Stardew Valley Multiplayer News

Hi everyone! I’m the Chucklefish dev who has been coordinating with Eric on localisation, porting and multiplayer for Stardew Valley over the last year. I’ve previously worked on Starbound (the procedural quest generator was my baby), and I’m also developing Lenna’s Inception, another Chucklefish project, on the side.

I’m here with an update for those of you who have been waiting so patiently for news on multiplayer! Now that we’ve pinned down the main technical issues, we know enough to feel confident describing the gameplay you can expect from it.


Shortly after you begin the game, Robin will offer to build up to 3 cabins on your farm. Each cabin will house a farmhand, controlled by one of your friends.

Farmhands can do almost anything the main player can do. They can farm, mine, fight, fish, forage, marry NPCs and take part in festivals. Each player has their own inventory. When a farmhand is not connected, their inventory can be managed through a chest in their cabin.


Certain decisions can be made only by the main player: when to sleep, when to start and end festivals, and whether to side with Joja, for instance.

You won’t need to set up a server to run multiplayer. Friends can be invited onto the farm through Steam. The invite mechanism for non-Steam versions is TBD, but likely to be similar in most cases.

A lot of players have requested player-to-player marriage. It’s an idea we like a lot, and want to make available as a feature. Player-to-player marriage won’t use the mermaid pendant, but rather an alternative method that requires a similar amount of effort to wooing an NPC. We’re still working out what that will be.

Local multiplayer, split-screen and PVP are not planned at this point.


Effort so far has been focused on overcoming the biggest technical hurdle: synchronising multiple games over the Internet. Almost every source file has been touched, and 15,000 lines of code have been rewritten. Retrofitting multiplayer into a game that didn’t have it originally is notoriously hard.

Anyway, that chunk of work is almost complete now and we’re starting to look towards what’s next:

  • Implementing the farmhand cabins
  • UI and menus
  • Events and festivals
  • Multiplayer NPC relationships
  • Polish, testing and optimisation

We currently expect to be able to start a beta test at the end of the year for Steam users to help us test the game. Mod authors will be encouraged to update their mods during this beta period. Then, in early 2018 we will release it as the 1.3 patch on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Consoles will get the patch too, starting with Nintendo Switch. This will be a bigger patch than usual, so be aware that it will take a while to roll out to each platform.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • UglyGeezer

    When will the Switch version get a release? Surely, it’s best to release a Switch version without multi for now?

    • tcoxon

      Yes, the Switch version is releasing this year, without multiplayer at first.

      • Decided on a release date yet? I won’t tell anyone! 😉

      • John Henry Miranda

        YESSSS! hopefully soooooon! 🙂

        • we didn’t get more than our money’s worth once multiplayer gets delivered, because it was even stated as complete during greelight and so it was expected to be there in the first place -.-

      • Knechl Rs

        Just a teeny hint on when? Even a ballpark estimate would be satisfying…

        • Borbus

          He is not the Dev. Knowing game development he is also probably not supposed to give eta for something without first consulting concernedape and chucklefish. Possibly the platforms on teams. If you are going to beg for an eta, you should look elsewhere. If multiplayer update is anything like the switch trailer we saw, it comes with at least a couple pieces of content which means concernedape needs to decide if it is ready or not

      • Abutor

        Guys, he’s not a dev. He’s just repeating the information in the article, stop asking him for a release date.

      • Marcus Körner

        we neeeed the switch version. this will be one of the biggest titles on switch when it lands!

      • Jonathan Steele

        This is not the guy that wrote the article. That was tccoxon. This guy is tcoxon. Don’t take what he says as fact.

        • tccoxon

          I posted under my disqus account rather than my blog user account. Silly mistake, that’s all.

  • ZFChris

    “We currently expect to be able to start a beta test at the end of the year for Steam users to help us test the game” ?
    I would like to know in which Month October, November or December?

    • Franpa

      It will be available in the OctNovDec month.

    • Hebaio

      Since they say it will be released in early 2018 i would assume November-December. December mostly though.

    • Robert

      When its ready, if there was a month set they would said that month…

  • Jacob van Pelt

    Will you be able to build cabins and invite players to save files that you have already progressed in?

    • Yeah I was wondering the same thing. If your friends that normally play with you aren’t able to join, will someone else be able to hop in and take their spot?

      • Robert

        Says you invite them from your steam list. Real question is does each steam ID get a fixed cabin or can some other “friend” take my cabin and my wife?

    • Adam Wilson

      Probably not, as it says at the start of the game you need to add cabins if you haven’t added them then they won’t be able to join.

    • Hiyori Iki

      From what I know, this is what can happen:
      Each player has their own inventory and chests. I don’t know if the chest is exclusive to that player (maybe it’s the main’s choice?), but the inventory would be. That means any new player would start off with the basic tools and such. Lowest energy, starter tools, etc.
      I think a new cabin can be filled by any player but once all cabins are filled, the player cannot be replaced.
      My question is about the NPC heart system. If your friend goes on vacation for a month and you play for that month on that game, would the NPC hearts drop for your friend? What if you played for a month and neglected the NPCs for that month when your friend was gone. Would the NPCs treat your friend better than you? So basically: do the hearts only count when that “farmhand” is on or do they count for any time the main is on?
      Also, I hope for local co-op as well.

  • Charmaine Carbonaro

    Are you looking at releasing any other DLC for SV in the future? IE bigger maps, new quests (similar to Community Centre).

    • Deewin

      I don’t think chuckfish is working on anything other than the multiplayer patch because they want to make their games and CA did say in the interview that he doesn’t want to add stuff to this game forever (or a long time like terraria) and eventually work on other projects. He’s been really quiet talking about this game lately so to me it looks like he’s either working on new stuff on this game or he’s taking a well deserved break before he works on his next game.

      • Miya Stillwater

        thats sad, I was hoping for more crops or more features for the children

        • Hiyori Iki

          Completely understandable though. He’s one person. I look forward to future projects 😛 and if I can get enough money, I’ll support them too.

        • Deewin

          Yeah, but if there’s never any future updates coming out then we can’t argue that we got more than our money’s worth with what we already got after the multiplayer comes out 🙂

          • Woolridge

            we didn’t get more than our money’s worth once multiplayer gets delivered, because it was even stated as complete during greelight and so it was expected to be there in the first place -.-

          • Deewin

            I’ve been following this game up until release and you are right that multiplayer was supposed to be there at release. But the game is 14.99 and people are getting many hours worth of gameplay out of this, some in the hundreds and maybe even thousands. Not everyone cares about the multiplayer aspect and even if you do then there’s no arguing that the hours you get from this game (with no microtransactions or dlc whatsoever) isn’t worth the 15 dollars.

          • Woolridge

            well, just think about terraria, that’s a game sold for 10€ with constant sales of up to 75% (2,50€) and
            1: people are getting around the same amount of hours out of it
            2: it’s still recieving updates even long after it got released as 1.0
            and that’s the standard for pixel-art games i’m using, so forgive me when i say that SDV still has ways to go before it deserves that kind of praise

          • Deewin

            Just because it’s a pixel game doesn’t mean it needs to be compared to terraria. This game was designed to be a spiritual successor to harvest moon and it ended up becoming a hugely popular game. By your standards almost every game is a ripoff compared to terraria because it’s more than 10 dollars and doesn’t offer thousands of hours of replay value. Speak for yourself but I think this game is fantastic and I already got more than my money’s worth out of it.

        • Wouter Sikkema

          expect modders to fill the gaps there if they dont make more stuff

          • Zeltyc

            Exactly. This is why I love mods

      • Kristi Brown

        I’m really confused… Will multiplayer be an option? I really enjoy the solitary play that stardew valley provides and I guess I understand why people need others to be apart of their gameplay but in an early interview it’s pretty clear he’s only doing this because of a massive outcry from players… It’s cool and all but yeah making multiplayer is hard. The aspects of it are very difficult.. so if we don’t want to download the patch or whatever do we have that option? Or am I going to be stuck with multiplayer?

        PC gamer/steam user

        • Groudon

          Why would you be stuck with it? Of course it will be an option!

        • Woolridge

          seriously now? did you even read the post above?!?
          even if you would be stuck with multiplayer, if you’d never build any farmhand cabins or invite anyone you’re still in the same introvert world you’re currently in /facepalm

      • Dave Peterson

        If chuckfish is having to rewrite all the code to make multi work because it didn’t have it built in the first place it doesn’t make much sense to introduce new content they would have to add to their commit. He’s probably helping or working on something else.

        • Deewin

          Neither of us knows that the game needs to be rewritten or not to add multiplayer but I do know Eric started it and passed it off to chucklefish from the book i read. He’s recently stated on reddit AMA that he’s working on his next game exclusively right now..

          • Dave Peterson

            Pretty sure I read in one of their previous posts it had to be written from the bottom up, I could be wrong though.

    • Echocookie

      I’d rather have a Stardew Valley 2 than DLC. I’ll support Eric Barone in any adventure he chooses to take, but that is because he has won over my trust with this game. If he makes a sequel I bet it would sell like mad and I would be eternally happy.

      • Richard Steven Jones

        Yes, but it might be 2022 by the time that game is out, lol

    • Rabblerouser

      DLC has the unfortunate effect of splitting multiplayer communities up into sections (what if I don’t have the DLC and my friend does?). I think, for the most part, Eric and Chucklefish realize that and make great pains to avoid it for a better experience for their fans, which is a great thing.

      • Harvey Birb Mang

        they can always do what stellaris does, if one player has it then everyone would be able to use the content

        • WIK

          I get what you mean, DLCs being activated for all if one do it. However have in mind Paradox (Stellaris’ developer) should never be taken as an example on DLC policy.

          • Rhett Rayos

            Then take the example from the Endless series, which uses an almost identical system, but isn’t a Paradox thing.

          • Joshua David Brice Margalus

            To be fair, over half the DLC is just cosmetic hullabaloo

      • David Jonathan Corrie

        Why are we calling this “DLC” anyways? we got a “DLC” and it was called patch 1.1. If he decides to produce new content beyond MP bet your ass it will be automatic, and free. Everyone would get new stuff. This isnt the Sims.

      • Zeltyc

        I get your point, and it DID ruins some games in the past, but this game isn’t made AT ALL for multiplayer. It is purely a bonus. I wouldn’t be mad at all to pay a bit more money to be able to play multiplayer, the entire game is still there and is already a lot of fun. On top of that, the games isn’t even expensive in the first place. ALSO also… DLC? Who said DLC? They clearely said that it was a patch XD

        • Woolridge

          except that multiplayer was stated as complete during the greenlight
          campaign, so plz stop that “i wouldn’t mind paying them for implementing
          it as a bonus” because it is by no means a bonus but definately a
          marketed feature and definately a shame they took that long to deliver
          it -.-“

          • Zeltyc

            It did take too long yeah

        • Sam Ross

          I would be mad to be charged more for multiplayer infact im kinda pissed the box says 1 to 2 player local on ps4 and is the only reason i got it its basicly a tweak on harvestmoon but the difference being i thought was it was 2 player nope i was lied too

        • Remus

          Honestly, I wish the devs still had a donate section, I don’t care what they do with it I don’t expect a new game or further development on this one. I’m Just happy and grateful for what i have. (My solution is to buy the game for all my friends and My partner, MULTIPLAYER HYPE!!)

    • Finn

      please no dlc

      • Zeltyc

        They said patch, not dlc

    • RCT

      They will probably have more content patches like this further down the line.

  • Santiphap Bunyanuphan (Beer)

    Wait Thai Language

  • Pierre Saint-Gelais

    Can players be on different part of the map ? I.E one is a the beach when one is in the mine.

    • Lone Scholar,

      If you ever used the multiplayer mod, they have it to were players can be in separate areas without each other. If a mod can do it, I’m certain the official devs can as well! Only issue is with the mines being Random, in the mod the players couldn’t Mine together. That too could be fix by tying the generated rooms together perhaps…

      • Franpa

        You would solve that by tying procedural generation to a “Seed” value and have all players in a game utilize the same Seed, so stuff will be identically procedurally generated. Then you just synchronize changes as they happen.

      • tcoxon

        This is correct. Players can be in different areas. We even have the mines working in multiplayer. You can travel through the mines separately, or meet up and go through each level together!

      • HypnoBeats

        The thing with that is its easy to fix, well when i say “easy” i mean it very loosely, but when people enter the mine it is a determined number (RNG) so when they enter they could put a system in place to set it to stay that number for the generation of the trip of mining, so therefore the player could join at any point in time and still have the ability to mine together and that of the sort, plus, they have screen shots of it in the article xD

  • Michael Elmquist

    Wonderful news, thank you for letting us know! 🙂 I’m sending this carrier pigeon to my friends right now.

  • Bas van Gent

    does this mean the switch version doesnt come this year or does it get released this year and multyplayer later?

    and is there a switch release date

  • Ellen S.

    Yeah, cool, I can’t wait for it! But I also got curious questions 😀
    – Can we hope for new Quests?
    – Are there plans to expand the map/have more characters/questlines in the future, maybe not with the Multiplayer now, but at least later?
    – Would ConcernedApe maybe do another reddit-AMA?
    – What about implementing/fixing little requests? Like being able to clean up the beach? Cleaning up Shanes room after marriage (he is a recovering alcoholic when you have this many hearts with him and his room is a mess with stains and beercans …)?
    – Will there be new/added/different dialog?
    – More marriagable characters? Sandy, Clint, Linus e.g.?
    – … sooo many questions 🙂

  • Spr1teRoses

    I’m so excited to play this with my husband!! Thank you guys for all your hard work. ^_^

  • Hk T BF

    The “player-to-player marriage” was something that I was dreaming of
    haha since I’ll play this with my hubby <3 thank you for making this
    available! (Let us adopt a child too :P)

    • GetBlazedSon

      hey its me ur husband

      • David Zheng

        its a guy

        • zid


        • DragoCubed

          So what? Same-sex couples exist. Don’t be so heteronormative or homophobic.

          • Hyero

            heteronormative? Is that a word?

          • yes, it is
            welcome to 2017

          • SomeJunk

            It really isn’t. It’s just more made up BS that Tumblr and the SJW’s started slinging around so they could feel special.

          • Just found out it was. Pretty much means the normal world where boys and girls were with each other and everything else was taboo.

          • SomeJunk

            Please go back to Tumblr. You retards leaving your hole is what ruined this planet and inspired ISIS to start killing the gays again.

          • MultiDarkZen

            You Islamaphobe Isis is not every Islamic nation

          • boocat

            He’s not an i-slamophobe to be disturbed by ISIS, MultiDarkZen. SomeJunk said nothing insulting – ISIS does toss gay guys off roofs. They mutilate women, too. Lots of sick stuff no normal person could defend. Don’t try to twist what he did say into something else.

          • Zeltyc



          • HAHAHAHA Oh my god how did Stardew Valley bring on this debate!? Haha.

        • Zeltyc

          … So? 1: Gay mariage exist, 2: It’s a joke anyway!

      • Brett

        A gender debate ONLINE on a stardew valley update post. This is so disgustingly sad and pathetic that i can’t believe you guys are fucking serious right now.

        • GetBlazedSon

          I’m not having a gender debate or anything like that. I was just making a joke about an Internet meme. It’s a “fun” meme where I’m basically saying I’m his or her husband so he or she will play Stardew Valley with me. 😛

          I have no control over what that guy posted in reply to me.

        • MultiDarkZen

          Brett are you fucking stupid?

  • Micky Mouse


  • Blu

    I’m just interested in the Switch version here, guys and gals.

    • Knechl Rs

      Me too. Wish they would at least give us a ballpark estimate

  • Richard Wall

    Woo hoo finally.
    Will dedicated servers be an option aswel please.

  • Tony Fuggin-Montana Hodge

    Sounds awesome!

  • Black Mambo

    I’m getting harder… down under…

  • Black Mambo

    Will there be an option to make a public game so random people can join in your farm? I don’t have enough friends who play Stardew Valley, but I’d love to make a few online. So there needs to be an option for random people to join in the game. Also having some sort of anti-griefing measures would be nice.

  • Christine
    • Yes. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. Maybe with the next update or even though another post will say something more.

      Sorki za koÅ›lawy angielski – posiÅ‚kowaÅ‚em siÄ™ tÅ‚umaczem googla.

      • Misfit Mimi

        I hate to disappoint you, but they mean the verb “to polish” as in finishing details, shoe shine polish, last minute tweaks and checks to make sure the game is in tip toe shape, pretty, and ready to be rolled out. Notice the comma in that sentence between polish and testing? Yeah, sorry 🙁

  • pamellka

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exciting!!! I’ve been waiting for this all year!!!

  • Thimble

    What about local multiplayer!?

    • Pierre Saint-Gelais

      Local multiplayer, split-screen and PVP are not planned at this point.

  • Ellen Quinones

    so this is only going to be on the Steam version? Not on GoG?

  • Josh Salicos

    I’m still waiting for a patch on the ps4 to retrieve my lost axe. I stopped playing it because it’s gone and I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Michael Rink

    How do we sign up for beta testing? I can already think of a few things that might be problematic with the approach described that I would love to test out. Mines. Foragables. Upgrading tools. Time pausing when in inventory/eating/talking to npcs…

    • Xander S.

      Steam has a built in beta branch system, you will likely just have to opt into the beta branch when they release it.

  • Andy Olivera

    i hope that the local multiplayer/slipt screen gets faster after that! thanks for the awesome work guys!

  • Endoplasmatisches Retikulum

    is the beta out for steam? o.o i dont get it… can I test it now?

    • Palarista

      The Beta will be out at the end of the year for steam users, it isnt out yet.

  • Jenny

    Thank you guys for the update and hard work! Super, super stoked! 🙂

    As an aside, some late-game content (or DLC) ideas that have probably been brought up by other people already, but:
    – Some sort of sea exploration option; i.e. you can take a boat out over the ocean and catch new kinds of fish. Perhaps some kind of interaction with a sea creature NPC with new quests–or something underwater (a la ocean planet exploration in Starbound) or on an island.
    – Travel to Zuzu City/another location.
    – Replacing the Joja store with something that can be a part of the community (a new building with new residents, for example). I guess a further development would need to occur in the Joja membership route as well, but phooey on that.
    – Receive mail/arms-length quests from an old coworker.

    This game makes me so happy and excited, it’s ridiculous; even if major content additions aren’t made, I will continue to love it. Thanks again for everything!! 🙂

  • MonthOLDpickle

    Do you plan sometime in the future to have it where each player can have their own farm? This is a neat idea. Hope you figure out the player to player marriage..don’t want to make the spouse IRL jealous lol.

  • Hiteki

    We need IP connect so that GOG Users and Steam Users can play together. It would be really sad if me and my friend couldn’t play together. I would buy it again but it would still be better if we could just connect over IP.

    • Ted Cabeen

      Agreed. I bought a GOG and a Steam copy so that my daughter and I could play at the same time. She can’t wait for MultiPlayer, but we’d need Steam/GOG cross-play to do it.

      • Robert

        Just do a locked up steam account, you can put parental controls on steam, as well as share it with family. I do that with my sister she can play off my account as long as I am not on same game, and I got second pc in my house it can stream off mine to the other computer like steam box does. Granted to play at same time you need an account for her, but like I said you can parental lock it. I did that with my sisters family access I got it the account locked up at her place if she uses it on that pc she can’t buy games or play MP games and get me vac banned or anything like that. She has to guess a pin if she wants full access or abilty to buy new games on that login on her machine, plus have my cellphone for the steam guard code.

        • Ted Cabeen

          The whole point is to play at the same time on my PC and Laptop, both of which I want logged into my Steam account, not switching back and forth all the time. A steam and a GOG copy made that easy, and I didn’t have to deal with any of the issues that come up when you try to use steam with different accounts on the same PC.

          When she eventually has her own PC, I’ll get a second account (she can’t get an account of her own till she’s 13) and do the family share thing.

  • Ellie St Cyr

    Thank you! Lots of love coming to you from those of us who have dreamt of this!

  • Thanks! <3

  • Alex Aselia

    I was getting worried.
    This is good news indeed. <3

  • Dean Gallagher

    I cant believe I waited this long and you aren’t even going to have local co-op.. I’m out

    • Ayrik

      Same 🙁

    • Chronos Cross

      He said not planned AT THIS POINT, means it will be in a future update

    • Insperatus

      …and the magazines in the waiting room are all old!

    • Jorge Porras

      Why would you want local co-op? If it were that way you wouldn’t be able to be on different locations if you were on one screen, and you wouldn’t be able to distinguish sound cues (in the mines for example) when playing on split screen. There are games that work with split screen and there are one that not, SDV is probably in the later category.

      • Jeff Bonczyk

        local co-op makes perfect sense for consoles. i’d love to be able to play stardew locally with the family.

    • Robert

      local makes no sense at all, unless its on switch and console versions are far from ready for testing they are doing steam first, and most monitors split screen is a bitch and sharing the same mouse and keyboard just another bitch that is why 99% games don’t offer it unless its a fighting game port they you got use controllers to do it right.

      • Kittenn1011

        I mean, all you’d have to do is allow the console’s controller play to be applies to PC as well, allowing for controllers plugged into the computer to be recognised as players 2, 3, and 4. (Which most games have down, but I have encountered some split screen PC multiplayer games that force everyone to play with a controller because the keyboard and a plugged in controller just force them both to share the player one slot.) While it’s obviously a game better suited for keyboard, console versions existing means controller play has already been worked on, it would just have to be added to the PC version too.

    • Dean Gallagher

      Local Multiplayer with split screen would be a great addition.

      From someone who has been here since the very first post, It is highly disappointing that no local/split screen is planned.
      I don’t mean to be so disappointed but the amount of money that Concerned ape has gotten for his amazing game, for a planned feature from an extremely long time before release to take this long for any kind of multiplayer to be implemented (at least 2 years from release by the time it comes out) just makes me feel really disappointed.

      I have already played the Makeshift Multiplayer mod with some of my friends online (PC) but This game is a very family oriented game, a huge amount of families are playing this and couples (or even house mates) and to not have this have local split screen just shuts the door on a lot of people who have been eagerly waiting.

      Also Robert, My main focus for the local split screen was aimed at consoles, additionally please look on steam for the large amount of games that offer split screen that aren’t fighting games.

      (Chronos Cross, “not planned at this point” does not mean it is planned. In fact it means that they have no plans to ever implement it at this point.

  • there is something like a room to join a multiplayer session? or just Co-op Mode for 2 player only?

    • SmilingCorpse

      For steam, they’ll use the invite system. And it seems like up to 3 people can play at the same time.

      • ohh i see, is there a player limits when play multi? or just 2-3 people at the same time

        • SmilingCorpse

          Looks like one cabin per player and since its a max of 3 cabins, it means a max of 3 players per game. At least at the start.

          • I got it, i hope there is a massively multiplayer xD so other player can join to our farm too and farming together :D. Anyway, thanks bro

          • SmilingCorpse

            No problem! I doubt there will be a mmo mode, but I look forward to the mode as described.

          • Yeah, i doubt it too. But, we will see later 😀

          • Alex Jackson

            I think there’s a max of 4 players, it would be weird to develop multiplayer with only 3 players, I think it’s probably 3 cabins plus the house.

          • SmilingCorpse

            That makes more sense.

          • Luis Gustavo

            If I got it, you are the Main player and can put UP to 3 cabins for 3 friends (With you) So, 4 peps

  • Esmeralda Mermaidmarissa Ray

    can you also add trading buying and selling to your multiplayer friends in the game?

  • Borbus

    Would you say these cabins will be more accessible or less accessible than the first house upgrade/stable? Or is that a balance decision for ConcernedApe?

  • Mr Kajja

    My first post here. Just want to say thanks for the continued support on this game. It’s only the closest i think I’ve come to filling that Terraria shaped void. Haven’t played in a while…Here goes another few weeks of my life.

    Bit cheeky, but is the Vita version making progress?

  • Joshua Plett

    Is cross-platform going to be a thing? At some point will console users be able to play with steam users? I know it’s a long-shot but do you have any plans on this?

    • dickchao

      Crossing my fingers for this!

    • Robert

      Doubt it consoles don’t like this support and its hard to do especially if the console owners say no to it. I mean xbox alone will ban steam to xbox just to promote the windows 10 compatibility and require you buy a new copy from them that will let you play with xbox or pc at same time.

  • Jeff Turpin

    No local multiplayer pretty much means no buy on Switch for me. Really disappointing 🙁

  • David Andrews

    Will there be any benefit for the “farmhand” to visit and helping someone else’s farm? Or are all the rewards reaped by the host?

  • Everything I Say Is A Troll

    With multiplayer, stardew valley might go down as one of the best games ever made

  • ErusPrime

    You should add Steam Workshop support to the TODO list.

  • Ezrovernum

    What happens when a player talks to an NPC? Will the time stop for everyone, or keep running out?

    • L-saurus

      I assume similar to minecraft, time wont stop anymore

    • Hebaio

      I really hope they find a convenient way to fix in-game time span for all 4 players.

  • Stephen Baker

    Will we need to start a new world exclusively for multiplayer? Or can I invite my friends to join me in my existing single player world? Also, will new characters need to be made for multiplayer or will there be a terraria-like system where characters can be loaded into different farms?

  • Spencer Sedgwick

    I love how hard you are working for this already, but PLEASE implement some form of local co-op! I know I’m a minority, but some of us are limited to satellite internet with ungodly ping, making online multiplayer impossible. Local multiplayer is the only way I’ll be able to experience it, and the only way I’d really want to experience it. Stardew Valley is a very personal experience, and having direct communication and coordination with your farmhands is what I’ve envisioned, not only for PC multiplayer, but on the Switch as well. Like playing Terraria or Starbound, having friends in the flesh is my favorite way to play, and I’m sure that I’m not alone.

    I greatly appreciate your time and effort spent porting Stardew Valley to multiplayer, and I also realize that I’m a minority, but I would be beyond happy if some form of local multiplayer were implemented.

    • Mirriky

      Hopefully there can at least be a LAN option

      • Manbot 2357

        I hope there is a lan option but you connect through steam so even if the isn’t it shouldn’t be a problem.

        • Snyte

          then what about non steam versions like GOG?

          • Dray Rin

            then ur fucking stupid because if u were going to get it free then u shouldnt have it for updates

          • Snyte

            WHAT? GOG version is not free you moron. GOG is 100% legit site where you pay for the games just like steam and is runned by CD Project Red who made the Witcher series, and no it’s not a key reseller like G2A, i avoid those sites at all cost.

            Since you clearly don’t know what GOG is i suggest you check it out, it’s a fantastic site to buy games on they mostly focus on old games(which they fix so they work on modern computers) but some new games does get released there mostly indie games and a few AAA games like Witcher of course.

    • alex kelly

      You’re not really a minority, a lot of us bought the game in the first place as it said local co op -.-

    • Kazetsukai

      Agreed, I could buy another copy on Steam to play with my wife, but I would REALLY prefer to play split screen on the switch if at all possible. It’s a much better experience IMO.

    • Georgina Raven

      Yeah I wanted to play it while being able to touch, tease, make fun, or bully (muhahaha, taking out the controller from their hands during fight, or just nodge them when they really concentrate to plant that crop on the right spot, muhaha) each other with my friends. We make huge local coop parties once in a while, but usually we are forced to play old games. I hate how multiplayer nowdays mean compulsory internet and no RL interaction. Couch coop for life!!!

      • Kevin K

        You sound like a horrible person to play with.

    • DrFizzles

      I really was hoping this was going to be included in the multiplayer. My wife is not a gamer but she said she would play this game together if it had the option, and I think that would be super fun.

      Do it for my marriage, Chucklefish!!

      • Little Sparrow

        Same here, my girl is not a gamer but also loves Stardew Valley!

      • Aryade

        What they said local multiplayer wont be available, but if your wife is friends with you on steam, you can invite her via that way, as they said that would work.

    • Ashley Giguere

      I’m in the same situation. Both my husband and I play on Xbox one but have sat internet so we have a terrible time getting into games with people some games don’t have any noticeable lag issues but other can and it makes them impossible to play we both love stardew valley and want to play together but unless they add lan we will most likely have to use our cellphone hotspots

    • Zeltyc

      Well they didn’t say they wouldn’t make it, just that for now, they are focussing only on online. so its still possible. Also don’t forget that even pple that have good internet would enjoy local multi as well

    • Crystal Nichols

      Spencer worded it all perfectly.
      My husband and I both already love playing Stardew Valley, but being able to play together, sitting side by side on one console would be amazing. We focus on buying co-op games so we can play together without having to invest in a whole other console (waste of money, especially on a budget). We bought Overcooked, PuyoPyo Tetris and Mario Kart so we can enjoy those together, side-by-side, and so can our daughter, when she gets older. This is what console gaming is about. This is what Nintendo is getting right, compared to other consoles.
      I was more of a PC gamer when I was single. It was fun, and I could invest in a machine that did my video work and games, but as we grow our family, single-player (and even online only multiplayer) will become a bigger and bigger deterrent when we decide which games to buy.

      • Kaleadra Witchel

        Gosh that brings back memories of my husband and I playing multiplayer games together….”ah….the team killing”

    • supernet2

      I am also desperately hoping they implement this, as I always tote a travel Nintendo switch with me along with a portable Picopro projector and a CF-003 it would be epic for local console co-op(adhoc), besides the online (Nintendo reliant) gameplay. As for the PC builds I’d hope they’d implement local LAN for the other console variants on top of local MP support outside of online only.

    • Lib3rtyann

      We’re in the same boat! My husband and I often play on our LAN network due to the metered satellite internet.

    • Jabberwok

      Agreed. This is the only game my girlfriend plays, which is already a miracle. It’d be great if we could play together on the same computer.

    • Agreed! I’m not limited by internet myself, but I DO miss the days when multiplayer video games meant sitting together in front of the same screen. This game would be *perfect* for that, especially as a game for couples to play! I realize we could still play it in the same room on our laptops, but even that feels so much less connected, especially if you run into any issues getting set up to play in the first place (one person needs an update, network goes down, etc.). I will happily buy another copy for my Switch if splitscreen becomes a thing. Sitting down to play Nintendo together like the old days? Priceless.

      • Gregg Frank

        i like the days now where i dont have to sit and share my screen with anyone much better

    • Little Sparrow

      I agree completely

    • John Silvano

      I agree. I mainly want to play this with my housemate and where I live we don’t even have fibre optic, we just tape SD cards to sheep and send them to their destination

    • I’m with you! The game is well worth the money to purchase again. My problem is that I want to play on a game with my daughter, but she always just plays on my laptop, since it’s really the only computer we have available for gaming.

    • Thiago Valadares Noleto Damasc

      You’re not alone!

    • ethan

      i lost my multiplayer file and all my progress in it too 🙁

  • peretranse cadoro

    So I can’t start a game together? Hope the cabins will not be so much expensive, I wanted to play it with my girlfriend from the beggining.

    Sorry for my english.

    • Luis Gustavo

      If I understood, the cabins appear from Robin in the begginning, just don’t know if its free or for Saves already working, you just place one at your farm

  • xenomjay

    those are great news !!! though I can’t see the benefit for who joins

  • GMK Goat

    Finally. Can’t wait to play the game.

  • Nope Nopee

    So switch version will have online multiplayer??!

    • Luis Gustavo

      All consoles will, but later than PC

  • Shay

    i can be patient, it’ll be hard but i can hold out, but i’m really hoping for more game content

  • Will money be shared, or will each player have their own wallet?

    • abdulaziz aldani

      i will not play the multiplayer if everyone have his own wallet !

      • i won’t share my wallet with other ppl. why should we share money?

        • Rhett Rayos

          The way it’s described, I’d think it’d be a shared wallet. After all, it’s Player One’s farm, and Players Two, Three, and Four are their farmhands.

      • Remus

        calm down their dude.
        If you want to try and twist the arm of a developer who has given you such a great game and continues to support and update that game FOR FREE then your being a bit of a jerk. Maybe just trust the Devs to make the best decision based on their experience testing and then if you really don’t like what they made wait for a modder to change it or do it yourself.

        DO NOT. make statements like “OMFG !!! if this game isn’t exactly how I like it I WILL RAGE!!!!” you sound stupid and your doing real damage to the development process.

        • lifelonghalo

          he can rage if he wants, its a free country

          • Bakachiki123

            its actually the internet

          • TheRaven81

            …which apparently isn’t a free country since I just had my post removed for an unknown reason.

        • exoaria

          Wrong. He didn’t sound stupid. You sound stupid for trying to tell another person how to behave.

          • Jack

            Everyone is stupid! Is that fair enough? * – *

        • Gregg Frank

          ye i paid like $12 for this game. how could i possibly be mad with all these free updates as well. some gamers are just ass holes and i hope devs know to just ignore these guys. nothing makes them happy

      • Nehll Kaizen

        I think that it would be nice to choose if you shared money or or if everyone had their own money.

      • Peter Andernach

        Best Solution:
        Side with Jojo, Each his/her own wallet
        Dont buy Jojo Membership, Shared Wallet
        Problem solved 😛

        • Purple Penguin

          but what about before then?

      • Amethyst

        It would be more fun with shared money. That way its a team accomplishment. And you might have to discuss things first before buying.

        • Purple Penguin

          unless people are offline

          • Ella

            if they r offline then u simply don’t buy anything, u can have 1 world for multiplayer and 1 for singleplayer, that’s what I would do anyway

          • true that

      • Rez In

        i think this should be an option ingame then

        • Purple Penguin

          This is a good idea. I won’t be mad if it isn’t in the game, though

    • Lyarica ♥

      Best solution would be that everyone has their own wallet but they can trade money with eachother.

      • Flintinator

        That makes the most sense. This way everyone can get rewarded for their accomplishments and everyone has their own money to spend on crops, animals, etc., but they’re still working together on the farm

    • Andrew Bazak

      I kind of hope that it is shared. Like… yes everyone is playing their own character but its all about the success of the farm as a whole. I think a shared wallet would give more of an “our farm” feeling 🙂

      • Ella

        I prefer shared wallet, I don’t see a reason to not have it shared

  • Jennifer R. Kelley

    Having some new crops, machinery or quests would be great too.

  • omnipoint

    We need Stardew Valley on Android/IOS!!!

  • Tommy Hang

    I feel that the cabin thing might be bad, I mean, there’s other farms located throughout the world where other players can stay and build their own farms, so I don’t think the cabinet should are really needed, but by doing this means that it would need a server. Ah man, there’s alot that’s going through my head right now about this multiplayer thing but I’m not sure how to write this out.

  • Angel Suleiman

    It would be great to run the train and go to other towns. And maybe I could buy another farm somewhere else. With new villagers, new seeds, another ecosystem…

  • Caudyr

    Will there be the option of starting with a larger farm area, as well?

    The farm is pretty big for one person as it is, but it’d probably be pretty SMALL for 4, heh. Having a bigger farm (set) that’s DESIGNED to be used in MP might be a good idea, as well, imo. ^^

  • McGayron Deatonic

    So they will be able to bring in their personally saved character or it will be bound to your account? This may be a dumb question but it didn’t seem stated that I can take my year 3 character into my friends game or not.

  • Stexe

    Wow, that is awesome. Really cool you’re doing this. I know I bought the original game so long ago because you made this promise and I’m super excited to see that you’re keeping it.

  • Sebastian Bergström

    Why will you not do local multiplayer?

  • Achbach

    Will players have their own money?

  • unlucky 7

    Where’s the Sandy marriage update? 🙁

  • #TeamCap

    why the switch first? ps4 owner here.

    • Beatriz Galo

      They announced it a long time ago. nintendo probably paid for it to be first, remember money talks.

      • Ben Ryan

        Yeah I hear you. I’m not mad cause whatever. I have the switch but it’s not my main console or even main handheld for that matter. At least it’s coming. Me and my friends are excited.

  • Beatriz Galo

    How will the economy work with more than 1 player and how it will affect drop rates and fishing, exp, and finding artifacts. Will it be based on the amount of players, can we trade money not just items? can we expect a bigger farm to accommodate the amount of players? Will players be able to save each other in the mines instead of paying doctor harvey?

  • PaweÅ‚ Dybowski

    Will there be multiplayer compatibility with game-changing mods (at least these that use SMAPI) ?

  • Super Zach (Mini-Game-Master)

    Question: Does everyone share money as well?

  • Rebeca Sandstrom

    Will we be able to play multiplayer with a save file that has already been started? For instance, will I be able to invite my friends to my save file where I’m married to Elliott and have multiple farm buildings already? Or would I have to make a new file?

  • Hebaio

    All that other extra stuff is completely unnecessary for me, waiting for a year at this point was worth it

  • Ollie Barth

    PLEASE do local multiplayer!! It’s a lost art.

  • Miya Stillwater

    I’d love to see like a market system where you can buy/sell/trade crops and items with one another, if possible. Would make collecting those hard to get museum items easier if someone had an extra.

  • Question for you. Will the game support poly relationships at all? Like say two-four players wanted to have a relationship with one NPC or multiple players wanted to have a relationship with each other?

    • Hiyori Iki

      I don’t think that’s ironed out yet (see the bottom of the post). My guess is player marriage can be a thing but NPC marriage might be a main player thing only. It would avoid all that hassle. Anything else would make it a whole lot more complicated.

  • Robert

    First question how big is the cabins? I mean we can marry can we have kids, upgrade the house or we just got use the hosts stuff? I mean how independent can we get? I know they can check our stuff offline but do we get income? Or share it with the host? Can we shop and customize are farm hands?

  • Robert

    How? you are not tethered split screen?

    • Lone Scholar,

      Local Multiplayer has existed for years throughout video games,

      You either do Split-screens, advanced like the Lego Games where the screens can merge when close and split when far

      Or LAN, which uses multiple copies of the game/ system and rather then connecting to a hosted server you just link direct via router.

      COD did it, Halo did it, and tons more. It’s a feature that is still in demand for Local gamers, Couch Co-op lovers, and LAN Parties

  • AwesomeOtter123

    i beleive the farmhand houses should be house upgrades or something so that we dont sacrifice precious farm space for multiplayer

  • Rabblerouser

    I… sadly don’t think this is the right direction.

    I feel there should be different modes. One for a “main player” co-op farm and another for separate farms that are treated as separate. Like… any time you walk to the entrance to your farm, use a warp totem, etc, you have a dialogue that pops up asking which farm you’d wish to visit. But have the actual city and such be shared space… maybe with the exception of special items (it’d suck if only one player could take Gus’s special foods that you usually only get one or a few of).

    This “main player” stuff seems kind of… I don’t know.

  • Kr4k3n

    Was really hoping that players would be on equal footing and not a main player + farmhands situation but still excited for it.

  • Tanner Page

    LOVE most aspects of this [separate inv.(hopefully separate NPC relations, skills, etc. as well), steam inviting, etc. I feel like some of the big decision making should be a party-type thing, such as not being able to end a festival until all players are standing close to the exit and have accepted some kind of pop-up window.

    However, the biggest red flag in this post for me is that the farm itself is “owned” by just one of the players. When I think of playing with my friends on this, we will for sure be playing together 90%+ of the time, but I can guarantee that there will frequently be one/two/etc. of us that wont be on either right away or at all that day. So in other words, we’d want to be able to work on OUR FARM despite that “one key player” being busy. Having the farm owned by one player makes this feel less like a Shared Farming Experience, and more like my friends and I all have our own single-player farms that we just lend hands out to every once in a while…..not what I’m hoping for.

    • Robin Johansson

      I think it’s up to you how you want it to be. Everyone can to basically everything except go to bed and end festivals. Just have a separate character that you “host” when you want to play. But I don’t think there ever will be a dedicated server that you and your friends can connect to independently like Minecraft.

  • Timothy Vinson

    Is there going to be any way to display between console and PC versions or is that up to you?

  • Jack Boultbee

    How do friendship events work with multiple people playing at the same time?

    What I mean by that is, say I walk into the woods at night and trigger the scene with Shane where the two of us stand by the dock. What does that look like for other players? Is time passing during that scene because there’s another person playing? Are scenes like these even possible to trigger while playing with a friend?

  • L1nus

    Multiplayer is great, and I know most people will love it, but for me it takes away from what the game is at heart. What I’m hoping to see in the future is this:
    -More heart-events(Besides the recipes) While some characters have lots, others get somewhat overshadowed, like Robin, Evelyn, gus, etc. and (especially Jas and Vincent).
    – 1 more character of each gender. This one would be tough, but I think it would be cool to have a house to replace the joja mall after it goes out of business (because lets face it, nobody follows the joja route)
    – A grave for your grandpa (idk if the shrine really counts)
    – A tropical jungle area gotten to by boat. Here you could find new fruits like bananas, kiwis, mangoes, new fish, and a mini tribe village or something.

    Yes, I am very ambitious.

    • Joshua Koleszko

      i like the jungle idea

  • Mirriky

    “switch will be patched first” does this mean it will be released before that March date? Possibly 2017?

  • charlie_mike

    So, no idea on how the GOG version will have multiplayer?

  • Jamin724

    Please it is summer time and I need my switch version. I was looking forward to this being my summer Jam perfect for an hr session or so on the switch. If it comes out in the winter there will be no point since ill be stuck inside my house anyways.

  • Francisco Vallejo

    Ok so 2 questions can you guys get your shit together and get with Sony and fix the supposed issue on Sony’ side and fix your game on the PS4 Pro? Not too comfortable with possibly bricking my system to play your game. Secondly whats the hold up with the Switch Port? Is it really that hard? You guys are missing out on millions of people who are basically like people dying of dehydration in the desert for video games. People who own the Switch will just about buy any half assed game for it cuz they just wanna use the Switch and here you have one of the best games for the platform and yet you don’t make it a priority?

    • Robin Johansson

      I don’t think they are holding back, sitting around the breakroom drinking coffee. They’re working their asses of in overtime to get it done. Porting games is a bitch.

  • Akesycu

    thx for the linux version.

  • yamina_chan

    Those are exciting news! =D
    Good luck on the development of this huge task! I know I am not the only one who is looking forward to this! Patiently but also with a sparkle in my eye; waiting for it to come soon.

  • Craezy

    Can I switch from pc to ps4 farm ? If not , will it be available in the future?

  • Cora Regina

    Looking forward to multiplayer, but frankly I’m a little more interested in the game being fixed so that it doesn’t crash the vast majority of the time that I try to SAVE, first.

  • sukkTHEfacc

    no local multiplayer makes absolutely no sense to me

  • Deez nutZ

    Just wondering, but how can I join the beta list? I really wanna try it out early and help!!! 🙂

  • TRC

    Hey there!

    I’ve translated the game into my language, which is Hungarian, and people like it. If there’s a possibility to make it official then PM me or send me an e-mail. Details on my translations can be found at trc.ucoz.hu

  • Nikolas Shea

    This sounds really cool. The only other thing that I think would have been fun is if you could have 1-2 other players run rival farms and do essentially everything else the same as you mentioned.

  • Jio Butler

    Great news! Will the MP farm be the same size as the single- player one?

  • Can’t wait for multi

  • Brick Scrap

    Disappointed at the lack of split screen to be honest.

  • Ohw ui

    So much wait the Nintendo Switch version 🙁 dude, release it !

  • Joshua Koleszko

    Easily my favourite game of all time. It would be cool to have an expansion from the dead end in the tunnel that Pam drives through.

  • Michael Benz

    So it is not possible to be on different “maps” in multiplayer? Like the main character is on the farm preparing the ground for seeds while his friend goes to the city to buy the seeds? that would be awesome

  • Blackzow “Blackzow”

    Translate this game in French !

  • Chris Franklin

    Only the main player can choose when to sleep. Really? who thought that was a good idea. Seems like a cop out to fixing the real issue of syncing days and nights within the same game. Which shouldn’t be and issue as time is time and should flow the same for every one. With the exception of night time. If only one player is sleeping time flows like normal. Only if all players are sleeping can the night time “fast forward”. This way you could also get/allow players to get off a daytime only schedule. And have one or more become a “night” owl player.

    • Robin Johansson

      I wouldn’t want to be stuck waiting for everyone to go to bed. And my guess is that this won’t be a game where you’d invite random people to your farm, mostly friends and family, so it would be easy to talk and set up your rules for when to go to bed. And the game forces you to go to bed at 12 am anyway so people can’t stay up.

      • Scruffy, the Janitor

        Actually you can stay up until 2am, after which you pass out. You just get tired at 12.

    • Kittenn1011

      What I’m wondering is how this affects the energy penalty for staying up all night (ie: you wake up with less energy). Does everyone get the penalty if player one passes out at 2AM despite the other players having been just waiting for player one to end the day? Do the other players not get it under any circumstances because they have no way of ending the day? Do the other players just get teleported to their bed no matter where they are when player one decides it’s bedtime, which would allow for exploitation of the game’s nighttime because the farmhands don’t have to worry about racing to bed at the last minute and passing out on the way, just continuously, say, mining until player one ends the day???

  • Tess Schneckenburger

    This would be awesome i just got the game so far i’m hooked as bad as i was with my harvest moon and rune factory games. Thanks for your hard work.

  • KarnageRage

    I hope this type of multiplayer also works with custom farm-maps

  • Scorpionsleeps

    Alot of mixed feelings right now because I’ve been looking forward to multiplayer since I first started playing Stardew, I get that the ‘farmhand’ is a good idea for when you want to invite more than one other player to your farm, but damn.. I was hoping for more than just a symbiotic gameplay.

    I really wanted to see a shared partnership on the farm, where you can start out together in the same house and do everything together, maybe having two bedrooms and then if you marry each other you get back the shared bedroom and bed. It feels very limiting for the player ‘visiting’ the farm and I wouldn’t want the person I’m playing with being chained down to having me online whenever they want to play on our farm and having to wait for me to make all the decisions.

    I get that you’d have to sync up for festivals/sleep and the like since those are milestones in the game, but it doesn’t feel like a shared experience when one player is the ‘boss’ and the other player is just a tag-along.

  • Jeremy DeChario

    Any chance for cross-platform multiplayer?

    • Harvey Birb Mang

      I reckon it will be highly unlikely.

  • Drelkag

    So hyped for multiplayer. I bought the game at launch and just now starting to play it. Hoping to get my first few years down before starting anew with a friend.

  • AquaPotato

    How will the money system work? will the owner control the money, each player has their own cash, all players share the farms cash?

  • Franco Mustaine

    No creo que hablen español los dev, pero me gustaria decir que me encanta su trabajo, llevo mucho esperando el multi, y me alegra que se tomen su tiempo, para que salga lo mas pulido posible, en pc se agradece mucho, la manera de implementarlo y lo demas, me agrada mucho, espero poder participar de la beta, sigan asi.

  • boocat

    I wish I could buy a stroller at the general store to signal that we wanted another kid. It’d be fun to have more than two. I’d like to have four or six.

  • Robin Brunius

    Dunno if it has already been addressed in the comments (quick search didnt find it atleast), but I am eager to find out about cross-platform online experiences? Will I be able to play multiplayer on a PC with an other person on PS4?

  • Squee! I was wondering in there was any new news, and there it was, light shining down on it and everything. Your guy’s plans are similar to my brainstorms on how to make the game fun and equal in multiplayer, so I’m very excited! I own it on PC, and I’ll be getting it on Switch ASAP. And the player to player marriage sounds like a nice thing for couples playing.Will there be a way to pause on inv? I’m used to contemplating things while poking at my inventory, so I’ll ending up wasting time on accident while I get used to it.

  • floyd

    im so happy this is happening thank you guys for your efforts <3 yes there can be many many things added if u think about it but i think ppl already do create some mods for sv? i havent played one but ive seen videos on youtube. so if the creators dont wanna work on sv anymore thats fine since the game is already good enough and ppl already create some mods you guys can give them a try! (tho idk how those mods work) again, ty sv team so much and keep up the good work!<3

  • Itsuki Koizumi


  • Javier Franco

    Given the amount of time that has passed from the initial multiplayer promise. I can’t help but be disappointed by the way the devs plan on implementing it. I realize that for the price the amount of time we get out of the game is more than fair. However, it’s always sad to see a good game not reach its full potential. The game can be quite linear if the player wants to maximize profits. I was hoping multiplayer would make the farming experience more dynamic, which would make the overall experience more fun and reactive. As it is now things are stale, and replayability, in my opinion, is not very good.

    • Dean Gallagher

      Totally Agree

  • Preston Pierce

    Sorry, but can you just release a laggy multiplayer so we can play with our friends all ready. Non of us want to wait a year to play this game with our friends. When we were promised to be able to play with them very soon after the release of the game. Even if it is laggy we can test it out for you and that will make things run much quicker then a couple people testing it. We can help find glitches and bugs and report them to you. I just do not want to mod this game all the time to be able to play with my friends. I would like to know what is taking so long because some random person was able to implement this into your game a long time ago.

  • QueenOfNoobs

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been waiting for this forever, so excited!!!
    Thank you for all the hard work <3

  • Jennifer Wilde

    Will I, a PS4 player, be able to play with people on other platforms? My other half plays on Steam so this would be the dream!

  • Lyarica ♥

    The ideas are great and it’s wonderful to hear finally something about the development and the progress which has been going great in my opinion so far. Only thing dissapointing me is that it was first said, the multiplayer will come out spring 2017. Told my friends and gathererd some to play it with! Then it was set off to launch on summer 2017 and now the Beta will just start at end of 2017? 🙁 Ah man that makes me sad but I guess we can’t help it! I’m so excited to see where it will lead us! 🙂 Will the multiplayer just be for 2 people? Or for 4? I mean if it adds 3 cabins, we should be in a total of 4 players, if I’m correctly, right? Means the maps for the farm will get bigger too I hope?
    xoxo Lyarica c:

  • Nuka

    I would like to see extra farm lands that the farm hands can purchase so that they are not just forced to work for the main player, hoping too that they get their own money for buying things. but yeah seems good so far ^^

    I was wondering how you guys would manage the multiplayer.
    I like the idea about the farmhand cabins, and how every player has the freedom to do what they want.
    I could imagine the main player going to sleep and it forces all farm hands to do the same, that could be an annoyance, I can Understand the main player wanting to initiate the festivals.

  • Joao Joao

    Please, someone can help me?

    There is already a portuguese language on xbox one?

  • Joao Joao

    Please, someone can help me?

    There is already a portuguese language on xbox one?

  • “Player-to-player marriage won’t use the mermaid pendant, but rather an alternative method that requires a similar amount of effort to wooing an NPC. We’re still working out what that will be.”

    Wooing and getting married IRL was a pretty enormous mission, I think I should be allowed to marry my irl husband in-game… lol

  • Theo McKenzie

    I love Stardew Valley, and you folks are working so hard on it! I look forward to the Switch Release, totes gonna buy that. Also, if you ever develop some DLC for the game, I would totally buy that too! Keep it up! 😀

  • Dragon

    Perfect. Thank you for SOMETHING an update is SOOO appreciated. Great work, keep it up!

  • Roger

    my son wants to play this game with me. the sooner the better 🙂

  • Gothic.cereal

    I hope you make it with local co-op and have player x player marrage~ I finally got my bf into the game and I would love to play with him on the same computer bcuz my laptop isn’t the best xP

  • Jordon

    Just add drop-in local co-op, stop over complicating things.

    • Jessica Rose

      “Just drop everything to cater to my needs despite the long and difficult process of making a singleplayer game into a multiplayer game already! god, game devs are so stupid i cant believe they didnt think of the minority who locally co-op instead of online!”

  • TombaQuze

    I do prefer extra contents/expansions for SP over MP but nevertheless is a good addition. MP specialized activity contents would be a nice fit to it too.

  • Christian AlexanderTh

    At least the people now won’t keep asking “we need multiplayer update progress”
    Waiting for the multiplayer in the future!

  • Tommy Laukkanen


    Guess I’ll have to hope for a huge discounted sale then because no way am I buying a second copy of the game just to be able to play with my wife, especially since we’ll play each other’s farm hands…

    At least the split screen issue is no problem for me as I will hook up one computer to the projector via HDMI and the other via VGA and the projector will split it for me 🙂

  • Aitaana Requena

    i played 100 hours this game now i think i will have 1000

    • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

      I will have a million

      • Aitaana Requena

        good luck with that

  • Panait Stefan

    and when the multiplayer will be released?

  • Cristina Pezzello

    Do we have to pay for this update or no?

  • Kesondra Key

    Please let the children grow up! All of this is wonderful put please finish the story before adding extras like the multiplayer!! It’s hard for me to want to keep playing when my toddler stays a toddler forever. Can we add another house expansion for the kids rooms? can we have them grow up to elementary age then become difficult teenagers? (sebastians kid could be on his computer all day and could catch him smoking once or something) then eventually grow up to move to the city or help on the farm (like in harvest moon)

  • Cassy Tucker

    I was super excited for multiplayer and finding out that there won’t be spilt screen for console just killed all that excitement for me. Would love to be able to play with my fiance but it’s realirealistic to be a whole new console or pc just to play together. Very disappointing!

  • Jessica Rose

    Here’s the real question: Can we have versus/co-op prairie king & jumino cart? (I.E. who can last the longest on an infinite track, or can you defeat prairie king 2-player but with increased difficulty?)

  • Jey

    Can’t wait for this

  • Chris Franklin

    So after all this time they’ve been able to accomplish less than the already available multiplayer mod… Not to mention that compared to that the official version seems like a watered down inferior half baked P.O.S. They should have just started with the mod, brought the creator in-house and built on from there. But instead theyre trying (half heartily) to create this from scratch.

  • porterw64

    I understand it says local multiplayer not planned at this point. But can anyone at least confirm that it’s planned for the future??? If not local multiplayer, maybe cross platform? My personal concern is I would love to play multiplayer with my wife but she is not a pc gamer. So while I have historically played on steam I bought this game for the ps4 so she can play. I understand the extra coding that is involved for spit screen but please know a large portion of the player base would really love for this to happen.

  • 0507Shadow

    Guys we are all forgetting the most important question to the devs, will we be able to play
    Journey of the Prairie King with two players

  • bluupio!

    first of all, this update sounds amazing! i would absolutely love multiplayer to play this game with my friends, but i have a few questions.

    1. would the servers work similarly to terraria servers where the hostess provides the server based on their internet? i play terraria on multiplayer and i almost always have the difficulty of lagging on a server because me or my friends internet isn’t good enough to host one of these without connection issues.

    2. if one person were to receive a item such as a skull key, would every other player in the game receive one too? or would the other players have to go through the same process as the first player. OR would using an item such as the skull key grant access to every other player in the game.

  • WHAT!? NO PVP!? My sister-in-law wanted to Marry, Steal from, then murder my brother.. Wth guys.

    Haha J/k! 😛 Kind of. I mean she did want to do that.

  • Alisa Keskinen

    Why not add a second farm? It could appear if a player joins a game

    In my opinion it could go a little like:
    A player joins a other player and that adds his farm plot on the other players game (Of course its just a “portal” as the player would see these in different order… there could be like a stone that lets you connect two farms and that’s how the road could appear.

    What i’m trying to say is, have a game that is not only the other players to decide so that if the player 1 is not available the player 2 can still access their farm land and the connection just allows them so visit the other players plot. I’m sorry if i’m not making scene as i can’t write for zhits, eh i tried.


  • Dizzy

    i may sound like a brat here… but i wanted this like 2 years ago. i cant guarantee my friends who ignored me for this game will come back just because multiplayer. it may be too late for some like me to have that MP experience. the experience i wanted from the beginning.

  • Jordan Stacy

    Thank god, now everyone will stop bitching about not having their promised multiplayer

  • Kai Uwe

    Can the main player start the game alone? Can the “Sidekicks” just be replaced by other friends?

    Another cool mode for Multiplayer would be your friend having a complete own farm on the other side of the map, or whereever.

  • Sr Aranha

    I liked it, but I expected to be in different “farms”, as if each place you choose at the beginning was acquired on the map and each player owns one of them.
    But I liked the result and I hope that you will improve a lot more.

  • Charlotte Ward

    The game will be 2 years old before we get BETA multiplayer? I don’t want to assume, but it sounds like they have one person working on this, who works on this among at least 2 other serious projects (that he does “on the side”)??? This game sold millions of copies!!! Hire help or kill the project. I’d rather have a working sequel than for you to beat this dead horse and kill my dreams over and over.

    My vision of multiplayer was WAY different than this and it’s a total shock that not only will it take so long, but it sounds incredibly limiting, too. I thought I’d be able to run around exploring random farms and helping out, not having to stake my own home on their land. So weird. I’d be more open to the idea if I didn’t have to wait until next year- or, at the rate this game delivers on deadlines, this time next year. Very sad, loved this game and the dev at first, wondering what happened 🙁

  • Daniel Haug-Ingebrethsen

    Came here only to state my question about inter-PC marriage. Was pleasantly surprised that so many others had the same idea. I’m glad you’ll be implementing it – and super excited about your remark on it requiring “an alternative method that requires a similar amount of effort to wooing an NPC”.

    I’m really looking forward to 2018! I’m glad you work at Chucklefish. They should be proud they got to hire someone like you.

  • Bjørn F. Li Vihovde

    So exactly WHEN is the game comming to switch?

  • Zainab Al-Ansari

    I want to play this game so bad, but I’m waiting on Switch release.. when is it coming out? D:

  • Kathy

    If we decide not to do “player-to-player marriage”, is it still possible to set up NPC marriages in multiplayer?

    • Kathy

      And also, how would hearts with NPC work? Would there be a tool bar to show player one’s heart with a specific NPC and player two’s heart with a specific NPC or would it be shared?

  • james

    Will the ps4 version have couch coop?

  • Ruissu

    just my 2 cents on all this…

    could we get a reset skills thing? i’ve made some really poor choices …

    aside from all that, it’s the only recent game that i’ve seen, which will let me play with some friends and enjoy myself doing so.

    thanks a lot for all the work.

  • Jasmin Steiner

    I might be the only one who thinks so, but i am actually not too bothered about the Multiplayer.
    I would like to see some more Events after the marriage, more events with your kids, maybe the kids getting a bit older and becoming a bit like their parents for example: The children with maru will be interested in science and such.
    Also, like stated above, i would like some more events with the husband/wife after getting married.
    And maybe a few more locations, and quests would be nice aswell 🙂
    I mean we have the bus now, so it might be possible to trigger an event off where we would be able to go to a new area.
    Doesnt have to be a MASSIVE City like Zuzu City or anything, maybe just a neighbour village or any other place really.
    Also it would be nice if its possible to remove the old JoJa Market with the help of robin to place something else there for the community which could trigger off new characters 🙂

  • David

    First off I would like to say that I have spend more hours than I can count on this game and I love the wonderful reminder of playing harvest moon when I was a kid.

    I too would love to see a local multiplayer. I am an over the road trucker and dont always have internet and my wife and I both play on our laptops. Since I’m constantly on the move I don’t have internet most of the time or I would have to hotspot my phone to both our computers and that would be limited by my data plan and the reception in that area and the size of my data plan. I am also wondering what would happen if the data connection was cut mid game?

    I would also like to thank you and Eric for all the hard work that has gone into this wonderful and amazing game

  • Mel Werner

    I know this has likely already been said countless times, but *please* consider working on an honest local option for console/PC players. I would love to play with my spouse but we currently have one working computer and I know plenty of others share the sentiment. Thank you so much for working so hard to implement multiplayer into Stardew!

    • Mallic

      Even better if they can do a seamless dual-monitor option! One person per monitor. =)

  • I had envisaged being able to visit friends farms, perhaps their farm was added to bus route options so you could travel to visit their farm – then you could assist friends with watering, etc. Maybe bring them items or have a cleared inventory when you go in and out of their farm. Everyone would still have their own pelican town etc, just be able to go by bus to a online friends farm and vice-versa

  • AskMeIFiCare

    What if none of your friend play this game ? I’m a lazy user (and probably most of us) so I wouldn’t be searching for friend in forum or something like that to be able to try this feature. What I mean is, maybe you should make a list of servers or lobby, so other players can join you. What do you think guys ?

  • Victor Cango

    An option to enable the 144hz refresh rate would be soooo nice for the ones who actually own that kind of monitor (as I do) !

  • TJ Hollis

    Can we please have an update on the Switch release date? Please?


    I would much rather have a system similar to animal crossing where you can just visit each other’s farms. The system proposed in this update doesn’t seem very enjoyable.

  • Shuu Tsukiyama


  • Psy

    Will there be any use for farmhands not currently being controlled by another player? Could we possibly give farmhands basic directions such as buying things from town, taking care of animals, mining, or watering/harvesting crops? I miss the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature sprites you could hire to do some chores around the farm, really expanded your farming capacities once they became skilled enough at the jobs.

    Are there any plans for other kinds of competitive play? Not necessarily PvP in the sense you swing your swords at each other but maybe have two players in separate farms competing for market dominance or the villagers’ affections. Maybe maintain same-instance foraging spawns so players have to decide whether to focus on building their farms or foraging before the other player picks up all the wild goods. Maybe implement a point system with villager affection scores, total profits, collections/bundles completion, and overall net worth being tallied with rewards for each week’s winner (maybe something benign enough not to tilt the competition too much in one players favor, but still worth getting, like maybe an advanced resource in the early game it will be good to have later but doesn’t totally ruin the competition now). Maybe you could make it so players could bribe Joja to do some “corporate espionage” against the other player such as stealing resources in chests or tearing up some planted tiles. I think good multiplayer needs a good competitive mode, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Fynn

    Update on switches release status!!!!!! Plzzzzzz

  • Zeltyc


  • Falalow

    We really will need to wait more than 6 months for this?! I am waiting since the game is out. I was really looking forward to play it with friends. I dont want to know the story before I play it.
    I dont want to wait anymore D=

  • Paula Fernandez

    Eric congratulations for your job, I bougth Stardew Valley in the first week since its publication, I love SV, I don’t have much time for gaming but I always play SV some time each day and now I have playing more than 400 hours. I just want to thank you for the game and I think that if you Create a SV dlc or a secuel I’ll buy, Thank for your work =)

  • somedudefromafar


  • It would be great if Stardew Valley gets a mobile version… i mean i honestly can’t spend too much time in the pc playing it, so in the subway or the bus i could have a lot of entertainment with this game i hope in the future it gets a android adaptation

  • kathness

    Will this game be released in Nintendo 3DS as well?

  • I don’t envy you rewriting the game with multiplayer. I have a feeling Stardew Valley doesn’t have the cleanest code in the first place.

  • Richard Wibisono

    This free update about multiplayer is as big as an expansion pack for Stardew Valley. I really like how developer to add so much replay value for this game. Kinda remind me about how old games used to be. No DLC and season pass. Only expansion pack. I hope ConcernedApe dont get trapped into dlc fest. Thank you for your support for the game !

  • Hello, Mr. I’ve been playing Stardew Valley for a week. I’m loving it, it is really, really, good. One of the best games I’ve played in my life. Well, in the meanwhile I’ve been through some YouTube videos for tutorials and tips. I was very surprised to see how most of players seem to build enormous farms and all they talk about is “how to make money”. I might have lost something in the middle, but I can’t see this game as a “fortune making” game. Ofc, you depend on money to improve, but… To me, the game is so much more about the interaction with that little town, and the events, and the activities. So… I’m here to say thank you for this beautiful game, and also, to ask you that on future upgrades, we can have more on these lovely side stories, interactions, and characters, and maybe options to be something else than a farmer, maybe this would be differente “classes”? I don’t know. But in my opinion this is the heart of the game and this is the part that really enchanted me. Thank you for your attention. Greets from Brazil.

  • Pixlminus

    CANT WAIT FOR MULTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redeyes22225

    how would mods work with the multiplayer would everyone have to have them or could the host be the only one?

  • Becky

    We can’t wait. My husband, children and I all play it together so this would just be so great. This is the only computer game I enjoy. Love it.

  • Aleksis

    Yes! please!
    Make the game Polish! Please!

  • Wendy Benedict

    Just here to say – I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 🙂

  • Juanox Manuel Lobos

    The content will be free or will it be a dlc?

  • I for one would love local multiplayer at least for the console versions, kinda like Minecraft has done. Failing that, cross-platform connectivity so my girlfriend can play on the Switch while I play on the PC, or something to that effect.

  • Cane Cutter Rabbyte

    Woot. Screw Ps4 and xbox one owners for a gimmic system. Chucklefish I will continue to play may stardew valley but due to your prioritizing schemes I will avoid your products in the future. Thanks for ridding the Nintendo mushroom so hard that you blinded yourself to most of your console fan base

  • crob000

    “I’ve previously worked on Starbound (the procedural quest generator was my baby)”

    Thanks for the heads up, now I know not to reinstall this. Your baby Starbound was a POS full of deceptive lies and poorly executed code. Hopefully Stardew dev ignored anything Chucklefish suggested.

    So we finally have a year it will be released but lots of missing ideas and paths to it. How did this take this long and you still don’t have a plan for it? What a fucking joke.

  • Joshua Bellmore

    Please consider split screen for consoles. My wife and I love to play games like this and it would be awesome to have one we could play together in our living room. Please!

  • will there be a version of multiplayer where you can visit someones verion of the town and not live on the farm? kinda like animal crossing? sure i suppose having 2 valleys and pelican towns that are exactly the same would be strange, but i don’t care, i wanna visit my freind’s farm and just help her for the day then skedaddle

  • Kindlesmith80

    And this is why you build the game with multiplayer, not as a final element. Not bought Stardew Valley, and probably wont ever.

    Video game making “here’s your sign”. You’ve made yourself more unnecessary work than needed. Congrats!

  • Thanks for the work put into improving the game. Thanks also for mentioning the translation into Polish. Poland and its compatriots can not wait to play in their native language.

    Translated with help GoogleTranslate

  • Adin McBubbleteeth


  • organicgreekyogurt

    I’ve been wishing for multiplayer since the beginning, but I never actually thought my dream may come true. Never-ending thanks.

  • Lexyvil

    I love these changes! I’ve been wanting to play a HarvestMoon-type of game with friends since the SNES era~

  • Waleed Afroze

    Can anyone join the beta test or is it only a selected amount of people?

  • Invincible Snowman

    I can’t wait, so when the farmhand sells things that can it go towards either the far to help out with upgrading barns, crop seeds,to buy things like a silo, etc. or it can go towards the actual farm hand so they can have they’re personal money. Can you you give items to each other in multiplayer, and can the farmhand help out in the community center.

  • Kory Bigman Neumann

    All I want is to be invited to the beta so I can finally make my friends feed my chickens.

  • Russell Wilkes

    cant wait for this update. i bought this game around Christmas and also bought a copy for my friend a while after hoping that multiplayer would be ready sometime during summer so we could play so this update has been a long way coming foe me

  • softkarkat

    Oh my goodness I’m so so excited for this! Thank you both so much for your hardwork! I love the player to player marriage aspect and this is better that I expected.

  • Krispy Olive

    If my friend decides to get married will they be able to have their own set of kids if I have two? Also would the NPC he or she married have different dialog with me, like knowing I’m friends with there spouse and tell me their not home right now if they’re offline, or like they told me to tell you they’re at the mines if my friend is busy looking for copper or what have you. Also would my friendship level effect those dialog options. If I’m friends with the NPC will they tell me I can stick around if I want opposed to if I never talked to them in game will they ask me to leave? Can’t wait to replay this game with my friends, I know its so going to be worth the wait. You guys are awesome, appreciate you!

  • Steven Digitaldeals

    Please do Console specific beta testing, especially with multiplayer!! Check out Digital Deals Express http://www.digitaldealsexpress.com

  • Smexy Panda

    Will we be able to marry each-other and not just npcs? That would definitely be something that I would want in multiplayer.

    • Lone Scholar,

      This was already discussed above within the blog here,

      “A lot of players have requested player-to-player marriage. It’s an idea we like a lot, and want to make available as a feature. Player-to-player marriage won’t use the mermaid pendant, but rather an alternative method that requires a similar amount of effort to wooing an NPC. We’re still working out what that will be.”

  • Tanoro

    My girlfriend and I are excited for multiplayer. She got me to play Stardew Valley in the first place and we both love it. It would be amazing if we could play it together.

  • Jeremiah Julian

    This not being split screen on ps4 is the biggest let down. Anti couples game

  • Akamu

    Couch gaming is non-existent now. Now everyone needs the game and their own rig. Kind of sucks.

  • Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell

    Will the farmhands have customization? A big part of this game for me is the immersion and if I can’t change my character’s looks in multiplayer that kind of ruins the whole game…

  • Portia

    I play on PC and my friend plays on Xbox can we still play the game together if connected by steam?
    Thank you,

  • Ruben Huerta

    is it drop in multiplayer where we can steal crops and sell them on our own farms? or do we start off with new characters

  • IRabbitz

    Is this coming to the ps4?

  • MadeInCostaRica

    Why we should be share money? So bad! C’mon

  • Nexus Hoang

    I mean I’m late to jump into the post but if PVP is implemented than I think, and hope, it would be optional as not all players would like pvp on their farms as some may just keep killing one another and make the game experience not able to reach its full potential for some players in my opinion that is

  • Tibbs

    So excited! I can’t wait to play with my besties! <3

  • TheRaven81

    I know this is an old article but I haven’t been around for a while so I was just doing some “catch up” on SDV. And I read this:

    “Retrofitting multiplayer into a game that didn’t have it originally is notoriously hard.”

    This is actually not true, as the game DID have multiplayer in mind during development, and he even had code for it, and posted a video of it working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJggZec6qqo
    Even though that video is 4 years old now, and the game looks nowhere near like that now, the fact is
    it DID have it in the beginning. But that was also before release, and CA decided that he would just release the single player version first, so that people could have the game sooner. And if you have even looked through the code of the game, you’d have seen that even now there are little nods to the code that is for a feature that actually just ended up being made non-functional, but not left out. Probably so that it wouldn’t have to be done again from scratch when he decided to finally implement it.

    TL;DR Don’t say things that aren’t true, since it can’t be that hard if someone has already made a mod that adds it…

  • Erik østabø

    Wait,so on PS4 you can’t play mp with two controllers!?

  • Marco C van Weeghel

    If possible I’d love to be able to have it set up as server/client, but if nobody is connected to the server it pauses the game.

  • Daniel Santalla Denis

    I NEED the multiplayer for the switch

  • XNA gonna XNA 😛

  • Jonathan Manos

    Will there be cross-platform multiplayer, or would we be limited to only playing with others with similar devices?

  • Lectorius

    I hope this comes to the nintendo switch 🙂 would be amazing!

  • Agent Decker

    I could not imagine playing Stardew multiplayer, yuck. This game is amazing and I would not want to ruin that by having to worry about some other players wants/needs.

    • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

      You dont have to play multiplayer you know.

  • Joshua Foxworthy

    Is this a thing yet? if so, how can I invite my friend?

  • Bless-O-Blee

    Not sure how it would work out but I would rather have a separate farm “if it could be done” not going to judge you for not doing it but I would imagine you could like make a new dirt path or something to the other players farm you know what I mean?

  • Lyncc

    Just started playing on switch 3 days ago, still figuring out the game but addicted already!

    • Kirk Critchelow

      it Will suck you in. careful young padawon

  • supernet2

    Just wanna make sure I’m tracking. First beta testing will be done at near end of 2017 for steam only. Then stable build of mp steam only will be rolled out in early 2018 (is GOG builds included in this stable build release?)

    Nintendo switch gets priority, is their a determined or loose timeframe (like say near the 3rd/4th season of 2018?) I’m assuming ps4 and Xbox one will get it near mid to late 2018 early 2019.

    As for suggestions, I suggest making similar admin controls/commands like in starbound to restrict what other players can do, assuming they can interact with your characters farm (to reduce or restrict griefing if anything is to occur)

    As of this writing I have stardew vally on switch, GOG, and steam, may grab on ps4 and x1 assuming it is viable means once the mp component is out.

    A question, given the ground up rewriting of the game code, will this affect player saves once the patch is released, IE wiping out our work/progress. I’m asking as of this post I’ve already sank 3+ days worth of time into the PC and switch builds. I don’t wanna continue playing if my progress is gonna be wiped upon patch release. This isn’t starbound, and I don’t know if I’d take it very well to my efforts being wiped out, like I’m starbound where it was literally a constant ordeal. Unless we’re given the option to migrate our progress to a updated version where we won’t lose our effort invested in our save files with our platform of choice

  • Renan

    Do a individualist system. That would allow the players to trade with eachother, or even live in the same farm… IF THEY WANT… If you offer options that would be more enjoyable to play.

  • Hazerd

    How shortly after starting the game will you be able to have a farmhand, and how much will each cabin cost if anything? I feel like the main appeal of multiplayer Stardew is to work on a farm from-the-ground-up together. If you need to go through part of the game alone just to invite a friend, that appeal is lost.

    I could understand it getting overpowered if you could get a player-controlled assistant early on. You could farm while the others fish, mine, forage, etc. Unless it is rebalanced somehow, such as farmhands having less health/energy or you only start with one set of tools (only one of you can do each task at a time) until you earn the money to buy more.

  • I was hoping that another player could visit the Farm with their character. Via the Bus stop. But my main question is, with this set up, once a player is set as a farmhand are they LOCKED as that farmhand or can you swap out?

    For instance, If I am streaming SV and have a community day and I play with X amount of people for an hour and want to swap to a different group of X amount of people, would I have to start a new game with them or would I be able to just replace the farm hands?

    Would I also have to start a new game to incorporate Multiplayer or would I be able to build those NPC houses later in my main profile?

  • Seth Wilkinson

    For consoles, local multiplayer features are definitely something to consider.

  • Hayden Dowla

    Do xbox one first

  • Martin Michaud

    Well. Be sure to make a big annoucement if you planned local multiplayer… for all families around me; its the only way to get time to play good video games.

  • ya boy

    I WOULD LOVE TO BETA TEST. Will everybody be allowed to beta test the multiplayer?

  • Tamamo-Chan

    I’m pretty excited for this.

  • Neil

    So 4 friendos can play in the same file/town/valley?

  • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

    When the host of a multiplayer game is offline, can their friends still join the game to build on the farm?

  • Bethany Melendez

    PLEASE YAY!!! I sorta want a way to meet other players online, also for the chance to play with my friends in person with two controllers if it’s at all possible…I bought my brothers Xbox one and none of my friends play on the platform. (PC, not that thos is their type of game anyway…)

  • Omega

    In my opinion u shouldnt avoid adding, local co op (split screen) on console version, no one will miss this on pc (due to playing comfort on pc) but console ale meant to Play local (hates goes to network playing)

  • cody Joslin

    is there anyway it would work any better to have a downloadable server and run it as a stand alone program to connect to. but thats just my thought i really love the game and am really happy in the work put into it keep up the good work

  • OfficerFriendly

    Stardew Valley is going to be my #1 gift option as soon as Gift to a Friend is added outside of the Insiders program on Xbox. Can’t wait for multiplayer to be added!

  • Jarod Peterson

    that is amazing love it and soon me and my son can play together 🙂 thank you

  • Lydia Welker

    This is so awesome! I was wondering, I already have Stardew Valley on the Xbox One, and I was wondering if Stardew Valley on the Xbox will ever be made multiplayer?

  • Osucarus

    PVP please, I want to raid some farms

  • Louis Davies

    Will the multiplayer for consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One be playable on the same console, such as using some sort of split screen?

  • Very cool updates, I am excited for this implementation, my fingers are crossed for the possibility of local coop, but if not I understand, I like the idea that they too can marry NPCs and you can create this farm community if sorts. I kind of hope they add just a few more things, like children growing up one more stage and having more defined traits, or go to class with Vincent and Jas, or even trying to help around the farm. Regardless this game is amazing and I am more than content with what we are getting.

  • James Baggio

    Will this be cross platform like minecraft and rocket league for consol and pc? Would be really sick

  • I don’t know if this has been asked yet, but will there be any cross compatibility support for the multiplayer feature. PC – Switch, Xbone – PS4 etc?

  • Nehll Kaizen

    I hope that the multiplayer will allow cross platform play. I would like to play with my daughter while she is on the ps4 and I am on my switch. I love this game a lot. I actually have bought it on the pc, switch and then I got it for my daughter for the ps4. So cross play would be so appreciated.

  • WorryRock

    hey! sorry if this has already been asked but will people using different consoles be able to play together? for example, if my friend has a switch and i use pc, would we be able to play together?

  • Daniel Penner

    If possible, make the multiplayer cross platform please. I know that would be hard although it will definitely make everyone happy. I am very excited for the multiplayer update. Thank you so much for all the awesomeness you have brought to this game. 😀

  • Cody Redick

    I am a console player and love this game very much, spent countless evenings with this game and I am very excited for multiplayer, however, I think it’s slightly unfair for the first console to be able to play multiplayer is going to be the switch, considering it has come on Xbox and PS4 first. I understand that it would be only for a little while, but I ferl like the people on consoles who bought a eBay player the game before the switch should be able to use multiplayer before them or around the same time. This is my only complaint tho and I love the way the devs are handling the game. Thanks.

  • KingShadow

    I really hope they decide to implement local co-op…it was my understanding that that’s what they were doing. It bums me out to realize that’s not the case… personally I’d take local co-op over online co-op ANY DAY, at least for this game.

  • Thomas Hansen

    awww, local multiplayer through the steam link box would have been awesome. 2 controllers n all.

  • Nathaniel Rasnake

    So how is in-game death affected by multiplayer? Will dead farmhands just wake up after the player decides to sleep for the day? Will the day end for the farmhands if the player dies? How are items and money lost handled? Can a farmhand/player aid a dead farmhand/player?

  • Cris Garza

    I found a way that you can make it really hard to marry a farmhand/other player. First, DO NOT DO A GIFTING SYSTEM TO THE MULIPLAYER PCs. The only thing that should really stay is that the bouquet of flowers for the significance of boy/girlfriend, and I think you should add an extra slot near the character menu where they add hats and rings and stuff for relationship status items. Now, the mjaor thing I would like to talk to you guys about is how you increase the relationships through heart events. Create 20 random heart events for the “couple” that wants to get married. They will happen at random times at random placesThen when the situation unfolds make 1 important choice that has four answers that the couple will try to read the other persons thoughts and or actions. Ex. Say George fell in the town square with no one else around. Evelyn hears George’s cries and comes out. 4 choices are given to the two players who will try to guess what the other player is planning on doing. Say one choice is to help Evelyn with George, another is to find Harvey the town doctor, another is to tell Evelyn to get Harvey and you help George, or just leave George (which I doubt someone would do). Say one person goes to get the doctor and the other helps evelyn with George. No bonus hearts will be rewarded unless the two people do THE SAME CHOICE, seeing and proving if they truly are a “perfect match”. If they choose the same thing then they are given plus one bonus heartin their relationship, except for the eight star event where to continue the relationship one of them needs to give the other a bouquet. They’re hearts, instead of giving gifts can be determined by how much they collab together. the longer they do the same action as the other the more frequently their heart meter would fill up.

    BAM!!! If you read this tell me thanks by emailing me at

    [email protected]

  • jeremy


  • Elsa Maria Krim

    Is there any news on how/if mods will work with multiplayer? Or will we have to uninstall or start a new game without the mod files running?

  • ClanPsi

    Sssoooooo, exactly how much longer are we going to have to wait?

  • Cole

    After reading I only have one question: How would money work? Would farmhands and the main farmer share the same money or would the farmhand have its own money?
    Think the idea of multiplayer is awesome and I’m extremely happy with all the progress made so far. Keep up the good work.

  • Erik østabø

    Please think about split screen, I would love it! And it’s so perfect for the game… if you guys have time, please split screen…on PlayStation? 😀

  • E Heaton

    Would there be any customization to the farm hands or will they only be generic NPCs? I know it’s very minimal, but I do like the idea of having my friends look the way they want (or me for that matter).

  • Britt

    I’m so excited for this!! My friend and I are already planning our joint farm. Will there be a way to communicate with your farmhands while playing, like a chat window? It’d be great to coordinate with everyone for maximum efficiency.
    Thank you for working so hard on this! I look forward to playing!

  • Sara PeteÅ¡ič

    This sounds amazing. Just started playing stardew valley and I’m tottaly in love with it!
    Sadly I don’t have many friends online to play with so hopefully I get some soon 😛

  • Marciano Mulder

    I truely don’t understand the choice for online co-op compared to local. Which this game looks to be perfect for. Also find the choice for Switch getting this patch first kind of odd. Not hating on the Switch in any way, i think the game is great for this platform. But Nintendo consoles and online aren’t nearly as big as the other 2. Either way i can’t wait for this to be released so i can build some great farms with my friends.

  • Alexander Pagett Hagaman

    When can we expect some news on the coop?

  • Tiago Moreira

    I have to be a beta user to access multiplayer mode in early 2018?

  • Little Sparrow

    I agree, I think a couch co-op mode will open up so many more avenues for everyone to share their Stardew experience. Local multiplayer is just as important I think. I hope there will be some DLC available at some stage too! I love Stardew Valley, and I would love to see it taken even further. It would be quite easy to make new livestock, crops and tools. Just to freshen things up a touch. Really appreciate what you have achieved, you’re a legend!

  • SanitaryCockroach

    Stardew Valley: The Slice of Life game EVERYONE can chill to. Beautiful https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f4153b4d1f280716c84253424ac94b70c7a1d802d679bf3e6307f2fe3b38575.gif

  • Split Screen Pleaseee onnn pc version in others.

  • E’rhan Topac

    Can you give us a date for update ?

  • Rangi Kolman

    can you play with eachother across platforms (pc with switch and such)

  • neepnoop

    Will people on different versions (PC, Xbox, etc.) be able to play with eachother?

  • Andrew Holmblad

    Co op would be EPIC!

    There is an unfortunate lack of quality couch-cooperative games nowadays on console. If you do complete the Co-op update please port it over to the console versions if possible!

  • Cali

    This looks amazing, cant wait to play!!! can i beta test please?

  • Ben Shea

    Shame the game says 1-2 players with 2 kids only buy games they can both play. As far as I’m concerned should be classified as false advertising once its developed should be released as 2 player thanks chucklefish for nothing

  • MrSteam

    Has the beta started already? (usual steam opt in process)
    Any idea on planned Steam update date now that it’s almost 2018?
    The controls were a bit buggy in single player when I first tried the game – has this been addressed? (often the non-highlighted tile would be hit – often a sprinkler – very annoying)

    Definitely looking forward to playing this co-op, regardless.

  • Stevie Ward

    Any thoughts on maybe cross platform, I’ve got it on steam and on my switch so this would be awesome.

  • Cracker Ash


  • Jay Grosvenor

    Hey does anyone know if it will be cross platform when multiplayer comes out? For instance I have a friend who plays on PS4 and I play through Steam on PC. Would we be able to play online together?

  • Jacob Radabaugh

    How will multiplayer work on Switch? Will it be local or split screen, or will it be online?

  • Mat_Ice123

    yeeyee dude

  • Garrett Millward

    Will the difficulty scale the more people playing?

  • Ben Bö

    Any chance if this able to run on cross platforms in the future? We would love that!

    Thanks in advance

  • Robert America

    I am entirely on board with the idea for local co-op/splitscreen. I recently bought myself the Switch since it has fun games as a couple and I would love to play it with my partner. 🙂

  • bonk8989

    Local co-op is a must for Switch, it is really the point of the console. Even if the players are restricted to the same screen. Disappointed to learn it is online or LAN only.

  • Bruno Rodrigues

    How can i join the beta test? i love this game. have all achivements and now new patch.. new things to do and maybe new achivements to get.

  • Aryade

    How early is “early 2018” ?

    • Jip


  • Jona Selent

    a function with that you’re able to set up a dedicated server with whitelist would be nice, thats a way to let a farm be open 24/7 and everybody is on the same farm with just a bigger terrain. you are my favorite developer ATM. Please stay like that 🙂

  • Mulder

    so is the multiplayer beta out now or is the update coming out soon?

  • Mai Nguyen

    Will we be able to interact with our friends in multi-player mode?

  • Ashley Hester

    Is Xbox able to play multiplayer?

  • Loren Houston Barrows

    Make split screen for switch please please please please please please it would be amazing to be able to sit down next to my wife and enjoy this amazing game

  • Loren Houston Barrows

    As it is right now all my wife does is sitting next to me watching me play when she has said many times that she wishes it was split screen and to be able to play the game with me she’s not very good at games so I have to help her out a lot and in this game it would be amazing experience to build a farm that we both designed together and it would be awesome to be able to do local split screen and play the game with other household family members it connects people and your family and your friends a lot more when the game is split screen versus like everything else in this world now over the internet and in two totally different places there’s not much connectivity left in this world anymore and a lot of people and this world are disconnected from one another partially because of this aspect in gaming Facebooking messaging all the stuff it would be nice to get back to the root of connectivity

  • Loren Houston Barrows

    They say that Facebook and messenger and all that brings a lot of people together like being able to keep in contact with one another that’s fine and dandy if you live in two totally different towns but when it gets to where you live in the same town only a few blocks away from each other middle of day and you having a full-on 3-hour conversation over a text that’s disconnected so as well who’s bringing people together it can keep people apart to. so I apologize for ranting on but I just want you and all the Developers to know how important it is to a lot of us split screen is it’s not just something it’s connectivity. thank you for your time on reading this. PS please make split screen:-)

  • Anton LÃ¥ngberg

    Please dont make it like the singleplayer because we have already played mulitplayer mods on the story and has already done everything in it. make a new story and make multiple farm that maybe are rivals and the goal can be to get a monopoly

  • Ms.Epic

    Will there be cross play between consoles? I’d sure love that!

  • Gabe Calderon

    will there be cross-platform play?

  • Switt Kitkumchonskul

    I have a ploblem Id already have 3 cabins for my 3 friends but my friends can join my server only 2 people its tell me that no space in the server but their are fu*king cabin that dont have a owner

  • Microquest

    Hey I love stardew valley and I love what your doing for the game but when would you release multiplayer/co-op to console such as the switch?

  • Anton

    The moment you put split screen into ps4 edition, I’ll buy it. Guaranteed.

  • Kumailmario

    Please make spliy screen a thing. It would make nr verry happy.

  • Strawberry Donut

    Hopefully you’ll fix spouses not recognizing their husband/wife from the other farmers, it’s a bit weird seeing my friend’s husband at my door askin’ me if we still have pizza in the freezer lol, also not sure if it will somehow interfere after I marry one of the NPC and both of them will be standing outside at my door… Other than that, I really like this update so far 🙂

  • Meilin

    I’m super excited as a switch user to get the new update for multiplayer and so is the rest of my family……..One question though…will it just be same platform multiplayer or will there be cross platform to..?

  • OlioDiCozza

    If I purchased this game though GOG can I play in multiplayer with someone who purchased it though Steam?

  • radhika sharma

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