Stardew Valley 1-year Anniversary

Hi Everyone,

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the release of Stardew Valley.

In some ways, it’s hard to believe that an entire year has already gone by  since launch. Yet, at the same time, it’s been the longest year of my life. It’s felt long because I’ve done so much in the last 12 months:

-Game came out
-Released many patches to fix bugs and tweak gameplay
-Dozens of interviews
-Answered thousands of messages/emails
-Provided personal troubleshooting and technical support
-Made many Business/Merchandise deals
-Developed and released the 1.1 update
-Exhibited at PAX and met many fans
-Met Mr. Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon
-Flew to the UK to visit Chucklefish and collect an industry award
-Built a decent computer and got a nice big desk (No more HP Pavilion propped on a Wii U box)
-Worked with Chucklefish to make the Console ports and localizations happen

Considering that I had spent the previous 4-5 years in my own little bubble, working alone, doing essentially the same thing every day… and now suddenly to be thrust into the limelight… it was quite the change! I’m happy about it, of course. I mean… it is a weird feeling, at first, to have something that once seemed so distant, so impossible… some pipe-dream that you fantasized about in the dead of night… actually come true. It takes some getting used to, and that’s part of what this last year has been for me.

But I’m very, very grateful to have this opportunity. I’m excited about the future. I have many ideas, and I want to keep making games for a long time to come. I’ve learned so much from Stardew Valley… the importance of beta testing, how to make decent pixel art, how to use Steam, how to maintain a game after launch. And I’ve made plenty of mistakes, too. But I try to view any blunders in a positive light… fertile ground from which to improve and grow stronger.

I’m proud of Stardew Valley. I think it’s a good game. Is it perfect? No. Is it the best I can do? No… really I see this as just the beginning… I’m just dipping my toe into the water. And I’m looking forward to making the next step.

I figure this might be a good opportunity to share some development history with you guys.

I have some really old screenshots on my computer…

These ones are from 2012:

Bringing a dandelion to Leah’s Cottage

The farm.

The mines. 

Sebastian’s Room

The Saloon… Pam in her usual spot

Level-up menu. 

Inventory menu. There were several background themes you could choose from.

Also, the game was called “Sprout Valley” at this point:



As you can see, the “bones” of Stardew Valley were pretty much there way back in 2012.  So why did it take 4 more years to complete?

Well, you could say I was “polishing” the game during those 4 years.

I ended up re-doing nearly all the art several times. I redid the vast majority of the soundtrack. I expanded the NPC’s way beyond anything you’d see in the 2012 version. I made the map way bigger and more detailed. I added JojaMart and the Community Center. I added tons of items. I totally changed the crafting system and the mines.

In fact, at one point, the mines were going to be procedurally generated and fully destructible, with lakes you could cross by raft:


It sounded cool, but it was too difficult to make it work well. I spent a lot of time on it, and had a system working. But for some reason it just wasn’t fun. It didn’t feel right… so I scrapped it entirely.

The NPC portraits have probably changed more than anything else in the game. The very first portraits were all hand-drawn:


I drew every single NPC with 4 different expressions, scanned them in, colored them… and then scrapped all of it. Then I went through probably 6 or 7 iterations of pixel art portraits before landing on the final ones.

Stardew Valley was kind of like a big practice project, and I just stuck with it until all my skills improved to a point I was happy with.

Here’s what the town map looked like in 2013:


That was it… no Joja Mart or Community Center, and the blacksmith shop and museum weren’t off in the corner like they are now. The buildings were also a lot uglier.

Some day I might do a live stream of an old build of Stardew Valley… that might be fun.

Anyway, even back in 2012… when the game looked awful… there were people following it and encouraging me to continue. I appreciate that. To all of you who are reading this, who have played Stardew Valley and built an amazing community around it… thank you so much. The mods, the wiki, the encouraging messages, the fan art… I love it, and I’m so grateful and thankful for your support! I will continue to work hard and do my best to create memorable gaming experiences for you all, through Stardew Valley and whatever comes next!

Thanks for reading!



  • LFPO8k

    yeah, spoiling is no fun

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    Sweet 😀

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    Good work Chucklefish!

  • AdenSword

    also when i looked at he mech in the last update i almost died, this time i read there will be one for each race and a hoverbike for each race i fainted came back fainted again then had a seizure
    and i cant help but say it (even though there will be 99 other people who say it) i can feel beta its SOO close (or at least i think)

    • Arbithnought

      There will be AT LEAST one of each for each race. So some will have more.

      • Stan v Hartingsveldt

        or equally raised over all races. @Tiy: Awesome work, when is the roadmap going to be updated?

  • Thanks for making a louder hyperspace sound. It really helps.

  • xXInfinitySlayerXx

    I want to drive all the mechs!

  • Sol

    “Neat” Power-Ups, Lots of different Mechs and Hoverbikes, Terrifying Costumes & Louder Hyperspace Boom. Short but certainly very sweet! <3 Starbound Crew so much!

  • Nerzaider

    Webserver stuff?!

    • Houshou Rattengod

      My thoughts exactly… what Web Server Stuff was updated?

  • AhmadRed

    great update even though there aren’t any screen shots. keep up the good work

    • Emily Balega

      That’s almost exactly what I just said o.o

      • AhmadRed

        what do you know.

  • Emily Balega

    Any update, no matter how short, is awesome 🙂 keep up the great work!

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      Totally agree 😀

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    Just update the game until it may not get better! 🙂

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      thats not possible

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    I’m a potatoe.

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  • Corsair114

    Mech’s for each race? So, Hylotl will have a rocket-punching ‘mech. I can live with that.

  • cool. cool.

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      Cool, cool cool cool.

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        Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

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            I don’t think this topic has a warm option, only cool.

  • disqus_kklH8UU93J

    Any possibility of a drill mech for us molerats?

    • Chaines

      I hope so ! Some sort of utility mecha to dig, build and stuff. Daydream…

  • Chad Brown

    There should be a mini-submarine mech 😀

  • Gigafood

    Hover..bikes? Not boards? Awwwww

    • Morticharr

      This isn’t Back the Future, Marty. Bikes are way more awesome than boards anyway 😐

  • irongamer

    “We’ve got tons of mechs being produced by our artists.”

    Woooo! Yeah!

  • Henzi

    Don’t worry about screenshots and keep the good work!

  • Henzi

    Thanks to the team for daily updates.

  • Dariot

    You could have at least put up the Friday monster screenshot/image.

    EDIT: Nevermind. No screenshots means you guys are being productive (and secret). Carry on.

    • premoril

      They do still post pictures of monsters every Friday on their twitter account.

  • Drakaden

    Can’t always have glorious update posts, looking forward for tomorrow’s.

  • Frank Zenoson

    You know how I can tell this game is going to be awesome? The positive environment the fans have. Due to the developers. Keep up the great work, glad to see these developers have actually played video games in the past and have taken good cues from them. (unlike so many games that just perplex me on why they didn’t add certain obvious since the beginning of gaming mechanics) 😀

    • justinxleonard

      What you just said, all of it. And to be honest on that last part, its true, thats why I’m trying to get a career in making games, because I have played so many and so much to tell you that its not about graphics, I prefer gameplay over all xD Graphics are secondary, but thats me, time to study to join an indie dev team some day!

  • DarkMajor21

    Hoping that our mechs and bikes are customizable.

  • rakadishu

    I think I’m getting a little too excited about these daily updates. I actually freaked out a little when it looked like there wouldn’t be one today. :I

  • LastHazzerd

    Does the phrase “1 mech and 1 hoverbike per race” include the Novakids? or are you guys prioritizing the original races before starting on the pre-order extras?

  • The_n00b_Daniel

    I hope that there will be a mech with drills. I will call it Lagann.

    • dragtarius

      and it will create the Heavens!

      • The_n00b_Daniel

        I was hoping that somebody would get that.

  • ToastyGod

    :O OMG a hoverbike :3 yeeeeey

  • To be honest guys, you really don’t have to post anything. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy reading these everyday. However, I know you all are doing a good job at what you said you would be doing. Myself and a lot of people in my group are waiting patiently for your game to come out. We have been fans of Terraria for awhile, and this just looks amazing thus far. Thank you.

  • ReviloO

    No Prblem if you have a day were you cant show as much,a fter all you update daily, this in itself is damn awesome. But that said, HYLOTL BLOG WHERE? Lore is important!

  • Axelth

    I like the idea of being surprised in game, so i’m not expecting screenshots, only the progress update is already enough .. (:

  • ZlyBratBlizniak

    Thank You Tiy for those daily updates.

  • Nry

    I can’t remember waiting for another game being so frustrating. It’s all about availability of information. Darn you, Internet!

  • Jason Dunton ✯

    In no way do I want them to rush this game…………..but god damn I wish it was out now.

    Keep up the good work guys 🙂

  • nobody

    every time i read a update with secrets make me even more excited about the finished game ;D
    keep up the good work

  • Jim Novak

    Super excited for this game to arrive!

  • Chad Brown

    I really want to see these terrifying clothes 😀

  • Patrick König

    But, but… There are no “thunder booms” in space… For silent space, Firefly style!

    • Darth CiD

      There can be a thunder boom inside the ship though, as the machinery kicks in.

  • Sirhc

    is there any possibility of hover boards getting added to the game?

  • Vitor Costa

    Dayum you are really working on this 24/7 😀
    Even though the roadmap hasn’t changed, I’m pretty sure more than half of it is already full 🙂
    Good job!

  • Noc

    Cool, keep up the daily update jig! 🙂

  • Noc

    Oh wait, we just capped 1.3 mill in preorders 🙂

  • Ganswon

    Sounds. . . Nifty!

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    Them including a louder boom just shows how much they really listen to the community! :3

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    Come on paycheck, get here… I wanna pre-order

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    Very good idea this updates !!

  • James Baker

    Does anyone else really feel an imminent beta release? I’m beyond excited for this!

    • Siques

      I think the beta is released at least before the end of June. They’re making such big progress.
      (my opinion)

    • MichelleSea

      A couple more weeks, is my guess.

  • Дмитрий Мдв.

    I am waiting for this game like a 7 year old. This will be better than Terraria and Minecraft in one, because I wished such a game long time ago 😀 Be able to visit other planets, creatures, completely random and different things to see, best game idea ever !

  • OraiuTheDakras

    Oooh,I cant wait to see the novakid Mechs and Hoverbikes! I bet there on fire :3

  • Business Man

    Mmm… I can just taste the BETA.

  • madson007

    These updates make a beta feel SO CLOSE, i hope they hurry and release it because in 2 weeks i have exams and id hate it if they release it in the middle of it because i’ll never study then XD

  • Jay

    Update the road map please, it’s been the same for over a week completely ruining the point of the concept of a road map.

    • Lilz

      I’m pretty sure they already said that the Roadmap is updated monthly. Why? I’m pretty sure they said why too.

  • Excavater9

    Why are you posting the updates for the previous day, as if it were today?

    • Gavelwrench

      Probably in a different time zone, or posting their progress after midnight 🙂

    • KazanaAoi

      So… They should post their update in the morning as if the work is already done?
      Or perhaps today while theyre doing the work just putting up 15-40 different ultra-mini updates “Oh, Kyren just changed this line of code here” “Messing with Options menu” “Kyren is working on this” All twitter style?

  • Simon Methot

    Make TotalBiscuit proud of your options screen! 😀

    • Samuel pierre

      Who cares what that muppet thinks?

  • Terraria keeps copying from starbound i hate it D:<

    • Furydwarf

      Are you stupid?

      • MichelleSea

        Well, one of you is, anyways. >.>

      • Are YOU stupid?

      • Xavier Spruill

        Lmao. This is the most ridiculous response I’ve ever read… thank you.

  • Austin Reid

    Can we get someone to do a game play video with audio explaining everything? I think that would be nice for us to picture how game play will work. I’ve watched a few videos but most are just showing off one feature, but it doesn’t really give us a view of how things will work.

  • Sauce more

    Thanks for the update. Though I am concerned about your options menu. You know us PC gamers love our bajillion options in the options menu. Don’t skimp on this. Options are VERY IMPORTANT.

  • SkeletonGamer


  • Levi

    I’m exciting for this game, for sure, I just hope it’s hard like terraria kind of was. Hard games are so much more replayable. If this is just a giant exploration game, it will get lame. Thinking of new ways to defeat crazy enemies drives multiplayer fun through the rooftops.

  • AdenSword

    could you get us a vid of the new sound effects?

  • Jay

    Do you guys do updates on weekends?

  • Tyler

    For the thunder boom, you should use a sound effect similar to the one from the intro to the 60’s tv show, “the prisoner”

    • AntoniokoCL

      lol xd

  • Rebecca Challenger

    The old pictures feel very much like Harvest Moon. This fact alone solidifies my eternal love for this game ♡

  • Fernando Borges

    I really enjoy playing your game. I have a copy for myself and I had to get another one for my wife. We both share the same thoughts about it. It’s nice of you to share your story here and I commend you for your development progress. I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring us in the future, be it with Starew Valley or any other game. Keep up the good work and congratulations!

  • Massin Larbi

    Thanks for the best game I’ve played in a long time. This game has made me so happy when I’ve been sad. Kudos!

  • pgo stone

    Maybe , next step will be porting Stardew Valley on mobile devices?

  • Bardolvan

    Oh, so the ugly cans were the the whole time?

  • master4life

    Where the hell is multiplayer comment?

    • Mitroll

      Looks like you just made it, friend.

    • What a rude thing to write. If you can’t say something constructive maybe you shouldn’t comment at all.

      • Mitroll

        I think he was just pointing out that none of the comments were asking for multiplayer. (all of the previous blog posts have had such a comment)

        • Ah, I see! If this is the case then it’s not a rude comment and I’m sorry for calling master4life out on it wrongly.

  • Severs

    This will always be one of my favorite games that I own on steam. You’ve mastered the nostalgia I was looking for, while adding so much more to the game.

  • GameVogue

    You’ve built an incredible game. Heartfelt thanks from me, my wife, and my sister who all play regularly.

  • Erin

    Love ya CA! Though I’m sure you would like to move on to new games, I hope you still have more in store beyond co-op for Stardew Valley (unless you plan on making a Stardew Valley 2 hehe)

  • ulric arandez

    Happy 1 year man! I know you’ve likely heard this a few thousand times and are likely to hear it a few thousand more but this is seriously a great game and it’s one of my favorites. Right now, I think I’d rate it in my top 10 maybe even my top 5. Your work it awesome and I hope we’ll eventually see more, whether it be more of this or a new project. Once more, Happy 1 year anniversary and congrats!

  • HylianPenguin

    Congrats with the 1 year anniversery!

  • E-MAN

    It’s amazing to watch how far you’ve come. Stardew Valley is phenomenal, and I began to love it even more as I learned about how much work you put into it, and it made me appreciate the game so much more. Happy 1 year!

  • Crayv

    Those old screenshots reminds me of an early SNES game.

    I like seeing stuff like this and seeing how much things have changed over time.

  • Jeremy Irby

    This was an absolutely amazing read. I had so much fun with this game, and reading this is making me want to load it back up and play some more! I spent countless hours in the mines, in fact i spend more time in the mines than i did on my actual farm. I wasn’t to “late” game that i actually started developing my farm at all.

    It was great getting to see some jpegs from 2012 and getting to see where you came from. I hope you continue on this path and continue to make great games to impress the gamers in us all!

  • Peter Twist

    I always knew you made the game yourself, but thought the music was at least bought somewhere or something. And the art too. Just crazy that you can be so good at so many things! The artwork and music are fantastic just like the game as a whole. I hope you can balance getting some help from others so you can be productive and continue to make games regularly without burning yourself out!

  • FuzzyBubbles

    I just want to say thank you for all your hard work in creating such a wonderful game.

    I found Stardew back around 2013-2014ish on greenlight and was following it, checking the blog every day up until release.

    You have created an incredible experience and it has since become one of my favorite games of all time. I’m excited to see what you do next!

  • AdenMaer

    Thanks for the very wonderful game CA! You’ve revived the love I have for Harvest Moon games.

    And a million times yes on the old build live stream!

  • Space Blizzard

    Stardew Valley is a truly inspiration feat, a real testament to what passion and hard work can do. The game industry as a whole could learn a lot from your story.

  • Rees

    It’s really cool to see what Stardew was. It makes you really appreciate what we have now in the game. Lol This game is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see what is added in the future!! <3 Congrats on one year!

  • I am consistently amazed at this game, and all of the hard work you did over the years, and continue to do. Thank you for sharing your game with the world!

  • Ashen_Rabbit

    Really and truly, congratulation on a fantastic game. My friends and I have all played it, loved it, and continue to play it in varying degrees. The world that you have created has been made as a solace for many of my friends and colleagues, including myself. Thank you for making a game that I now consider one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. This experience has been incredible.

    I am excited to see what your endeavors are in the immediate and distant future. Whatever you end up doing, either as an addition to this game or the creation of another, I hope you know you now have a fanbase that will support you no matter what. <3

  • Vomov

    Your story is a massive success story, and not just because the game was received well. You’ve done something awesome, and many people now look up to you. Also, you’ve raised the bar for games all over, and us gamers thank you for that!

    Also; you’ve met Yasuhiro Wada, for real? That must’ve been awesome!

  • carol lacerda

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate how hard Eric works? And how well he treats us all? I just can’t get over it. Thank you so much, sir!

  • Minimanta

    Happy anniversary Stardew Valley and a big thank you for the game to you Eric. I joined the fun a few days after the game released and it’s been a blast. Almost 900 hours put into it and still not bored of it 🙂
    Best 14 euro I’ve spent in a long time.

    It was fun to see some development screens of the game, it’s all so familiar, yet so different!
    I thank you yet again and I’m looking forward to see what you’ll create in the future. It can only be good.

  • Laudelau

    Reading this filled me with glee! I’m so happy for you and your achievements. I, like many other fans, cannot wait for your future work.

    Thank you so, so, so much for Stardew Valley <3

  • Anthony Romano

    Thank you for sharing this. You’ve made a wonderful game. Seeing these pictures… and reading this…It’s really inspiring. Your final product is amazing. Hands down. But I still love the early style you designed the game in.

  • Bolverk

    As an old Harvest Moon player, I’m very happy with the results of all your hard work, your game is fantastic on its own, it’s obvious what titles were your inspiration, but I believe you did enough changes to make a different experience, something refreshing in the tons of clones we see nowadays, there’s many developers trying to get rich by copying other people’s work. Calling your game a clone is an insult, it’s clear how much love you put in this game, the music is fantastic and the game is so fun, who said you need ultra violent games to be a success? Your game proves PC market welcomes pacific video games, too.

  • Valkatra

    This is one of the few games in my Steam favorites list. I can never go back to Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley has completely blown it out of the water. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your hard work with the world.

  • Thank you for making Stardew Valley AND for making it multiplatform. As a solo indie developer you became a major inspiration for me and I loved SNES Harvest Moon back in the day so Stardew Valley became one of my favourite games fast. I hope you follow it with a Zuzu City sequel someday or add a DLC, perhaps enabling leveling professions another 10 times to get more unlocks and giving you the other pet. I dunno, its pretty perfect as it is though so if anything i’m looking forward to your future projects.
    Congratulations of your success Mr Ape and take care!

  • Jim Grindrod

    I have loved Stardew Valley since it came out. I’ve been a big fan of the Harvest Moon games since the Gamecube days, and this game is one of the first that has ever captured me the same way they do. Thank you so very much for spending so much of your life making this wonderful experience, and sharing it with the rest of us. The amount of dedication, stress, and work you poured into this shines through every time, even just at the title screen. Here’s to this becoming even more in the future, and good wishes on everything you do going on from here.

  • Shay

    i love this game, i’ve put in so many hours and will continue to do so. happy anniversary.

  • xarai

    and yet still no multiplayer, id be glad to buy quite a lot fo people the game but they including me now are only interested in the game when it becomes multiplayer i stopped playing it and soon me and friends will lose interest in it the game. dedicate a team to making it work. (ps console owners can screw off)

  • Gracey

    You’re seriously such a huge inspiration. Thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears put into this game. You deserve all the recognition you’ve got and even more! Much love

  • L33t Squirrel

    Thank you so much for what you’ve created. I’ve not had this much fun in years, and it inspired me to get back into writing, something I gave up on a few years ago. Next time I’m in Seattle again, I owe you a beer. Or coffee. The Pacific Northwest is great for either of those. 🙂

  • Cat Phuong Np

    I am eager to see more ideas/concepts about GREEN ENERGY. I really love the recycle machine and I believe that with this game, you can help build up a better real world for all of us.

  • 다대

    Thank you for such a wonderful game.

  • Thank you so much for giving us all such a wonderful gaming experience! My favorite Steam game of all time. I look forward to seeing what you’ll do in the future because this one is one hell of a great game!

  • Jennifer Nelson

    Thank you so much.

  • ただのホンコン人@シタラーズ

    Happy 1-year anniversary!
    I’m especially exited about the fact that you have met Mr. Wada. The Harvest Moon series has always been great and suddenly, when Hashimoto took over the franchise, things started to change for the worse. Hashimoto’s installments are nothing like the ones produced by Mr. Wada.
    In this sense, I’m really grateful that you’ve decided to make Stardew Valley. It’s like seeing the franchise come to life again. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Ice FenX

    Your game has revived in me the no-life I was. Frankly, it has been 10 years since I no longer experienced games that made me so much invest. It was and still is pure happiness. I really hope that will not stop there. I can understand that you will not go on eternally to update, but that the community will live and that mods will regularly release. Dude, your job here is just huge. Congratulations on your success and your very first year!

  • James Milholen

    Having come to this game only recently (w/in the past month) all I can say is thank you, so very much, for what you’ve done, the amazing work you’ve put in. And that I cannot wait to see what you have in-store next. You’re an inspiration. Happy anniversary.

  • Resha Widyanda

    I’m amazed with Stardew Valley!
    this game brings me a nostalgic atmosphere <3 I love it

    I just want to say Thank you so, so much for what you've done to Stardew valley.
    Such an amazing game

  • zid

    While I haven’t played this much I see how happy it makes people. Thanks for helping make others happy. I hope it continues to make you happy, too. 🙂

  • Thaumaturgist Guard

    I do wonder – which is the first crop added in the game?

  • Rum

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for an amazing game, i really love it. Take care 🙂

  • Carolina Lobato

    This game has helped me so much. I have some issues with anxiety, and Stardew Valley helps me unwind and relax. The music, everything there is to do — which are both entertaining, but not do-this-now-or-lose — keep me calm, happy. My first save’s well into year 5, and I started a second one that is going into year 2.

    • Mikaela

      I also suffer from anxiety, plus depression and panic attacks. Stardew Valley is my go-to when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have 2 farms into year 5 and currently on a modded one in year 3. Been playing since launch.

      It really is so theraputic and relaxing, everything is so positive and the little details in the npc storylines really make me smile. I love this game and it’s been a life saver through a very hard year for me.

  • duuuuuude

    Man, I remember when I followed this game’s development way back when I was in college. That time I pre-ordered Starbound and I learned about this HM-like game. Years later I bought it during launch. So happy how it turned out. Congrats man! You deserve it!

  • William Gleivnir Efendy

    Such dedication, I was also thinking that I want an expansion of a harvest moon game with a lot of features and then Stardew Valley came up! Take my love!

  • Niklas Wilke

    Thank you for an awesome game. One of few games I don’t get bored on after a couple of month. Well done indeed.

  • Beth Walsh

    Thanks so much – I haven’t played a game for years but this is the only one I will play- making my Gamer husband and son feel far less guilty about their game time!

    • Sarah S

      SAME here! Actually, now my husband watches the clock and doesn’t play as much because he knows I’ll want to play the same amount of time he does! My 7 year old daughter loves it too 🙂
      Thank you ConcernedApe for all your hard work and YEARS you put into it. It definitely paid off!!

  • Bima Aditama

    Waiting for Big Update : Multipalyer!

  • Mtax

    I’d love to see pre-release version released to public to mess up with. I’d play it for sure to discover Stardew Valley anew.

  • Timo Kauppinen

    Stardew Valley was the first non-mobile game my wife played, now she has nearly 100 hours logged into the game. Thank you for that 🙂

  • Rob Absolent

    Amazing progress <3

  • Joseph Todd

    This game has been my life for he past year. It is everything I want out of a harvest moon type game. Bought it on multiple systems and I have put so many days I to it I lost count. Keep up the good work. You are incredible. The game is awesome

  • 666-san

    thanks for making this wonderful game!!

  • Kimberly Davenport

    Thank you for all your hard work! The game is amazing! I bought it on Xbox and Steam because I enjoy it so much, I wanted to be able to play it on both platforms. 😀

  • Mickael Chausse

    This game is awesome (even if I think we can do so much more on each abilitys of the game), I’m still waiting the multiplayer with my girlfriend since 5 month (and now with my Junimo Plush in the background) but my determination is infallible. Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride ConcernedApe.

  • Jason Orme

    You deserve every bit of success you have had.

  • Daniel Hughes

    Absolutely amazing job. This is what us Harvest Moon fans have been missing since FOMT

  • Verlie Myers

    As someone who has spent over a hundred hours in this game, and even started a brand new file JUST so I could try a new farm, I want to say that few games have I bought that I can so honestly say it was money well spent. I’ve been a Harvest Moon fan for years, and this captures all the beauty of the original and still blows 3/4’s of the series out of the water 🙂

  • Steven Hicks

    I actually just started playing it this past weekend (it’s been on my wishlist since it came out, but I finally got around to buying and playing it) and that’s all I accomplished. I couldn’t stop playing and when I had to stop playing to go to sleep, I dreamt about it. Thank you for this game! This is more fun than I’ve had in years playing anything.

  • Michelle Lehto

    “Is it perfect? No. Is it the best I can do? No… really I see this as just the beginning… I’m just dipping my toe into the water. And I’m looking forward to making the next step.”

    …this is one of my favorite games of all time. I’m pretty excited for wherever you move onto from here.

  • At first I asked myself why would I want to play this game when I could just fire up my N64 and play harvest moon again like i do occasionally when I get the itch? Then it was included in the freedom bundle so I installed it and thought it looks entertaining enough, my friends like it, and I can play it offline which is a bonus for me as I travel occasionally and internet is spoty at best sometimes.

    I could not have been more wrong about this game. It not only captures the pure essence of the core mechanics I love so much about the earlier Harvest Moon games, it expands on them in just the right way. There is enough lore and intrigue in the game that I am immersed in the story, but it is not overburdened with it. I love a mystery in my games, but it cannot be the primary focus because frankly sometimes I cannot figure it out.

    You sir have captured some of my fondest memories of playing video games and look forward to what you accomplish next.


  • Henrycaster

    Sprout Valley digivolve to Stardew Valley

  • Superscooter

    That ending made me tear up.

  • ivansoto

    Stardew Valley is a fantastic game. We played on the PC and now my wife bought it for PS4 and my 3 years old loves to sit down and play with her with a second controller (he thinks he’s actually playing the game).

  • ForeVision

    All the respect that I can possibly give, I give to you. Keep up the great work.

  • Joseph Potter

    Not very often I log into a Disqus account… but I did to thank you personally for Stardew Valley. It’s a phenomenal game that I logged a ton of hours into. Whenever I’m feeling the need to escape from the world around me, I boot it up and spend a little time with Penny and the gang. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the game (errr, can we call it a franchise yet?!) in the future.

  • raudskeggr

    Wow, that 2012 version really WAS a Harvest Moon clone!

  • Britt Aximon

    I so much love this game, just the way it is. Thank you!

  • smackywolf

    Exceptionally glad that the community center ended up being such a large part of the game. It gives a sense of something to work towards, and a sense of completion when it’s finished. I adore this game, as my 140+ hours in game show, and want to thank you for creating something so peaceful, rewarding, deep and genuinely sweet.

  • Nice.

  • Ragnax

    Congratulations , you’ve done the best game of my life, and i’m sure, for others too. Gz!!!!

  • Xethaios

    I didn’t know the game came out on my birthday! It’s getting harder and harder to justify not buying it (main reason being a massive backlog and limited time).

  • Stardew Valley makes me feel like I did when playing Harvest Moon all those years ago. Your game is incredible you’re an awesome developer!

  • Mistajeff

    PLEASE bring your game to Vita. I will pay full price all over again.

    • DontheDon

      Yes please!

      • Stephan Pretorius


  • dubesor

    best game I have played in the last 5 years, next to witcher 3. I am not even kidding. deserves everything and more. I just hope you keep your promise on the multiplayer.

  • Gray-Haired Gamer

    My wife and I have a combined 270 hours on the PC version, with no signs of stopping. This is easily one of the best games we’ve ever played, certainly in the top 5 of this generation for me. It’s also a wonderful center of conversation for us, as we talk about what we did each day and our various strategies and approaches to things. She’s currently making a killing selling iridium starfruit wine. Me? I just got engaged… in-game, obviously. 🙂 Thank you for an incredibly fun and rewarding game.

  • Digus

    You deserved all the success you got form you amazing work.

  • Hunter Gallegos

    Jesus, and I thought I was early to the hype train when I was like 2 years early. Im glad with all of the love this game has received, and it is all well due. Thanks for putting so much work into this game and I still can’t wait for multiplayer. (However long that may take) Keep it up CA

  • Cyflan

    Wow, the game looked really different back then.

    I’d just like to say that this is probably my personal game of the year of 2016, and I have spent around 120 hours on it so far.
    Thinking of starting another playthrough soon too.

    Thank you for making this amazing game.

  • Holly Lynn

    I was going to buy this game from day 1, regardless of whether it had multiplayer, but I am hoping that ConcernedApe doesn’t give up on that like so many other games have. I felt like I was cheated out of my money when they stopped working on StarDrive and started working on a ‘sequel’ that not only doesn’t have multiplayer, but is garbage in comparison(imho). I don’t even care if it’s a maximum of 3 players per game. Any number bigger than one is enough. More(if not all) games should follow Fable and Dark Souls as examples of what to do for multiplayer. Just my two cents. Thanks for reading. I love Stardew so much; I just wish I could play it with my loved ones.

    • Gohanks

      Well, he won’t as is proven by the deal he struck with Nintendo… Screwing over thousands of us who got the game on day one on steam or GOG. I adore SV, but that’s an asshole move, to give the so long promised multiplayer functionality as an ealy exclusive for Switch. I’m sure it will take somewhere along a year for the deal to allow other platforms getting that function.

      • Holly Lynn

        Actually, that information is not accurate. The Switch will not be getting multiplayer first; it will just be the first console to have it. PC isn’t considered a console and ConcernedApe has tweeted that PC will be getting it first. It may not be when the game releases for Switch this summer, but sometime this year, most likely. I’m stoked about it.

        • Gohanks

          As stated above, sorry for that – didn’t know that was the case.

          • Holly Lynn

            No worries 😛

          • Bill Herring

            yeah, why independently verify information on the internet when you can just run with it and run your mouth?!

      • Niklas Eriksson
        • Gohanks

          Ahhh! My bad! Really sorry for that. In that case I apologize. But
          still the multiplayer was prommissed to be released well before 2017, so
          you get why I’m a bit dissapointed, that console versions were the priority over the function that got me into the game in the first place.

          • Gayna Rimmjib

            i read that they are not happy with how the multplayer is yet and is part of the reason its taking so long. remember you got an awesome single player game and it took time to come out as well. just be patient

          • Bill Herring

            yeah jesus christ dude, go make your own game. “but he said this, and i wanted it, so waaaaaaaaaaah” whatever dude

          • Guilherme Santos

            Out of curiosity, how many calories do you burn each day jumping to conclusions?

          • Gohanks

            Out of curiosity, how many stiffies do you get posting stupid backtalk? What do you not understand here? I am angry and not without reason. I’ve been following this project since the early days, loved the heck out of it and that was freaking years ago. Multiplayer was supposed to be available long time ago, there’s no excuse for that. I apologized for my jumping to conclusions. Now crawl back into your mom’s basement and stop digging up a year old comments, it’s not impressing anyone.

          • xpgx1

            Haha =) I like your style. He seems to agree with me ^-^’

  • Korinda Baxter

    best game ever! thank you for this game

  • Eric Shelhamer

    Happy 1st anniversary! I love this game so much! I just have one request. Please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE! Do NOT give up on this game. Please keep giving this amazing game updates.

  • AntoniokoCL

    Es un juego excepcional! Lo raro, es que me asombra pensar que lo hicieras todo, en 4 años, y solo. 4 años parece mucho pero en realidad para todo lo que hizo se demoró relativamente poco, en serio, muchos no saben apreciar lo difícil que sería llevar a cabo un juegazo como este SOLO y en tan poco tiempo (de verdad pienso que 4 años es poco). Es de los mejores videojuegos que he jugado, y el más viciante de todos ellos. Siempre puedo volver a jugar, su re-jugabilidad es impresionante. Además y por si fuera poco, ¡está actualizándose constantemente!, actualmente estoy jugando a la versión de pruebas para jugarlo en español y es muy bueno, lo único es que la traducción no es neutral pero de eso no tiene la culpa Eric, aún así la traducción es muy buena. De verdad siento que el precio del juego podría ser mucho más elevado y no creo que nadie en su sano juicio se quejaría, pues lo vale completamente. Mis mejores deseos para tí, espero que tengas una larga vida, Eric Barone 🙂

  • Brandon Wenneborg

    Love this game! Buying it again when it releases for Switch! 🙂

  • Maxime Format

    If stardew valley was only a practice, i cant wait to see what’s next !

  • FSK

    Have you considered hiring an employee, so you can work on your next project while someone else supports the game?

  • Kuran Nasir

    Do your best to stay humble and true to yourself. Your methods and dedication to them were what made you successful, if you can find another project you’re as passionate about and work with that same dedication I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

  • PeartheBear

    You’re amazing man, I love what you’ve created. Right now, Stardew Valley it’s something that makes me a happier person, and I’m sure you’ve already heard something similar more than a thousand times since the release, but I have you to thank for that. So, thank you.

  • JehovaNova

    You are such an inspiration,here’s hoping the spotlight is never too bright for ya!

  • Brandon Khaopraseuth

    Keep up the awesome work man. I honestly am just waiting on the co op to start playing again. Took a long break but my GF and I are hooked on wanting to play together. 🙂 Can’t wait for the future updates to roll out.

  • Nard Barstley

    This is genuinely one of my favorite games in recent memory. I hope you continue to work on it and add content, but if you decide to move on to your next project I wish you luck and I will be one of your first customers!

  • Niklas Eriksson

    Please please please make a Stardew Valley 2.

    A bigger, better and more long lasting game with more interaction with characters in the town for several years to come, not only (mainly) the first year. I absolutely love your game and have spent almost 100 hours with it.

    • mesmerrow

      I don’t think concerned ape should be thinking about a sequel or second Stardew Valley for now.
      I would also highly recommend expansions instead of a new Stardew Valley game, that way he won’t anger the people that supported him with Stardew Valley, and would also be able to provide more content heavy packs without having to toss it aside for a sequel.

  • CT

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I don’t remember when I started following Stardew Valley, but I do know I had it bookmarked for a very long time (along with a few other Harvest Moon-like games, because for so long I was waiting for a HM kinda game to come to PC!) and I checked on your progress quite often, always getting excited to play it and boy was it worth the wait!! Also you are one of the most sexiest game developers ever. :3 Such a cutie. >: D

  • Monty De

    I did not buy Stardew yet as I don’t think I would play it on PC or PS4 much. But I would instabuy this for the PS Vita. It’s the perfect game for a handheld to relax on the couch. So please port it to the Vita!

  • G3tR3ktByNathan /A.K.A Nathan

    ConcernedApe, I want to thank you for making this masterpiece and also my friend who strongly advised me to buy it!

    So, one day a good friend of mine told me about this farming simulator called Stardew Valley. As a HayDay player I wanted to give this one a try as well (I don’t play HayDay anymore). I looked it up on Steam and saw that the overall ratings were extremely high and decided to buy it too like thousands of other people. This all happened in March of 2016. I’ve played 264 hours of Stardew and it has been amazing. You’ve inspired me to make YouTube videos about the game and I want to thank you for everything. I’ll never stop playing it! Thanks…

    Have a nice day!
    -Nathan A.K.A. G3tR3ktByNathan…

    PS. Channel link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvMxxvaAshmUyxPGLQOCpQ
    A lil’ bit of self-promotion is okay I guess! xD

  • Camilo Rivera

    Congrats! My girlfriend and I play this game regularly and it feels great. I only wish the multiplayer mode comes to PC someday.

  • Miguel Mif

    No, i’m not crying :’c
    It’s just something in my eye…

    Now, seriously:
    You are wonderful, and you inspired me so hard while i was reading your blog that i even want to hug you or something :’3

    I’ll be honest with you, i wasn’t sure about the game a months ago, and i downloaded it… hmmm… illegally.. I play nearly 3 years (In the game) and i loved it so much that i didn’t remember to buy it later

    But now i’m here, replaying the game, looking for every single secret and the last steam achievement, and now that i have payed for the game i can say, sincerely and honestly…

    Thank you.
    Cause i still can’t believe EVERYTHING you did in that game, all the work you taked on it…
    You are an idol, and i really admire you
    so, let me say it again
    Thank you

    (Sorry for the bad grammar)

  • Joosif Hines

    You should release the beta edition on steam under properties or something sometime soon, I got this game on my birthday, and found out I got it about a month after it came out. I just got it since I had a craptop and gmod wasnt running well at the time, so I gave it a shot. Lets just say, that shot was well worth it. Btw, I also have an HP Pavillion! I use half of a good laptop and the monitor that came with the pavillion since my dog broke the screen on my laptop.

    Good luck in your further endeavors!

  • Colin Warwick

    This truly is my favorite game. And what i admire most about it is the creator himself, you’ve really taken your time, polished the game, and have what many gave developers lack; passion. That is truly what i adore about this game, your sheer determination to make a brilliant game has paid off, and its amazing, Never mind the fact that it was your first programming project! Love this game, love the creator, keep up the great work, and thank you, for Stardew Valley.

  • Derp Derpson


    H D R U M B L E

  • Ezra Abdiel Chandra

    Thank you so much for your work in this game. Its has been a incredible journey on playing this game. Honestly at first I think I wont like this game as much as I like Harvest Moon, but after several hours into this game I realized that this game has so much depth in it. Of course I’m hooked into this game. Once again, thank you so much bro for working so hard and finally launched this game a year ago.

    I hope you update it with many things so old player still have the desire to play it more and more.
    Cheers for your success!

  • Fallaron

    I have just recently started a new playthrough of your amazing game to take in all the new sights. And I have to say, this game was the highpoint of 2016 and it very well might turn out to be the highpoint of 2017 as well. Thanks a lot for all your work!

  • Jagtress

    I never played Harvest Moon but this came out at a time when I was consistently streaming. One of my viewers gifted me the game and I enjoy going back to it. It’s very relaxing and gives streamers and their community a chance to relax and talk. I absolutely love virtually everything about this game except for fishing. -.- Anyways, thank you for creating this game. We truly see the amount of work put into it. I look forward to seeing your future projects 🙂

  • Carl Lavilla

    This made me tear up a bit. You are amazing ConcernedApe, thank you.

  • Robério Oliveira

    Vai sair a tradução pra português do brasil mesmo! Cara o jogo e fera pra caraio e um dos meus tops 10!

  • yukovalis

    You have to start somewhere. This value shows not only in your work, but is the essence of the very game you made. You started simple, and through time and effort, you made something amazing.

  • Adam Sharpe

    To hear you say that this is only the beginning gave me goosebumps. I’m so excited to see what you do next. No matter what it is, we all know it will be crafted with love and care. Thank you so much for your passion and perseverance. Much love and best of luck!

  • An1989di

    A great game. It gave me some peace in this troubled times.

  • MangaMan

    Great work, we appreciate all you’ve done and we’ll continue to enjoy your work for many years to come.

  • yaaaaaaaaa

    Really a good game! And it is filled with humanity, that’s what I ve enjoyed the most. Thanks from the Lgbt community, it is hard to find games where we don’t feel left out and this one is definitely not one of them! Hope you’ll get even more success in the future for any project of yours!

  • Heteu

    I do hope it doesnt go to multiplayer on switch first, thats the pinacle of disrespect for all those people on PC who helped you make what stardew is today.

  • Brandon Harris

    I’m happy you put the time in. It was well deserved. Looking at the past to where you are today it only proves that if you stay motivated. You can accomplish amazing things.

  • The Silence

    That’s a lot of work. Ah. my dad really love the game now that’s is translated. He is in his second playthrough. lol, he forget were people sell the rucksack and play for almost two years with the standard bag…. I can’t help him but only facepalm when he told me this achievement. But now he has an full bag already. Hey man, can you talk with someone or use an secret identity and make an mod that add butchering and hunting to the game? I would really love to kill some pigs, some chicken, some cattle and even an deer if i have an hunting permission.

  • Melanberg, a félzsidó

    Thanks for this really deep and satisfying chill game, man :3

  • Lifer

    Was hoping for a content update for the 1 year anniversary : been so long since 1.1 released. I dont care about multiplayer I want the game expanded…

  • Forrest

    Thanks for the wonderful game, ConcernedApe! You’ve given me hundreds of hours of fun and given me one of a few computer games that I share in common with my wife.

    You made a masterpiece, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Tyler Vaughn Stockton

    Honestly I love the game, but I couldn’t go past year 3. Characters lost point and the festivals grew dull. I found myself no longer visiting any of the little events after the first year. Loved the chase of marriage but I missed everything with the baby. One day she’s pregnant not showing at all the next moment I went to sleep and missed the birth. It was like hey you woke up you got a baby. Skull caverns were great but felt like a lot of run and gun. I liked taking my time through the mine and was relatively disappointed that 120 was then end. Skull caverns should have contained special equipment only obtainable there so that way I felt there was a greater goal then a hand ful of iridium I don’t use a lot of. Another thing that would be pretty sweet is an option to start another farm in another location keeping your previous farm intact and giving us a new area to enjoy. At least a new mine more levels. New mobs and weapons. Honestly your vague about what your working on and I would love some better play by play. Multi-player will happen I’m excited for it but it feels so distant and by the time you get it I might lose complete interest and I don’t want to do that. Your work is super appreciated however. I loved the art I loved the fishing system. All aspects were fun and exciting. These are mostly my critics and don’t necessarily need to be taken to heart. Honestly I couldn’t build a game half this good and it’s a pixel side scroller. Thank you for your hard work and your constant chucking of previous product. Without it you wouldn’t have half the game you do now.

  • Bunni hime

    Thank you so much for making such a wonderful game! The wait was definitely worth it and I’m always amazed by all the work you put in. It’s so nice to see how much it has grown and I’m at awe at your perseverance in creating this game. It’s really inspiring! Happy amazing one year!

  • Layla

    I remember the seemingly endless days of clicking the little chicken in my toolbar hoping to see your progress and any hint of when we’d get to play, and it was more than worth the wait. This is the best game I have played, and I tell everyone about this amazing game that one amazing guy made by himself. Plus, when I saw your old PC setup, I realized we have the same coffee mug haha 🙂 you have made so much progress and we can’t wait to see what you do next. Thank you for dedicating so much of your life to making this for us.

  • Brick Johnson

    I dont usually log-in or make accounts just for one comment but this is a special post for a special occasion, I gladly make an exception to that rule…

    Thank you for you hard work in releasing this gem to the world. Natsume is no longer the bastion of farming sim/rpg’s that it used to be, they’ve all but lost the magic now that *they* are the ones making the HM games instead of merely localizing them. Rune Factory has always been “too fantasy” for my tastes. Story of Seasons seems to be the rebirth of the old “true” HM games, which is great…

    But THIS game right here. This game hits home SO beautifully, takes me back so strongly to the Mineral Town/HM64/Back to Nature era, that I cant help but fall in love with it.

    So once again – thank you, sir, for creating this wonderful game for us. In a time where everything is brown & bloom or a violent generic shooter – thank you for reminding us what simple charming joys there are to be had with a genre that almost seems to have lost its flame. Stardew brought it back.

    Here’s to the future of your title, and all the things you have planned for it!

  • Connor Cavin

    Thank you for all the hard work and advancement of the game, i do have to wonder on one thing you mentioned however, the procedural generation mines with destructible terrain and lakes, do you still have the code for that laying around?? i was just thinking that that could be an interesting thing to add in as a quest pertaining to the wizard, a living dungeon which was long lost that he can send you to and which holds loot from ages of old, each level could be a different level tier and hold appropriate loot and stuff and you need items from each level to get to the next. i mean its just a thought, however it just seems like that could extend the game play even further for those of us who have finished the current game. it could even be as easy to add the new area in as making a raft on the sea and sailing to an island or something

  • Selena Wolf

    This is such an awesome game, and I’m so sad I don’t have as much time on my computer as I used to. Any hope there’s an Android version in the works? I can play with my tablet on breaks and away from home much easier. Also so very, very sad I STILL have not had time to go marry Shane. ><

  • Giuseppe Venezia


  • Linux

    Dear Concerned Ape, I do like the original texture of ‘Sprout Valley’ maybe except for the buildings. I wonder maybe you might add the classic texture as a DLC?

  • Chris B

    All I can say is Bravo !
    What a masterpiece. Even back then, the graphics were so charming. But now, it’s even more amazing!
    I absolutely love the soundtrack, I even have ”Spring – The valley comes alive” on my cell. I listen to it when I wanna feel good. I have almost 800 hours of play and this post is making me go back on my farm right now. Thank you 😀

  • Lantiz

    Wish my game was so awesome as yours

  • TheFireLover

    The game is truly amazing, it helped during a really low part of my life. I got to admit, it’s one of a kind for me. I tried looking up similar games to it, yet i havent found anything! I love seeing your updates and how you stay in touch with your fans, it’s incredable. Great job Yo! (:

  • GaryBrazil

    Sadly, over the years I’ve spent $59.99 – $79.99 too many times on games that I barely play for 10 hours before becoming bored. So far, I’ve put in about 130 hours into Stardew. Not only is this the best value for a game I’ve played in years, but it’s simply one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in years (I’ve been gaming for 30+ years). So first of all my I wanted to say how much I appreciate your dedication and hard work to make this masterpiece (honestly you should have charged more for this game)! I can’t say how much I loved this game and I even convinced at least one friend to buy it! The music is some of the best I’ve heard since my early days playing jrpg’s like Final Fantasy, Secret Of Mana, Chrono Trigger, etc. I’m can’t wait to see what your studio churns out next! Stardew Valley needs to be Game Of The Y… make that DECADE!!

  • Richard Steven Jones

    My wife and I have only been playing this game for a week. Oddly enough, I was searching for a game like Harvest Moon because that’s the kind of games she’s into. This popped up with some googling. I had no idea about the backstory, the inspiration, or the fact that ONE PERSON single-handedly created it (as a musician, an avid gamer, graphic designer, and video editor myself…a project of this magnitude seems insane to me). We’re still early in our first year, but already we love the game. It’s highly addictive. Congratulations on an amazing game and an amazing story!

  • Joanna JoKa Karpowicz

    I am so gratefull to you for this game. It tought me how to rest and brought a lot of joy into my life. Thank you!

  • Watts

    This really is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Thanks or all your hard work!

    If I’m being honest… I have to admit something. Now that I’ve seen screenshots, I kinda wanna play the prototype…

  • yifftoast

    I remember when the game first came out, me and 4 other friends played by ourselves in a teamspeak server for 27 hours straight. Ridiculous! I know right!

  • Matteo “Spagna” Spagnolo

    Only, thanks!

  • We Are Fucked

    I just want multiplayer you cuck

  • Jake

    I was just thinking about you a few minutes ago and wanted to stop by and say congratulations man. Who would have thought it would have blew up like it did! I remember back when procedural mines were still in the picture. This has come a long way and after waiting most of those 4 years… the game is priceless. I couldn’t be happier and it’s a return to childhood lol. You earned it man, enjoy it.

  • FloydianSlips

    Our wonderful, mutual friend Lester heard how big of a Harvest Moon fan I was one day (I’ve played almost every version across all consoles) and he turned me onto this amazing piece of work you’ve created. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m addicted. Since starting I’ve infected at least 4 other people with the Stardew bug. We’re all hooked. Thank you for all your years of hard work. It’s amazing to see photos of how the game started compared to where it is now. Bravo, really. It’s sensational and a wonderful buy for all ages. Thank you from me, my boyfriend, my brother, his gf and a few other close friends.

  • Mario Lelić

    We want expansion! More story, more everything! 🙂

    • Bill Herring

      How big of a tantrum will you throw when it becomes clear no more updates will arrive?

      • Mario Lelić

        Wut? 😀

  • Fjorn

    You can make even more money if you finally publish the game in German or not ?.

  • Jamie Van de Groep

    I even made my brothers buy the game because they were fans of Harvest Moon and played one of those earlier pixel versions on the SNES, I sticked with the game much more after that, like the spin offs of the same family tree (Rune Factory, Story of Seasons) and the originals on the GBA and GC. I always loved these type of games and on steam there isn’t much else alike actually in regard to farmin simulator that’s played casually. There is this farming game with all real looking trucks and stuff, but not that interesting for me. Stardew Valley is really great and addictive actually and takes me back the nostalgic road when I was playing the old SNES Harvest Moon till the middle of the night. The thing I was always disappointed with in that game was that after 2 and half years the game would end xD I couldn’t bring myself to start over and the memory of the cartridge would wear down too and erase your saves from time to time. Stardew Valley is like the better version of it and great, and I love the music and sing along often with the tunes. I hope you keep adding more stuff and I’ll be sure to try out some mods too, perhaps some things like the horse mods out there to ride on a freaking bear xD. I love your work and the amazing game you brought to all of us for everyone to play on whatever console they prefer wheather that be an xbox one or a ps4 or pc it’s great!

  • Fuzek

    Thank you for the game! Please continue updating it, adding new things, features and characters 🙂 I love all the work you did. Amazing!

  • Chris Fisher

    I’m seeing these for the first time. Looking at the second screenshot (garden) now and realizing how much it reminds me of Harvest Moon SNES. I’m thinking that’s why I ended up purchasing this game so quickly without much thought. You really did a great job revitalizing the genre. Thank you.


    • Bill Herring

      I am still shocked people needed images and not just a description of the game to understand it was in the same vein as HM. i think hearing just half of the game’s description made me say, “oh yeah like harvest moon; getting it!” i just think it’s weird so many people in this thread got into this game, and new about harvest moon apparently, yet never made the most obvious connection in the history of connections.

  • Kaboom

    … Y’know, it’s been a while, but after seeing that (and some merchandise), I’m really tempted to play again.


    Beautiful text, about a beautiful game! Awesome! Really Awesome! One of the best games I ever played! But one thing: I know there is much stuff to do. But because we have the anniversary, why aren’t there any special things? Hmm… maybe some special decorative items for the farm. A “1-year anniversary” logo, or banner. An “Anniversary Fruit”… very tasty, very healthy, very precious. I don’t know. Some things to celebrate it ingame. ^^

  • Thank you for your hard work. I know it’s paid off BIG TIME for you! SO excited to play Stardew on my Switch. It can’t come soon enough!

  • Regis

    I would love to translate it into polish, just to show support and approvement of your work.

  • Sigrah

    I don’t know why, but the screenshots of the early game remind me of when I used to play zangband back in the early 2000’s.

    Anyways, I love the game and look forward to its future, especially when co-op eventually comes out 🙂

  • Robson Rodrigues Francisco

    Seu trabalho Valeu apena! continue as atualizações! muitas felicidades!

  • Neaxter Bielik

    I love this game and whaiting for multiplaye.

  • Oliver Calderon

    Hey I was honoured to meet you at PAX! I love the game and hope your success keeps going!

  • Renato Rocha

    Got the game last week, already have 40 hours played. This is a true gem, congratulations.

  • Z Man

    I wonder…….if he could make a game like harvest moon FUN, I wonder what else he could do in other genres XD. I actually dislike harvest moon…..too much boring…..somehow stardew valley took the aspects of harvest moon and took the good elements and just plain made it better than anything harvest moon was. heck harvest moon has been in a state of decay for over a decade now. LONG LIVE STARDEW.

  • Yan

    watch 2012’s pic,and now,i can imaging how hard work,so great buddy,there is a old word in China,more and more hard work will pay you at last,you did,yes you did,i like SV so much,thank u.

  • Kanzi Oops

    Can I get a copy of the sprout valley game?

  • Tonya Llewellyn

    I don’t suppose there is anything new planned? More quests, new items, more people, anything to expand on this already awesome game? My fiance bought it for me on the PS4 and I’m totally smitten, just got the guide book (awesome job by Kari Fry btw) and read through it just to see if I’d missed anything good.

    • Assationater

      Yea late game is more boring than waiting for a bus

  • Devens World Gaming

    this game is one of the worst I have played

  • Janice

    A lot of my friends told me that this game was going to be boring, probably because they didn’t like the whole farming/mining kind of stimulation, but I did. I’m extremely grateful for you that you decided to continue working on this game and dedicate all those years. Without you making a game like this, I think I’d be bored to death playing Runescape. You developed absolutely amazing characters for this game, regardless of how many you have made and scrapped. It’s not what you did with the game that makes you awesome, it’s the time and dedication you put in the game, and the encouragement from others that supported you.

    Thank you so much for this game and thank you for giving people chances to play your game as well!

  • Nicholas Rangel

    Wow you deserve so much credit for this. Stardew Valley is an amazing game that my cousin, girlfriend, and I play all the time. Thank you so much for all of your hardwork! i will continue to be a ConcernedApe fan and im excited about the future!

  • Athena Ferguson

    You are an incredible inspiration and you deserve all the good things that have happened to you.
    You’ve worked hard, you’re going to work even harder now that you have found success and I wish you all the best of luck in the up coming years.

    It’s fair to say that I am in love with the game and the story behind it. I’ve always been a Harvest Moon fan and this falls right down my alley. Not to mention the steps that you had to take to make it happen. It makes me so happy to see hard work, dedication, and persistence pay off. I’m (nearly) speechless. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing your name on future work.

  • gtasthehunter

    Great game wish I found it sooner. keep up the good work.

  • Modern Igloo

    So when I was a kid, I had to lie to the people at my local grocery store and tell them I lost their copy of Harvest Moon for SNES so that they would let me buy it from them, as I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was entirely lost in that game, and consistently disappointed with the sequels which never quite captured what that original was.

    Your game, which you’ve shared with all of us, captured that for me and I thank you heartily for it. I hope you make billions from it, and I will continue anxiously awaiting the addition of helicopters.


  • Daniel Winter

    Thank you for a beautiful/amazing game. I am extremely picky when it comes to games and usually only play sandbox games. You truly have done a amazing job and deserve all your rewards and success. Hope you continue to have a fruitful and success adventure on continuing developing this game and your own life..

  • Stacey H.

    I’m so happy for you! XD Your game is incredible, when I was moving and did not have an internet connection I spent hours with my family playing your game. Fun and so relaxing, I can not wait to see what other games you come out with in the future. ^.^
    Is a release for the PSVita on the horizon?
    Also that idea for the cave looks dope, would love to see that in action one day!

  • Kris Clown

    I am a big Harvest Moon fan but the game felt repetitive after awhile. Stardew Valley just made my childhood game came true. Truely fun. Would love to see any content update in the near future (paid or not). Keep it going!

  • Eric Miller

    Keep up the good work man, this game is just amazing. It is one of my favorites of all time, so addictive, and the genre is just so refreshing in a world of FPSs, MMOs and Paytowins. I will be following your creations in the future for sure! I also hope you’re making a bit of well deserved money! haha Don’t take the time to answer, just keep working!

  • hellowondergirl

    Just started playing this game with my boyfriend the other day. It’s been great so far! <3
    Congratulations on one year! I'm gonna be here for more of this game.

  • Christina Kelley

    I honestly have not felt this way since I was 11 years old playing Harvest Moon on my Nintendo 64. I cannot believe how immersive and advanced this game is. I just do not have the words to put together a cohesive statement regarding just how amazing this game is. Truly magnificent work, I’m completely in love with it. Myself (26) and my husband (29) have been playing it non-stop for days. We also just bought a Switch, about to buy another for myself, and will gladly pay for two more copies of this game as soon as its available. This game hits me so hard, right in the childhood. All of a sudden I’m a wee kid sitting in my bean bag chair diligently minding my farm. We currently play through Steam and will make sure our friends know how great this really is. Honestly, the hard work and dedication has obviously paid off. I cannot thank you enough for this tremendous gift to the gaming world!

  • Priscilla Aguilera

    I just wrapped up my first cycle/year in Stardew Valley. It is such a beautiful game. From the high-quality pixel art (which you clearly worked very hard to achieve) to the inspiring character of the valley and its denizens, the game feels like the product of someone’s absolute best effort. Thank you 🙂

  • Michelle C.

    This is my favorite video game. I play it every day. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m excited to see what’s next, both for Stardew Valley and for your career.

  • Jen

    (Sorry if my english is weird). I just want to say to you that you did an amazing job, I really enjoy Stardew Valley, and is amazing how you worked so hard so it could be as amazing as it is now. You are really incredible. Thank you for that, it is inspiring.

  • exoaria

    This game helped me through a difficult time in my life.
    It came out just after I lost my sister to cancer.
    I will never forget the hundreds of hours of distraction and time for healing Stardew Valley gave me.

    Thank you.

  • Luísa Dentello

    You know, I’d love to see those first NPC portraits!! I love conceptual art, even if it’s just a scratch. Maybe, as a future project, you could release an artbook or even a behind-the-scenes book about this project. I’ve heard about a creation of a similar game in the universe of magic and wizardry, in the molds of Stardew Valley.
    One more thing – Stardew Valley is way more appealing than Sprout Valley. You did great with the name there 😀

  • xpgx1

    Bought the game somewhere around release – and looked at a … “free” version prior to that ;D

    I must admit, this is the purest form a farming sim could ever have! When I heard that “just one guy” made virtually everything in this game I immediatly bought it. And then, after some time, finally really played the game. It’s not just this one man army concept that fascinated me – it’s not the retro appeal or the throwback memories of my snes days – noooo…. this game is just plain and simple really really good! You distilled Harvest Moon into something of higher quality -so many sequels failed to ever come close to. And for that – you really deserve the credit!

    I wish you all the best and stay true to your concept of refining discarded, supposedly “failed” games. Maybe even keep the retro charme and pixel art – why not? I’m so fed up with all these visually hardcore amazing titles these days…. with very shallow or no depth at all that a gem like this is a veeery welcome change. My GPU might think otherwise, but hey – you can’t have it all ^-^’

  • Paul Smith

    thanks to team fourstar’s Lanipator, who streams the game every sunday, i am hooked

  • Tara Elaine Coco

    Thank you so much for creating this game! My boyfriend bought me this game, and told me he thought I’d like it. He has a reputation for being very hit or miss when recommending games for me. The most recent miss was Ori and the Blind Forest (I’m terrible at 2D platformers). So I was a bit skeptical when he told me he bought this game. However, to humor him, I started to play. About five hours later I realized I was hooked. Beautiful music, characters with depth (not literally, they are 2D after all), and just a wonderful story line. I am still learning a lot about this game, and having fun doing it. So I want to say, thank you so much for this wonderful game.

  • sam wee

    I got the idea of wanting to add a bathroom room inside the house

  • Gian Miko Arabejo

    Dear ConcernedApe,

    A few weeks ago I bought RPG Maker MV with 0 programming and coding knowledge. I bought the software because I want to make my dream game. I have a huge idea in my head that I just want to bring to life.

    I came here because I want to tell you that you are my inspiration when it comes to game development. Why?

    You never gave up.

    You started from the bottom, from scratch and you took your time despite all the negative comments and discouragement. And look at what you made! It’s a wonderful piece of art enjoyed by millions around the world!

    At this stage I’m an independent game developer learning the ropes. At times when i doubt myself I just think of this blog post and tell myself “If Concernedape did it, so can I!” One day I will release my game and share it to the world as well. I hope you get to play it too!

    Once again, thank you so much for making this game. You really inspired me!

    P.S. My game is called Lawmage Academy. I will take my time but I’m excited to release it and have you play it too! 🙂