PS VITA release date!

Hi everyone,

Perhaps the most common questions I get asked is, “When is Stardew Valley coming to PS Vita?”

Well, the time has finally come for me to answer…

Stardew Valley will be coming to PS Vita on May 22nd!

It will be cross-buy, so you’ll only need to purchase one copy to play on both your PlayStation 4 and your PS Vita. This also means those of you who already own the game on PlayStation 4 will now be able to download the PS Vita version too!

Stardew Valley on-the-go is a lot of fun, so I’m very excited to bring it to a great portable console like the PS Vita!

I look forward to hearing about your experiences in Stardew Valley.


  • supernet2

    I truly cannot believe this. Im excited to see this happen

    • Mateusz MikoÅ‚aj Łucyk

      ConcernedApe said Vita WILL not get multiplayer update.

      • supernet2

        thanks for telling me. That’s pretty sad. Guess my Vita’s will stay packed away

      • Sorites

        I can live with no multiplayer, but what about future single player content? Are there plans to update the vita version with those?

      • Kikix

        Really? Oh no :/

  • misato

    This is awesome! Will it have also cross-save?

  • KamikazeCarl

    Awesome news! Will definitely be picking this up on launch day since I already have the PS4 version.

  • JuVu

    Does the release date cover both US and EU? Also, is the Vita version compatible with Vita TV?


    Wow fantastic. Thank You so Much for the cross buy !

  • zakaria sfenjeh

    It’s like a dream come true. Thanks a lot. I know it wasn’t the easiest port.

  • EdgY

    Please return the game to the Russian ps store

    • Dantenerosas

      Double this. But mb they’ve removed it for a bit to add cross-buy and etc. Let’s hope for the better, mate

  • gemzxoxo

    What about those of us who purchased the PS4 physical copy? How do we cross-save? Will we get a physical version for Vita down the road?

  • Gon Gontijo

    Passando aqui só para agradecer esse port. Comprei o jogo semana passada, pensando em jogar ele no PS Vita. Vocês são demais!!!

  • Emmy Farrell

    This made my day, I can’t belive its coming so soon! Definitely going to buy it day one, i love the vita

  • MG_Salad

    I will be buying this game for my Vita, because the Vita is amazing, has people on it who want to play relaxing games such as this, and OLED is perfect for sprite-based games such as this. Thank you so much! Long live Vita, down with Switch! (just kidding!)

  • Dönermann

    Oh my, in 8 days already?! Good bye real life it is, then! Got 8 days to declare my official retiral from real life, gotta hurry!

  • Samuel Márquez

    Hi Guys, first of all, love this game, already have it on Steam, and I´m thinking on getting it for Switch and PS4/PSVita (yeah, I´m that crazy…). I was wondering one thing, I know if you have the game on your PS4 you can get it for Vita, but does that count for the physical version? I guess the way cross play works is through the PSN Account and if you buy it on PSN, that purchase is link to the account…but what about the physical copy?

    • Salvatore Crisci

      excellent question! Anyone have news on this?

  • Jeremy

    Silly question, any way to make the cross-buy work with a physical version on ps4? It would be really cool.

    • TEM


  • saintfighteraqua

    This is so amazing!!! I still play my Vita and I’ve been looking forward to this some time now. I really appreciate you finishing the port!

  • oemeriol

    I got this game already for the Switch and waiting for multiplayer :/

  • Sylvain Beaudoin

    I am truly excited to buy the game on its release date


    Just Digital? no physical release?

  • Rashad Iqbal

    oh man i and super excited to play it on the go.

  • John Rico

    Will there a be Japanese language option like on steam?

  • buburkentang

    Please release it on psn store reg 3 asia, i beg on you Eric 🙁 i really wait for this game release on Vita, and may 22th is my Birthday, this my best bday present ever 🙂

  • ouzobat

    THE END IS NIGH oh, look, my tulips are growing

  • And if the cross-buy wasn’t enough, you can alos get it slightly cheaper by using the funds on the PSN Wallet here: http://bit.ly/2jZ13Ro instead of using directly your card to pay it. Can’t wait to see the Switch version too.

  • Emrah Engin

    Will turkish language support come?

  • Souru Hantā

    Will this available for asia region too please?

  • Banarok

    i’m kind of curious about the file size, mine is quite limited.

  • Bruno Buzzati

    Vita release BEFORE french update??? That was already boring, now it s more..

  • Ricardo Ono

    Anyone knows if there gonna be Portuguese or Spanish options?

  • punny

    Will there be a retail Version? I hope so. I would have bought it on Switch but since there is no Retail i wont.

  • SweetPeaArt

    Will it at least have the 1.3 updates NOT with multi-player?

  • Sam

    make it available on phone pls !

  • Ardy Safian

    Great news!
    Any chance of it coming to Asia Region (R3) for Playstation?

    • punny

      PS4 is region Free. And if it gets a Retail Relese for Vita then that Version will be Region free as well.

      • Ardy Safian

        Thx for replying, I wanna cross-buy it on the ps4 so i can play it on the Vita. But its not available on Asian PS Store:(

        • punny

          Well you always have at least the Option for Remote Play. Sure the real Vita version would be better, but at least you can play it that way on the Vita.

        • buburkentang

          Yeah me too, i have 3 region on my ps4 but my vita region is reg 3 i’m so sad until now i don’t find stardew on store reg 3 🙁

  • styferion

    asia region pleaaseee, even the digital PS4 version still not available in Asia PS Store yet.

    • punny

      you could at least get the Physical Version for PS4. Its Region Free

      • raven_wrish

        from where? Import it ? LOL that will be way too expensive

    • Null I am

      Russian store has the same problem. 🙁

  • pamellka

    Awesome news! Just what I was waiting for! Will it be crossplatform play for MP or can I only play with people on Vita/PS4?

  • Master Kia

    Is vita version can using character mod?

  • TheRaven81

    Will Stardew Valley ever be on 3DS? Even if it was New 3DS only? A lot of indie games are making the move to the 3DS eShop. SteamWorld Dig 1 and 2, Shovel Knight… I’d think that if they can make it on there, so can Stardew Valley.

    • punny

      would be nice.

    • Erica

      I would love that, especially since I don’t own a Vita, and it would be cool if it was cross buy with the Switch. And added multiplayer too, but I might be asking for too much. XD

  • suzu★

    Asia PlayStation Store please!!

  • Dienne

    I bought Stardew Valley as soon as it was released on PC and played the hell out of it, now I’ll get it again for my Vita. Thank you so much!

  • Zak Martell

    But where’s my multiplayer on console!?!?

  • Bray Hutter

    This is really cool but when will we see multiplayer?

  • ad 2025costello

    when will we see it on X-box, or is it already out, email me the response at [email protected].

    • punny

      Yes there is an XBox One Version of this Game out already.

  • ad 2025costello

    if anyone knows please answer
    thx 😀

  • Skyla Doragono

    Will the cross-buy work if you own a physical copy of the game for PS4?

  • Lt. Ulquiorra

    Nice! Buying this since i have a vita at hand. I will buy the Switch version when i get one in the next few months then download my copy at steam when i build a new PC. :3

  • Aaron Rhodes

    Is it going through be cross save as well ?

  • CobwebbyArgos

    Will the multiplayer be cross-compatible? If so, it would be amazing!

  • Ray Price

    Japan PS Store release too?

  • John Peanut

    hello , I have the physical disc for PS4 , will i get the ps vita for free once released tomorrow ?

  • Joshua Pleshka

    Just a question about development: Could we get a Event for the Wedding anniversary with our spouses? like specific events for each bachelor and bachelorette. so for example, you wake up, and Penny says “i can’t believe its been (# of years) years since we got married” , or you go into town and she is chatting with someone about the event. its just a idea i think would be cool to impliment

  • Derp Derpson

    Okay, this is cool, but can we get more lives for Junimo Kart?
    It NEEDS the extra lives back, before I could beat it but now it is impossible…

  • buburkentang

    Please release it on psn reg 3 asia, i wait and request this game release on vita…after long wait till this game finally release on vita, still i can’t play it because my vita id is reg 3 asia and stardew don’t be appear on store reg 3 🙁

  • joni AnakJalanan

    been waiting since the announcement… Andddd………. no stardew valley vita for asia region (reg 3) kinda sad….

  • Ah shoot! I have the physical collector edition for the PS4. I have been dying to play it on the Vita though..

    • Dönermann

      In the EU PSN it is on sale at the moment (till 24th or so)

  • Yvonne

    Great News, buuuut… today is May 22nd and it isnt in the german vita store :((( will it be available later this day?

  • Cylux

    Where is it in the store 🙁

  • Iancovici Dragan

    Where is the game ? No EU release ? :/

  • Mal Clarke

    Nothing on the store right now. Is this going to be available today?

  • Null I am

    Stardew valley is still out of Russian ps store. 🙁
    Can you do something with it?

    • Dantenerosas

      Double that. I was so excited to play it on my Vita but it’s still not there for both PS4 and Vita(((((((

  • chris asberry

    Wow right when I look when its coming its today.

  • Sokris23

    I not see ps vita version in European Store!!

    • Jarcsme

      I am searching for hours at the European-PSVita-Store (Germany). It doesen‘t appear!

  • Iancovici Dragan

    Where is the game for EU accounts ?!?!?!

  • What about the ones who bought the physical PS4 version?

  • Jarcsme

    I‘ve read that in the comments in the EU-store:
    steam-hearted22 May, 2018 @ 17:101
    “VITA owners in Europe: The VITA launch is pushed back in Playstation Europe until the 24th because it’s currently on sale on PS4 until the 23rd. All other regions still launch on the 22nd. Also, reminder that existing PS4 owners get Stardew on VITA automatically due to cross-buy!”

  • Phil Lane

    If been looking all day to download to my vita but I can find it. I’m in UK,do we have to wait till it’s 12am west America before being able to download 2 my vita. I’m desperate lol

  • Dawid Konvičný

    it is available in only some countries. It can be downloaded warez, but that wont help, cause 3.67 version is required, so you need to have unhacked vita with fw atleast 3.67 with legal game copy or u must wait for hack on 3.60 or 3.65

  • Kamil Dragoon
    • John Fistikis

      “Also, reminder that existing PS4 owners get Stardew on VITA automatically due to cross-buy!” is this for physical copy as well???

      • Kamil Dragoon

        No. Only digital games has cross-buy.

        • Krukov Lovelace

          Well even those who own physical disc usual get it as well due to the the way sony has cross buy set up

  • Matthias Kästner

    When is the release for germany? its still not in the store.

  • punny

    Will there be a Retail Release?

  • disqus_JUg0qeIl4i

    Is it coming to New Zealand?

  • Frankie Sinas

    Could you please release it for Asia region as well. Thanks

  • Iceveiled

    I can’t find a way to download this for free on Vita. I own the physical PS4 version (and the steam version..yes I love this game), but it wants to charge me $15 on Vita. I’m guessing I’m screwed since I bought the physical version and not the digital version from PSN?

    If so that really sucks.

  • Milla Szymkiewicz

    Where/when will I be able to buy a physical disc copy for the PS Vita?

  • Bruno Buzzati

    French translation, freeeeeeeeeeeeeench translaaaaaation, frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrench translatioooooooooooooooooooooooooon, we need the french translation.
    This is my new song called ” what we just need is the french translation”

  • buburkentang

    Still waiting for Stardew Valley relesed on PS Store Reg 3 Asia 🙁

  • Алексей Кириенко

    Hi! What about release in Russian Store?

  • Sopa de Caracol


  • Pakman Rockism

    I Want Download in Zone 3 Plaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Zachary

    So I have the disc of stardew valley how do I get to the free download on my vita?

  • Dantenerosas

    Still no Stardew Valley in Russian Store for both Vita and PS4(
    Please at least comment this situation

    • Mamie Laurel

      He is not commenting anything. He hide himself in a very annoying silence cause he know he will never add all that he promised 2 years ago. But for releasing the game on vita he is here…. His brother must have a vita or something like that..

      • TizCol

        Wow.. You do realize for a developer, he is actually pretty good on his updates. I’m sure as soon as he has information, he’ll release it here. So maybe you should give the guy a break because he puts a lot of work and passion into this game. It’s disappointing that you can say stuff like that when, in this very post, he is doing something very stand upish and not charging people twice for the ps vita version. It honestly makes you seem very entited.

  • Pablo Quiros

    I have a physical collector edition of the game, could get a vita version in the future? or only in digital is cross buy?

  • Noxus WYS

    Hi! What about release in Japanese Store?

  • xNYARLx

    make split screen and multi lan please and add dlc i pay i love this game. more animals and more buildings and bigger map. aaahhh and more arcade games and is good when i can buy arcade games and put to my house. please. and add cross save! ps vita-ps4 PS4-PS VITA

  • Марат Ибрагимов

    Hi, ConcernedApe! Please return the game in PS Store for Russia. Many players from Russia want to buy the game and enjoy it on their Playstation but we can’t do that.

  • Baaye Fevens

    I’ve begun getting an error message whenever I try to go to sleep and have done anything more that water my crops, give water to my dog and pat the dog. The game does not save and it then crashes. So frustrating on a game that I’ve been so eagerly anticipating. Hopefully there is a patch coming soon to fix this problem.

    • xNYARLx

      me too

  • Jake Alexander

    Please give us news about the multiplayer update for console

    • Bruno Buzzati

      It will be released soon, like in 2020, 2021. Just some years to wait

    • AlphaStrike

      Once PC is out of Beta you can look forward to console update.

  • Bruno Buzzati

    Man, ok, i can understand why you hate french people but from belgium we talk french too and it s sad that we dont have french patch cause you hate frenchies..

  • xNYARLx

    “I’ve begun getting an error message whenever I try to go to sleep and have done anything more that water my crops, give water to my dog and pat the dog. The game does not save and it then crashes. So frustrating on a game that I’ve been so eagerly anticipating. Hopefully there is a patch coming soon to fix this problem.”i have this same problem on ps vita

    • Andrew Preece

      I too am experiencing crashes just before the income calculates. I am in Fall Year 2. I think it’s failing to process a level up (specifically combat since I can get to the next day as long as I don’t battle). Hoping for a patch.

  • Katharina P

    Any news on the multiplayer for Ps4? I want to play it so bad but we want to start over together 🙁

  • ​​


    • AlphaStrike

      August 1st 😉

  • Dantenerosas

    And still 0 news about missing Stardew Valley in Russian PSN…

  • Mamie Laurel

    Last new a month ago… Nothing about vita’s bug… Still nothing about french translation.. Doing this game alone was the worst idea ever.. Before leaving a game on vita or some other dead console, please finish properly the game and include what you promised 2 years ago.. Im disgusted about this game.

    • AlphaStrike

      You do know this is the project of ONE person. Why dont you try developing a game and have it be half as good.

  • buburkentang

    I must say i really sad this game still not in psn region asia :(….NO WORRIES !!!! I FORMAT my Vita Mmc to switch my vita reg to reg 1, only to play this game!!!! Please release it on reg 3! I beg on you guys! I have a lot vita games on my reg 3, but i sacrifice it just only to play stardew…please guys release it on PSN store reg 3, and i will buy it again 🙁

  • Dominic Gilbert

    Any news on console multiplayer? I am looking for any news daily and cant find a clue anywhere. Trying to play on xbox with a grip of friends and family. Im so excited to co-op that the wait is killing me!

    • AlphaStrike

      It will be a few months after PC is finally out of Beta.

  • Philippe L.

    PLEASE RELEASE THIS FOR THE ASIA REGION PSN PLSSSSSS!!! Been waiting to play this portable using PSVita for ages!

  • abduLlah Mustafaev

    you are the creator of the game stardew valley? why are there no games in the Russian ps store on ps vita? we waited so much for when this game will be released on this console and in Russia did not release it … how should we be? (((

  • Maik Kühne

    I want to import my savefiles from ps4 to VitA put it w’ont work

    Yes, I own PS+
    No, my girlfriend bought the game on her account
    Yes, I played on my account
    Yes, I just bought it myself only to play on the Vita

    I am a little bit mad
    I love the game since a few days and was happy to hear it is playable on the Vita

    Please help me with the problem

    • AlphaStrike

      Not even sure this is possible? Don’t know if the files compatible across systems..

      • Maik Kühne

        Yeah…i start a new game already

  • Deadly Viper

    New Question: Will stardew valley ever come to 3DS?

  • MikoÅ‚aj WiÅ›niewski
    • AlphaStrike

      Just download the mods…

  • Meliodas

    When will be steam workshop?Please answer!!!

  • Francesco Gavello

    Is it possible to import save data from the PS4 version?

  • Вова Кот

    do you plan to do it for the Nintendo 3ds?

  • Sylvain Beaudoin

    Will you do some update for PS vita version

  • Becky Steele

    Hi I just downloaded Stardew Valley on my PsVita and I have a small complaint about the dialogue windows. They take up most of the screen making it nearly impossible to see the cutscene taking place. I took a photo of this problem with my phone. Sorry for the awful quality I hope you can see what I’m talking about. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/552c4c766204d8e02cc64f2e312fd557cf1c832055273d36bcf7dbea9f721e61.jpg

  • pirog

    want 3ds version so hard. is there any hope?