Update on 1.1 progress


I’d like to give you a little update on what I’ve been up to. As you may know, I’ve been working on version 1.1 (a more substantial content update) for quite some time now. It’s taking longer than I had hoped, for a few reasons. For one, I am working on the update entirely on my own. That’s the way I made the rest of the game, it’s how I like to work, and I think it would be a bad idea to change it at this point. Secondly, I have post-release “maintenance” duties that take time away from pure development. This includes writing emails, working on business stuff, trying to maintain a social media presence, doing interviews, and more.

However, to be entirely honest… the main reason the update is taking so long is that I was feeling very burnt out for a while recently, and my productivity went way down. Stardew Valley has consumed nearly every waking moment of my life for almost five years now, and I think my brain demanded some time away from it. I had taken a very small break (a few days) a couple months after launch, but it wasn’t enough. I know I said I felt refreshed, but I was lying to myself. I should have just committed to a longer break. Rather, I spent the last couple of months dilly-dallying, playing video games all day, surfing the web, and feeling guilty about the trivial amount of real work I was doing.

In truth, I’ve always had ups and downs, periods of intense productivity and energy followed by periods of low motivation. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. This time around did seem a little worse than usual, but I reminded myself that with the success of Stardew Valley, my life got very weird very suddenly. It’s probably normal to need some time to adjust. I’m not even sure if this recent funk was due to the sudden success, to my own volatile brain chemistry or simply a result of working too hard for too long without a break. Sometimes I forget that I am actually a human with the need to relax and have a little fun.

Whatever the cause, the good news is that I am now very productive again. I’ve accomplished more in the past week than I have in the previous few months, and I feel my usual level of energy and motivation. I am feeling very optimistic about the future.

Why am I telling you all this? I don’t even know, I just want to, it’s my style. I want to let you know that I’m still here and still at work, but I don’t want to craft some kind of story to fool people into supporting me. I want to tell you the truth and let you form your own opinion. Anyway, thank you for reading my message.


Here’s where I’m at on version 1.1:

Shane’s marriage stuff is completely finished.
Emily is 80% finished. I am working on her now and making rapid progress.
New farm buildings
A new upgrade option for your house
Ability to move buildings
New items and crops
More spouse behaviors

Still planning on doing:
Something I’m not ready to reveal yet, but will add more replay value to the game
more buildings
some more character events for non-marriage NPC’s
more bug fixes



When will this be released? I’m not sure. I made a lot of estimates during the pre-release development of Stardew Valley and was always wildly off, so I’ve learned not to do that anymore. All I can say is that the update will be ready as soon as it possibly can be, and while I want to release it soon, I won’t compromise on quality to make that happen. As always, thanks for your patience.

In other news:

I am going to have a little booth at PAX West this year. If you’re going, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Multiplayer, console versions, and localizations are all in active development.
Thanks for reading!

  • Space Blizzard

    Take as much time as you need, Ape! You deserve a break 🙂

    • Hefee

      YEAH!!! (can he release multiplayer first tho)

      • Eric Files

        I agree take your time BUUUUUUT… Lets get the Multiplayer gig out! Been wanting to play with some friends!!!

        • mafi

          Multi its work for Chuclefish, go to hurry to get them.

      • mafi

        Multi its work for Chuclefish…

      • Lee

        I hope to god you’re joking

      • dylan brown

        He isn’t adding multiplayer himself – since it’s a technical thing not a ‘creative, new stuff thing’ he has chucklefish – his publisher developing that themselves. Check in their forums for progress on it.

    • Klintt

      ^ this. Take as much time as you need. 🙂

  • Anthony Warstorm

    Good to hear everything is going well, thanks for the update! Take whatever time is needed for the update, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  • Bless

    Thank you for your honesty, it’s so refreshing after the excuses some companies come up with. I know the feeling of burnout all too well and wanted to second everyone saying take as long as you need. This game is amazing and while we all look forward to it becoming even more so, that’s not something worth sacrificing the quality you have created or your own health to get finished before its time. Thanks again for all your hard work making such a wonderful game.

    • melissa brooks

      Agreed, 100%. It’s uncommon to see such a sweet, sincere update. Take your time, Ape. You’ve done an amazing job already.

    • Charlotte

      Remember when This Is The Police got delayed because the publisher forgot to hit the button? Whew, that was a doozy. I’m plenty pleased with how often Stardew Valley dishes out information for us, /especially/ considering that CA is one guy who’s got more success on his plate than he admits he expected!

      • Zael

        But not more success than *we* expected. 😉

  • Leonideez

    Just FYI, your not the only one that goes through ups and downs like that. Pretty much everybody does.

    • Hower Nightingale

      i think hes aware of that.
      and as a result its his good right to take a break, like pretty muche veryone can.

  • Estrella Mendez M

    Take your time, we are patient dont worry

  • Erin

    Take your time dude. I’m glad you’re finally feeling back up to it.

    Can’t wait for the next update.

  • RKade8583

    I play ADOM. I know how Thomas Biskup. You’re moving quick, Ape.

  • Kitten✨

    Don’t feel guilty about needing a break. You’re a one man show. It’s part of the reason we love this game so much. I’m really excited for the next update, but it’s all in due time. Make sure you take care of yourself!

  • Sebastian Salinas

    Take your time 😀 I know I’m hyped as hell and have already spent 200 hours on this marvelous game, but you are a human being and you deserve a to rest 🙂

  • Take breaks when you need to! Or else no one can continue your development if something happens to you! 😀

  • Glad you are doing better, CA! Take your time, your health and mental well-being matter more than a game update. Also, that Shane image is breaking my heart.

  • TGSword

    Thanks for the update! I hope that you have enough time to refresh yourself. Now I’m feeling HYPED! ^^

  • Dorothy Booher

    please take a SUPER long and nice vacation, take care of yourself! There is nothing more important than your happiness, absolutely nothing. I’ve played your wonderful game for SO SO SO many hours but i would not trade another moment more for your health and happiness. Thank you for making the game as it it already. Any update is just a tiny bonus.

    • DynastyStar

      Not that its a big deal, but he did take a huge vacation before work on 1.1

      • Zael

        “huge” – if he took a year off, I still wouldn’t consider that “huge”, taking into account all he’s done – completely alone!

        • DynastyStar

          Huge as in a few months.

  • MusicalTiger87

    Take as much time as you need to! The update will definitely be worth the wait! I’m super excited! The longer it takes, the better it becomes. That’s usually the case with most things.

  • Mimi

    That’s okay and all a part of any creative process, don’t worry about any players that might rush you, never try to meet the standards of anyone that would have you push out content that was incomplete or that wasn’t acceptable to you. You should always go at your own pace, you have many loyal fans that will wait because we support you and it hasn’t been that long it’s not like we’re waiting for one bug fix that is insignificant enough to only take a few minutes to get ready. I’ve learned that if you feel burnt out doing something whether you enjoy it or not if you have a chance to step back and clear your head you should take it.

    Do take your time it’ll be fine waiting. …though it’s easy to admire you for just telling the truth nothing to feel guilty over it’ll come when it’s ready and it’ll been ready when you say so. 🙂

  • Vibhu Rishi

    So refreshing to read such a frank blog on the ups and downs of work and productivity. Game on Ape!

  • Mary Katherine

    Thanks for the update!! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Stardew Valley!! <3 <3 c:

  • Nicolas Caminoa

    As someone who is waiting for the Co-op mode to come before playing the game, im really glad you make this kind of thing, really, thanks a lot, and it’s totally fine for you to relax after all the amount of work you’ve done the last five years. As long as you do this kind of thing, you can take a year if it is necessary, after all, you’re suposed to work when you’re inspired, otherwise, the product will not be the same, so for the sake of the game and your own good, take as many breaks a you need :)!

  • Less

    You know we’ll always love you CA! Of course you need to take breaks! It’s healthy to get your mind off of work and when you let yourself focus solely on something without a break burnouts are natural. No one’s blaming you for being human.

    That said, I’m glad you’re feeling motivated again, and can’t wait to see more from you. Take care!

  • Jeremy Meadors

    I already feel as though I got more than I paid for with this game so anything else you add to it is just extra value so take your time and have some fun.

  • Exp

    I just want you to know that I love you dearly.

  • radquaza

    You’ve done so much and given us such a great game already, and did it all on your own! Feel free to take as long as you need!

  • neutralbrick

    Ape, take as much time as you need tbh. As a person who works alone on a lot of projects myself, I understand the burn out and such and you deserve to not rush and be stressed out by this kind of stuff. Many of us appreciate the work your doing and are excited to see it, but we’ve wait this long and we can wait longer if we have to. Keep up the great work!

  • I know it has been said a lot here already but noone is gonna be mad at you if you take your time and get some breaks if you feel worn out

    We’d rather have the game 1-2 months later than you getting burnt out 🙂

  • Dan Nusdeo

    This game is brilliant as is, and I’ve gotten my money’s worth tenfold. Anything extra you do for the game is just icing on the cake. Take your time!

  • clairvoyantPastry

    awww, CA ): *hugs* thank you for your honesty and always take care of yourself. game comes after life, not before. you’re right that it’s a lot of adjusting, so don’t be ashamed of that.

    thank you for the update and i’m REALLY excited!

  • Almost A Person

    That’s awesome that you’re so real! I feel the same way about productivity! If you ever want to take a break and hang out with a fan in the Seattle area, let me know!

  • Freewheeler

    Like everyone else has said, take all the time you need. The game was amazing from the release and the support you’ve given it has put a number of larger companies to shame. I think we can stand to be patient when you need a break. :p

  • Trần Thái Nguyên

    I don’t mind waiting. DS is still my favorite. You deserve a break sir

  • HimochiIsAwesome

    Look after yourself!!! Self care is important!
    Don’t follow Shane’s bad example there… pfft.

  • Markmid

    That’s how I work. I’m 36 and i’ve always been the same. Its been a nightmare for careers, or long periods beyond 6 months of anything. I have almost obsessive bursts of concentration where I am the most productive and creative person around, then one day its just dead or gone. I’ll be like that for a month give or take, on anything, even recreation. I use it as an excuse to try something new and try to remind myself that moods will pass eventually.

  • Eric Fägerholt

    Considering that you are all on your own in developing this masterpiece of a game, I think most people are more than willing to forgive you for taking a break.

    I love comparing Stardew Valley with Pokemon Go and its development team, and responsible staff etc with you.

    You are alone. They’re what now… 20-50 employees? And you are way better in everything, development, communcation with your fans etc.

    Seriously, you are a genius, and have true development skills, not to mention a humble personality. Kudos to you, sir.

    • Miguel

      “I think most people are more than willing to forgive you for taking a break.”

      When I read that, my immediate thought was, “I’m really sure there are folks out there who honestly believe that “forgiving” CA for taking a break is an example in generosity,” and I’m already bracing myself for the hostile impatience that will likely come as time passes.

      I wish gamers understood that a developer who’s taking a break isn’t doing anything wrong, and there is nothing for us to “forgive” or “let slide”. A lot of us feel entitled to constant (and fast) content updates as part of the service we purchased by buying the game, but that’s not how it works. For critical bug fixes, I can see the argument, but for content updates, and especially for free ones (not that I agree with the paid DLC model but that’s another conversation), we are not entitled to them, they’re being graciously provided to us, and we should all see it as such.

      • PeachBlossomTea

        hey now, calm down. pretty sure they did not mean it the way you apparently took it.

        i mean, i TOTALLY agree with you; most gamers nowadays are entitled little shitdicks who need to be slapped upside the face with a ps3 (which i am pretty sure still holds the title of heaviest console). srsly though, this was probably just an instance of poorly worded sentiment.

        • Miguel

          I thought I’d made it evident in the first paragraph, but I wasn’t criticising Eric’s comment, just adding to it. I even upvoted Eric to make it clear it wasn’t meant as criticism, but just an addition. You see, knowing the gaming community well, I fully expect certain folks to whom the shoe fits to see this page and glance through the comments, and I reasoned mentioning this particular issue and why that attitude is wrong might prompt a few of them to check themselves.

          • Eric Fägerholt

            I really appreciate both of your inputs and feel like they’re adding to my original post. 🙂 Very good and thoughtful reasoning, also clearly well-written,

  • Kristie N Hill

    just take care of yourself first the game comes second

  • Mlp Sugar De Light

    uhh looks like you got hooked up with shane xD

  • Laudelau

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and progress. I hope you get a looong break soon, before another huge patch. 🙂

  • tamereenshort

    It doesn’t matter how long it takes. We’ll all be here regardless of how long it takes. You’re doing amazing work. Take some time to rest.

  • jenifo

    Thanks so much! You are awesome! Plus its good to take a break every now and then. YOU DESERVE IT! You worked so hard to make an amazing game!

  • Vreneli

    First of all thank you for beeing honest. I’m sure it’s tempting to make excuses but by beeing honest people will see that you’re also just a human being and that this is hard work and that you also do need a break from time to time. That makes you just more likeable. And seeing how much love and detail you put into stardew valley I’m sure you are already very likeable.
    I think I know a little how you feel. I went through something similar about a year ago and I can only say: As much as I’m looking forward to the Update, please don’t burn yourself out! Listen to the warning signs your body gives you and take a break when you need it. You said yourself that you weren’t productive when you felt bad. So have some fun and when your more motivated you can continue working on the game. And if it gets really bad please go see a therapist. Don’t think it’s normal when you feel bad and can’t seem to find motivation to do anything. It’s not normal. So get help 🙂
    Also: you’ve done really great work on this game so far and I can only begin to imagine how hard it must have been to do this all by yourself. Thank you for making this great game!
    I’m very excited about the Update. Take all the time you need to make the new content just as great and filled with love as the rest of the game. I’m sure it will be worth waiting for 🙂

  • Darkest Storm

    I’m so glad to hear that you are finally feeling better after being drained of energy, you posted this at practically a perfect time because a flame war was going on at steam about when you would update! Its also nice to know that you do sincerely care about the Stardew Valley Community. Just remeber to take all the time you need and don’t over do it! <3

  • Nicole Patton

    Thanks for working so hard!!!

  • Borodin

    You might want to consider taking a week off every couple of months. It’s very refreshing for creative work, in ways that aren’t entirely obvious.

    Also: please allow the kitchen to hold more items, so the ingredients page shows all the recipes you can make based on everything you’ve got in stock. 😉

  • DeColumna Vanessa

    This is the first and only game I have ever bought on steam. The amount of detail in this little world is mind-boggling. Thank you so much for sharing this creation with the world.

  • CC

    Thank you so much for the update and i’ll tell you a little something. I have the same issue on overworking myself to the point where the stress was actually was starting to become a health hazard. It’s really important to take many breaks and even when you need to get something done and you are not up for it it’s really important to take those breaks. What i’m saying is to not overwork yourself. This community can patiently wait for your update so take all the breaks you need because you’ve worked really hard over the five years! Thank you so much for being honest and hope for more content in the future.

  • yamina_chan

    Everyone needs a break now and again from work. Even fun work is still work.
    good to hear that you’re feeling motivated again, but we will also
    happily wait for as long as things take. I am sure everyone would rather
    have you be happy with a result that you share then have a rushed one
    that could use improving.
    Best wishes to you and thank you for your honest words and the update on things.

  • logan

    take all the time you need you deserve it after making such a great whole game

  • Johnny Steele

    Your honesty is so refreshing, keep doing your thing, you are my all-time favorite dev.

  • thesassysassafras

    I can’t wait to come by your booth at PAX! I love this game and I love your honesty and communication with your playerbase. That is one of the biggest reasons that I keep coming back to the game, other than the fantastic time that I have playing it. Take some breaks once in awhile! We understand that you, as the sole developer, need some time to recoup and regroup. I think you should take some more time!

  • moo

    I’d rather have a quality update than a rushed update, so take just as much time as you need 🙂

  • David

    Man do what you have to do. Making a game and creating content for it solo is a huge undertaking. What you describe is being human. You are awesome!

  • Awkwardnoob

    As much as I want that update, your health and stuff is far more important. You’re an honest and respectable person, so I’m willing to wait as long as necessary!

  • yumberry

    Oh my god, I’m so excited for the Shane romance option! He’s become my best friend by accident but now I love him. (Tbh you could release Shane’s romance all on it’s own and I’d probably cry from joy.)

    But also take all the time you need. As someone who likes to write and draw, I know that feeling where you think any time you’re not making progress is time wasted, but you don’t want to push yourself if you feel burnt out. Then you could end up hating what you do. That’s happened to me before.

  • Simmi Gaming

    The game is already awesome, got it about 3 days ago, already 25 hours of play, so don’t rush yourself, take the time that you need 🙂 can’t wait for the “move building” update though :p that’d be really convenient ^^

  • zzzzzKim

    wth, it’s not like you owe us anything. so relax and take breaks! Take a week off every month or whatever…

  • DoomZealot

    Woo! I’ve been waiting for updates! Love this dev for keeping us in the know even though he doesn’t have to. Thanks for all you do Ape!

  • Ashley Brewster

    Thank you for letting us know where you are at <3 While I'm very excited for this update (I might check every few days for news) I understand you are one person and need time both to work and to yourself. Take the time you need to make it great while also giving yourself the time you need to be healthy c:

  • Dream Feather

    Take your time! We are always supporting you 🙂

  • koinzell

    burned out….yah i can see
    hanging around with the same game for the past ever can drive a person to sickness

    take your time ape
    i have other things that can keep me busy for a year or 2
    also see you at PAX.

  • Wendolyne

    I’m glad you are honest. Take your time and rest, we’ll be here supporting you!! 🙂

  • Queen

    thank you for the update, take as much time as needed!

  • Melanie Sabiano Fowler

    We appreciate all the work you’re putting in, Ape. And take as much time as you need, your mental health is always paramount. 🙂

  • David Aked

    Someone should show Niantic “This is how you do it”. Sure, you didn’t progress the game, but you did more. You let us know. You were honest. You kept our faith in you. We know you are still dedicated to the game, even if you are feeling burnt out. Burnout sucks. So. Take time. Do this update. Take a month or 2 off. Go on a holiday! Make it a release feature of 1.1 about 1 month after release (to allow for urgent bug fixes. And you wouldn’t be able to relax if you left straight away. I don’t know a single programmer who could relax.)

  • Dr. House

    You should go traveling. I walked across the US (not to brag and maybe that’s not for you but I really recommend it) and I really enjoyed it. Got away from the grind, met people, saw sights, took it slow. Maybe a trip will do you some good. Hell you can just rent a car and go, simple as that, might learn, see, or experience something you want to add to the game, better yet maybe getting away from technology for a time will give you the drive you’re looking for? Who knows, just take it easy, and spend some of that sweet sweet dev money on you.

  • Kelsey Pilkington

    I’ve recently finished a course of CBT for depression (a huge part of which is low/no motivation and burnout) and one of the main things I took away is that it’s super important to prescribe yourself some fun once in a while to balance out the work/routine/necessary activities in your life. So don’t worry, man, you’re doing the right thing. Look after yourself, take as much time as you need, and thank you so much for making such an awesome game! <3

  • Johizzle

    Despite the amazing AAA lineup this fall, Stardew Valley is my most anticipated PS4 game in years. Keep up the great work!

  • Leonardo Oliveira Caetano

    Thank you for your honesty.
    Take as much time as you need. Stardew Valley already is a great game and I’m sure we can wait a little longer. You shouldn’t compromise neither you health or the quality of you job by putting a deadline to it.

  • colbonus

    Yes you do a real good job! take your time and be cool with yourself! we love you be safe!

  • Derp

    I came here looking for a game update, but a life update is just as good.

    • Charlotte

      It’s also a game update. Well, a gamedev progress update.

  • Niinty

    Take the time you need , you deserve to rest . Come back when you’re ready, rested and happy!

  • gilational

    Look man, relax, play the game you created, and not just for testing.

  • NuclearPig

    take as long as you need

  • Miguel

    This is looking sweet and promising, and I know you’ll make something we’ll all love and cherish, since that’s what you do. 🙂 But please don’t burn yourself out trying to rush this update. I know the pressure is real, but I think by now your player base has realised that patience is necessary, and it pays off.

    Keep taking care of yourself, your body and your brain, those are more important than anything else. Take time off, make changes, do whatever you need to do. Some will be arrogant and demand quick results, but you shouldn’t pay heed to them, if possible. Your own needs come first, and the quality of the game comes second. The time it takes should be rather low on the list of priorities, honestly.

  • Gabrielle Vaughn

    Thanks for sharing your progress and your feelings with us. I hope you’re well, and thank you for such a fun game! I look forward to the update. 🙂

  • Atlas

    I will say something here that I am sure many have said. Take your time! You have created a true masterpiece and you should not feel any pressure to release anything before it is ready. Productivity will always have its ups and downs and no matter what, we all will support you throughout!

  • Josh Pactor

    Speaking as a developer on a large software project, my biggest recommendation is to get and stick with a software planning and work tracking platform, like TFS or Jira. Since you’re a team of one, you don’t have to go for a full Scrum task management system, but even if you just stick with a Kanban-style tracking board of “To Do”, “In Progress”, “Blocked”, and “Done” and use sticky-notes on a whiteboard to track work, you’ll help yourself immensely.

  • TheTortoiseshellTwitch

    You’ve done fantastically. I had no idea that this game was created by you alone, but as you stated, it would not feel the same if you started working with colleagues this far into the production of the new update. Take as much time as you need, because by scrolling down these comments, it’s clear that you’d still have supporters even if the new update wasn’t released for ten years! Stay positive, stay productive, and above all; stay happy on your own terms!! 😀

  • Daria SzymaÅ„ska

    Take your time 🙂

  • Azpra

    One of the best game i have played in years. If the update needs time, then i’ll wait. Thank you for creating a game like this, and i really hope that you can take some time off ! Be more free to think, and making the game better ! And a big thank you to be such a honest person, who communicates and tells us the truth. IF more developpers were like you, the video games would be more Awesome !

    Congrat’s ! Thank You ! Keep doign such a great job ! You made me happy, and I intent to follow your future directions !

    Sorry for bad english, it is not my native langage =)

  • João Rafael R. Reato

    Thanks man, i love your work. Still a little mad with my spouse in the game, but we are starting to understand each other, i stopped playing the game as soon as my char marry, don’t know why….. I think i fear making important decisions and all depends on me all the time, i feel responsibility to honor the people that believe in me and i want o give the best of myself, it’s sad that i can’t always be the best of myself…. I agree, maybe i need some rest. I am anxious and curious about the multiplayer game and i hope that you have the idea of making an fishing boat dungeon and more machinery. Or maybe this will lost the game feel, it’s your game anyway. 🙂
    Just focus on your work without forgetting about your human side… nice thing to say.

    • João Rafael R. Reato

      Maybe the problem is that i don’t trust her. I make an effort to make her feel safe about my emotions and i am very complex in this and i demand from her the same complexity and i found some holes in her behavior, maybe because she’s not complex as me or she’s not loyal as me or even maybe because is an game but i feel identified by the little town and some past relations i have. I don’t how to say, just thanks for making this game. He have a very good vibe and deserves respect.

  • Mustache Bud

    I like your honesty I’m waiting on this update befor i begin playing the game again since i’ve had my eye on Emily the whole time, but i feel like the game kinda hinted at her being into girls and thats why you weren’t able to mary her. anyway Keep it up brother.

  • Jade Wills

    Thanks for updating us! Glad you are feelings better!

  • Christina Pinto

    We appreciate all the hard work you have put into stardew valley ,take all the time you need ! Thank you for creating such a wonderful game , this game has filled my harvest moon heart 🙂

  • BleebwinskeeBz

    It’s honestly just amazing what one man can do. Ive known developers to make incredible fan made games alone and having to abandon it because they made no money from it, and one described coding and spriting his own game as “a ball and chain shackled to my leg.” What you are carefully weaving together is a timeless game. Timeless is the word; just like animal crossing, 2001 gamecube. the music, personalities of the towns folk and the play value of a game such as this is what will live on in the minds of so many. I enjoy your game very much and there is no rush. I see you finding much fortune down the road with such dedication to one project. I should know, ive been doing 1 project for 6 years on and off. Our souls need rest at times. Anyway, I hope you read this and take heart to the greatness you are creating, step by step. 🙂 It must have been one hell of a personal experience when you realized just how much publicity or attention your game is grabbing. Very surreal.

  • Vandersputen

    When i bought Stardew Valley it quickly became one of my favorite games ever. full stop. and that’s because you followed YOUR dream and did what YOU wanted to do in a way that suited YOU. i wouldn’t want you to update you game in any other way, so take your time and make this update great.

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    Then I get another letter

    I cannot put the notion away

    Take a break

    I am on my way

    There’s a little surprise before supper and it cannot wait

    I’ll be there in just a minute, save my plate

    Alexander (okay, okay)

    Your son is nine years old today

    He has something he’d like to say

    He’s been practicing all day

    Philip, take it away

    Daddy, daddy, look

    My name is Philip

    I am a poet, I wrote this poem jus to show it

    And I just turned nine

    You can write rhymes but you can’t write mine

    I practice French and play piano with my mother

    I have a sister, but I want a little brother (okay)

    My daddy’s trying to start America’s bank

    Un deux trois quatre cinq (bravo)

    Take a break

    Hey, our kid is pretty great

    Run away with us for the summer, let’s go upstate

    Eliza, I’ve got so much on my plate

    We can all go stay with my father

    There’s a lake I know (I know)

    In a nearby park (I’d love to go)

    You and I can go when the night gets dark

    I will try to get away

    My dearest Alexander

    You must get through to Jefferson

    Sit down with him and compromise

    Don’t stop ’til you agree

    Your favourite older sister

    Angelica, reminds you

    There’s someone in your corner all the way across the sea

    In a letter I received from you two weeks ago

    I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase

    It changed the meaning, did you intend this

    One stroke and you’ve consumed my waking days, it says

    My dearest Angelica

    With a comma after dearest, you’ve written

    My dearest, Angelica

    Anyway, all this to say

    I’m coming home this summer at my sister’s invitation

    I’ll be there with your family if you make your way upstate

    I know you’re very busy I know your work’s important

    But I’m crossing the ocean and I just can’t wait

    You won’t be an ocean away

    You will only be a moment away

    Alexander, come downstairs, Angelica’s arriving today



    The Schuyler sisters



    It’s good to see your face

    Angelica, tell this man John Adams spends the summer with his family

    Angelica, tell my wife John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway

    You’re not joining us, wait

    I’m afraid I cannot join you upstate

    Alexander, I came all this way

    She came all this way (all this way, take a break)

    You know I have to get my plan through Congress

    Run away with us for the summer let’s go upstate

    I lose my job if I don’t get my plan through Congress

    We can all go stay with our father

    There’s a lake I know (I know I’ll miss you face)

    (In a nearby park) (screw your courage to the sticking place)

    You and I can go (Eliza’s right)

    Take a break and get away

    Run away with us for the summer (let’s go upstate)

    Where we can stay (we can all go stay with our father)

    If you take your time (look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now)

    You will make your mark

    Close your eyes and dream

    When the night gets dark

    Take a break

    I have to get my plan through Congress

    I can’t stop until I get this plan through Congress

  • Everyone has it’s ups and downs! It is really hard to get yourself motivated to do things when you feel like you didn’t had a good break.

    Take your time, relax a lot, and bring it on whenever you are ready! We will be waiting 🙂

  • Nickds7

    Hey Ape, I’ve been going through the lack of motivation thing lately and it is inspiring to hear that all you needed was a reset to feel back at it!

  • Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik

    What you’re experiencing is completely understandable and natural though, and you’re not alone about experiencing this. For example, Rimworlds dev, Tynan, took several months long vacation before releasing his game to steam; before the vacation he wasn’t even sure he would work on the game beyond that, but the vacation helped him get over that burn. Just make sure if you do take a vacation that it won’t be whatever you do when you procrastinate, you need to do something new that will loosen up your mind from the old a bit.

  • Rawbotninja

    Thanks a lot for keeping us updated! No worries, I’m sure all of us know the amount of work and time involved can be quite exhausting. Glad to hear you’re doing well and back at it again. I look forward to the new Updates! Have a nice day, Ape! =D and fantastic work by the way.

  • Fantist

    Just look at Terraria to see how releasing several sizable content updates over a few years helped their sales. This 1.1 update sounds like it has the quantity and quality to do the same thing for your game. Be sure to release a 1.1 trailer ahead of time and fans of the game will hype and help spread the word. That and it will get your game on the front page of Steam for each update, also helping boost sales. I have 600 hours in Terraria, a $15 game. It is literally the best value for my money of anything I’ve bought ever. Maybe after 1.1 you can take another, longer break. Then perhaps release one or two small updates. Something like a couple of new crops and a new piece of furniture or a new in game event. Then when you’re ready have a sizable 1.2 update.

    Never underestimate the value and joy content updates add to your game.

  • TombaQuze

    Thank you -Ape bringing us this phenomenon, immersive, lively hood and heart warming game that i almost never felt for for so many years to dwell in. I understand solo development can be time and specially moral consuming, take the time you need for breathes. Do hope you’ll keep supporting the game developments and possible content expansions over the time. <3 ya :3

  • Popuri

    So excited, and thanks for the ongoing and insane amount of work you put into this game. No doubt your output gets maxed out, even “normal” high productivity or energy levels have to be part of a bigger picture of ebb at some point. Ride the lows too, don’t worry about us!

  • mana

    i don’t wanna sound selfish but if we could maybe get stuff in smaller patches? ive put off finishing my stardew stream cause i went after shane x.x i love this game and really want to finish it! take your time to do things right :3 but maybe relese stuff in smaller patchs? that might help your load and keep people glued to (as a good friend calls it because of its addictive nature) crackvally :3

  • Dylan

    I do modding for Legend of Grimrock II on the side as a hobby. Sometimes I have weeks or even months where I am excited and having a blast being creative. I also have weeks where I’d rather play some video games and get some inspiration. It comes and goes, don’t feel guilty. Art can’t be rushed. The work you have done has been very inspiring for me. I hope to learn some programing and pixel art as a side hobby and make an Escape Velocity type game someday. Thanks for sharing!

  • XjjazzcattX

    thanks for the progress update but also just a little question are we ever going to have a birthday as the mc?? btw my birthday the same as caroline

  • Alien_Ariel

    Be sure to take all the time you need; quality work can’t be forced. This update has me so excited because Shane was always my favorite, but the game is already amazing to begin with. Thank you and take care of yourself! 🙂

  • MVT

    I’ve been loving this game since I started playing a couple of weeks ago (or 50 hours ago, according to Steam). It’s not just a farming game, but a game about a community. I’m sure that each of your NPC characters is well-developed, which makes Stardew Valley different from the usual sandbox game. Working on coding is one thing — and difficult enough, but working on characters is quite another. I can easily believe that Emily would take time. What’s her back story? How did she and Haley turn out so different? And what about poor Clint, who has a crush on her? If my character marries Emily, how is Clint going to feel? I can easily understand why you might be suffering from burnout.
    In the academic world, there’s the concept of a sabbatical — after 7 years, you get a year off (or used to; these days you have to keep working to get tenure). So take a sabbatical — travel for a few months, go camping, move to a small town and start making friends there…you get the picture.

  • MrsTreach

    Your game is amazing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it thus far, but every second that is spent away from it and instead used to see to your own personal needs and desires is important! I’m happy that you’ve managed to find your drive again, but attending to your own well-being should always be the highest priority. Take all the time you need, whenever you need it, we’re not going anywhere. We all believe in you, Ape, keep being awesome!

  • Leon Campos

    Thank you for these words, I’ll be waiting patiently until I can marry Shane haha <3

  • Winnie

    We all have times when we don’t want to work :p All I want to say is: good stuffs are always worth waiting. Take your time, relax when you need, and remember to get enough rest.

  • Denal Llope

    will there ever be a android version?

    • Martynas Gudaitis

      I think no…
      Game 2 big 4 little android

  • Arthur Almeida

    I love Stardew valley, however I can not understand all the dialogues. translation portuques Brazil plz

  • Catti

    Yo real talk I just want to post this here. I was going to be so judgmental of your game but after playing it i just sucked in. As much as I’d love to see the next update come out please just work at a slow pace.
    Be the tortoise not a rabbit.

  • ahduy

    Thanks for your hard work, Ape! You can always take a break, just keep us updated with news frequently, I’m really happy when you post 😀

  • Erse Ivirke

    Take as long as you want. We aren’t rushing you and I stopped playing because I heard of Emily being eligible. I said I’d stop but that I did not do. Hope to see more great stuff from the game and I’m pretty sure I speak on behalf of everyone by saying Don’t rush it at all and take your time. It doesn’t matter how long because we trust your work.

  • Jason Chmielewski

    Will Shane and Emily’s recipes be obtainable through other methods once they become marriage candidates? I’d hate to tick off my girlfriend/spouse by showering them with gifts just to get their recipes.

  • hwat

    Glad to hear there are more buildings coming out! I feel more ways to customize and decorate your farm would add a lot to the game as it gets kind of slow once you’re all set up. I’d also love to see more fleshed out children, who grow to at least kids with their own character art and interactions rather than basically just being pet toddlers….those are the main things I’d like to see anyways. Anyhow I’m excited for the update, thanks for the continuing communication!

  • Pedro Augusto

    Man i’m follow your work at last and need say,if i’m in your place would do de same, fuck it off, in the last 5 years you worked hard to produce a quality game based in harvest moon style, and man you got it, you made it, you sold thousands of copies, why you just don’t go for las vegas, hawai, sweden, go waste all your money in some who make you fell good, dont be silly, felt accomplished about your work because you already finished him.
    Minors bugs, always gonna exist, futures schedule maintenances you can do this semesterly, man you are the boss here, you command your life.
    Sorry about poor english, i’m brazilian and we speak portuguese 🙂

  • Lori

    Shut up and take my money! Er… I mean…

    Post release blues are pretty common. You’ve spent the last several years working on a goal and now… that goal is gone. You almost feel like you have lost something. Please don’t worry too much about it. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the content update. :D.

  • Martynas Gudaitis

    Ape, we understand…
    We all need a brake once in a while…
    I love stardew valley it has been a good experiance, and will be aswell…
    And a little bug i have experianced that you may want to fix is the baby just gliching and then double sprouce glich needs to be fixed… I dont need 2 Leahs… And then the items gliching out in the house walls… And last is that we cant place wallpaper on the small walls… Thanks and take a brake and continue being awesome.
    -Some Guy
    Sorry for the grammar, im not english…

  • Thanks for being honest with us! Breaks are a great thing, and you definetely deserve one. I’m excited for the update though, whenever it’s ready 🙂

  • Charlotte Ward

    I’ll admit, these last months I’ve been >.< at the lack of update, but after reading this I'm ;_; I love you for making this game, and I forgot you were human, too! Being burnt out is a real thing for us geniuses. Glad you're feeling back to normal, still can't wait for the update.

  • Aertes

    Thank you for beeing so honest: take as much time as you need and work only when you’re really motivated. As my part, I can only say that you’ve done a really good work, I love your game!! 🙂 (sorry for the bad english…)

  • tselmorrah

    Breaks and self-care are super important. Not to mention that no one complains when a novelist does a bunch of reading and stuff and calls it research. So you have totally been doing research.

  • Benjamin Sandberg

    Dude you’ve earned yourself some personal time. Seriously the base game is so uniformly wonderful and compelling already that anybody who is mad at you for needing some personal time is a self entitled jerk. I’ve put 60 hours into your game and enjoyed every second. When your new updates come out I’m sure I will play it again. If it ever comes to a handheld I will probably play it again but I don’t care when it happens or if it happens. You delivered on the money I spent and more. Plus I can relate to going through periods of low productivity and high productivity. I’ve been there. I go into a slump at least once per year and there is no practical reason for it, some of us are just wired that way. The key is that we pick ourselves out of it eventually and it looks like you have recently. Keep it up Ape, you’ve done something great! Don’t ever forget that.

  • Dodo

    Ape, you dont understand how much this game actually helped me during a difficult time. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful game. I just wanted you to know you made a difference at least in my life. Take all the time you need. I am so excited to see what you will bring to life next 🙂

    • Galopa WXY

      I love reading these things about video games, thank you for sharing <3

  • Iggi Daugherty

    <3<3<3 As an aspiring game dev, I know the feel, Ape. Good luck and I'm sending u posi vibes.

  • Abiatha Neo

    I really appreciate this update as I had been wondering what’s been happening since May (in a hopeful way, not a frustrated way). I thought perhaps you were spending time on a new project, which would have been completely understandable, given the time you must have spent making Stardew. Sometimes we forget that human beings make games – they don’t just appear out of the ether. We are soft machines that need some downtime. Thank you for letting us know what’s going on and for your sincerity, and thank you so much for Stardew. I had never played a game like it before – its truly wonderful and exceptional and made me think differently about things in real life. So please take as much time as you need : )

  • Kori Margrethe Selnes

    Good to finally hear some news from you again! Totally understandable that you need breaks, making a game is not an easy task! Keep up the good work!
    I’ve been eagerly waiting for the option to move buildings though, since I built my stable in a very unconvenient place. :p But since you’re putting all your time and energy to bring us so much new stuff, I won’t complain. 🙂

  • Samantha Anderson
  • Samantha Anderson
  • DynastyStar

    I appreciate the communication! Looking forward to 1.1

  • Sherrie Ricketts

    Thanks for the honesty. Take care of yourself first. I have plenty of things to keep me busy in the meantime. I’ll be checking in occasionally. Okay, maybe almost daily. But I can be patient. 🙂

  • croaltic

    In what language and environment the game was written?

  • Blackmage

    It’s cool as long you are enjoying your Stardew Valley project and not forcing yourself for our sake only since we all know that it’s pointless to continue a project that you don’t find fun anymore. Take your time as you need and don’t rush things. I will be looking forward to the next update and Emily haha! I gotta say this game is really making me happy, which I haven’t been in a long while, so I thank you very much for making this game. 😀

  • Ghost Monkey

    I would wait for years if that’s what it took for you to feel up to adding new content to this game. And even if I hadn’t played it continuously in that time, I have no doubt I’d pick it right back up and fall in love with it all over again. In fact you could add no more content ever, and I’d still be happy, because this game you made is that good as it is. … also mods ;))) So no pressure, right?

  • 6xLord

    Stardew Valley is amazing and my game of the year for sure, hard to believe you did all that on your own! Take all the time you need, no need to burn yourself out over it. I am looking forward to marrying Shane, but I’d rather wait longer than have a rushed product or a suffering creator ^^ Thank you for making this amazing game!

  • Charlene Allen

    I’m playing your game since it came out and i love it. You dont need to feel guilty or apologize. What you’re doing is awesome. I know that problem myself. So its totally right what your doing. Just take your time =) (i’m sorry for any mistakes. my english is not perfect^^)

  • Dante Mitchell

    Ape, you don’t owe any explanations to anyone, while yes it is understandable and appreciated. You have created an outstanding game on your own that topped steam charts and has garnered much and well deserved attention, I followed the production of this game for so long. Back when you were still posting about the mines and putting elevators in them and talking about the mechanics of that. You deserve nothing but respect and understanding. You’re one person, and you laid out the truth, and that sets you above any game company in my book. Mad respect.

    Keep up the outstanding work at your pace dude!

  • Maks Fearless

    Thank you for your honesty.
    Many players are waiting for – a co-operative mode and multiplayer. Release them as soon as possible, if possible faster. Good luck to you in development.

    • Drib Xaler

      well….it’s not like he works in multiplayer….just to tell ya….

  • yukovalis

    Just please remember not to baby us by tutorials or anything. You didn’t before, which I appreciate greatly. Some of the best things in a game are those that you figure out for yourself. 🙂

  • little doll

    Love you Ape!! Thank you for the amazing game and take care of yourself! Your health is more important than the update! ❤️

  • Number13teen

    I always look forward to these updates, even if the game is already out, no matter how trivial. It displays some presence which is appreciated : )

  • 豊崎関

    I never really comment on stuff, but this deserves it.
    I bought Stardew Valley as soon as it came out, and i play it every time i need a change of pace in my life, or more like i feel like i’ll play it that way.
    Harvest moon was the same for me, i kept playing it since its release all the way until i found out about Stardew Valley coming out.
    You made a masterpiece i know me and many other people will keep playing for years and years, and adding more content is just simply amazing. Take your time, enjoy life and remember you’re the reason many many people are happy.

  • M.Rival Setiawan

    can”t wait for the next update bro,, Meh just take your time you deserve it, we always be your Supporter bro, iand i have the thing that i think this is will be great , can you make stardew valley on ANDROID or IOS i know that will be great i think i will be addicted to it, okay thats all, thank you for your attention bro!! keep the GOOD WORK!!

  • Ксения Острецова

    Thanks for your work! And honesty. You are very talented and diligent people. Keep going in the same direction, and all will be well!

  • Erilis000

    My advice, take a long break–maybe a month–and when you do you should visit some place you’ve never been before. See nature, see history, and enjoy your time alone and away. We’ll be here when you get back. Well Wishes.

  • Erilis000

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful game with us and for being so genuine. I’m really enjoying the game so far. I just got a chicken coop and found the purple shorts so it’s going well.

  • Jake

    Ape you know we’ve been here for you from the beginning. Take whatever time you need man. You’ve made an amazing game, and it’s only going to get better with the love and care that you put into it. None of us are worried about you taking some “me” time. You deserve it after all these years. I don’t think I’ve ever sat here and thought “Man, what an ass. Just slacking off and not working”. You brought back a chunk of my childhood. Do you and work on taking care of yourself. Work on this thing when you feel good. The little masterpiece you’ve created deserves it, and so do you.

  • Halfion Malast

    Take your time, CA. We would all rather have a well done, well put together update rather than a poorly done farce of an update like some games do. And if you are doing this solo, then that is all the more reason to take your time. Burning out on a project is probably what kills games more than anything else I have seen as an avid gamer.

    Plus, my wife will be ecstatic when it is done.

  • Juan Muller

    Yes man, just take your time and relax. At least I’ll be here whem you finish.

  • Adam Pedersen II

    I needed to hear about this so badly. I have been dying for news on stardew valley since no man’s sky was a bust(Steam failing to tell me about this bit of news). Glad to hear you have gotten back.

  • Cassandra

    I’m super excited for an update! By all means, take all the time that you need! No rush at all!

    I know exactly what you mean by periods of ‘shit gets DONE’ and ‘shit ain’t getting done.’ Good days when you just complete tasks without a thought. Other days even the little things feel like pulling teeth. Like someone else mentioned, Stardew has been an immense help for me this year, too. I can zone out for a while to give my anxious brain a break, and not worry that I need to be producing or creating anything of my own (I write, draw, and make jewelry so there’s always something to do.) The game is still actiony enough that I feel busy. My Stardew time really saves me some days. 🙂

  • Emma Hult

    This game to THE BEST! I cannot stop playing! Love it and keep up the AWESOME work. Can’t wait for more content

  • Bartimeaus

    Thank you for your update Ape. I have never seen a better developer than you. You communicate with the community regularly and keep us updated. I would gladly buy any game you make, no questions asked. I can relate to feeling burnt out and less motivated for certain amounts of time and i think that you deserve a good break from all this. Thank you for updating us.

  • Sassy Finger Snap

    I know you’re busting your butt to get this going! Don’t burn yourself out, let the love and patience from your fans fuel you!

    Sorry. <3

  • Ali

    Add one more “game is amazing/we appreciate you so much/take all the time you need” to the pile. THANK YOU!

  • I’ll be honest, I’ve actually vowed NOT to play again until this update launches.
    But, that doesn’t mean I’m upset at how long we’re waiting for it.
    One of my favorite games of all time, and this long wait just ensures that it’ll be like picking it up for the first time all over again.

    I haven’t played in a LONG time because I had to replace my computer awhile back and didn’t want to replay almost 3 years in game years.
    Hurt to lose all that progress tho. Good bye Elliot– you would probably end up being dumped for Shane anyway.

    • XjjazzcattX

      true every ones on the Shane train

  • Azayki

    I am so excited for this release! Keep up the amazing work and me and the rest of your fans will be patiently waiting <3

  • August Pro

    Great game, best for me. Waiting for localizations.

  • Wladimir Cardenas

    Glad you’re feeling good man and u need a break. But first i’ll be great if u finish the upgrade cause i really want to play it (completely selfish reason), but must important if that the moment u finish it u can completely relax and take a break without worrying on came back to finish the upgrade. But with all honesty take the time that u need and if u can’t keep it up just take a break man, like you said you are a human and need to have some fun.

  • Kyung Taek Kim

    Hi if there is a co-op, is it possible to marry the person you are playing with as well? That would be amazing, just saying. Please do it.

  • Mitchell Lord

    Dude, making a post like this is a GREAT idea. Letting us understand why it takes so long, what hte progress is, etc…can be the difference between someone purchasing the game, and not. (In this case…made me want to buy now!)

    NOT doing this is what’s made No Man’s Sky so infamous…

  • ShinyBlueThing

    Creative burnout suuuuuucks. it’s something I am VERY familiar with. I am glad to see you are feeling better and making progress, now.

  • Galopa WXY

    Move buildings?? If this is ready just release it RIGHT NOW :DDD
    More seriously. I just bought the game and I’m falling back into my childhood playing N64 simulators on my computer with Harvest Moon – spent so much time on this – your game feels like an improved awesome modern version of it and I’m loving every hour I pour into the game <3

  • Cole Pram

    Just want to thank you for the Linux version of this. Game works great and I’m really enjoying it.

    My only request at the moment would be, I hope at some point I can turn wheat into flour and grow rice myself. I want to make all of the sushi.

  • dylan brown

    Thanks for the progress report 🙂 I’m looking forward to starting a new play-through once 1.1 arrives. Very much looking forward to all the extra spouse interactions – I felt it was originally a bit of a shame there wasn’t much new that happened between you and your chosen partner once you had married them.

    Looking forward to all the other new stuff as well ofcourse.

    p.s –

    How about a harem option lol?

  • Matt R

    I’m So mcfricken excited for the shane romance u have NO idea

  • Tricia McMillan

    I’ll be so happy to come by and say hi at PAX!

  • Metaluna

    All these posts making me misty eyed. Ape, treat yo self!!!!

  • Badrulnizam Kamalruzzaman

    just for suggestion. since every wife/husband have different routine once the player get married, why dont we we have divorce. so that we can get married with other woman/man… divorce and get married again 🙂 that will be fun…… hehe i mean we can try each character to become our wife/husband…. peace

    • Azayki

      Make a new game. I don’t think divorce is something he wants to support.

  • I hugely admire your honesty and hard work. Feeling burnt out isn’t something we should be ashamed of: it happens to so many people, all the time. I think it’s a great achievement for you to admit that you needed some time off. Keep up the good work!

    • On a personal note: this game has helped me a lot to unwind the last days. I’m a bit burnt out myself and living on a virtual farm is something that appears to be working 😉

  • NicoLe Osborne

    Shane traaaain! o0o

  • pinkcatmint

    You have done such a fabulous job on this game! Take all the time you need. Please don’t get burned out. I know you are busy, but is there any way you could incorporate some of the more popular mods into the game? It would be amazing to be able to adjust the time speed from the menu, and I’d love to have the option to buy different breeds of animals, have different pets, choose different building colors, and a basement to store all of my maker machines would be awesome. 😀 Some of the mod developers have come up with some really great stuff.

  • David

    I just don’t get it, indie developers work in such small groups, like your the only guy working on this game. Its attracted great success and thats wonderful and i am happy for you. But as a professional why not admit to yourself “Man this game has blown up, I don’t think i’m going to be able to keep up with this new born success, i should take some of that money that i’m making and hire a guy to help me work on this game so that i can keep this train going”. And don’t tell me you cant afford it you’ve made BANK off of this game. But instead you leave your fan base in squaller because you cant take the work load or pressure. I know its your game and you have all creative rights for it. But realize that this game has sold over 28,000 units and 5000 people are playing at anytime, you’re not the only person invested in this game anymore, thousands of people are. IDK man just my rant, it makes sense to me the games development is moving at a snails pace.

  • Adrienne Elfrink

    I wish for more pets like a black cat or birds.

  • Kendra Silva

    Thanks so much for the update and all the work you’re still putting into this already amazing game! Its always nice to get an idea of where folks are in the process. Thanks for letting us know you haven’t forgotten about us! Take the time you need to do what you need to do, friend. We’ll be here whenever its ready!

  • mryan150

    Hey man, take your time. You achieved something massive, and it’s time to put yourself first.

  • Nguyá»…n Ngọc Toàn

    I think game should have 1 more craft recipe about stop time for anyone who want stay longer in mine

  • Metatron

    Get back to work Slave!

  • Sweet Jesus, just found out this game was made by just one person.

    That is a mammoth task! Keep trucking.

  • Napsta_Tale

    Stardew valley is the best game ever

  • theGreatBren

    You’re one of the developers I look up to.