1.4.2 Bug-Fix Patch on PC

Hi everyone,

A new patch is now available (1.4.2) to fix some more bugs in the recent content update:

(Some spoilers below)

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue where the Crane Game would crash on load on Mac builds.
– Fixed workbenches not pulling items from chests that are on rugs.
– Fixed an issue where Robin would stay in bed if she was upgrading certain buildings on game load.
– Reverted placement rules introduced in 1.4.1 which prevented players for creating flooring or torches on their Spouse’s porch tiles. Instead, Spouses will now ignore flooring and will “pop off” any torches that are placed in those tiles when they move there in the morning.
– Fixed a bug where buying a magic rock candy, exiting to title, and then re-loading the game would cause the candy to not re-appear in the shop.
– Fixed a crash when mashing the dialogue advance buttons while transitioning between maps during an event.
– Fixed another way the club smash could cause the player to get “stuck” holding out a weapon.
– Resolved some issues where non-user initiated mouse movements could cause changes in mouse button states to not register.
– Fixed a potential soft-lock that would occur if you passed out on another player’s bed.
– Fixed a problem where the screen would be partially faded out when Demetrius comes to ask you about the farm cave.
– Clicking the Emoji menu toggle button on gamepad no longer shows onscreen keyboard.
– Adjusted rumble on third party controllers. This may not fully solve issues on certain third party controllers, but will at least prevent states where the rumble is stuck on.
– Fixed an issue where characters would greet you via speech bubble even if they weren’t in the same location (for instance, Elliot welcoming you into his shack, even though he is standing at the beach)
– Disabled being able to perform certain actions (like using a Return Scepter) during overnight farm events.
– Farmers who are knocked out while holding an item will now properly animate the knocked out animation.
– Fixed an issue where the tool being upgraded at Clint’s could be set to an invalid value, causing Lewis to incorrectly send you a set of tools every night.

If you’re still experiencing any issues after this patch, please post details of the issue in the pinned 1.4 thread on the subreddit, or email [email protected]

Thanks for playing!