Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch – Bug Fixes

Hey everyone!

Not sure if you’ve heard, but uh: Stardew Valley is out on the Nintendo Switch! Huge thank you to the developer ConcernedApe, the porting house Sickhead Games, the folks at Nintendo and our very own Tom Coxon for making Stardew Valley on the Switch a thing!

I hope you’ve all been harvesting spring crops and having your heart broken at your very first Flower Dance all over again — but portably, this time!

We’ve been keeping up with discussions about the game over social media, and have taken note of all of the issues people have been reporting. We’re working on a patch that will address the following:

  • Audio crackling – Some players have been reporting a crackling noise coming out of the left speaker on the Switch during gameplay. If this happens to you, try closing the application and re-starting!
  • Unable to select certain items in crafting menu – specifically, some players have reported not being able to select items on the bottom right. (For a temp-workaround players can disable the option ‘Use controller-style menus’ – that should allow players to select things until a fix is distributed.)
  • Journey of the Prairie King minigame A/B inputs are swapped
  • Game crash when opening the journal if there are no active quests

We’re sorry for letting these slip through, but we’re investigating and will provide fixes ASAP.

It’s been so exciting to see the reactions to Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch so far! Thank you for the support, everyone! Have a lovely weekend. <3

~ Chucklefish

  • gac_man

    Noticed the noise crackling last night. Thought it was my TV speaker going out, but glad to know it was just a glitch and hope it will be fixed soon. Fantastic game. Couldn’t put it down.

    • Mirriky

      Ditto on that, though I tested through a trailer video on the switch store, then heard it again when switching back to stardew, so it’s 100% the game.

    • Lance Johnson

      I’ve experienced it 2 times already. Chucklefish CEO stated on a Reddit that he has a fix that will be ready next weak. Hope that’s the case since this is an amazing game.

  • Matthew

    While creating my character using the Switch pro controller, I undocked the switch and the game couldn’t seem to detect the joycons, even if I restarted the game. Joycons worked fine with other apps. I fixed it by redocking the switch and waiting for the pro controller to register, put the switch to sleep, then turned it back on. Now works fine. Weird!

  • Josh fett

    Is there any possibility of speeding up the Save game time, since I am going to sleep so often it would be great if that was a little quicker, especially compared to the PC/Mac version. Other than that, fantastic job, game is so good!

  • Aiwanei

    Is the rumble not working in portable mode a bug or a “feature”?

  • Jean-Luc Maske-Stockdale

    I think the Cursor should be usable in the menu so you can select items directly instead of scrolling to them, which is one of the bugs, you can’t scroll to certain items.

  • Renan Lopes

    Rumble is also not working on portable mode. Would you guys also consider some touchscreen functions? Would do wonders when selecting itens from the boxes.

  • Matt

    I’d love to be able to save faster if possible! on ps4 it was so quick on switch it feels like forever!

  • Isitmeyourelookingfor

    Personnaly i’d love a UI scale setting. Reading numbers in the inventory from the couch is a bit hard sometimes with the font (no problem in portable obviously).

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      Conversely I would like a FOV setting. I have seen videos on YouTube of people playing the PC version which seems to be able to display a lot more of the world on screen at the same time.

      Portable mode makes sense as it is, but it would be useful to be able to choose to utilise the extra space for people with bigger TVs or who sit closer.

  • JoshDJX

    I just wish Saving was a bit faster. <3

    • Himuradrew

      Yeah, this. i thought the game had crashed on me the first time it auto-saved.

      • DonSerrot

        If anything I’d say adding some kind of animation to the screen like a Junimo in the corner dancing would go a long way to help with the perceived save time. Just staring at a still screen makes a long save time feel even longer. They could even do something fun like randomizing the color Junimo you get each night or having it carry a random item from the shipment box if you shipped something that day.

        • sygys

          I really dont understand why saving cant just be during playing. This game doesnt use any recources in terms of CPU and Memory. My switch runs a straight 6 hours + on a battery charge. So why cant the switch handle saving the game while playing?

          Or atleast make it possible to shut off auto save completely and let players save in a more convenient time on their own. These save times are ridiculous for a file no biggen then a few KB. Never seen any save time while playing minecraft on the switch and still eveything is saved… so whats wrong with stardew?

          I also read tons of people having savegame crashes. I dont understand how that can happen when you have the whole system reserved for a minute to save a few KB file…. Atleast do it right when it takes so long!

          For everything else… Its a freaking awsome game!

          • Alex_Atkin_UK

            I’m as frustrated by the slow saving as anyone but Minecraft is made by a big team and the saves are HUGE. This game was made by ONE PERSON.

            So I think it can be forgiven if the saving code is less than optimal.

          • PeterA

            This game was ported by a development team, it even says so in the post above here. It is far from a single developer game. (Especially the switch version).

            It is just a very poorly implemented save routine.

          • Alex_Atkin_UK

            The trouble being that a port probably isn’t going to have dramatic changes made to its routines, especially something as vital as the save one.

    • Sean E. Andersen

      Yeah, same here…seems quite long for a cart based game.

      • Alex_Atkin_UK

        Seeing as all consoles save on HDDs these days and Switch saves to its internal eMMC (which is most likely slower than a HDD), I’m not sure what your point is.

        • PeterA


          Internal storage of the switch is ~15% faster than the load times of a cartridge.

          • Alex_Atkin_UK

            Which doesn’t mean much as modern cartridges aren’t direct access memory like in the N64 days. They are designed mostly around being as cheap as possible to manufacture rather than being fast.

            The eMMC on the WiiU was so pathetically slow that downloads would run faster to a cheap USB stick.

            It would be quite a dramatic turnaround if Nintendo used really fast eMMC for the Switch, although the whole console is a pretty dramatic improvement over WiiU full stop so who knows.

          • Alex_Atkin_UK

            I take that back, been reading up on the Switch eMMC and it sounds like it could be anything up to 400MB/s which is REALLY fast.

            So maybe its just an OS restriction or some form of encryption slowing it down?
            It certainly suggests that in this game, its probably the CPU processing the save data that is slow, rather than the actual saving itself.

  • Jared

    As has been mentioned, no rumble in portable mode is an issue not listed above. Great 5+ hours of gameplay thus far regardless, thank you for your hard work!

    • They probably do that on purpose. Playing Fast RMX in handheld mode with vibrate on is a little spooky. It’s rattling up the Switch.

      • D-Volt

        Considering the only real way rumble is used in Stardew Valley is when hooking a fish and that rumble being considerably light, I don’t think it would be much of an issue. Heck, Golf Story is rumble crazy and it hasn’t had any adverse effects on my Switch. I doubt Nintnedo would ever design a rumble that harms its own console.

      • Jason Kay

        At least make it an option so if you are spooked then you just turn it off in handheld. I’t never spooked me as imagine all the shocks and bumps the switch gets just from carrying around and docking, rumble is nothing.

  • Sehrvis

    Is the save/load time issue just inherent to the console? Or can we expect a fix for it at any point?

    • Zonned

      Not on most games I just think the port needs some optimizing.

  • Thee Proper Gent

    Will there be the abilty to remap buttons in a future update?

  • Israel Pacheco

    I Love Stardew Valley in Nintendo Switch

  • A Ko

    As many people have stated, I really wish the save time was quicker.. =(

  • Jared

    Also just found an issue for a quest called “Slay Monsters” that says to slay 0 monsters. I imagine this is not intended. Just a heads up!

    • Zonned

      I guess just get the quest then turn it right back in? Technically you have done your job.

  • Andrew Uzoma

    When switching from docked to handheld while in the main menu, the cursor went off screen and became unusable!

  • Tom

    Question for the community, is the game only saving at night? I read somewhere it saves each 15 mins but I doubt it. Also please implement rumble for fishing, it would be so useful to feel when the fish bites! Keep it up it is AWESOME!

    • JoshDJX

      It only saves at night. Which can be good for things like making sure you win the Egg Festival Hunt. Reset if fail until you win~

  • Eleina Hassan

    When taking the switch from docked mode to handheld, the controlls become unusable in game. I can press the home button ane controll thinhs outside the game but once i go back it doewnt woro, almost like it’s frozen

    • Eric Mazock

      I’m running into the same issue. The controls just randomly stop working and I can’t do anything at all. I thought it was my switch but turns out its the game. This only happens in handheld mode so far.

      • Shadowgnom

        Its because the game rwcognize your controller and not handheld mode
        just go to the controllerselect screen and change the number of controllers so any controller disconnects ….had the same issue and this is the workaround 🙂 sry for bad english

    • sygys


    • Michael Hoyle

      Workaround I found was to put the console into sleep mode before switching. Bit of a pain, but only adds a second or so to the switch time.

      pun absolutely intended 😉

  • JoshDJX

    Found a minor bug.
    When looking at Community Center Bundles and mousing over an Item, if you press B to return to the 6 Bundle select screen the Tooltip for the last moused-over item stays anchored to the cursor.

    • Trent Alben Richardson Michael

      I’ve found this bug many times too!

    • Élodie Daigle

      Yeah, same here. It’s annoying. :p

  • Justin Kelly

    Just been reading some of the comments and a lot are saying there is no rumble in portable mode and someone else ask for it for fishing, I get rumble in portable mode and it works when the fish strike….
    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve only played it portable and agree the saves need to be faster.

  • Mirriky

    Loving it so far, but could we please have an option to change our key bindings? I feel like a A and X are overused, while everything else is heavily underused.
    Also please add the ability to drop items, I have had to trash newly crafted items because my slots were full 🙁

    • Techdude 594

      Use the manual cursor mode in the inventory, not sure if that is the solution, but try it anyways!

      • Mirriky

        I’ve played around with the manual cursor, but it’s only useful for placing large objects, and does not work on the inventory screen for me.

  • Neff SosaG

    Speaking of Journey of the Prairie King, Abby’s 2-heart event seems a bit glitched, too. Her face while she comments in-game is cropped and pushed all the way to the bottom of the screen (I sadly didn’t take screenshots, but you could only see from her eyebrows up). Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I seem to remember her full face would show up.

  • Techdude 594

    I have a few bugs I have encountered.

    First of all, no idea if this can be improved, but load times are pretty darn long. Also, there is a short delay between going between areas, such as the farm and bus stop. It’s only minor, about a 1-2 second delay, but still noticeable.

    Next up, lag when selecting eye color is an issue I have encountered. I have only encountered this issue with the eye color scroller. This issue occurs when scrolling quickly, or slowly.

    Another minor bug is that in docked mode, the UI is not flush with the edge of the screen, which is the case in handheld mode (talking about the day / money counter, and the energy bar.

    Finally, the largest bug I have encountered: Music / ambiance looping. Whenever you start a new day, you usually get a new track that is based on the season, except when it is raining. (there are multiple songs per season that can be selected from) However, unlike the PC version where music usually doesn’t repeat more than two times, on the Switch version, music can repeat up until you go to bed. This really breaks immersion in my opinion, and should be fixed ASAP. With rain, the indoors rain sound plays, even when you are outdoors, which is not normal as well.

    • Mirriky

      “Another minor bug is that in docked mode, the UI is not flush with the edge of the screen, which is the case in handheld mode (talking about the day / money counter, and the energy bar.”

      My TV does a bit of cropping for some 1080p devices like the switch. The switch has an option to reposition the screen to ensure it fits from the home settings. Have you had a look at this already or noticed it with any other games?

  • Inoka_Uchiha

    Other than what has already been noted(my main problem being the crafting bug), I also can’t access the journal for bundles anywhere other than the first inventory page, despite it being visible on all other pages. I also would greatly appreciate rumble in portable mode during fishing, as sometimes I don’t always play with the volume up enough to hear it. There also needs to be a way to drop items when using controller-style menus, I had to trash some stone paths early in so that i could pick up a museum book.
    Keep up the good work <3

  • felicity

    I’m having an issue using tools for example my watering can won’t water a certain space that has a crop on it but will water those round it it’s getting to the point I’m leaving my crops with out water because I can’t get it to work sometimes other times a lot of clicks later it works this problem also seems to be with the hoe

  • Billie

    I’ve noticed that in the menu a lot of the time the cursor will not let me select the community center menu, no matter which screen I’m on. In the inventory I even go right over to the organize button, directly below the bundles icon, and I still can’t move up to it to check my bundle progress while not in the community center. Hope this makes sense! Otherwise completely great.

  • There desperately needs to be a UI adjuster. I can play in handheld mode just fine, but it’s so teeny tiny on my TV that I have to squint. And couuld we please get some touchscreen controls? 😀

    I’ve been so happy to play through STV for the 50th time, can’t wait to do it on the go. X3

  • rob

    The game has been crashing here & there when I go to sleep, which is right before it saves. It’s pretty bad 🙁

    • Ronja Pölkki

      That started to happen to me too in Y1 winter 🙁

  • Söfgi

    Stardew Valley is one of my favourite games i´ve ever played. i have around 120 hours on pc and now i bought the game on switch again. There are a few things i would change so the game is even more enjoyable as it already is. I have the same problem with the audio. sometimes i hear some noise even through my speakers. A/B is swapped when playing journey of the prairie king. all of this is something minor but i have one bug that is really annoying. When i get my switch off the dock i have to turn the console on standby mode because otherwise i cant use the joycons even if they are connected to the console. after turning it on again it works.
    oh and it would be cool to be able to use the cursor in every single hub menu. i cant get to all crafting recipes and when i want to sell something i have to scroll down the entire menu to get to the inventory

  • Adrien Chalard

    Could we hope a french translation for this wonderful game ? I wonder why so many languages are supported but not french. Maybe that french customers are not so numerous and therefore do not deserve interest ? I buy Stardew Valley twice, on PC and Switch because I really like it. I would appreciate having a better immersion by playing in my mother tongue (and I am not the only one : you miss sales by omitting that).

    • Rachel Banzhaf

      I imagine no French translation group has picked up the project yet. But I don’t know the logistics of the translation efforts done before.

  • Vriess

    Add French language support please!! My daughters don’t understand enough English to play 🙁

  • Jérémy

    Hello, I have been waiting for a French version of Stardey Valley for a year and I would like to know if you were going to release this version in less than a year or if it is really not in your objectives and I should avoid d to buy your product ? French being the 6th most spoken language in the world in total, I find it really weird : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_de_langues_par_nombre_total_de_locuteurs …
    Look “Total” and not “L1 Speakers” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_languages_by_total_number_of_speakers …
    sorry for inconvenience.
    Oh .. and in your forum, french is in (top 4) here not ? https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/languages-and-translations.17216/

    • Maddy

      Translate it yourself, you can speak English, can’t you? The other language options were translated by fans because the game is programmed by one man.

  • Billy Halim

    hope you can make auto save faster…. 🙂 kinda sleepy waiting the loading…

  • Ronja Pölkki

    My game keeps crashing when I go to sleep in winter (year one) T__T

  • Roscio

    Italian language please!!

  • Lilith Elmanso

    1.The Communication center icon doesn’t work at the crafting menu
    2.Thecommuncation center doesn’t show the name of the items which are needed

  • Aubrey Rushing

    It isn’t giving me an error code or anything but my game keeps crashing when I go to sleep on Winter 18 Year 1 without saving. It just says “an error has occurred” and closes my game.

  • Nic

    Another bug: if you make some Maki rolls (using the stove in your house after the first upgrade) right before you go to sleep, the game crashes.

  • Liam Toynbee

    Any of the bundles with 2 rows will not let you place items in the bottom row making any bundle with more than 4 items impossible to complete.

    • Pascal Paulen (Xao1988)

      just push the stick right! the cursor will switch to the second row 😉

      • Liam Toynbee

        You’re a hero and a saint

  • Gonzoduke

    Add french language please. My son can’t play

  • Sesh

    If I open the menu with the crafting button (X), I am unable to scroll to the community center button. If I open the menu with start (+), I can.

    Assuming this is a glitch

  • tigier Lp

    When using the controller controls the cursor snaps to the bundles in the yunimo scroll even tho it’s just the first text

  • MrEvilRobot

    Please enable copying save files. I’m in constant terror that my son will corrupt my game. Please help!

  • ジョ マリ å¿—ç”°

    Pls fix hori pro controller not working fix asap


    Hey, my game crashed now the third time in the night from Winter 14th to 15th, how can i fix this?

    • Hollow 66

      I have the same issue. For me it ist definitly Mining related. Everytime I visit the Mine for the whole day, the game Crashes before saving 🙁

      • Solar Dragon

        Seems to be happening to me, only in Winter… As soon as I started Winter, I kept getting crashes when I went to bed.

        • Yung DUCKLING

          Yeah, it`s happening to me in Spring again, it`s because I upgrade my tools

          • Solar Dragon

            Ohh, is that why it’s happening? Yeah, I’ve been getting the crash every time I try and upgrade to iron axe.

          • Traxler

            Yeah, same problem for me too, when I try to upgrade tools. Keeping playing though in the hope a patch can fix the in game issue and I can carry on as normal afterwards.

  • Malaya

    Touch control please!

    • Shadowgnom

      yes! 😀 for the menu atleast

  • Solar Dragon

    I keep getting crashes to home menu. Every time I go to bed after doing stuff in Winter. I can literally go to bed without doing anything and it saves and proceeds to the next day, but if I go out and do stuff, then go to bed at night, the game just crashes back to the Switch home menu. I can’t play the game any more!

    EDIT: Seems to be when I try to upgrade a tool from copper to steel. That’s when it crashes, when I try to save after upgrading.

  • Eric Mazock

    So none of the buttons on my switch work when playing. I can’t even get past the opening screen. It will randomly fix but then mess up again a few min later. No idea what’s causing this issue.

  • 鹏鹏鹏

    I had a crash issue when I tried to sleep in the 6th day of the first summer. This problem appeared 3 times, even though I have restart the game and the console. Could you please look into it? Or did someone else have the same problem?

    • 鹏鹏鹏

      i’m sorry, it should be the first FALL.

    • Solar Dragon

      Were you upgrading one of your tools that day? This seems to be the problem.

  • Shadowgnom

    Idk if its normal but in Handheldmode you dont have rumble feedback when you fish and a fish gets on the Hook 😀

  • Troy

    It would be nice if they could do something about how long the saving takes plus a touch control. It will be god send if you can do something on the latter tho

  • Amy

    Here are a few others: You can’t see Shane or the main Character for two of his heart quests where he and the character are at the bottom of the screen but the bottom of the screen isn’t visible (specifically 7 hearts 1 and 10 hearts at the game). You can’t view the bundles from the menu (the cursor will not travel to it) You cannot enable pregnancy on animals (cursor will nor travel to it). Occasionally gifting an item will result in the message “You have already gifted x today” when you have not, but the x for a gift being given will still fill in.

  • Fernando Silva

    Thanks for the amazing game and for the efforts to bring a patch asap.

  • Bruno Buzzatti

    Please Chucklefish, add french translation, all french players wait for a translation, this game look amazing but a lot of us cant play because of that. So please translate it in french

    • Maddy

      Why don’t some french people translate it then? The other translations are all adapted from fan-made translations. Chucklefish distributes it, the game itself is made by one man, who probably doesn’t speak French.

  • Tibbi

    How do you fish? I can’t figure it out. I cast, the ! Pops up but what button do you press? Switch version.

    • Caheinecke

      Press Y (and you have to use Y during fishing as well)

  • DirtyMobs

    I cannot play the game undocked. If I open the game undocked it will immediately crash, if I switch from docked => undocked with the game open it immediately crashes. The game runs great docked, just has a 100% crash rate undocked. I’ve checked for corrupt data, reinstalled, restarted the switch. Other games run fine undocked.

  • Juspi

    Play Station Vita!!!! Please!

    • Zonned

      Unlikely it was a challenge for the port team to get it running on Switch.

  • coolguymarek

    Saving takes quite a bit, which is fine, but it’d be kinda neat to add some background art to the saving screen. The addition of a dancing Junimo on the saving screen would be enough! Also, touchscreen controls would make the game significantly more convenient.

  • Lectorius

    Amazing game 🙂

  • TessellatedGuy

    Save times could get a boost, other than that, perfect port.

  • Caheinecke

    I love the game! I just have some feedback (I’m thinking this post is open for feedback, hope the team reads it):

    – In the beginning of the game, I notice a Robin request (of 20 wood) that didn’t took the items from my inventory when I spoke with her, but I still completed it. I think this might be a bug, but I’m not sure, maybe other quests have this as well? (I know some of them don’t take the item from you…)

    – When I give people a gift, often appears the windows ‘You already gifted etc’ BEFORE the person actually thanks for it. Then I have to speark with them “again” to see if they liked it or not. It’s a little bit weird, but at least I know the item has been received.

    – During Egg Festival, I noticed that if I open my inventory while walking, the character keeps going in that direction until it crashes in something or someone. I didn’t see this happening elsewhere.

    – (Already reported here) When checking the Community Center Bundles and press B with the cursor over an item, the item description appears instead of the Bundle description.

    That’s basically it. I hope you guys can solve these problems, thanks!! Love the game 😉

  • Alex C

    I am also having trouble with the game crashing in Winter 1. It always happens when I try to upgrade my pickaxe to steel, but I’ve had it happen even when I don’t try to upgrade it. Someone mentioned emptying my inventory into a chest before bed might be a temporary fix, but I’ve tried that and it still crashed. Not sure what the issue is but hoping a fix is included in the next update.

  • Aline Inafuko

    Please, would anyone know if the version in the Switch is available in the Portuguese – Brazilian language? thanks

  • Ewan MacInnis

    Glad there’s at least a workaround for audio crackling. Could have sworn it was my ancient speakers…

  • Just making sure this is noticed!

    There is a major bug with Clint in the game where upgrading any tools after a certain point makes the game crash when saving.

    • Linus Lindberg

      I have the same problem

    • Corey Holcman

      I also have this issue. It is a pain in the butt to redo a day because we can’t upgrade our tools 🙁

    • Carl ‘Charlie’ Hindmarsh

      Thieves must be why my game keeps crashing, I’ve played the same day 3 times now and the only thing I didn’t change was my attempt to upgrade my iron axe into a gold axe.

      • Headstone Hunter


    • Rachel Banzhaf

      I’ve had the crash twice now. No tool upgrade but I turned in the purple shorts and Pam’s pale ale both times. When I get over being pissed off, I guess I’ll try again without doing either of those.

    • Philip Jackson

      Getting the same crash when saving, but mine is happening after I make Maki Roll…which I kinda need for my Chef’s Bundle!

    • Headstone Hunter

      Same issue here, Was on Day 3 of Winter Year 3 and no matter what tool I tried I crashed at saving 6 times. Decided to stop trying to upgrade on that day and was able to save and move on. Never tried again.

    • Miriam Benden

      Mine crashes if I try to upgrade to a steel axe. =( I’ve tried 5-6 times now. It’s fine if I don’t try to upgrade.

    • Michael Lombaert

      I have the same problem! 🙁 3th year in fall, tried to upgrade to gold pickaxe.

  • Pasu

    Other than not being able to select certain items from the crafting menu when you don’t have too many craftables available, I can’t select the Community Center bundles button when in Controller style mode, or am I missing something? Also, you can’t read the names of the needed items by ‘mousing over’ them in the bundles menu if you have controller style on, you jump from your own inventory spots to the empty spots of the bundle

  • Kathiisu

    I’m currently on Y1 Fall Day 7 and I’ve gotten this crash twice tonight on Day 7 when going to bed, after I get in bed and click “Yes” to sleep, the switch says “The software has closed because an error has occurred.” It’s really frustrating because I lost my progress for that day twice, and I was mining and reaching a lot of floors :/

    • Matt Anderson

      Same thing is happening. Devs please fix! :'(

  • Linus Lindberg

    The game crashes when I go to bed after leaving in a tool for upgrade fall of first year. The first tool I upgraded worked fine

    • Matt Anderson

      Same!!! Any work arounds??

  • Matt Anderson

    Has anyone discovered a fix for the sleep crash? My crash doesn’t seem to be fixed by removing the mining items from my inventory like some have suggested. I’m in the late fall and getting the sleep crash constantly. Must have lost 10+ full days of work mining, finishing bundles etc. It seems to happen 100% of the time I go in the mines OR if I try to upgrade my axe to a steel axe. I’ve had the crash happen even on days where I’ve only been fishing though…The mines and a steel axe are the main things halting my progression so I’m not sure what to do 🙁


  • Jimmy Ferguson

    Started experiencing the Sleep crash. No rhyme or reason. One day I fished the entire time. One day was mostly farming. One day was all Mining. Thought at first it was happening when I leveled up one of my skills (fishing etc…) but not so sure now. Really making my avoid the game atm as I dont like wasting 20-30 minutes of play time due to a crash.

  • Pascal Paulen (Xao1988)

    Game crash Error: my game crashes during the 8-hearts event with Abigail after the textbox with the heart appears. I tried it 3 times no difference… does anyone else got this problem?

  • Sean E. Andersen

    Yeah, I noticed the buttons on that Prairie King game…thought I was imagining things, so ended up using the right joystick instead. Also experienced the audio cracking and being unable to select certain items in the crafting menu. I really enjoy the game, and always wanted to try it, cause I love Harvest Moon games. Just been enjoying it alot…I just end up playing it for hours. 🙂

  • Thomas

    I have a weird bug where the events take place offscreen during cutscenes :/ I’m at the 10 heart event with Shane and neither Shane nor my character are visible on screen. This is really annoying because [SPOILER] there is a kiss scene which I wanted to take screenshots of and now can’t anymore. [/SPOILERS] Here’s a screenshot of what the event looks like on my Switch: https://imgur.com/a/Twm4v

  • Sean

    Thank GOD, I was starting to think the speakers on my Switch were messed up with the audio crackling! Honestly, I’m just happy it’s a bug and not my console! Hope you can fix it soon!

  • Dragon


  • Adam Hill

    i keep getting a bug on the switch version that crashes whenever i go to floor 100 in the caves get the starfruit then return home and sleep then the game crashes… re created it 5 times in a row now

  • Manuela Cordes

    My game crashes on Summer 27th, first year when I go to bed. I bought a new fishing rod, sold some fruits and meals, cut some trees on my farm, got an event with Emily and a thunderstorm is on that day. The next day my watering can should be ready with the copper upgrade but I never reach that day because the game crashes.
    I hope, you can fix it <3
    Edit: when I don't cook and have an empty inventory the game does not crash. Maybe it has something to do with the tools like some other players already mention it.
    Edit2: it crashed again in fall of the first year, I had no tool upgrade, just made the day went to bed and it crashed. I had nothing in my inventory. The whole day is gone. I can't play that game any longer -.-

  • Élodie Daigle

    It’s also sometimes impossible to put an item down where it should normally be ok. Exemple, a chest. It took me 10+ times on clicking the button and moving a little after I was able to put them down. Same with planting/recolting crops.

  • Tibbi

    I really dislike fishing in the game. It’s too hard, I don’t get how to keep the fish within the bar. Even by pressing y. Wish it was different.

    • Justin Gilroy

      Its very difficult at first but as you get higher level it becomes much easier. It also seems to get easier once you get the second rod. Also try avoid fishing at night or in the rain until you get the hang of it. There are more difficult fish that appear during those time frames. Once you get the crab pots you can level up your fishing skill with those to avoid the minigame. Every day they will catch “something”.

  • Chris Landis

    I’m on my first few days of Winter, Year 1. Keep getting stonewalled into a groundhog day scenario by the Sleep-save crashing bug, whatever’s causing it. Just missed out on my last Dwarf Scroll and some other REALLY nice loot.

  • Fisk Stillman

    I’m not sure if it’s related to updating my tools or my house, but my game crashes at random days when I go to sleep. It’s also only happened when I’m playing in portable mode (so far). Another weird bug is during two Shane specific events I’ve done the camera is way off center, I couldn’t see any characters, only the top right of the whole area.

  • Jamie Rodriguez

    Starting to feel like groundhogs day 5 times I have repeated same day go to bed & software crashes

  • Maela12 RS

    So I am on Winter 7 Year 1 on my Switch and every time I finish the day and go to sleep my game crashes. This has happened multiple times now and I can’t even play the game because it is frustrating. Any ideas as to what is causing this?

  • Gratin

    every time i open a magma geode i get bixites i’ve opened like 15 geodes got only bixites. aparently they got the same bug on xbox. need a fix ^^’

  • Jonathan Kullens

    Dunno if it’s been mentioned or not, but Shane’s 10 Heart event doesn’t scroll properly. The camera is set just above the scene, so Shane and PC are out of the shot. I missed the kiss, and my heart is broken. </3

    • Jessica Parks

      I just expierenced this also, one of his earlier scenes did the same thing. The social aspect is my main importance right now and I’m scared this will happen to other scenes. I’m thinking about not playing until it gets patched because it really is heartbreaking lol.

  • Jamie Davis

    Loving this game on my switch! Couple bugs though!
    I noticed my crab pot fish aren’t counting on my collections tab!
    Also when moving animals to different coops, the text isn’t aligned in the box window.
    The fishing contest at the stardew valley fair, the casting animation is off, and soft locked my game.

    Can’t wait for multiplayer!

  • Campe Lala Persa

    how do I put the bait in the fishing rod? In this version I dont know.

    • Justin Gilroy

      You pick up the bait with A and then hover the bait over the rod and press Y

      • Campe Lala Persa


  • Lhûgion Lȳðir

    “… having your heart
    broken at your very first Flower Dance…”
    Wait… That was on purpose? ó__Ã’ That was a really big downer ò_ó
    At least the next year she was concerned I would dance with someone else. ^^ (Even though I married her the last day of Autum xD)
    Anyway, 65h playtime until now and I’m loving it even if the sound issue can get annoying some times.

  • Alyss Lee

    My game keeps crashing when I go to sleep. I’ve seen other people say they have this issue when upgrading their tools. I gave the blacksmith my pick axe to upgrade into steel, went to the next day, after doing everything for the day went to bed and save crash. I’ve played the same day 6 times and each time I go to sleep the game crashes. I’m stuck in a groundhogs day, reliving the same day over and over. No matter what I do in the day it crashes 🙁 It’s very frustrating that I paid for a game I can’t even play unless I start a new file and don’t upgrade my tools.

    Also saving and loading screens are sooooooooo slow 🙁

  • Justin Gilroy

    I have a bug that I’ve seen a few times. Sometimes when entering a shop dialog menu, I can’t see a cursor of any kind. It’s not terrible when trying to sell something, you can still see the price and item name pop up but no selection cursor. However, buying is impossible because you have no idea what you are selecting. Usually this can be fixed by exiting the screen and re-entering.

  • supernet2

    Game breaking bug, on days 14-17 of first year of winter, everytime I have good luck or higher and try to save the game (collapse from exhaustion, or go to bed) after exploring mines or just avoiding it and doing anything beyond mines (any stages doesn’t matter what) my application will have a game error and crash. This has happened to me 19 separate times in those 3 days combine. This was pretty game breaking for me. Only way I found to progress to the next day is to immediately go back to bed and skip these 3 mentioned days on year 1 in winter. Else I literally couldn’t progress due to crashes constantly happening at the saving point unless I immediately saved after awaking!!

  • Solar Dragon

    So, another crash to home menu bug I’m having, after reaching floor 100 in the mines, it crashed. Doing anything else outside of the mines, or even before floor 100, and it’s fine.

    And another strange bug I just had, I couldn’t move after trying to pick up an egg. Chicken got in my way, and then I could only rotate in circles on the spot.

  • Justin Keller

    If you pause while in motion you continue to walk.

  • Juan Ortiz

    I have been experiencing issues with the camera when im farming in front of the farm house. The camera sort of goes a little haywire when im walking then suddenly stop. It only happens when im farming in front of the farm house though. Another thing that has happens is when I move the cursor with the left joycon it keeps moving after I let go of the joystick.

  • Mandra Sedai

    My baby is stuck in the wall/void in the top-left corner of my house.

  • Megan Corey

    I love having the game for Nintendo Switch finally, but my game keeps crashing every time I try to save.

  • Dan

    My game also keeps crashing in winter. First when trying to upgrade the watering can, and second while trying to upgrade the pickaxe. Any info on how to fix this, or when to expect an update would be great.

  • Andrew Vang

    Minor Bug Alerts from after 30 hours of gaming:

    Sometimes unable to give gifts to NPCs saying I already gave 2 but I didn’t. However when I talk to that NPC again, they thank you for the gift.

    When Ice fishing in the ceremony in Winter (forgot the name), sometimes the character gets stuck in mid casting animation and have to restart the game until you can actually fish.

    In the Fall event with all the festival games and stuff, after talking to NPCs, the main character sometimes is stuck in walking animation. You can still walk, but can’t run until you talk to another NPC.

    Sometimes when fighting in mines with a dagger, when using special, character automatically aims downwards instead of the direction you want. This usually happens when near a wall south of you.

    Game crashed twice on me for unknown reasons.

    No rumble in portable?

    That’s all so far from my experience. Nothing to broken. The game is still playable and definitely enjoyable. Just a hint of bugginess though.

  • supernet2

    Anyone have their game crashing everytime they go to the skull mines? I mean after you return home or try to save the game crashes everytime. Getting really old given this is completely stopping me from farming iridium ore. Has happened over 30x and climbing and I’m getting annoyed with the switch build anyone know work arounds besides restarting the profile which hasn’t fixed it for me, or the skipping the entire day and just hoping it works

    • Mark Connors

      For me, it’s the night before a tool upgrade completes when I go to sleep either in my bed or passing out somewhere at 2:00 am. It won’t even load the end of day results before saying, “The software was closed because an error occurred.” It’s super frustrating.

      • Helte

        I have the bug too,every time i try to get my tool update and go to sleep.the game gets crash

      • supernet2

        I ran through my tool updates in the first 3 seasons in year one, may have been because I did it so fast before I had to deal with what you guys are dealing with. Now my issue stems on anytime I even head over to the desert, regardless if it’s just for a quick hop in bus to travel their and hop out, my game save fails to save regardless of what I do. I could of swore I pinned it down to good luck fortune and the local mines, but now it’s spread to both the local mines and my skull key mines in the desert. Wiping my profile hasn’t helped. Neither has uninstalling and re-installing the game to the internal switch memory, instead of on my 128gb microSD which is only as old as the switch itself well order date wise.

        My only 2 successful work arounds is to completely avoid the mines altogether, unless I’ve already had crops planted, the following day I’ll just farm the crap out of mines since ive completely automated my farm watering system. If only this game was like the psp harvest moon, where I could completely automate harvesting and crop growing I’d beable to further attempt to isolate this bug. But given I don’t have a switch sdk nor do I have access to the source I can’t do any such type of debugging, like back on starbound when it was easy to figure out what went wrong just following the errors thrown out in debugger, and fixing it myself so I could continue to play

        2nd work around is to sleep a few days (skip a few days) and try again. This only restores the island mines “sometimes” from causing save from exhaustion crash out.


        – everytime i go to the skull cavern I always get a prismatic gem and around floor 30-40, and 100+ iridium ore. Perhaps these two items relate to the crash? When i don’t get either the crash doesn’t seem to come, but only once was I able to successfully get 12 pieces of iridium with out my game crapping out on me.

        – explored the crash being related to the totem teleport items, all 3 don’t seem to be root cause, neither does triggers like gifting towns folk, my wife Abigail

        – all my tools are at at gold tier, fishing rod at iridium tier doesn’t seem to be root cause but idk

        – I have over 12+ chests completely stacked with items I’ve farmed up to point year 2, summer day 18 not sure if the massive quantities of items I’ve hoarded for reserve sell and make bank is causing it, but maybe because I literally have so much crap

        These bugs do not happen on the gog. Game build but then again I MOD and hack my way back to the same point I am at on switch as I’m not reinvesting about 4days worth of gameplay (78+ hr’s) to get back to the same point.

        • sygys

          I advise you to save the game and completely shut it down every time you want to stop playing and putting the switch in sleep mode. My best guess is that the game files get corrupted during the switch sleepmode and recovering from it. Somewhere down the line files get corrupted.

          When the switch for some reason gets in sleepmode while still playing. quit your game without saving and load the non corrupted save again. Never save the game when comming out of the switch sleepmode.

          It could be fixed with the latest switch firmware for i havent had any problems yet even while my switch has been allot in sleepmode while running stardew. But im not taking the risk anymore.

          • supernet2

            I pretty much gave up on playing the game. When i’ve lost well over 3+ day’s of effort due to constant crashing i just stop playing altogether as its nolonger a game of fun, but a game of worry, and concern of time lost just wasted due to lack of apropriate saving. The recent update supposedly fixes this issue but the experience has been so soured for me i nolonger have the patience to continue to keep playing until i see someone offiically give the “its been solved” response.

      • sygys

        I personally think it has something to do with corrution in the data files wich happen when the game is in sleep mode or comes out of sleep mode.

        I encountered the same problems of crashing in several games while going out of sleep mode.

        I guess when the switch goes in sleep mode the game data is stored in the ram. But for some reason it seems that the game data gets corrupted somehow during sleepmode. Instead of giving an error on wakeup it lets you play through and saves this corruption in wich it will never recover from again.

        I recommend saving the game after the play session and then completely close the game everytime before putting the switch in sleepmode.

        Im not sure wich to blame here… because more games seem to suffer from the wakeup crashes i would say it could just as much be nintendos fault in this one.

        Havent had a crash though. But reading all these problems im sure as hell gonna stick with closing the game completely everytime. I advise everyone to do the same

      • Mark Connors

        UPDATE: I followed the steps by @tccoxon to remove the items in my inventory into a chest that I’ve placed in my house and made sure no gaps exist in between item slots for all my chests and fridge. Since then, I’ve been able to upgrade my tools and haven’t had the game crash. I’m on Year 3 now. Here’s the link if you’re interested:.


  • Mark Connors

    I’ve decided to stop playing the game until the game stops crashing, which is a bummer because it’s addicting. It started when I upgraded my watering can from copper to iron. I tried emptying the contents of my 36-slot backpack and waited for 2:00 am to roll around (in-game) to initiate the end of day results. It saved and went to the next day. In excitement, I kept playing the next few days (in-game) without any issues.

    Then I tried upgrading from an iron watering can to a gold watering can. The game crashed again before showing me the end of day results, stating, “The software was closed because an error occurred.”. I tried what I did before to fix the issue, but this time that fix did not work. It seems like it will crash the night before the tool is upgraded. Hopefully, this helps with looking for a solution as it is very frustrating. There are other minor bugs in the game as well, but nothing that would crash the game.

  • Jessie Estrada

    I thought that was just how you played the “Journey of the Prairie king” mini game. Had no idea it was a bug.

  • Helte

    Fix the Sleep Crash please ! There is something wrong with tool update

  • Chardan

    The game says ‘right click’ instead or Press Y when you equip a rod with a hook.

  • Daniel Symmons

    During Abigail’s event where you play the 2 player game with her, I think her character respawned on top of me which caused us both not to be able to move until something killed me. Everything else I encountered has been documented but I’m still really enjoying the game!

    • Daniel Symmons

      Oh also, her portrait pop-up during that event was off screen on the bottom and I could only see the top of her head

  • Hazerd

    Could we get a hotkey (click left/right analog stick?) to toggle the controller-style menus? There are quite a few problems with the controller-style menus and turning that option on and off (especially turning it back on) is a hassle. It would be great to just toggle that with one of the currently-unused inputs.

    Also, not sure if this is specific to the Switch version, but I never noticed it on PC. Sometimes when I’m in a weird position and press A it’ll activate something that I’m not looking at. As an example: George was sitting outside near his garbage can. I went to give him a gift and instead searched the garbage can, resulting in George being grossed out when I meant to give him a gift he asked for.

  • Mae Clow

    *knock on wood* our games are working okay so far, but our daughter finally got to build her silo, harvested all the hay grass with the scythe, and the silo remains at 0/240. She’s pretty bummed 🙁

  • Corey Holcman

    Ok, so I took everything out of my fridge and now I can upgrade all my tools and also go in skull cavern. I think we found the problem…. most people upgrade their house and stock items in the fridge around fall/winter year 1. Try to remove those items and put them in chests before you upgrade and leave them there. Enjoy the little fix I found!

  • Ben Cukryznski

    My game crashes anytime I go to skull cavern then come home and go to bed. The only time it doesn’t crash is if I make my character die while in the cavern then wake up in hospital before I go home to bed. This has happened since I got my first kid in game. It is winter of second year and I also recently got iridium pick.

  • Eggy

    people have mentioned it, however upgrading tools after a certain point (around late fall, first year) will crash your game when you go to sleep, and i have trieed everything. i love the game! but i really need to upgrade my tools and my game just keep crashing, as it does for my friends

  • Kevin

    Who should I report to if there’s translation error for Chinese?

  • Dragon

    I’ve been waiting for Multiplayer for so long, I don’t even want it anymore. This game is dead to me tbh. Wish I could refund :/

  • Ashy

    i posted this on twitter but want to state it here too, idk about others but the bottom 3 rows of the museum i can’t place anything? like nothing there so i just have these gems in a chest for now :/ It sucks that i can’t finish this though

  • Emily Beckers

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f88dbbc57b41f5f5e506d4d9034a9359656c678f9a61768067eafd44b7d5496d.jpg Apparently when they dropped my baby off in the middle of the night last night they dropped her in the middle of the wall

  • Tibbi

    Please upgrade the fishing mini game it sucks. Or have a second settings option to just random catch a fish no mini game. I cannot fish.

    • Maddy

      The solution to that is to git gud scrub. The fishing becomes easier with time, just because you can’t do something, doesn’t mean the game should do it for you.

  • Isaac

    My game crashes when I try to sleep after doing something (The things I did were reaching 4 hearts with Alex and giving Clint my Axe to upgrade if that matters?) during the day, if I go to bed immediately after waking up it works :I

  • sygys

    I have said it a few times below but maybe its important to do so on top of the conversation.

    If you buy stardew on the switch and play it. Make sure to never save the game after you get your switch out of sleep mode! Always save after your play session and never, i repeat never save when teh game is still running and you wake up your switch.. After play completely shut down the game before you put your Nintendo switch to sleep.

    My best guess is that the game or save is getting corrupted during the switch being in sleepmode and comming out of it while playing the game. The game then wont register corruption like other games do and will run through it. It even saves the corruption in wich there is no way back a.t.m.

    Please let everyon know if this helps! Because its just my first thought of this problem. especially because its so random and only happening on the switch. Games seem to hate sleepmode… Its pretty hard to program without errors. especially while the Nintendo switch software has some issues with sleepmode on almost every game. Every other game gives an error and quits. But stardew seems to keep running.

    Maybe im totally wrong about this. But better safe then sorry.

  • Angel

    I have the noise issue REALLy often, it’s a little annoying having to restart the game so often. The only recommendation I have it’s to make the loading and save faster. It’s takes too much time. The other thing I hope they implement in a future update it’s to be able to change professions or at least reset them individually. I picked the wrong ones and now I regret. Last thing which it’s sucks for me; is that I picked the wrong farm setup at the beginning of the game. I been playing the game for 50+ hours and i really don’t feel like start over again. I hope I’ll be able to change it at least once in a future update (like paying a lot of money or a magical item that let me change that) but I know it’s not likely. Thanks for the awesome game, best 15 bucks ever spent.

  • Angela Anuszewski

    I am having a crash problem that seems to be tied to making omelet from ingredients in the fridge. As soon a s I go to sleep, the game crashes.

  • Phillip Derby

    Ive become addicted! Its a SIM, its an RPG, its a strategy game…….Bravo. It reminds me about some of my favorite computer games growing up (quest for glory, etc). The sleeping Error though was beyond frustrating. FINALLY found the description of the issue in the forums…..Would like to see that listed directly on this page with a link to the fix (go through all your chests and ensure theres no blank spots between items)……………

  • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy


  • Sebas So

    i have a small bug interface about the Buff when eating trout soup or other food with the buff timer..it dont show on the Switch but when i plug it on Tv it show the timer ? why not on the Switch monitor ?

    First picture: Show the Buff timer on TV https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9959f7e65263cce968bf781c98ad192f3c7a70b608fdb5ed36a0305356a66a3d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/245b7245eb1d52d9eaa9f711573e5500d2ed2f062343833e4a505829fb6c95dd.jpg

    Second picture: Didnt show the Buff timer on Switch monitor !?

    This Duration need to be fixed 🙂 only on the Switch monitor 🙂 thanks.

  • Vicio Cusimano

    On Nintendo Switch…I am totally excited about this game, really…But like the others said, my game crashes when I go to sleep after leaving my axe to Clint, trying to updating it into gold one. I don’t know if it is ONLY that that makes the game crash. I also have that cracking sound on the left side of my Switch However, I think you should try to fix all this issues….Because people are complaining about many things, wich is right, since we paid for the game… I couldn’t stop playing the game because it is really an addiction and I LOVE it, and now this problem really irritates me…PLEASE don’t ignore these comments and fix this saving crash problem…

  • xarai

    meanwhile the actual game hasnt seen a legit update in months, and were still stuck with no endgame content, extended map, etc

    • Vicio Cusimano

      I am addicted to this game, but with this bug it makes me want to stop…sigh

  • Jovalent Studios

    I found a bug.
    If you go to a shop, and don’t have any room, you can drop an item, but you’ll pick it back up immediately. If you race it, you can buy an item before the item gets picked up. If you do, the purchased item goes to your cursor, but the dropped item fills the last slot so there’s no place to put it. You can’t drop it, or close the menu, or make room. The game is just stuck.
    Ideally, if I drop an item, don’t pick it back up before I close the menu.

  • Ben

    Will there ever be a PS Vita port???

  • Joe Rundin

    I dont seem to be able to select 1 of an item from a stack just the whole thing.

    I had to wiki what went in bundles because I cant highlight the items that are shown.

    Also fishing with joy cons is real rough, the bar jerks around so bad I just havent bothered with fishing, played with a 360 controler on PC and that was fine

    • Caddy Bailey

      I think you hit Y to take one from a stack. I would much appreciate a full control map!

  • Em Longhurst

    How do I get this in Australia please?

  • Meg

    Please fix the audio static / crackling issue soon. Having to restart the game so often is getting tedious!

  • Nadnerb

    I’d love it if we could get joycon rumble when in portable mode. I love fishing while I’m casually listening to a podcast/watching a TV show but without the rumble, it’s pretty easy to miss the “!” and sound que. I often just detach the joy cons and play like that. Not a gamebreaker but a very nice QOL update.

    Love this game way too much, thanks for all your hardwork!

  • mist larousse

    Is there multiplayer between the switch and the steam versions?

  • Yutsud

    I’m noticing that every Magma Geode contains exclusively Dwarf Gadgets. I’m 12 for 12 now. It’s winter of the first year, if that helps.

  • Bombillazo

    Great game! I bought it for the Switch this past week!

    Some issues I’ve found:
    – Cracking sound in speakers when raising volume
    – When going to the abandoned community center, when I choose to view a bundle from the bundles tree screen and hover over an item in my inventory, when I go back to the bundles tree screen the names of the bundles are replaced by the item i was hovering over.
    -Sometimes during the game if I open my inventory while walking, the character keeps walking in that direction until it bumps into something or I close the menu.
    – Very slow saving time…

  • Florian G.

    So still no update ? Asking chucklefish and they ignoring me asking how this is going .. kinda making me pissed of that there are no news with a game that is unplayable on my switch with the audio issues that crashes my whole console

  • eggysc2


    Updating the bugs 1 month already past

  • ジョ マリ å¿—ç”°

    Pls fix im on year 2 fall 28 game crash when sleeping

  • Michael Lombaert

    My game crashes every time I go to bed! I’m in my third year, no problems until yesterday. When I go to sleep the screen doesn’t show the bill but stays black and then shows the message (in my language) ‘the software is closed because of an error’ and bam, the game starts up again and I lost my save from that day!!! I restarted the Switch, and tried again with a short day and little stuff done to not lose everything again and it worked, but the next time it was the same again! No bill screen, and the same message. Restarted the console again, but no, it doesn’t work!

    I started a new game and this works normally. Very enoying, I was becoming rich!!! 😛

    • Michael Lombaert

      Ok, found out here other people have the same problem, it should be a problem with tool upgrading from Clint. I was indeed upgrading my pickaxe that day. I’ll try it without. Still very enoying.

  • kaizureki

    a way to change your characters name or the farm name would be awesome and ugh i wanna get rid of the slingshots and i cant

  • Colin Jones

    Had multiple things to harvest and for some reason some of them won’t let me harvest them. Many multi-item drops like blueberries.. ?

  • TimDerr

    I have been having an issue where if I take my switch out of the dock I can no longer move the mouse around with the analog sticks. I can quit and play something else fine but if I go back to SDV it still wont work unless I turn the switch off an on. I had similar issue when my Pro Controller died and I had to try to change to the normal switch controllers. I use Pro Controller 99% of the time unless playing undocked which I dont do often. Anyone else?

  • Mob

    I can’t upgrade my tools anymore, as everytime i go to bed to save my game it crashed as i dont have all my tools in my pocket. The bug itself is not a big problem as i just gotta remember to put all my tools in my pocket after being in the mines, but being stuck with steel and copper tools is really ruining a lot of the game for me 🙁

    • Vicio Cusimano

      Empty the fridge and try again

      • Mob

        My fridge is already empty

  • tarball

    French subtitles !!! Please !

  • xarai

    oh ive heard but like the majority of your fan base i 2 dont care
    content, expansions even dlc i think is much better.
    so you made shitty consoles be able to play the game, compared to the pc it plays like shit due to the lack of a mouse.
    again we’d rather content not more platforms

  • Chipi

    the bug where you can’t click on the items in the second row in crafting menu also exists in community center! the second row in community center is not available. so it’s not possible with controller to finish the shell and crab things. because this one needs 5!

  • Kilian

    I dont know if others have this to but i cant get hay from the grass.

    • Kate D’Anna

      I have this issue right now 🙁

      • Kate D’Anna

        I was able to fix it by deleting the newer silo!

  • Diana Heath

    I’m getting super irritated. Day of wedding, a day you can’t skip, it won’t let me progress because “the software was closed due to an error.” Seriously frustrated I can’t play the game!

  • Erin Rabideau

    I just ran into a problem with the Switch version, in in year two and one day it just stopped loading the interior of the houses, they are just black, you can see the ncp and that’s it. Is there something I can do?

  • Mother0FDragonz

    Love the game! So pleased with it! I bought it 2 weeks ago, along with another downloadable game on the Switch and have played Stardew solidly non-stop! I have not yet tried the other game 🙂

  • Yespage

    Wow! I thought that was my speaker going.

  • Kate D’Anna

    I’m experiencing a bug on my switch where hay is no longer added to the silo. No matter how much I try to harvest it with the scythe nothing is added. It worked for a while and then stopped working after a season or so.

    • Kate D’Anna

      I was actually able to solve this issue myself by deleting my second newer silo. Thank goodness!

  • orneryOgre

    Idk if this is still active but I’m not sure where else to post. When trying to add items to a Community Center bundle that has two rows (5+ required items) I can’t access the bottom row. At first I thought it was linked to how much of the full bag inventory I had access to, but even after getting the final upgrade I can’t complete the bundles. Is there something I’m missing or is this a problem others have had too?

  • Alex

    12/16/2018 Just tried out the multiplayer with my fiance and noticed something I’ve never seen in single player but it seems like it’s a common issue. When the day shifts to evening/night there is a strange lighting issue where there’s a square of normal daylight but then the edges of the screen are still daytime light. I’ve seen that this is a potential one-off bug but with the multiplayer drop I’m not sure if it’s a new bug to pop up on Switch or not. I cannot seem to fix it as it has happened a few in game days in a row, resetting or not. Hopefully it gets patched asap because it is annoying. Not game breaking, we’re still loving the multiplayer, but annoying.

    Cheers for multiplayer though, it’s a dream come true!

  • SometimesOriginal

    The local multiplayer is dreadful moving from floor to floor in both mines and SC causes heaps of lag causing problems with fishing and fighting. It so bad my wife and I started playing it solo again very disappointed with multiplayer on switch.