Stardew Valley Progress Update — Second console patch, localization, and more

Hi everyone,

I hope the new year is going well for you so far.  I’d like to give you an update on several things that are happening right now:

Xbox One / PS4 patches:

Chucklefish and Sickhead Games are making good progress on addressing some issues with the console versions. Their top priority is to resolve the issue where saved games become unload-able. Fortunately, they’ve discovered the reason this is happening, and after this next patch, it shouldn’t occur anymore. If you currently have a save file that won’t load, it will likely work once again after the patch comes out. The patch will also fix several other issues: I’ll share the full patch notes with you when the it’s been finalized.

Patch Notes (31 January 2017)

The Xbox One and PS4 updates are live! Here’s a change log:

Xbox One & PS4

  • Fixed potential loss of item in cursor slot when clicking the bundles tab in the pause menu.
  • Fixed crash when hatching / buying baby blue chickens.
  • Fixed crashes that sometimes occur when clearing quests out of the quest log.
  • Petting a fully-happy animal no longer wraps happiness around to 0.
  • Animals with a deluxe product no longer produce less at higher happiness.
  • Fixed a golden pumpkin duplication exploit.
  • Fixed ‘Exit to Title’ causing some values and bits of world state to be ‘carried over’ between games. This affected, among other things, the availability of chests in the mines.
  • Fixed crashes while saving.
  • Possible fix for fertilizer boxes being placed instead of fertilizer.
  • Missing heart characters have been fixed.

Xbox One

  • The bug that causes crashes while looking for save files has been fixed.
  • Most saves that couldn’t be loaded before should now load. In some cases there may be lingering minor graphical issues in save files that previously couldn’t be loaded.

The following issues are also fixed by the above, but may continue to affect save files they’re already present in:

  • Crash when speaking to Gunther.
  • Incorrect item / object graphics.
  • Objects that should be interactive not being interactive.
  • Crashes when walking into specific parts of the farm.
  • Crashes while harvesting specific crop tiles.
  • Crashes while hovering over specific items in your inventory.
  • Crashes while shipping specific items.


  • Share overlay image in PS4 streams has been removed.


  • Will issues affecting corrupted Xbox saves persist even after the Feb 1 patch?

New saves and saves that have previously not been corrupted will work fine and will never become corrupt. Existing saves that became corrupt and could not be loaded will be repaired and become loadable in almost all cases now. Saves that became corrupted may continue to behave oddly in some cases (Refer to the list in Xbox One patch notes about issues that might persist).

  • What about the issue where PS4 Pro users have problems shutting down their console, going into rest mode and running other apps?

The PS4 Pro issues associated with Stardew Valley are a system software bug, and not caused by the game. Sony have informed us that a fix is coming in the next major system software update, but we (Chucklefish & Sickhead) haven’t been told when that will be.

Localisations (Beta test in early february):

Playism is translating Stardew Valley into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Back in October, I said that these localised versions would be available by the end of the month… I was way off. After inspecting the state of the localised versions, it become clear that they needed a lot more work. Well, that work is now mostly finished. Chucklefish is doing some private testing of the localised versions, and it seems very solid so far. In early February we will do an open beta test on Steam. It will go live for everyone some time after that, depending on how the beta goes.

Nintendo Switch

Stardew Valley will not be a launch title on Nintendo Switch, but I am still planning on bringing it to the platform later this year.

Playstation Vita

We are currently investigating the possibility of a PS Vita port.


Multiplayer co-op is still in development… progress has been made but it’s going to be a while yet.


Most Stardew Valley development is being done by others, now (Chucklefish, Sickhead Games and Playism)… but I do still work on the game. For example, I am currently working on making the controller easier to use (getting rid of the cursor in menus when using gamepad). That should be added to the console and PC versions in a future patch.

I hope this post answers some of the questions you may have had lately.

Also, thanks so much to everyone who put Stardew Valley on their end-of-the-year awards/lists.  I am very honored. Thank you!



  • Deus Vitae

    You’re doing the lords work sir! 🙂 lol

  • daggot â–³

    I’ve wanted this on vita since release!

    • Syze00

      I was hoping Starbound was coming to the Vita……………… <–those are my tears

  • pinkcatmint

    You are doing a fabulous job. We all love ya, man! 😀

  • Your work with Stardew Valley helps keep me inspired while working on my first full commercial indie game Towards The Pantheon. Enjoying the updates and the interviews with the press. They help keep me motivated. Thanks!

  • Anderson Dotto Padoin

    Nice work mate! Thanks

  • Lutas News

    There will not be a Brazilian Portuguese translation on the console?

    • Sérgio

      Vai ter sim, mas só depois que lançarem no pc.

  • Ilyuhin Egor

    and what about 3ds?

  • RKade8583

    Can you develop a mouse-control mode so people who can’t use keyboards can play Stardew?

  • Denis Nelson


  • sophie

    I really wish you would prioritize multiplayer as we bought this game with the promise it would be included. It’s insulting that console releases we’re done first. With this game being a best seller of 2016 $$$$$ And chucklefishs token game being multiplayer i can’t understand why you don’t have the resources to get the game finished.

    • Dizzy

      I agree, Multiplayer should be higher on the priority list.

      • cheedor1s

        yes multiplayer is good to have but no it should not be a priority just make the game a great game is what he should have done and guss what he did not he can work on multiplayer

      • Frank Doherty

        I’ve been wanting multiplayer since before release (followed to game for a few years before release) but the Singleplayer has more than enough content for the price. I’m sure it will come, CA has always been as upfront as possible. Multiplayer cannot be higher on the priority list than localisation and patches though,that would be ridiculous.

        • Carter Gabriel

          I’m certain you’re right. Localization and patches are definitely higher on the list.

        • Dizzy

          how so? make game. implement game features. localise.
          localization is easier if all features are in and just need to be translated

    • Dave Jackson Tremblay

      I’m waiting for multiplayer to buy it. I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before multiplayer is cancelled. They all do this (We are working on it) then announce it’s cancelled months later. I did play it (Family Sharing), it’s a good game but I want multiplayer.

      • Carter Gabriel

        The honest truth in most companies that do this is the fact they never actually get to multiplayer. It is something always on the backburning until the company decides they’re done with the game.

        However Mr.Barone is a pretty swell man. I would never say this about anyone else, but I fully trust he will deliver on all his promises. He is just that great of a guy from what I read.

    • Carmela Pedinni

      Think about what you just said. If he adds multiplayer for PC, he’d then release it to the PS4 and XBOX and would have to add multiplayed to those engines too, and for a while THEY wouldn’t be able to be part of the multiplayer experience.

      I think his strategy is to first ensure the highest number of platforms have the game, and then engage them all, collectively, in the multiplayer, so we can all play. Together.

      • James Carter

        You realize that one console’s solution for multiplayer won’t work for the others….right? This means that multiplayer will need to be developed for each console individually. and I HIGHLY doubt we’ll be able to play cross-console as there are a very slim picking of games that have this feature right now.

        • Carter Gabriel

          It’s certainly possible to have them all working together, it is just seen as needless additional work and in the case of a game like Stardew, needlessly expensive. Most games don’t do cross platform because the expense outweighs the lack of desire for the feature. Not really a high demand for crossplatform play.

        • Carmela Pedinni

          It’s worth hoping for.

      • sophie

        I highly doubt cross console multiplayer would ever happen. Especially from Xbox.

    • Rose

      Multiplayer is being prioritized, by it’s own team. This isn’t one group dividing it’s attention between multiple things. Sickhead is doing the console versions, CA is working on better controller support, and Chucklefish has seperate groups working on the multiplayer and the localizations.

      On top of this multiplayer takes time. It isn’t a matter of not having the resources, it’s that even with resources it takes time for people to get everything done. You don’t just hold up some money snap your fingers and it’s suddenly complete. People have to spend time doing the job and especially so to do the job right. Better the team take that time and release a solid product when it’s ready than rush it out the door buggy and unfinished simply because people are whining or to beat out another feature being worked on by another group.

      • sophie

        Yes you can hold up money and snap your fingers to make this go faster. It’s called hiring.

        • I guess it’s possible that CA doesn’t just want to hire a big bunch of random games designers to work on something so important.

        • Rose

          It’s not that easy. There’s a nice old saying, too many cooks in the kitchen. Sure you can throw people and money at it but there comes a point where all that does is cause more trouble as people get in the way of each other rather than actually being able to help. More people doesn’t instantly mean it goes faster. That only works when there are different things for all those different people to work on separate from each other. When it’s something like this you don’t need a massive amount of people to put it together, you just need a small focused team given the necessary time to get the work done.

          • Carter Gabriel

            If there is an entire team assigned exclusively to multiplayer, it should be done long ago.

            Instead I’d bet money on the idea that only one or two are working on multiplayer, and that they haven’t or don’t work on it full time. Other, more important tasks are given to them.

            Multiplayer is very time consuming and depending on a lot of variables can be very difficult. However like any feature, it doesn’t take years. Not even a year. Not if someone is working on it full time, and DEFINITELY not if a team is. They’re doing something else they consider more important.

            Gamedev takes years not because of any one feature. In fact, nearly all features are relatively brief to implement. Instead it takes years because of thousands of tiny things. Lots of time to do anything, even to do nothing hehe. Everything from complex game systems to moving folders around on your hard drive. It all adds up.

        • Redrum

          You’d think it’s that easy, but software development doesn’t go well when you just throw more people at it. Adding too many people quickly makes a project unorganized and disjointed.

          • Carter Gabriel

            Professional gamedev here. While you do get less efficiency with every hire, that isn’t really the issue here.

            They are complaining that multiplayer is not prioritized. This is a valid complaint, nut the decision is ultimately left to the developer and his employees.

            To think that an entire team has been working on the multiplayer for a full year is ludicrous. It would have been out long ago. So clearly it is a lower priority than whatever else that team is doing. Either that, or they’re robbing him blind by getting paged to slack off (doubtful).

            I explain more here:

  • Kishnabe

    Yesh..Investigate the Vita…and bow down to it’s glory…kekeke.

    Honestly…hoping you guys do succeed in finding the Vita port feasible.

  • Ermelyn PItts


  • Charmaine Carbonaro

    Would love a DLC at some stage with new areas, forest, beach and a mine maybe beside the jojo mart. Maybe the chance to demolish the jojo mart and make new houses that new families move into with new cutscenes when they all become friends. Or even as someone else suggested a mansions to fix up and again someone else to move in, where you can plant flowers etc. I am willing to pay for this kind of expansion in the future as I find this game so much fun to play.

  • Fisstech Addict

    Well after you do all those shit boss, make a DLC and I will pay for it! What kind of DLC? I don’t know, surprise me!

  • Dizzy

    Honestly i’d prefer multiplayer on PC, BEFORE putting it on every console.

  • Bat

    what about the 3DS???

  • JonathanisPrimus

    I #believita

    In the immortal words of Shia LaBeouf and a Nike ad exec, “just do it.”

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  • Tw2Brick

    Awesome game, thanks for all the hard work.

  • Carmela Pedinni

    Just got gifted this charming game! I coudn’t be happier. Thank you so much for bringing us this marvelous title and for nurturing it ever since. <3

  • Leo


  • PastryGator

    Please prioritize multiplayer. Thats a huge reason i bought the game in the first place and we’re coming up on a year later. 🙁

  • Val

    I love the game so much thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into it. Your game inspired me to want to make my own games one day, and I cannot gush enough about all the things I love about stardew valley.

  • Techdude 594

    Do you plan on releasing any new content updates in the future? I’d love to see more content, this game is too incredible to be left off with 1.1!

  • Brian Bushnell

    I would really like this site a lot more if you would dump the disgusting ads. I love Stardew Valley; I bought it as soon as possible; and basically, you are now a multi-millionaire. Do you really have to shove ugly ads in the faces of everyone who bought Stardew on day 1? Personally – prior to today, I checked Stardew’s forums regularly. But I don’t plan to do that anymore. I mean, you can do your localizations and console ports all you want, and I really hope that brings Stardew to more people, because it’s a great game. But this – crap like “She Had No Idea Why The Crowd Was Cheering” – linked to “http://omglane.com/2030/?r=taboola1653us&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=taboola1653us&utm_campaign=disqus-widget-safetylevel20longtail04”

    Sorry, it’s just wrong. I’m disappointed. That’s not what I expect to see on a site like this.

    • Brian Bushnell

      I will say, though, that 3DS would be nice 🙂

  • Andrew McClain

    Please get multiplayer on the top of your list, it was promised and we are already a year in. My money was used for the future release of multiplayer and it’s still not here 🙁 also will it have local co-op and online coop? Thanks 🙂

  • Jhonka

    I’ll be honest; I’m really quite impressed by the amount of work you continue to put into the game even after launch (the QoL improvements you’re working on for gamepads, for instance).

    No idea if you’re planning to add any further content down the line (or maybe start work on another game), but whether you do or not, you’ve really built something to be proud of in Stardew. I mean, the unexpected millions it’s gained for you aside (which has to be mindblowing still), you’ve pushed out a game that’s honestly much, much, much better than many huge Triple-A releases that have had the work of hundreds of people put in. And you did the vast majority of the work completely on your own, to boot.

    I suppose that’s the difference between a labor of love, and a cash grab. What you’ve created is obviously a labor of love, and it shows through in spades.

    If you choose to continue producing games, I’ll be here waiting to throw more money at you. You’ve earned a customer for life, here.

    If you choose to retire once you decide Stardew is well and truly complete, well… You’ve earned it. Many people never manage such a capstone at all in their lives. So yeah, if you decide to kick back on a beach with a fruity drink with a little umbrella for the rest of your days, consider it a life-long vacation well-earned.

    • Fenriah

      …I once knew an oomkin named Jhonka.

    • Dustin L.

      I agree, I’m constantly in awe of the talent required to make such an excellent game, completely by yourself. The music… the art… the programming… Everything in Stardew is on point.

      The guy deserves all of the success that has come his way.

  • batman

    I already snagged it on PS4 but I always end up playing it with remote play on my Vita. I am super stoked for an official Vita release (and will totally buy it a third time lol).

  • Erick Martin

    Please put it in all regions! I am living in Asia, and it’s so best suite for me to play on Vita!

  • Archbreaker

    Vita port would be amazing! I really hope that you will find the time and reason to bring this game to the Vita. I would love to take this game with me on my Vita.

  • cheedor1s

    love the game a lot i kind of hope the multiplayer is like animal crossing he could us the train to go to other town but what ever he dose i bet it be good i have for ps4 and when we have the money were get a sec ps4 and we be get this game again because then me and my wife can play it and when multiplayer dose come out we can play together i will say think you for make a good game

  • Szponix

    Vita!? YEAH! <3

  • Polydeuces

    Make it real for Vita, guys!

  • I hope part of those “several other issues…” is how this game kills PS4 Pro consoles.

  • dcgamers

    A save game port Option would be great for getting your PC save games on the Switch for example 🙂

  • Retro Edge

    Fix the PS Pro issues or take it down from the PS4 store. Unbelievable that this console breaking mess is still buyable…

    • Realist


      • Spirit Deity

        naggy little console bitch
        derp a derp

    • ntolman

      What about the issue where PS4 Pro users have problems shutting down their console, going into rest mode and running other apps?

      The PS4 Pro issues associated with Stardew Valley are a system
      software bug, and not caused by the game. Sony have informed us that a
      fix is coming in the next major system software update, but we
      (Chucklefish & Sickhead) haven’t been told when that will be.

  • Engin Sarıkaya

    We want Turkish language please.

  • Louise


  • Maverick81PL

    Vita 🙂 Please make this happend!

  • Marco Sousa

    Vita means love! Vita means life! <3 lol

  • Otavio Dias

    Fevereiro minha vida acaba, rsrrsrsrsrs melhor jogo do mundo xD

  • Pheen!x

    Thank you!
    Patiently waiting for the release, sincerely a future Switch owner! 😉

    Reinstating that I want to buy this day one, I am kinda happy about the slight delay.
    March is gonna be expansive as it stands and with this I can distribute my play time over the year and it eases the wait for Mario Odyssey. Just happy 😉

  • James Carter

    So…how about that promised multiplayer? Or is the only thing that matters is you get the game on every console you can to make as much money as possible? I’m really concerned for the Development of Stardew Valley if the only thing that seems to matter is porting it to multiple consoles.

    • James Stine

      Did you miss the part that said “Multiplayer co-op is still in development… progress has been made but it’s going to be a while yet.”?

      • James Carter

        I sure didn’t miss it. but I 100% agree with sophie’s comment that multiplayer should be more of a priority. Getting the game to other consoles is a great Idea…I mean who doesn’t love filling their pockets with money…but Fulfilling the promises that you gave people who currently own your game should be a much bigger priority.

        • James Stine

          I want multiplayer as well, as long as it’s still coming, I can be content with that.

          • James Carter

            I guess you’re content with Donald Trump’s presidency due to him being replaced in 4/8 years? Your logic makes no sense. I really hate to shit on a good game(and this is a REALLY good game) but we have BETA footage of multiplayer working yet we’re told “it’s a ways off”. I bought this game for the sole purpose of playing with friends yet it seems like I won’t be able to. We have mods for the game where multiplayer is working(not perfectly mind you but it’s something). All I’ve seen in the past few months is localizations and ports to other consoles. Cha-Ching for Concerned Ape…but no bueno for the PC players. All I ask is to give us SOMETHING other than words that Multiplayer is coming. It’s not that hard to impliment multiplayer in a game like this. It shouldn’t be taking this long.

          • James Stine

            Excuse me? What the hell does Donald Trump being president have to do with multiplayer in a video game? I think you need to reevaluate your argument here. You tell me my logic makes no sense, and yet you try to compare apples to atom bombs. It’s just a video game, dude… not politics.

          • James Carter

            It’s an analogy about how just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Now I have no reason to doubt Concerned Ape when he says it’s coming…but it’s been o The past few months worth of posts have “Multiplayer is coming” but we haven’t been shown anything regarding multiplayer in quite some time. In fact once the game was released it appears his focus immediately went to porting the game…instead of finishing it. Just my two cents. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          • Rose

            What part of multiple teams is going over your head?

            Just because one team is focused on ports doesn’t mean the other team isn’t focused on multiplayer. That’s the entire point of having multiple groups working on the product. It allows multiple things to be worked on at once without delaying or impacting each other. If they weren’t doing the ports then the multiplayer would still be in development regardless because the team that has been focused on it is still working on it. Removing the port isn’t suddenly going to put those people on the multiplayer and magically make it come out faster because that separate group was brought in specifically to handle the ports.

          • SilentWolf251

            Chucklefish worked on the ports. ConcernedApe, I presume, works on the multiplayer, bug fixes, and any extra content (such at 1.1). Personally, bug fixes should be put first, since a lot of players on Xbox/PS4 can’t even play Stardew Valley due to game-breaking bugs. Hopefully, they will be able to play with the next patch.

        • Devin Keenan

          You don’t know that Multiplayer isn’t #1 priority for whichever group is working on it. He says specifically that others are doing most of the development. So we don’t know who is doing what (amongst Chucklefish, Sickhead Games and Playism) or how they are prioritizing things.

  • James Carter

    I love this game. It’s amazing. But I won’t buy it for another console untill multiplayer is out. i mean the Switch was DESIGNED around multiplayer…yet this game still can’t do it…

  • Pawlee

    Maaaaate, if this hit Vita I’d play the shit out of this… Please do it.

    • Jorge E Hernandez

      Yes please

  • OfficerFriendly

    Thanks for bringing this amazing game on Xbox!

  • Leo

    I hope so… that mysteryboxes come in the game! for what items for that you play the game a long time… I love this game so Mutch… omg.

  • Amaizer

    What do you think is the most important in Stardew Valley development?
    I’m really sad about the developer’s attitude to multiplayer.

    • Rose

      The multiplayer is being worked on they can’t do much more than that and considering different groups are working on different aspects the other things aren’t slowing each other down. Just be patient and it will come out when it is ready. Better for it to take time and come out great than be shoved out the door buggy and unfinished.

      • xarai

        instead of wasting time for overpriced shitty consoles they should have developed multiplayer long time ago. Instead of providing something was promised they instead thought money was a priority instead of the fanbase. srsly console fags can just get a dam pc

        • Yongho Lee

          “Just get a dam pc”

          This is why “PC gamers” get a bad rep, because of people like you. Be civilized, console ports support the developer. He needs money to survive, you know. Even though the multiplayer ports may be long overdue, it doesn’t mean you can freely act in such an immature fashion.

          • Skunk Inhaler

            Actually freedom of speech and expression beg to differ.

            A port for the console can be done parallel to the multiplayer update.

            The multiplayer update should have been done a long time ago. I am rofl because they hired someone for the multiplayer update and there are mods which virtually add multiplayer. AND no, I refuse to use a mod to add support for a system which should have inherently been in the system.

        • NotSarcasticAtAll

          They shouldn’t be working on multiplayer either. There are a zillion multiplayer games, and 90% of them suck. SV is an amazing single-player, story-driven game. It should remain exactly that. Multiplayer adds almost nothing to the experience.

          • Jens Hiller

            My wife and I disagree.

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            Don’t get me wrong. I’d like to be able to run a farm with my real life wife in Stardew Valley, but that feature pales in comparison to having new story elements. What I absolutely do not want is any sort of “play with random people on the internet” multiplayer. That is a straight waste of time.

          • Skunk Inhaler

            Like a stardew valley match making service? Who can grow the crops the fastest, compete with players in your skill group!

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            That is not in any way in the spirit of this game. This is Stardew not Starcraft. The time it would take to implement all that could be used to expand the story, to add new areas of the map, to add new characters, to add new quests. This would improve the experience of the game far more than online plant growing competitions.

          • Skunk Inhaler

            Keep to yourself and clearly no one else as you have no friends.

            They promised a feature, imo they are liable to serve it. If you don’t want to play with other people (which you couldn’t as you are friendless) then play by yourself.

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            Having friends is not the issue. Significantly affecting the nature of the gameplay is the issue. If you had a brain, you would understand that, but you don’t have a brain. You are Skunk the Brainless, and thus you have no clue about things like gameplay dynamics. Adding multiplayer as a key component of the gameplay can (and probably will) affect the single-player gameplay. No, the developer is not in any way liable for a promised feature. Unless the customer has a contract with the developer, the developer can change the product roadmap at will. If you knew anything about software development, you would know that, but you don’t because you are Skunk the Brainless. Now, run along and get back to playing Counterstrike. Stardew Valley is far too cerebral for you.

        • Anthony

          As a PC player, I disagree with this. I’ve specifically been waiting for Stardew Valley Switch because as much as I like my 1440p, 144fps gaming rig, I can’t exactly take it to work with me every day. I’m really jazzed to know that it’s coming to Switch, but if it wasn’t and it only came to Vita I’d buy a Vita just to play this mobile. I’ve been waiting patiently to even start playing this so I can experience it fully on a portable console.

          TL;DR screw you, yay mobile.

    • Amaizer

      I hope ConcernedApe will notice this strawpoll among all the VITA spam and see the results. You could just upvote a vita comment instead of posting another one :/

      • NotSarcasticAtAll

        I wasn’t even aware they were still making the Vita. I thought it went bust about ten minutes after they announced it.

        • Anthony

          Nope, it has a strong following in Japan and a small but passionate user base in the US. There are a number of companies that still d cello for it and there are companies like Limited Run Games that craft physical releases for indie games and still focus on the Vita.

    • stupidcar

      I think the problem is, adding multiplayer to any game is very complicated. Then consider adding it *after* the game is done. And then consider adding it to all the different platforms, PC and console, that the game now supports. It is a really horrible job.

      Think of all the different things you need to consider: What happens in every cutscene and story mode if one player is offscreen, or comes onscreen half way through? What happens whenever one action interacts with another? How does lag affect every situation? The number of potential interactions is infinite.

      It is easy to think adding multiplayer is just about letting two players walk around the same screen farming. But really it is about getting many, many more things right. I would be surprised if it is ever added successfully.

      • Carter Gabriel

        I am a professional game developer, and indeed adding multiplayer is one of the most difficult features you could add to a game. Depending on how well the game was coded, adding it in later can be anywhere from easy (very well planned for it in code from the start) to an absolute nightmare (a complete rework of major systems).

        However like any feature, it is perfectly do-able in time. And it does not take a year. Not even close. Anyone who pretends like it does is lying to you.

        Depending on the tools and experience of the programmer, times can vary. If the developer working on multiplayer is experienced, it is only a matter of first understanding the code (once again depends on how well it was originally coded and commented), setting up the foundation, and then doing the work (the easy part, but the lengthiest part. Lots of work, but elementary stuff for an experienced network programmer).

        This doesn’t include the design changes. If they are adding major changes to the design, new features, or trying to find the right design from multiple ideas, that can take awhile by itself. Not very long, as prototyping is done rapidly, but does take additional time.

        Hope that gives you an accurate picture. If multiplayer or local COOP were a priority, it would be out by now if it truly is a year later. Most likely there are higher priorities for those working on the game than multiplayer. No feature takes a year to develop. You’re talking at most a few months. Maybe a month for the core, a month for the implementation, and two weeks for the design, plus any in house testing if everything is done by one developer. Three months is very generous though. Just as I said, it can be a nightmare if the original programmer’s code isn’t easy to read. Every studio has their own requirements, every developer their own skill level, and very team different size, so times vary.

        • Carter Gabriel

          Btw, the creator of stardew valley is very admirable as a developer. He is extremely ethical & intelligent, in a greedy industry where both traits are rare. He is a gem and truly deserving of his masterpiece and success. I cannot wait to see every future game he releases, as I am so confident they will be just as perfect as Stardew. His attention to detail, polish, and ethical approach to feature complete release is an enormous strength. Not sure I’ve even see that before all together. Most Indies can’t even get one of those three, let alone all and more.


      • Amaizer

        Multiplayer is promised since the game got released so I’m pretty sure there are plans for different situations. Modders were able to create a makeshift multiplayer so it shouldn’t be that hard to make.

        That cutscene thing you said can be solved many simple ways.
        -both players requied for cutscenes
        -if one player starts the cutscene it starts for the other one too whereever he is
        -other player cannot enter the area until the cutscene is over
        These are all very simple ways to make this situation work but these are just my guessings since we get zero information about how multiplayer will look like.

    • Spirit Deity

      he is busy sucking console dick

      • Amaizer

        What an immature description of the situation.

        • xarai

          and yet you didn’t disagree at all did you?
          money from morons that bought console > adding content for the fanbase that got him started and the game noticed even though he promised
          he is starting to remind me of donald trump

          • Yongho Lee

            Oh, great. Is this a “Anyone who I don’t like is Donald Trump” comment? It’s kind of sad seeing the fanbase of such a great game act like this. Yes, he doesn’t disagree that multiplayer should have been prioritized before the console releases. However, you have to realize that there’s a difference between spelling it out in a polite and considerate way in which the developers may acknowledge and spewing shit on his face. Console expansions bring more people into the game. If you were truly thinking for the game, and just for the game, shouldn’t this have been a good thing?

          • xarai

            who said thgis was a anyone who i dnt like is donald truimp.
            the guy made a game i like, how is that hatred, the guy just refuses to keep on his promise

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            You don’t know much about software development.

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            Like Donald Trump, his agenda might not be completely up to him. He could have investors “advising” him what to work on next, just like Trump has Congress blocking his promised agenda.

          • xarai

            you dnt know much about politics

          • NotSarcasticAtAll

            I know way more than you do.

          • Anthony

            You’re just now figuring out businesses take money to operate?

          • xarai

            it takes money to operate….. and yet i would literally buy 5 ppl right now on top of my head, i would buy them the game to play if it had multi. I know of a further 23 in my group that would buy it if it had multiplayer. if it takes money to operate MULTIPLAYER IS THE WAY TO GO

    • NotSarcasticAtAll

      They (he?) should be doing nothing but expanding the storyline and adding new places to explore. The game drops off a cliff story-wise towards the end, but there is so much groundwork laid for an immense story and world. Some of the aspects of the current story are just touched on.

  • Simtopia23

    Pls italian translation!

    Also New 3DS is much better than the Vita (the installed base is way larger)

    • Shaun Kennedy

      Porting it to 3DS is very different than porting to Vita, I would love to see it on both and I’d buy it on both for sure, but the Vita still has a very respectable install base, but I don’t want to see one happen at the expense of another.

  • luan 10

    Can anyone tell me how will this multiplayer in stardew ??

  • Seirra Peace

    Thank you for all that you’ve done. This game is truly amazing and has done wonders for my anxiety issues. Honestly, I don’t understand why people are so angry about no multiplayer, as I would probably never utilize the feature. But that’s just me. I’m more excited to play the game on the Nintendo Switch. But just know that you have fans that appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this game.

  • Ismael Cubilla

    I really need an update about the winter… I think that is a little boring because I don’t know what to do…

    • James Jeans

      In the Winter, you’re meant to raise animals and explore the mines.

      • Izzy-chan

        Along with upgrading tools.

        • Shaun Kennedy

          and exploit the vertical hoe glitch for massive profits by foraging for winter roots and snow yams…. wait they patched that glitch out *sad face*

  • Paul Mitchell

    I’m waiting for the Switch version. I can’t wait to buy it! (so please hurry!)

  • Jieli Xia


  • johnny gabriel

    ea tradução para PT BR vai sair mas não ?

    • Otavio Dias

      como assim cara, ta no texto ali falando q vai ter PT BR (”Playism is translating Stardew Valley into Spanish, ((((((((((Brazilian Portuguese”)))))))))))

      • johnny gabriel

        caraba essa parte eu não tinha visto do meio desligado hj kkkkk. tomara que saia logo

    • Anderson Dotto Padoin

      poise mano, como assim ta escrito BRAZILIAN PORTUGUES kkk

  • Lord Xamon

    Localisations soon? Yaaay!! <3

  • YAY vita 😀 <3

  • Diesel86

    Yeah!! German German^^ xD

  • David Lazarek

    Day One on Vita here! 🙂

  • Leny Cherry

    Thank you so much, your game is awesome ! Too bad it will be not translate in french but i would always fun even in english ^^. Thank you for working on co-op too, my boyfriend would play so much with me ^^ ! Keep going well 🙂

  • gikoneko

    Would you add Japanese language to xbox version? Some publishers sometimes omitted Japanese in Xbox version only.

  • cheedor1s

    was just thinking if u ever make a big update to the game like new area with new stoff or just anything like that u could sell it as dlc because this game is so great i now people would buy it i now i would

  • Charles Corey Stewart

    Thanks for all the transparency and hard work. Looking forward to the update!

  • erikbirk

    You guys should consider bringing it to the Nvidia shield TV. I stream it from my PC to my TV that way and would gladly buy it again if it were native for my shield.

  • Jake Balch

    OMG help!

    My game won’t load either!

    My xbox gamertag is puff62daddy

    I want to play but can’t!

  • James Jeans

    I’m extremely happy that you’re working on controller support. The game functions fine on console, but that invisible cursor is incredibly frustrating (even after the most recent patch, it keeps interacting with things that it’s hovering over in the game world even when it’s invisible).

  • Pfffff.. Serious ? and French

  • Charles Corey Stewart

    At first everything was fine but now the game is making my PS4 Pro go insane.
    Things like- can’t enter rest mode, can’t close the app, PS4 Pro will not shut down properly, always has the check the HDD for corrupt files, etc. I would remove it from the store until a fix is made, either that or possibly thousands of PS4 Pro systems will be damaged by the game.

    • Realist

      Same. :/

      • Charles Corey Stewart

        Deleting the game seems to erase all the issues but damn, I want to keep playing it but everytime I do my PS4 Pro has to be hard reset and go through the corruption recovery.

        Crazy theory, they did this so we could go out and have real connections with nature and people 😉

  • Nikolas Shea

    Add a patch with a new town and people that competes with Pelican town! 😛

  • Brendan

    Everyone so far is increidble in terms of progress. However, the only thing I’m still griping about is the multiplayer. I feel like the multiplayer isn’t really benig prioritized when it opens up an immersive experience not capable with single player. If someone could make a kickstarter or anything to help prioritize multiplayer i know myself included that many others would be interested

  • Alfred Pucek

    Lovely game to unwind with after a hard day! Can’t wait for co-op!

  • Tatsu Oni

    Just waiting for beta release of localization Brazilian Portuguese XD

  • Verorr

    While some people are a bit overboard with their complaints on the state of multiplayer, I would like something more than a one sentence statement about multiplayer saying “we’re working on it” at the end of every other post. The people mentioning that releasing it now will lead to a buggy mess and all that are correct, however, the more content that is created before multiplayer is finished, the more bugs that will arise within the current multiplayer build. Obviously leading to further unspoken delays. So while I would like to see further updates on the game, I don’t want to see a 1.2 patch before multiplayer lands. My complaints are more on Chucklefish, as ConcernedApe isn’t handling the multiplayer. At the end of the day, a post solely consisting of information on multiplayer and where it stands would go a long way for the community that are interested in said feature.

    EDIT- I apologize ahead of time if it comes across as rude, that’s not what I’m aiming for.

  • Roland Tengu

    Love the game, Keep it indie, keep it cheap, keep it coming from your heart. There are some really sweet scenes in your game. Well done, first one in a while i felt is worth every penny and more.

  • Ryuseii Masamune

    I do hope you’ll add more marriage candidates someday, i really clicked with Marnie and its sad that i can’t be with her, I know about the spoilers, but she deserves to be in a happy relationship.If you do add Marnie someday a good male candidate would be Clint or Willy, since both sides should get an extra love interest

  • Nico He

    language patch <3

  • xFaqswe12

    what about ios and andriod port??

  • Stefano Boi

    Bruttu pezz’è merda, cosa fai ti muovi, mi sono rotto il cazzo di giocare a overwatch con D.VA Rotta.
    Ti prego, sto per impiccarmi, non costringermi a giocare a bloodborne che poi bestemmio ancora di più.
    Ho bisogno di un gioco tranquillo dove posso raccogliere la frutta senza che nessuno mi tagli il cazzo.
    Dai amico, sai cosa ti dico, sbrigati lo dice frekoo.
    Cordiali Saluti

  • wxsampson

    Do the current console versions (Xbox One, PS4) sync with PC/Steam accounts, or will future versions, such as the Nintendo Switch one that is planned?

  • Kyle

    Is it a possibility that stardew could come to the 3ds? That would be amazing!

  • Coop Local “split screen” in PC please!

    • Carter Gabriel

      This would be extremely easy to do, compared to networked multiplayer. I honestly dont get why this wasn’t chosen INSTEAD of networked mp. This game’s design fits local COOP very well.

  • Sofi Ayaz

    Thank you again for your hard work!! I can’t wait until the day I get to play with my friends. Also, when you say you’re working on bringing it to the Nintendo platform, is 3DS a possible device we could play it on?? Because that would be amazing!

  • Amanda Cross

    Aww, I was hoping the Switch version would be out sooner. I really want to play this game. Looking so forward to it.

    • Yeah, especially since we were denied the Wii U version and we would have been playing it last month.

  • Doti Hicks

    If u buy the ps4 game on the system for stardew valley while it be a cross platform like if u buy it for ps4 u can get it for on ps vita

  • Rick

    Any idea when the next major content update will come out? I’m expecting it to come out around the end of this year or maybe next year considering how hard it is to work on a game.

  • gurlgamer05

    I’m so excited for the Switch release. I have Stardew Valley on PC and love it. I’ve even convinced some friends to play it. I own a PS4 and an Xbox One and have a Switch on preorder. I can’t wait for the Switch release of the game 🙂

  • Sebastián Dos Santos Farias

    VITA PLIZ!!!

  • Jon Born

    Great choice on the Switch! I can’t wait to buy it all over again once the Switch version comes out

  • Alessandro Monteiro

    Por favor, Patch-PTBR

    • Anderson Dotto Padoin

      Está lá mano, PTBR confirmado (brazilian portuguese no texto) só aguardar 🙂

  • Gabriel Silveira Souza

    Thanks for the great game and for all you made!
    and I’ve got some simple sugestions;
    First, in the character’s menu, where we exit the game, we need a button to reach game Menu, like “Exit to Game Menu” for change character, start a new game, etc.
    Second, a Farm Map, to see our crops and the buildings on the farm, maybe for prints!
    Third, thats not simple but i would like if the bachelors and bachelorettes could marry each other and we have time to marry them! It would be more real.
    And for last, the babies groing up? And go to school like Jas and Vincent? That would be great.
    Thanks again :*

  • Gabriel Marandola

    Eric, your work is incredible. Chucklefish assisted great games come true, like yours and Starbound.

  • sériously ? is a FUCKING French discrimination

  • Redofcolor

    For the ps4 version if you get rid of the cursor could you make it so could choose. I pepersonally
    love the cursor for selection in the menus.

  • david daulby

    co-op would be great as when you start a new season trying to get everything done is not possible so have some one sort out say the animals while you tend to the filed would be awesome

  • Squi

    Ima a huge fan of your work ~Stardew Valley I bought the game on steam and soon I intend to purchase the offered soundtrack as well. This game is fantastic and I hope you keep up the good work (I hope to see Multiplayer soon through I doubt this will be implemented any time soon….. Continue the good work through!)

  • Shaun Kennedy

    I would like to strongly encourage that if it’s possible to please not give up on the PS Vita. Many are calling it a dead console, and while Sony may not be actively supporting it anymore, third party developers are still releasing new games on it, and it has a healthy install base. This is exactly the kind of game I’d love to see on the Vita. I already own Stardew Valley on PC but I would be very happy to buy it again to have on a handheld!

  • Zanon23

    Waiting for that Co-Op/Multiplayer thing to happen! In the meantime, 24/7 surveillance on me farm :U

  • Jobsworth

    I’m holding off and waiting for co-op before I buy, just FYI.

  • jeberson lobato

    Where to update from January 27 to xbox one?

  • Mario Lelić

    Whens expansion coming? 😀

  • Chip Vickers

    Really really really can’t wait for this to be out on switch! Playing this game on the go will be awesome for people like me that work away

  • Protege Anton

    So sad about multiplayer, bought this game to play with my partner and a year later still waiting while everything else get released. Like many that work in coding have said multiplayer does not take anywhere this long.

  • Hard Prime’s Clan

    Meu bebe sumiu no ps4, ja tem 1 ou 2 meses que ele nao aparece em casa… so lembro que do nada o bebe tava la ai na hora de durmir abhigail fes uma pergunta simples e pequena, nao li a pergunta na hora, so respondi yes.. e quando acordei o bebe sumiu.. me ajudem..

    • Sérgio

      Pode ter sido a Nazaré

  • Julia Hü

    I’m really sad, that the multiplayer isn’t done yet. My husband and me are waiting from the beginning of the developement to play together. We decided to buy the game only when the multiplayer is ready.
    It would be good to read more then only two sentences about the progression.

  • farmy

    I am really happy to see some further development of the game, but actually I stopped playing it after the 1.1 Patch because I want to wait for the coop/multiplayer mode to explore the game with my friends. A few month ago I read that it will come out in early 2017, but when I am reading this announcement, I am a little concerned that I will never play the game again :-/

    Not that I am not grateful for this amazing game. I just wish I could play it together with my friends.

  • Matias Torres

    Is there any possibility of this game coming out in nintendo 3ds? it would be great

  • aali kane

    ….The cat is sleeping just to the left of the doorway when I enter my house….. I can’t get passed him… its 12:30 at night, and I’m about to lose 500 gold because of the damned cat….

  • AuraAsaria

    For Steam a Beta test … But now when exactly?

  • Dee

    Thank you for Stardew Valley.

  • The Silence

    Very nice game. Still waiting to the multiplayer. Happy for having it in brazilian portuguese. So i can buy an copy to my father play with me, i am certain he also will enjoy a lot the game.
    I still keep thinking in what makes an game good and what makes an artist pure. Well, many people can copy your game after a time, but everyone that have an little of empathy will know that the game is yours, will know that the essence of the creator is the same as your game carry your signature. When we think about the consequences of media in the Conscious collective you can be absolute certain that game designers like you contribute to create an much better world than those that only take the ride for their ” Gold Rush” . But a fool will never understand the satisfaction of an wise man that see his work and sit beside his players as an player too and experience the honest feel of gratitude that no money in the world can buy. And them see the tracks of his work slowly fade as it become part of a new pattern of human behavior and realizes the pieces like this contribute to create an better world. So if this theory is right, being honest to yourself and to others is what create an better world.

    • The Silence

      I am thinking about other game already. But i will comment here. You see. A lot of games have this option to attack others players and steal their hard work. But you know… I never see an game were all the non-hostile players can form an police and empower that police so the hostile players have no change against them all. But what make their worth of entering this group? An ethic code.

      • The Silence

        I think if players didn’t have the option to attack each other freely. You can build an more friendly community. Them you can work in the attackers like waves of monster that attack in times of lack of resource, i think that’s Winter. And to remove the feel that you are suffering some type of extortion. You can make the option to gradatively create the police and even have the oprtion to stand side to side in the fights. And the waves can grown or reduce proportionally to the quantity of resources in wild areas and the quantity of thrash you dispose in the ground.

  • Paulo

    stardew Valley em espanhol, português brasileiro, alemão, russo, japonês e chinês simplificado…
    se colocar beta no steam conseguirei acessar?

  • Paulo

    stardew Valley em espanhol, português brasileiro, alemão, russo, japonês e chinês simplificado…
    colocar beta no steam consigo acessar?

  • Spirit Deity

    came here to see if actual updates happened instead found console blowjobs :/ smh

  • oussama hch

    it’s possible to add at android and iso phone !!?

  • Sheri Kasper

    Thank you so much for the update, my save file works now. But now my game will not save. Every time I go to bed the day starts over!!!

  • blake hancock

    I would pay full price 2 more times to play on phone and tablet

  • Monty De

    Did not buy Stardew yet as I don’t think I would play it on PC or Ps4 much. But I would instabuy this for the PS Vita. It’s the perfect game for a handheld to relax on the couch. So please port it to the Vita!

  • psyduck

    For my part I do wish there was way more emphasis on multiplayer. It is the main reason I actually bought this game (and haven’t played it yet). I really want to discover all the fun as a group rather than playing solo.

    I’ve played enough farming games solo.

  • Luke

    That is awesome, i think the Switch is perfect for this game and i will definitely buy it again on it 🙂

  • kevin Sy

    Looking forward to multiplayer!!

  • Charmaine Carbonaro

    Would love a DLC (happy to pay) which unlocks a new area, new people move in, maybe a manor/hotel to renovate (similar to community centre) for people to stay in when they visit (multiplayer), new mine, new beach, new forest. Ability to demolish Joja Mart and maybe build a house there and once complete a family moves in, new bachelor and bachalorette. Also once a season a new festival held at the community centre, for example a cooking contest. Love your work, keep it up 🙂

  • Waldo

    I bought this on release, havent played it for a while and stuck at summer 18th due to busy schedule in School, then I heard that there would be a Switch ver of Stardew Valley, gonna insta buy so I can play at School instead, really waiting for the Switch release 😀

  • Daniel Walker

    Hey dude! I love your game Heh ^^; I tried to send you a message on Twitter but it’s being screwy 😡 Then I tried Facebooook bleh. Anyway, I gave up and decided to put it in here. So uh, whether you read this or not; Yah know.. I tried xD

    Anyway. Hi again. I’ve been playing your game for such a long time and I have to say, I never get tired of it. It reminds me so much of my childhood. Me and my dad would play Harvest Moon on the Original Playstation One. Everyday I at least put a few hours into my farm, I say Hi to everyone who I walk past in the game, and decided to become best buddies with Linus first! Cuz ;A; He looks so lonely! Anyway

    I can’t wait for the Coop/Multiplayer update, I’d love to share my experiences with my friends, make a farm, cut down all the pesky trees on my land D:<! And buy a cow, just to name it. 'Got Milk' xP Anyway. I'm looking forward to it so much, and I can't wait to play with my buddies 🙂

    Thanks for all the laughs!

  • syclick

    If you do make a Vita port (please?), it would be nice if you made it PS-TV compatible.

  • vz

    My game still Crashes when I go to hand in artifacts to Gunther. Immediately when I talk to him the game crashes. I am close to getting the key. and have a stock pile of artifacts to turn in. maybe its the exact number that I have donated which causes the glitch, between 50 and 60.

  • vz

    My game still Crashes when I go to hand in artifacts to Gunther. Immediately when I talk to him the game crashes. I am close to getting the key. and have a stock pile of artifacts to turn in. maybe its the exact number that I have donated which causes the glitch, between 50 and 60.

  • Luis “Armando” Martinez

    3DS XL PLZ!

  • vz

    My game still Crashes when I go to hand in artifacts to Gunther. Immediately when I talk to him the game crashes. I am close to getting the key. and have a stock pile of artifacts to turn in. maybe its the exact number that I have donated which causes the glitch, between 50 and 60.

  • Jacob White

    please just release multiplayer already!

  • Chris Papp

    Will there be a couch co-op option available at some point, or just online multiplayer

  • ✩。˚ *♡ Kayla ♡⋆。˚✩

    Can i play on my ps vita?

  • zakaria sfenjeh

    please release the game on the vita. a nice and relaxing game that requires a long time playing it would feel and play better on the vita .

  • imasterdragon

    I hope this game gets co-op on console

  • Teddie Sage

    I doubt this will happen but I wish there was a French patch for the PS4 and XboxOne versions.

  • Zakaria Sfenjeh

    I really like this game. but I’ll only buy it if it is released on the ps vita. these kind of games needs sinkning many hours of relaxing play time and i prefer to do that on my vita both at home and outdoors

  • Vita port would be awesome. Please do it.

  • Elleyden


    This is perfect for multiplayer and would it be possible to one day have the opportunity to control his lover and make him playable or help us in the fight in the game with the equipment we give him? This would be a great alternative for those who want to play a player. Hunting also because the game is very vegetarian and it would be fun to add hunting areas with an ecosystem since it is cited to respect the ecosystem in books.

  • Angela

    After update: my PS4 crashes at about 1am I lose all progress and PlayStation needs to be restarted. It has happened twice in a row now, I’m about to try to go through one more time and try to sleep early to skip the day. I’m 3 years in, over 100 hours, this is upsetting because I love this game. Help!!!

  • Ryan Hart

    Good work! I’m excited to see that a future update to get rid of the mouse cursor in menus when using a controller is being worked on. I think I’ll start my full play through when that patch comes out. I tried to with keyboard and mouse, but it’s too much of a laid back, relaxing game not to play it with a controller.

  • gtasthehunter

    Even while using controller on ps4 i would like keyboard and mouse support too, and i really need a way to change skills like maybe something the wizard could do somehow.

  • Isak Larsson

    Thousands of us have been refreshing twitter, coming here reading comments and waiting for news about multiplayer every single day for close to a year now. I’m starting to fear the worst, but hope is the last thing to leave us.

  • victorkan

    Hello, i need play this beautifull game. Date aprox. of translate in spanish for ps4? thanks and nice work boss.

  • Jacob Ball

    I can honestly say I’m excited for future updates and am amazed your team still works on the game thank you so much.

  • Byun

    I keep checking the Nintendo site to see if it’s been given a release date. I am sooooo excited to have this on the Switch…waiting…mostly….patiently…but sometimes not so patiently. <3

  • Daniel Bergmann

    I’m looking forward to the co-op mode. Hopefully it will be added soon.

  • Beetlebubb

    I have a question about the multiplayer that will later be added on the game. Will players be able to marry other players? :3

  • Jorge E Hernandez

    Please this game is perfect for my PS4 vita. I have to work but I need this game with me. Pleeeeaseee

  • Nicholas Payne

    Heeeey I bought it digital after renting it. Can I get a refund?? Patches keep taking out the exploits and honestly I bought it because there were exploits but one after another they kept disappearing. Really disheartening.

  • Catbug Jones

    Still waiting to hear more about the PS Vita… my favourite dedicated handheld, over my 3ds and switch, I love the trophies and extra things to go for and the oled screen, but remote play just doesn’t cut it… As I always played harvest moon on the go, I would seriously love to be able to do the same with this on the vita as it’s easier to carry around and in my opinion (not sure if it’s just me) has way better battery life for travelling with. I know it’s probably too much to ask, but I would love to be able to earn all the trophies again on my vita seperately, although I still can’t get the mini game trophy! I’ll get there, I’m getting better haha. There are a lot of people who really do still enjoy the vita and there have been some devs make games for it that are greatly appreciated, still games to come! I just finished Undertale on it and it was the perfect portable experience. Hope you guys say what’s happening with this soon

    • Catbug Jones

      And still I wait. Please, for the love of everything good, just a simple yes or no!