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Stardew Valley 1.5.3 Patch Out Now On PC

Hi everyone,
The 1.5.3 patch is now available. It fixes some more lingering issues from the 1.5 update, makes some slight adjustments to the game, and adds better support for high-res displays.

Changelog (w/ Spoilers):

  • Added an experimental change to allow the game to render correctly on ultra-wide displays.
  • Potential fix for various cases where the player could get stuck/soft-locked in an animation after using a tool. This fixes the Horse Flute softlock, and may potentially solve getting softlocked while trying to fish (on the Beach dock/during the Festival of Ice minigame, etc.).
  • If the player is flagged as having seen the Summit event but does not have its music marked as heard, they can re-trigger the event. The Summit event now automatically marks its music as being heard as soon as the event is started.
  • The Summit event now properly triggers if the player is married to another player character.
  • Skipping the Island departure event in such a way that the character is still pathing while the screen completely fades out no longer causes them to spawn on the island on the upper left corner of the map.
  • Fix for post-6 heart Leo using the wrong schedule on Wednesdays.
  • Slight adjustments to Leo’s gift tastes.
  • Crab Pots are now affected by the crab pot related professions of the farmer who refills the bait. This fixes a case in multiplayer where a player’s profession (such as Mariner) would appear to not work because the Crab Pot was originally placed in the water by someone else.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quality Bobber was not applying its bonus.
  • You can now catch Night Market fish using Magic Bait in the southwest corner of the Beach.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get soft-locked if you hooked a fish right as the Pirate cave event begins.
  • Fixed some minor data entry issues on Normal Bundles that also appear in Remixed Bundles (Animal Bundle requiring a Small Brown Egg instead of a Large White Egg, and normal Cheese not being an option in the Artisan bundle)
  • Made Prismatic Slimes a little more common (1/125 chance to 1/83 chance) and also made Luck modify the chances of encountering it.
  • Fixed bug preventing Prismatic Slimes from not dropping Prismatic Jelly in rare cases.
  • The Strange Capsule now only spawns once per game.
  • Made Stone Owl rarer and touched up the sprite.
  • Fixed bug where the Strange Capsule would leave a residual light glow.
  • The overnight Lost & Found tool check now also checks the Island Farmhouse fridge.
  • Penny’s 14 heart event now places your existing bed in a chest rather than replacing it.
  • Qi Beans/Fruit are now properly removed from any machines/craftables after the Qi Challenge expires.
  • You can no longer catch Qi Beans when fishing during festivals.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a Dust Spirit’s stone-breaking move would cause a Qi Bean to spawn.
  • Removed a long delay after talking to the Gourmand when you’ve got the crop he’s requested growing, but not yet fully grown.
  • Furniture is no longer visible/can no longer block movement during events that take place outside of the Farm.
  • The daytime music from Ginger Island can now properly be played on the Saloon jukebox.
  • Fix for a crash using a Warp Totem while the Mermaid Show is playing.
  • You can now properly go back to sleep immediately after waking up after passing out.
  • Fixed various item duplication glitches related to moving Rings around in certain menus.
  • Fixed certain gemstones appearing on the Daily Quest board before they are actually accessible in-game.
  • Fixed the menu backgrounds option displaying incorrectly when playing on splitscreen on a rainy day.
  • The Farmer no longer blinks while charging a tool. This was causing a minor visual issue.
  • Fixed incorrect button mapping shown on Local Coop Join screen.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • (Modding) Added an exception when specifying invalid items in randomized bundles.
  • (Modding) Fixed big craftables losing mod data when removed.
  • (Modding) Fixed an issue where going from one floor to another on horseback inside the Volcano could cause the player to be positioned incorrectly on the next floor.


Console ports are still underway, they are getting close but we don’t want to rush anything and risk a sub-optimal experience. Thanks again for your patience.



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Upcoming Wiki Transfer

Hey everyone,


I wanted to post something to explain some of what is going on with the wiki. As many of you know I began self-publishing Stardew Valley on most platforms in December of 2018. Since then I’ve been taking responsibility for the different Stardew related things (an example of that is the forums, which were originally run by Chucklefish but now are run by me on my own website). A similar thing is happening now with the wiki.


Chucklefish currently hosts and maintains the wiki. However, as part of the broader move to self-publishing, the wiki’s content and domain will be transferred to ConcernedApe in the near future. All that really means is that I’ll be responsible for hosting and maintaining it.  It will continue operating at, and will remain an open platform edited by the community. It’s important to me that the community which contributed so much to the wiki are respected and taken care of. And, in accordance with privacy laws, no personal information will be transferred during this move.


There may be a few bumps as this proceeds, but I’m doing everything I can to make sure it’s as painless as possible. I really appreciate your patience.



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Stardew Valley 1.5.2 Patch Out Now On PC

Hi everyone,

The 1.5.2 patch is now available on PC. This patch addresses some lingering issues with the 1.5 update, and makes some slight adjustments.


Full patch notes:

    • Qi Fruit can now be grown on the Farm during Winter.
    • Tools now track the previous two enchantments that were added to them and prevents those enchantments from being randomly selected.
    • Adjusted one of the Journal Scrap treasure map images to more accurately represent the in-game location.
    • Junimos will now harvest crops on the farm even if you spent the night on the Island. They will also properly harvest crops even if you are not physically present on the farm.
    • You can now place Mini-Fridges inside the Island Farmhouse.
    • You can now collect Honey from Beehouses on the Island farm in Winter.
    • Garden Pots on the Island farm no longer become watered on days it is raining in Stardew Valley.
    • Forage crops no longer disappear overnight on the Island farm on Saturdays/Sundays.
    • Added a failsafe preventing players from warping to the upper left corner of the southern Island map.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Perfection in the Joja route.
    • Fixed graphical issues with the post-Perfection event.
    • Coral and other aquatic forage items are now included for the “Botanist” profession.
    • Coral is now considered a “red” item.
    • Added Dark Cowboy Hat to Skull Cave chest loot table.
    • Hearts that are dropped during Qi’s Hungry Challenge can always be collected even if your inventory is full.
    • Qi Seasoning will no longer increase speed buffs. The duration of buffs granted by Qi Seasoned food/drinks has been increased by 50%.
    • The “Level Up” screen’s “Ok” button will never be positioned offscreen. You can also dismiss the menu by pressing the ESC key.
    • The Key to the City now allows you to go into Pierre’s Seed Shop, even if you completed the game through the Joja route.
    • Fixed an issue where large amounts of Beets placed in a Mill would not produce the proper amount of Sugar.
    • Fixed gifting related Special Order objectives not correctly checking the minimum liked value of items gifted.
    • You can no longer complete the “Danger In The Deep” Qi Challenge by visiting the Skull Caves.
    • Special Order related items that are stashed in Junimo Chests are now properly removed once the Special Order expires.
    • Fruit tree saplings and seeds sold at Festivals now properly reduce their price according to the profit margins setting.
    • Fixed an issue where most minigames would appear misaligned in split screen.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Mermaid Show in split screen.
    • When two split screen players select the same farmhand, one of them will no longer get stuck on a Loading screen.
    • Passing out in Qi’s secret room no longer causes you to wake up on the mainland.
    • Fixed Sign items no longer showing their placement indicator once a Fish Pond had been built on the farm.
    • Combined Rings now properly display the stat buffs of all of their component rings instead of just the first.
    • Combined Rings now properly uses their localized name.
    • Fixed a Ring duplication glitch in the Dye Pot menu.
    • Fixed a crash and other issues related to obtaining the Iridium Krobus item.
    • Potential fix for a random crash that occurs when going to bed.
    • Potential fix for a crash in the mines.
    • Fishing from the pond on your farm using Magic Bait no longer crashes the game.
    • Fixed a crash when Crabpots are removed by a farmhand.
    • Ducks now sell for the appropriate price.
    • Reduced the sell price of Cookout Kits from 3000g to 80g.
    • Fixed a bug causing Cheese Cauliflower to not display in Collections tab.
    • Breaking open Geodes and Artifact Troves no longer erroneously count as 2 item collects on the Collections tab.
    • You can no longer sit on chairs if the game is currently pausing your character due to an animation (such as using a tool or kissing your spouse).
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking in the scrollbar region of a shop menu when there are less than 4 items available.
    • Bomb fuse sounds are now forcibly silenced overnight, fixing an issue where placing a bomb and sleeping could cause the fuse sound to play indefinitely.
    • You can no longer instantly kill Fector as a Zombie in Journey of the Prairie King.
    • Adjusted the rendering of very wide furniture items so that they do not extend too far past an inventory slot.
    • Fixed an issue where weeds could appear as Batteries.
    • Weapon cooldown timers no longer display on weapons in the Shop menu.
    • Fixed a missing event in Willy’s shop from the Hungarian localization.
    • Fixed an issue with Leo’s 6-Heart event in the German localization. This fix is applied retroactively .
    • Fixed an issue where some weapons added in 1.5 would display an incorrect weapon name in the German localization.
    • Fixed crashes related to Lewis’s phone call in various localizations.
    • Various minor typo fixes.
    • Various localization fixes.
    • (Modding) Made the order and naming of tilesheets on the Beach Farm more consistent with the other farm types.


Hope you’re having fun with the new update.

The console updates are still in progress. I don’t have a definitive date for their release yet, but we’re working hard to get them to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!


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Stardew Valley 1.5.1 Patch Notes

The 1.5.1 patch is now available on PC. It fixes several bugs and issues that were discovered since the launch of 1.5 on Monday. Below is a changelog:

Warning: Spoilers

  • The crystal cave puzzle now gradually get easier after repeated misses.
  • The “Spawn monsters on the farm” advanced game option will no longer reset when selecting a different farm type after the setting has been modified.
  • Spouses will no longer stand around looking at rug-type furniture items. This fixes a case where a spouse might stare at a Floor Divider, which could cause them to block the player’s way through a narrow hallway.
General Bug Fixes:
  • Fix a crash that can occur overnight if you place the  Auto-Petter anywhere that isn’t a Coop or a Barn.
  • When dismissing the Forge menu, items that can’t fit in your inventory will now be dropped downwards instead of upwards, to avoid items being dropped into the lava.
  • Stacks of items that can be redeemed at the Stardew Valley Fair now properly grant you the whole stack, instead of just one of the item.
  • Fixed various issues related to having a child named Leo or Kent. Existing friendship points for these characters will be transferred over to your children.
  • You can longer place objects in some out-of-bounds areas in the Farmhouse.
  • Fixed pets sometimes warping out of bounds in the Farmhouse.
  • Fixed some of the new hairstyles clipping through hats.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing the Master Slingshot would give the player a normal Slingshot.
  • You can now properly select the “Beach Farm” on the new game screen when playing with controller at minimum resolution.
  •  Leo is no longer available as a Feast Of The Winter Star gift recipient if he isn’t in Town.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when demolishing Cabins.
  • Fixed being able to place objects in certain tiles that block player movement such as the rockslide that blocks the path to the Mines.
  • Fixed a bug where killing Big Slimes carrying hearts during Qi’s Hungry Challenge, while wearing the Burglar’s Ring, would cause the hearts to be collectable in the player’s inventory.
  • Maru no longer stands on the wrong tile outside the farm on Saturdays if you’re married to her.
  • Fixed Hair #56 accidentally being replaced.
  • Birdie’s item trade quest no longer removes all stacks of an item when they are given to their intended recipient.
  • (Modding) Fixed the Return Scepter not returning to overwritten Farmhouse entry locations.


Localization Fixes:
  • Various localization fixes and changes.
  • Fixed a bug in the German localization preventing characters from completing Birdie’s Quest.
  • Fixed a bug in the Spanish localization preventing Birdie’s introduction event from completing.
  • Fixed a crash when bombing the cave entrance next to the Field Office in the Spanish localization.
  • Fixed issues with Lewis’s phone call in various localizations.


Multiplayer Fixes:
  • Fixed an exploit where you could regain stamina in bed in multiplayer, even if the game was paused.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the game’s host to warp to an invalid position if a farmhand had just completed a Community Center bundle.


Changes from Hotfix #3 (12/23/2020):

  • Fix for shared events in multiplayer potentially putting players out of bounds.
  • Allow Local Multiplayer clients to play other players’ characters. This fixes an issue with players continuing multiplayer farms in local multiplayer not being able to select their old farmers.
  • Fixed the am/pm display not displaying properly in non-English languages.
  • Various localization fixes and changes.


Changes from Hotfix #2 (12/22/2020):

  • Hotfix for malformed item data causing the game to crash on the Turkish localization.


Changes from Hotfix #1 (12/21/2020):

  • Hotfix for game crashing when interacting with the Junimo Notes in the Community center on non-English localizations.

If you are still experiencing any issues with the update, the best place to report them is on the Stardew Valley Forums:

Hope you’re having fun playing 1.5 so far!


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Stardew Valley 1.5 Update out now on PC!



Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. That’s because we’ve been really busy this year preparing another big free update for Stardew Valley… the 1.5 content update. It’s available right now on PC, and will come to consoles early next year. Mobile should follow later, but there’s no timeline yet.


This is Stardew Valley’s biggest update yet!


This update adds some significant “late-game” content to Stardew Valley. It’s by far the biggest solid chunk of new content that’s been added to the game since launch. I won’t go into too much detail right now because I don’t like spoiling things, but if you don’t mind spoiling the surprise for yourself, here’s a link to the full changelog.

The update is full of new things for you to discover (that I won’t spoil), but I want to share some info here that might be important to know before starting:

New Game Options

If you’re considering starting a new save file for this update, there’s a few new character creation options:

  1. There is a new farm called “Beach Farm“. It’s big, with good fishing and foraging opportunities, and the chance for rare supply crate to wash up on shore. But there’s a catch… the majority of the farm is covered in sandy soil that prevents you from using sprinklers (they get clogged with the sand). If this is your first time playing Stardew Valley, I recommend trying one of the other farms for a more classic experience, but if you’re coming back for another playthrough, Beach Farm might make your experience a little more fresh (it also has a unique look).
  2. There is a new “Advanced Game Options” button in the bottom left of the character creation menu. From here, you can select a variety of options to customize your playthrough. For returning players, I’d recommend trying out the “remixed” Community Center bundles, which randomizes the bundles you’ll get, adding in brand new ones as well as variations of the originals. Remixing the mine rewards can also shake things up… this adds randomized variety to what you can get out of the mine chests.
  3. Make sure to check out the new hairstyles at the end of the hairs list.

Split Screen (Local) Co-Op

To play splitscreen, build a cabin (from Robin’s) for up to 3 other players who will be joining (if you’re starting a new game, you can also select to have cabins already placed at the beginning in the advanced game options menu). Once the cabins are there, open your game menu, scroll down to multiplayer, and select “Start local co-op”. The other players can now join by pressing start on a controller connected to the PC. Please see the options tab in the game menu to adjust the zoom level and UI zoom level to a setting that works well for you. Otherwise, split screen works exactly the same as online multiplayer.


Some prominent modders were given early access to 1.5 so that they could update their mods in time for release. If you play with mods that you can’t live without, check to see if they might already be updated!

A spoiler-free list of some of the new features to expect:

  • New people to meet
  • New goals
  • Many new items
  • A new type of quest
  • A new farm layout
  • New character events
  • A new Community Upgrade
  • Home renovations (after you’ve fully upgraded your house)
  • Ducks can now swim
  • You can sit in chairs
  • You can move your bed
  • Fish Tanks
  • A bunch of new furniture items as well as new furniture types like wall sconces
  • New secrets
  • 9 new music tracks
  • And so much more… you’ll just have to see, I can’t bear to spoil it

While 1.5 should be bug-free, there’s always a chance that we missed something.

If you encounter any bugs or issues while playing 1.5, please check the Stardew Valley Forums to see if the bug has already been reported. If so, please comment on the thread and let us know that you are also experiencing the bug. If you can’t find an existing thread, then please make a new one.

Also, in general it’s a good time to join the Stardew Valley Forums if you haven’t already!

Next year, there will be more Stardew Valley related announcements (and possibly beyond…) to look forward to.


Have fun!






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New Update for Android and Hotfix patch for PC

Hi Everyone,

The 1.4 update is now available to all users on Android.  iOS is still in the approval process, but should be available soon.


Also, there is a small patch out now for PC platforms (1.4.5) that solves the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the game would initialize incorrectly and start without audio.
  • Fixed an issue where passable objects, such as torches, could block you from attacking enemies that are standing nearby.
  • You can now reclaim the Ancient Seed crafting recipe from Gunther if you donated an Ancient Seed artifact and collected only the seed and not the recipe.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow animals to walk on certain water tiles alongside some bridges.
  • Wallpapers can no longer be used in place of items to be processed into artisan goods.
  • Fixed the Lewis statue letter not granting its reward in the Simplified Chinese localization.




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Patch 1.4.4 available now for PC & Consoles

Hi everyone,

The 1.4.4 patch is now available on PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.

This patch fixes some critical bugs on console (namely the napalm ring crash and the brick floor bug), and also makes some improvements and minor bug fixes on all platforms.

It also adds in the screenshot feature on PS4 and Switch!


– (PS4, Switch) Added the ability to take screenshots of the farm.
– Fixed a crash when wearing the Napalm Ring.
– Fixed brick flooring turning into wood flooring overnight.
– Fixed an issue where pressing A while performing certain actions would erroneously open the onscreen keyboard.
– Fixed various audio issues, such as dropped sound effects after pausing during the Mermaid Show.
– Adjusted the controls for accessing the in-game chat.
– (Switch) Fixed controller applet not appearing when docking.
– Fixed minor issues related to objects that sway up and down (crab pots, item ready indicators, etc.)
– Fixed an issue that could cause Sam’s 6 heart event to soft-lock.
– The game now re-issues the player the Qi’s Challenge quest if they had previously opened the mail, but dismissed it without accepting the quest.
– Items placed in an ex’s room are now collected and placed in a chest after divorce.
– You can no longer give away quest items or non-giftable items during the Feast of the Winter Star.
– Adjusted some NPC gift reactions (Vincent and Jas now dislike Triple Shot Espresso, Dwarf now loves Lemon Stone, and Sam now enjoys concession stand Joja Cola.)
– Adjusted Desert map so that crab pots placed in the water no longer render incorrectly, and objects can no longer be placed on top of the Desert Trader.
– Removed Catfish from Willy’s fishing quests during Winter, as it’s impossible to catch one without a Rain Totem.
-Fixed a crash that could occur on the host when a client connects to a game that was set to Friends or Invite Only that is now being hosted on a platform that doesn’t support those online modes.
– Fixed incorrectly looping ambient noise in the Deep Woods at night.
– Fixed an issue where the Japanese localization’s dialogue for a spouse watering your crops would incorrectly show both gender variants of the text.
– Fixed the Simplified Chinese localization incorrectly showing Sunflower Seeds as a Fall only crop.
– Removed the ‘<‘ from the Simplified Chinese localization of the “Pet loves you” dialogue.
– Fixed an issue where Junimos would show an empty text bubble when bringing a bundle to the Junimo Hut after completing a bundle in Simplified Chinese or Korean.
– Fixed an issue where viewing the Junimo Note before learning to read it would cause certain text to permanently display much larger in the Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean localizations
– Filled in some missing characters in the Korean fonts. This fixes some instances where an asterisk appears instead of a Korean character.
– Fixed a minor typo in Grandpa’s Note in the Korean localization.
Also, the mobile 1.4 update is currently in the process of rolling out to players over the next several days… first with android, and then followed by iOS.
Thanks & have fun!

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Console 1.4.3 Patch

Hi Everyone,

There is a patch out now for Xbox and PS4, and coming soon (it’s still in certification) for Switch.

This patch fixes a few more console-specific bugs and also includes all the fixes that were in 1.4.3 on PC.



– Accept/Select or Cancel/Back actions will now be mapped differently depending on the Enter Button Assignment.

– Reduced frame rate hiccup when going between mine levels.

– Item stowing mode disabled by default.

Fixed an issue where the game could crash in certain cases when a ring (such as the Napalm Ring) would have caused another enemy to die. (this will be fixed in another patch coming soon)

– Potential fix for a crash related to viewing invalid quest data in the quest log.

– Fixed an issue where you could collect multiples of a bundle’s reward in the community center if you closed the menu without collecting them.

– Fixed an issue where naming your pet the name of an NPC could have your pet appear on the calendar on that NPC’s birthday.

– Fixed an item duplication exploit when using the add to existing stacks button on an inventory with a full stack.

– Made some fixes to the Turkish localization.

– Fixed a bug in the Crafting Menu that could cause extra resources to be consumed in certain situations.

– Adjusted the Four Corners farm map to fix layering issue with buildings.

– Fixed a bug where you could enter Wizard’s Tower before unlocking the Community Center.

– Fixed an issue causing certain wallpapers to grant a Lost Book when selected in the Catalogue.

– Fixed an issue where you could get your grange score immediately after asking Lewis to judge your grange during the Stardew Valley Fair.


There are a few more fixes that didn’t make it into this patch (notably the issue where brick floors revert to wood floors). Those lingering issues will be fixed in a 1.4.4 patch that will probably be out some time in January (the holiday season makes patches take longer). Thanks for your patience!

Happy holidays




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1.4 Content Update out now on Switch, PS4, and XBOX

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the 1.4 update is now available on all major consoles! I hope you enjoy this update, which adds a lot of new content to the game, as well as a ton of quality of life features and bug fixes. Please check out the PC-release blog post below for more details about the update. If you’re interested in a full (but spoiler-filled) changelog for the update, please click here.

This update is releasing on Consoles at the equivalent of 1.4.2 on PC, but a patch is already being submitted to bring it up to 1.4.3.

I’ve heard some reports of console specific bugs, like the brick flooring reverting to wood flooring when you log out and back in. These bugs will be addressed in yet another patch (1.4.4) that will likely come out some time in January. In the meantime, I appreciate any bug reports!

Mobile players should expect the 1.4 update early next year.

I hope you enjoy the new update & Happy Holidays!


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1.4.3 Bug-Fix patch for PC

Hi everyone,
A new bug fix patch (1.4.3) just went live on Steam & GOG. It just fixes a few mostly minor bugs that were lingering in 1.4:

– Fixed an issue where you could collect multiples of a bundle’s reward in the community center if you closed the menu without collecting them.
– Fixed an issue where naming your pet the name of an NPC could have your pet appear on the calendar on that NPC’s birthday.
– Fixed an item duplication exploit when using the add to existing stacks button on an inventory with a full stack.
– Made some fixes to the Turkish localization.
– Fixed a bug in the Crafting Menu that could cause extra resources to be consumed in certain situations.
– Adjusted the Four Corners farm map to fix layering issue with buildings.
– Fixed a bug where you could enter Wizard’s Tower before unlocking the Community Center.
– Taking a map screenshot while the option to show menu backgrounds is on will no longer render the menu in the screenshot.
Fixed an issue causing certain wallpapers to grant a Lost Book when selected in the Catalogue.
– Fixed an issue where you could get your grange score immediately after asking Lewis to judge your grange during the Stardew Valley Fair.

I should have more info about 1.4 on consoles very soon. Thanks for your patience.
And to PC players, I hope you’re enjoying the update.
Thank you for playing,

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