Stardew Valley 1.2 is out on PC!

At long last, Stardew Valley is available to play in seven different languages; English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian-Portuguese! While localization is the biggest new feature, 1.2 also includes some controller improvements and important bug fixes. Check the patch notes below!

Big thanks to all involved in getting 1.2 ready for release — Playism, Tencent, Sickhead, the community members who provided translation feedback and reports, and to everyone else for waiting so patiently while we worked to improve the quality of translation and stability of the patch!

Note: This update is only available on PC at the moment, but an update for consoles is on the way! Steam users should see this update immediately, but it may take a bit for GOG to update.


Patch Notes

  • Translations for German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • When using a controller, the cursor will snap between menu buttons by default. If you disable that, the cursor will instead accelerate while moving.
  • When using a controller, pressing the back button will skip events that are skippable.
  • Exit to Title has returned.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lighting shader not covering the whole screen on Mac and Linux.
  • Switching from “Windowed Borderless” to “Fullscreen” should now go straight to fullscreen instead of Windowed mode.
  • Wallpapers and floors no longer have a tile placement indicator showing a random object
  • Increased stability of preference-saving code. This should fix infrequent crashes that require the player to delete startup_preferences.
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when a pig tries to spawn a truffle but there’s no space for it.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could have occurred at any time during the game.
  • Fixed a typo of the word ‘pronounce’ in the marriage event.
  • Fixed the player not getting the recipe for Cookies if they skip Evelyn’s event.
  • Farming level now affects crop yield prior to level 10


  • greasythemattis

    Thanks for the continued support! Can’t wait for multiplayer mode!

  • Please, add Italian Translation!!! <3

  • Tender


  • PastryGator

    Multiplayer update please?

    • Dennis Wehner

      double please
      wait for a year

      • disqus_JvdNFvcONV

        I’ve been waiting for 6 so chill

    • Jhonka

      When it’s ready, I assume. I’d rather they hold off until it’s as bug-free as realistically possible than have them rush out a buggy mess.

      • PastryGator

        I mean, its been a planned feature from the start and is a huge reason a lot of people purchased the game, and its been 14 months now since the game was released. A _team_ of people are working on this feature, not just CA. CA said he released the single player game because he didn’t want to delay the game because of multiplayer.

        Are you telling me multiplayer would have delayed the game for over 14 more months if he decided to not do that?


        • Franz Princip

          that IS exactly what he said

        • TheJakal12

          Here is what Concerned ape has said. The switch version of stardew valley will launch with multiplayer http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/28/14764460/stardew-valley-nintendo-switch-nindies . But as he has said on his twitter that PC will be first to have multiplayer https://twitter.com/ConcernedApe/status/836667019931967488
          Meaning multiplayer will launch between now and summer release of switch version.

          • Tyroki

            Soooo… in a few months then?

          • Marcos

            I see this in the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase and it’s made me sad, but now it’s good to know that the PC mult will be realease together.

        • Nemo

          Son, you don’t know much about network coding, do ya? :p

          • PastryGator

            No, but I have no faith in Chucklefish getting anything done in a timely manner considering their history with how long it took them to get anything done in Starbound.

          • Nemo

            Well sorry that you think developing a game is that fast, but in real life, it’s not.

          • disqus_JvdNFvcONV

            You obviously don’t know shit because Chucklefish is just a host for ConcernedApe

          • PastryGator

            What is a “host”? Chuckfish published this game and is handling the multiplayer update.

          • T Lee

            They’re the publisher, I think everyone knows that, but with the success of Stardew Valley you’d expect CA to have put together a team by now to help him with updates as well as the planned multiplayer development. If he’s still by himself, I applaud him. The game is golden, even without multiplayer. Shit, it takes me back to my GBC days playing Harvest Moon.

          • datbikerguy

            TIL people get unreasonably angry when there’s the slightest misunderstanding on the internet about a game about farming.

            What a world we live in…

        • Kyle

          You’re probably getting a lot of silly replies to this comment, but I want to add mine to the mix too. I think the delay is reasonable, and here’s why…

          ConcernedApe, as he has stated in interviews/etc, initially began writing Stardew Valley as a way to improve his programming skills. I’m not sure how much you know about programming, but there’s different ways to code things. A lot of new programmers have a knack for writing either unclear variables and/or spaghetti code (which is to say that it’s not structured properly). The code works, but it’s difficult to read by an outsider. Now for all I know, his code reads like a book and everything is neatly fit together, but I think it’s important to consider this as a possible contribution to the timeline.

          A slightly more concrete reason might be that Chucklefish had taken over the integration of multiplayer for the game. This is a game with plenty of dialogue, time freezing events (like eating food), event trigger zones for cutscenes, romantic relationship considerations (like wooing the same woman) etc. There is quite an awful lot of things to consider when making multiplayer outside of just getting each person to appear on screen! And all this is being tweaked and sorted through by people who aren’t familiar with the source code or the mentality that went into creating the original game.

          Lastly, I don’t think it’s fair to mark the start of the timer by the time when the game got released. Yes, it’s been fourteen months since release, but additional dialogue, content, etc has been added since the game was released. Stardew Valley was not rushed by any means, and I think we as the players are the better for it. If you look back in these blog posts, you can clearly see some of the older textures that were made for the game and later scrapped for better ones that fit better. Choices like these take time, and I think multiplayer is a big part of the game. In my personal opinion, a year and a half of multiplayer development seems more than adequate for a smaller team like this, for a game like this.

          Just my two cents! Enjoy your day!

          • PastryGator

            All that being said, I think it would have been better to bring them on board sooner and delay the game another year and release it feature complete, which was CA’s motto the whole way and his reason for not doing betas or early access.

        • disqus_JvdNFvcONV

          it took him 5 years to write the base game himself. chill out and get some prospective instead of acting like an entitled child.

          Plus he is giving us that expansion FOR FREE he could charge us for it and it would be completely justified.

          • PastryGator

            Asking for an update on a promised feature is not unreasonable. I’m not asking for the update, I was looking for a status update on multiplayer.

          • disqus_JvdNFvcONV

            No all you asked was Multiplayer please? you didn’t say “what’s the status update” It’s in text above you so don’t make excuses.

          • Sir Rage

            Sorry but …dumb ? Why we have to pay for something that got annoucend as a ingame thing its like hey u can buy this car with the wheels but u will get the whells 2 years later and have to pay 300 bucks more ….legit idea?

          • disqus_JvdNFvcONV

            You’re telling me you never brought DLC? are you just pretending that doesn’t exist?
            We weren’t promised anything immediately, he said it was in his plans for the game but he never expected to get this big this fast.
            A car is a horrible example. you can play this game without multiplayer.

          • disqus_JvdNFvcONV

            TONS of INDIE games are made in phases, like Don’t Starve, Minecraft, fuck Minecraft was out for a few years before it had multiplayer and that was promised too. So… Dumb?

    • I agree with you!

    • Kristian Savoy

      Hey, atleast they are waiting to update and not pushing out buggy updates every week. Raising prices on (pay to win goods) out of greed. Like another game i play sometimes…

  • r0man

    please czech or slovak translation 🙂 thx

  • Andrei Stroe

    Italian! 😀

  • Sempal

    gogo Indonesia 🙂

  • Julienx54

    French s’il vous plait 😀

  • yamina_chan

    Aaaand that example screenshot shows exactly why I’m annoyed that I couldn’t help out with the Beta for localisation! XD Dangit!
    But yay for it being here finally! =D Great work everyone! Now even more people can enjoy the game.

  • Thiago F. Reis

    Yeeees, finally!!!!
    What is a forecast for the update on Xbox One?

  • Tentaclex Le Malin

    Et les français peuvent aller se faire foutre quoi..

  • Andrewmat

    With the Brazilian portuguese translation i am now able to show this incredible experience to my mom even. Good job

  • Nemi Schultz

    While I was excited for this update, it seems now I can’t play T-T Never had bug issues before. Now everytime I try playing and saving the game by sleeping my game crashes, even running as admin doesn’t help.

    • Maddoga

      Do you have mods installed? It might be trying to run the mod loaders with the new version, if thats the case its the mods crashing you.

      • Nemi Schultz

        No mods, but I found out that it was my “Initiation” quest!! Apparently in the update it adds all sorts of weird code to that quest which was making my game crash. Easy fix though; all I had to do was complete it! XD

        • Maddoga

          Oh whoa that’s an odd error, but I’m glad you found a way around it! Good that you posted it too, so everyone else can see in case they have that issue 🙂

        • Maugre

          How can you complete it if you crash? Does it just crash over enough time, or when you do certain things and go certain places?

    • Cora Regina

      Mine does that, too. No mods, my Initiation quest is long done with. 1.2 is just buggy as all get out. I’d kill to be able to downgrade.

      • Oooooo661

        Hey I backed up my game a couple times prior to 1.2, so if you want I can give you the download link to my 1.1 game. It’s the entire game folder, only problem is that it’s modded but most if not all of the mods were just SMAPI mods so deleting that folder should make it close to vanilla.


        There’s the link, I’ll upload to dropbox too and link it there as well. Not sure how to prove it’s virus-free or anything, but if you’re willing to check yourself there you go.

        • Cora Regina

          Thanks, but unfortunately that won’t work. I actually have a backup of 1.11 on a hard drive, currently, but the problem is that with Steam there’s no longer an option to not update at all, or to update on demand only. If I downgraded that way, Steam would automatically re-update it back to the mess that is 1.2 as soon as I launched either Steam, or SDV (depending on the setting).

          Unfortunately this means we’re stuck with 1.2 no matter what, and a lot of us simply won’t be able to play the game at all until this bug is patched. 🙁

          • Oooooo661

            Well dang that’s a bummer. My cousin used my backup but played offline, so that’s I guess the only way to use it. You probably already know what I’m talking about, but just in case (or if anyone doesn’t), you can choose to ‘go offline’ in the steam tab at the top left of the steam window and it’ll restart steam in offline mode so no automatic updates. I guess it just depends on how desperate you are to play it again, and if having steam running online is necessary to you.

            Sorry if this is just reiterating stuff you already know, I just figured I’d check to make sure. Hopefully he’ll at least release a beta fixing the bug in the future.

          • Cora Regina

            My issue with that one may be something related more to my Steam installation than anything (the latest one in particular continually demands to be allowed to use my system’s accessibility features even though it HAS that, which means every single time I have to unlock my preferences, turn it off, and turn it back on again), but for some reason when I’ve played offline in the past, any newly popped achievements don’t get registered even once I go back online. And since the ones I have left for SDV are the obnoxiously difficult ones, especially the ones for JotPK and the Complete Collection (stupid RNG), I really don’t want to risk not having them come up.

            I’d totally do it if I weren’t for that, though. It’s not a step that we should have to take, we really should have an “update only when I tell you to and don’t make me find workarounds” choice, but yeah. Until then I’m basically stuck in a holding pattern waiting for a patch on this, however many months that takes.

            It’s certainly an option for others, though!

          • Oooooo661

            Well that’s unfortunate, really hoping a patch is released for you guys (and possibly me too, I haven’t actually played Stardew since the update). I agree the lack of choice for updating is ridiculous, hoping for a fix eventually. I just tried to see if I could do a work-around but unfortunately it didn’t work. Either way, good luck!

  • William Nathaniel Bodine

    I mean, this is all well and good…but it seems more like a “1.1.1” type of patch than a “1.2”…

    • Jordan Al-Salihi

      patch numbering pattern is whatever the developer wishes it to be. in dota 2 the patches went from 6.88f to 7.00, he could’ve gone from 1.1 to 1.131209c-2

    • Tanner

      That doesn’t follow semantic versioning though. The most common x.x.x notation goes something like this:

      MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes
      MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible
      PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes

      If it was just bug fixes then 1.1.1 would be appropriate. This added functionality in a backwards compatible (i.e. you can load your old saves) manner. A minor version bump seems wholly appropriate to me. 🙂

      • William Nathaniel Bodine

        True enough. Heh, I guess Terraria and the Stardew Valley 1.1 update just kinda made me expect that the minor version update would be a big content uodate or something.

        • Elliot Holt

          If you’re a non-English speaker, there’s a shitload of content in this one.

          • Graem

            That’s a great joke.

          • Elliot Holt

            How do you mean?

          • Graem

            Oh. I thought you meant “Non-English speakers can actually read the game text now!” as in, you know, the entire game opened up for them.

          • Elliot Holt

            Well, I did, but maybe with less hyperbole. The dialogue is a major focus of the gameplay and the immersive feel of the town. I can’t imagine enjoying the game without the relationships. Run the mine and sperg out on your farm design at endgame, I guess, but to a lot of people, those aren’t the rewarding parts of the game.

          • Graem

            Well, some people think the romances are *everything*. In that case, with translated text, I guess the point would still hold. 😛

      • Nemo

        That’s interesting, I’ve always believed Major, Minor, and “Patch” were tied to the software design docs and schedules. Major and Minor are sort of “goal posts” for completion, and “Patch” was the build #.

        Two sides of the same coin I guess, no? :p

    • Lord Xamon

      Not for those who do not know English at middle+ level

  • SakuMo

    My game is crashing switching from Windowed Borderless to Fullscreen and vice versa on the original farm layout map. I can’t even load into the file unless I startup in Windowed mode. My other farm layout maps don’t have this issue.

    • FIERY

      you got the game right on steam
      you didn’t pirate the game right?

      • Just a Fanboy

        Why are you accusing someone of pirating just because they are having issues? That’s a little rude just jumping to conclusions like that don’t you think? Just because you don’t have that problem doesn’t automatically mean they are running a different version of the game. Computers are fickle things, and any number of factors can contribute to a game not running as intended, drivers, external programs, software settings, etc. This is the reason we have this thing called “innocent until proven guilty”, because there are people like you who jump to conclusions at every little thing.

        • Bakka-Neko ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


        • FIERY

          it’s not being rude all l said you didn’t pirate the game
          is he did (then it wont work) maybe he did

  • Artiice

    Guys, Please learn English!!!!!! xD 90% of the reactions are language requests! I want more content not 100 languages xD. I’m Dutch and I learned English because I know the Dutch translation will never come.

    • Woolridge

      finally someone like me, i’m german but usually i don’t even bother getting a german localisation because it eighter is horrible as hell or simply cut’s off most jokes
      (not everything is translatable, especially humor)

    • Nadia Brady

      You learned English just to play Stardew Valley, huh?

      • Artiice

        No, for games not just for stardew valley :3. And because just nothing is in Dutch… And now when I can speak and understand English I can talk to much much much more people. And I can watch English YouTube video’s!!

        • Oh Hey

          Wow that’s pretty cool, you learn t English just so you could play and watch English games?

          • Zub Zub

            You could take a lesson about English too, because what you said have nothing to do with what he said…His universe revolves around much more than simply games.

  • Sam mas

    It seems my game has begun to crash while saving after this update. anyway to fix this?

  • TheFireLover

    Nice job catching those bugs ^.^ You’re doing amazing yo!

  • No skeletal artifacts drop increase ?

  • beBlueberry

    I play with a keyboard and it seems as though X/esc no longer closes dialogue windows, I’m forced to click with the mouse 🙁

    • Selman Karasu

      I had the same exact problem yesterday too 😀 Very annoying when you’re used to it

  • FelipeSarinh

    we need more content… and i need combat with bosses :v

  • Na’vi Dendi

    please thailand translation

  • Anna

    Since the update my game can’t save anymore. What can I do?

    • Anna

      I’ve found the source of my problem. It was my firewall that take the game into the sandbox.

  • Glacialis1337

    all good, game is amazing. but do any of u have any idea when the multiplayer patch may be coming out? My friends and I have been waiting to play this since it’s inception

  • Silvia Hoefnagels

    My game crashed after this update, right during the night when it usually saves .. hopefully there will be a fix soon!

    • Silvia Hoefnagels

      I had 3 mods in, took them out, and now the game works fine. I did like my female farmer wearing the skirt mod though, now she’s back to trousers.

  • Sarah Barber

    Game will not save past Spring 19 now, when it did before on other save files.

  • Taurent

    Is the crash that happens when the game tries to save fixed?

  • Mickael Chausse

    Can we have any information about the coop mode please? And why this choice of translation, does the community is so much bigger in Russia or in Japane to forget the France or what’s the point? But thanks anyways this game stay awesome and I’m glad to see that you go even more further with it. I hope you’r not gonna have the ostrich syndrome with the multiplayer. Fingers crossed.

  • Davis

    I don’t see any mention of the animal happiness bugs being fixed in those patch notes. Did they not make it into this patch?

    • Mike Schmitt

      This is the one i’m waiting for! tired of getting punished w/ no truffles for having very happy pigs :-/

      • Davis

        Ditto. My computer crashed hard a few weeks ago and I lost a couple of in-game weeks of progress. Decided I’d wait to pick things up again until that fix moved from beta to live. Really want to know if it made it into the patch 🙁

  • verveelco

    Game crashes when looking up quests.
    For controllers, the back button (B) doesn’t work in conversations anymore.

    • Gigi De

      I’ve had the exact same problem. I open the quest box, click on a quest I have in progress, an then it just crashes. I’m not running any mods.

  • Vimppura

    The new patch is interesting. Exit to Title is useful and nice to have thos controller options. Love the new Title btw ; ) Renaming animals is also much more simple and logic now. Tho when you type the name the cursor is kinda in a weird place.

    Mut as said, switching to borderless crashes the game (I play Riverland). Also you can see your money vanishing into just 500, which luckily doesnt get saved because of the crash.

    What also bothers me, is the toolbar. All the item amounts seem much more blurry than before. Also if you have locked the toolbar to stay at the bottom, it goes all gray when your player gets near it. http://puu.sh/vv2bv/efdbc85e63.png All the markings in the toolbar also remain default even tho you change Inventory Slot buttons from the settings. That maybe just seemed more weird than important : D

    If you decide to put something into your shipping box by right clicking the box your cursor will jump somewhere it shouldnt.

    These are the few bugs that i found by quickly playing a day. I did not have any problems with saving the game tho. Good work with the patch otherwise! I’ve been a great fan of this game and still gonna play maaany ingame years forward.

  • Telys_shinjukan

    I’m French and love your game to pieces and have been raving about it to my friend for ages. Unfortunately she doesn’t speak English very well so I’m waiting on the French update to have her give it a try ! Is there any way to help the translation process? I’d be interested in donating time for it! <3 Thanks for this update and for all the hard work!

  • Mytzer

    Bug reports so far:
    – In Spanish version, I cannot see which type of jelly/wine is the product I’ve made. It justs says Jelly or Wine, evethough it is stacked as two different objects. I didn’t made any juice, so I cannot tell if this “bug” happens in there too.
    – Also in Spanish version, when moving an animal to another place to live, the text on the upper left screen misses the name of the animal and the name of the building it belongs.
    – When you have the buffed stats that coffe gives you, and then you jump on the horse (in order to ride him) wearing a hat, makes the hat seen as doubled making a weird and pretty annoying bug, that happens EVERY time.
    I bought the game on the 3rd of April and now I have more than 70 hours played. I must admit that eventhough I’m not into farming simulators I’m loving this game so much!
    Thank you ConcernedApe!!!

    • Fulano de Tal

      I switched to Portuguese language and noticed the wine bug too.

  • Arthur Matos

    Thanks a lot for translations, specially brazilian portuguese.

  • Cyrano

    I am a fan of this game living in Japan.
    I am very grateful for this update.
    Arigatou !!

    • Just a Fanboy


  • Eurene

    My save file won’t load at all. No mods, basics like checking files and restarting computer didn’t help. I had no bugs before the update.

    • Eurene

      Ok, following suggestion in the comments – game launched with window mode changed, so that’s the issue.

  • Cherie Baze

    I’m unable to log in at all 🙁

  • 4815162342

    tbh the Translation for Chinese has many mistakes… some sentences feel like done by google translate (even worse).

    • Fulano de Tal

      I tried the Portuguese language and i also feel like some are made by google translator.

      • Welliton Junior

        Assim como o seu comentário, kkkkkk

  • Cora Regina

    Maru’s eight-heart event is now bugged. When I entered the carpenter’s shop and went into the cutscene, I knocked on her door, she told my character through the closed door that I could ask her to fix any farm machinery, and then my character began to run uncontrollably against the closed door. I had to skip the entire event to get that to stop.

  • 00petar00

    I don’t see why you guys had to play 1.2 version if you’re having issues, the 1.1 version works fine this is just bugfix and there’s no gamebreaking bug in 1.1 version.

    I was a bit disappointed with this update only being bug fix update. I have read that multiplayer would take time and i respect that but i expected to see some new features.

    • Cora Regina

      Probably because a lot of us have auto-updating turned on in Steam, which means we got the 1.2 update whether we wanted/needed it or not, and are stuck with it now.

  • Giuseppe Venezia

    ITALIANO?? 🙂

  • Dale Robertson

    Same as Nemi Schultz, mine and my wife’s are both now crashing at the end of each game day’s play. Win 10 64 bit, no mods.

  • Yazid Boestami

    after the update, i got crashed each and everytime i went to sleep at night.
    i thought my computer went crazy, so i restarted it and play it again, but still same problem recurred.
    any1 having the same problem?

    • Yazid Boestami

      Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      Stack Trace: at StardewValley.Game1.Update(GameTime gameTime)
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick()
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.HostIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e)
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameHost.OnIdle()
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.RunOneFrame()
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.ApplicationIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e)
      at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponent.FDoIdle(Int32 grfidlef)
      at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ComponentManager.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop(IntPtr dwComponentID, Int32 reason, Int32 pvLoopData)
      at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoopInner(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
      at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoop(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
      at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form mainForm)
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.Run()
      at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunGame(Boolean useBlockingRun)
      at StardewValley.Program.Main(String[] args)

  • ELok

    Soooo……If you play Stardew Valley in English on the PC with a Keyboard…..This patch add practically nothing?

  • Shoken

    List of languages by total number of speakers (2015 edition via Wiki) :
    Portuguese – 9th
    German – 11th
    Japanese – 14th
    French – 8th

    So.., why no French?

  • maksdi

    Bug report: When you change scale, save your game and close the game. Start game and try to load your save, game crashes in full screen mode, but it work if it window mode.

  • MastaFlamasta

    Do you think, that the game could be translated to other languages by user community?

  • Tolga B

    nice update! Only thing is the controller changes dont really feel like improvements :/
    Would be great to have a checkbox to use the old version if preferred!

  • Maugre

    While we’d all love content updates, adding more languages makes the game a lot more easily accessible to people. Isn’t having a growing fanbase a good thing? Not to mention, more fans means more people to impress with even shinier content.

  • Hydreaux

    I’m not the one to usually do this, but why has the multiplayer update been left in the dark? The biggest reason for my excitement about this game was the chance to play it with my lady. Myself and many others have waited patiently for official multiplayer, please don’t let your fans down concerned ape.

  • R3N3kon

    why taken so long for a “patch”?
    and please dont call this an update, it make me LOLed

    Ya, i got it, he already got the money so he wouldn’t care

  • sharalunison

    I think the update might have caused an error in my game for allowing a child to grow up from crawling to toddler stage. She was born on Fall 21, was standing in crib on Winter 7, crawling on Winter 21. It’s now Spring 10 and she’s still crawling. I’m running the standard version of the game and the only thing that’s changed is the update…

  • Yuchao Su

    how can I update it though??

  • Cora Regina

    Pierre no longer sells the Tub o’ Flowers recipe in my games! All he sells now are the plush rabbit and strawberry seeds. This makes the Craft Master achievement IMPOSSIBLE TO GET!!!

    Please fix this. I’ve been playing for an entire in-game year, waiting to get that recipe after realizing that it was the last thing I needed for the achievement, and now I can’t even get it! I’m not going to be playing anymore until this bug is remedied, the 1.2 update has honestly kind of killed my desire to play SDV in general. Between this and repeated crashes after playing full days when I go to bed, since we still don’t have a manual save system.

  • Matt Kellner

    Hi ConcernedApe! I love this game, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t encountered any crashing issues with the new patch yet. Got one bug report, though: With this patch, my mouse jumps to odd places on the screen when I interact with certain UI elements. Opening a chest or the shipping box sends my mouse pointer to a spot toward the lower-left side of the screen, and clicking the Zoom In/Out buttons pushes the pointer to either side of those buttons, making them much harder to use than before.

    Minor nuisance, but otherwise the game’s playing great. 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work! It’s amazing that you’ve done all of this entirely on your own.

  • Stefan Frehse

    Why…. Why did I buy this for Playstation 4…..

  • Luis Guilherme Almeida Rodrigu

    Thanks from Brazil-Petrópolis-Rio de Janeiro.
    Your work is perfect! Thanks for the translate.

  • Jirou_Dayo

    no Thai translations yet huh? .___.

  • Alexander Kazmierzak

    Hi when comes the language update on the xbox one

  • romancemurders .

    If you ever need translations for Dutch..
    We know English very well, but i feel like this game is for all ages and a lot of children would enjoy this game in Dutch.

  • sksfactor

    not french REALLY 🙁

  • Welliton Junior

    Ṇo aguento mais esperar Tradṳ̣o para Portugu̻s РBR no Xbox One.
    Por favor, agilize rápido…

  • Welliton Junior

    I can not wait to wait for English Translation on Xbox-One.
    Please speed up fast…

  • Michael Schwalm

    where is the Patch for PS4 ?

  • Cássio Remus de Paula

    I thought it would include the hair option to make the character bald! I’m bald and there is no option to make the character as myself. Please consider it… 🙁 I loooove this game (playing on ps4).

  • Cássio Remus de Paula

    Please, consider that there is a lot of bald players (as myself :p) that wish to customize a bald character as well! What about including this option in the next patch? I’m on ps4. 🙂

  • Trey N

    How do I update from 1.1 to 1.2 HELP!

  • Hélène Mt

    Nous sommes beaucoup de Français -ayant des bases en anglais- à jouer à ce jeu, mais ceux qui ne connaissent pas l’anglais ou autre langue n’y ont toujours pas accès et c’est bien dommage, car ce jeu ferait succès en France. Langue française un jour ou pas ? —– We are many french people – with knowledge of english- who play this game , but those who can’t speak english (or another language) just can’t play this game and it’s too bad because Stardew Valley would make a success in France ! Can we hope a french traduction one day or not ?

  • Monty De

    Any news on whether Stardew valley will come for the PS Vita?

  • Michael Schwalm

    Where is the fucking PS4 Update? On the way since 1. Month ?

  • MeteorMetro .

    I once saw a poll which showed what updates were preferred by the community. The results were shocking!
    You wouldn’t believe but the community did never wish for translations or ports to consoles.
    Imagine a world where developers listen to their community and finally add what they really wish for. Like for example…


    …which is actually the most wanted feature. The poll (which does not exist anymore, sorry) showed as follows:
    1.4/3 Multiplayer
    1.1/3 Content
    0.3/3 Port to consoles
    0.2/3 Translations

  • Millicent Danger to herself an

    Fix single player before multiplayer… feels like Mass Effect Andromeda…

  • Akemi Hatiko

    Will this game ever gonna be ported to iPad? I’m not gonna buy Nintendo switch, but I’d really like to buy this game on smth portable.

  • Portgas D Ace

    so i multiplayer still a thing i have been holding off playing the mod for the official version if u guys are not doing multiplayer please tell us because im kind of getting sick of waiting and i dont want to keep my hopes up

  • RedWolfy

    When will be this update to consoles available? I’ll buy the game as soon language update release!

  • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

    Queremos tradução PTBR por favor, comprei o jogo e estou esperando a tradução até hoje
    We want PTBR translation please, I bought the game and I’m waiting for the translation until today

  • Orlando Rguez

    Hola cuando estará disponibleos idiomas en Mac..

  • nadrian3k

    I hope he gets to add more story related stuff or even new maps….. all these are cool and all but…the content man…

  • Reza sbah

    please add arabic language 🙂 we need it beacuse we don’t understand english sometimes

  • EminemSlim

    Is new content to be expected in the future or not?

  • blitz07play

    This game is very good and with multiplayer will get much better, your friend can help you become very cool.

  • ahmad marwan

    fix the bug where you play the game for 10 minutes and a white screen shows up on you pls fix this bug

  • Alue

    Anyone else having trouble with making choices in conversations for example?
    At times there are no problem for me but then all of a sudden I can’t switch between the options, if I use a controller it just don’t work and then only lets me take the top one (last used option).
    Tried using mouse and keyboard and switching with the up/down button don’t work and if I try and hover with mouse over the lower option I can hear a buzzing from my speakers and even if I click on the lower option it’s the upper that gets chosen.

    (I have a few mods but never had trouble with them, it’s SMAPI)

  • 氷菓 アーロン

    This game is dead.

  • Felipe Carvalho

    Very nice you’re doing the localizations, but please, please, PLEASE make them optional. I utterly love the game, the characters, the music, the art, and knowing yu did it all by yourself… gosh.
    But, please, I’ve been playing games in english my whole life, and I just hate when games these days come in locked to brazilian portuguese (I live in Brazil) and don’t let me choose the language. I just usually find it utterly awful to play in my language, and also I really learned english by playing games in my childhood (and also French, in recent years) and I can use the continued training and expanding of vocabulary.
    Just don’t force me to play in the localized language, please. Leave one option in the menu. Its all I ask. I can’t stand these games that won’t let me choose the language, if many are available, or that just assume that I prefer my mother-language.



  • Getting crash when start the game -_- wtf
    Stopped working and anything

  • Ilham Mubarog

    make something new sir, make a new town, we can work in there,or something new map. more experience. like this so awesome and dont forget.. MULTIPLAYER GAME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61rUhuy-Vdg
    dont work alone. invite a some people to make stardew valley better
    just my opinion sir

  • Ariez Othus

    The bug that prevents you from being able to get the help wanted achievements in steam after the first couple years, is that fixed now too?

  • Lee2984

    Just seen this but i have the game on steam but not the 1.2 version and can’t update