Stardew Valley Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news:

Stardew Valley will come to the Nintendo Switch on October 5th, 2017

I’m very happy to see Stardew come to a Nintendo console… I grew up on Nintendo, after all! This will not only be the first time Stardew Valley appears on a Nintendo platform, but also the first time Stardew will be on a portable system.

The Switch version will be priced at $14.99 USD.

I would like to give a big shout out to Sickhead Games, who worked very hard to develop this port. They did a great job, as always, and deserve all the credit! I’d also like to thank my publisher Chucklefish for coordinating everything.

I look forward to hearing about your experience with Stardew Valley “on the go” this Thursday!


Thanks for playing,



  • Aaron MacNaughton

    Holy shit balls that’s fantastic news.

    • I bought a copy on Steam when it was just a few days out, problem is, I can’t play it cause Im either playing something different or Im busy at work, I guess I can play it anywhere now!

  • Nick Portman

    Great news, always wanted to play this title on Vita. Will settle for for Switch if i can finally have it on the go.

  • Sackboy612

    Lotta love for this game…I have no idea what it is, but I purchased golf story on release and have spent 5 hours on that, really enjoying it.

    Is this vaguely similar to that?

    • Error

      I’, loving my time with Golf Story. There are some Stardew vibes that I get from Golf Story but Stardew is waaaaay more of an open sim game whereas Golf Story is a lot more linear. I have yet to play SV as I’ve held out for the Switch. From what I hear though, if you like Harvest Moon, Golf Story and/or Animal Crossing, we will love this game!

      • Sackboy612

        That sounds perfect! Thanks a lot!

  • xZuey

    yewwwwwww. Stoked!

  • Mitchell DeLong

    Will there be a physical release?

    • Dieter Minet


    • pilkjaer

      Not just any physical release – Collector’s Edition!

      • Ashley Mantilla

        Is this actually confirmed? I am having a hard time finding anything about it.

  • Michael Rose

    Will local co-op be ready at launch?

    • Vittor Costa

      No. PC will receive multiplayer first, and it’s not coming to PC until next year.

      • Deanna Riley

        they already announced that switch would get it first exclusively for a few months as a trade deal with nintendo during one of the directs.

        • Dylan Chau

          Nintendo Switch will be the first CONSOLE to get multiplayer. PC is first.

    • Error

      I might be mistaken but I think I heard that won’t be ready til 2018? I hope I’m wrong of course

    • Matt Burns

      Didn’t they announce there is no local coop planned?

      “Local multiplayer, split-screen and PVP are not planned at this point.” –

  • Stephan Pretorius

    Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • mrvivi80

    multiplayer please

    • Benamax

      p a t i e n c e p l e a s e

  • Max Bell

    I wish there was a way to import the save file from my PC… Oh well, guess I’m starting a new farm.

  • Nakels

    I bought a copy on Steam when it was just a few days out, problem is, I can’t play it cause Im either playing something different or Im busy at work, I guess I can play it anywhere now!

    • Stephan Pretorius

      I’m having the same issue the game is great but when your in front of your PC you just to play battlefield ect.. sometimes you just wan’t to lay in bed and enjoy some Stardew valley.

  • Marcus


  • Pierre-Luc Grenier

    I am so happy about this!!! Thanks!


    What does the icon look like?

  • Lokthar

    Will this game have as much bugs as the ps4 version? In just 3 hours, I found more of 10th of bugs, most of them is in the Festivals and events with the characters. I don’t have any problems with the PC version.

    • Gustavo Saez Millar

      what bugs have you found? I’ve played on ps4 2 gameplays and never noticed important bugs

  • Fabricio Delite

    Great news!!!!

  • Erin Bailey

    No guys you aren’t getting it, October 5th is a Harvest Moon

    • Cynel1

      you just blew my mind

  • Silva Tata

    e eu quero mais atualização mais monstros boss mais minerios mais plantaçoes mais NPCs os pais da halei e emili mais atualização no mapa para exploração

  • Silva Tata

    eu sempre pensei que aquela pedra solitaria fosse uma ilha pensei que um dia ia pega um barco para atravesse o oceano e tbm pensei que teria outra cidade

  • Kacper Balcerzak

    Instant buy ;D

  • Martin Trnka

    Yahooooooooo 🙂

  • Francis Olivier Houle


    • Unknown


  • Dan

    I hope it come to the vita as well. I’ve been playing it on my Linx vision tablet so it has been possible to play stardew on the go.

  • DonSerrot

    I’ve been looking forward to this for a long long time. When I was younger I poured hour upon hour into Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on my GBA and playing Stardew Valley took me right back to those days. The one thing that was missing for me to make the nostalgia complete was being able to fill a long car ride with pure farming bliss. Thursday can’t come soon enough!

  • Kate Billotte


  • Cameron Wilson

    Are we not getting a physical release? Because, I’m gonna be honest. That is literally determining factor on buying it. I only have so much storage space on my console, I don’t buy many digital copies. I’d really appreciate if we could get some clerification.

    • HippieMagic

      I mean… you could just buy another SD card for a few dollars if it’s that big of a deal. You can swap the cards.

      As far as I am aware it’s digital only.

      • Cameron Wilson

        I do realize that is an option. But, I frankly don’t want to have to do that, I prefer physical copies of games. I understand if this isn’t an issue for some people. However, for me it takes the game from a must buy to a maybe. Hopefully, if I am not alone they will come out with a physical copy later on..

        • Martin Trnka

          No. There won’t be a physical copy of the game. Buy a SD card or sadly stick to a pc. But I don’t see the logic not to enlarge your space of your switch, the only reason… You want to sell the game later on.

          P. S. Help the world. Less plastic is better 😛

    • Albert Cacdac

      I’m on the same boat. Physical release is a 100% purchase for me.

    • Blackbird412

      I mean, I can understand why you would be cautious, as would anyone who owns a console like the PS4 or X1. These games now a days take up so much space. I myself prefer physical copies over anything else when it come to the switch, that way when games like this one come out I have space for it! So I have to ask is 880MB really going to harm your storage space for one of the greatest games of all time? ;P

      • Cameron Wilson

        Lol, I guess I should have been more clear on my initial message. Storage space is a concern. But, it’s secondary. Really, it boils down to personal preference. When I buy something, like a game, I want a physical copy. I just don’t like digital copies most of the time. Aside from that, if I’m going to make a purchase, I want to make an informed purchase. The PS4 didn’t have an announcement for a physical release until about a month and a half after launch. I totally get that alot of people don’t care either way, or even prefer a digital copy, and that’s cool. But, I just want the ability to make an informed purchase, that’s all. Either way, the game looks fantastic and I’m excited to see an indie developer see such success.

    • Cynel1

      you have to understand switch cartridges are expensive so going digital only was the cheapest way they could go right now.

      • Cameron Wilson

        I get that. However, that’s why I was asking about a future physical release. The PS4 didn’t have it’s physical copy announced until a month and a half after release. It is my preference to have a physical copy when buying games, and even if I do decide I want the game enough to buy it digitally, I don’t want to do so and then find out about a cartridge release after the fact.

        • Cynel1

          thats because ps4 and Xb1 retails were on disc

          • Cameron Wilson

            I’m not sure what you mean exactly, my point is there was a delay on their announcement. Either way, I’m not looking for an argument. All I’m saying is I’d like a more concrete answer on the matter of a physical release before I decide if I’m going to buy it. At present he has not ruled it out nor has he said it’s happening. At present, I don’t know if I want it enough to buy it digitally. I don’t know why so many people seem to be offended the fact I don’t like to buy games digitally. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, I just don’t like it myself.

          • Cynel1

            it came out quicker at retail due to discs being cheaper to manufacture than cartridges

          • Cameron Wilson

            I feel like you are missing what I’m saying. It DIDN’T launch with a disk release. There was no disk at launch. It came out in December the disk version came out in like April I think. But, they didn’t even tell anyone there was going to be a disk version until like February. Also, I don’t care if I have to wait awhile for the cartridge to come out. I just want to know if it’s going to come out at all.

  • Hunter Ashpole

    This is what I have been waiting for. Day 1 buy.

  • KAG

    Some amazing relaxing days ahead.

  • jialu chen

    Does Switch version support Chinese?

    • Snoopian

      Yes! The game is available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian-Portuguese… But no french!!! So sad :'(

  • Leo Amador

    ConcernedApe, you are a goddamn genius! I was already going to buy this game but you releasing it on a Harvest Moon…man, that just solidified it for me by a hundred fold. Seriously love the respect that you’ve given to the pioneer series that was HM. Can’t wait till Thursday!

  • Kaliek

    Touch screen controls?

  • Snoopian

    Why no french version??? The game is available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian-Portuguese… But no french!?! So sad 🙁

    • Jonathan Steele

      now there’s a great way to get them to add French. tell them they suck.

      • Snoopian

        I presume your answer was sarcastic… You’re right, that was a bit to much… Sorry about that, I’ve edited my post.

        • Jonathan Steele

          It was, but wow. Kudos to you for actually editing it. I don’t run into too many internet folk that respond well to criticism. My hat is off to you. I genuinely hope that they are working on French and add it soon! I’m sure it’s something they’ve considered.

          • Snoopian

            I hope so 🙂

  • Benoît Avenard


    is there any chance to have a physical release ?
    And even more an collector edition like you release on PS4 and Xbox ?

    The only reason i will not buy it next thursday, i already have the game on
    steam and i would buy it a second time on switch for a map and a box.

    I really love your game (even if it isn’t translate in french) and i will
    buy it a second time if you release a switch collector edition

  • Bryan Strother


  • LanceAvion

    This is good to hear, but isn’t there another portable console Stardew Valley could be ported to? *Cough* PS Vita *Cough*

    I’m sure you guys will figure it out 🙂

    • Kacper Balcerzak

      for what? Nodoby (even Sony) cares about Vita anymore …

      • pilkjaer

        Unfortunately it’s true. Sold my PS Vita last week. RIP. Stardew Valley was the last hope for keeping it.

    • Cynel1

      whats the point the Switch is the second best thing

  • pilkjaer

    Great news! I was waiting loooong time for this. This game belongs to Nintendo platform! Any chance for a free giveaway or discount code? Come on, you need to celebrate this event! What else a better way to do this than by making some giveaways!?

  • Christian Robledo

    Will be there an Amazon digital version? I got a GC I need to use.

    • I read this and thought “Game Cube” for some reason. lol.

  • Techdude 594

    Will we get touch screen controls added in a future patch for handheld mode? That would be amazing!

  • 徐秋涛

    SO which time zone of October 5th, my country is 5th now

    • Josef Rudy

      I’m thinking it’ll be availible at 12AM PST

  • Prokopis

    PS VIta next?

    • Cynel1

      why the Switch is the 2nd best thing

      • Prokopis

        Switch is better ofc but i don’t have one… I know PS Vita is almost dead and the port is a long shot.

        • Cynel1

          just dont hold your breath with Sony Droping the vita

  • Deivys Hernández Pérez

    Why the game is not available, it comes in the list of games that will come soon although it is already 5 October?

    • Blackbird412

      Nintendo doesn’t update the store until 9am Pacific.

  • Paddy Alfan

    not yet live? nintendo site says its instock, but cant find it on the eshop

    • Same here (in germany).
      Taking a look every hour since 10am on the eshop, but it’s not available yet 😐

    • Blackbird412

      Nintendo doesn’t update the estore until 9am Pacific.

  • Claus Rutkjær

    soo it 2.37pm in denmark the 5.oct and it has still not been release…

    • Blackbird412

      Nintendo doesn’t update the estore until 9am Pacific!

      • Cynel1

        well that bites

  • Martin Trnka

    ….aaaaaand bought it right now. I am comming Abigail!

    • Cynel1


  • Shion Rasenka

    WOO, CAN’T WAIT!! I bought the game on Steam, but i’m gonna be getting it on the Switch after I get home from work tonight!! This game is amazingly fun!!

  • Nikky

    What are the chances that either you’ll be able to put community mod support into a closed system, or maybe talk to some of the best mod designers QoL modders and bake them into the game natively for people to choose from?

    The extreme character customization (furry or not!) that is offered from the mods, and the extra items you can get from them really is an important thing, and it would be awesome if you’d find a way to bring some of the very best of those mods to the switch. Additionally, what about potential character cross overs? Nintendo seems a lot more open to the idea these days so that might be possible?

    Either way, great to see this on the Switch, this is definitely the second home of Stardew Valley after the PC. Brilliant idea bringing it there.

  • David, Duo Woei Lim

    I have a PC Stardew Valley game and suppose I purchase a Nintendo Switch this Christmas sale, can I transfer my save file from my PC to Nintendo Switch or vise versa?

    • David, Duo Woei Lim

      I like to play it while I travel overseas eventually.

      • No. Not unless someone makes a tool for it and you can somehow access the save files

  • Genaro Leon

    When will be released in the JAPANESE eshop?

  • Genosis

    Long post alert!

    We purchased the game on release day; I had been hearing about this game from coworkers and references online (Steam, Video game story time, etc) and waited for the Switch before diving into the game. My fiance and I have played it daily since purchase, and we do our best to be patient while the other takes their turn as we each play a couple days and then switch profiles to let the other play.

    Having it mobile is excellent as well, I dont often have time to decend into the basement where my computer is to ignore the family/kids to play a game. The Switch gives me the most availability to play as a “gaming dad”. Though, my significant other tends to play it more than I do, she’s completely hooked, also being a fan of the Harvest Moon series style of games.

    Our only discouragement through the whole thing is not being able to play together in the future update without the purchase of an additional Switch (I have been informed ahead of time by my loving partner), which is most certainly not going to happen.

    All that aside, great game. Apart from the game itself, the story of how it came to be has inspired me to look into game development more seriously. I have been a programmer for all my life for fun, making a career out of it over 7 years ago (mostly php/sql/html/jscript, but a working knowledge of java, c#, etc) and hearing how Eric toiled and kept working at it until it took shape and how positive everyone is about it.. makes me think I could start creating as well, as difficult as that may be with a career and a family.

    You have all done a great job, keep it up.

  • Lyncc

    started 3 days ago on my switch, still figuring it out but addicted already!

  • Emily Collins

    I am absolutely loving this game (this is my first time being able to play it)! Thank you for putting so much love into this. It really shows. It’s the perfect game to play to bring my “salt” levels down after a Splatoon match.

  • Baptiste GUEGAN

    Have you planned the French language?

  • Em Longhurst

    How do I get this game in Australia??

  • Michael Lombaert

    Please help us ease our addiction! Why not have the option when you go to sleep and the game saves to continue/ close the game. Everything I close I can’t hold back and have to first check my farm, very difficult to stop then.