Status Update: Multiplayer + Beyond

Hey everyone! We thought it’d be good to give you a quick status update ahead of the holidays.

So, multiplayer is coming along nicely! Tom is working on implementing marriage between players, and recently finished up working on festivals. Now you’ll have someone to dance with at the Flower Dance, even if you’ve yet to win over any of the residents of Pelican Town.

We had been planning to launch a multiplayer beta before the end of this year, but we’re pushing that beta back to Q1 2018 in order to make room for polish and QA.

ConcernedApe is working on a new content to be released along with the multiplayer update! We can’t say much about it yet, so I’ll just leave this screenshot here.

A number of people have been curious about the PS Vita port we mentioned way back in January, and I’m happy to announce that a PS Vita port is actually happening! It’ll be available next year, and it’ll have cross-buy too, so if you’ve got Stardew Valley on Playstation 4 you won’t need to buy it again to play it on your PS Vita! However, it’s worth noting that we can’t port the multiplayer update to PS Vita.

ALSO! Stardew Valley is getting more language support! Support for French, Italian, Korean and Turkish will be added in 2018.

Phew, I think that’s just about everything we can talk about for now. 🙂
Thanks for all the support this year! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break and a happy start to 2018.

P.S – Oh hey, new site design! It was long overdue for some sprucing up. Let us know what you think!

  • I’ve been waiting so long for multiplayer and I got super excited when it was going to come out this december. Yet now it’s delayed. Sad. Oh well, I guess I need to wait another month or two.

    • If people were poor, they probably wouldn’t have a Vita but just a low end PC which would still be able to play Stardew. Some prefer portability. Use your brains, stop embarrassing yourself d00d

  • HeavyTank

    Oh god.. Finally multiplayer is coming 😀 been almost a year

  • Alyena

    Support for French… I’m French and it’s a great news !!! Thank you so much !!!

  • Emmy Farrell

    I am so excited for the ps vita port! will be buying it day one for sure .

    • xarai

      noone plays vita it was a failed product
      ….get a friggin pc ya tard

      • Jacob Berman

        Grow up, pc is overrated

        • xarai

          thats cause you are poor, lol get a real job and buy a pc mr salty butthurt boy

          • Deiniol Linkletter

            Oh feck off. You sound like a child.

          • Ralf624

            Not really, not one single f is given for a PC. That’s ur cup of tea drink up pumkin. I like to sit on my couch spread out. Using a controller. I don’t want to be upright on a PC “gaming” chair on a fn desk. Also the dude got his vita to lay down in the comfort of his own bed while his wife is passed out and he is not disturbing her cause he was a good husband and put in work now he wants to chill and game. You can sit on your PC no harm in that either brotha

          • Salty ConsolePlebs

            You can play PC on a couch with a controller, and more. Do what you want, but don’t distort the truth to try and help your “argument”.

          • Ralf624

            It’s not an argument, you can game on what you want. And truthfully to the average consumer a PC is going to be on a desk. Even your somewhat game afficinados are not going to do much of a rig to play their pc from their couch. Or invest on what’s needed. Even if you mirror or set up a home network not many will be able to do it or deal with that hassle. That’s the distorted truth for ya. Google surveys on the topic.

          • TattooHero

            PC can be on a desk and hooked up to your TV and play on your couch with a controller.

          • Liroku

            I have a PS4, Switch, and PC. Out of those the PC is definitely the most enjoyable. Best graphics, better gameplay, free multiplayer, etc and all of the newer xbone exclusives are also on windows 10. Surprisingly the switch comes in second I think, even though it has less games than the PS4, it’s just convenient. Anyway, my point was the PC is great if you actually try it, it can be played on the couch with ANY controller you want to use, and the VR experience is far superior to the PS4’s IMO. The only downside is going from PC to a PS4 game, the limited draw distance becomes very apparent and kind of annoying making some games way less enjoyable, sometimes ignorant bliss can be a blessing.

          • Ralf624

            That’s cool but I was not so much saying because I care about the system. The man was putting down someone because he was happy, excited about the game coming to Vita. It’s not my concerns what platform you play the game just enjoy your self relax. Drink a beer and plant some digital crops

          • Xelioncito

            If people were poor, they probably wouldn’t have a Vita but just a low end PC which would still be able to play Stardew. Some prefer portability. Use your brains, stop embarrassing yourself d00d

          • TattooHero

            Which a cheap laptop gives, portability.

          • Star Destination

            even a bad laptop can run stardew valley it’s great

          • ClanPsi

            I have a crappy laptop. Can confirm!

          • Xepherys

            Man you’re really a twat. I can almost guarantee I make more money than your sorry ass. I gave up PC gaming years ago because, after a decade of dropping $500-1000 every year on bigger, better, faster hardware, I realized that frame rate and resolution don’t make a game good. I’d rather play some sweet game on a $200 console than some shitty game on a $2000 PC. For what it’s worth, now I game on my PS4 at home, and my Vita when I travel (because I’m not lugging some shitty giant ass “gaming” laptop on the road).

            TL;DR – PC gaming was sweet in the 90s and 00s. Nowadays, you just sound like a goddamned idiot who’s trying to justify to his mom why he can’t move out of the basement because he spends all his money from working at Best Buy on new parts to get an extra 12fps. Loser…

          • Fahmi Hammadi

            LOL even old GPU can do mining. come on its 2018

        • Fahmi Hammadi

          just buy ultrabook its cheap have longer lifetime battery and can play much more than console

      • Dustin

        Fuck you

      • Grant Kerr

        You could have said it in a better way honestly. Vita did ok for its time, but has since been surpassed by the Nintendo switch, both for power and content. It had its time like all consoles and handheld figures. While pc is great, it not for everyone and there is no need to treat people different that prefer other mediums.

        • Anjalea Ayres

          im not exactly sure, but it wasn’t the first time Nintendo put Sony in the shadows. Sony and Nintendo were collaborating one time but then they became competitors and Nintendo won almost every time. tell me if I’m wrong

          • ClanPsi

            The only Nintendo console to have outsold any Playstation is the Wii.
            The collaboration you’re referring to was a CD peripheral for the SNES. Once that relationship ended Sony absolutely destroyed Nintendo in the console generation that followed, with the Playstation outselling the N64 3:1.

          • brandon grendel

            So true! Sony straight up mopped the floor with everyone when the PS2 came out. The PlayStation 1 and 2 are responsible for the Saturn and Dreamcast’s early deaths. Nintendo survived only because they had major franchises that they could rely on. It’s partially how they made it through with the Wii U as well. It was a poor selling system, they are finally making up now with the Switch. It’s pretty crazy to think that the Vita sold more units than the Wii U.. especially when everyone gives so much crap to the Vita.

          • namitokiwa

            Wii didn’t outsold PS2. Check again.

          • ClanPsi

            The Wii competed with the PS3, not the PS2.

          • datbikerguy

            “The only Nintendo console to have outsold any Playstation is the Wii.”

            You said, verbatim, “any playstation,” which last anyone checked, included the PS2.

          • ClanPsi

            I really want to believe the average drone isn’t quite this dense, but you’re making it REALLY difficult to stay positive.

          • namitokiwa

            “The only Nintendo console to have outsold any Playstation is the Wii.” – this is what you said, so I said check again, Wii didn’t outsold PS2.

          • ClanPsi


        • brandon grendel

          Sorry man, but the Switch has not surpassed the Vita in content by a long shot. And of course it’s more powerful. The Vita is a little over 5 years old now. Funny enough it’s still getting games and it’s not slowing down. 2018 has a huge library already scheduled to come out. 2017 alone brought almost 200 games.

          • ClanPsi

            Lifetime sales are Vita (14 million) to Switch (10 million).

          • brandon grendel

            According to VGChartz total sales are 15.74 million for the Vita and 8.7 million for the Switch worldwide. Who knows how accurate it is. It’s still pretty darn awesome. Granted, the switch will eventually surpass the Vita, right now it’s still ahead, hahaha!

          • Hendry Hu

            Umm PS Vita didn’t compete with Nintendo Switch…
            It was with the 3DS, which sold almost 69 million.
            So think again.

          • brandon grendel

            People are comparing the Switch and the Vita because they are similar-ish handheld systems. The indie scene is very big on the Vita and the switch has been receiving a good majority of titles that have come out on the Vita already. This is why people are comparing the two. Thus they feel a need to lob them together and say they are competing systems.

          • Maddy

            You mean a handheld console that came out 7 years ago has only sold four million more than a console that literally just came out? Sounds like a failure to me.

      • Julian Krzton

        You are a dirt bag to be honest, the vita didn’t fail, it sold over 10 millions units.

        • ClanPsi

          10 million units isn’t very much. That’s 1/3 what the N64 sold.

          • TattooHero

            Why aren’t people comparing apples to oranges?

            Console =/= handheld. Nintendo with their latest console added the ability to make it a handheld.

            The Switch should be compared to PS4/Xbox One.

        • xarai
      • Brenturo Orutnerb

        How can you be so mad just because something got delayed? Wait for it and be passioned. Rushing doesnt help.

        And also Who say that he doesnt already have a PC?

        there are enough people out there playing active PS Vita. do a bit of research ( I wouldnt count myself to them but atleast I know something about this community)
        Yes it failed one way or another but the handheld still sold more than the WiiU.
        a big part of the remaining PS Vita Community is passionate they would buy 2 copies of the game just to show that the System still is viable. Just look at Sqaure Enix and many other Companys, they know it and still make games for the PS Vita.

        The PS Vita Port is great. You can play anywhere, anytime. Just like with the Switch Version. I could imagine it had been low priority anyway and was a little side project.

        • xarai

          i assume you dont have a pc for starters
          but you also dont know the term “promise”
          as this was promised multiple times, content is delayed as well because instead of concentrating on content, expansions, etc
          the time is spent on stupid shit like abandoned console support, or handheld systems
          multiplayer should have been released months ago, for fucks sake there is a damn MOD already out for it

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            So what? Did you send the dev money upfront to support the multiplayer feature? If not, sit down, shut up, and wait like a good little boy. It’s his roadmap. He’ll plan it as he pleases. If you don’t like it, make your own game.

          • Cassandra Suzanne

            I think this is a legit complaint considering how long we waited for Stardew to come out in the first place. It’s just tiresome to hear how multiplayer is “coming along” …. I’d rather hear “it’s going to take another three years but heyyyy PS Vita y’all!” … at least that’s honest.

      • polletje

        you’re the reason people hate PC gamers

        • xarai

          and lack of game content is why noone buys consoles anymore

          • polletje

            no one? then explain how 8.5 million switches, 32 million xbox ones and 67 million ps4 were sold. and for the “lack of content”, here’s a list of console exclusives from 2017:
            – Breath of the Wild
            – Mario Odyssey
            – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
            – Persona 5
            – Arms
            – Splatoon 2
            – Mario Kart 8
            – Pokemon (Ultra) Sun and (Ultra) Moon
            – Gran Turismo Sport
            – Horizon Zero Dawn
            and a shitload of other games but i think this is enough to prove my point.

      • datbikerguy

        It honestly wasn’t that bad, it depends on what people bought it for though. I got it for P4 Golden, and for me that game is good enough to warrant the entire purchase. But I loaded it up with PS1 classics, and I use remote play a decent amount still. I played about 1/3 of P5’s 100+ hours in my bed on vita. Don’t regret it in the least.

      • Shaun Kennedy

        I have a Gaming PC and I bought a Vita in 2017 anyway despite the “failure” of it, it is still a great handheld system and has tons of games (With PSOne Games and PSP games included: over 1,000 games in library)

      • Tiger Uppercut

        Lol millions of people play vita world wide.

        Xarai needs muting

      • Moonrise Azalee

        The Vita may not have sold as well as nintendo hand held devices but as far as its ease of use, ease of communication with friends/players – right there Vita surpasses. What a pain to try to communicate with anyone online on 3ds – and the online functions for switch? Really sad for its price tag. The Vitas we have have lasted almost 3 times as long as our 3ds(and xl) – and we’ve had em since day one. In about a year or two I’m sure the switch will die off and then Nintendo will kill off its services like it has with everything else.

    • Baltaj Sandhu

      Can we please not have fight here. I mean come on it’s Stardew Valley.
      1. there are people who play vita (but yes it did fail)
      2. you can play on a couch with a tv on a pc
      3. Xarai maybe more people would get a pc if you weren’t a jerk

      • xarai

        getting a superior system (that is the same price as a shitty vita btw) has nothing to do with me or reality
        pc not only has mass mod support, better controls, better graphics, less bugs and better overall
        but you dont have some abandoned handheld system

        • MWS

          Translation: How dare people like things that aren’t the same things I like?

        • Jensris

          Literally all your posts on this profile are of you complaining about EVERYTHING and anything, instead of whining you could be happy youre even getting content for your game. There are some people out that that are ecstatic about the psvita release, but you want to be the Jehovah witness of PC. Pft, better graphics blah blah its a pixelated game i dont see the relevence of needing better graphics. Your salty impatient tears will season my fries while i wait for this multiplayer and the psvita players wait for an on the go stardew valley.

          • Jastad Erik

            stop being a whiny faggot.

        • John Silvano

          If someone wants to play a shitty console let them do it. Sometimes I watch shitty vintage porn when I could just put Nutella on my dick and get my dog to lick it. It’s none of your business.

          • John Silvano

            btw don’t feed Nutella to your dog it makes them ill

          • Brenturo Orutnerb

            I know I could simply accept your opinion and leave it by that.
            But I want to know from you why do you think its an “shitty console”? It had some really nice games (and still get some), and more battery than the switch.
            there are of course some things that are really not that good. only one profile per handheld for example

        • Rei

          The same price?? In what, a third world country? You don’t get a decent pc at the price vita currently is. (Less than $200)

          I don’t like the vita, but damn don’t go spouting bullshit everywhere. You’re an angry little child, aren’t you? Let people do what the fuck they want to, it shouldn’t be ruining your life like damn that’s pathetic lol.

        • NotSarcasticAtAll

          You’re the guy who brings his desktop computer to Starbucks, aren’t you?

        • James Proulx

          Guys just ignore xarai I mean i just checked all the comments he did and he just complains while being the negative cunt he is. I post comments rarely when i’m feeling angry about shit so just keep it to yourself, anyway you’re opinion on the internet doesn’t matter and is just a waste of data that should be deleted. N O B O D Y wants any of you’re negative opinions. You’re just like these commenters on youtube looking for attention! Also don’t give a shit about my grammar because i’m fucking french. Also language is just a way of communication and i value it as much as your worthless life. Have a nice day. Cunt 🙂

          -The Fucking Universe

        • Some Guy

          Xarai i get it you like pc and all and absolutely hate the vita and wanna spread the good news about how much it just sucks. Im also a pc player too. Sure i agree with you but can you just stop being such an asshole? nobody cares how many times you post the exact same thing saying that ps vita is a failure. nobody cares if you are much older than everyone else. no one cares if you think that the computer is better. keep your frigging negative thoughts to your self and stop being a whiny little beach. You call other people salty whilst whenever someone says how excited they are about the ps vita, you post some random sheet about ps vita being a failure. So please stop, do us a favour, and accept our fucking opinions, and fuck off.

    • Ricky Pigeon

      i’ll also be buying it for the Vita, even though i own it on Steam too. Sometimes its just nice to not be sat at the computer and mobile phones with having to put your fingers on the screen, the Vita is a great hand held, just a lack of games, so glad to see this coming to it. Any how some of these comments proves idiots will argue about anything, thanks for the update!

  • RafaÅ‚ Kliber

    Can you add Polish language? please

    • Nie ma tak Å‚atwo – ktoÅ› by musiaÅ‚ tÅ‚umaczyć. Może jakby dali platformÄ™ do tÅ‚umaczeÅ„, to by siÄ™ kilku psychopatów znalazÅ‚o.

    • Darito Fun

      A to nie jest tak że zapowiadali polski wraz z aktualizacją multiplayer?

  • PS VITA port! YES

  • Helon

    keep the game alive
    i love you guys, amazing work with stardew valley

  • Helon

    please make multiplayer with 5 people

    • Jay Wyatt

      That sounds rad.

    • anime profile pic

      four seems like enough?

  • odkzfiejnrfnnom

    Will you be able to multiplayer one on PC and the other one on Switch? Or any other console?

  • Asuleath

    Thank you so much for the new translations !
    Looking forward to multiplayer as well. 🙂

  • Jarin

    This all sounds awesome. I can’t wait!

  • Davka

    Thank you for Vita version!!! It’s a perfect device for this game 🙂

  • Jesse Joyce

    The new website looks very streamlined! Excite for new content.

  • Kyle Huston

    Yes!!! Stardew on VITA!!!

  • Stardew on Vita!!? Please don’t cancel this. Our hearts can’t take it.

    • xarai

      noone plays vita, it was a failed product

      • Jacob Berman

        Grow up

        • xarai

          im pretty sure im older than you so hows about you stop being so butthurt and salty get a job and buy a pc

          • Anonymity

            The older guy trolling people on a stardew valley post, ha ha ha riiiiight

          • xarai

            point proven ^

          • Anonymity

            2 weeks later ha ha ha ha, point proven

          • enomele

            If you really are older than the other poster –
            A.) Who cares…..
            B.) You’re acting like a child.

          • datbikerguy

            “I’m older than you”, and “You’re poor, get a real job,” are comebacks a 10 year old kid would say. I bet he’s playing this on bottom tier, out of the box Dell he got for his 6th grade “graduation.”

          • Xelioncito

            Xarai, if you’re really older than him then you’re just a very sad person.

          • nosa411

            anyone else enjoying people raging at each other in the comments

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            There is one butthurt person here, and his name is “xarai”.

        • Salty ConsolePlebs

          New account? You salty.

      • Cinj

        You’re a failed product. The best part of you dribbled down your mama’s leg that one fateful night when your dad failed to pull out in time.

        • xarai

          lol do some research fuck even a simple “vita failed” into google gets a lot of results
          it failed in marketing, it failed as a system, it failed in its specs, it failed in its games, it failed as a concept, it failed in its price
          I don’t know in any way that the vita succeeded
          and mr Cinj your ad hominem attacks (a logical fallacy for stupid people) is irrelevant and noone here cares.
          if you want a game such as stardew valley to be popular, multiplayer support is highly crucial. They are attempting more to port the game to useless console atm instead of content.
          a real update is content that is across the board. its annoying to hear UPDATE FOR STAR DEW VALLEY only to find out its some stupid patch for a fucking console that noone gives 2 fucks about. updates are OVERALL not just for a single solitary port
          and wasting time on ports that noone uses? its bad enough xbox, nintendo, and sony HAD to have their console support but now the useless vita? what next a port for windows 95 or the original gameboy? how about the dreamcast? or the neogeo?
          CONTENT is what makes a great game, MODS can only keep this game alive for sooooo long

          • Bleack; Notes

            Meanwhile there are people in the comments being happy about the port it’s obvious that there are people that do use it. What you’re really missing is that the Vita was very popular in Japan (and the game supports Japanese) so people that don’t have a Switch can play it on Vita. Clearly there’s a target audience and just because you’re not a part of it doesn’t mean you should be embarrassing yourself like this.

          • Liroku

            I played the hell out of stardew on PC, and while it is the best version simply because mods, I now have the most time on my switch. Honestly the switch is the most amazing port of this game, because of it’s portability and how easy it is to pick up and put down. I can only imagine it being a great thing for Vita users. I live in a very remote rural area and any trip to any store is a road trip, so being able to grab a handheld and play stardew on the way is just amazing. As a primarily PC enthusiast, I couldn’t be happier that Stardew is available on these platforms. Plus it’s $15 and easily a very complete experience as is. Any extra content is just bonus as far as I’m concerned. Easily the most bang for my buck in years.

          • Cinj

            LOL you’re triggered af

          • polletje

            “if you want a game such as stardew valley to be popular, multiplayer support is highly crucial” my ass. then explain why it got this popular in the first place, before multiplayer was announced.

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            Vita isn’t a failed product. It has Stardew Valley! Point proven.

            Dude, you just got owned. I literally own you right now. Go get me a glass of water.

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            You’re the only one who cares whether or not the Vita is a failed product. The dev is making a port for it. End of discussion. It’s not a move I would have made, but I wouldn’t have wasted time doing multiplayer either. Multiplayer isn’t going to make a legendary single-player game more popular. No one from the juvenile FPS world is going to pick up SDV because it now has multiplayer. People who already love the game will try out the multiplayer because it’s there. That’s it. Who cares if SDV is popular anyhow? 1. That doesn’t make it a better game. 2. It does nothing to properly aim the roadmap. Multiplayer isn’t even content. It’s mutated gameplay over the same content. The stuff he’s adding to the single-player game is real content. There should be lots more of that. It’s not my game though, so I don’t get to decide if there’s multiplayer or a Vita port. All I can do is buy any new single-player DLC that comes out, which I certainly will.

          • Rhys

            I’ve looked at all your posts and you are quite the shit aren’t you? All you do is cause controversy. In this case, what does your comment above actually achieve?
            Stop. If you have an opinion, just because you think it’s right, it doesn’t mean you can’t shut the fuck up (or at least be nicer about it in conversation). I won’t be replying to you after this but if you do this in real life too, good luck.

      • Bleack; Notes

        Nobody asked

      • Silver Dev

        Obviously if people want it then it hasnt completely failed, dipshit, instead of telling someone WHO USES THE SYSTEM that no-one plays vita, maybe you should take a second to realize that if they (original commenter) play vita so do other people. I dont even have one or like them, but at least i’m not this arrogant.

  • Wladyslaw Oswiecimski

    nice! will ps4/vita be cross-save, too?

  • Vincent

    Thank You for PS Vita version !! I love you !

  • Daghe Munegu_

    Thank you for French translation !

  • Libardo Luis Muñoz Martinez

    Thanks for the Vita port!

  • Torgosaves

    I’m so excited for this! btw that flower dance always makes me laugh xD

  • Colby Tortorici

    Any chance of some sort of fixes to Shane after marriage? He makes so much progress in the heart events, then when you marry everything is reversed. Along with that, he leaves his room a disaster. Makes me sad 🙁

  • Makilio

    Awesome! Can’t wait until it’s out!

  • Daniel Vasquez

    How come no multiplayer on Vita?

  • Frank Matthews

    Does cross buy apply even if it’s th3 physical edition? 🙂

  • xarai

    Hi…. we promise multiplayer by end of 2017
    oh shit sorry folks we forgot that were wasting so much time adding a port for a literally failed system (the vita) and language support that we could spend literally 1 week on finishing, that were now taking back our original promise and going to shove back our update to 2018
    no were not going to release a beta test to pc players were too busy wasting our time to properly work on updates

    • Brandon Kerber

      Out of curiosity do you understand how software development works? Not everyone works on one particular piece. You have teams that work on individual pieces. The people that were doing language support were probably primarily not coders. Depending on the project size, you might have a couple people working on new content, ie level design, art, dialogue scripting, new game features, event triggers, etc, etc, etc; a couple people doing multiplayer support (IE someone who understand synchronous development, etc, etc), people doing bug fixes, testing, marketing, etc. Since Chucklefish has 18 people, it’s pretty amazing what they’re doing especially with another game in the works as well. IT should also be noted that a third of the studio aren’t coders or artists, 8 are artists, and 4 are programmers. You want to talk smack about the slow progress of Stardew Valley development, look at games like No Man’s Sky that got pushed back months and was still awful at launch. They made promises they didn’t intend to keep and never informed people about the lack of features promised, Chucklefish is transparent and open with the community, valuing quality of speed. Take it from someone who keeps having his projects pushed back because of bugs, new features, new data requirements, that development can be slow but produce quality work, or fast and bad.

      I don’t know why you have a standard of being negative in all your comments, but get a grip on reality, the world doesn’t revolve on you getting to play multiplayer faster.

    • anime profile pic

      i can taste the salt from here

    • enomele

      Holy crap dude. You have serious problems. So much entitlement. Oxygen is wasted on you.

    • Whatever

      Do you even have friends to play with? Judging by your comments left here (quite hilarious read) I’m inclined to assume not.

      Hush and let some people get this game on Vita. I’m excited, because I’ll be able to play it handheld, and on my PC.

  • Adriano Francisco

    palhaçada lança logo esse beta para com isso, fiz uns 10 videos no meu canal falando dessa atualização que vai sair agora em dezembro.
    Um monte de inscritos meus compraram esse jogo e iram comprar os que não compraram. Vou ficar com caixa de bobo quando eles perguntarem

  • David Jonathan Corrie

    I am extremely disappointed. This is almost as frustrating as telling us MP would be out by summer, then wait to make a statement until summer is over. If CA learns anything from this, it should be to better inform his player base. This is what it felt like when the Grinch stole christmas.

    • Autumn

      iirc CA isn’t working on multiplayer, he handed that part over to Chucklefish and is working on new game content.

  • +1,000 <3 to you guys for the PS Vita port!

    I'm thinking about getting a Switch just to play it portably, though I already have a PS Vita.

    Anyway, I bought Stardew Valley on both Steam and PS4 because I love you guys.

  • Damian Fiedorowicz

    plis add polish language :))

  • Julien

    Hi! Hi!
    Please, please! Please!
    Multiplayer on the ps vita version + play with ps4 players on ps vita + even save it on ps4 and ps vita. 😀
    Keep up the good work! 😀

    (i’m french)

  • Dann OK!

    YAAASSSSS!!! Thank you for the Vita support, soon I can farm on my lunch

  • Shay

    eyyy, i’m excited this,

  • clark hardy

    I’m so excited that this developer is putting more time into their game thank you all so very much. I work a very stressful job and this game helps me wind down after a long day, I love it. I would also happily pay for dlc if you ever release it, if that’s a route you decide to take. <3

  • Jay Wyatt

    Will this have couch co-op multiplayer? It would be pretty cool to play split-screen or something.

    But it sounds so fun being able to get married to other players. I have to say though, more character customization would be nice and the ability to wear different clothes. I’d love to be able to wear a dress and stuff.

    • ClanPsi

      As far as I’ve heard, not initially. It would be awesome, though!

    • Tiger Uppercut


  • Dysti

    I don’t mind the argument. Stardew valley is a great game REGARDLESS of what you play it on. I cannot wait for multiplayer also I want it where we can use our mods.

  • Bleack; Notes

    Looking at these comments…I expected better from this community

    • Tracy Hilliard

      It’s literally ONE person who is causing all this nonsense. And she needs to get her head out of her rearend.

  • สุทธิภัทร อ่องรุ่งเรือง

    Thai Language…. ? ; – ;

  • Br0-Sama

    finally… #Feelsgoodman :’)

  • Cardinal

    I don’t know what the old site format looked like, but the current one looks so good and I love it! It’s also nice seeing an update on the multiplayer situation.

    Remember to take breaks from the stress! Health comes first.

  • Steve Mitchell

    Can’t wait for the VIta port, the controls are a bit weird to play on Remote Play, so YEEEESSSS. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. <3

  • Cursed Napkin of Chaotic Blood


  • Engin Sarıkaya

    Which company translate to Turkish language?

  • Detona Will

    I think its a submarine =D

    And the Psvita port is great, take your time to finish it all and make this a even more great game

  • Julian Krzton

    So will the switch version get multiplayer eventually?

    • Jordan Stacy

      If i remember correctly, switch will be the first console to get multiplayer

  • Myst VB

    Will there be local co-op multilayer?

  • very good building.

    Yay! Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see what you guys kick out. Love the new website too! Happy holidays to everyone at the studios!

  • Zakaria Sfenjeh

    Awesome!!!!!!! Amaaaazing been waiting forever I bought the game on ps4 but did not enjoy playing on the tv felt like it was meant to be played on a handheld and I almost bought the switch last week. now switch can waiiiiit

    thaaaanks a lot

  • Yes Vita port! that’s great news

    • xarai

      now who left that relevant link there

      • NotRidley

        Ok, why are you bitching about the vita support, I mean seriously, we get it, you think the vita failed.

  • Armstrong Martins Do Prado

    stardew valley multiplayer 2033…

    • Ryan

      Pretty much the only disappointment I have with concernedape is his decision to leave chucklefish in charge of multiplayer development. It probably would have been done by now if it was just him working on it. Stardew is a great game but one of the significant changes from Harvest Moon games (the good ones) was the multiplayer aspect and the fact that we’ve had to wait this long and it has been delayed (again and again) is really irritating. It’s a beta. We just want to play the game with our friends, as long as there isn’t something like a deletion of your single player data just put it out there and let us play it while you work on it. It has already been a long time since it was initially promised.

      As far as single player and adding content for free I can’t complain but again multiplayer wasn’t an after thought it was promoted heavily, it should have been much sooner and just because they say Q1 now who knows if that’s even going to be the case for sure or not.

      • Lycake

        Yeah it’s a huge disappointment. My biggest concern right now is, that it’ll rely on stuff like steamworks or galaxy multiplayer without crossplay. I have friends who own the game on steam while I bought it from gog and it would be terrible if we couldn’t play together. I hope they’ll provide a connect via IP option

  • Stephany Eloise Costa

    About the space that is added when you marry someone from the city, can it be filled or something? Will there be any possibility to present another player with any favourite items?

  • vinnychaos

    I would pay $60 for another full game that expands this one. Maybe you discover new seeds,fish, and a new town with new NPCs, and a whole bunch of new quests. Seriously TAKE MY MONEY!

    • Filipe Mazzon

      have some mods… they really need introduct in this game,like tractor , Longevity (taxes and season fruits prices),expansion builden like cellar, greenhouse and sheds but with a cust ,events for krobus and dwarfs,better ranching(for u know when and what animal have products and if they need to pet),part of community (talk with the people gave to u friendship,is kinda sucks they only growh with presents),expanded fridge,bathroom, ui info suite,happy birthday,Teh’s Fishing Overhaul,Chest Label System (gave name to os chests),to do list,butcher mod, cooking skills, lucky skills,Daily Tasks Report,Fruit Trees with Signs,Forage at the Farm,Crafting Counter,StackSplitX,Rotate Toolbar,Climates of Ferngill,The Harp of Yoba Redux and other ….

      i really don’t know more how to player without these mods, i think they need put everything in the real game.

    • xarai

      what???? why would they make more content when they have super important stuff like… the PS VITA

    • NotSarcasticAtAll

      So would I. More people, more locations, more stories based on current characters. The real magic would be storylines based around your in-game spouse. You spend all this time getting to a point in the game, and then the story just fizzles. Marriage is where it should just take off.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Thank you Eric, Chucklefish and (presumably) the team at Sickhead for the Vita version!

  • CheckyoFacts

    It’s too bad that the PS Vita is no longer on sale in Europe. I really want one. I guess i’ll have to import one from amazon.jp

  • jonathanfrederickson

    This is awesome! 😀

    Out of curiosity, will the PC and console versions be able to play multiplayer together? I know Sony’s been blocking that lately, but if we could play multiplayer between PC/Switch/Xbox One I’d probably buy the game again on the Switch!

    • Filipe Mazzon

      they say come in nintendo switch first …

    • Fred Kessel

      sony has not, look at FF14 its cross to console and it came out with an expansion just this last june

  • Ricardo Garcia

    This is all great news, but you should really fix all the bugs in the current game, in my case and all the others, the PS4 version, seeds that we can’t plant, misplaced museum itens that we cant interact, and so on. The last update for PS4 and XBOX was launch many months ago, what is happening here? Do you guys have to pay to launch a patch or are just putting the all these fixes in a future patch release? I don’t see in the forum a list of what have done or not.

  • It would be amazing to have another city to live in, with a new kind of work / game mechanics. Or maybe just a nice expansion to the current one. 🙂

    • Dustin Brinnon

      Really hoping that is in mind. Seems like this game could just continue to be expanded on. I’d even pay for the expansions.

      • I’d pay as well. They could figure out a way to make it compatible with our current game, but still make it challenging. Maybe a Stardew Valley: Travel Edition. 🙂

  • Dustin Brinnon

    Vita port, multiplayer, and new content? Ya’ll are doing a fine job. Already have this on PC, PS4, and Switch, but it will make a very nice addition to my Vita as well.

  • Willium_Bob_Cole

    PLEASE make cross-platform multiplayer a thing. I play on PC and my girlfriend plays on Switch, and we cannot get a second of either, so we would need cross-platform to be able to play together!

  • Zalkyrion

    How exciting! I am curious, have you guys ever considered porting the game to the 3DS?

    • Cynel1

      what for The Switch is more convenient

    • Kashmir

      According to this reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/6r1han/stardew_valley_on_3ds_is_still_a_possibility/
      “They” were thinking about it, but worried about the weak hardware.

      I’m a proud 3DS owner, since September 2017 and every Life-Sim on that system (it has a lot) doesn’t come close to Stardew Valley. Monster Hunter is awesome….BUT I NEED STARDEW VALLEY ON THE GO!!

      So please give us some clarification. Is a 3DS port still possible!?

      Yes – I’m keeping my hopes up
      No – I go and buy a fucking Switch

  • Yari Carlier

    Iits great that you guys are having a lot of progress ^-^ but its sad that we have to wait a lil longer for the multiplayer but its fine i bet its worth the wait

  • Saphira Ellusive

    Would be lovely to have this game on the 3ds. Very lovely.

  • Eric Posi

    We need a skill changer, soon my first play through is littered with bad choices especially my foraging skills it hurts especially since I have a pig farm and I have the wood perks :/

  • Diaurora Putra Perdana

    Please focus on the multiplayer, you just keep on delaying it. I bought the game because it was promised a multiplayer.

  • Boni and Ruby

    Wow so much hate for such a good game how about we stop having a pissing contest about which system is better and instead enjoy stardew valley for what it is.. a laid back enjoyable game with a great creator. Or maybe if you want to start a conversation prehaps we could use our brains for more then spouting nonsense and add ideas for the creator about how we could better the game… with fans like you all who needs enemies….

  • dsd

    Thanks for Turkish language

  • Bradley Dimond

    How is game progression going to be handled in multiplayer? I feel like my girlfriend and I (both seasoned players) could probably have most things completed by the end of year 1 if we coordinate properly. Are things going to scale based on the number of farmhands you have?

    Something I’ve actually wanted in Stardew is a Marathon/Hard mode, where it takes much longer to accomplish things. Profit margins are thinner, things are more expensive and harder to craft, etc. I cannot believe that I legitimately want a mode that is more grindy, but hey, that’s just how good Stardew is. And more farm maps! 🙂

  • ClanPsi

    Aw man. I don’t care if it’s polished, I just want multiplayer!! >_<
    Just release it and get us community members to QA it for you.

    • feitingen

      An open opt-in beta on steam would be so cool

  • Yasin Ergüven

    Ben bir Türk oyuncusuyum ve psvita’yı Türkçe oynatmaktan, ancak psvita’da çok oyunculu gelmeyeceÄŸini duydugumda üzüldüm ilerde gelirmi?

  • Jammy

    Anyone know anything about cross-platform?

  • Ok 2

    Will it have cross-play??

  • Yyy Dollars

    Where is Arabic language

    • Yyy Dollars

      Turkish why not Arabic

  • Bambang Whismoyo

    hey, can you bring indonesia language into the game please ?:)
    i understand english but it will so much fun if you added indonesia.
    and i believe there is a lot of player on that country. TY

  • Tobias Schrodt

    I can’t wait to play this game together with my girlfriend, good luck team :3

  • Claudia Pieters

    Thank you so much for putting in all the time and effort! I have played 120+ hours now and still can’t get enough. The multiplayer function gets me all hyped up!

  • PaweÅ‚ Godek

    Rly? still no polish language…

  • John Silvano

    I love you guys. I played Stardew Valley with my housemate and the only thing missing was multiplayer.
    I’m buying the game now so when it’s time I can book a week off work and no-life this mf 🙂

  • Gamer Kanal

    Why do you need so long for this simple Multiplayer Update? Ive been waiting for that since March a Multiplayer Update cant be that hard i know ur making new Contents but cant you just make the Multiplayer update and the New contents as a other update

  • Taufik Alfarizi

    so the multiplayer said that there will be another house in our farm right? its for the other players that playing with us
    i wonder if they can upgrade their house too or not
    since dev said only main player or 1 player that can control the main things or the story in the game :/

  • Scott Larock

    Is there going to be multiplayer on switch cross platform or only switch to switch?

  • devyn fuckurself

    Funny how it was originally planned for last year. I understand it was developed by one person to begin with but you should at least have a little foresight when making somewhat accurate deadlines for content that people pay for.

  • Vendelin Motycka

    What about cross platform multiplayer?

    • Vendelin Motycka

      PC – Xbox one

  • Amantis1

    When this multiplayer starts someone should be the first to try it out with me.

  • Alexandre Leites

    Be honest guys, you’re pushing the multiplayer update because you split the work between other things (new content, ps vita, etc). Why? You started as a small develop but now is taking actions like hated A+++ publishers. I hope someone still play this game when the MP finally releases. I won’t promise my friends anymore about Q1 2018 because you guys don’t take your words seriously.

  • Joseph “Ninjafreak” Hinen

    Is there any chance of split-screen I would even pay for a dlc/add-on that would give split screen. I would love it.

  • Never bought a PS Vita, but this seems like a good reason to. Although, the big news for me isn’t the port nor the multiplayer, it’s that this game is getting even more content. Please, give me more… I am addicted already!

  • Cody Brian Galacticraft

    I have a question, I use the Multiplayer mod to join the farm of my Younger Brother although I haven’t been able continue the story because the Events and other things only focus on the host and I seem to not be able to have buy thing without permission because we share the same profits. So for my question: Will the character should be able to be loaded even It had accessed the Multiplayer mod before? or I mean Can My brother load his character after the update even though He connected me to his farm? Won’t it emerge complications?

    I was waiting for the Multiplayer update on PC by the way.

    • Sendaiko

      Both characters are stored locally using the mod (Meaning each char on that person’s PC) so theoretically you should still be able to play together using the same characters.

      That being said.. Mods in general sometimes break things when games patch, so there’s no solid guarantee that they’ll work. You’ll definitely want to uninstall the multiplayer mod before you patch the official multiplayer patch when it’s released to prevent some breakage. Maybe backup your character files if you really want to try to ensure things go smoothly, but I doubt that part will be necessary.

  • NovaDraconis22

    I am very exited about the new things we will be able to see in the upcomming update. Sadly I read the commens a little and it seems the people want rather fight each other because of PC and PS Vita issues instead of being happy that there will be more content soon.
    Get over it guys. This is for commenting and not a PS Vita VS PC fighting zone.

  • Alyce Detoldev

    I got a BUG on PS4 version: For some reason I can’t reach/use the button on my bag to see the comunity center bungles.

  • Jimmy Bui

    The multiplayer should be like the cabins are an entry to your friends farm and not like one players host and the other players are like sidekicks, it should be like say player 1 enters player 2’s cabin and comes out on player 2’s farm and when a player leaves the farm, say going toward the village, the can see each other on the same world. To put it in simple words, each player should have their own farm, the cabins acts as portals between both farms and anywhere else( village,mines,wizard tower,etc.) should be where both players are able to meet like a multiplayer lobby.

  • yave

    Hello, will the multi be playable on several different platform? Play with that Switch with friends playing on PS4?
    Thank you for your great game !!

  • Damian Ysla

    Hi, I wanted to report an error of the game in the latest version of PC. it is that sometimes, when going to the museum and wanting to donate something, it loads the article placement screen and closes without me doing something
    I have windows 10 and game with command

  • Vesperum

    French langage and multiplayer ? I’d buy this game immediatly !


    I don’t want to push anyone. But I think now we waited long enough. For an example the additional language support isn’t so important. It can be added via updates. I think after release there will be many updates anyhow. I thought it took so long because they want to wait until new year and release the big update then, but this was definitive a fail. I know the hard work for such development but how long do we wait now? It feels like a year.

  • Kaktifiti

    Im still waintig for polish language xo

  • Zgredziomen

    I wanted to play this with a friend of mine.. It’s sad we didnt make it to 2018 🙁

  • leora

    Do Nederlands
    and when come Multiplay me sister say 1-20

  • Marco Rossi

    I have a request, I don’t know if someone else has it but, there it goes… can we become old? I mean, it would be great to be able to have children, see them growing up and then we die and the children take care of the farm and we play as them. Here you could see like your children marrying other people’s children and you could add more story to the game or something.

    • Marco Rossi

      Oh, and the co-op would be only 2 players or like mmo? If it is mmo I imagine something like you can go to anyone’s farm if you have a password or something

  • Gaz Jones

    I wonder if SMAPI will work with multiplayer… some of the mods on the nexus make it so much smoother, automatic gates, towns people on the maps, harvest with scythe to name a few

  • Juanox Manuel Lobos

    10 January
    we do not have multiplayer yet.

  • Xepherys

    This is awesome news! I haven’t seen anything anywhere yet, but will it also be cross-save? I’d be ecstatic if I could take my game from my PS4 to my Vita and hit the road.

  • Chris White

    Can we get another update on the multiplayer?

  • emma anderson

    Been waiting for the multiplayer for what seems like years. I think i need to play the game again to feel the excitement i had back then when waiting, as now i am struggling to. Seems to have fizzled out.

  • YKH

    its so funny how someone gets so angry just cause its coming out on a console they dont have:D anywho, good to see that every console gets this game. it means more people gets to experience this diamond of a game<3 thanks guys^^ also i cant wait for the MP release, me and 3 other friends have been spending hours over discord talking as we play, and we all are so thrilled to hear that its getting closer and closer as the days pass^^

  • David Bruguera Tornes

    Please make multyplayer cross platform, pc and consoles!


  • Michele Leslie

    How do we get new content on the PS4 disc? Will it happen automatically when I load my game?

  • Viktor Alme


  • James Carter

    Ah yes YET ANOTHER port and just a small bit of info about the promised multiplayer. I’m convinced it’s never coming and we’re being strung along for a ride….

  • Alwansyah Al


  • Ercan

    please give new informations

  • Robert Rudman

    Will the nintendo switch version receive the multiplayer update when it’s release?

  • Somebody Oncetoldme

    Is the ps3 completely forgotten? If not can you PLEASE port stardeW valley to the PlayStation 3?

  • Somebody Oncetoldme

    Also Judging by that one screen sjot , I think we will see submarines soon. I had an idea though, what if sometime in the game you can buycraft a swimsuit and can go swimming in the ocean. There would be all sorts of new sea life and there could be a item of the net. The net means you can catch fish while swimming around. And there is depths to the ocean. The deeper the darker. You can equip more gear like headlights and lanterns for light. And at a dark-ish level not completely dark but not completely briight. You could find mermaids!! And you can tame them with foods and when you up to them it shows theyre intrests. If you give them enough food and gifts they will like you more. Also monsters. The darker you go the more dangerous the animals are. You could find sharks and jellyfish and other dangerous creatures. It will be harder to find dangerous animals when the levels are lighter. And I had an idea of if you are to good of friends with willy, he will give you a compass, he says it is broken but the more you keep it the more it gets weird and mysterious. And then if you add boats into the game (this idea is related to the compass)you will be able to sail in the ocean. If you sail further with The Compass On Board Your Boat You Will Find A Mysterious Island. If You Do Not Have The Compass On Board Then You Will Not Find It No Matter How Hard You Try. If You Find It then There Could Be A Weird Broken DOwn Cabin Not as broken down as the community center though. In the cabin lives an old wise man that is similer to Sandy but not really as they are not related. If you walk in there will be some cutscene of the man being scared. But if you calm him down he will be your friend. He will know some important information about pelican town and it’s backstory. He knows a lot about it. No one else in stardew valley knows about him though. The more you talk to him the more things he will tell you about stardew valley, or just simple tips and tricks. On his island it can also be another way to find coconuts laying around or other items. Maybe some ancient artifacts and new things to donate to the museum. Or you can find cool minerals and artifacts under the ocean. Well This Pretty much wraps up this paper. bye!!!

  • Somebody Oncetoldme

    And I know this was talked about earlier, but you can also find empty paint cans in trash cans in town.

  • Somebody Oncetoldme

    And We Need A new cooking recipe, Drum roll please…………. Pound Cake!!!!! Pound Cake can be made in a full cake or in individual slices. The full cake is made with 3 eggs, 1 Large Milk, Cow Or goat, it doesn’t matter. 1 Sugar, 1 bread, Flour, And Vegetable Oil. Slices Are Made With 1 egg 1 small Milk, Again, Cow Or Goat. And Flour And Sugar. No Oil This Time. And That Kind Of Got Me Thinking, What Is A good drink that would go well with breakfast? Smoothies! They are made with milk… And then whatever fruit or veggie you want. The color of the smoothie depends on the thing you put in it. For example, if it was a orange and Bok choy smoothie then it would be whatever orange and green mixed color is. Plus a little lighter shade because of the milk added. It could also be sold at the diner i mentioned earlier.

  • Don Hostler

    Please Polish language…:(

  • Lawliet Orochi

    Thanks for doing the best for your players! ♥
    Best company!

    Your brand already means the right purchase for me!

  • Don Hostler

    please polish language… 🙁

  • Manuel F

    Cross-save between PS4 and Vita??

  • Karel Peeters

    will there be a synchronize featsure fore cross platform gamers ( i play switch and pc

  • Muhammed Li

    thank you guys for the turkish Support, i wanted my nephew to Play it(shared account) but he couldnt bec he only speaks turkish and is 12. so thanks. And in generall i want to thank you for reawakening my love for viedeo games. something that i had thought that i lost. Thank you Eric.

  • Zuzanna

    I know its pushing on the already grat game with wide variety of platgorms but just what if Stardew Valley would be avaible on android store, Apple stors etc. I would love that on train.

  • Tiger Uppercut

    Japan still sells vita new. I got a brand new one a few weeks back

    I have more than 5 games for it.

  • Angela Osborn

    I just realized this means I might need to buy my own anyways :/ I wouldn’t mind marrying my fiance more than once though eue” I hope this can bring the ability later on to like set some likes and dislikes though and being able to get gifts from and give gifts to other players, it would make it even more addicting then probably owo””””

  • amplified

    This is awesome! Thanks for the status update. I’m very excited for multiplayer!

  • Tiger Uppercut

    When is vita release date

  • Ethan Rhys Barlow

    will the switch be getting multiplayer

  • Vincent Visscher

    Can’t wait for vita i’m glad there are still people who support it

  • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

    Yes this will b fun i will habe lots of ours on dis game becoz i habe frends dat also pley dees game and farming and mining and growing and becoming friends width peple on de stardew balley will b bery fun. I hope dat it isnt lagy on de internetus maximus dough!

  • Ga. B

    No update in 2 months, zzzz

  • sodahs

    Tbh i don’t really care for multiplayer. I just want more content because I want to experience more of a “real life” thing (sorry I used a vague term I don’t quite know the specific term I’m looking for). Such as children growing old, the player getting old, mhmm… what else.. More villagers, maybe expand the map and contents of the Calico Dessert (Seems pretty empty). I would like to experience traveling, such as using the train to travel to another map of some sort? Like the city? But idk if that will defeat the purpose of a “farm” type game. I am so excited to experience the new content that you revealed, according to the screenshots! I hope this year will bring outstanding content to Stardew Valley!

  • Mythrelia

    I have been silently following this game for years now but decided I really wanted to say something regarding the multiplayer.
    Patience is not necessarily my strong suit but for this game I never really minded though I must say I REALLY want the multiplayer to come out soon. The problem is though, it´s not the fact that we as a community have been waiting but that, with many, the longer we wait the higher the expectations become and this game doesn´t deserve to be given bad reactions simply because expectations have become unrealistic or not in the same direction as the developers took it in.
    It generally makes me very nervous because I absolutely love this game and, although it´s not my intention, have developed some expectations for the upcoming multiplayer too. I know the developers have been doing their best and have been working hard on this but a part of me is sad it´s turned out this way, both for the devs and for the players as well.
    I hope the release date doesn´t have to get pushed further anymore and I know this will remain one of my favorite games no matter how it´ll turn out.

  • Hecking BurntPopcorn

    What does Q1 mean? Quarter one? This might be something I should know…

    • Mythrelia

      It means first quarter of the year

  • vanessi

    Is there anything new ? Its been 2 months since the last update c:

  • Del

    Hi! Stardew valley would be a perfect game for my mum, sadly she doesn’t speak english. Any news about the french translation? Thanks!

  • Timo

    It would be nice if you release new informations about your multiplayer Update. 🙂

  • Karlo Maico Dandan

    is the vita version just a PSN exclusive? or will it have a Physical Release?

  • Naria Winchester

    When will the 1.3 be out with multiplayer or is the game Dead ?

  • Maniko

    Waiting for POLISH language

  • Leah Peah

    Can’t wait for the update! Are you guys going to be adding anyone else to the “bachelor list”? Clint needs some love! It would also be fun to just be able to date anyone you wanted, wreck marriages, steal people’s SO’s, and whatnot lol.

  • wakter

    still no news?

  • Travis David

    Ye! I cant wait to buy the Vita version. Hope it’ll have a physical cart version.

  • Travis David

    Lols comparing a console to a video game.

  • Michaelninja3

    Will the update be on the switch? P.s:love the game i have spent 500 hours playing the game

  • Dragut Özben

    it’s really beautiful to hear turkish language will be added. this was the only barrier for me to buy stardew valley 🙂

  • Travis David

    Why not just enjoy all console if you can? If you have a vita surely you also have a 3ds and a switch.

    Oops you cant afford it.

  • Tiger Uppercut

    Most places in eu discontinued vita long ago

  • Aeonian Legend

    What the heck is up in the comment section. I mean seriously people… How did a simple, serene game turn a comment section to complete crap. If you’re going to argue, at least make it about the game, not “gaming systems”- do that somewhere else. I’m not talking about all people, I’m talking to people like xarai.

  • Tiger Uppercut

    playasia sells them if you want one

  • Åžafak Göçmen

    when hen hen? we are in april so Q2

  • ZincoDrone亜鉛

    Hopefully the switch will have multiplayer support I will be hyped for that.

  • Adam Kavanagh

    Is there an update as to when the vita version is being released ?

  • xNYARLx

    make split screen and multi lan please and add dlc i pay i love this game. more animals and more buildings and bigger map. aaahhh and more arcade games and is good when i can buy arcade games and put to my house.

  • Samet Atak

    Hey Stardew Valley Team,

    When will Turkish Language be supported for Playstation?


  • Johann Laurent

    still no date for the French release?

  • Yuspro

    we are waiting for new languages

  • Tiger Uppercut

    Hack is out for 3.68 take it out the bin.

  • David Castelo

    “ALSO! Stardew Valley is getting more language support! Support for French, Italian, Korean and Turkish will be added in 2018.”
    … end of 2018 … no patch fr for switch :/

  • David Castelo

    “ALSO! Stardew Valley is getting more language support! Support for French, Italian, Korean and Turkish will be added in 2018.”
    at this end of 2018 … no more language support …where is french patch for switch please ?

  • David Castelo

    Stop censorship !

  • Still waiting for the French language support :c