Stardew Valley v1.3 Beta

Hello everyone! The highly anticipated multiplayer update is almost upon us. After several months of internal testing and QA, we’ve decided to open the beta up to a wider audience. This blog post details everything you need to know if you want to help us test the update before it goes live.

How do I opt into the beta?

Currently the beta is only available to Steam and GOG Galaxy users.

To enable the beta in Steam, right click the game in your library and select properties. On the window that pops up there will be a ‘betas’ tab. In the text box, type the password for the branch: jumpingjunimos. Then click the ‘Check Code’ button.

If you’ve done that correctly, you will now be able to select the ‘beta’ option from the drop down box.

Once you’ve done that, Steam will start downloading the update.

GOG Galaxy users can opt in with the same branch name and password by following these instructions.

What precautions should I take?

The v1.3 update is still a beta at this point, which means there will be bugs! At the very least, it’s recommended that you:

  • Backup your save files before playing the update. Your save files are located in %APPDATA%\StardewValley\Saves on Windows, or ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves on Mac and Linux.
  • Remove any mods you’ve installed that haven’t been updated for v1.3. You can see a list of compatible mods here.

Can I use my existing save files?

Yes, your old save files can be used in v1.3, and they can even be used to host multiplayer games! However, note that:

  • You should back save files up before installing the beta.
  • Files that you save in v1.3 can’t be loaded in v1.2 or earlier.
  • If your game was modded, it may or may not be recoverable in v1.3.

If you have a vanilla v1.2 save file that can’t be loaded in v1.3, it’s a bug! Report it to us, and we will fix the issue.

How do I host my farm?

Each player needs to have their own home on the farm, so the first thing you’re going to have to do is build each of your friends a cabin to live in. Don’t worry, they’re cheap! You can have up to three on your farm.

When your cabins are built, save, return to the title screen and open the co-op menu. Your file should appear in the host tab.

Alternatively, if you are starting a new farm, you can start the game with cabins already built on your farm. From the title screen, open the co-op menu, select the ‘Host’ tab, and then ‘Host New Farm.’

The new options on the left allow you to pre-build up to three cabins on your farm.

In the settings menu are some new options you may want to play with:

‘Server Mode’ configures the visibility of your server:

  • With ‘Friends-Only’, only people on your friends list in Steam (or GOG) can see your server and join it.
  • With ‘Invite-Only’, only people you send invitations (or invite codes) to will be able to join your server.
  • ‘Offline’ shuts the server down immediately. This will disconnect all players besides yourself.

‘Accept IP connections’ allows players on your LAN to join your game, whether any of you are signed in with Steam/GOG or not.

‘Enable new character creation’ allows players who connect to your server to create a new character on your farm. If you’ve got more cabins than players on your farm, and you don’t want anyone else to join for now, you can turn this off.

How do I invite people to my farm?

There are a few ways for people to come to your farm. You can use whatever is most convenient to you!

All of these methods require you to first load your farm through the host tab in the co-op menu.

1. The co-op menu

If your server is running, your Steam/GOG friends will be able to see and join your farm through their co-op menu directly.

This is only possible if your server is set to ‘Friends-Only,’ and your Steam privacy settings permit friends to see your game library.

2. Steam / GOG friends list

If your server is set to ‘Friends-Only’ and your Steam privacy settings permit friends to see your game library, they will be able to join your game through their friends list.

3. Steam / GOG invitations

As the host, you can send invitations from the settings menu, using the ‘Invite Friend:’ button. When the recipient accepts your invitation it will automatically launch Stardew Valley on their end and connect to your game.

4. Invite codes

If the person you want to invite is not on your friends list, you can invite them using an invite code. These codes enable cross-play between Steam and GOG. Due to platform restrictions and technical limitations, we are not currently planning to roll this functionality out any wider than Steam and GOG.

To get your invite code, open the settings menu, scroll down to the multiplayer section and click ‘Show Invite Code.’ A 10-12 character string of letters and numbers will show on your screen for you to send to your friend. Your invite code will change each time you reload the game.

To use the code, your friend should launch the game, and then in the co-op menu choose ‘Enter Invite Code:’

You must both be signed in on the Steam client and/or GOG Galaxy client in order for this to work.

5. LAN

For the final method, you must both be on the same network, i.e. behind the same router.

Launch the game and host your farm through the co-op menu as usual. When the game is loaded, find out your computer’s IP address. Note that you should use your computer’s actual IP, not the Internet-visible IP that websites see. This means checking your computer’s settings. Googling ‘whats my ip’ won’t give you the right result.

Once you have your IP address, your friend should open the co-op menu, click the ‘Join LAN game’ button and type it there.

Neither of you need to be signed in with Steam/GOG in order to do this, however the ‘Accept IP connections’ setting does need to be on.

Why can’t my friend join my farm?

There are a few reasons the connection might fail:

  1. You are not signed in on Steam/GOG. Check ‘Server Mode’ in the settings. It should say ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Invite Only’. If it says ‘Online,’ it isn’t connected to Steam/GOG and it’s only serving LAN games.
  2. Your server is still connecting to Steam/GOG in the background. Click the ‘Show Invite Code’ button in the settings. If the invite code displays, you’re connected. Sometimes it can take a minute or two.
  3. Your friend is not signed in on Steam/GOG.
  4. Your privacy settings in Steam prevent your friend from seeing and joining your game.
  5. There isn’t a cabin available for your friend. Either the maximum number of players is already connected, or all the cabins have all been claimed by other people.
  6. You’re running different versions of the game (‘version mismatch’).
  7. You’re trying to connect by IP when you’re not on the same network. Use invitations instead, they’re a lot easier!
  8. There’s a problem with one of your Internet connections.

How do I report a bug?

Here’s a thread specifically dedicated to beta bug reports. Posting details into this thread is the best way to communicate new issues.

Also search that thread and the support forums for your bug. If there’s already a thread there’s no need to start a new one, but please post if you can provide new information about the problem!

When reporting bugs to us, following a few simple rules can help make bugs much easier to identify and fix:

  • See if you can trigger the bug again by repeating what you did.
  • Give your thread a descriptive and specific title. “Crash” is not specific, whereas (for example) “Game crashes when the load game menu opens” is.
  • Include as much relevant information in the body of your post as you can.

Including a few bits of extra information in your report can help a lot. Try to include:

  • What happened? Did the game crash, freeze / lock up, or just do something wrong (e.g. use the wrong character’s dialogue)? What did you expect to happen here?
  • What were you doing in the game at the time? (e.g. switching to full screen mode / talking to Linus on Spirit’s Eve)
  • Whether you were able to trigger the bug again by repeating what you did.
  • Your operating system name and version.
  • If the game crashed, attach (or link) your error logs. These can be found in
    • Mac / Linux: ~/.local/share/StardewValley/ErrorLogs
    • Windows: %APPDATA%\StardewValley\ErrorLogs
  • Your current version number. You can usually find this in the bottom left corner of the about menu. (Click the ? on the title screen.)
  • A screenshot can help. A video of the bug is even better if you can do that! 👌

How many players does it support?

You can build up to three cabins for other players. With the host player included, that makes four players total.

Can I marry another player?

Yep! You’ll need to find a wedding ring, and right click on them to propose!

Can the game be paused?

In single-player, you can open the menu to pause the game, as you’re used to.

In multiplayer, the game no longer pauses when you have the menu open. If you need to pause the game for a break, the host can use the /pause command in the chat box. This pauses the game for all players.

How do we sleep? How do we start festivals?

To sleep, all players must enter bed and answer yes to the dialog. The day won’t end until all players have done that.

Starting a festival is similar. All players must enter the location of the festival before it will begin.

What things are shared vs separate?

Farm Shared
Money Shared
World updates (Community Center, etc.) Shared
Inventory Separate*
Skills Separate
NPC relationships Separate

*Although inventories are separate, offline players’ inventories can be accessed through the chest of drawers in their cabins.

In deciding what to share vs keep separate, our main goal was to encourage cooperation and teamwork. Since the farm and your money pot are your main way of progressing through the game, they have to be shared in order to facilitate cooperation. Without this, there would be no need for players to even interact!

Does this beta contain the new single-player content too?

Yes. More details about it will be shared at a later date.

When is the update hitting the stable (default) branch?


How did you add multiplayer to Stardew Valley? :O

After donating a bundle of ethernet cables to the junimo sprites, I recompiled the game with the “add multiplayer” checkbox on. I missed some of the forage items in the first year, so it took two years.

  • ZAD-Man

    Man, that’s such a more efficient way of updating a project! Here I’ve been writing code, when I really should have been visiting the Junimos…

    • Is cross play in the works?

      • ZAD-Man

        You probably wouldn’t want me working on that, the Junimos haven’t blessed me with their update magic yet…

  • yamina_chan

    I was not expecting to see this today but I’ll be darned if I’m not excited about this bit of news!
    Time to test all the things!

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    FInally , gonna try this today. Thank you !

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    I’d forgotten what it’s like to be exited about actual multiplayer when it’s not thrust down our throats. 😀

    • Tibbs

      Thrust down our throats?

      • Jacob TwistedFate Dowdy


        • Tibbs

          Oh, fair enough.:)

          • Nerem

            I don’t think “having a major multiplayer component that ships with the game” should be a thing to automatically ridicule as “thrust down your throat”. If they ruin a singleplayer game for purely multiplayer reasons, then sure, but generally E-Sports Games don’t do that. Instead, they’re generally Multiplayer First, Singleplayer Second, with rare exceptions like Starcraft 2 where multiplayer and Single-player are pretty much entirely different games and neither influences the other.

  • Cynel1

    why is it that LAN felt like it was made as a foresight for the Switch Port Multiplayer.

    • Melon Bread

      Because that is what you want to believe. LAN in PC Gaming has been around since forever…

      • Cynel1

        i mean on how console games Rarely do system link mode

  • Florian G.

    Hey ! so i wonder …. If we can enter the ip address under LAN .. then in theory would could open ports in our routers and connect in theory across the internet .. So the only thing we would need to know is the ports the game use. I am sure the game uses static ports right ?

    • THEGamingninja

      Yeah, I’m hoping that’s the case as well, I’ve been trying to find the port for a bit, unable to find it 🙁

      • PortWizart

        24642 udp

  • TK TV (Teemkill)

    Is cross play in the works?

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  • Belhifet

    Is there a way to strictly host the game, without my character being in it? Like if I needed to leave, but wanted to keep the game open for others.

    • zoun

      there probably will be a way when the update comes to stable release

      • zoun

        and if not, people will 100% mod that in

    • ruckarucka

      You mean a dedicated server.

  • Wicstar

    Will there be an option for dedicated server that only have the time running while there is at least one player on the server ?

  • Kondiq

    I love this update and I’ll try it with my friend later today. Also, my other friend told he’d buy the game if there would be polish language. I’ve seen more polish players asking for that on forums and in other comments.

  • rishi

    Will we be able to use beta saves in the official release?

  • Maxwell Tanner

    Singlleplayer changelog please.

    • Alex Drake

      Read the bloody post. It’s coming later

  • Anthony Trupiano

    Will you be able to play with friends on different platforms? Like Steam and Nintendo Switch?

    • Rizky Maulana D

      Due to platform restrictions and technical limitations, we are not currently planning to roll this functionality out any wider than Steam and GOG.

  • Kvoor

    I have quite a few mods; how does that work out? I have to remove them, right?

    • zoun

      Do mods work?

      SMAPI 2.6 beta 2 supports Stardew Valley 1.3. See the mod compatibility list
      for mod updates. Many mods work in multiplayer, but be careful using
      any mods that don’t specifically say they work in multiplayer.

      XNB mods are no longer recommended. I suggest removing them to avoid issues; use at your own risk.


      • Alex Drake

        1.3 is not the multiplayer Beta

        • zoun

          it is tho, read the reddit post

          • Alex Drake

            1.3 has been out for a while the multiplayer Beta came out TODAY. try harder

          • Grenyn

            Maybe you should try harder, the page you’re on is literally called v1.3 Beta.

          • zoun

            the post was made like 10 minutes after the beta came out, so it is referring to the update

  • Cynel1

    LAN mode better be in the Switch Port console games Rarely do a system link mode

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    I have like no friends on steam, who wants to play with me or I can join them? Add me HeavensTrap

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    Seeing that this is currently the top seller on the switch, what are the plans for multiplayer on it?

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      Well Switch is being Planed on being the first Console Multiplayer before the other consoles

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    And now Stardew Valley
    I can’t take it, it’s too much for my heart
    I’m crying of joy right now

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  • Katie Spell

    My saved games launch fine, yet when I pause, the game stops working. I’m not sure what this bug is at all. They ARE saves from previous versions, but it’s not that they just don’t work, it’s that no matter what, I can’t open the pause menu. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • LadyPantz

      I started a new farm and hosted with a friend, and I paused the game, and there was no way to unfreeze.

  • Anthony Andreassen

    Finally! I can’t wait to try this out!

  • Cole Cook

    Can’t wait for a mod for separate money, unplayable till.

    • Alex Drake

      You’ll be waiting a very long time then. Suggestion. Get friends who won’t screw you over money wise in game >_>

      • Cole Cook

        If it comes down to it I can make it myself, its not complicated.

  • Sean Lloyd

    Will Switch players be able to play with PC players?

    • Cynel1

      No its a system restricted multiplayer

  • DerekJones

    I’m glad to see this but was looking forward to local co-op with my son, which I believe was intended. SO we’ll need to buy another copy in the mean time?

    • zoun

      i believe you can run the game on another pc with steam/gog set on offline mode and then connect through lan.

      • DerekJones

        That would be awesome. I’ll try it. Thanks!

        • John Perez


          • DerekJones


          • John Perez


      • Toby Comics

        Agreed. It worked when my dad and I wanted to play Portal 2 together. Just note that you may have saving difficulties. You do need two diferent computers though

      • B Lett

        This is true. Played with my girlfriend tonight on a new Co-Op farm. I only own one copy through Steam, but Family Library Shared my Steam account to her laptop. I allowed her to stay online on Steam and host a new farm, and I started Steam in offline mode and booted up Stardew. The only Co-Op option it will give you in offline mode is LAN, but since we were on the same network and I knew her IP address, it found her game once I entered her IP in manually.

    • Alex Drake

      Split screen was NEVER promised

      • DerekJones

        Maybe you’re right. Some developers use “local multiplayer” to mean split screen so that’s how I interpreted it. Thanks for the clarification.

        • Ari Tozier

          to be fair the game is well worth the money. sure, it isn’t convenient, but at least it isn’t like you’re paying $50 for another copy of the game like you would have to in other situations

    • Cynel1

      splitscreen Local Co-Op might cause Lag

      • Pyroteq

        Who knows, some people might be playing on a 486 running Windows 3.1

    • B Lett

      I managed to do this fine with my girlfriend with one purchased copy of Stardew Valley on Steam. Within Steam, use Family Library Sharing so that you can access your game library on more than one computer. Then, have one person play in Steam online normally, and the other person plays through Steam in Offline mode. As long as you are on the same router or Wi-Fi set up, you should be able to manually enter the IP address of the host’s Co-Op game.

  • Exo

    I can’t connect, I can’t invite, My options are online and offline only there is not “Invite friends only” “Friends only”, THere is not insert code button, There is not share code or invite friends button. I need help please I used the right code.

    • Celeste Snow Lynn Chase

      I am having the same problem, as is my friend. We have been trying at it for hours to no avail and we are starting to get upset. I really just want it to work

      • Exo

        I really just want this to work too, me and my friend gave up after trying for hours hopefully tomorrow it works. We just really want to play but It seems like we can’t.
        I did many things and none of them fixed the issue. Not even reinstalling the beta or game completely works.

        • Sally Baby

          are you 100% sure your running the game off of steam? if you run the game straight from the folder it wont come up with those options as you HAVE to be connected to steam for them to work. even check if your desktop shortcut is linked to steam or the game files, can make all the difference.

          • Celeste Snow Lynn Chase

            I only ever open stardew from steam. I don’t know how else to go about this

          • Exo

            100% From Steam 0 mods 0 nothing

          • sazzyfish what

          • sazzyfish more

    • Fuyuame Ryu

      ~~Step 1. Install both 64 and 32 bit version of ‘Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013’

      Step 2~~
      Play the game.

      Courtesy of user ‘vizv’ from the official forums.

  • Krystian Jan Wojtas

    whats about stardrops?

    • ClanPsi

      Oooooo good question.

      • Adam

        I haven’t gotten to play the beta yet but my assumption is that since each person has their individual inventory skill and relationship, which is where most stardrops come from, that you would each earn them as you progressed in those areas. For example you would individually have to win enough coins to purchase the one at the fall fair.

        • ClanPsi

          Yeah, that’s what I’d assume, too. I wonder how the mine works, though. Would there be four chests on each floor that gives a reward? Hmmmm

          • kelsey0403

            There is only one reward chest per floor in the mines. Whoever gets there first gets the reward and everyone else is SOL.

    • Rowan

      I would assume that some stardrops would be per player (like from your spouse and Willy), but others (like from the mine and museum) would be shared-everyone would get the buff. That or all stardrops are shared.

  • Krystian Jan Wojtas

    whats about bus and desert?

  • Brandon Kavanaugh

    I am getting an error when entering that beta code. says that it is invalid.

    • Nicholas Gazel

      me too, did you find out what the issue is?

  • lizzardtown

    When will it come to xbox?

  • riddlememiss

    Waiting for the update to hit the switch, since it’s the only one I’ve nearly completed without mods. Any news as to if it’s coming out same day as pc or soon after? I know it’s the first console to receive. Very excited!

  • Quasimodo the horrendous swamp

    Two questions:
    Do my friends in my multiplayer farm have to be online for me to play that farm?
    Will I get a notification when a friend successfully joined?

  • wonderlustsav
    • BurningFox

      You sure? Harvey has always been spouting non-sense as a doctor. So I don’t really see anything different.

      • maybe, but i have never seen him say that.

        • Danmolaijn


    • Aritimas

      I get the same thing, seems to be an error with the text lines that deals with him treating NPC villagers

  • Anderson Marinho

    Probly because it’s on beta but me and my friend are experience high latency and some connection issues but I hope those will be fixed soon

  • oemeriol

    Is it only on pc ? Or can i do it on consoles too

    • Missciera

      Right now, you can only access the beta on pc, but once the full version comes out it will be on all consoles. However, i heard that you cannot connect cross-console, so if, say, you were playing on the ps4, and your friend was playing on pc, you couldn’t play together. That’s just a rumor though, it might be changed or implemented.

  • Quasimodo the horrendous swamp

    So had few glitches so far.. Game randomly freezes during saving and once when I sold stuff in the bin, it did not add up to my money the next day.

  • McFrugal

    Since your friends will have their own NPC relationships… does that mean you compete over marriage opportunities?

  • BK

    For some reason I can’t opt in to the beta :/

  • Is it possible to convince the game that my friends and I are on a LAN if we’re on a Hamachi virtual network?

    • Dion

      I want to know this, tell me if you figure it out! 😀 (I am not able to figure out what to put into the IP slot as IPv4 doesn’t work)

  • John Smith


  • Leeskra

    It reset my relationships with the marriageable people – even ones I had maxed out, are now two stars off. Going to see if giving bouquet AGAIN will fix it, if not loading pre-BETA one.

  • Sasha Kozak


  • Cynel1

    Still i hope the Switch Version can incorporate some sort of LAN feature

  • Max Thornton

    I will respect the Dev’s final choice, but I wanted to post here that I would really like the option for separate money pools. I agree that for most people it is probably for the best, I even see myself really enjoying it. But for over a year now I have really wanted to make a farm and have neighbors who were real world friends. People that I could adventure with, and help with their farms and pools resources for a nice greenhouse, but while maintaining our own independence financially. Stardew Valley has always been a game about options and playing the way you want, be it the prosporous farmer who is a socail butterfly, or the mining hermit who never talks with anybody or even goes into town. I understand co-op is by definition more interactive with people, but cooperation comes in many forms, from busines agreements to spouses, and I would like the option to choose whether I share everything with my friends, or just some things.

    The option to do so won’t hurt anybody, and to my understanding it wouldn’t be too difficult to add. It would simply add to my experience and give me at least one extra cooperative play through of SDV with my friends in the future.

    • Quxzcover

      Iv’e been playing with the multiplayer mod for the past few months and this is the one problem i had with it. having shared money pools was the worst for me, and I really hate how they forced shared money in the official release as well.

    • Jeff

      Yes please! I honestly think sharing money was a terrible idea on the dev’s part. (No offense, of course.)

    • Alex Drake

      This topic came up during the stream today. The answer was a RESOUNDING no

      • Scribblord

        wait so they wont dicide the money pools ? well i wont delve deep into multiplayer then its really annyoing andm akes it feel like playing together is a burden on everyone

    • Dylan Baker

      I’m no capitalist, but optional separate wallets also allow for inventing new ways of playing together. It would be awesome to have the option!

      • Δημήτρης Βασιλειάδης

        its still in beta though so maybe the will do it once they receive enough feedback

    • TheWholeShoe

      I’d like to point out that adding separate wallets is actually no small task, and leads to a ton of design problems. For example:

      1) Who get’s what money? If you put the crops in the bin does the money become yours? What if someone else paid for those seeds? To stop this behavior, would you make it so that no one else can harvest the crops besides the person that planted them? But doing so limits the amount the friends can help eachother on the farm.

      2) The same goes for animals. If one of your friends makes a rush for the barn and gets all of the milk/eggs/etc, does that money become his, or the person who bought the animal? What about the person that paid for the barn?

      3) Does each person get his own chicken coop too? I’d be a little salty if the group decided that MY funds were going to a chicken coop while everyone else upgraded their inventory space.

      4) It would also take time to add in UI and programming hooks to keep track of multiple funds, as well as to display that information to the player.

      5) If you’re saying “Well the solution would just be to have a way to trade money between players”. To this, I have 2 thoughts. A) Additional development time and testing and B) Why wouldn’t you just share money in the first place?

      Stardew Valley is a chill game, so I doubt anyone is going to be playing with super aggressive jerks who try to hoard all of the money for themselves or spend the money without consulting the group. I’m sure the developer looked in to individual wallets and decided against it based on some of this information.

      TL:DR – Individual wallets and funds would actually create more problems than it would solve.

      • Max Thornton

        1. That would be a development decision, either separate boxes for each player, or when they open the box they see a unique inventory and it totals it from each players unique inventory.

        2. Don’t play with greedy friends. Then you may ask, why would you need separate wallets if your friends aren’t greedy? It’s not great to answer a question with a question, but I respond with why is it rather common for married couples to have separate bank accounts, even if they only have one person working? It’s really a matter of personal taste, a sense of independence/individuality, and the convenience of not having to do ANY number crunching, save from splitting up crops if that is what the team chooses to do.

        3. My inspiration comes from the idea of playing in the same world with friends, and being able to work with them, but wanting to progress at different rates. I have copious free time, but my friends do not. We would like to be able to divide the farm into three parts and we each work at our own rates. We will play together whenever we can, and share then, but I will be able to grind out quickly, while the others will progress more slowly, and one of them will care far more for aesthetics rather than profits. I am not a profits nut, but I will be looking to grow.

        4. Yes, as the idea has gotten fleshed out it is clear that it isn’t as simple as just dividing funds. I would argue it doesn’t look like an insane amount of work, but it is shifting from just a few hours to a few days or more, plus beta testing (novice here, my estimates could be far off from experienced estimates). If nothing else, the option may just be something for future releases, after non-beta multiplayer goes live

        5. A. See 4. B. See 2, there are fair reasons to divide money into different accounts, even if the end result is potentially very similar.

        I don’t necesarily agree with your TL;dr: as I think that heavily depends on the number of players who understand the level of work required for this feature and would still like it. As it stands, it is very likely going to happen, the question is just do the devs want to support it, or are they going to leave it to a modder? It very well may end up being more trouble than it is worth for the SDV devs.

        I would also like to note that my desire for it is not a result of it being to control “reckless spending.” I think the people who want it just because they can’t trust their friends are people who should probably talk with their friends about it, or play with different friends. My desire comes from wanting to feel like I am spending my own money, even if it may have been divided up from a group income.

        • HM64

          The question, how can multiplayer elevate stardew valley, must be explored. To put a cap on multiplayer bugs and hopefully only for that reason, the developer has chosen a “friendly-cooperation” model, and I agree with this decision short term. However, in the long term I disagree and think a “competitive-friendly” model would bring more fruit to the game or otherwise elevate all aspects of the game. I don’t think “friendly-cooperation” improves actual gameplay. I think it makes it more fun, but not as fun as a “competitive-friendly” model would provide. Competitive-friendly means for example you can’t steal or destroy each other’s stuff. It means you have own identity, your own wallet, your own relationships etc…You compete to have the highest score (some magic formula, not just money). Each year except year 1, each player is given a ball curve (probable ill of any nature (sickness, everyone is like you less and less, a challenge), if the player isn’t doing well or is lucky (4% chance) some kind of random help. In my opinion there should be at least 100 cons and 25 pros that can be opposed as yearly blessing or curses. A cheat measure, must go to sleep no sooner than 5 pm should be in place for pros. All actions by one player aspire NPCs to a certain short term and long term (life) direction. For example, the first npc to receive a potato may give love affection points, and 2nd potato by the 2nd player will likely receive less affection points, but sometimes more – depending on the day and character etc. It creates a huge opportunity to expand relationship mechanics in the game with the mentality that when one door closes another door opens. Basically instead of linearly influencing NPCs, multiplayer changes that for the better.

          In a competitive-friendly, you essentially each play your own game, the only cooperative aspect is triggered if you get married (which would introduce at this point a shit ton of bugs). Therefore all the complexities described i.e., in relation to profits disappear unless married. So basically, 1.3 can be friendly-cooperation, 1.4 can be “competitive-friendly” and 1.5 “competitive-friendly” + marriage WOWyWOWy

      • Runniy

        I agree, but instead of all of the he get’s this and blah blah blah. Instead people would be able to trade money making the game more interactive and everyone would get a bit of the money, it all being split between the people who are playing at the time. Although, I agree it’d take time and someone may not be on at the time. Although I agree on who’s gonna buy the barn and etc. The other major drawback is the fact, that the host will always be the one with the most money. Unless they only play with someone on. I think it should be implemented, but as an option, and maybe not in this update. Although it would be nice, if it was implemented in this update. It’s just my opinion.

        • Marv Mutiert

          I think its good the way it is… i mean you and your friend got this farm and the farm got this cashpool. And yeah you are able to make WAAAAY more money with a few buddies than alone. you and your mates have to think about whats next on the buylist tto make more money or to proceed in the mine or whatever. You just dont have to play with the brainsless^^. Otherwise maybe an option to set % of your money and where are they to spend… for example 80% for crops 10% for tools or somthing would maybe be a good idea.

          • gtasthehunter

            You could earn more with more players but you also spend more 2-4 bag upgrades 4k-8k and next bag 20k-80k the same for tool upgrade cabin upgrades and the real costly Iridium fishing Rod,

            So yes we could earn more if each are doing different things, I can also say for the mines when first starting out 2 or all need to work together in there. Cause like 1 alone might get to 1 away from the next 5 floor but get low on energy and can’t go on. With even 1 other player that would be easier. They would take turns who fights and mines or while they both mine/fight it could uncover ladders faster. If one gets lower on energy they only fight and the other mines and later when someone has the +1 ore per vein. with Miner Profession others without shouldn’t mine ore veins with someone around that has the miner Profession!

            PS: Stairs cost to much and they should be ladders they should use maybe 30 wood for each ladder! And they should stack!
            Even if they only a few per stack 5-10 maybe?

      • Peter Petersson

        I want to go into this debate with the premise that you can choose between these two options. You can choose to have a shared wallet or have separate wallets (if they were added), because this way no one would lose anything. Like you said, when having a good chill time a shared wallet definitely works. But if you want to play a bit more competitive (to see who’s the fastest at making progress, etc) I think separated wallets could work as well and add additional fun that the shared wallet doesn’t give.

        1) Whoever sells it. If your friend buys the seeds, plants them, and you help to pick them up but give them to your friend to sell them; he will get the money. And just make separate boxes or so that who puts the item into the box gets the money. Sure this could lead into stealing others’ items and crops and selling them for money but doesn’t that happen in real life as well? Just don’t play with greedy friends. lol. Point being, whoever sells it gets the money.
        2&3) If the game can only handle one barn, then they should be shared. You just need to talk it out with your friend on who gets and what. If there was an option to build multiple barns, coop, etc. Then I think it would make sense for everyone to have their own barn, coop, etc. Again, other one works perfectly for shared wallets and the other one works perfectly for separated wallets.
        4) I’m not going to tackle onto this. Not a programmer or a designer, can’t know.
        5) This is basically answered with the premise that you have the option for shared wallets and separate wallets. Some people don’t want to share any/much of their money and that’s for the separate wallets people. Some people are fine with sharing all of their money, that’s for the shared wallet people.

        I personally just think this sort of major aspect of the game could have multiple options that work! Just like how the game has different interest rates to make the game normal or slower than normal. Some people like getting easy money, some people don’t like hitting 1 million in the first year. In our case, some people like having their own progress but in a multiplayer environment, some people want to progress with their friends. All of those options fit different types of people and the more of these options there are available the more this game can bring fun to different types of people.

      • PixelHurricane

        super easy solution is to just divide profit equally among players in the server. that basically fixes all the above problems. the only other thing left is if one player simply is making any money, but to do that you’d have to not play the game at all

        • gtasthehunter

          That would’t work that well as one player could have been more productive and could have earned more money while another player could have been less productive to not earn that much so dividing profits equally wouldn’t really be fair either.

          • PixelHurricane

            well the other solution then is to do what they did and keep bank combined. either whoever deposits gets the money, it’s divided, or it’s all together. if teamwork is the end result then any decision is effectively the same anyway. (except division which I don’t think would create the feel they’re going for)

    • Memoize

      I don’t think it needs it personally. Sure, at first sharing a wallet was extremely weird, but after a while we got used to it. It’s actually become natural to us now.

    • Mitroll

      This whole thing reminds me of ESO.

      ESO – “Oh, people want to play skyrim with 1-3 friends? Here’s a massively multiplayer MMO with a subscription.”
      Stardew – “Oh, people want to play stardew with 1-3 friends? Well, okay, but everyone else has to be a ‘farm hand’ and you all need to argue about who gets to use the money.”

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        This is really cool.

    • Sam Rinne Hooker

      Honestly, a hybrid.

      Purchasable money bags. The main money pool is for seeds, ores, and wood/stones. Then the host is allowed to buy buildings no problem. The guests if they want buildings, they gotta purchase a money bag (it shows up under the main one in the guest’s account). The money bag fills two ways: when you directly sell to merchants you have 50% host:50% money bag payout once you have a money bag (you’re selling stuff the player could sell to the farm box, so they get half) or if the host gives you an allowance. If there’s three guests each one is 50%:50% with the player, not sharing with the other guests. Although they CAN trade money using the allowance system.

      There should also be an option on the settings: Multiplayer Sharing (closed -> that is no main money pool, they work for you and cannot spend any money; normal -> they can spend money, except on buildings; hybrid -> money pool plus normal settings; open -> basically communism, they can spend your money on buildings or anything else). This lets you run the system how you want.

  • Gustavo_a

    I am having this problem here, “You are not signed in on Steam/GOG.
    Check ‘Server Mode’ in the settings. It should say ‘Friends Only’ or
    ‘Invite Only’. If it says ‘Online,’ it isn’t connected to Steam/GOG and
    it’s only serving LAN games.” But I am properly connected to steam, how do I solve it?

    • Gustavo_a

      Pls help T_T, all my friends can join the host, I am the only one left…

  • Excall

    I was hoping to have our own farms with the same shared community, that’d add some cool parts to it! Kind of like neighbors 🙂

    • Alex Drake

      So you were hoping to break the game then and make it easy mode

      • Excall

        No, just to share a farming experience. It’d be separate money and such, just our own farms to enjoy.

        • Sir Mizael

          it would be another interesting idea.
          like a comunity of diferente farmers. being able to visite each other, trade itens.
          things like that

        • Sam Rinne Hooker

          I was imagining this more like that. Less like “come help my farm and share money with me” and more like… “your neighbors built a farm to the west of you and it makes you super jeally.”

      • allen clark

        WTH are you even trying to say?

        • Alex Drake

          You need me to spell it out for you? Having four different farms means you no longer have to make hard choices about seasonal plants to grow. Since you have four times the space and some might even just forego animals completely. since person 3 has them

          • allen clark

            This is stardew valley, bro. People (well not all of us apparently) dont play this for a hardcore gaming experience. OP had a perfectly reasonable request that OP would like to see for OP and OP’s friends.

          • Alex Drake

            It’s not about hardcore. It’s about game mechanics and human nature. Having to pool all of your resources together in one place aka ONE farm is the best way to promote cooperation. These are the facts. You can cover your ears all you want

          • allen clark

            So basically what you’re saying is your way is the best and any other thoughts and opinions on the matter are irrelevant. Theres only 1 way coop should be played.

            Lol, you’re childish.

          • The mysterious moder

            why do you guys have to argue about the better idea when you could just ask for the option to change whats shared and what is not in game on a game by game basis

          • the game squad

            But options are always good if it was an option along with the existing mode how would it affect you with your gameplay?

          • Lucas Indorf

            Why are you so determined to just ruin and deconstruct what someone else wants as fun? Why are you like this?

          • Alex Drake

            You underestimate how easily people can get selfishly absorbed when they have their own little corner of something. Having a single farm means everyone is pooling their resources together no matter what and that in turn improves Cooperation. I am stating facts you refuse to face

          • djinn

            Alex did someone hurt you by leaving your farm to go work in their own? did someone leave you? you sound like a broken man. are you okay?

          • dragon destroyer gaming

            still, an option to choose this would be nice tho. some players who are greedy, just want to have their own farm or want to have a farming community can have that while the players like you have the option to have a singular farm. (Im actually fine with the singular farm, the only actual problem for me is that it is kinda small….)

          • Dylan Baker

            they could always just do a balance pass bro

          • Alex Drake

            A balance pass that accounts for having four times the space to do with as you please? Good luck with that

      • spriteless

        That’s what mods are for, silly.

    • Runniy

      It’d probably be a lot of work, but I agree it would be nice.

    • spriteless

      OMG, it would be great to have an expanded map like that. Those mods make me the happiest. Like the gas station mod. I should get into modding, I’d make it so each of the 4 non-standard maps just exist, ready to be claimed.

  • ClanPsi


  • Zally

    When I copy and paste the beta code it tells me the code is invalid. This beta isn’t just for Windows, is it?

  • Paul Bauer

    Is console multiplayer looking like it’ll be a long way off in the future? I have Stardew Valley on Steam too but I really prefer my PS4.

  • Intuition

    I really dont care about coop but its a good thing, I just hope you add new DLC I dont care if we must pay for it just please add new more stuff in the future.

  • Buddy Boy

    My friend is having a problem where the coop menu only allows him to choose “join LAN game”, he can’t invite either. Here’s a picture. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/310304351191040000/440721202651070474/unknown.png

    hope this gets fixed asap.

    also, he’s signed in to steam.

    • Andrew Simpson

      is he signed into his Steam friends list as well?

      • Buddy Boy


    • Törtchen

      I have the exact same Issue. Did not find a solution yet, either. Online in Steam, everything Public, Reinstalled, restarted the game, steam and the whole computer. Waited an hour in the main screen to give it time to connect to steam… Nothing worked.

      Hope the few who got the problem get it fixed soon. I bought the game for 2 of my friends and now they are playing without me ;_;

    • Fuyuame Ryu

      Step 1. Install both 64 and 32 bit version of ‘Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013’

      Step 2
      Play the game.

      Courtesy of user ‘vizv’ from the official forums.

    • Muggle07

      my friend fixed the issue by checking the integrity of the game files with steam. just go to property’s and check the integrety of the game files and it should say there is one missing.

      • Buddy Boy

        SIR you are a genius,

        honestly forgot that was an option

  • this update makes me excited!. to bad… i don’t have any friend to play with ( ._.)

  • Bruno Buzzatti

    WHAT ABOUT THE FRENCH UPDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE? Sorry i hate writting in caps but at least im sure you’ll see it

  • Jackie Chan

    how do i marry another player? i know that you can but do you have to become friends with another character to get the items required for marriage?

  • jilbert100

    Don’t forget the Vita please!

  • Diaurora Putra Perdana

    Like really? is it that hard to seperate money? Did you even read the comments in this website? like almost everyone asks for seperate money.

    • corleonis88

      It’s not hard. It was a choice

  • Alyena

    Please when French translation will come out ?

    • fisken

      Lol, when will the French learn English?

      • Alyenax

        Quand les anglophones arrêteront de croire que ce sont les seuls au monde. Voilà l’ami, profite bien de google traduction pour comprendre. 🙂

        • Eric Salazar

          Used Google translate…Sentir la brûlure

      • Babben

        Dont be a jerk fisken! Not everyone in the world speak perfect english. You dont know hes story.

  • katkeene

    For some weird reason whenever I try to join it only gives me the option to join through LAN. Can somebody please help me address this issue? I’m 100% connected to Steam, and the Steam friends list. I have no idea what i’m doing wrong.

    • Gustavo_a

      I am having the same problem here, still trying to find a solution since yesterday…

    • FriesForDays

      Don’t you need an invite code? I hosted and invited friends through Steam, but they couldn’t log in til I did that.

      • katkeene

        There’s nowhere to put the invite code in. I only have the “LAN game” option in the “co-op” tab. The invite option and the other option are completely missing. There’s literally nothing we can do.

        • Alex Drake

          you friends need to opt into the beta too

          • katkeene

            They’ve opted into the beta.

  • Journey2jess

    Is there a way to kick players from your farm in multiplayer? We were starting a new co-op and someone snuck in while we were in the process of having people join, and we wanted to kick them to clear up the house.

    • ykalBC

      I believe it says you can demolish the cabin, and then just build a new one.

  • 다이(쿠키런 아싸)

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc887060215ce107eb66849f6c2758e5ae7dea87b99b8db99fa115a5f2e53da8.jpg why isn’t there any button?!?! T.T I also can’t join my friend’s game T.T

    • Gustavo_a

      Hello, could you solve it? I am having the same problem here, nothing I’ve tried worked.

      • 다이(쿠키런 아싸)

        No I’m still playing lonely…T.T

        • Sheepest Sheep

          You can still play it via LAN, you can use Hamachi or other applications like that.

      • アレクサンダー

        did you try to host your farm via the main menu? that solved it for me.

        • Sir Mizael

          how did yo u do that?

          • アレクサンダー

            At first I had the Problem that the beta didnt work for me as well so I uninstalled stardew valley and all of the files via steam and then deleted the folder in the steam directory. After that i did not download stardew valley at first and let the files get overwritten (what probably happens when you choose the beta file under properties) I directly navigated to the properties->Beta and then seleceted the beta via drop down menu and installed it. after that I could host/join online sessions without problems. I hope that what i wrote makes sense for you and sorry for the late reply.

          • Sir Mizael

            no problem. I did find another way to solve this bug. downloading some C++ prograns.
            thanks repling.

      • Ricardo Anchieta Junior

        i am having the same problem to, estou bastante PUTO!!!!!! Comprei esse porra por 25 reais e nao posso jogar on the line, o unico motivo deu comprar foi jogar on the line

    • clawilewak

      I had this when I wasn’t launching the game through steam. (had an error regarding the executable so I ran the .exe manually) but then I found I HAD to run it through steam, using the steam launch button.

  • Shark ROAR

    Hey there; just curious if you can change the cabin design once you created a character? I’ve started in a pre-generated one and would fancy a different design.

  • Kevin Sestig

    will there be an option to unclaim a cabin if you want to play on your farm with more then 3 other people?

    • Alex Drake

      Nope the game is hardlimited at 4

      • Kevin Sestig

        Right now it is, but maybe in a future update? I am sure that i am not the only one who wants this.

  • none1498

    could you please look in to adding your game to gog connect so steam users can also add it to their GOG account too.

  • Kim

    Is there a way to play the co-op game with the host not present? Let’s say you have two more players in there and the host is not online and in the game, shouldn’t it still be working then or is this something that is going to come at some point?

    • Alex Drake

      No. They said as much during the stream today. The game doesn’t work that way

  • Ella Cordon

    My beta game will not download. I tried restarting it but it just wont download. :/ Can anyone help?

  • EeveeTrainerAlex

    I’m sure this has been asked to death, but any idea when console coop will be released? Doesn’t have to be an exact date, but a month would be great.

    • lollol

      When it’s done. Stop rushing the dev. Game development is hard enough, they don’t need people asking them to hurry all the bloody time.

      • EeveeTrainerAlex

        Who said I was hurrying them? I didn’t see any information, and was just wondering if there was a general goal, or any information. Don’t have to take it so personally.

  • Kain Abdala

    I really wanna know if this is coming to the nintendo switch

    • LadyPantz

      the switch update is next before the other consoles but they have not released a date yet.

  • Satou Leonardo

    Realmente , isso é de se alegrar ! Que top mds :3

  • Hebaio

    Cool update, really enjoying it so far. Rest of my holiday will most likely be spent in multiplayer ATM.

  • Mario Luigi Super

    When I play beta v1.3 it won’t load in pelican town music. I need to know if this is normal and it’s being taken out or if i’m just experiencing a glitch.

  • MirrorCat Cibirani

    MyFriend Give game to me and this Happen!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9d2edcb12358520620f4d1b8f1fbdda70a848ad2da31a9bcdb4c468cd2e5cda8.png I Think It Can’t Support Game giff from Friend?

  • The Sacred Illusion


  • Morgan Samantha Eyking


    This image was at the travelling cart fall year 3.

    Also things I noticed:
    auto feeders stop working (only noticed summer and fall but haven’t attempted winter yet)
    keg times inside and outside sheds are a day apart during an event
    in single player mode the fall fair event glitches during the fishing mini game and freezes the game
    added cabin and box and friends freeze and disconnect (maybe my file is too far in the game for friends to join?)

  • Amanda Page

    I can’t wait for this. My fiance is going to get this game now, and we are going to have an amazing time! I haven’t been this excited for multiplayer or co-op in a very long while. I LOVE the idea of the farm and money being shared, and the inventory and NPC relationships being separate. I have been in too many games where playing with people was only for their own benefit and nothing else, there was no real playing together, no real interaction when everything was separate. this feels like a game now that will have people work together and be happy at the same time about working together.I can’t wait to play this!

  • Rika Fox Davis

    Hi! I was wondering if there would be more animals added !

  • Koalao

    Hey there! First of all, a big thx for the multi update and for the great work with this game! it’s really nice! 😀

    Could you help me ? I’d like to know:

    If you change an xnb file, for example cat.xnb, do you have to change it for every player? Or only, change it for the one player who wants it and the other players can keep their original xnb?

    Thx a lot for your answers! And GG everyone !

    • lollol

      If you are trying tochange something that would affect other players, you’d need to do it for everyone in order to avoid complications. Your best option is to have every player use the exact same files to avoid problems.

      • Koalao

        Thank you lollol for your answer ! 🙂 That’s very nice, I’ll do that !!!

  • Sally

    Is there an in-game chat?

    • Alex Drake

      Yes. You press T

  • Jolly

    Is anyone else just getting ‘invalid beta code’ when they enter it??

    • lollol

      No. Check if you entered any empty spaces.

  • Tangeek

    Is the LAN game possible if I set up a port forward in my DNAT ? What ports should I forward in that case ?
    (Worst case scenario I use a VPN, but that’s boring)

  • Heinz Otto


    Every time you pick up a geode (together with a stone?) this happens. Last time my charakter even hold the stone above his head, instead of the geode

  • Maxime Lavoie

    “How did you add multiplayer to Stardew Valley? :O
    After donating a bundle of ethernet cables to the junimo sprites, I recompiled the game with the “add multiplayer” checkbox on. I missed some of the forage items in the first year, so it took two years.”


    • Maxime Lavoie

      But what does “TBD” means?

      • Маркс Карл

        To be determined

  • Маркс Карл

    Is it possible to return stable version of the game after experimenting with beta?

  • ê¹€ 주니모

    Hi I had serious problem.. I was married with Abigail in 1.2 version, and after upgrade to 1.3, I lost my wife in the stardew valley. She is in Pierre’s store in my map, but she wasn’t in there, also my house. Please give me back my wife…:(

  • ê¹€ 주니모
  • ê¹€ 주니모

    and after update to beta, I lost my wife Abigail. She was in Pierre’s store in map, but she’s not in there, also my house.

  • IAm Wolf

    Can you move the other houses if its the prebuilt option?

    • Pan Wicker

      You can move and build new cabins with Robin

  • William Treagus

    This is awesome. I’m just hoping a way to reset the co-op houses, or allow for more than the original 3 people to connect. So 4 at a time but not limited to 3 specific friends per playthrough. 😛

  • SinOf GreedBan

    I can’t seem to get the “Enter Invite Code” button to show up. All I see is “Join Lan Game”.

  • entropy

    Is there a way to remove a certain character from a server? We had a friend join briefly but now never plays. Is there a way to remove him from the server so that another farmer can claim the cabin?

  • Santiphap Bunyanuphan (Beer)

    when thai language come?

    • lollol

      when learn english you?

  • Vicks

    Well, seems like my problem with 1.3 beta is that whenever I go outside of my house the farm is like SUPER LAGGY. At first I thought it was because the amount of slimes I had in my farm which is like 90% filled all over the place, however when I removed the beta to see if it lagged it didn’t. So honestly, I don’t know why it lags now :/

  • Rian Ashes

    Hello, I have one question. Can you make “couch” co-op? Split screen, maybe. My wife loves this game and we wish play together.

    • Alex Drake

      The ui is too big and all over the screen to make that work

  • Mitchell Alexander

    I saw a screenshot of Sam and Shane getting mad at the farmer for dating them both. I’m panicking! I don’t want my polyamorous dreams to die!

    • Alex Drake

      Uhhh Jealousy was always a thing

      • Mitchell Alexander

        Still though…

      • Mitchell Alexander

        Still tho

  • Wade Dewell

    So multiplayer will be for pc only? Thats fucking bulkshit

    • Alex Drake

      PC gets it first. STop being an easily triggered moron

  • Wade Dewell

    I have stardew on xbox one… so many times friends have been over and id love for them to play with me… then here comes multiplayer yay right? WRONG BECAUSE MULTIPLAYER IS PC ONLY FEATURE!

    • lollol

      How about you calm down, you massive prick.
      PC is the best platform to test things like this, get over it.
      Multiplayer will be available on other systems eventually.

  • Heros Moraes

    Parabéns aos dev <3 sistema coop foi a melhor escolha para o jogo

  • Samara Q

    Please please give us GOG users the update……pleeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeeee.

  • Tibbs

    I wonder how the pause will be when it comes to consoles. 🙂

  • Charlotte Chesh

    The wallpaper glitch was fixed but now, I went into my shed and many of my collectible items from the community center, rewards, etc… are gone!! My wallpaper catalog is gone as well!! Help!! I have a backup but i don’t know how to reinstall it and switch it back?? Help!

  • Wolff5

    There a link to see the beta patch notes as the come?

  • Light

    The multiplayer option will be enabled for console ?? and if so, when?

  • Gabriel Tulli F. Netto

    it will be cross plataform when released?

    • Logan Venter

      No, it will be platform locked. But, every platform will have multiplayer, within that platform’s ecosystem.

  • Evelyn Akane

    We should be able to have or individual farms and do whatever we want, but we should be able to visit other players or friends farms like thro the bus or something

    • Alex Drake

      Yeah no. You’d have people barely cooperating if they have their own pocket farms to take care of. Making everyone work together on the same farm is the best

      • Logan Venter

        Hey Alex. Did you know it’s ok to let other people want stuff you don’t? Some people enjoy platformers, others enjoy tabletops.

        Live and let live dude. The devs will do what the devs will do. There’s an entire community built around this thing called open source and it’s working quite nicely.

        I want both options. I would in fact like to work together with my friend, on a seperate farm, and eventually get married and sell off mine, move in with them, and have little farmers babies who play outside with the Junimos.

        • Alex Drake

          The devs already said pretty much the same thing as me when the topic of shared wallets came up during the last livestream. It’s not gonna change.

          Your attempt at wit and being a middle of the road fence sitter is adorable but reality isn’t so balanced

          • Logan Venter

            And you are a sad, sad, grumpy old fart. You are nay-saying to everyone’s suggestions that don’t fit in with your view of what the game should be.

            I was not sitting on the fence, I was illustrating that I accept that not everyone will have the same opinion as me, and me bashing on theirs does not validate mine. If the devs agree with you, that’s great. That does not mean it’s ok to tell everyone what’s best for them.

            I bet you are the type of person who dictates to others what to eat and what to wear, based on all your comments here. Leave people to live their lives and live yours.

  • Agreed! Specially if people are going to be confronted about dating all of them, it should be an option to make it not a problem by breaking up.

  • Mitchell Alexander

    Crossing my fingers for polyamory

  • 다이(쿠키런 아싸)

    Look!!! I found a way to solve ↑this problem. go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=40784, and install VS 2013 vcredist x86←this program. And happy stardew valley!

  • Logan Venter

    Hey guy, so psyched or this, me and my wife are going to jam it on our Switches. Which begs the obvious question, what is the ETA for the Switch update? 🙂

    • Cynel1

      maybe when the PC Multiplayer is more Stable enough to port to Console

  • kathe thalia

    On my old save: the gifts that were checked off before I played beta were stuck that way (Abigail has remained gifted twice for over a month now) and I can’t change certain wallpapers/floors in my house (which is fully upgraded). Any saves that are played in the beta disappear on the original Stardew.

    On the new save: the mines don’t spawn barrels/coal in the carts and the elevators don’t make the “ding” sound when I discover new levels. Sometimes the achievement sounds won’t go off (new record for fish) and I’m pretty sure there’s more that I’m forgetting.

    • kathe thalia

      Update: my cat freezes in its animation occasionally on all saves.
      The mines also don’t have treasure chests. It’s acting as though I’ve already been through all the levels and yet they’re not discovered yet. I also had a glitch when fishing that made a strange noise, and the game froze. I had to restart my computer.

  • Ella Cordon

    uhhhhhh… Harvey was here this morning. He should have said that he watered the plants on the porch… but he didnt. GLITCH ALERT! GLITCH ALERT! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc59284195682ad7b14dc2648df21cdbabda22560d6bcbd69bd8b39788e00c13.png

    • Alex Drake


  • Jax Rhoads

    can people in multiplayer marry other players (non NPC)?

    • Tibbs

      Can I marry another player?
      Yep! You’ll need to find a wedding ring, and right click on them to propose!

      It was posted in the blog. 🙂

  • Kijrl

    Is this compatible with Windows 8 or Lower?

  • lukas1jager

    when im playing with my friend the move building thing at robins is not there

  • TheConfuzzledOne

    the beta access code is not working!! plz help D;

  • TheConfuzzledOne

    The beta access code isn’t working! Plz help

  • Un_Uniivers_Féminin

    I have a problem.
    I installed the beta. But now my game does not want to open anymore … HELP PLEASE T_T

  • Cainan Olivero

    Does this changes will come to Nintendo Switch too After the Beta Test?

  • Jeanine Lehninger

    None of my smapi mods are working, now my complete farm layout is ruined and my animals are locked… any idea how to get smapi to run?

  • Mota Mota

    I cannot use my farme on beta and now a cannot use my save on 1.2. When I read this post about make a backup, it was too late.

  • Mathusalem

    I have a friend who has only Linux, and has the game on GOG. But to get the beta, you must use GOG Galaxy, which is not available on Linux (he can run windows version with WINE). How can he get the linux beta to test ? I myself have the game on windows on steam.

  • cas

    Hello! Is there any place I could report bugs / suggestions while playing the beta? I would love to contribute : )

  • Shawn Brookbank

    how do i get the update on gog. I have allowed betas but I dont see where to update it

  • Michael Harville

    Is it possible to play on tablets?

  • Bradley Dimond

    I noticed the “Profit Margin” option; are there any details on it? This sounds a lot like a feature I have really been wanting in Stardew.

    • Alex Drake

      Basically you can reduce profit margin to balance out the number of people you have

      • Bradley Dimond

        Interested. Could I then, if playing in 2p, set the profit margin to a 4p equivalent so that I get a “marathon” mode of sorts?

        • Alex Drake

          well the money is shared between players. It’s technically the entire farm fund

  • Cuupi Cuupi

    I am unable to gift anybody after the patch.. Someone help plesss

  • PK

    I would really like it if they added a bunch of options for things like sharing quests or no, sharing money or no, buying backpacks/upgrades works for everyone etc. I am playing with my bf and we really want either separate money or to be more shared in quest progress etc. Really loving it anyway so far!

  • Suchlike Toast

    How do mods work in conjunction with multiplayer? Will it be a problem for the other players if they do not have a mod or if a map has been changed in anyway (Ex. my greenhouse has been changed to be signifigantly larger)

  • AS PlayGame
  • GregStorm

    Please add Polish language 🙂

  • MikeyMilla

    Is it already possible for players if they marry to have children?

  • Mickael Chausse

    Hello thank you very much for this coop feature, my girlfriend’s game is crashing all the time on the end of a day (when the waiting players screen appear) don’t know how to fixe that but it seems that this bug is coming frequently when we sleep after 12pm, there’s also a probleme with cinematic but that’s ok. Hope to see the final version coming soon 😀

  • Michael Geary

    Hi, played for the first time and it was great! Any way to, or have plans to, set up a server to allow play when the host is not around?

  • Saoirse Deely

    Could the multiplayer be changed so that players share progress in things such as building the bridge to the beach and stuff like that, and also sharing progress in quests like upgrading the community centre? I really like the multiplayer but I think the players should share progress in stuff like that.

  • Rowdyhorse4

    They should Sync the quests too so we don’t have to go through the same quest for everyone all the time imo, or at least add an option for this….
    Also synchronization of the bundles between all players (I’m doing the bundles while my friend tends to other things but we found out in his screen, the bundles were all incomplete)

    And an option to force a synchronization if Desync were to happen (and its happening often and Heavily for me and my friend right now)

  • jayfry

    When the next beta releases will my progress be saved?

  • Memoize

    This is really cool so far. It’s a little unstable at the moment, where both my friend I tried hosting, but after a while we’d lose connection. It’s still in beta, so its understandable. Other than that it’s quite smooth, and a lot of fun.
    Would be pretty awesome if we could host them as dedicated servers, like Steam games using steamcmd.

  • For the love of god, please make money separate. I hate the shared money system. Or can someone make a mod to seperate it!? PLEASE!

  • Travis Lawson

    Was excited about multiplayer until the decision was that you cant play on one device (xbone). My wife and I would have loved to play on each others farms together with the xbox one. 🙁

  • Kat Gardner

    When I tried to run it my game would not open. It said this was because of smapi. Will you be fixing this soon?

  • myung- by

    hi, i have been playing the beta for a while. So far, it’s kind of hard for me to connect to my friend’s farm, sometimes connection failed. Also, when i want to save the game, suddenly the game crashed.

  • Serafima Jolkkonen

    Thank you for a wonderful experience! Multiplayer is definitely making this game even better than it was before. Few things that came up while testing with a friend:

    – Would be nice to receive a notification when the other player has gone to bed. Not really “required” or anything, but it would be informative.
    – In the single-player version you can harvest tree seeds that are on the ground with a hoe. In multiplayer version the hoe destroys the seeds. Is this intentional?
    – If the other player activates a cutscene while you are running, the sound of your footsteps remains looping on the background for the duration of the cutscene.
    – Some quests seem a bit mundane or even annoying to do as individuals since you have to make them twice (visiting the wizard tower, harvesting parsnips, greeting villagers). Then again, double rewards are nice – and I guess this matter comes down to whether or not you want to offer the “single-player experience” to the players playing a shared farm, or a real feeling of co-op. Neither is really better than the other, it boils down to the preference.

  • Sassafras Tea

    So, I play Stardew Valley on PS4 and I was just wondering if the new content is on PS4 as well. I know the multiplayer isn’t, but what about the other new content?

    • Erica

      CA did stare in one of his posts here and Twitter that Multiplayer will be on Switch, Xbox 1, and PS4. and everything the PC version gets those will too. 🙂

  • Katie Louise Stevenson

    I feel like definitely having people not going through the your chests and being able to move things In my house would be great! And an option for shared money/ stuff to be on or off would keep everyone happy!

  • Quinlan Duval

    Are there any plans to add shared/split screen multiplayer? I’d love to play with friends, but they don’t all have PCs. if there was any way to invite them over to play, that would be great. Otherwise, I’d have to convince them A) To get a PC, and B) to buy Stardew Valley (which honestly shouldn’t be too hard.)

    • Alex Drake

      How would you even make split screen work? Haven’t you noticed how much screen space is just the UI?

    • Diaurora Putra Perdana
      • ClanPsi

        Nice!! How well does it work?

        • Diaurora Putra Perdana

          It works really well. Only one copy of the game is needed to play in
          split screen up to UNLIMITED players. Can be from Steam or GoG.
          You need a different controller for each instance, but one player can use keyboard, only works on Windows(PC).
          If you use the x360ce method, any controller will work.

  • Maya Hubnik

    When will ps4 be able to join multiplayer?

  • Vishal Solanki

    I somewhat lost my excitement to play Stardew Valley !!

  • Kent Coleman

    Am I the only one who isn’t excited about multiplayer? Very excited about the new single player content but multiplayer seems unnatural, with one player basically ruling over the others and an in game environment that is hindering more than enabling.

    For me, multiplayer looks like a cheesy spin on something that could’ve been really cool. I am upset because I feel like it was a swing and a miss. It would almost need to be rewritten from the ground up.

    Look at literally any other successful multiplayer experience in a similar game (Minecraft and animal crossing) and do something different than both those games that hinders the inidividual experience as well as the cooperative experience.

    I really don’t get it. Not trying to be a jerk or poop on all their hard work. I just feel the developers made a design flaw starting from the beginning.

    Would much rather a game that enables a player to just visit another town and maybe participate in festivals OR maybe redisign the main farm house so each player has their own room and equal rights without one player basically being a god over the others. With each player being able to log on when it’s best for them and not need multiple on at the same time or the God character online.

    Part of the reason this game was so great was that it felt like a huge production even though the programming team was teeny tiny. This multiplayer sheds light on the boundaries of the team. There was no one to say hey this is missing something or there might be a better idea. They put so much time into multiplayer that is a solid 5 or 6 out of ten. With single player being a solid 9/10. Clearly I like the game or I wouldn’t have ranted. Kinda upset at the missed opportunity.

    • Alex Drake

      So in other words you want nothing like coop. Too bad. I’m having a blast with my 3 friends I frequently play with since the Beta started and nothing of what you say applies to us.

  • Scribblord

    the real question is when will the change come to make moneypools divided (or at least an option to do so) bc its really annoying and makes playing together feel like a burden :/
    when for example playing with 4 friends one of them has to farm the bag upgrade 5 times to get it and that feels wrong

    • Alex Drake

      Maybe you should talk more with your friends to coordinate and cooperate.

      • Scribblord

        its just feels unrewarding having to farm bag pack updates 4 times till you get it
        ofc i can coordinate with my friends but we’d have more fun if the money pool was divided and we had a way of giving each other money

  • Abysselene

    For those can test it on steam, does this update with multiplayer support the new languages (french, etc)?

  • inifus

    is it not possible to move the cabins? the button to remove them seems to be gone too.

    • Xelphosis

      they disabled that because there’s a bug but you can load the multiplayer save file to a singleplayer one if you’re the host of the game.

  • Stephen Keller

    Okay I play stardew on switch (got it because of the reviews and because I didn’t have anything else to do) and was wondering if these features and the new items, festivals, and events will be coming to it and the other console versions as well. If so how long after the true release of this version can we expect to see it come to these systems.

  • MagicPants

    So I downloaded the beta and the update which goes along with it which includes Garden Pots and Signs and etc. I also noticed however that Clint’s inventory became more expensive, iron ore and coal being sold for an extra 100 and gold ore being sold for an extra 300, and I was wondering where I can find a list of all these changes and all other additions to the game?

  • Marv Mutiert

    so if you can put your old savegames to the beta, will it be possible to play our betamap in the full release version of the multiplayer? that would be very nice and my friends and I will continue the game immidately x) Nice work by the way with the multiplayer! lots of fun!!!

  • Detony White Snipes

    I think you should have your own money

  • Mrs Nobody

    Please, a separate wallet!

  • Christoffyw

    When is this update coming to the switch?

  • Jenny

    When i want to buy a window,the game crash .. need some help please.

  • Frixs

    Is there any option to have more player on farm? like 5 or 8 maybe?

    • ClanPsi


  • Tech Gamer

    eu não sei ler

  • The King Of Grapes

    I would absolutely love to have seperate farms, so that you can sort of go and help your friends farm and stuff like that. I understand your choice not to, but I believe it would be awesome to make an option to make them seperate, or at least make the main farm much bigger and allow for a sort of zone thing.

    • ClanPsi

      Farms are pretty big. You could always just divide it into areas for each player.

  • くぅ

    I am Japanese
    I play the Switch version of Stardew Valley every day
    There is one hope
    I want to change the name of the horse.
    Could you change the na
    me of the horse in the next update?

    • ClanPsi

      Not as of right now. The only way to change things is by editing the save file directly, but you can only do that on PC. 🙁

  • xXPastelVibesXx

    Hello! I put in the access code for the beta update and it said it was correct but I still dont have the update? Any advice?

    • pter4776

      having same problem right now XD

    • pter4776

      fixed the problem by copying and paste but when you do that you add extre space with out trying …so delete it

      • xXPastelVibesXx

        I copied and pasted it the first time but still no luck, im reseting my computer maybe I dont have enough space

  • Shellebel

    its a great feature but i dont have any friends on steam with this game..

  • Shadow X

    are yall working on a console multiplayer version

  • Florian

    Can i upgrade my Cabin to level 3, i want a cellar.
    Right now only the Farmhous can get the level 3 upgrade.
    It would be very nice if you could patch that.

  • crzygnome

    I can’t report it on the bug site, but my player 2 can’t access the community center bundles, and we think it’s because I, player 1/host, finished a bundle before they had a chance.

    • ClanPsi

      I don’t know if it’s intended, but you only get one reward per bundle. This is different than the museum where each player can collect a reward.

      • crzygnome

        Oh, no I meant he couldn’t actually open and put items in to complete the bundle, we weren’t concerned on reward, just ease of completion

  • Skyla

    Hey !

    My boyfriend and I tested the beta of the multiplayer mode, but we had a pretty important question: will the French language promised by ConcernedApe be added to the beta or it will only be released at the official end of the game version 1.3? Basically, we play with a patch changing Russian in French. My boyfriend and I are French-speaking at first glance, and although I’m doing well in English, my boyfriend can not just learn other languages because of his dyslexia. And so we tested the beta with our language patch, but the game keeps crashing, so we can not really play beta :/

    That’s why I would like to know if the French language will come out during or after the beta?

  • Oggy

    Is there multiplayer on the vita version? (or will there be a multiplayer mode in the vita)

  • mag_num

    Honestly what I did hope for is that I can choose gear to bring with me into my friends world so it’s not like I am starting new every time but I can choose what I’m bringing from my Farm. Those brought items are locked so I can’t drop or give them out for safety.

  • fircold

    everyone all abort I want to excuse me because I’m French is very bad
    in English so if I made big mistakes watch me fall in advance thank you I
    just want to know when the wow ésque multi would come out because I know
    he is in front of test but I am really really very impatient is I not
    these if you can possibly give me a date or a month can be? this in advance

  • Ventus

    the ps4 version will receive the multplayer? will have crossplay ?

    • AlphaStrike

      PS4 will have multiplayer. No crossplay.

      • ClanPsi

        Might have crossplay with PC.

        • Christoffyw

          Will the Nintendo Switch have cross play with xbox?

    • gtasthehunter

      I don’t really want crossplay! I wouldn’t trust 80-90% of the players out there!

      And with how many bugs there were/are they will really need to do a Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta test for the consoles or it is going to be really messy! And away to copy a save so we don’t lose are main farm save we’ve been playing for while not copy to USB and/or Online Storage! Or a stand alone Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta we would need to download that doesn’t replace the Non-Multiplayer Game! But then the Multiplayer saves probably couldn’t carry over to the main game later.

  • Viikatemies

    Will our progress carry over from the multiplayer beta? I wouldn’t want to start all over again during the full release :/

  • mag_num

    I do wish we’d have more information as to the final release. Like can we bring our gear from my save into my friends file so I’m not a noob everytime I play with a friend.

  • Han Yin

    If v1.3 is released on all the platforms, will different platforms (say PS4 and Xbox One) be able to play multiplayer games together?

  • Sam Rinne Hooker

    When can I expect the non-Linux beta? Tried to fudge the beta by unzipping tar.gz using windows and it (predictably) bricked my game.



  • Lifer

    2 months and still in Beta…

  • Anthony Munoz

    So I know you or someone else mentioned that the 1.3 update would be rolling out for Nintendo switch first. So do you have a rough date on when it should drop for other consoles like xbox one??

    • AlphaStrike

      Considering this is still in Beta it will be awhile. By the end of the year hopefully. Always comes to PC first, then consoles. So as soon as PC is done a few months after that.

  • Angie McLaughlin

    Do my Steam friends need to have the beta version of the game as well?

  • Max Cronenberg

    Can we receive a status update on 1.3? It’s been in beta for almost 2 1/2 months now. I visit this blog every day to see if there are any news, but there’s been nothing for quite some time now. I’m really looking forward to see all the new content, and show my farm to friends, but I’m not going to do it during the beta.

  • Landry

    Will there be crossplay in the future? As in, someone on the Nintendo Switch could play with someone on PC? I don’t know if this is difficult to implement, but I’m just curious.

  • José Félix Solís Olmos

    in the future is ti coming for consoles versions?

  • Caio Rossoni Sisquini

    Alguém pra jogar multiplayer? xD add caiorossoni77

  • AlphaStrike

    Release date is August 1!

  • NoXaa

    Why not a multiplayer server, with connection from farm to city and back to whit connect menu.. if you enter the farm than.. open the manu with question “enter in your farm” or “enter in Player xyz farm” and .. and … and…?? ( 24 / 7 ) Server

  • Kara

    Please make all this for mobile! I play everyday on my beautifully big ipad and I love it ;( <3

  • Minecraft Zocker

    hello can ani one stardew valley multiplayer ip i want to play with som one

  • Snehal

    very very nice blog….

  • Verma Barkha

    I need a active server which is always active and have user
    skype push to talk