Upcoming Xbox and PS4 patch

UPDATED UPDATE: The Xbox One and PS4 patches are both live!

Hi everyone,

An important patch for the console versions is in the works.  I will let you know when it goes live, but in the meantime I’d like to share these patch notes with you:

Xbox One:

– Performance improvements for periodic hitching and freezes.
– Fixed Junimo harvesters not path finding.
– Fixed About button (?) to be unclickable during main menu transitions.
– Fixed crash when sleeping if you built a Junimo Hut and the Witch visits you.
– Fixed a crash when sleeping that would prevent a player from advancing past year 1, day 28.
– Moved in some HUD elements that were too close to the edge of the screen.
– The LT and RT buttons can now be used to switch buildings in carpenter menu.
– The shipping menu can now be closed by pressing the VIEW button.
– The B button can now be used to close Grandpa’s letter.
– B button now goes back one page when you’re in a specific bundle of the Junimo menu.
– B button now returns a held item to your inventory in Bundle menu in the Community Center.
– Made harvesting easier by also checking beneath the player when pressing the A button.
– Cursor position will no longer affect item placement if it is currently invisible.
– We now show the ground placement indicator for seeds, like other objects.
– Fixed incorrect tool hit location in some situations.
– X button can now be held down to auto-repeat while in menus.
– Cursor will no longer interact with HUD menus if it is currently invisible.
– Fixed toolbar becoming stuck partially transparent.
– The VIEW button can now be used to advance the “Level Up” dialog.
– Fixed some cases of the game becoming stuck after using “Exit to Title”.

Playstation 4 

– Fixed crash sleeping on 3rd or 4th day when playing with OS in non-English languages (German, Portuguese).
– Fixed About button (?) to be unclickable during main menu transitions.
– Fixed crash when sleeping if you built a Junimo Hut and the Witch visits you.
– Fixed a crash when sleeping that would prevent a player from advancing past year 1, day 28.
– Moved in some HUD elements that were too close to the edge of the screen.
– The L2 and R2 buttons can now be used to switch buildings in carpenter menu.
– The shipping menu can now be closed by pressing the TOUCH PAD button.
– The CIRCLE button can now be used to close Grandpa’s letter.
– CIRCLE button now goes back one page when you’re in a specific bundle of the Junimo menu.
– CIRCLE button now returns a held item to your inventory in Bundle menu in the Community Center.
– Made harvesting easier by also checking beneath the player when pressing the CROSS button.
– Cursor position will no longer affect item placement if it is currently invisible.
– We now show the ground placement indicator for seeds, like other objects.
– Fixed incorrect tool hit location in some situations.
– SQUARE button can now be held down to auto-repeat while in menus.
– Cursor will no longer interact with HUD menus if it is currently invisible.
– Fixed toolbar becoming stuck partially transparent.
– The TOUCH PAD button can now be used to advance the “Level Up” dialog.
– Fixed some cases of the game becoming stuck after using “Exit to Title”.

In summary, the major crashes have been fixed, performance on Xbox has been improved, the HUD elements that are cut off should be positioned correctly, and the controls have been improved a bit. There will also be more updates/patches in the future to improve these versions further.
Thanks for your patience! Have fun in the valley!

Thanks for playing Stardew Valley and I hope you have a nice weekend



  • Nick Torres

    Spanish Localization for windows?

    • James Jeans

      These patches are specific to the recently released console port, which is a state of broken chaos.

  • Bruno Raphael

    We also need a fix for the “Music suddenly stops” glitch, it’s bothersome since the OST is great to listen to…

    • Mikek

      I cannot agree more and this is the first bug that everyone encounters in a game. 🙂

    • There are points in the game where the soundtrack finishes and you just hear wilderness noises. It’s intentional, unless you’re finding the soundtrack is cutting out abruptly in the middle of a song.

      • roadierun

        It is sudden, like for me whenever I do certain tasks like water plants the sfx causes the music to glitch and suddenly stop playing. It’s actually REALLY creepy and off-putting. My bf and I joke that a serial killer is gonna show up whenever it happens.

    • xarai

      multiplayer> everything else

    • Sylvire

      Agreed. I get that the music is supposed to fade away at certain times, but several times a week it’ll just suddenly cut off when I perform an action, especially early in the morning. I’ve also noticed instances where a piece of the song will repeat or jump, like a scratched CD (I’m on Ps4).

  • I_NoWay_I

    Been having a crash at night right before the auto save, not sure if you know about it or not sounds like the crash for moving on to the second year except it happens randomly throughout the year. On xbox 1.

    • Blu

      It’s right there in the bloody list of fixes…

      • I_NoWay_I

        I don’t see the one I am talking about I see the one if you have a Junimo hut and the witch comes, and the the Day 28 winter one where you can’t go to year two, yup I have that issue too. But I am talking about a random crash when you sleep right before the auto-save. I’m thinking it has to do with the random events, because I haven’t had one yet.

        • Stewart Evardson

          I too am a little worried this hasn’t been listed as a fix as it’s making the game hard to invest in. It’s happened to me a number of times and to my SO even more.

          It’s happening on random nights, never seen a which or whatever that hut is. Also random events? At night you mean? I’ve never had them.

          On Xbox btw

          • I_NoWay_I

            The are random but you should get 1-2 a year on PC I got three, meteorite is one the witch is another, as for the hut its a thing you buy? Not sure haven’t gotten on myself. I’m just bummed I cant get to year 2 on any of my four saves.

  • Henrique Kieckbusch

    Localizations ?

    • xarai

      multiplayer > everything else
      stick to important updates

      • Bill Forde

        I think localization would trump multiplayer in a big way for those waiting on a localization

  • Robert

    I’ve got polish system language and that crash is also there after 3rd day.

  • James Jeans

    The “music suddenly stops” glitch needs to be addressed too, because it also sometimes breaks the rest of the game’s sound effects when it happens (it also confuses the game about which sound slider controls what; when it happens, the “Music” slider stops controlling music volume, and the “Sound” slider takes over).

    • Is the music fading out or just stopping abruptly? If it’s fading, it’s completely intentional. The PC version does this too.

  • James Jeans

    What about fixes for the periodic hitches and freezes on PS4? Because the PS4 definitely suffers from those issues, too.

  • Anjy

    Hi! Im so loving this game on xbox one so far and im a first time player! But I’ve had 2 games freeze now while sleeping into the next day. The first was day 15 into 16 of spring and the second was day 3 going into 4 of summer. Both separate save files by the way! Hoping these sleeping/save crashes will be fixed in the update as well.

    • I_NoWay_I

      Have you had events happen such as witch flying over or the meteorite? I have not and think these might be whats causing the crash?

      • Anjy

        I haven’t seen a witch! Does that happen on the ones that don’t have monsters at night? I made games on the nornal one and the forest one.

        • I_NoWay_I

          She just flies over your farm in a little cut-scene and does something neat if you have a coop. Its a random event I’ve never seen her only read about her on the wiki.

    • Josh Paprocki

      I have the same issue. Happens 3-4 times each season randomly. Once it reloads it works fine. Mine didn’t freeze so much as it fully closes.

      • Anjy

        Yea but my save corrupts. I got to summer once and then my save corrupted on day 3 so i barely got to play it…

  • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

    A pergunta que não quer calar é:
    Quando sai as Traduções do Game para Console???

    • PlayAction CS GO

      acho que ele vai lancar tudo junto..

  • Louis Tully

    ‘X button can now be held down to auto-repeat while in menus’ Does this make buying bulk items easier? At the moment I’m buying thousands of pieces of wood at a time and each piece is a button press. If I’ve missed something please let me know lol cheers in advance

  • 1Fenrir!

    I see great that the games brought the game in console but in console is already the multi language in pc to update some day?

  • Rose Anonymous

    This is a great game, but I can not enjoy it all because I do not know English xD I am writing this by the google translator:p but I would like to know when the original translation comes out

    • Mitroll

      How will anyone know when the translation to your languages is? You didn’t tell us what language you speak.

  • Miguel Angel

    Money money money 🙁 !!

  • Anderson de Souza

    Acho que só vão disponibilizar as traduções do jogo no natal ou ano novo.

    • Eva Valentine

      deus te ouça jovem kkkkk

    • Matheus Villela

      deve ter acontecido algo muito sério pq essa porra devia ter saido em outubro

      • Eva Valentine

        o pior é q ele n fala nada

      • AHAW Weber

        nada eles deve ter deixado de lado para lançar para console, eles não ia perde a oportunidade de faturar antes do natal!

  • Michael LaClair

    Is there going to be a fix for the PS4 Pro sleep mode?

    • Rintarou

      Seriously this is a massive issue. I can’t believe it got released with this bug. It’s potentially system breaking. I guess Sickhead doesn’t have a Pro to test with?

      • Mabase

        I doubt they tested it at all. You would think someone would notice the constant crashing and the way you can’t even play past year one.

      • Nick

        Yeah, this is probably the biggest problem they have and I don’t see many people talking about it. Just having stardew on my pro means I can’t use Rest Mode at all. And if I do, I need to unplug my Pro. If this fucks up my hard drive, I expect the company to pay to fix it!

        • Michelle Jernigan

          Or you could just not play it until the issue is fixed…

          • Nick

            Some people are selective with the games they buy because they don’t have the time or money. I don’t think it’s a lot to expect for a game to come out without critical fucking issues like these.

    • Jacob M. Lundeen

      I’ve been having this same issue. Even if I completely close out the game, I can’t put the PS4 into rest mode, I have to completely turn off the PS4. I am using a Pro, but I assume this is the same for both PS4 versions.

    • xarai

      multiplayer > shitty consoles

  • Daryl

    And, honestly just because you are keeping your supporters updated doesn’t make it okay to keep going back on your word….

  • Chris K

    Sucks that I can’t start year 2. I hope this patch comes out quick.

    • xarai

      multiplayer > your patch
      buy a pc

  • Bousf

    The most critical bug at the moment is how the game seems to totally shake up PS4 Pro’s performance balance.
    -Sleep Mode is blocked
    -It takes forever to turn off
    -No game will boot up after having played SV
    -No Share functions will work properly
    It affects the console’s performance, not the game’s, and that’s probably why it’s so dangerous. Please, find a way to fix it, I had to delete the game from my HDD (which fixed everything that was wrong with my Pro) but I really love it and want to get back to it ^^

    • Ricardo Garcia

      I can confirm this.

  • francini fioroni

    As traduções vão sair até o final do ano?

    • PlayAction CS GO

      dificil, mas acho que ate o fim de janeiro sai pra todas as plataformas

  • Melissa McAllister

    I’ve had issues of music cutting out as soon as I use a tool on my farm, random appropriate noises will start and then suddenly stop midway for no reason. I also have issues talking to characters from certain positions (Behind and from the sides mostly). Otherwise it plays great!

  • Destiny Diaz

    I really just want to get passed day 28 year 1, I’ve been stocking up the entire winter waiting for spring to come. Please release the update soon. I’m too addicted to the game to stop now, haha! Thanks for all the hard work!

  • James Best

    When will the Xbox update be live?

    • Warden_Renwick

      Not until Monday more than likely because Microsoft doesn’t do anything on Sunday ever

      • James Best

        I hope so! I have gotten Hailey to ten hearts and I need to wait until spring to get the mermaid necklace.

      • Nick Bissanti

        Has the patch been released today do you know? I’m about to buy the game, just curious.

  • Marcus Chandler Clement

    I don’t know if anyone else has seen this but I’m getting only Fire Opal from Magma Geodes so far haha. I’m on Xbox One.

  • Really hope the Xbox patch comes soon. Really frustrating to not even be able to load my save file after putting so much work into it. :

  • Jonka

    when will it be coming out to xbox. I’ve gotten to the end of year one and am just waiting to continue.

  • Jonka

    Sorry to bother. But when will this patch be out on xbox and how will it be applied. I’m on the end of year one and would just like to move on.

    • Warden_Renwick

      It’ll be a update you’ll have to download and should be more than likely released Monday as Microsoft never really does anything on Sundays.

      • Jonka

        When you say Monday around what time of the day do you mean

  • Chris K

    Can you let us know if it’s in Microsofts hands now at least?

    • Warden_Renwick

      It’s in their hands but Microsoft doesn’t do anything on Sundays ever so Monday would be the safe bet to have it released.

  • Dark Fakinaway

    Android and Ios version should be the next goal.

  • Warden_Renwick

    An easy fix for everyone on xbox one about the patch is that microsoft does have it but seeing as they never do anything on Sundays we should be getting the patch tomorrow.

  • Carlos Eduardo

    Estou me sentindo enganado , comprei o jogo por causa da tradução e até agora nada , se não for traduzir até o final do ano devolvam meu dinheiro .

    • LeandroO

      Na Steam não diz que tem o jogo em português. Paciência.

    • Se quiser tradução joga pelo PC e procura mods! Atualmente existem problemas mais importantes como não passar pro Year 2, dando crash direto no Y1 W28 …

      • Carlos Eduardo

        O morde fronha eu to falando da versão PC mesmo , eles anunciaram que as traduções oficiais sairiam no final de outubro , esse foi o motivo de eu ter comprado ele na Steam .

    • Rafael Krain

      Tem uma alternativa para um cara incrível que nem você, julgando pelos seus comentários: Deixa de ser um ignorante chorão e aprenda a ler em inglês!

      • Carlos Eduardo

        Oh Rafael Krain , que nome de viado , hashsah
        Eu só to exigindo uma coisa que foi prometida e eu gastei do meu bolso …
        E a julgar pelo seu nome deve ter tido uma escola de inglês sensacional pagada pelos papais . hahaha !

        • Rafael Krain

          Tu adora falar muito sobre viado pelo jeito, hein? E ainda começa a frase com ‘Oh’ e me vem falar isso kkkkkkkkkk

          Sei, sei, prometida. Chora mais neném.

          Não cara, só não sou um ignorante e estúpido que nem você que fica procurando julgar os outros pelo perfil ou nomes, e inglês eu aprendi sozinho mesmo, não preciso de escolinha pra isso que nem você não! kkkk

  • Realist

    Even after this first patch my game messes up my Pro every time I close the application. Nothing else will boot up and the system freezes up. Deleted it till there is a fix for that.

  • João

    the Translations will come when for other languages

  • Kayleigh Crosby

    Waiting for the Xbox One patch. I’m currently on day 27 of Winter, and can’t progress any further into year 2 until the patch comes. Can’t wait, i’m seriously addicted to this game. I hope it comes quick. Thanks for working hard on the patches, I’m aware the Ps4
    patch has gone live.

    • Warden_Renwick

      Xbox one should have the patch tomorrow as microsoft never does anything on Sundays.

      • Bill Sargent

        You can sort of stop repeating that same line. If people can’t read your 40 other responses, they’re probably not going to read this one either. 🙂

  • Mistypip1

    When is the Xbox bug fix coming. Mine crashes at the end of year one preventing me starting year two

    • Bill Sargent

      Just wait on Microsoft to approve the patch. It wont be long.

    • Warden_Renwick

      It’ll be today probably this afternoon as microsoft has passed everything they just don’t do anything on Sundays.

  • Reillyington86

    This game has taken over my spare time! Good to see the bugs being fixed, I keep having the game freeze for a few seconds.

  • swapware

    Im enjoying this game taking it slowly ofc, only about 4-5 hours into the game on day 13 spring, and i have had many days crashing after you go to sleep before it auto saves (this bug isnt listed in your bug fix schedule) and it also keeps randomly crashing during the day as well, are you going to address these bugs or just the bugs listed for the patch that has no fixes for the problems im having

    • Bill Sargent

      You didn’t mention what console you have and i would guess that the other bugs related to crashing when you sleep will also address the issue you’re having. But that’s only a guess. I’ve played the game all the way to the 28th of winter when the game crashes for everyone at the moment. I’ve played to that date 3 times in a row now without any crashes before that… but I’m on an Xbox One. Maybe that is the difference. .

      • swapware

        i have xbox one, still no patch yet on xbox one and its monday night

        • Taylor Weaver

          Yep. Kinda bullcrap.

  • 翁培林

    Dear developer, are you going to port the game to the mobile version? May I have your contact please?

  • DeewNurse

    So is the patch coming today??

  • Taylor Weaver

    Well, it’s been 3 days since PS4 got their patch, and still not even a word about the patch for Xbox. I understand that Microsoft wouldn’t do it on Sunday, but why is it taking so much longer? I’m not being ungrateful, I love this game. But it’s just the fact that we’re left in the dark for all of this.

    • Anjy

      They posted on their twitter supposedly. Apparently xbox takes a lot longer to confirm patches so they are hoping in the next couple days. Its literally xbox we’re waiting on now. They nornally do updates on Tuesdays too so I’m hoping tomorrow.

  • aubreeanderson

    How is the multiplayer update working? is it going to be in before New Years?

  • Deathscythe

    Sooooooooooo , Hows that news of the update patch for xbox going ? eh ? Or is concerned ape and Microsoft doing battle with the dragon deep within ? ( the dragon in the case of this metaphor is chlamydia … shhhhh ) Don’t mind me , Ill just be setting over here in my corner .. RELIVING THE STARDEW VALLEY VERSION OF GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!!! WHO HAS A TOASTER I CAN BORROW ?

  • Un-Popular Opinions

    Xbox version owner here.
    And I have the winter 28 bug.
    This is seriously pissing me off. How in the hell does this kind of bug not get fixed through QA testing? This is seriously shit work.

    Also, remove the cursor altogether. As you said you were going to do.

    • Taylor Weaver

      I can’t agree more. I also don’t understand why it’s taking 4 days longer to get the Xbox patch out than the PS4 patch. When you’ve invested 35 hours in a single save game just for this shit to happen, it’s kinda bullshit.

      • Un-Popular Opinions

        I don’t understand why the PS4 version came out a full day before the Xbox version. So who should we be bothering? The indie dev or MS?
        Do we cut the publishing studio slack because they ARE an indie dev? Or do we put them in their big boy pants and treat them like adults?
        IT has been 3 days since the PS4 fix went live. Soon to be 4.

        But I now know why no one has the achievement for a wife and two kids. No one can do it in a year.

        • Taylor Weaver

          Hell no, that shit is impossible to do in a year. And if you aren’t deliberately trying to marry someone, getting someone to marry you is pretty difficult too.

          • Un-Popular Opinions

            It takes 60,000 gold to upgrade the house twice.
            10,000 G and 450 wood for the first one.
            And 50,000 G and 150 hard wood for the second.
            That means you need at least a iron axe, which runs at about 1875 for 5 copper and 3750 for 5 iron.
            You also need to get someone to 10 hearts before winter.
            You are able to give people gifts 32 gifts in a year. The earliest thing that someone loves is cabbage. Maru loves cabbage.
            Normally, it would take all 32 gifts for her to reach ten hearts.
            Thankfully, you can drop that down to 21.125, or more realistically 22, thanks to giving her a gift of cabbage on her birthday and all of the heart events. That means the earliest you can marry her is the second week in fall. That means you have to hope it’s raining in the last 3 weeks of Fall to be able to buy the mermaid pendant.
            All of this while you make enough gold to upgrade your axe and house.
            This means that you could, potentially, have a wife, a full house upgrade, and one child before hitting the winter 28 bug.

            I seriously need that fix. I’m over here driving myself nuts with math and planning.

        • xarai

          mutliplayer > everything else

      • Illusive Man

        The reason the Xbox patch is coming out later is because it usually take Microsoft longer to approve updates before going live.

    • xarai

      multiplayer > shitty xbox

      • Un-Popular Opinions

        Dude, go be an asshole somewhere else.
        Also, go fuck yourself 😀
        It’s the only reply you, specifically, will be getting from me.

      • Lord Xamon

        you are very toxic, so i block u. I recommend to others to do the same

        • Spirit Deity

          sorry that you can’t grasp reality but instead of addressing my argument you simply can’t stand admitting you are wrong

    • Anjalea Ayres

      well it is one person working on the updates, all you gotta do a report a bug. that’s all.

  • Raymond Roby

    I have the problem where I can’t start the next year it’s winter 28th I finish my day sleep and crashes every time I’m on Xbox one

  • James King

    Still freezing on year 1 winter 28 for xbox one.

  • Could’t play for the last 3 days since the 28. Bug and still no Patch :-/

    • Bill Sargent

      start a new game, and explore a bit more and try to better yourself at like fishing and stuff? Thats what I’ve been doing 🙂

  • Natalie Hines

    Hopefully the Xbox patch is soon. I can’t play until it is because it won’t let me progress into year 2. I literally cannot play it. How is a bug like this overlooked?

    • Bill Sargent

      Yeah I keep asking myself that same question. You’d think at least one of the developers would have played past year 1 on Xbox and PS4.

  • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

    Só acho o seguinte:
    Se a empresa tinha colocado uma data para A tradução e não o fez, eles estão se queimando.
    o mesmo serve para a questão do Patch. anuncia um patch que ainda não foi lançado “xboxOne” com toda razão os jogadores vão ficar irritado. o jogo vendido é ainda não foi concluído??? porque seria mais fácil distribuir as versões para os consoles já com certos problemas resolvidos ( a tradução mesmo que segundo o próprio desenvolvedor seria para outubro :/ )

    • PlayAction CS GO

      mano, mesmo com os problemas {ja resolvidos no ps4} eu to me divertindo muito com esse jogo, ainda nem acredito que to jogando ele, kkkk depois que vier a atualizacao intao kkk vou ter um infarte

      • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

        Verdade mano , o Jogo está muito lindo!!!

  • James Best

    Still nothing.. I keep getting on my Xbox with the hope that maybe this time I can get past year one, but nope all I get is a big FU. I just want to play!

    • Jason McLellan

      Same 🙁 I do not want to start over again

      • Bill Sargent

        Well its not a bad thing to start another game. You can learn new stuff by playing the first year again. I’ve done it 4 times.

        • Jason McLellan

          I tried to start a new game and I just couldn’t do it. Felt like a waste of time. Took 14 hours to get through that first year and I accomplished so much. I’m just gonna stay hopeful that the patch will drop soon. I just wish they’d give an update as to where they’re at with it.

          • Bill Sargent

            The grapevine says microsoft has it and its awaiting approval.

  • Jason McLellan

    Xbox one patch ETA?

  • Un-Popular Opinions

    Can anyone confirm or deny that the winter 28 bug happens every time?
    If not, I’ll just start a new game.

    • Bill Sargent

      It does. I’ve started over several times and it always does it.

      • Un-Popular Opinions

        Thanks, dude. Saves me from starting a new one only to find out the same shit happens.

  • Taylor Weaver

    How the hell does a game even GET RELEASED with this many issues? This isn’t just lagging issues, these are issues that prevent progress altogether, and for PS4, messes you their entire console. Was this game even fucking tested?

    • xarai

      because you morons that cant afford a pc wanted the game
      so instead of working on an important update like multiplayer
      the rest of us have to wait on fucking shitty console owners to get a console release and patches

      • Shane McClure

        how thins the air up on that pedestal? You know there are people who have both a PC and consoles and maybe they want to get a game they like for their console so their kids can play ti while they play on the PC. Plus this industry started in consoles and they aren’t going anywhere thus the sheer amount of PS4 and Xbox One exclusive titles coming out. So next time a game comes out for just those systems don’t start crying about wanting a PC port.

      • Because absolutely no one could possibly prefer or enjoy playing games on a console *rolls eyes* You might want to get that superiority complex checked out.

  • Jman

    My save file won’t load on xbox I try to load and it sends me back to the main loading screen every time

  • Warden_Renwick

    Well from the look of it MS is dragging their damn feet again and not guna be releasing this patch til Thursday or Friday. Yet they have released things for other games the past 4 days wtf. This game has more potential than some of the patches they have been releasing lately.

  • Chelsea Tora Sellers

    It won’t let me update it D:

    I’m connected just fine… I just wanna play this game :/

  • Michelle Jernigan

    I play this on the xbox one and the game completely crashes sometimes when I’m playing, other times when the game is saving. I would also like an option to save the game midgame if I wanted to.

  • Bradley Gillies

    Can’t download update on Xbox one says something is gone wrong and Xbox help says it’s something to do with the servers 🙁

  • Stef P

    Hiya! I don’t know if anyone else has brought it up but it would be amazing if L2 and R2 could be mapped to the shoulder buttons on the PS Vita when using remote play?

    Obviously a PS Vita version would be incredible too, but that button remapping fix would be 10/10! Thanks for bringing SD to PS4!

  • DarkMelody

    When Multiplayer?!?! D:

  • Maks Fearless

    ConcernedApe, many users only PC version. I am waiting for multiplayer, but it’s been 6 months, tired of waiting. I do not play for a long time. Please release “Localization Update”. A better – Multiplayer + Localization Update. Good Luck!

  • roadierun

    Please fix the music glitch! When I water plants it suddenly stops the music, it’s creepy, it happens to both me and my bf on different saves. (PS4)

  • Jason Weller

    I know the behind the scenes takes time…but do you have any timeline on how much longer multiplayer will take? I initially was excited about this game when I heard you were adding multiplayer, it’s been 10 months since release, please hurry, this game will be so much better than it already is once I can play with friends.

  • Mesulium

    Multiplayer pls :<

  • Tyler Barber

    This is probably one of the few bugs that seem nitpicky, but the chime sound for the mine elevator and the gem statue both can’t be heard. All that is heard is a very low hum. This is confirmed on xbox one

  • Gianni

    Merry Christmas, Ape 🙂

  • Felipe

    When the Brazilian localization for PC will be available?

  • Deathscythe

    Look I , For one , have NEVER and will NEVER be a fanboi , they in my opinion are a waste of the species. Now for having a MAJOR game crushing bug on release , shame on you. For getting it repaired and shipped to microfail as fast as you did ( insert stadium applause here) I was happy to see my groundhog day in the valley finally end. Now on to pressing concerns, I for one , hope and TRUST everyone had a great Holiday ( Merry Christmas to those it applies ) and for the rest … um .. have a great time off day ??? , Any who . about that multi player . I AM NOT RUSHING YOU. Get it done right take your time get all the groundhog day bugs out .. and let that puppy run free. From what I have played ( starting year 4 here ) The game is a BREATH of fresh air, Honestly I wish I could craft even more items. Even though I know there is a limit to what is able to be done. Now that the patch has shipped , and I am playing the HELL out of this little sandbox , I give it a Rock solid 7.5 and a MUST BUY, 14 of my friends have already bought the game at my word alone. And like a spoiled child , now what I am wanting and hoping for , is just More . More build options, More house layout options.. Sorta 7days to die meets minecraft meets skyrim , meets 1990s 32 bit gaming top down AWSOMENESS!!!! So keep up the work . if you screw up I’m going to call you out on it . don’t worry.

  • Matt Rauch

    This is bullshit, im playing the game on xbox, go to “exit to menu” to reload the save, i start up the save and it just takes me back to the title screen, fix this, i dont want to start a new file, and i was having so much fun and nostalgia and really dont want to consider this game a waste of my money

  • Stephen Nguyen

    Hey… I know you’re really busy with everything but if you have time would you consider intergrating a custom control map function? Reason being I’d like to use L1 and R2 on ps4 when i remote contol with vita. It makes things awesome! Keep doing what you do! Your work is incredible!

  • Phameulson

    If anyone is still having this problem on the PS4 Pro, **I found a workaround!**

    Basically, Update Software, Rebuild Database, AND change your THEME! — I documented this in full on the Stardew Valley subreddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/5l7tv9/ps4_pro_fix_update_software_rebuild_database_and

  • Isra Kitikoses

    I must say thank you for bringing this game to consoles. I’m absolutely loving it! I already had it on Steam but now I have it on my PS4 too. There is one tiny tweak I’d like to see though. Is there any chance we could use D-pad up/down to scroll through options when we have to make a choice? Like when we have to choose what to answer to someone’s question? It’s kind of a reflex for many console players to use D-pad in those kind of situations. Anyway, thanks for a brilliant game!

  • Madison Rivera

    Why can’t we build Junimo huts in the greenhouse? I know it’s considered a building but it’s so small! Please let us!!!

  • Dat-Gamer-Tho

    Please explain/state where you are in the progress of getting multiplayer out, even if its not close because of the set back with playstation & xbox (which I will be buying).. I know this is stated more then once but many of the comments seem a little rude. I’m very excited to play multiplayer with my friends and just want to know what your thoughts are on how long it will take before it comes out, thank you ^_^ !! ~

  • Anjalea Ayres

    now all we need is a teaser trailer or just a trailer of multiplayer for PC cuz my friends and I really wanna play multiplayer.

  • angh

    I’m really looking forward for some localization options. My nieces would love to play this game, but with the language barrier it’s not going to happen. Great job anyway, gratz!

  • Lynn Hootswell

    There should be a way to select professions at a later time. On xbox one, and I accidentally exited off the selection screen when my farming leveled up to 5.

  • Julian Wolf

    What about the localization? Waiting Months now for the German localization and won’t play it until its there. It’s a torture 🙁

  • xFaqswe12

    Please Add Control settings

  • slimydog2000

    Please make the ‘Fector’s Challenge’ PS4 trophy just a little easier. This is brutal.

  • cj95x

    Multiplayer would be an amazing update, i game share and ill be losing the game soon, i’m not going to buy it till its out and play able! please work with us! haha thank you for the patches though.