Stardew Valley 1.3 (Multiplayer Update) is now available!

Stardew Valley 1.3 (Multiplayer Update) is now available!

This update is a significant change for Stardew Valley… Not only does it include a good amount of new content (new items, events, etc.), but it also includes the long-awaited addition of co-op multiplayer!

Several months ago, I finished working on the content additions, and turned my attention to finishing multiplayer. Progress on that front came along steadily.

Then, we started the multiplayer beta on April 30. Of course, I underestimated the number of bugs you’d all find! But over the past couple months Tom and I have worked hard to track and fix every known multiplayer bug. And now, it’s ready to go.

Credit must be given to Tom Coxon (of Chucklefish), who wrote all the major networking code himself and turned this fairly complex game into a seamless multiplayer experience! We’ve worked hard to make the co-op experience as fun and intuitive as possible.

I also want to thank everyone else at Chucklefish for all their hard work coordinating this big launch!


Below, I’ll give you a more detailed explanation of both the new game-play content and a more detailed explanation of how multiplayer will work.

First, let me share some of the new content with you. This is not an exhaustive list, and I’m purposely being vague on many aspects because I think it will be more fun to discover these things for yourself:


  • A traveling festival comes to town
    • For three days in winter, a traveling festival visits Pelican Town. Unlike a normal festival, farmers can come and go as they please, and the location isn’t “locked out” at any point (there’s no setup). Pelican Town is different for a few days, and most of the townspeople’s schedules change to reflect that. The festival offers farmers a once-a-year chance to acquire unique items, purchase an original work of art from the famous Lupini, enjoy some live entertainment, and more….
  • A winter mystery… and a new collection type
    • In winter, farmers might encounter a strange event… which will ultimately grant them the ability to start a new, “secret” type of collection. This new ability will surely result in unusual new adventures and greater knowledge…

  • Help someone out in town…
    • Farmers who have made great progress for themselves will have the opportunity to help someone in a significant way…
  • New Character Events
    • There are new character events, some of which grant you permanent bonuses. There are also a couple of “secret” events that you’ll only encounter if certain conditions are met.

  • Skull Cavern Changes
    • 3 new monster types added (more powerful versions of familiar enemies)
    • “Treasure Rooms” added (rare chance of finding a room with a chest containing useful items… including two that can’t be found any other way)
    • A new reason to attempt a deep dive…
  • Ability to change professions
    • If you regret your choice of profession, or simply want to try out something new, there is now a way to change your professions. It comes with a price, however…

  • Signs
    • Signs are craftable items which are available to you from the very beginning of the game. Any item in Stardew Valley can be “clicked” onto the sign, and it will display that item (the item won’t be consumed).

  • Decorations
    • A variety of new outdoor decorations have been added, including many that are “seasonal”, meaning that their appearance changes with each season. Multiplayer makes decorating even more fun.

  • Auto-Grabber
    • An expensive item that can be placed in a barn and automatically harvests milk and wool from the animals each morning.
  • Garden Pots
    • Garden pots allow you to grow any crop indoors year-round. Think of them like one-tile greenhouses. When placed outside, however, they only grow crops that are in-season.

  • New Crop
    • There is a new crop that only grows indoors.
  • Fireplaces are now furniture
    • This means you can move your fireplace around, and also buy a couple of different kinds of fireplaces.
  • Hats on horses
    • You can now put hats on your horse. Enjoy… (this was actually an original intended feature in Stardew Valley two years ago, but I never finished it and had completely forgotten about it. Now it’s finally finished)


Now, a more in-depth look at how multiplayer works…

Stardew Valley now supports up to 4 player co-op. Co-op is nearly identical to single-player, but with 1-3 other friends playing together with you to achieve a common goal. Any single player game can be “converted” to a co-op game by having Robin build one or more cabins on your farm.

One player serves as the host, and the other 1-3 players connect to the host in order to play. Therefore, the host must be in-game at all times when the group wants to play.

The new update adds a Co-op button to the title screen. Clicking the button will bring you to the co-op menu, from which you can:

  • Host a new co-op game
  • Re-host an existing co-op game
  • Join a new farm (provided that any of your friends are hosting and have a cabin available for you)
  • Re-join a farm (provided that the host is in-game)
  • Join a LAN game (by entering the IP address of the host)
  • Enter an invite code (generated by the host) to join a game (this allows for Steam/GOG crossplay)

When hosting a new game, you’ll have some new options available to you:

  • “Starting Cabins” gives you the choice to start a new game with 1-3 cabins pre-positioned on the farm. If you decide to go this route, you’ll have two “Cabin Layouts” to choose from: “Nearby”, which places the cabins close to one another, encouraging a communal farming style, and “Separate”, which places the cabins far apart and allows for more independence.

Alternatively, you can start with no pre-positioned cabins and instead build them yourself (via Robin).

  • “Profit Margin” adjusts the profit margin of goods that you sell. You can choose between “Normal” (the original Stardew Valley amount), “75%”, “50%”, and “25%”. This is, in effect, a way to increase the difficulty of the game. For larger groups of experienced players, it might be desired. However, keep in mind that there already is some “scaling” of difficulty built into the game, since each player will need to upgrade their own tools, upgrade their own houses, buy bigger packs, etc.

  • In co-op, all players share the same pool of money, and are working together on the same farm. The state of the game world, including the main storyline, is shared between all players. However, each player has their own private inventory,  skills, achievements, collections, relationships, quests, and crafting/cooking recipes.

In general, it’s assumed that co-op games are only being played with people you trust. The game maintains no real concept of “ownership”, since all players are working communally on a shared farm.

  • When it’s time to go to bed, all players must enter their beds. Only then will the day end.
  • Players can marry each other by crafting a “wedding ring” (An old Zuzu City tradition), and offering it to another player. If the other player accepts the ring, the couple is now engaged.
  • The chat box allows you to communicate with each other… with the help of nearly 200 custom Stardew Valley emojis!




Here’s a trailer:


Also, want to let you know that the console versions of multiplayer are in development & coming soon.

I hope you enjoy the update!





  • Deus Vitae

    HATS ON HORSES yasssss

  • syumel portgas

    freaking finallyyyyy!! my long awaited new content. thank you so much CA and chucklefish team

  • Doti Hicks

    Sooo cool when is the switch going to get the update ip brought this games 3 times now one for pc and ps4 now switch i loved it also interaduce my brother to this game!!! Keep up the goood worked 🙂

  • Puddles

    I have no friends to play with so although I won’t be utilising that content, but I love all the other stuff you’ve added! I really can’t wait to dive back in to the town. Cmon Switch version! 🙂

    • Playmation Wizz

      I only have the switch version so I would love to have the new update! I need it!!!

    • AlphaStrike

      There is plenty of single player content for you to enjoy in the update as well 🙂

  • Wilson

    Nice! Thank you so much and Tom Coxon!!!!!!

  • Don Josè La Sida

    italian patch will come this year?

  • Digus

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  • Niwylys

    Hi, when it’s supposed to be translate in French ? I though it will be with multiplayer’s update… thanks!

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  • Yume Haru

    That’s really cool that you’re adding more events, I hope you will continue to add. I’ve seen so many mods by fans because they felt some characters didn’t had enough depth or development.

  • GhostGuy09

    So no multiplayer on Vita?

  • 三Akiyama

    Can’t wait to try this on PS4! I hope it’ll come soon. 🙂

  • I loved the beta! Might it be possible in some future update to change it so that the cabins are not permanently assigned to specific players, but can be used by any person you invite instead? I have a friend who used a mod to allow an unlimited number of cabins, and after a certain number (besides cluttering up his farm), it completely broke the social tab.

  • I need to ask. I know that the Vita will not have the Multiplayer aspect, but what of the other “clearly available in single player” content here?

  • BOWi

    Will the game be translated in French? I read somewhere that official support was in the work… I have a few friend on Switch (an myself on PC) who would love a French version. (no mod)

  • Raoul Heusbourg

    I am trying since the beta to play with a friend online but not matter which way the connection always fails. Hoped that today it might be fixed, but no luck…What can I do?

    • QueenLinchen

      I have the same problem

    • discordkitty

      I had the same problem, I had to allow incoming connections to Stardew via my firewall. Once I set that I had no issues.

      • Raoul Heusbourg

        Doesn’t fix it for me. Thanks though. ;(

        • You could try a tool like hamachi and direct connect to the IP.

  • BOWi

    Is coop on PC locked to vendors? Are GOG and Steam cross-playables?

    • Erica

      “Enter an invite code (generated by the host) to join a game (this allows for Steam/GOG crossplay)”

      • BOWi

        Thanks! I feel dumb. 😛

        • Erica

          It happens. People get too excited don’t think and post. 🙂

          • BOWi

            Thanks again. I bought the game this week on PC without knowing about the update. I had the game on Switch, but I’m a PC gamer. I guess I was excited. 😛

  • haruhi4

    so cool! Is there a release date for the multiplayer update on the switch version of stardew valley? Me and my brother play it a lot on our nintendo switches ^^

  • Paul Gruzdev

    Game does not start now! It crashes immediately, as soon as I start on Steam 🙁

  • commenter

    Just awesome! I have been waiting for this feature for the past 2-3 years and bringing it as a free update is a pretty decent move 🙂 But in fact I hoped you would accompany the launch of 1.3 with a sale on steam (to convince my friends to buy it NOW) :-/

  • Marcelo Falchetti

    That’s literally the best game ever! I was afraid that I would need to restart the game to enjoy the update, but it seems like I don’t need to!
    Thank you for this amazing game!

  • Berdyie

    Will the multiplayer for Console be Cross-Platform? I have a friend who only owns the game on PS4 (no PC) and wants to play with the rest of us (all PC users) and he’s worried that the game will not be cross-platform.

    • AlphaStrike

      I wouldnt count on it.

  • BlueDavrial

    When the console multiplayer comes, will the Switch have crossplay with PC?

    • Erica

      They will not be cross- play. He is stated this in various tweets and various blog updates. Believe me I’m a little sad about that but I understand that’s a lot of work and it’s own right.

      • BlueDavrial

        Perhaps we’ll get it eventually

        • David Manduca

          Maybe its November 28th and nothing…

      • Zer0t3ch

        Probably less about effort and more about Nintendo not wanting people to be able to do multiplayer in any kind of non-centralized way. (Like typing in the IP for a friend’s self-hosted game) They want stuff that all integrates fancy-like.

        • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

          Fam Nintendo is chill with cross play with other platforms, this can be clearly seen in Fortnite and Rocket League. I think you are getting confused with the devs at Sony which keep the cross-platform to PC only.

          • crob000

            Unfortunately he is not as Nintendo still asks for money even though they arent doing anything. Usury ruins the world.

          • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

            All platforms pay this because they must make a profit. If Sony and Microsoft allowed games like Stardew Valley or similar, onto their platforms free of charge, they would go out of business in no time. When creating a console, you lose money building the hardware and selling it at a affordable price for the market, and you make this money back when selling games for the console. Explain to me how Sony and Microsoft will make money, if they don’t ask for money when putting games on their platform.

    • KnirpsLyn

      This is the only thing I cared about. This means I won’t be able to play with anyone in my family.

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  • 354tsdvf

    yuuge high energy update.

    thank you so much for the continued support on the game. it really adds a whole new level of playability.
    i find again and again that this was a purchase well made.

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  • 2468Evan

    I want these custom emojis everywhere!!!

  • Zech Albatros

    I have a question if the host is modded can non modded players join?

    • Alex Drake

      Depends on the mods. Stuff like UI changes like NPC maps and the like that is fine. It’s when you have mods that change the map itself that things start getting messy. To say nothing of Mods that change how items work or add new items.

      • Zech Albatros

        So it is ok for non smapi modded players to connect to smapi host? (Sorry I’m bad at my english xD )

        • Alex Drake

          In theory yes. If it’s just VISUAL mods then yeah

          • Zech Albatros


  • supernet2

    Outstanding now that the PC build is done, you can now prioratize the Console builds, i can’t wait for the switch edition, which if i remember correctly you guys said you’d prioratize working on first for the MP component? Hopefully there is local CO-OP on the switch and console versions!

    • AlphaStrike

      Basically this same update will be coming to consoles in a few months.

  • piri piri

    where is the TURKISH language?

  • Gogo Guy

    Will this game be released on Android someday?

  • Niels Lachat

    So cool :DD
    Will it be possible to use a savegame from the beta in the final 1.3 version?

  • Mosin Man

    We love you, Eric.

  • superiorspidey28

    How soon will the console version be?
    I’m in a couple of communities on the ps4 and we were all excited until we realized it was for pc only. I know you’re working you’re hardest and I trust that when you say soon, it will be very soon. Thank you for everything so far.

    • AlphaStrike


      • Christoffyw

        What about switch version?? I heard that it’s coming to the switch first before Xbox, PS4 and PS Vita.

        • AlphaStrike

          Switch will most likely be 2-3 months with the following releasing 1-3 more months behind it. Estimate but I would think most will be ready by December/January.

  • r3dsn0w

    Yes they can, I’ve read that you need some kind of ring though.

    • Bork the Sloth

      That ring you’re talking about is the Mermaid’s Pendant, you can buy it for 5,000g if you upgrade your house at least once, reached 10 hearts with a bachelor/ette and have given them a bouquet. You get it if you repair the bridge at the ocean for 300 wood, and on a rainy day you can buy it.

      • Erica

        The mermaid pendant is only if you marry an NPC while there is a ring you can make if you marry another player. 🙂

        • Bork the Sloth

          Thanks, didn’t know that!

          • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

            (but it costs like 5 iridium bars and a Prismatic shard)

  • Spaghetti

    Is it just me or does Wilderness Map, 1 Cabin, Separate not actually give you a cabin? I tried it twice in a row and never could find a cabin anywhere on the map. I tried it with 3 cabins and I found all 3 but with only 1 multiplayer cabin, it doesn’t seem to generate one. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • Aine Meehan

    Hi, If I want to play with the kids at home, do I need to buy another copy and login as another user? (Windows steam) Great fun

    • Richard Wibisono

      I think you need to buy again if you only owned Steam version. If you owned GOG Version, then just install it to another PC or laptop, because GOG is DRM free. As long you connected in one network, then you good to go.

      • Aine Meehan

        Thanks, kinda thought that, but wanted to double check before I paid for it. So on steam I will login as a different account and buy it.

        • Daimyo21

          You can play split screen on same PC using smapi mod and controllers (steam, xbox1, xbox360 etc.), just google it. You could also use your steam account in offline mode with Evolve app. The fact that stardew allows this is amazing and I wish more steam games allowed for Lan play instead of forcing players to buy 4 copies for friends that aren’t big gamers but do enjoy coop parties.

      • kiwii

        The Steam version is also DRM free*; once you installed the via Steam, you can just copy the install folder to another PC and run the game’s executable directly without needing Steam.

        * according to http://steam.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_DRM-free_games

  • Tom

    Not sure why we’ve been so excited. There is no update here in the UK so why are they getting excited! Really disappointed as we are such fans, we cancelled a short break in order to play this. Shame on them.

    • Alex Drake

      You have to be trolling

  • Ashley

    Stardew valley is literally such an amazing game. I had been following its development before it blew up, because I’m a long time harvest moon fan. This new update is also amazing, its crazy how many freebies we get! For me, I would absolutely be willing to pay for more content on this game in the future. Like new characters, new parts of the town, visiting other towns, more marriage candidates, more decor, more story, more events, rival marriages/children, more crops/animals, more mines etc. Don’t get me wrong the game is incredible how it is, but I would be 100% ready to pay lots of money to get even deeper in stardew valley.

  • Sarah_Jags

    YAY!!!!!! The game looks better than ever!! Can’t wait to play it!!
    (Although I am a liiiiittle salty that I have to buy the game a third time to play with my hubby….oh well I guess.)
    Thanks for all the elbow grease that you have put into this! We, the gaming community, appreciate you!!! 🙂

  • person man

    Is cross play planned?

    • Cross-Play will never be a thing for as long as Sony keeps being that isolationist.

      • person man

        I mean for Nintendo switch and Xbox.

        • Regardless, it’s more of the sentiment for one player base not being able to play with the other neighbors, because their parent is a bit too prideful to interact with the rest. In any case, I would like to play with others between the Switch and XBONE, too.

          • Christoffyw

            Xbox and Switch are cross-play for Minecraft so hopefully it will be the same for Stardew Valley!

      • Lime

        Not everyone is a PS4 player my dude

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  • Nikki Lynette Jones

    Will the consoles have couch co-op? This is a game I would love to play with my kids or partner but we live in the middle of nowhere and can’t get internet at our house.

  • Mathew Urban

    so i have a really good question that i havnt seen posteed anywhere are you planning on this being a couct co-op for xbox and ps4 because i would absoutely love you guys is you can make it split screen compatible for couch co-op!!!!! lots of love own 3 copies of your game major support and congratz

  • ZeldaFX

    Italian traslate 🙁

    • Aztec

      They announced late last year Italian, French and Korean was coming sometime in 2018. They haven’t said anything about it since then but I assume it’s still coming.

  • disqus_WfJxVUAZwf

    you gotta get married and then at some point your spouse will suggest that you have kids, which you can accept or decline 🙂

  • Mikenno

    Are the museums considered non-communal? It seems like that’d be something you’d want to be communal considering its difficulty and it announces when you donate, but we can’t see each other’s items.

  • Once the multiplayer update is available on switch I have to buy one for sure!

  • revive

    will vita get the items from 1.3? i know that the vita is “dead” and all but it would be super nice if it did get the stuff from 1.3

  • Im loving the update and to me the only thing that would be more interesting is for valentines day clint turns a tunnel he found into a tunnel of love just to impress someone. Which would work if you help the man out.

  • Brigham Minson

    I was wondering if the coop when it comes out on console will it be cross play or will we have to wait when another update comes out

  • Christian Beach

    Can’t wait for the console release of this update!!!

  • Anton Mironov

    Really looking forward to play multiplayer on Switch with my wife, who doesn’t own a copy of the game… YET 🙂

  • The Noob 666 Lone wolf

    Awhh man how soon do you think the console version would get here

  • Brandon Wenneborg

    Thanks for your amazing hard work!!

  • Thierry Aldana

    Hi, we’ve got a lot of crashes. We start playing yesterday and my girl friends crash 2 times.. After it, we started the first event, with eggs. She crash and i crash too, we cant progress or mb without doing this event. We are using French patch to russia, maybe conflict. But you are to late to translate in french. So wake up please, make your patch or patch your coop full bug..

    • Alex Drake

      So you expect the devs to patch an unofficial patch for you? How entitled are you. Just learn english like the rest of the world

      • Thierry Aldana

        Like every country I exepected a fucking translate ☺ 1 2 years for translate its boring

    • Ikuto

      Why is it that french people are always so hesitant to learn English?
      Learning that new language will grant you more opportunities in life so you don’t really have an excuse (other than your laziness) to not make an effort to learn it.

      That and you can’t demand the devs to fix your “coop bug” since that’s something you caused yourself with your unofficial patch. If anything you should be asking the patch’s author to do something about it instead.

  • Marco Mogliani

    I’m sorry if it has already been asked, but will Switch multiplayer be also couch coop (like split screen)? Or are you going to need 2 Switch consoles?

    • Aztec

      Yeah I would also love this feature.

  • Odinn_ML

    Morning. Is it possible to get the new stuff (Items, Hats etc.) except the Multiplayer option for Nintendo Switch first. Then later the Multiplayer…. thx 😀

  • Molly Kate Toombs

    Thank you so much! Awesome updates. I’m just curious if you have a timeframe for when stardew will be available in Korean?

  • mojo86

    Is this the final update? The game is ceasing development?

  • PlexusDH

    im very excited for this update i hope that the ps4 xbox 1 versions come out soon

  • Christoffyw

    It is September 1st. Any news on the update for console.

  • MinecraftMan-RobloxBoy

    remember when this was supposed to come out late 2017???

  • Baaye Fevens

    I know the PSVita won’t be getting the multiplayer, but will we be getting the other 1.3 content like Secret Notes and the Night Market?

  • Allusin

    I know this has been an older topic… but are you going to release new updates in the future for any new bachelors/ bachelorettes?

  • Jordan Jennings

    I heard that CA wasn’t going to develop the game anymore after this. Is there any truth to this? Say it isn’t so!

  • Luca Gianantoni

    Italian language ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Robert Snow

    Italian for console please: I know that the translation was done by some Italian guy for PC with an unofficial patch. Use this good translation for other systems please!!!

  • Susan Lynch

    I was woundering when all these updates and new things come to the ps4 stardew i love the game but would like to see more for the console one.

  • Mack Doggs

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  • Angelo Nerazzurro

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  • Laporsha Ford

    When does Switch get the update? We’re waiting

  • I’m loving the update! Thank you so much for all of this. I’d like to suggest that someday we get to interact more with our cat or dog (it’d be awesome to ‘customize’ them too!), maybe train them. And perhaps, get to visit another town or land. I love the diversity in this game, so, it’d be nice to have a transgender character in it (me being a transwoman myself). I still think the best in this game is the lovely storylines we get to live and to know. Also I loved this game at start and continue to love it! Greets from Brazil. ❤

  • batmansfoe

    Just wanted to say, Mr. Ape, that my buddies and I have been waiting many years before your game was even released to play it together, and we’ve been having an absolute blast finally playing it together these past few weeks. Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, and congratulations on creating such a beautiful game!

  • Joe



  • Tim

    how can I update?

  • Yev

    Hi, I’ve been trying to play with my friend but whenever we start up our freshly hosted farm we manage to play for about… two minutes? Before a crash. It usually happens when I open map, but it also just happens a short amount into the game. Does anyone have any solution to this…? Thank you !

  • The Regulator

    Awaiting the PS4 release daily , still disappointed everyday. Making more money releasing on mobile and switch for new customers to play but won’t update the existing platforms to the same level , kinda sad

  • Mary

    I’m in year 3 (playing on Nintendo switch) and all my tools, except watering can have vanished. How do I fix it : (

  • David Manduca

    So months later nothing, i bought a friend stardew to play with, now he doesn’t even have it cause its been so long, i check every week and no news… Obvious PC favoritism lol it doesn’t take 4 months to add multiplayer on Xbox just ask Xbox and they could help, but i guess being lazy and telling half truths is fine nowadays, but thank you for taking an extra 20 for nothing in return friend didn’t even play by himself as he was expecting a better cooler harvest moon, not a slightly better 2D one

  • Pokefreak19

    When will the multiplayer patch be released on Xbox?

  • Antonio Abath

    I’m hoping we could get a release date for when 1.3 comes to xbox soon

  • Violet Snow

    Would u please make an update 4 the children u can adopt or have where they grow in 2 teenagers or adults please, I love ur game but having a toddler 4 the rest of the game is a little boring.

  • Stunt

    When is the co-op coming to ps4?

  • Tommy Phan

    I’m still waiting on console.

  • Liela Winter

    Now I guess I have to just wait for ps4 multiplayer it will be so long til them. Kind of sucks but I’m excited for everyone else tho!!

  • Susan Lynch

    Still no new up date for ps4 kind of a let down as i like the game but console users dont get all the stuff like pc users

  • T Thibault

    If one of my Farmhands is married to a NPC, and I play that farm solo between co-op sessions does their relationship with their spouse (well, any NPC really, but most importantly) degrade at the usual rate?

    I have a farm I play with my spawn when they visit, but would like to progress solo too, without staring over.

    (Great game, btw. Totally addicted)

  • T Thibault

    If one of my Farmhands is married to a NPC, and I play that farm solo between co-op sessions does their relationship with their spouse (well, any NPC really, but most importantly) degrade at the usual rate?

    I have a farm I play with my spawn when they visit, but would like to progress solo too, without staring over.

    Love the game, btw!

  • Will the Xbox Version ever get an update again?

  • slygercero

    is there gonna be crossplatform play soon?

  • iancruse

    The game came out 3 years ago and still no decent update for xbox users. My time in Portia comes out tomorrow, so no more waiting for your update.

  • Kylmatthew Martinez

    I want Multiplayer On android

  • Yeesa Kurosky (Amber)

    when is xbox getting multiplayer i cant find new articles anywhere

  • erinmeddaugh

    So my stardew didn’t update and I can’t find any way to make it update anyone have a thought? it is the pc version from GoG