Job Openings

Hi everyone,

I mentioned in my last post that I’ll be forming a small team to help me continue expanding and maintaining Stardew Valley. Links to the official job postings can be found below, and I’ll update them with the new ones when they’re available:


Posted March 27th:



I appreciate everyone taking their time to apply!



  • Nick Adkins

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for any freelance creative writing postings! 🙂

  • Jmario Sierra

    Excelente, ojala que todo salga bien con la conformación del nuevo equipo de trabajo, Stardew Valley es un juego muy bueno con mucho potencial, :D. Voy a esperar con ansias cualquier novedad!.

  • Neck Flix

    I’m sorry if this is a bit unrelated. And i’m sorry If this is a bit annoying, but when’s android SDV coming up? Or are there at least any updates?

    • corszo

      no, there is no info about android… 🙁

      • Neck Flix

        I’m losing hope, I’m really willing to spend for this game

    • Wait and see

  • Mahmud Bayramov

    pls android version

    • Eva

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    • Katelyn

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      • Mark Paligar

        these comments should be removed

  • Tyler Bailey

    If y’all ever need a Civil Engineer; you know, in case Pelican Town starts to have some drainage problems, I’d be happy to jump in! 😉

  • EvieCakes

    I apologize as you probably get this alot. But when is the multiplayer update coming to console? And will there be a spilt screen option for local mulitplayer? I appreciate your hard work and absolutely love this game. I hope everything goes smoothly, please respond if you have the chance!

    • Christian Beach

      Multiplayer is already on one console – Switch (PS4 and Xbox One versions are still being worked on). There is no local multiplayer, so no split-screen. Each player will need a copy of the game and the same system to play together (no cross play between systems).

      • xNYARLx

        Switch have local multiplayer but dont have split screen

        • Christian Beach

          Split screen won’t be supported as far as the dev is concerned.

  • Terra Groenewold

    6th year programming student.
    No experience in actual game dev, just small personal projects, Canadian (I mean < 6hr drive to Seattle).
    I would do anything to get hired. And then fired shortly after he realizes I am just there to ogle.

  • KahPoh Channel

    If you don’t fine any programmer to help you make a new update, I’m don’t have any problems. If you want stop development Stardew Valley, I’m still don’t have any problems. I just only want your new game, I’m quit Stardew Valley for a years. If you make 1.4, and then you don’t find any programmer, you can finish your Stardew Valley. I’m not angry with this. Thanks.

  • MMD

    Mobile version needs gamepad support to be better played.

    Thanks for all the updates, regardless.

  • Conito

    I have been waiting for a very long time to play with my boyfriend but there is still no xbox one multiplayer because I wonder if there is already a show date for it?

    • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

      I am waiting too. It’s been forever. Starting to give up hope.

      • I wouldn’t give up hope on something like this. The dev seems to be very reliant when it comes to implementing features, but things take time, especially considering he has been a 1-man programming team for quite a while now.

  • Mistah Cheez

    if need music for any upcoming games get at me. 🙂 I can link you all of what I make m/

  • Gabriel

    O stardew varlley Android sai ese mês ?

  • Gabriel

    A versão do stardew varlley Android vai sair esse mês ???

  • Özbek A

    i cant wait turkish langue support i am waiting 5 mounth plz be quick

  • Recoil

    Dear Ape,
    I have some ideas that I think would be cool to put into stardew valley. 1. I think it would be very cool to be able to have honeymoons and so on with your wife. 2. Maybe you can make it were your kids can grow older, help you on the farm, or even leave the house to go to college when he/she is old enough. 3. Maybe like 2 or 3 new NPCs would be really cool. Although I am fine with the limit now I don’t think it would be that bad. 4. I think it would be really cool to have a birthday for my character. Since I spend all my time giving people gifts on their birthdays it would be cool to have a day for my character. I hope you read these and put them into consideration some day. Thank you for making such a wonderful game and I can’t wait for your new one. Have a good day
    – Recoil

  • Beenie Pig

    Hi Ape, I just wanted to say thank you for producing a great game :). My partner and I play it all the time! It’s got me interested in modding too. Thanks again! And I hope you achieve what you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Silas

    Just wanted to wish you a happy new year, granted a bit late, and thank you for this amazing game! Just thinking about this game makes me happy, don’t forget to stay happy too as you keep grinding out new content, a new game and all the other things you’re dreaming of. All the best!!!

  • Jeff

    Will mobile ever get multiplayer

  • Katrina M Williams

    Dear ConcernedApe,
    I hope you will consider the PS4 multiplayer for the Vita as well. Though we have a switch we prefer to play this game on the Vita as a more solid portable option.
    – Katrina

    • Christian Puddington

      Switch is the solid portable option. Vita’s dead.

      • Katrina M Williams

        Even Nintendo doesn’t consider the switch a portable console and have even made a statement admitting that the 3DS is a better portable choice. But then again everyone has their own preferences.

        • Christian Puddington

          Nintendo considers it a hybrid between being a portable and a home console. Still counts. As for the 3DS, the fact that they’ve all but abandoned it is telling that they no longer believe it to be the “better portable choice”.

          • Katrina M Williams

            Lol again this is now just getting to be a statement of opinions. The support for the 3DS is not gone just recently there was a software update. Again just because Nintendo has made a statement that it’s a “home console you can take on the go”, it doesn’t make it a solid portable console. It has many flaws from its online to it’s factory defective parts. Hopefully their mini fixes that. Their Nintendo game line is lacking but then again it’s only been out for 2 years. Nintendo let a lot of people down with their decisions with the switch and the fans and developers are suffering because of it. Anyone who says differently is kidding themselves or a blind fan.

  • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

    XBOX ONE multiplayer….PLEASE!

  • ZePenguin

    just a quick question will we ever see seasonal farm buildings??

  • Kaylin Davis

    I have been waiting for this news ever since your last post! Stardew Valley has been such a big impact in my life and is actually want convinced me to go in to game design and the technology field in general. I am new in to my degree l, I’m getting my bachelors degree in IT with emphasis on digital media art and design. I know there is no way I could get one of these first positions since I haven’t finished my degree but I hope one day I could have the amazing pleasure of working for you it is my absolute dream!! I wish you so much luck in your search and all of your endeavors and I can’t wait to see what all of this brings!!

  • I’m hoping the multiplayer update for the ps4 will include split screen option. My sister and I enjoy playing Minecraft together and would like to play this game together as well. It would also be cool if a safe or some other item would become available to store gold in.

  • OlioDiCozza

    APE I really REALLY Love your game, I use it on Ubuntu and it works peachy.
    Now I wish to play multiplayer with my friends but I have a huge problem, you can only connect through Gog Galaxy or Steam clients, but I purchased the game on Gog which has not a Linux version of Gog Galaxy and I don’t use Windows at all.
    Can you make Stardew Valley eligible for Gog Connect so I could play it on the Linux version of the Steam client with my friends please?

  • MattTheDev

    .NET Developer for a decade now – looking forward to seeing what opens up in the development realm. Will keep my eyes peeled 🙂

  • Ill be happy to help for free, learned Java & Android Development

  • Joe Earle

    I would love to join the team im very creative and a graphic designer as well lemme know if you wanna talk

  • I Drellas

    Italian version for console?

  • we r me go boom

    how fuckin hard is it to put co-op on xbox and ps4, like really dude

    • Christian Puddington

      He’s a one-man developer. Give him a break.

  • Anonymous

    Pardon the interruption, but is there any certain time soon that the Xbox will be getting multiplayer?

  • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

    Console multiplayer….please? Pretty please??

    • Christian Puddington

      It’s already on Switch. PS4 and Xbox are just taking a bit longer.

  • Mamie Laurel

    April 2019… Nothing new.. Seriously just fuck you. I dont know what i can say anymore fuck you and never make game again.

    • Eric Legacy

      Maybe you try making an entire game by yourself? The man is doing us justice. $15 for the entire game along with continued FREE updates. He has been posting about once a month to give us more information. Just be patient…and more considerate.

    • Anthony DiTomaso

      I am almost convinced you are just some troll now.

  • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

    I’m just waiting for the “Multiplayer not coming to PS4 & Xbox One” announcement. It will happen.

    • Eric Legacy

      The Xbox One and PS4 1.3 update is in QA. It is coming. Just have to be more patient. They won’t cancel it if it’s already this far in development.

  • Robert

    I am asking for a translation of the game into Polish

  • Eric Legacy

    Everyone, please be patient as they’re getting the 1.3 Multiplayer update ready for Xbox One and PS4. Should be soon. And please be patient and considerate as Ape is working on the 1.4 update. I know he’s working on it since he’s uploading internal test builds of the game on Steam. Please, please be patient and be fortunate that this man is giving us free updates to an already amazing game! What more could you ask for? 🙂

  • Mamie Laurel


    • Anthony DiTomaso

      You have problems man.

    • Christian Puddington

      Your caps lock is on.

  • Mamie Laurel

    Man just give up about developping game and all that. We are in april 2019. APRIIIIIIIL 2019 !!!!!!!!!!! APRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLL 2000 FUCKING 19 MAN!!!! YOU MUST REACT NOW. And please if you can publish a photo of your face, i need it to put on my punching ball.

    • Niklas Eriksson

      Just shut the fuck up.

    • Christian Puddington

      Upvoting your own comments aren’t going to make your little rant anymore relevant.

      Besides why on earth are you acting like such an entitled little twit? The guy is a one-man team. Do you honestly expect him to work as fast as an entire company?

  • Mamie Laurel

    Just say you lied about translations and all that at least be honest.. Well i say that but a man who steal money with false promises can hardly be honest. You must do politic man but not developping game. Please never do that again

    • Christian Puddington

      “He hasn’t done it yet so he lied about it.”

      Or he’s a one-man dev with a lot on his plate and can’t get to everyone’s every whim and fancy all at once.

  • Ryuhvn

    I like the game as it is. It’s a great game. Honestly, i wouldn’t mind paying some extra money for an extended DLC, with more areas & characters, etc. But the decision is yours truly, you have my support.

    Thanks for your game!

  • Helen Gena

    Don’t overwork yourself! Keep up the great work! I believe in you and your future team!

  • Freex

    wake up for more language on console !!! if you please

  • JD

    [email protected] isn’t currently accepting messages. Perhaps the inbox is full?

  • Gracie Kidder

    When will xbox multiplayer come out?

  • Canman893

    When will Xbox One and PS4 get multiplayer and PC’s 1.3?

  • Nadia Dawson

    is there any update on multiplayer for ps4????? anything?

  • Tambotam

    When will multiplayer come to PS4 and XBOX becouse I have been waiting for ages for it?

  • Victoria Smith

    Hello? I’m not interested in the multiplayer, I just want to be able to reset my perks so I can find all artifacts easier! Chop chop!!

  • Mamie Laurel

    3 months after the android release, still nothiiiiiiiing. Saying it is boring is an euphemism. And how can you post proudly just one image on twitter about a supposed 1.4, you should be ashamed and just shut your mouth till languages and online are on all consols. The good thing with twitter is that we can see when the post was posted. When we will be in 2020 still waiting for this ” 1.4 ” we’ll know you are just the slower developper ever..

  • Truth in Your Life

    I really like Stardew Valley, I have been playing games since the early days, and so I have a super big idea for publishers to make the game seem more realistic and interesting!
    (Perhaps you will need an interpreter)

    Menstrual Cycle – Marriage – Sustainable or Breaking
    The idea of ​​this idea is like this:
    1. When the Player celebrates a successful marriage with any Female NPC, there will be an additional Menstrual Cycle icon for the Female NPC.
    2. In one season, the day of the Menstrual Period will last 3 days – starting randomly from 1 – 26 days.
    3. Add 3 Menstrual Items including Pad (BVS), Tampon, Menstrual Cup to Clinic – and sell only on Maru’s day. “Interest” points for each Menstrual Item are 100-200 – 300 respectively. Gold prices are 1000 – 2500 – 5000 respectively.

    During the time when the wife happens to the Menstrual Cycle, the player will:
    – If Fes is available, it is not possible to join Fes.
    – Limit sleep time before 8:00 PM.
    – Gifts cannot be given to other female NPCs in the village.
    – Can’t go to Mine or Cave because you need to ensure your life and don’t worry Wife.
    – Need to give Item of Menstruation to Wife.
    …(Thinking more)

    – If it is Normal – Lucky and No Rain: The whole crop is accelerated in 3 days of Menstrual Cycle to 50%.
    – If it is Black or Rainy Day: Randomly, there will be 8 – 24 Crops killed each day corresponding to the same Irrigation Hose.
    – In “Menstrual Cycle” day, if Player does not give Item Menstrual to his wife, he will lose 1 Heart.

    When all 10 Heart are lost (ie 3 consecutive seasons do not want to buy a Tampon for your wife) will happen 90% Meet the whole village to let Player decide Divorce or Correct mistakes (10% Divorce – if The next day is Thunderstorm Rain and Un-Lucky Skullhead. Whatever choice will take 2 million Gold. If Gold is below or equal to 2 Million, it will be lost.

    End of 3 days of the Moonlight:
    – If the point of interest reaches 900, it will randomly increase by 2 <3 for any 3 villagers (Or 100 Rare Seeds).
    – If points of interest from 500 – 800 will randomly increase by 1 <3 for any 5 villagers (Or 50 Kim Cuong).
    – If the points of interest from 300-400 will be rewarded by the Wife randomly 3000 – 20,000 Gold.
    – If points of interest below 300, then lose half of the total <3 currently available.

    Of course there will be a separate conversation in the Menstrual Cycle.
    (Some other functions are currently being considered if the NPH replies – become a Game that is Real Life).

  • Catclaws

    Hi I just wanted to give some ideas for 1.4
    Maybe add a GUI to the gold clock that lets you change what can or can’t grow

    Also could you possibly add some sort of creative mode that lets you have access to every item and possibly commands (for example, /speed 10) and you unlock this mode after competing the community center/joja mart to avoid spoilers

    Just some ideas


  • Freex

    J’ai même plus envie de faire l’effort de parler anglais au vu du foutage de gueule général… aucun retour de votre part, silence radio. crotte de crotte.

  • Ariel Pires

    Hello, I’m a Brazilian fan and I play on the Playstation 4, and I was wondering if it will have multiplayer update?

  • Goku Son

    Im really excited for multi on ps4 I hate to mentin that its May now I got 3 friends who bought this fun addicting not to mention incredible game hoping to play together How long will it take i Don’t like sounding like broken record you must hear it alot but im really excied to play this beautiful gem of a game and share it together with my ps4 posse
    I also know your a one man operation but plz plz get it ready soon

    Best Game Ever

    • Duke L’orange

      Its June now

      • DeepSouthOtaku

        Its July now. starting to worry myself. any news is better than no news. At this rate Consoles are gonna get 1.3 and 1.4 released at the same time.

  • Robin

    Any updates? Please any news is better than no news.

  • Boni Boni

    And I’m still waiting when you add Polish language

  • Silver Kuldahar

    korean version for switch.. plz hurry…

  • NathanGaming

    For the next update add Craftable Fish Tanks that you can put a certain amount of fish in and watch them swim and it would add decor to your house. Then it would be cool so I can Put the 5 Legendary Fish Inside.I mean, If you make a legendary Fish collection, Shouldn’t they die in a chest? (Not to be rude but) They are LEGENDS and to collect them all you can do is let them sit in a box. They deserve more.

  • D.j. Anderson

    Alright… we were told late May for the 1.4 update. it’s now mid June…. any release date yet?

    • Christinewho

      He is doing mainly it ALL ALONE! IT sure takes longer –‘. He might not have found someone yet.

  • carlos kipple

    any updates for ps4 and xbox one ?

  • Freex

    Fuckin bullshit, this IS a jock, you are a *#*€”*#&::#*

  • Victoria Smith


    • Christinewho

      CHeck his twitter –‘

  • Bob


  • Leo Sapin

    Bon matin.
    Me not speak anglais, je speak le français, what to do?
    Je play sur la PS4.

    it smells of fir.

    • Christinewho

      speak=parler also tu connais un peu d’angalis ;p.
      Ps: Je ne sais pas pour la ps4
      Mais, je sais que sur pc la beta est sortie sur PC. Alors, je ne peux savoir.

  • Alexandre Silva

    Do you guys have a release date for ps4 multiplayer update? We’re waiting for so long.

  • Chantelle

    Just want to say thank you for all your hard work so far. I love the game and I am excited for any new content as and when it comes out. Good luck with the new team ☺️

  • Admiral SnackBar

    July 31st, still no update. Get bent.

    • Christian Puddington

      He updates his Twitter more often than he does here. Go there if you want news on what’s coming.

  • Dymond Faircloth

    When will you guys be adding some kind of expansion pack for furniture and clothing stuff for people who don’t won’t to or can’t mod there games…for instance like people on the switch. After seeing some of the cool creations stardew really needs some kind of furniture and clothing changing system!