb

        Was I talking to your dumb a**? Some people have a life outside Stardew Valley unlike yourself.

        • Rabbid Raven 789

          He says, posting about wanting an unnecessary feature for the game on a blog post for said game :^)

          Keep up your hard work, Concerned! Most of us here actually appreciate the effort you put into this and I’m looking forward to the release!

    • MotherOfSwonk

      If you happen to be playing on PC, there are several mods that will show you where NPCs are on the map in real-time. Also the official Wiki lists out the schedules of every NPC as well. If you’re having trouble finding someone, it might be worth it to bookmark the Wiki!

  • BHWarner

    Keep up the great work. I would rather get it polished then get it fast. the polish is what makes this game so wonderful.

    • Ryder Kahler

      Took the words right out of my mouth

      • Nathaniel Jacob

        you mean took the words out of your computer

        • Aelfrey B

          The text off your keyboard

          • Shane Verrette

            The 1 and 0’s off your cpu

  • Ethan Masons

    Any way to possibly make Marnie available for marriage candidate? :3

    • fabio

      Well for me she looks kinda old, I guess she can’t be, unless you use some mods or stuff like that.

      • ✨tass✨

        did you know old people get married too?

        • But this one is already in love with someone.

          • ✨tass✨

            if the guy won’t start treatin her better someone might as well snatch her away

          • Nathaniel Jacob

            I know i could treat you better than he can. Sing that to marnie tass

          • Balentay

            But all the bachelors already “love someone else” before you come along.

      • Ethan Masons

        I’ve already tried a few mods, which at first I never thought of. Showed my appreciation of this game by buying it twice as well, for PS4 and PC.

        As for Marnie, as the others said she deserves better than Lewis and for the mods bit, I’ve tried a few but they never seem to work properly as intended, at least for me they don’t. :/

    • HipsterFarmer

      Marnie would be interesting. Funny, though, also making Lewis available would feel so mean towards Marnie, if he couldn’t be open about her for who knows how long, but suddenly, marries the town’s newbie xD

      I’d like to see Kent and Jodie as options. Sam is old enough to be on his own, Vincent is manageable for a single parent (or can move to the farm as well). Jodie cares about Kent, but doesn’t feel happy in her role as a housewife and mom who always has to look after others. Kent has troubles to find his way back into the family’s structure.
      They could have an amiable split (not all divorces are ugly) based on still liking and respecting each other, but growing apart.
      For Jodie, the farm would be an adventure, a new, fresh start.
      For Kent, the farm’s calmness, routine, and early rising would be a paradise.
      Vincent would love to be on a farm, either as his new home or to visit his parent whenever.

      I think patchwork families, changing family dynamics, growing apart as lovers aren’t the worst themes to have and compared to some others that are already in the game (depression, suicide, emotional neglect, unemployment, poverty), those are almost tame.

      Also, I’d love it if we could reject Emily (I’m not into the woo/esoteric type anyway :D) which would result in her ending up with Clint a reasonable while later. He could do better (with my farmer, for example) but hey, “Where love falls, grass stops growing”, as we say here 😀

      • Ethan Masons

        I also think splitting up Demetrius and Robin would be interesting. In all honesty it just doesn’t sit right with me that he flat out ignores Sebastian in favor of Maru, and if I’m being honest Robin and Demetrius come off as forced and not quite true love, as if they were married in a rush and are staying together for the sake of saving face. I think? Lol

        But yeah Concerned Ape, I would love for you to consider these suggestions after you finish up the lastest patch, thanks for the awesome game and you have my continued support. 😀

  • Skyler Jirtle

    Xbox one multiplayer release date?

  • Fisstech Addict

    ConcernedApe and Chucklefish, you two are fucking marvelous.
    I can see big company such as CD Projekt Red took an interest in your works.
    Just take my fucking money and make me excited like a drug addict because I’ve been waiting and won’t install the game again before the full release!

  • discus stuff

    Will we be able to opt – out of the multiplayer mode? I have zero interest in it. Will part of the farm be taken up by the “houses” for that feature automatically like the loss of space for the spouse area or will they have to be built through Robin? Hoping for the later so I don’t lose valuable space.

    Will the single player experience of the game be pushed to the side as what happens in many of the games when they tack on a multiplayer aspect to it?

    • Some Guy

      the game will be exactly the same. you can play either one if you want but multiplayer is an option. well i think so judging from all the stuff i read, so itll all be the same.

      • Some Guy

        i think

        • Kirk Critchelow

          of course it will be. He’s adding more single player content. Discus stuff don’t ever assume CA would mess up the single player, it is his life, he poured time into making the game amazing. He isn’t most developers.. and therefore won’t and couldn’t ruin the game as long as Eric is leading us in the Valley.

          • discus stuff

            I certainly hope you are right. This is one of my go to games to play and would hate to have it go the way of so many other games lately with minimal and broken story content for those who prefer single player, while dev(s) put all their money/time/effort into multiplayer.

    • HyperFrosting

      An earlier update said that at the beginning of a new game Robin will build extra houses on your for “farmhands” to live in, so I think there will also be an option to not build any, and that would be a single player game.

  • zakaria sfenjeh

    Keep the good work.
    Please please please could you give us an update about the vita port as well. Thanks.

  • Laura Soria


  • El Escritor Fantasma de Atomix

    I would love a NewGame+ Feature like Chrono Trigger. Please give me an upvote if you would too.

  • Matt Baker

    The two things that I would love to see in this game are:

    1. Multiplayer co-op for Legend of the Prarie King (Up to four player would be fantastic.) because that Fector’s Challenge trophy is going to be taunting me until the end of time otherwise.

    2. More romance options. Especially Marnie who’s just my personal favorite of the single cast, but all single characters of marrying age would be welcome.

    I’m excited for the opportunity to play this with friends, but I’m even more excited to see a return to single player content. I’m also hopeful that we’ll get more info regarding the Vita port in the upcoming months. Regardless this game has done nothing but good by me and I look forward to any future additions. Keep up the great work!

    • Sully

      Oh God if we could marry poor pathetic Clint… lol

    • Marnie already loves the mayor.

      • MotherOfSwonk

        Yeah but he doesn’t love her enough to put a ring on it, or even acknowledge their relationship publicly, so I think homegirl could do better.

        • Jack Gardner

          I mean. Sometimes a ‘proper’ relationship isn’t necessary. Sometimes all you need is to be warm at night.

          • MotherOfSwonk

            Marnie makes is very clear from both the scene where you catch them together and from her diary that she wants more from the relationship.

    • Taluwen

      Only if I get to marry Pierre.

    • Curdle Crow Curious

      Omg, can I pls marry Morris?? I LOVE THAT EVIL MAN.

    • doriko

      Marry the wizard.
      Insta crops, every single day, without moving a finger.

    • ClanPsi

      That sweet, delicious Jas.

  • Brantwijn Serrah

    Hello! I love, love, LOVE this game. Thank you for all you do!

    I don’t know if it’s been considered for future updates… but might there be any way to help bring together some of the relationships that exist between characters you don’t romance? In-game events like helping Clint and Emily actually come together or find a way for Marnie and the Mayor to finally reveal their relationship/get married? I always thought those were some sweet side stories and would love if the player could help influence happy endings for them. <3 <3 <3

    • Eh, even if I’m with Penny, I don’t want Emily to get to this Clint asshole. ;(

      • Curt Clark

        People should have the choice, though, if they DO want to.

      • Kat Kazak

        what’s so assholish about Clint?

        • Hateclint

          he takes too long to break my geodes

          • That’s it ? The game is not for impatient gamers haha

          • Minoitchi Itichi

            Ma boi/girl idk just get a mod ez :D:D:D:

    • Number13teen

      In older Harvest Moon games there were Rival marriages where the male and female love candidates would get married, so I think it’d be great for him to add these features.

    • Sepo

      It might be complicated since there’s divorce. The only one I can see is Marnie and the Mayor but even then Marnie has a shop and the Mayor has the divorce papers, so they would have to live apart or expend one’s home. I can’t really see this working besides a very light romance where they don’t live with each other.

      • toxdrawace

        There should be a way to give your blessing for their marriage or something. It might be a little weird since you are the newest one in town and of all the people, your blessing is probably not the one they’d really be waiting for, but it would let you have more control over whether people get married or not from a gameplay perspective.

        • DeltaNoodles

          Maybe after completing the community center, so that you’re a big name in the community?

          • Leeskra

            As the person below mentioned – rival marriages should only happen with the player’s assistance, thus you can configure the game however you wish for it to go then. (Ex. If you think Clint’s bad as someone mentioned above, do not do the actions that would push them together and enforce the marriage).

    • Calhaora Valkea Lightsbane

      Yes! D: And I would love to have the children you have grow up to be as Old as Jas.. and have the Personality akin to you spouse D:’ I always didnt like it in the HM Games that your Child is..in a perpetual state of “just beeing there”

  • Joshua Doll

    I just want to say thank you very much for the update, was hoping for a more exact date, but glad to hear about the progress. looking forward to it!

  • clark hardy

    I absolutely love this game and I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve put into it’s continued development. I believe I’ll echo the sentiments of the others who posted below and say I’d rather get a polished product than a rushed one. I will also say that I would be more than happy to pay for bigger updates and dlc for sure. Thanks again

  • Martin Dorsch

    Fantastic that you keep us up to date! THe Beta testing, is it something to can participate in? like be lucky to get to play it? 🙂

    • Jake Malta

      Everyone will get to it is public beta

  • Fleur

    Thank you so much for your work ! 😀 <3 Good luck for the future and I send you all my support 😀

  • Sunnyewe

    This looks amazing! Take your time to smoothe it up.. I’m checking the blog several times a day.. I’m so excited! 😀

  • SouL Prisoner

    Been waiting for too long. You guys delayed real bad. 3-4 months! :/

    • Magdalena Meggi PawÅ‚owska

      They doing evrything they can to make that multiplayer version…

      • SouL Prisoner

        And I’m doing my best being patience, but tbh, at this point i’m kinda losing interest. :/

        • Dsc

          If I had to pick between waiting for it to be good and having it now in an unfinished state, I think I’d prefer to wait.

          There’s a lot of games out there to play in the meantime.

          • SouL Prisoner

            I never said i wanted unfinished, i said i waited long enough, they should release it quick

          • Taluwen

            And that leads to bad games, friendo. Look at Bioware when they rushed their games because EA made them do so. Then look at games they took their time out. There is a massive difference. So, keep your pants on and be patient.

          • SouL Prisoner

            Them delaying after the given time is the annoying part. Taking their time to finish is not the problem. They build up hype saying end of 2017 co-op out and then they delay it like 3-4 months is what grinds these gears.

          • Dsc

            That’s just how it goes with game development. Unexpected things happen that push you behind schedule.

            Now, it’s true that a simple solution would just be to not say any dates, but then we have the inverse complaint happening. It’s a double edged sword. If you announce a release date and something makes you fall behind people will be upset, but at the same time if you don’t announce any date people will still be upset.

          • Scottaroo

            There is a difference between rushing out a game as quick as possible to make the big $$$ as soon as possible, and just being unprofessional and promising something time and time again. I think those who have funded this game in order for it to exist have the right to complain about a feature that was promised for the original release but hasn’t been received 2 years later.

          • Mike Wallin

            “Unprofessional”…jesus. They never promised any dates, ConcernedApe made guesstimates about when it *could* be released. And games being delayed is extremely normal, a company like Naughty Dog does it for literally every game and they kill it with their content.

            Also, it’s a free upgrade for anyone’s who bought the game, so you have no right to complain. Ya’ll are just childish in these comments. Boohoo if it’s not ready in time, the important thing is that it’s working and ready around the world for everyone.

          • Joe

            That’s true, but its unfair to promise dates over and over again and then constantly move it back, and its unrealistic to expect everyone to be fine with that. They pushed it back to Q1 and then suddenly say that its gonna be an extra 2 months on top of that (which isn’t even a sure thing), in total they’ve pushed it back 3 times and i wouldn’t be surprised if they do it again. I understand quality over quantity, but that isn’t an excuse when they’ve promised dates. Also i gotta disagree with any variation of the “if you don’t like it, then leave” argument because it doesn’t actually solve anything

    • Scottaroo

      You’ve been waiting 3-4 months? I’ve been waiting for 2 years since the game came out without multiplayer even though it was supposed to be released with multiplayer. I can’t believe it’s taken so long. By the time multiplayer is released, most of the original people who were interested in and FUNDED this game will no longer be interested in it! What a let-down.

      • SouL Prisoner

        3-4 months after they announced the game will be coming out in nov-dec.

        I don’t care much for multiplayer. I’m just looking forward to “New content”. Waiting for like 8 months.

  • pikachuthepower

    I can not wait anymore, I wanted at least that you give in percentage how much is complete

    • Alex Drake

      THat would be Useless information >_>

    • Jordan Stacy

      whether you got the info or not, the wait will be the same amount of time

      • pikachuthepower

        I know, but somehow numbers calm me down

  • juampi magaldi

    Ps Vita port?????? news?

    • Tim Greason

      doubtful, as the console was discounted already.
      So only people who would be able to buy a copy of it would be those who already own one. Making the profit from porting it to the vita is probably just a waste of money.

      • TehGamingBox

        a ps vita port was already announced

  • sukTHEfac

    will these updates be making their way to Switch? and when?

  • Josh Salicos

    I have it on ps4. Lost my axe. Haven’t found it anywhere and no one has brought it to me. Some kind of bug. Can you fix this please? I haven’t played for over a year because of this.

    • Alex Drake

      ….over a year when you could just simply start a new save?

      • Petros Prokopiou

        …or add a console command mod and create one out of thin air ?

    • keanuswonkybeard

      I usually hear of people finding it in their refrigerator, is it not in there?

  • jeff

    how will the invite system work between GOG players and Steam players?

    • Jordan Stacy

      hopefully there will be an ip system, similar to terraria

  • Petros Prokopiou

    By spring I hope you mean March-April-May and not Australian spring which is September-Octomber-November.

    • MotherOfSwonk

      I think it is reasonable to assume that a Dev living in Seattle, Washington, United States is talking about the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Magdalena Meggi PawÅ‚owska

    Yes! I’m very happy about that multiplayer option in this game because of my friends, they love to play that game too! Can’t wait! ^ ^

  • One-less

    Waiting months for this, and still more months. “I am still shooting for a spring release for the beta” means it will be no less than 1 month, but probably will not come out before june, and this for the beta. The release will be for the second semester 2018, optmistc I would say august. Was playing the game and stoped to not spoil it so I could coop play with my fiance (wich stoped for the same reason). Wich was by the time they realased news on August 01, wich was news of a work in progress. Got a little excited by the december update on the blog, was worried by the silence and now, after reading this, I gave up. Look like by the time it comes out I will definetly be with other games to coop play (more realistic, after this, tonight I will be). A shame, it’s sure is a great game, but I will never play.

    • Alex Drake

      LOL entitled brat

      • One-less

        No. Unfortunately, not a entitled brat, but someone who have more things in life than a game, who have to work, study, take care of the house, and plan things ahead far more importants than a game, like budget. I’d love to be a entitled brat, so I could just say “LOL entitled brat”. Sorry, not everyone have all days to wait and do what wish, and have the mind so empty that can take the lux to plan, wait, for a game. Revise your standards. We are not talking about something from one day to another, it’s months, will in the end be a year of development. Do you think everyone, on every market can take the pleasure of have a so loose deadline? Looks like you are the entitled brat who didn’t have to do anything and don’t know how things (unfotunately) work in the world. It’s not a pool of “thanks” and “great”, there are people who simply can’t cope with. And, I reiterate, it’s a great game, but in those circunstances it’s not a game for me anymore. And, if it’s not clear enought, for ME, I didn’t say anywhere that the game is bad. Maybe I wasn’t polite enought (and if not, sorry developer, not the intention) but I’m putting one side, the developer knows that there are people who is giving up. I’m say this, and justifying why. And again, that’s how people act on the world, they say positions and justify then. Very diferent form “LOL entitled brat”.

        • Alex Drake

          No to someone who had to wait YEARS for the game to even be playable, your pathetic whining does make you an entitled brat. Because you can’t seem to wait less than half a year WHILE you can already play the freaking game.

          • One-less

            Pls, learn to read, and argue. You are becoming angry and are being unnecessary rude. If you keep this way I will not take time to reply. If you wish to discuss and not only supress someone who think diferent than you read again what I said and think.
            Just for you to think a little more. Someone like you are not helping the developer in any way. Someone who make some based critic (be it positive or negative) help. Maybe I’m not being clear, not arguing correct, and for this anyone can call me, but it’s not what you are doing. I’m not trying to whining, I’m say a point of view.
            There are people who bought the game after august 1 (the older news on multiplayer that I remember) that only have done this for the multiplayer, an officialy announced feature, and didn’t have it on a horizon. For those people, and I’m puting myself in this group, the game is “not playable”. “ah, but there are the singleplayer”. Well, not everyone look for the same. There are people who play both, and there are who play only one mode.

          • Zhanna H

            I don’t know if you knew this (you should if you read the top of the update) but there isn’t a team working on this. SDV was made by ONE MAN. He got another person to help with the multiplayer but it’s still just two people. AAA games have teams and some don’t move any faster than these two men working on this. So I would never call you entitled but I do think you aren’t considering how great of an endeavor this is for a two man team. So sorry if you and your gf want to move on but game additions take time and when you don’t have huge numbers working on this, that time is greater. In between working on multiplayer, which is something he has been talking about for awhile, he got it out on all 3 consoles while also still working on PSVita, continous updates and bug fixes. Again this is ONE MAN doing all this. So move on if you want but I just felt that you didn’t understand the huge undertaking all this is/was for a single person who just got some help.

  • Pattawee Singsatit

    Is there a friendly-fire?

    • Nathaniel Jacob


    • Childcrone

      Ooo, cool thought; so one could build Combat skill by sparring?

  • Jed Heiser

    I’m curious to know how getting knocked out (HP or Stamina depleted) will work in multiplayer. At the very least, I hope the day doesn’t end when the “main” farmer passes out. What I’m personally hoping for is the ability to find your unconscious friends and revive them with food or perhaps a special kind of medicine, or maybe just retrieve their items for them.

    • Andrew Morton (Linkon)

      The day doesn’t end when the player passes out. Stamina depletion doesn’t make you pass out, you only pass out by dying, which just makes Linus find you or Harvey bring you to the clinic. No time change, you just lose some stuff. The other way is staying up til 2, which is just a forced closing.

      • Aquae

        Stamina depletion can make you pass out if you continually overexert yourself.


        “Players become exhausted when their energy drops to 0 or below. At this point, they are unable to run. Eating something will make them able to run again, but the exhaustion indicator will persist through the day. Persisting in energy consuming activities will make them pass out, ending the day.”

  • Samuel Brownlee

    So it will still be in the first Quarter like the last post? or is more 2 quarter? just a bit confused. thanks

  • Sarah Akbar

    im still waiting for the vita version as you promised

  • Levie D ♫

    Thanks so much for the update, and your hard work! ❤ I’m excited for a great release for the multiplayer!

  • Captain Tryhard

    can’t wait!

  • Elias Turpela

    I think it would be amazing if there ware more foods, way to farvest other meats just than just fish and more option on making beverages. Beverages like whiskey, cognac and more complicated wines like whole new fermenting system. <3<3<3 Keep up the good work!

  • Simmi Gaming

    All I’m waiting for a fix for all the bugs… The game is now totally unplayable for me (on the switch), it has been this way for months, I’m not the only one in this case… When are we getting a patch???

    • Paul Slade

      What problems are you havinf? Switch version plays fine for me.

      • Simmi Gaming

        Among other minor graphic bugs , I can’t plant anything anymore. When I do it the seed disappears but nothing happens on the ground. I have reported this bug a couple months ago…. I’m on my first winter. Also, I am aware that you can’t “plant ” anything in winter, so please don’t tell me like everyone else “well duh you can’t grow anything in winter!”, well yeah you can’t grow anything but you can still plant, except that they will be dead the following day! Planting is just broken in my game :/ There’s just no point playing if I can’t plant….

        • Paul Slade

          Whhaaattt!! That is game breaking stuff man, lets hope it gets patched soon. Might be worth starting a new farm as an update might not be for a few month.

        • danny

          You can only plant winter seeds in winter. If you plant something out of season, it disappears from your inventory and does *not* get planted. At least that’s how it is on PC.

          • Simmi Gaming

            winter seeds don’t work either for me, and no it should not just “disappear” from your inventory….

  • Adam

    Will anyone ever notice Clint’s special shoes?

  • Paul Slade

    Multiplayer doesnt interest me but im looking forward to the single player content. I would much rather have more add on content for stardew valley than an actual stardew valley 2.

  • Paul Slade

    Also the buildings in the screenshot are they new buildings or new choices for how buildings look?

    • Jordan Stacy

      New multiplayer function. They are player cottages

  • Bill End


  • Nathaniel Jacob

    Will it be possible to give me a free steam key bcause im poor

  • Curdle Crow Curious

    What if both you and your friend wants to marry Harvey? Can you both marry Harvey?? Also, I love this game so much!!!
    Also, I wish I could marry Morris, he’s the bad guy, but everyone can change right? Who can say no to a coot pudgy man like him?

    • Mickael Chausse

      Just like in real life?

    • Childcrone

      heh, then it would be a race to build hearts ;~)

  • Z_Doctor

    Will this be available through online-multiplayer or only lan?

    • Alex Drake


  • K-Inaho Miyamura

    Sorry for my bad English, you thought of any future changes relating to children? for
    example assigning simple tasks, which can grow more than established

    • Samantha Wylder

      I would also like to see more content with your children. Have them get older and be able to talk and do stuff with them. I also wish they looked more like your spouse or you could customize how they look.

  • Tyson Belko

    A more challenging Community Centre style objective would be a great addition to the end game content. Maybe fixing up the now abandoned Joja Mart, or acquiring larger numbers of harder to obtain/grow/craft items.

  • Zarkoff

    Nice, but what I’m really waiting for is the French in Switch version.

  • Jonas Katzenliebhaber


  • Bruno Buzzatti

    Does that mean that we have to wait for the multiplayer update to have french translation ? ? ?

  • DBo

    FIrst off thank you so much. I’ve put in 150 hours into this game and still going and I just absolutely love it so much.

    I have one suggestion that I think could be a great addition, and hopefully wouldn’t be that difficult to implement. That would be changing outfits for the NPC’s based on the season. Would be an additional thing to look forward to on the season changes, and since all of us players have fell in love with pretty much every NPC, it’s a quick way to continue to add some depth to them.

    Thanks again!

    • Per Ekström

      A good addition, but not as simple as you think.

      If you change the outfits, then you have to also change the portrait with them. It could perhaps be implemented by making facial expressions their own “sprite” though, separate from the rest.

      But yes, I agree with the idea.

  • Xatben

    I have almost 400 hours of games and I never tire. Thank you very much for continuing to grow this work of art that is Stardew Valley 😀

  • Furax-31

    French translation with 1.3 ?!?

  • Catriona Murphy

    What will happen if the main player passes out or dies in the mines?
    Will the day be forced to end, what happens to the other players and do they get a penalty aswell?
    Could it be possible for players to save their friends in the mines?

    • Strangely

      Iv’e been wondering that too, as well as how festivals and other events would work. I hope we get more updates on that in the future

    • Reggie

      It would be cool if they did a minecraft thing were if you die you drop everything and it’s up to the survivor to bring everything back with them.

      • CollectorOfMyst

        I mean, technically, you do wear a ‘backpack’. So that could just be one inventory item. And you’d have to carry the character back up… or it’s like a knockout system, where if you lose all your health, you fall down, but if the monsters in the immediate vicinity are killed, you can get back up, or the other players ‘revive’ you.

  • Ana

    Thank you so much for being so communicative about all this, dude! I am so happy to support, play, and signal boost the heck out of this game. If you need any extra QA testers, I’m free!

  • Curt Clark

    This is exciting. I’ve been a fan of this game from the get-go, and every update has only made it better and more engaging. 🙂 I’m excited to see the new stuff!

  • Richard Borkent

    Will this update require you to start anew? or can we keep playing with the old save? (and does this transfer to the NT switch?)

    • Andrew Hannah

      I’m just guessing, but I think itll be like the last update where you can play old saves but they dont have the new content like farm hands. though what I hope he does is make it so you can build them with Robin

  • SilverSkyy

    Thanks for all the hard work! I do have a question though…

    Is there any plans to add more to the hot springs/spa? The spa is so… unfitting. I feel like there should be more to it. It feels so neglected and out of the way and I never go there because the energy recovery is not enough to get me to go. The whole thing just kinda feels like a space filler.

  • Kerilithia

    I still want the white dress/blue tux for the characters when they dance or marry. I am tired of doing special events in my farming clothes.

  • Andrey Predtechenskii

    That possible in March?
    ConcernedApe <3

  • ywg

    hello i love you thank you

  • MrManGod

    Yay Tom!

  • Davis Yu

    can i sign up as a tester?

    • Jordan Stacy

      PC beta will be public

  • Aidan VerEecke

    Hey, it might be a wise decisions to let toddlers actually become adults and add some more character depth. Honestly some of the characters just feel like lines of code other than believable characters. You should also make children more useful by making them (Feed The Animals, Water the crops). Also will this be coming to the switch?. I love this game and want to see it improve

  • André Norstrand

    Do you need to build a cottage on a single-player game before a friend can join, or do you create a world for multiple players. I would prefer the 2nd option since the beginning of the game would be much more fun to play with friends. The initial grind to gain momentum can be a hassle (but fun) and it would be incredible if you could do this with 1-3 friends 😀

  • Umut Songur

    This is going to be sick !

  • Maximiliano Juaní

    Thanks for the info, and one question, all updates will be in the same time ? i ask because one thing its on Pc and another its on Switch. I fully underestand the diferent time of programming, but an answer will be helpfull

    • Jordan Stacy

      from what i remember, the beta will come for pc and switch will be the first console to get multiplayer. could be wrong though

  • Kenkis

    when is spring?

  • Friends Are Overrated

    Please keep updating the game first more gameplay like it on year 5 this thing would come out and a door appears for almost a new climate like a desert or something like that but otherwise great work on the game

  • molly.gustafsson

    I love this game! Have more than 1000 hours but there are a few things I would like to add;

    -New optional looks for the house (I love the Stone cottage)
    -Swedish translation (my niece wants go play and it is really tiring to translate every few minutes). I can help out with the translation.
    -Some new trees and crops (there are mods that have amazing ideas for new crops and trees)

  • termt

    So if I understand the text below the image correctly, the signs display the last thing you held while clicking on them?
    Or do they also hold the item you used?
    It’d be just a bit annoying if you had a tool chest like in the image and had to buy an entire tool just to show that it’s the tool chest.

  • Timo

    A bete version? Is it a open or closed beta? If it is a closed beta…I would test it. 🙂

    • Andrew Hannah

      It’ll be open and available as soon as he puts it on steam but I’m pretty sure you have to enter a code he will post to use the beta.

  • Zanon23

    Fantastic 😀

    Just one question: is it going to be like “Multiplayer” but you can choose with whom you play / create a session with? Mostly cuz I’d only be interested in playing with a couple of friends – much like we did with Terraria, through invitation.”

    • Jordan Stacy

      i don’t see why they would add a matchmake option. I’m sure you will only be able to create session and invite friends to it.

    • Michael Holmes

      I asked him a few weeks ago. He said it was by invite only.

  • Ga. B

    Im ready for beta testing

  • jOOshy_bOOY

    There is a big on console where after u see your grandpa it just crashes I understand maybe not this update but maybe 1.3.1

  • lityk

    it may be taking a long time, yes it’s kinda bothersome since i can be impatient, but i as long as we keep getting info that it’s being worked on, i will waste for as long as possible. keep up the good work, can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Dave Walter Ramos

    You have any plans of a feature that will let us expand our farms and adding future farming machines like tractor.

  • Michal Džubek

    Will there be able to play local multiplayer on 1 pc ? Like 4 people on gamepads on 1 pc

    • Jordan Stacy

      i believe they said they are not planning splitscreen gameplay

  • Joshua Shafer

    Cross-platform play..? That’d be phenomenal. Too long has the gap between the consoles/PC existed. And it can be an outstanding success. Take a look at Final Fantasy 14, for example. PC and PS4 (and for a long time, PS3) in perfect harmony.

    • Jordan Stacy

      wont happen. FF14 is cross platform because they own the servers and they decided they want it. In the case of ps4/xboxone/steam it will most likely be a peer to peer connection and sony wont like it. Xbox + windows maybe, but that’s it

      • Joshua Shafer

        See my prior responding comment. And Sony doesn’t have an issue with P2P, that’s how games like Call of Duty have been running since the beginning. There are many games that have cross-platform play, just not many that are AAA titles. And Sony seems more willing, based on the games that ARE cross-platform, to play with other platforms than Microsoft or Nintendo.


        • Mike Wallin

          Cool story, this still won’t be cross platform. It’s already been announced, sorry

          • Joshua Shafer

            You are part of the reason cross platform isn’t a widespread thing now. Too many nay-sayers and not enough people making noise about it. Become part of the solution. It’s not a matter of if, but when. We have the technology.

          • Mike Wallin

            Oh FFS, the reason cross platform play isn’t a regular thing is because PC and consoles use different servers, different social layers, and are competing companies (Nintendo v XBox v PS4 v Steam/PC).

            A random person on the internet telling you the FACT that Stardew Valley has been CONFIRMED to not be cross platform isn’t the problem. Get your head out of your ass and do some research before you say stupid crap like this again.

            When the Stardew Valley team was asked on the possibility of cross-platform play between the Switch and PC versions, they said they weren’t really sure, and it was “unlikely”.

            But sure, blame people with facts and knowledge.

          • Joshua Shafer

            I’m acutely aware of the fact that Stardew Valley isn’t going to be cross platform at this point. Then again, I’m not just talking about Stardew Valley. While it’s probably not a good idea for something like FPS to be cross platform between a PC and a console, it would be entirely feasible for it to be cross platform between two different consoles. Games like RPGs, sports games, RTS, racing games, etc. are entirely viable across pretty well any gaming platform and would probably do well. What’s more, it’s not likely to impact console sales. To be frank, most games are already available on multiple platforms, save for console/PC specific games, so the idea that it would impact console sales is BS. It is, and has been since the last couple generations of consoles, a matter of personal taste. I can play Call of Duty, for example, on XB1, PS4, or PC.

            The only reason they use different servers is because they’re currently prohibited from doing otherwise, not because it’s not possible. Although, I suppose in some instances, the different game services may be using the same PHYSICAL hardware. But, that’s beside the point. I’m not sure what “different social layers” is alluding to. In fact, I don’t really see the relevance at all. I’ve done plenty of research, I tend to keep up to date with news about it. Realistically, the only one holding out right now, as far as consoles are concerned, is Sony (when it comes to Sony vs. XBox). But, that’ll change, in time. And when it does, can’t say I didn’t tell you so.

            But sure, keep being a condescending prick.

          • Joshua Shafer

            Hm… I suppose I should have been more specific when I said “you.” “You” implies you and others with your mindset, not really you personally (Seriously? Why do I have to explain this..?) Also, do you have anything to backup your claim of this “minority group” I belong to? Methinks not. It’s hardly your place to speak for me or other people. And, in my OPINION, I’d venture to say that there more more people that would enjoy cross play than there are that wouldn’t. But, I have nothing really to base that on other than intuition.

            Not everyone owns a computer, nor does everyone like to game on one. And years of work? Hardly. Many game developers have already came out and said that if it were allowed, it wouldn’t take more than a few days, for the bigger companies, or a month or two for smaller ones to implement cross platform play. In fact, in the game Fortnite, PS4 and XBox One cross play happened “accidentally” over a weekend due to a “configuration error.”

            And it IS a problem. Things like this bring innovation. If everyone had this mindset of “why bother?” there wouldn’t even BE any video games.

            But, go ahead and list another 35 reasons why it can’t/shouldn’t/won’t happen, or why I’m an asshole, or whatever other things keyboard warriors do. You’ll get the last word. I’m out.

          • Mike Wallin

            “Things like this bring innovation. If everyone had this mindset of “why bother?” there wouldn’t even BE any video games”

            1) It isn’t innovative to cross platform, it’s just difficult and time consuming.

            2) You honestly think video game companies do things just to be innovative and not for money? You’re embarrassingly delusional, it is 100% about making money in every industry, especially the consumer industry.

            As for your proof, making SDV, a game that is easily owned on PC, a cross platform title wouldn’t net them enough money for the effort, so they’re not doing it. “The juice isn’t worth the squeeze,” simple as that. Sorry you can’t wrap your simple mind around the concept.

            I’m sorry you won’t get to play with your 7 year old, but most people are adults playing with adults or adults with 2 computers playing with anyone. Honestly, how hard is it to own a desktop and laptop computer? Everyone I know has that setup, including my parents and both sets of grand parents.

            Don’t know how you can’t comprehend you’re in a minority here, there’s a reason very few people are asking for this. You can see it in these comments, no one gives a shit.

          • Joshua Shafer


          • Joshua Shafer

            Not sure if you understood, but “I’m out” is a subtle way of saying “you’re wasting my time, I’m wasting my figurative breath, I don’t care what you have to say.” Save your energy for your next pointless argument.

  • Friends Are Overrated


  • Mariana Oliveira


  • Leafa Falian

    So, I’m pretty new to this game, but a long time Harvest Moon fan and I’ve been stuck to Stardew Valley since I downloaded it on my Switch. I’m a hardcore Nintendo portable player, which means I’ve seen few to no games that can evolve. I’m suuuper excited for the potential in Stardew Valley simply because the developer is improving it with routine updates. ConcernedApe is awesome! This multiplayer patch sounds amazing, though this is another thing portable Nintendo hasn’t really done, so I can’t even imagine what it will look like. 😛 Thanks so much for all of the work everyone on the Stardew Valley team has done! I CAN’T WAIT to see where it goes from here!

  • some person

    It’s gonna be crowded with 2 wives in the house xD

  • Snoochy42

    will i be able to host a designated server? for all my friends to come and go as they wish and just have “placeholder” houses with the doors nailed shut when there aren’t players online for those slots?

  • Eggo Eggsecute

    I think it would be wonderful if more marriage options were available – especially Morris.

    I get it – he’s supposed to be the antagonist, or at least one of them. But, I think that it would be super sweet to see the player redeem Morris. It could be wonderful to see Morris develop and grow as a character, and to be redeemed. (And he’s just adorable <33)

    And thank you. I love this game so much – it helps me in times of stress and sorrow.

    Thank you.

  • Sam Bee

    I think the biggest thing that needs more love is definitely the kids.

  • Michaelninja3

    Will it be on the switch?

  • Jebus

    Splittscreen would be cool.
    I rather Play with my friends that way on my Nintendo Switch.

  • Albert

    i might going to replay, bcoz i freakin love this game.

  • Kayla

    Any news on the PS Vita version yet?

  • Michelle Lorraine

    Will you ever make it possible to sell Qi coins back for gold?

  • Jess

    I have only one question: when will this update be available!?

  • babandos

    should bring it to the app store for 15

  • Camilla Wilson

    Thanks so much for an absolutely wonderful game! Seriously, it’s the best! While you’re in there tinkering around with it however, anyway we can do something with the eyesore that’s Jojo’s market? I’ve played both ways, community center and JoJomart membership.
    The only reason I dislike the community center option is because of the eyesore Jojos becomes. It’s a blight on my shortcut to Clint’s.

  • SrKimito

    going to have the local multiplayer?

  • Shannon Knowles

    I wish there was the feature where you could chop down the old and busted fences that litter the game with the iridium axe and replace them with whatever fence you would like
    make the edges of the game have invisible walls like the hidden area in town so you cant go past the foliage

  • Retro Gaming

    Will the Switch Version of the Game will also have Multiplayer/CouchMultiplayer or will this update come to Nintendo Switch?

  • Tinymanx

    Can’t wait to marry my friend, get him pregenant, and then divorce him!

  • Lynn

    Thank Yoba! I NEED signs so badly, I must organize all the things! lol

    • CollectorOfMyst

      I think I’d just use it to know which crops are which, honestly. I keep my chests colour-coded. Orange for Minerals and Ores, Aqua for Fishing and Beach Foraging, Green for Crops, Flowers and Wood, White for Animal Products, Black for Monster Drops, weapons and boots, Blue for furniture, hats, and collectibles, and Purple for fences, paths, and stuff I just don’t know what to do with. It’s helped me a lot.

      • Lynn

        I have the crops organized by season: light green for spring, yellow for summer, orange for fall, and light blue for winter. But now that I have a greenhouse and can grow whatever I what, when ever I want, it is getting confusing what goes where and signs may not be helpful for that, since the signs are a picture of an item, not a group of things. :-/

  • Timo

    Can we have informations if the multiplayer update is comming this or next month? Can’t wait. 😀

    • Redzeth

      They told us its comming q1 so that’s in jan,feb,march so if they want to keep their word they HAVE to finish it this month or else they will go over q1 (q1 stands for 1 quater of the year so first 3 months)

      • Timo

        I know what q1 means…and I know that the most publisher doesn’t keep their promise. 🙂 That’s the reason why I ask.

  • sane’

    Multiplay has been waiting since 2016.
    I am already looking forward to playing multI-play with my friend with the new Condents.

  • Gamer Kanal

    I CANT understand this why do you need over a FCKING Year for a Multiplayer mode for a 2D game? I dont want to sound disrespectful BUT this cant be real tho why cant you just bring out the Multiplayer mod and the other stuff like this unnecessary Sign in an other Update i mean what the fck?

    • Lizard Bitch

      Someone can correct me if i’m wrong, but ConcernedApe was working on the update with the signs and other new content, and Chucklefish were the ones working on multiplayer. It was really out of his control how quickly MP was finished, so sending hate towards him (and chucklefish as well, despite how long we’ve had to wait) is unnecessary.

  • Chadley Nickolson

    Can’t wait!

  • Laura L

    Will these multiplayer cabins cost for Robin to build on your farm,just like the house upgrades?

    • CollectorOfMyst

      We’ve just been told that she’ll ‘offer’ to build the cabins… so I hope that means no. Perhaps there will be a new start cutscene where you have other people on the bus to the valley?

  • Yikai Gong

    Great work! Thanks. Looking forward to the (official) multiplayer mode.

  • Katie Crooked

    It’d be cool to put furniture outside around your farm… Super keen for multiplayer however long it takes!

  • poju96

    so can you say straight time when does the multiplayer update come 😀 i would be so pleased of that…

  • Bai-bo Bhat

    I hope this works cross platform…. One downside of having it on so many consoles etc… I’m pc, housemate is ps4, one friend is xbox and another is switch o.O!

  • Wojtek Keler

    I’m still waiting

    • Vendelin Motycka

      MÄ› too

  • Milah

    I think something that should be updated is the dialogue/cut scenes when you become better friends with people, if you’re already married. I’m married to Seb but I’m trying to improve friendships with everyone and Penny asked if I wanted a family eventually,while I’m sitting here like ‘I got a hubby and two babs already.’

  • Mytzer

    I’d like to have more colour options if it’s possible. I have tons of chests and I runed out of colours TT

  • Lifer

    can we get an update? it’s been a month since the post and i’ve been waiting since before 1.0 “launch” to really play the game

  • Tony Alonso

    i dont know who you are tom but i will find you and i will hug you <3 TY
    i would love to get more infos about the multiplayer im waiting for so long and look every day for some infos….

  • Noah Horton

    Any new update on this?

  • Talikante Aliravitsemus

    30 years hc-gaming and this is one of the best truly.

  • Jewker

    I fucking love you concernedape

  • Aelfrey B

    Hi! I just wanted to drop in and let you know how much I still love this game and how excited I am for multiplayer! I’m sure all of us in the wings are eager to see what you guys are developing! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us–But of course, I’d rather wait a few more months and have it work really well than have it be buggy, so take your time. I’m looking forward to playing it with my husband and my son!

  • meepin missi

    Out for switch?

  • Sayuri RedFox Uchiha (CPU Blue

    I would seriously LOVE to try out this game, even if I don’t buy it, I’d love to try the beta of Stardew Valley.

    I believe this game looks great and would love to buy it someday, even if I won’t be a beta tester for it

    • Redzeth

      You know this game has been released for over a year right? Only the multiplayer isn’t released yet but should be soon. (beta talk is about the multiplayer)

  • Wiktoria Pasek

    I hope it will be split screen ^^

  • Bruno Buzzatti

    Do you think the french update will be released in 2018 or we have to wait for 2019-20 ? Thanks : )

  • Ly

    Hello is this going to be for the switch too?

    • Bruno Buzzatti

      Yes sure, i bet for a release in 2020. Maybe we’ll got stardew 2 before : )

  • Logan Lejarzar

    The best part of this update was the pun at the end
    10/10 would read again

  • Shayne Skeans

    Anymore updates coming soon? 😮

  • Jeemie Sev

    can you make a pose like reading or sitting for us? I have been waiting for so long
    I always feel lonely when I go to chat with penny vincent jas and I am the only one who standing at library…or when I chat with maru and penny at the bench too…
    if I can sit on chair or on ground it would be good .. sometimes I just want to sit and relax at home

  • WheezyGamer

    I’ve actually been waiting WAAY too long for this update. When is it going to come out????

  • Redzeth

    Just like to say, Q1 is over tomorrow so why is beta not released yet D:
    Yes I’m an asshole for wanting someone to keep their promise on a release date cuz I need this co-op.
    Was really looking forward to it aswell….

  • Brunno Barros

    E ai alguma novidade?

  • byherownwings

    Well this work with the Switch version? It’s been torn between buying this game for my Macbook or for my PS4, but when I was in the hospital for a week following a heart attack during nasal surgery (it can harden even if you’re 31) I bought the game for my Switch. And I’m incredibly glad that I did. But I’m hoping I won’t lose out on multiplayer option because of the console I chose to play on.

    • YoyBoy

      Multiplayer is coming to PC first, then Switch, and lastly Xbox and PS4. Don’t worry.

      • Bruno Buzzatti

        Sooooooo loooooooooong

  • Whitney Leah

    My fiancé and I bought this game a year or so ago. I was a fan of harvest moon growing up and he an avid outdoorsman; fishing most his life. We were both born in a “clicky,” town which was striving toward city life. We hate it. Our childhood escapes have been commercialized into a Walmart and target. Our back water trails have been poured over with concrete and designated as dumping zones (3m tape manufacturing zoning)… This game has been our escape from our dying town. There weren’t enough people like us to protect it. So, we thank you for making this game as our escape. We have picked maitakes and morels that are riddled in chemicals and deemed inedible due to the pollution around us (please include this as a game mechanic when siding with Jojo mart). We literally bought a second PS4 to play this game together and build our “farm,” just to escape our own failed reality. I sincerely thank you for developing this game. The fact ramps grow in the spring and chanterelles appear in the summer puts a smile on our faces. I am happy to see a multiplayer is coming. So while we struggle against commercial and local laws prohibiting us from building our dream “farm,” we will finally be able to live our dream virtually, which aids us in keeping the dream alive and striving for the same kind of freedom and purity in reality.

    Even though I’m not a redhead, your living and breathing Leah McGee supports you.

    In all honesty… I named my first character Leah and bumped into her in-game and got confused. My fiancé likes to joke a lot about your Leah character vs me. I’m even 2nd generation immigrant Irish with only sunburn freckles to prove it. Haha. Anyway, thank you for your ties to reality while creating this game. They are TRULY appreciated. Keep the dream alive.

    Leah McGee (soon to be Benage)

  • ClanPsi

    New update?

  • Lifer

    Two months and no news, can we get an update please?

  • james

    do we have a possible release date?

  • vnka sbgggbfd

    you can name the approximate release date of the new version

  • jack


  • starting in 1997 i dont fucking know intel developed a new chip designed to make computing more efficient

  • Timo

    New update about the comming patch would be nice 🙂

  • Raphael Lavoie (Dremoraph357)

    Its been almost 2 goddamn months, please

  • Wouter Sikkema

    Its been a long time since this post: any status update that can be given? anything at all?

    • Timo

      On Twitter is a post about the update: “Stardew Valley multiplayer is in QA and bugs are being fixed at a very good pace!”…but the post was at 13th march…

    • Dragon

      Naw this is the kind of thing game developers do all the time. 1 post then months in the dark it’s sad really.

  • Yomamas115

    Does time keep passing if the host is paused? What about if all players are paused?

  • Neil Ervin


  • Ali Farran

    Can’t wait!

  • Sinead Aeducan

    Hi! I hope that your character could choose his/her birthday and the villagers will give gifts and stuff.. 🙂 and more story progression like George and Emily dies, Alex becomes a football player, and if you did not befriend others like Shane (he will commit suicide)

    • Dragon

      wtf is wrong with you

    • Bruno Buzzatti

      You are sooooo wrong.. Please go talk to someone..

  • Vincent Visscher

    How is the vita port going?

    • Bruno Buzzatti

      Do you still really hope for vita port? You re an optimistic guy

  • The Good Guy

    Can you display signs on the signs?

  • Ga. B

    dont post a release timeline, and when you don’t meet it leave us in the dark. that’s cowardly and embarrassing

    • Bruno Buzzatti

      I totally agree. This is really boring now

  • Bruno Buzzatti

    Do we have to wait for the multiplayer update to have french translation? Can we hope to have french translation in the same time on ps4 and switch? Can you please answer some messages and give some news.. I really dont understand your move here cause you juste make people angry while you have a great game. Get french translation like 1 year after all the others.. Or you dont like french people or you just dont care..

  • Matthias Lieder

    Waiting and checking everyday for a new post

  • Disse|tion

    I dont think anything can ever replace this game I just wish you would never stop working on the new updates this game is so wonderful that Im always getting back to it no matter what and with this new update coming you cant even imagine how hyped and happy this made me. My family me and my friends wish you Best of Luck from Slovakia !!!

  • Vishal Solanki

    Just checking the blog everyday in search of Update!!!

  • jilbert100

    Gimme dat vita update

  • Christy Lynn Tomlinson King

    Me and my husband love this game and I’m not going to lie it cut is to the bone when we saw local coop multiplayer wasnt planned. How many games exist that would not only allow us to play together in this rpg setting but also be married in game like real life. So hurt

  • Alex

    If only I could translate the game into Russian for you

  • Leonhard Printz

    For all those asking about updates. This is the latest from ConcernedApe on Twitter: “Update on Stardew Valley multiplayer: still making good progress on fixing bugs, if all goes well it should be ready in about a month” – April 10, Concerned Ape


  • Chloe Rogers

    They’re literally as useless as a pet. Would be cool to incorporate harvest moon children concepts…

  • YellowEyedSam

    Do we have the option yet of removing children/baby beds?

  • Koen

    When the update comes out, will multiplayer also be directly availble on the Nintendo Switch?

  • Alwansyah Al


  • Charlotte Ward

    This is really extra, guy. You put out more updates in the first 3 months after releasing the game than you have in the two years since. Clearly this project is too much for one person, but despite the exceptional financial success of this game, and the potential financial success you stand to earn by releasing something promised since the beginning, nothing has been done to speed up the process. I’m filled with nothing but disappointment and disgust when I look at this game in my library. Not only am I sick of waiting, but I blame Chucklefish for this BS as well as CA. Peace.

    • Matt B

      Way to crank the entitlement up to 11. Good job you.

      Boooo. Hisssss.

    • Vendelin Motycka

      I agree

    • Bruno Buzzatti

      You said everything it is exactly how i see the game now

  • Peaceful Nuke

    Can I play it on windows 7 (1.3) ?????????

  • Jane Van

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  • Blackwinther

    Sooo, any news coming out soon’ish? Waiting forever here! xD

  • Bruno Buzzatti

    Man are you crazy? Cant you take some time to answer to all the people complaining? If it s too much work for just one guy so dont do it..

  • 최한솔

    I expecting Korean update on Switch version… would it be launch on same date?

  • justinlagual

    whennnnnnnnn? god damn it when will it come out

  • Vishal Solanki

    On April 10th, 2018. My Dear Innocent Sir Concerned Ape said The Update 1.3 will be Ready to Release in a Month…
    So i think it will be ready after 10th May or Later…

  • yellowflamingo 5

    Will there be a Chat system available?

  • Shannon Goslett

    They need to make it where u can run faster and more animals and people and seeds would be so great I love this game so much and more fish plz make me and my family dream come true and share this plz and thank u

  • Alyssa B

    So excited but how does this effect mods? Are sprite replacements ok?

  • Santiphap Bunyanuphan (Beer)

    What Thai language a long time?

  • zealousgamer

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  • kael brown

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  • Martin Francia Ramos

    Is there a local co-op too? Like in Terraria where the screens are split.

  • That Guy

    Will there be a discount on Steam when the official 1.3 update comes out? I would really want to buy for my friends and let them play it. *cough*Guilt them into playing *cough*

    • Xelphosis

      they will probably have one since it’s a big update plus a new way on playing the game (multiplayer) but if the official update is coming out next month, either they’ll have a discount or steam will make a discount for them (summer sales).

  • Artur Eduardo Dalke

    Hey ConcernedApe, you should make multiplayer to Journey of the Payare King and/or you should make a menu for it too. Sometimes i need to pause on the mummy section and i always forget that esc closes the game and you need to start over and over again. Example:
    I press esc in the middle of the game and it shows two options:
    Exit Journey of the payare king
    Cancel and continue

    Meanwhile the game is paused!

  • Joshua Pleshka

    Hey I had an idea. Could we have some sort of event with your spouse on the wedding anniversary? i think it would be pretty cool to have individual cutscenes for each bachelor and bachelorette.

  • Chantel

    When will we get it on ps4?

    • AlphaStrike

      Considering its been 5 months waiting for PC it will be awhile.

  • xXPastelVibesXx

    Hello! I put in the access code for the beta update but I still did not get the update? Am I doing something wrong?

  • Maximiliano Juaní

    I have a switch, if you need a tester in the plataform..

  • Shannon Goslett

    So when can we look forward to seeing the update on ps4

    • AlphaStrike

      Its been 5 months and we’re still waiting on it for PC..

  • Alexandre Dias Brugnera

    Hello, sorry this message is in the forum.
    I write an online translator.
    Eric Barone your game is amazing!
    However, I have thought of only one detail concerning the birth and development of children.
    The player’s wife could get a little belly a little bit before having the baby and could have the child in the hospital of the city, this could generate an account to be paid to the doctor of the city.
    This can be random with generating a surprise for the $$ player.
    Child development
    Children can grow bigger without interfering with other NPCs.
    One argument would be the effects of the special fruit retarding the aging of those who eat them.
    As your child has not yet eaten this fruit could grow a stage where they could perform small tasks or accompany their mother on their walks to the village.

  • Leah Engen

    Does this include ALL consoles whenever you patch/update including the PS Vita? Also maybe an update that the children you have grown up past toddler stage to help on the farm

  • ryanzb111

    Please show some love to the Vita port!!! I don’t even care about multi, I just want the new content!!
    I have this game on 5 different systems, but the Vita platform is my favorite because of sheer portability!

  • Calhaora Valkea Lightsbane

    Hm..a Question. Is is yet possible to Build Pam and Penny a House on the Switch?