Stardew Valley now available on Xbox One and Playstation 4

Hi everyone,

Stardew Valley is now available on Xbox One, and Playstation 4 in North America and Europe! The price for the console version is $14.99 USD, just like PC.

Stardew Valley was ported to Xbox and PS4 by my publisher, Chucklefish, in conjunction with Sickhead Games. The launch has been relatively smooth so far, but there are a few issues we are aware of. We will be rolling out some patches in the next few weeks to address some of these issues, including:

  • Game crashes when going to sleep around the 3rd day, if the system language is not english. (PS4)
  • Game crashes in certain cases if the Exit To Title button was used (Xbox One)
  • Occasional hitching/freezing in the Xbox One version
  • GUI elements cut off on the edges of the screen on certain TV setups
  • Control improvements

In the meantime, Molly from Chucklefish has started a thread in the forums with some known bugs/issues and a few workarounds.

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased the console version so far… I hope you are enjoying it… and thank you all for your continued support!



  • zac nichols

    Everytime I see a new update… I think a beta date will be given too.

    But yes, Hammocks, we need hammocks!

    • Slyfox357

      lol yesh we really need them ^_^

  • theloldude


  • Arkin

    This better mean that hammocks are now a thing.

  • Joe The Joe

    Hammocks would be pretty awesome

  • Slyfox357

    hammocks???? i just hope u can get them really easily or ill get mad :3 (just kidding ^_^)

  • LuizGu

    I can’t wait to play!

  • Harrison

    I thought the beta was coming out today 🙁

    • Morticharr

      ….Why? Why would you think that at all? It has not been announced or otherwise even hinted at. You listened to the rumormongers didn’t you.

  • Sarbinger

    Sorry sir, you’d need a second tree for that hammock!

  • I don’t think a hammock would be all that useful with just a single tree.

    • KingMunchlax

      Look closer at the size of his blade.

      He could stab it into the dirt, or is that clay? Hanging the hammock between the two by the weapon’s handle, with the sword at the right angle it would work, assuming the ground was firm enough.

      • Some guy

        I think the blade would just sorta fall due to the weight.

    • Kiofspa

      But you can always wish for oneeeeeeeeee~
      Wishes are magical like that.

      • Bob Milldew

        Only if your an octipussi

    • AdenSword

      i know he will put the hammock across the hole

  • mdsketch

    I wouldn’t mind having sixty different hammocks as well. This one here is different because it’s green! Also, this whole thread so far has been either about hammocks or the absent beta.

    • AdenSword

      what else is there to talk about?

  • Mosselboss

    Great Job!

  • Furydwarf

    Damn, I was expecting a beta to cure me from this Xbox One nonsense.

    • AhmadRed

      Want a DVR buy the Xbox one

  • Kitticus

    any news on the beta?

  • Mark

    I don’t know why, but i have a good feeling about this week.

    • like what… that beta will come out?

    • Conner Grover

      I keep lying to myself the beta will be out by the end of this month….. or AM I lying to myself? We shall see.

  • YAH


    • Arbithnought

      It clearly means “A Wonderfully Better Tomorrow With A Beta That Totally Annihilates Wanton Hypotheses”. The beta releases tomorrow, you heard it here first.

  • Bradleo

    Not counting overlaps (which I assume there will be) that is 420 craftable weapons from ores. Even if there are only 10 weapons unique to each race out of 60, even that 110 would be a lot. Plus uniques.

    Keep up the good work!

  • KazanaAoi

    To all you Naysayers claiming to need a second tree for a hammock..

    Look at the size of that sword, could very easily support a hammock if stuck into the ground at the right angle 😛

  • Awesome i can feel the game is getting closer to beta and the game feels more than superior! I can’t wait any longer!!!!!!!

  • There is a paint tool i wonder if you can paint furniture? or certain parts like.. A paint can to fill a certain area that would be pretty amazing…

  • Bob Milldew

    Is there going to be spagetii as a food? I hope so! Becuase it’s good! Hm, wonder if there is going to be hunger. Proboly. What would the point of food be other wise? Recovering health quicker is one.

    • Yes theres going to be hunger along with energy health and warmth! 🙂 That is all we know so far!

      • Bob Milldew

        Cool, warmth is kinda weird though. Haha. Differant races might have differant things all in all.

  • Kyber

    It’s not what he’s saying here that excites me, but what he’s not saying. I LOVE SURPRISES!

  • andivicio

    I wish i had Beta

  • Eritar


  • Nyles Whicker

    here is your hammock

    • Trixmay988

      Is this ‘spot the difference’?

    • Conner Grover

      Reminds me of that palm tree they sit on in Kingdom Hearts. Just a random thought.

    • Bob Milldew

      Can I live there?

  • beqa

    how to dowload these game

    • Xavier Spruill

      First you buy a time machine…

    • It’s not out yet..

      • Trixmay988

        Neither is a time machine, or TARDIS. Well a TARDIS is out but we need to go to Gallifrey.

  • love <3

  • Savance

    “and a bunch more stuff”
    Beta is here guys. Stop the presses. Alert the media. Tell my mom I love her because I, for one, am going into hiding when it comes out.

  • Daniel J Nieto

    Any news on the addition of the Nova Kid race? I kinda want to see what their spaceship look like, and maybe some character styles. 😀

    • AzViz

      I think Nova kids is for full release as they were a stretch goal. They will probably start working on them and all their assets when beta is out.

      • no, the point of the stretch goal was to bring out some of the more popular items for beta, instead of having to wait for release for them. 😛

        also, the things they are not wanting to “spoil” might be the Novakids and their equipment. 😉

        • AzViz

          “If we manage to hit $500,000 in pre-orders, this race will be added to the base game and will be playable upon release.”
          That’s from the stretch goal

  • Dakota Beaudoin

    Soo many items… It would be soo cool it the devs provided me with a list of confirmed items, so I can start making pages on my wiki. When the game does come out I don’t know if i’ll be able pry myself away from the game in order to update the wiki. 🙂 starboundgame.wikia.com

  • IntrepidHero

    FLYING NPCs!!!! I so can’t wait to see them in action, Keep up the good work!!!

  • im dying, everyday I die when I read these updates. the excitement is killing me

  • blurryhunter

    Might want to wish for another tree prior to wishing for that hammock, lol.

  • Chad Brown

    I can feel the beta coming. Prepare yourselves!

  • Harrison

    Do u recon the beta will come out either today or tomorow ?

    • Arbithnought

      No. There’s no confirmed release date but very likely we won’t see the game until late next month at the earliest.

  • LocalCooP Syndicate

    Project Zomboid got coop 4 players offline
    For what this game cant got it?

    • AdenSword

      um improper english grammer there so i do not understand what the heck you just said

      • LocalCooP Syndicate

        Pues debe ser por que tienes un pequeño retraso estudia entonces tu castellano asi puedo hablar en mi idioma y tu entenderlo y no me tendria que matar yo a hablar tu lengua.Lo que digo es que el Project Zomboid tiene cooperativo local para 4 jugadores,este por que no puede tenerlo?
        You are a fucking hater Aden go fuck your self only post troll shit learn my language and understandme

        • RrR

          Look…here is a penny, go buy some shoes.

          • LocalCooP Syndicate

            Comeme el cipote retrasasdo

        • AdenSword

          dood WOAH i was just saying that i didnt understand what he said i WAS NOT screaming at his face saying OH YOU HAVE TO LEARN MY LANGUAGE OR I HATE YOU i was just saying if he is going to post something in english please post it right so people understand you
          (also i kinda forgot this is not a english only game) (embarrassed face)

  • Megaman0816

    Loving these progress updates Tiy

  • Harrison

    I cant wait any longer for the beta

  • Matthew Hessler
    • Trixmay988

      Don’t even try idiot.

  • Digital Lunacy

    My god, i know you guys are tring but i need a beta lol i cant stand it anymore… all i want is THIS game i dont care about ps4, xbox one, skyrim, minecraft, WoW…… I WANT STARBOUND PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ lol /rant

    • Harrison


      • AdenSword


  • Harrison

    Come on Tiy give us a beta 🙂

  • Lilz

    Why do so many people believe the beta is going to come out within the next few days? They’ve given us no reason to think that.

    • AdenSword

      we know we just keep hoping

      • Lilz

        I can guarantee you that the game is in no state to be released as Beta in the next few days. I personally give it until July at least.

  • Scellow

    Oh yeah chat bubbles ! This is awesome !!! 😀

  • LastHazzerd

    mmmm, Food~<3

  • That One Guy

    Hmm…There should certainly be rainforsty-type biomes, correct? With manymany trees? Imagine a construction in the sky…every bedroom with its own hammock rather than beds? I think that would be a nice little addition, especially for the avians. 🙂

    • kikinaak

      I would seriously rofl if avian beds were in fact perches and they slept parakeet style.

  • beqa

    When will this game come out

    • AdenSword

      in 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years
      (JK they have not said they only said sometime in 2013)

  • Trixmay988

    Anyone know the secret message?

    • Guest

      i do

      • Trixmay988

        Tell me, honey.

      • Trixmay988

        I do what? Want to marry me? Oh my gosh! This is the best day of mylife!

    • YAH

      AWBTWABTTAWH : A Wonderfully Better Tomorrow With A Beta That Totally Annihilates Wanton Hypotheses

      • Trixmay988

        Oh…My…Gosh. YOU ARE AMAZING! IF that were true.

      • Harrison

        What is that supposed to mean ?

        • Trixmay988

          A Wonderfully Better Tomorrow With A Beta That Totally Annihilates Wanton Hypotheses. He just said that.

          • flashi101

            Still doesnt make any sense

          • Trixmay988

            A means something: Wonderfully means wonderful, but then you add ly: Better means cooler than something else: Tomorrow is the day after today: With means something and something: A means something again: Beta is something that gives you access to something before it fully comes out: That means something: Totally: Means a great amount: Annihiliates isn’t a word: Wanton is a word for a sexually immodest or promiscuous woman: Hypothesis means assumption. There you go, it should make sense now.

          • AdenSword

            uuuuuh ok 2 things 1 Wanton does NOT mean that at ALL a wanton is a type of food i can order wanton soup at my local china restaurant 2 annihiliates IS a word and it means to destroy utterly and completely

  • Harrison

    Whats the secret message

    • YAH

      AWBTWABTTAWH : A Wonderfully Better Tomorrow With A Beta That Totally Annihilates Wanton Hypotheses.

  • Trixmay988

    Cool, we could have a side ways hammock! What else are we meant to do with one tree. Make it bend without breaking?

  • MrFrito

    Great! Speaking of in game options, really hoping for a simple cursor resizing option. I remember it was often times difficult to find on the screen during large battles in terraria. If its difficult to implement then don’t worry about it, but it truly would help since its whats used in any game as the first point of control.

  • Some guy

    To everyone who keeps asking for a beta every time there’s news on the game, perhaps multiple times per:
    Asking for a beta WON’T make it come here quicker. It just makes you look desperate. No help at all. None. It’s not like they say ”Wow, there are 500 people asking for a beta every day, guess we should do all-nighters every night now! That should make them happy!” They are NOT going to work any harder than they currently are.
    Sincerely, everyone posting comments with actual meanings.

    • dark

      finally some one gets it

  • ReviloO

    Hylotel Info Blog where? Apex, Florans, Glitch and Avian already had there Info Blog:(

    • Legodude1237

      Yeah! I want to know where i came from.

  • Trixmay988

    I got bad news guys, I’m not completely sure, but news is that the Starbound beta will probably release by September this year. I could be wrong though because it said demo, but then again, a demo and beta in some ways can be the exact same thing. I’ll probably lose interest by then, that was good money not worth wasting, as long as my $15 helps development. Though I do need that money.

    • Burnalot

      On their roadmap is says “estimated release date 2013” So expected this year but not WHEN in this year. That’s what we got to go on unless you got info from a official source on their forums. If you needed the money, you should have waited before donating. On the bright side, you get the game when is out and it does indeed help development. So hang in there 😉

      • AdenSword

        yah i could be (but i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY do NOT hope so) that it comes out on december 31 this year

        • GabrielBressan

          Ha! Imagine if they screw up the ETA like last year and it ends up somewhere along 2014. I would be sad, but I could laugh while I drink some fan base tears to cheer up. Those would go really nice together!

  • Trixmay988

    All of the people begging for a beta like little children =

  • ZJThalen

    I’d just like to thank the whole development team for putting in the extra time to do daily updates of what you guys are working on. It makes me feel in the loop, and it’s really cool to see not only how hard you’re all working, but what gets done on a day to day basis. Keep up the awesome work, can’t wait for the game.

  • Jagaeg

    There is a data-base error in the loading the forum page.

  • Tanzaku

    I really hope we’re close to the BETA!
    Keep up the hard work and updates^^

  • Gotta have 2 trees to use a hammock…

  • Beta not rush it.

    • Max Power


  • the beta DATE isn’t going to be released for a few more months guys. They have way too much stuff to still do. Coding all that fine tuned stuff is a bitch. They are making good progress, but that’s like saying we scooped out 40 buckets in a 2 ton water swimming pool, yeah they may be 2/3rds done with beta it seems, but it’s still a lot more water left to take out.

    • AdenSword

      i wouldent say a few months mabye a month or two at most but from the livestream vids and the updates i think we could about play the beta in 3-5 weeks

  • Dre774


  • Cut tree in half, use one half as other post. Or think right outside the box and have a hover hammock.

  • The_n00b_Daniel

    I like it that there are race specific weapons and armor for each ore. It makes a lot of sense, since a Glitch would turn iron into a broadsword, while a Hylotl would turn it into a Katana. It adds a very nice level of depth to each race.

  • Zhu397

    we want multiplayer!

    • Fluffy_raptor

      Ditto’d, multiplayer!

    • Mitroll

      ConcernedApe pls!

    • Maks Fearless

      Multiplayer / Co-op

    • Jake Picker

      they are working hard. please be patient

      • xarai

        they are? because it looks like they were concentrating their efforts on console bullshit instead of what people ACTUALLY wanted
        srsly i know 10 people that would buy the game if it was multiplayer and thats just ME
        theres hundreds more that would but fuck that we gotta suck console dick instead

        • Joe

          You’re a piece of garbage. I hope they never release multiplayer just to make your sad excuse of a life even worse

          • xarai

            doubt it multiplayer will allow more money intake than any update they do for a single console or language update

        • lum0s

          You’re way to emotional about something so trivial. You aren’t owed anything. Be happy you’re getting it at all.

  • Doti Hicks

    I am getting this games once i get a ps4 <3 this game keep up the improving meents

    • xarai

      srsly are ppl this tarded?

  • Ricardo Garcia

    I’m loving the game, but come on…crashes on the release date? I tired publishers who think that we have to accept to be beta testers, tired of these things, there should be a law for these cases!

    • Janay Lauren

      Problem is; no games are perfect. All games are going to have bugs, crashes etc, even after years of development and updates. One issue where the game may crash if it’s not in a certain language is probably not enough to delay releasing the game – even by one day – and risking the ire of his customers.

      • Ricardo Garcia

        Yes, no game is perfect but that doesn’t mean you should release a game with known issues, I was playing with console on my language portuguese from Portugal and the game crashed on and on in the 3rd day of the game, had to change to English, but come on…the game isn’t even iny language and it crashes because of that?

  • Stephanie Mowl

    Will be very glad if you can sort out some of the GUI elements being cut off, it’s driving me mad ^^

  • Nilson Mergener

    And Translations?

  • Cody Miller

    You are awesome Ape! So excited to finally get my hands on Stardew!! 😀

  • Jak

    Hi, I really enjoyed the game on PC so I bought it on PS4 as well. Still super awesome and I am looking forward to getting lost in this amazing game once more. I have had some problems though, and I think it might have to do with the game – for some reason when I stream it or try to have a party chat going the game freezes. Anything you or any body else have heard of? I am playing it on PS4 pro by the way.

    Keep up the good work anyway!

  • Congratulations on a console release! Your work is phenomenal. I’m sure you’ll have everything ironed out in no time.

  • Kensloth

    Well… was going to pick it up launch day, but I will hold off now hearing of the issues. Shame, as I love it on PC, was just looking forward to playing on the big screen comfy couch mode. In any case, congrats on the launch and I will happily revisit later down the line.

    • xarai

      use it on pc ya friggin weirdo, console players are the reason multiplayer doesnt exist

      • Amy Franklin

        Seriously you sound like a broken record shut it

  • Anderson de Souza

    Se eu soubesse que não iriam fazer a tradução, teria continuado jogando o pirata. É foda, comprei o jogo já faz 2 meses por causa da tradução, o jogo já entrou em promoção e ainda não traduziram.

    • Eva Valentine

      tbm tenho ele a dois meses,estava ansiosa pela a tradução e nada!ele disse q tradução já esta pronta e só queria espera pra lançar nos consoles,e até agr não comentou nada.!chato isso véi

    • Otavio Dias

      To esperando essa tradução desde quando ele tava criando o jogo ainda kkkk cansado

  • Miguel Angel

    Spanish translation please (PC) !! 🙁

    • xarai

      multiplayer support > your stupid language

      • Kensloth

        I feel sorry for anyone who ends up in a multiplayer game with you.

  • KingK1179

    get the ps4 version fixed

  • Batmatt

    Any plans for a 3DS/Vita release? This game would be perfect for a portable.

  • ShigeruSan

    Just bought the PS4 version, i have no problem plating it, but my sister doesn’t speak english, so the experience is frustrating for her. Please, fix the language issue. We need spanish support!!!!
    I love the game. 😀

    • Sérgio

      And brazilian portuguese hahah

      • Sumner Clark

        I think they should focus more on the popular languages first like Spanish French Japanese and Chinese first than later implement languages like Brazilian Portuguese and also Swedish in the next update mostly because people tend to pick the more famous languages as their second language in most country’s ya know. Also if they can this is a language I would like to see in the future but most likely will never happen Inupiaq in layman’s terms this is a Eskimo language and yeah I am Native Alaskan so I would like it.

  • johnny gabriel

    When are you going to translate Portuguese to Brazil? I really want to play the game with the translation.

    • xarai

      1. fuck your language
      2. multiplayer suipport should be top priority

      • Sérgio

        xarai, you’re a selfish piece of shit.
        a lot of people around the world is waiting for tanslations
        can you imagine if the game was made in another language instead of yours?
        you cannot just say “fuck your language”. go fuck yourself

      • Killbomb

        Shouldn’t you be attempting to cheat in Counter Strike or something instead of trolling this site? You sound like that kind of douche.

  • We Are Fucked

    Glad you have fucked us PC players over by giving us no news. Ive checked daily for something on new updates but all I have seen is the xbox and ps4 ports. Wheres the new news for us huh?

    • Lexi

      I don’t think we have been fucked over at all. We got our big 1.1 update and then he was putting all his efforts into the console releases. I see nothing wrong with this, and it isn’t like the PC players will be abandoned all together. The PC players enthusiasm is what has gotten the ball rolling on other projects. Don’t take it so personally.

  • Maks Fearless

    Co-op. next update?

  • Shbek

    Better controller support…. Please…. A cursor on a console game is just irritating.

    • Killbomb

      I’ve gotten used to the cursor but I would like a shorcut for the map screen.

  • sid39rus

    After 13 days I can not save the game. After going to bed, the game crashes. (PS4)

    • xarai

      get a pc and join an actual community, console players are part of the problem ya multiplayer haters

  • Itazura

    I think it’s great Stardew is still getting love this far into the project, I have since played through the game but have been waiting for the multiplayer patch. I know it sounds like a broken record but I was wondering if you could address the concern with it, that since you have released a version for consoles I’d imagine it’s going to take quite a bit of time and resources away from the multiplayer patch. Is multiplayer still an ongoing thing for PC right now or being pushed further on the back-burner for console patches?

  • Jake Picker

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  • xarai

    multiplayer > console bullshit
    srsly you have no idea what priorities shoulda been made first

    • Miguel Angel

      Money money money 😀 !!

    • Sumner Clark

      Yeah I know they should have put more effort in getting a port on the Switch or fixed more bugs than getting multyplayer anyways this games genre usually never has any multyplayer.

  • Cam Stan

    I just want to be able to “zoom out” on the console version…..

  • Wagner Nunes Dos Santos


  • Tim Seitz

    still no words about translations???? hello????

  • Heliumjack

    I found a bug with pierres store. Whenever I go to buy something it won’t let me exit the damn screen! I end having to restart only for it to happen again and plus it keeps freezing randomly. Please fix this

  • Ramon Gonzalez

    Im playing on the Xbox One and the game is really awesome!! Please give us the local/off-line co-op mode 😀 Thanks!

  • david

    Someone could tell me if it has the same updates as on PC, if it is in 1.1

  • Geralt of Rivia

    The ability to zoom out would be fantastic on the console versions.