Job Openings

Hi everyone,

I mentioned in my last post that I’ll be forming a small team to help me continue expanding and maintaining Stardew Valley. To start, I’m looking for some programmers, but I’ll be posting some more positions soon. Links to the official job postings can be found below, and I’ll update them with the new ones when they’re available:


No current postings… more coming soon!


I appreciate everyone taking their time to apply!

Thanks & Happy New Year


  • Nick Adkins

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for any freelance creative writing postings! 🙂

  • Jmario Sierra

    Excelente, ojala que todo salga bien con la conformación del nuevo equipo de trabajo, Stardew Valley es un juego muy bueno con mucho potencial, :D. Voy a esperar con ansias cualquier novedad!.

  • Neck Flix

    I’m sorry if this is a bit unrelated. And i’m sorry If this is a bit annoying, but when’s android SDV coming up? Or are there at least any updates?

    • corszo

      no, there is no info about android… 🙁

      • Neck Flix

        I’m losing hope, I’m really willing to spend for this game

  • Mahmud Bayramov

    pls android version

  • Tyler Bailey

    If y’all ever need a Civil Engineer; you know, in case Pelican Town starts to have some drainage problems, I’d be happy to jump in! 😉

  • EvieCakes

    I apologize as you probably get this alot. But when is the multiplayer update coming to console? And will there be a spilt screen option for local mulitplayer? I appreciate your hard work and absolutely love this game. I hope everything goes smoothly, please respond if you have the chance!

    • Christian Beach

      Multiplayer is already on one console – Switch (PS4 and Xbox One versions are still being worked on). There is no local multiplayer, so no split-screen. Each player will need a copy of the game and the same system to play together (no cross play between systems).

      • xNYARLx

        Switch have local multiplayer but dont have split screen

        • Christian Beach

          Split screen won’t be supported as far as the dev is concerned.

  • Terra Groenewold

    6th year programming student.
    No experience in actual game dev, just small personal projects, Canadian (I mean < 6hr drive to Seattle).
    I would do anything to get hired. And then fired shortly after he realizes I am just there to ogle.

  • KahPoh Channel

    If you don’t fine any programmer to help you make a new update, I’m don’t have any problems. If you want stop development Stardew Valley, I’m still don’t have any problems. I just only want your new game, I’m quit Stardew Valley for a years. If you make 1.4, and then you don’t find any programmer, you can finish your Stardew Valley. I’m not angry with this. Thanks.

  • MMD

    Mobile version needs gamepad support to be better played.

    Thanks for all the updates, regardless.

  • Conito

    I have been waiting for a very long time to play with my boyfriend but there is still no xbox one multiplayer because I wonder if there is already a show date for it?

    • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

      I am waiting too. It’s been forever. Starting to give up hope.

      • I wouldn’t give up hope on something like this. The dev seems to be very reliant when it comes to implementing features, but things take time, especially considering he has been a 1-man programming team for quite a while now.

  • Mistah Cheez

    if need music for any upcoming games get at me. 🙂 I can link you all of what I make m/

  • Gabriel

    O stardew varlley Android sai ese mês ?

  • Gabriel

    A versão do stardew varlley Android vai sair esse mês ???

  • Özbek A

    i cant wait turkish langue support i am waiting 5 mounth plz be quick

  • Recoil

    Dear Ape,
    I have some ideas that I think would be cool to put into stardew valley. 1. I think it would be very cool to be able to have honeymoons and so on with your wife. 2. Maybe you can make it were your kids can grow older, help you on the farm, or even leave the house to go to college when he/she is old enough. 3. Maybe like 2 or 3 new NPCs would be really cool. Although I am fine with the limit now I don’t think it would be that bad. 4. I think it would be really cool to have a birthday for my character. Since I spend all my time giving people gifts on their birthdays it would be cool to have a day for my character. I hope you read these and put them into consideration some day. Thank you for making such a wonderful game and I can’t wait for your new one. Have a good day
    – Recoil

  • Beenie Pig

    Hi Ape, I just wanted to say thank you for producing a great game :). My partner and I play it all the time! It’s got me interested in modding too. Thanks again! And I hope you achieve what you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Silas

    Just wanted to wish you a happy new year, granted a bit late, and thank you for this amazing game! Just thinking about this game makes me happy, don’t forget to stay happy too as you keep grinding out new content, a new game and all the other things you’re dreaming of. All the best!!!

  • Jeff

    Will mobile ever get multiplayer

  • Katrina M Williams

    Dear ConcernedApe,
    I hope you will consider the PS4 multiplayer for the Vita as well. Though we have a switch we prefer to play this game on the Vita as a more solid portable option.
    – Katrina

  • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

    XBOX ONE multiplayer….PLEASE!

  • ZePenguin

    just a quick question will we ever see seasonal farm buildings??

  • Kaylin Davis

    I have been waiting for this news ever since your last post! Stardew Valley has been such a big impact in my life and is actually want convinced me to go in to game design and the technology field in general. I am new in to my degree l, I’m getting my bachelors degree in IT with emphasis on digital media art and design. I know there is no way I could get one of these first positions since I haven’t finished my degree but I hope one day I could have the amazing pleasure of working for you it is my absolute dream!! I wish you so much luck in your search and all of your endeavors and I can’t wait to see what all of this brings!!

  • I’m hoping the multiplayer update for the ps4 will include split screen option. My sister and I enjoy playing Minecraft together and would like to play this game together as well. It would also be cool if a safe or some other item would become available to store gold in.

  • OlioDiCozza

    APE I really REALLY Love your game, I use it on Ubuntu and it works peachy.
    Now I wish to play multiplayer with my friends but I have a huge problem, you can only connect through Gog Galaxy or Steam clients, but I purchased the game on Gog which has not a Linux version of Gog Galaxy and I don’t use Windows at all.
    Can you make Stardew Valley eligible for Gog Connect so I could play it on the Linux version of the Steam client with my friends please?

  • MattTheDev

    .NET Developer for a decade now – looking forward to seeing what opens up in the development realm. Will keep my eyes peeled 🙂

  • Ill be happy to help for free, learned Java & Android Development

  • Joe Earle

    I would love to join the team im very creative and a graphic designer as well lemme know if you wanna talk