Stardew Valley Switch – 1.2.36 Patch Notes

Hey everyone!

We’ve just released an update for Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch which should solve the issues some of you have been reporting since the game’s release. No more crashing when you go to sleep! No more weird crackling noises! 😀

Big thanks to everyone for their support and patience as we worked to ensure these issues were fixed, and thank you to the players who took the time to send detailed bug reports that helped us to track down and fix these issues! Check below for more detailed patch notes.

  • Players should see a significant improvement on save times! Also, the saving screen is now animated.
  • The new video recording feature is now supported!
  • When a controller connects or disconnects, the Controller Support Applet now appears to ask which controller you want to use to play the game, instead of silently switching to the new controller.
  • The game now detects Simplified / Traditional Chinese environments on first start up and defaults to the Simplified Chinese localisation instead of English.
  • Fixed issue that created the unintended ability to skip saving at night with a well-timed button press.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player character (and sometimes important NPCs) to appear off-screen during certain cutscenes.
  • Fixed a temporary soft lock that occurred when the player pressed A and B together while eating or drinking an item.
  • Fixed a way for players to temporarily lose access to essential tools via the chest interface’s organize button.
  • Fixed the Wizard’s slay monster quest sometimes asking you to kill 0 monsters.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred while sleeping (before saving) if any essential tools were not in your inventory at the time.
  • Fixed the wrong tooltips sometimes appearing on the bundle interface in the Community Center area.
  • Fixed the inability of players to drop items without deleting them when using the cursor mode that snaps to UI elements.
  • Morning music is no longer looped endlessly, and now fades out during the day as it should.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the journal with no quests.
  • Fixed occasional inability to select certain items in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when pressing the ‘-‘ button when playing a minigame at the Saloon.
  • Fixed button controls for the Prairie King minigame shooting in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed occasional left channel audio crackling
  • Fixed lack of vibration in handheld mode
  • SinCityAssassin

    Did you also include a fix for the glitch where your character freezes in fishing position sometimes and while you can still walk around, you can’t do anything until you pass out? (or if it happens if you play the fishing mini-game during the festival it’s essentially a soft-lock as the timer then never ends the game)

    • Mike Johnson

      Is that fix in the patch notes? Then I would say make sure it is submitted for another patch.

  • Johnny Tin

    Can you try to improve the performance in raining seasons? The fps drops a lot in the farm when it rains

  • Sergio Schezar

    After the update, my char woke up in his house (with recently added kitchen), and its layout was kinda glitched. The door has disappeared and there are some invisible blocks.
    I was able to leave the house by exiting through the wall at some point.

    • Sergio Schezar

      Also, my Community Center is in total darkness, can’t see a thing 🙁

      • Joshua Little

        After saving and restarting the game it worked fine for me

        • Sergio Schezar

          I don’t know if this did the trick or just restarting the game a few times, but:
          I ran the corrupted data recovery tool from Switch, and although it said nothing was found, when I opened the game after that everything was back to normal.

    • Joshua Little

      I went through a day or 2, quit the game then restarted and now all the graphics are normal

  • Alyena

    Thank you !
    Is the French translation planned?

  • Amanda Stitt

    I just had the issue with my character freezing when going to ice fish at the festival. I held down the button initially, before realizing I probably should have just tapped it. The character froze with a pole jutting out as the timer continued to click down. Conveniently, I discovered the update was available because of this. 😛 Don’t see this error in the list of fixes, though. Also, has it been mentioned that the ‘collect 30 firewood’ quest thing has the NPC chick thanking you for collecting stones? XD

  • Techdude 594

    Did you guys fix the issue where you would hear the indoor rain SFX even when outdoors? Also, has performance been improved? When you have a field full of crops, and especially during rain, the game stutters and lags like crazy, notably in handheld. Has this been fixed?

  • Uiry Sousa

    the stardew valley update for PC leaves when?

  • BernzSed

    Thanks for the update. Love the faster save times!

    Is touchscreen support planned for the future? Also, can you do my taxes and walk my dog?

  • David Morando

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. Love the game!

  • Rie Lewis

    is the jpurnal issue gonna be fixed? i cant gwt my journal to work once opened. tried redownloading game and new update but no luck. hope it can be fixed everything else works. brand new switch

  • Sarah Jane

    Thank you so much for this. You guys are awesome! Saves a lot faster and no crackling when my cows “mooo” haha. Thanks for all the hard work! <3

  • romrocha

    Nice! Keep improving it !!! I really love this game!!! =D Cheers from Brazil!

  • Ilham Mubarog


  • Harold Muñoz

    Thank you very much! Although I must say that I have noticed a serious decrease in the FPS

  • Keith Little

    Game still crashes for me on sleep, even with update. Am I doing something wrong? 🙁

  • SR

    Could you consider adding an option to loop the music? I actually miss it playing all day.

  • xarai

    whos dick do we have to suck for the ACTUAL game to get news. srsly you console faggots are making the game suckass

    • Dragon

      Fucking for real. Where’s Multiplayer? How about new content? How about a new area or 2 to explore, More npc’s more quests and shit? This game is so fucking dull now. And all the attention is going to the consoles just so the creator can make even more money and shit.

      • DeadHandtheSurvivor .

        Well of course the attention is going to the consoles, why should Stardew Valley be limited to just one platform? I think it’s amazing it has been ported to so many consoles so even more people can get to experiences the joy that is this game, and with it being on the Switch is brilliant because after all: the console is portable, so being able to play a extremely relaxing game like Stardew Valley wherever you want is just an amazing feat.

        Besides, the creator already stated that he’s working VERY hard on Multiplayer of which is coming out early next year, also, the creator has little to NOTHING to do with the console ports, those are worked on by other people. Now, stop acting like children, cause that’s not going to solve anything.

    • James

      Oh wow, so hardcore, playing Stardew Valley on PC. How many FPS do you get?

  • Karsten König

    I really love Stardew Valley!
    Would love to see some future updates with even more small details that make the game like it already is. Really looking forward for the multiplayer, my kids already love the idea that we can play with 3 on one farm even when we are physically not together 🙂

    What I am really interested in – what are the sales numbers for each console? So curious about it.
    Greetings from the black forest!

  • TRJVoRoN

    To hell Switch! where updates for PC? You give a beta on cooperative) we were tired to wait

  • Skygazer

    Still no fix for casks crashing the game?

  • Rhawk


  • Savage.Slime

    we really need some harem features implemented within this wonderful game. All of the marriage candidate seem interesting to life with. Plz don’t block this posibility in the near future.

  • Sibleykins

    Excited to see what the future holds for this game. Really great work everyone and especially ConcernedApe, thank you for bringing this game to us. I enjoy this simple charm that just draws you in. It is so relaxing to play this game, you choose your pace, you choose your path, its simple and lovely. Ofc like many others it would be awesome if there was extra content, but at the same time its not really necessary and sometimes i think it would kind of ruin the game a little if there was. But who knows, if there was something extra apart from multiplayer planned it would be an awesome addition even if it is something small yet charming. (please please add more areas to unlock post making friends with everyone, maybe something to do with bathhouse and those stairs going up into that little field behind Joja mart! i feel like if something extra was there would be so awesome) Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Luchozable

    do i have to manually update? i just played but never asked me to update and i couldnt record video 😡

  • Brian Nickel

    Have you been made aware of a bug where you get the same item from geodes over and over? I have processed probably 50 magma geodes and the all have Jasper in them.

    • Clark Noeninckx

      It keeps happening to me as well, though sometimes I get something different.

  • Clark Noeninckx

    Okay something weird happened where I had a kid and it spawned into my house but he wasn’t in his crib and I later discovered that he was outside the house in the black emptiness. Is there something wrong? (I’m playing on the Nintendo Switch)

  • Jessyl Abrenica

    Hi Im very happy with all the updates you have mentioned. 🙂 I hope you could also let the player and his or her non player wife or husband to have some time in town like doing fishing together, or so. and can you also please allow the player to swim in the beach and in the river? Thanks. If you only have time I highly appreciated it 🙂

  • Chareur

    i waiting just the french patch for switch !

  • Camila

    The Mayor’s beet quest doesn’t seem to be working as well 🙁
    I’ve tried everything! Pleeeease fix this bug! Thanks

  • Kanna Hayabusa

    Save times are still unbearable. Also, don’t ignore the PC version.

  • supernet2

    So i take it this means the save bug where you’d crash if you have certain tools or items in your chests not resorted to correct the “spacing” bug? Thats what i think i got out of this.

    Otherwise surprised chucklefish the company has come so far after the starbound situation. To bad starbound will most likely never come to the switch it would be a cool game to play on it

  • Will Vollmer

    I love the game on Xbox one. I would pay again to have it on my tablet. I’m not going to beg, also don’t do the episodic type translation please. Straight cross platform tablets. I have a galaxy tab s2 I’ve been barely using for about a year. I would burn it out if I had Stardew Valley on my tablet.

  • Wolf

    The updates are good but can you add multiplayer and also the map doesn’t show where the players are so please fix that too.

  • Ringo

    I would really REALLY love mappable controls on the switch. And touch screen support. I know the latter probably won’t happen but the fact that I can’t change the button layout is a big detractor as to why I don’t play much on the switch. The static layout is awkward and confusing and id like the ability to change some things. Also possibly a way to control the cursor speed? I don’t like the idea of moving the cursor with the control stick, but being able to control how fast it moves around the screen would help.

  • Rock Gaming

    game is crashing when i try to cheat/spawn items.

  • skankhunt33

    Dude, Switch has a touch screen, can we use it in the game?

  • Laporsha Ford

    When will the switch have the auto-grabber and multiplayer mode??