Stardew Valley Localization Feedback

Hey everyone! Chucklefish here.

In case you missed it, we’ve been working with Playism to translate Stardew Valley into German, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Many of you have been waiting super patiently for the localization update to be released, and we thank you for that! Everyone involved in this project wanted to take the time to ensure the patch was stable and the localization was excellent.

We’re nearly ready to release the update, but first we’d really love some feedback – is the translation good? Are you running into any new bugs we failed to catch? To that end, we’re running an open beta of the localization update on Steam.

Here’s what’s included in the beta branch:

  • Full translations into German, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
  • Fixes for animal happiness related bugs
  • The “exit to title” button has returned!
  • Cursor acceleration when playing on a gamepad (like the console version of the game)

Here’s how to access the beta branch:

From your Steam library, right-click ‘Stardew Valley’ and select ‘Properties’. Choose the ‘beta’ tab. You should see a drop down menu. From there, select ‘beta – Help test new updates before they go live’.


It is important to back up your saves.

Old saves should continue to work in the beta branch, but make a backup (info about locating your save file) before switching to the beta. After saving in the beta branch, you won’t be able to load your save file in the current stable version.

Known Issues:

  • “Looking for saved games” on the load menu is not translated
  • Music on the title screen plays even if disabled after using “Exit to Title”

How to provide feedback:

You can reply to this forum thread with feedback, or email [email protected] Thank you for participating!

Notes on Multiplayer

This is a whole ‘nother thing unrelated to localization, but everyone’s been asking us about the multiplayer update. All we can say is that we’re working on it and making progress. It’s not ready yet, though, and we can’t give you an idea of when it will be. We’ll let you know more as soon as we can. Sorry for making you wait!
Thai Language Support
XNA and monogame engines don’t support thai characters properly. We’re looking into adding support to monogame somehow, but it’s going to take a while
  • mafi

    Nothing in GOG?

  • Thiago F. Reis

    Yeeeeeeeees Brazilian-Portuguese!!!!!!

    • cae ca

      pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa PA PA pa pa pa pa pa pa pa Yeeeee

  • Tatsu Oni

    You can count on me. Let’s test Brazilian-Portuguese.

  • Lucas Oliveira Nascimento

    I found a bug!
    If you save and close the game,the game not load again and go back to the menu,pls fiz that!!

  • PastryGator

    While I appreciate the Multiplayer update, Chucklefish’s record at getting anything done in a timely manner is atrocious. “we can’t give you an idea when it will be done” sounds like “you’ll be lucky if you see it NEXT year.” I really wish this would have been given more of a priority. Extremely disappointing.

    • Devon Garcia

      Considering that there is a mod that all ready does it. It should not be that hard, obvious they are working out how the town and characters react to another player but more priority should be given to this. I’ve been waiting for this to get back into it.

      • Aric morrow

        I know it’s ridiculous, get us functional multiplayer like the mod and THEN after that focus on integrating it into the story, “Multiplayer Harvest Moon” was stardew valley’s original pitch and was always how it was advertised pre launch!

    • Mushu

      Well, there IS only the one guy (ConcernedApe) working as a game developer on it. For a one-man project, I’d say he’s doing really well. I think the only thing Chucklefish does is publishing stuff, like translations and ports.

      • Critwrench

        Incorrect, Chucklefish are the ones handling the multiplayer portion of things. CA has said this more than once.

    • Amaizer

      Well they said the same thing last year. “We are working on it”. I’m starting to fear that multiplayer in Stardew Valley just means multiple disappointed players waiting forever.

    • Alas Vic Bm

      yes i’m with @PastryGator in this, i think multiplayer should be first on the list, i mean, languages and other things can be added later. (i speak spanish, and i’m alright with english)

    • Ryan

      Completely agree. Chucklefish is horrible at delivering in a timely manner. I think even when it comes to ConcernedApe lack of experience programming the multiplayer component if he was doing it himself or directly participating with Chucklefish it would be a much quicker process. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. I love Starbound but no one who knows the history development of that game can make a reasonable argument for how long it took with the amount of money they got to fix many basic problems.

    • Scheidera

      it will have multiplayer before no man’s sky even say a word about it, dont worry

  • Rhena Eismann

    Hi <3
    My daughter (7) also thanks <3

    There are much untranslated parts in the menue. How can I help you? Is there a way to send you screenshots, maybe also with ideas how to translate them?
    Furthermore i can't use mods which need smapi any further and my old english savegames don't load (maybe because of my used mods?).

    But i'm really excited and my daughter can now play the game for the first time <3
    Your work is absolutely amazing.
    Thank you!

    • tcoxon

      > There are much untranslated parts in the menue.

      Try again. We fixed a bug the other day that caused translations not to be used in some places. Those menus should be translated now. 🙂

  • _Dentinho

    Why the translation change the names??? Not necessary, should be able to disable this.
    Ps: Sorry for my english i’m portuguese.

    • Henrique Kieckbusch

      Agree.. The translations are great, but should keep the People’s name in English

    • Arthur Favarin

      I agree with _Dentinho

    • Ellen S.

      Agree! Don’t change the characters names! I did not yet check, but am afraid 😉 German here.

    • Kenshin27


  • Fernanda Gheno

    I made a backup of my game before upgrading to the beta. I updated it, switched to Brazilian-Portuguese and tried to get into my account, but it does not enter it just back to the start menu. Thinking that could be just because of the backup I started a new game and played a little bit when it came out and tried to enter again it does not enter, it just goes back to the start menu. When I go back to English it comes normal but condo I go back to the Brazilian-Portuguese it gives back the same problem.
    I do not know if it’s just in my game, but I hope they fix it, please.
    I love the game, thank you.

    • Andre Lima

      Same to me

  • Calabe

    Hello, I can’t play, (in beta) when i want to load a save, the game gets freeze and then restart. What can I do?

  • Filipe Fernandes

    Really, Brazilian-Portuguese?… Portugal exists, you know?!?

    • Caíque Santo Andrea Visioli

      Brasil tem vinte vezes mais habitantes. 🙂

    • Kei Chan

      A maioria das coisas que vem em português é o português de Portugal, raramente tem PT-BR, dai quando vem em Português do Brasil vem o povo de Portugal reclamar? Olha, PT-PT e PT-BR, são duas línguas bem parecidas, a diferença é minima e da de entender perfeitamente, sempre agradeço quando encontro conteúdos em português de Portugal mesmo eu sendo brasileiro, então não vejo motivo pra tal reclamação.
      Eu sei que falei “povo de Portugal”, mas não quis me referir a todos, sei que existem muitas pessoas legais por ai, inclusive conheço alguns, estou me referindo apenas a quem é egoísta mesmo 😉

  • Harley

    On my game the date and time is off, it’s more in the middle and will cover slots 8, 9, and 10 when the inventory is at the top of the screen. Cut scenes can’t be skipped. When zooming in and out it doesn’t let me zoom past 85% it goes from 75 to 80 to 85 then back to 75. When I go to bed the date with get really big and go partly off screen before returning to normal.

    Those are all the bugs I’ve encountered so far.

  • Earthquake

    cant load my savegame changing language to spanish, only can start a new farm :d

  • Harley
    • Jhonka

      Never heard of a seafood taco?

      • Harley

        No the text being off screen. It shouldn’t be like that

  • Neoxidado

    The game fails the next day and you have to start all over again. This happens in the Spanish version.

  • Dobin Park

    When will the Korean language be added?

  • Caíque Santo Andrea Visioli

    Eeeeita Jão…. pena que não ta carregando o jogo salvo.

  • Daniel Rangel

    my save game not work in the beta version, please fix….

  • Kenshin27

    Please create an option to not translate the names.
    Brazilian Portuguese

  • Anderson de Souza

    Diz que precisa de um código para acessar o beta. Alguém sabe qual é ? Eles já falaram algo sobre isso ?

  • Anderson de Souza

    Não mudem o nome dos personagens, deixem como é em inglês, não sei se sou o único mas acho que o nome dos personagens em inglês fica melhor e já estou acostumado com eles.

  • Tatsu Oni

    Thanks for the localization in Brazilian-Portuguese

  • Jeferson

    I think one option is you open the file of translation to community help with that.

    Sorry my bad english 🙁

  • maksdi

    Thank you for russian localization. But I need to say that quality of this localization is very bad! Fanmade localization by ZoG (WarFollowsMe) much better! They translate even textures and copy original type of text to russian localization. I hope later you will improve your localization.

  • Keragi

    Oh, im so glad to be able to get started in german, thank you people. *-*

  • Amaizer

    Could you pretty please hire some (more?) programmers to add multiplayer to the game? The game will be 1 year old in a few days on Steam.

    Okay, localizations are cool, console release means more money. I understand but multiplayer was promised too. I appreciate the work that was and being put in this game but I’m sad too.

    In case someone missed the strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/12146270 (spoiler: lots of votes for multiplayer)

    Someone might find comments like this for multiplayer annoying but I don’t want to keep quiet about it because I feel like then everyone will just forget it and it will never happen. Sorry if I offend anyone with this but “Working on it and making progress” says nothing but delaying forever.

  • jeberson lobato


  • Prys Peixoto
    • Shama Abila

      That bug is real, Please fix it.

    • Harley

      Yeah it’s really off putting when it’s there. It’s in the way

  • Cristian Belasino

    When will the translation be official?

  • SR.Tarado

    Does not change the names of NPCs 🙁

    • _Dentinho

      and this is very good

  • The Silence

    I will take a look. I like playing and reading things in original language. Hope i can read Russian someday. kkkkk
    I just hope that your translate to brazilian-portuguese is better than my english. 🙂

    • The Silence

      Just played the game a little. The tradution is good. It’s an very light text. But feels good to me. It’s so hard to translate those things. You just try to explain an complex concept in spanish for example and your text turn in an big offence. I will say nothing, i will just laugh about it. But i am talking about some vulgar comments i spelled in some places. But i’m sorry again. If we don’t balance the body, why we need to lie in our minds that nothing is happening around us. To me the ignorants is the ones that are eager to feel repulse instead of trying to understand all sides of the “circle”.

  • Johan

    Just want to say thanks for a great game.

    You have inspired me to pursue game development (as a hobby right now). I have always been interested to do it but never took the plunge.

    Started to learn Unity right now. Maybe one day I will release a game as well.

  • Amaizer

    I think I just give up the hope of ever seeing multiplayer in this game. It’s been a year, if they wanted it would be ready. A new disappointment gets thrown in the pile.
    As a single player game, Stardew Valley is still a wonderful game.

    • Misfit Mimi

      This is extremely frustrating to read. Do you know what goes into making a game? Can you imagine how busy they must be? It’s not just about the coding, there’s so much more. (Who knows, they might have to be working on some other game alongside this one, how are we supposed to know? We can’t assume anything. -Besides maybe concernedApe, but even then I’m sure he has a life to live and other things to take care of too.) But regardless, multiplayer in and of itself is probably an extremely taxing addition. Having made a whole game, and then adding a feature that essentially forces them to make changes to a huge majority of the game in order to make it work smoothly and be something of a worthy multiplayer mode and not some piece of shit they just threw together? That’s a lot, and they can only do so much so fast, even if that means that they haven’t able to make any substantial progress on it yet. All we can do as players is be patient and wait. It certainly doesn’t hurt to mention how we are still interested in seeing this feature, but what’s the point in being so pessimistic? And so god dang impatient? Everybody is all about the instant gratification nowadays and feeling entitled to whatever they were supposedly promised, as soon as possible, no one knows how to wait for anything anymore…I suggest simply just forgetting about it for now, and maybe you can find a pleasant surprise when you check back in on it later on. I’m sure they want it done too, but they can’t just snap their fingers and make it happen, there are processes and other tasks that they must get out of the way first, dictated to them by I’m sure some higher figure that they can’t fight back with, and like I said, the actual task in and of itself is gonna take quite some time. So how about you put a lil faith in them, and in especially the man who spent so many years making a game he could be proud of, without a janky and rushed multiplayer (even if he’s not directly working on the feature at hand).

      I don’t mean to personally attack you or anything (I don’t mean to attack at all really), and I do understand the concerns of people, who throughout the entirety of gaming history have been promised things and thusly denied. It just gets tiring to see so many people complain about it taking so long. The fact that they mention anything at all about multiplayer gives me hope, it’s something at least. They could be telling us absolutely nothing about it, not even some small promise of “We’re working on it, slowly, but it’s a comin’! At some point!”. That’s when I would give up hope.

      /End rant/
      I apologize for the length of this post, lol.

  • Throyer

    A tradução ficou boa ate onde eu joguei, eu sei que ainda é um Beta, e que algumas coisas irão mudar, a unica sugestão minha é a de manter os nomes originais c:
    e existe um bug com os saves também, mas enfim eu sei que é um Beta, e betas podem ter problemas justamente por ainda ser um beta xD

    mesmo assim eu muito feliz com a tradução.

  • Capybara Superweapon

    I really love this game. I like how much time and love has been put into it. But to be honest, i bought the game for the Multiplayer and the promise, that it would be playable with the 1.0 release. Now we wait for almost / over a year and still no real insight on that. I really ask myself if the multiplayer-part was nothing but a way to fish for people.. i still hope i can play this game with my girlfriend. Together.

    • mesmerrow

      Then perhaps you should have waited until multiplayer had released.
      While i am certain multiplayer will arrive at some point sooner or later, it certainly not going to happen anytime soon, this is evident as they aren’t even able to speak about it other then give us the usual “sorry for the wait, still working on it, more info when we can”
      It’s obvious that they are focusing on other matters and aren’t prioritizing the multiplayer part at all.
      However i find it laughable when people complain about the multiplayer not releasing sooner, cause there was never a release date for the multiplayer, everything we have been ever told is more or less “it’s being worked on, no release date, please wait some more” then people lose there minds thinking Concerned Ape or Chucklefish somehow owe them a multiplayer.

      • Capybara Superweapon

        I strongly disagree. I am sure that it was stated that Multiplayer would be part of the 1.0 release. Don’t get me wrong, i love this game and i will never regret that i bought it in that state. Of course i will wait until they have an official Multiplayer-Mode.

        There is no need for “finding me laughable”. Its like No Man’s sky or any other game that cannot live up to its expectation. Maybe they could have been more carefull with that topic and how they present it in general.

        I never lost my mind about this topic. I just strongly wish for the Multiplayer to be a thing, this would just add the special something that would allow this game to become an everlasting gem, like doom or the classic Heroes of Might and Magic series.

        I enjoy Starbound as well, the Multiplayer makes it a perfect game, for me at least.

        • mesmerrow

          Now i want you to understand that i didn’t laugh at you, nor did i try to ridicule you in anyway shape or form,
          i simply meant that plenty of people have been complaining about the multiplayer for a long time now, i understand this was the case around when it was stated and even back just half a year ago, but it’s pretty obvious now that the multiplayer are simply not gonna happen anytime soon sadly.
          I also really want the multiplayer, but i am looking at this from realistic view point, and that is the fact that the multiplayer is still far from being done.
          Think about it for a moment, no status updates other than “still working on it” no multiplayer information of any kind what so ever, all this tells me one thing, it’s still really far from being finished, let alone ready for a beta or or testing.

          Now i am not trying to say that there won’t be any multiplayer, the fact that they keep mentioning multiplayer every now and then proves that it is being worked on and some kind of progress is being done, but it’s going to take a really long time.

          • Capybara Superweapon

            I will still wait for Multiplayer. It was the thing that hooked me from the very start and i will be so damn happy if its implemented.

        • mesmerrow

          Now instead of waiting there is an alternative, from what i have read and seen, it’s not perfect but it works.

          • Capybara Superweapon

            Its a good idea. I try this one out, thanks mate

  • Heteu

    Its a shame this game has had so many people buy it and yet theres no ETA on multiplayer… even mods make it so you can do it but its just not the same :/ Ive put off buying this due to lack of MP, i also feel they’re putting MP off till they can release it at once to all platforms which if so is going to be another year if anything…

  • leomexican

    Thanks for bringing the game to Portuguese! I am waiting to release the translation for the xbox one version.

  • Anderson de Souza

    Alguém sabe se quando o beta estiver concluído ainda poderei jogar com o novo save que criei no beta ?

    • Andre Lima

      Sim, eles iram portar o save.

  • Mike Löbker

    Can you make a Dutch language 😀

  • yamina_chan

    And now of all times my PC is broken! Curses! XD

    But those are great news! =D By now I’m so used to playing in english that I don’t think I’ll utilize the german version myself, but I’ll be happy to test it if I get my system back and running in time. ♥

  • Silvio Junior

    Fix the “Saloon Fruta Estrelar” to “Salão Fruta Estelar” in pt-br localization! 😀

  • Kerasu

    Probably not the highest priority, but any chance of getting furigana added in the Japanese translation?

  • Michelle Gebühr

    I can’t give the fish in the community center. The game then hangs up. Please fix this on Xbox One. But that’s the only bug I found. 🙂

  • Danny

    We Love your Hard Work…
    keep spirit!!

  • Matisse Cappou

    a quand un traduction en version française ?

  • Netaro

    What about the GOG version?

  • Marco Hu

    I am a Chinese player now exchanging in Canada, I would say this game is one of my favorite of the year 2016, and I have played more than 100 hours on Steam. I’m really excited to see Chinese localization even if I can read English without any barrier. But here is the problem, the Chinese translation right now is …… not that readable for a Chinese people, I did a lot of translations myself such as games localisations, documentary subtitles. From my pov, the localisation right now is not done by someone who knows Chinese a lot. If this is only the beta version of the translation, it’s fine; but for a finalized one, definitely need tons of refinements.

    If you guys need any help with the Chinese translation, please feel free to contact me. I will be really glad to help for the game I love so much.

  • The Silence

    Hey guys. You know, i am playing the game right now. And i keep thinking. My favorite Harvest Moon was Back to Nature from psx. My favorite resource is the way backpack works. It’s just an idea, if someone know how and make an mod like this, please let me know. I don’t like the structure of 1 to 0 because it’s feel very virtual. I think if we have an shealth button and like two buttons to alternate three external pocket slots would create an great feel if people overcome anxiety. Also, the option to put the backpack in the ground and work with a lighter weight and to alternate backpacks, like one backpack to collect the crops and even an big crate that you put mining materials. Them you also will get some good use to the horse, as you can use him to carry even more things. It’s just an idea. I really like this game.

  • Ragnax

    The save cannot be loaded 🙁
    I don’t know about old saves but i begin a new game and when i save i cannot load it again.

  • Ronierison Souza

    fala galera, to com um problema na mina, não aparecem as pedras pra ir quebrando, eu entro no primeiro nivel e nada, ta vazio la, sera que é por ser beta?? Alguem ta com esse problema tambem??

    • Silvio Junior

      Manda email pra Chuckle Fish falando sobre isso!

      email: [email protected]

    • Silvio Junior

      O meu tava com bug no 8° dia, eu parei de jogar, dps fui entra no save dnv, o jogo parava de responder :/
      Mas eles já arrumaram, mas perdi o rumo do meu save kkkk
      Vou esperar terminarem por completo pra criar um save.

  • AuraAsaria

    bugs are real.. A baby runs through a wall and comes out somewhere else….. pls fixed D:

  • Sara

    I speak brazilian portuguese so I can always help :3

  • Throyer

    podem por favor, deixar a opção de usar o relógio de 12 horas, eu estou gostando muito da tradução, esta muito boa, mas ainda estou tendo problemas na hora de abrir meus saves, e essa questão do relógio em português ser no formato de 24 horas é uma sugestão que eu gostaria de dar c:
    enfim, eu sei que se trata de um beta, estou ciente de que betas podem apresentar problemas.

  • Alighieri Dante

    I started a new farm and i cant load the save game (CTD)

  • Stine-lise Sveia Anderson

    i wish it culd be in norwegan to ^^ wuld be cool to see X3 for its some who cant other langues :/

  • Arthur Favarin

    In portuguese the word “acertou!” When you catch a fish, you could be changed to “Fisgou!”

  • Bima Aditama

    when to release updates?

  • Thee Pie Man

    I’ve got a few questions about the multiplayer.
    Is it going to be a “versus” kind of deal? Are we going to be competing farm/profit wise day by day?
    Is there going to be separate farms or the same farm if it’s Co-op? Will we have to divide space between each other or work it out between ourselves rather in that case? Lastly how will relationships work with other people? Will you both be able to marry people in the town? What happens if you both like the same person? Or even more interesting, what if you like each other and are playing with a girlfriend/spouse and want to marry them- will that be a possibility?

    These have been things bouncing around in my mind ever since I heard there was an inkling of multiplayer.

    No need to respond but I’m super curious and excited.
    Thanks for all the work you’ve done on the game thus far and I hope to continue seeing more lovely updates. ^^

    • Nyanadventurer the second

      I always wondered about this. How could multiplayer work in a farming game..?

    • ExpensiveMagic

      It is going to be co-op

  • maksdi

    Mistakes in russian translate:
    1. Demetrius says that cave take place at east (“восток”), but it located at west (“запад”).
    2. Wheat seeds – plant these in the spring (“весной”) or fall, but actually these in the summer (“летом”) or fall.

  • maksdi

    Mistakes in russian translation:
    1. Demetrius says that cave took place at east (“восток”), but it located at west (“запад”).
    2. Wheat seeds – plant these in the spring (“весной”) or fall, but actually plant these in the summer (“летом”) or fall.

  • AlEh4

    Meu save antigo (criado na v.1.11) ta com problema, tem uma chance em que ele pode bugar ou crashar, quando eu vo dormir ele buga e salva mas em vez de estar de dia ta de noite, ou quando eu vou dormir, buga, não salva, e continua esse bug do ta de dia mas ta de noite, e tem a chance de ele crashar e eu perder o dia, e isso é muito chato pq eu perco um dia produtivo, alguem BR ai lendo isso, ta acontecendo a mesma coisa? (Por enquanto to na v1.2.6 beta)

  • Any chance of a Multiplayer Beta period, Ape man? Pretty please with a survival burger on top. 😉

  • Ruby Roque

    today i had a bug , i couldn’t open any door, it said ´´ it is locked´´ ( ps4)

  • Jamison Araújo

    Keep the town name ”Stardew Valley” in PT-BR localization

  • Jairo Díaz Rodríguez

    hello, ty very much for the translate to spanish its so good, ty

  • Harley

    I play on PC, but I use a controller since it’s easier for me and I’ve got to say I liked it a lot better when I could free roam with my cursor instead of in designated boxes and areas when I pull up my inventory and other menus. Please change it back right now its just really bothersome.

  • One Day

    I’ve noticed that no matter how many years go by, the player does not get old or die. And the same goes for the villagers of the city. And the villagers’ speeches are always very repetitive. It would be nice if that changed. And sorry for my english

  • Wagner Nunes Dos Santos
  • Jhow DoCash

    so pra mim que a traduçao ta fazendo o jogo parar de responde quando vai compra as vaca ???

  • Prys Peixoto


    When setting a place to purchase a goat or any animal occurs the error: “Stardew Valley stopped working”.

    Ao definir o local para a compra da cabra ou qualquer animal ocorre esse erro: “Stardew Valley parou de funcionar”

    • Jhow DoCash

      o meu tbm ta acontecendo isso :/ ja to no segundo ano do jogo

      • Prys Peixoto

        Exatamente, no segundo ano também.

        • Jhow DoCash

          sera q e so na estaçao verao q da esse bug ? pq eu to no verao la tbm

    • Arlene Cheung

      How to swtich to other language?

  • å¼ ç»´

    Thank you for the Chinese version. At present, Chinese players can not buy this game in China PSN store or Hong Kong PSN store. Is there a plan for launching this game in these areas, will there be a PS4 Chinese version?

  • James Jeans

    Any updates on improved controller support for console/PC?

  • Bugado

    esta crachando quando compro animais

  • Arlene Cheung

    How to swtich to Simplified Chinese?

  • Maugre

    I’m looking forward to multiplayer, but I just hope we don’t stress you guys out over it.

  • Frank Chen

    Not sure, but do you have a plan to sell related items (T-shirt, for example) in US directly? The current shipping fee is a nightmare for me…

  • Tommy Laukkanen

    My wife and I are getting a duplication bug for tools. When you upgrade tools you immediately get an upgraded tool, but ALSO Clint is working on it for days and then you get a second one

  • Crumple

    Tbh people are way too whiny about multiplayer. CA said before SDV was even released that he was hesitant because this would be the reaction from the player base. (He didn’t want to release it until it was 100% completely finished w/ multiplayer) but the community said “We don’t care!!! let us play it!!!” and now here we are.

  • Joon Ho Lee

    Message: Error loading “LooseSpritesdaybg”. File not found.
    InnerException: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Error loading “ContentLooseSpritesdaybg.xnb”. File not found.

  • Eewoud Voorthuijzen

    can you pleasse do it for dutch

  • sksfactor

    I launch my game in beta and I see that there is no French language, any language except the French, are you serious guys, the French are left for against. Thank you 🙁

  • Adam Kowalski

    Hoping for polish language so i can buy this game

  • Guigui

    Cool! But why not translating in more languages? Why not let players help to translate as some other indie games do using a community translation website?

  • Carlo Severino Recto

    I’d like to see this in Filipino too! I’d want to work on that localization project if it became a reality…

  • Danilo Ferro

    Thank you for the note on multiplayer. Came here just to look for an update on that 🙂 🙂 <3

  • Thiago F. Reis

    What is the release date of the official translation?
    I really want to play on the Xbox One in Portuguese BR !!!

  • Josiah Johnson

    WOOO MULTIPLAYER but will it be online???

  • Rune

    why not korean..?T^T


    Great! I played about 10 min. + Seen Main Menu and Character Creation. Looks really good in german. But in my opinion it sound better when you use “Farm” for “farm” and not “Hof”. On the skill screen there was a translation from “Farming” to “Hofarbeit”. It is not wrong. But in german it sounds like you get skill points for sweeping the courtyard. 😀
    So a better translation would be from “Farming” to “Farmarbeit”, or “Landarbeit”, or “Landwirtschaft” (<- my favorite).

  • Blebl e2

    Please do not speak Korean?

  • TT ADD Korean PLZ TT

  • Don Josè La Sida

    you like pasta? you like pizza? if you like those you must add italian loc

  • Maniko

    waiting for Polish before I buy the game

  • Santiphap Bunyanuphan (Beer)

    thai now How are you?

  • Ravuc

    When Polish? We wait for so long …