Stardew Valley now available for Mac & Linux!


The Steam build should update right away with Mac and Linux compatibility, with a direct download through GOG to follow in a couple of days!

Multiplayer, version 1.1, console ports and localization are all still in the works and I’ll update everyone as soon as more info is available.

Big thank you to everyone who helped test these builds before launch!

  • ALG Bass


    • ALG Bass

      Yay first! Can’t wait till 1.1!

      • Cracker Gamer

        nobody can!!!

        • RedstonekPL


  • Jonatha Alves

    When you are going out the update?

  • thank you!! ^_^

  • Jennifer

    Will I be able to continue my PC game on Mac or will I have to start over?

    • Archie

      I think the saves are local, so I don’t think that’s possible with out movibg the save files from PC to mac

    • Cracker Gamer

      u can just go to %appdata% enter in stardew valley file, enter in saves and there will be your saves 🙂

      • Jennifer

        thank you!!

      • cisco

        do you know where to find the save files on the mac version? I can’t seem to find them

    • Cracker Gamer

      you will be able to pass them through usb maybe or through other way if you want to

  • Pietro Caminiti


  • Brandon Wenneborg

    1.1 Hype! 🙂 Love this game!

  • 陳紀航

    Would localization include traditional chinese?

  • I’ve been keeping this site as my homepage on my mac and phone for the past week waiting for this. Woohoo!

  • Stephanie de Oliveira

    Yessssss <3 <3 <3

  • RatherNot

    Aww Yeah! I’ll definitely pick this up once it’s on GoG 🙂

    Thank you for supporting Linux!

    • Beavillain

      It’s out on GoG! Ahem, I might’ve been checking every five minutes or so. Hope GoG gets future updates too! Thanks, ConcernedApe!

  • Eirik k

    The game crashes after exiting house on day 3, no errors just closes. Any logs I can check? Os: Gallium (xubuntu)

  • Paul

    Awesome! I’ve been playing (legally) with some sort of wine-wrapper, not entirely sure how it works, but I notice it never updates my Steam account with the ‘time played’. Thanks for supporting Mac 🙂

  • Rowan Dunn

    Really enjoying the game so far, im on my third year and still learning so much that i maybe should of looked into and found out on the first or second year but oh well! Im looking forward to multiplayer coming out…. Im hoping that it means you can marry and have children with the other player? I would love to play this is my fiancè. Im also looking forward to shane being a marriage candidate however im still uncertain who i want to marry! I love the look of abigail, i feel like i want to save penny… But i dont want to adopt…. I do like the look of shane and sebastian though…. So much to decide i may end up replaying the game like 4+ times!!

  • 21h54

    Huge thanks!

  • David Ledermann

    No GOG yet?
    noooooo…. should have bought it on steam then

    • Brendan Orr

      I think, like Humble, there takes a bit of manual intervention on the part of GOG. Give it a couple more days.

  • Chip

    Finally! Bought it first thing when I woke up and have been playing on and off since. Thank you from a happy mac user!

  • Rhuantavan

    Goodbye productivity…

  • Ed Brannin

    Is there any chance for saves to transfer between Windows & Mac with Steam Cloud?

    • I don’t know what the save location is for Mac, but on Linux it’s ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves/

      If you copy your saves from Windows, it works.

      • Ed Brannin

        Thanks! It’s the same place on Mac.

  • Anna Leticia

    I really want to be able to play with my friends <3

  • Graem

    Cool. The girlfriend can play on her Mac, now.

  • Adam Pilc

    |Keep up good work! <3

  • InverseTelecine

    Thank you so much for thinking of us SteamOS/Linux gamers! I’ve wanted to play your game for what seems like forever, but shelling out $80+ for Windows just for games has always been a bad deal. Your Linux port has made my week!

  • 신성화

    I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong but I’ve got SV via steam, it says it’s installed, I have the desktop shortcut and everything. If I click play within Steam, or go via the shortcut, it shows the “preparing to launch” popup from Steam, but then…nothing. Not in my task manager, not in the dock, nowhere to be seen once that box disappears. Any ideas on what’s wrong? i was so excited 🙁

    • Moriah

      Go into the source files and run it by the bin (assuming linux here) the .exe is still packaged in the files so my guess is steam is trying to open the exe instead. I added a shortcut in my steam library to the bin file and it works fine now

      • 신성화

        oh god I can’t believe I was a noob enough to not specify I’m on mac. I’ll see if there’s something similar tho, thanks.
        I’ve used it from the same steam account on a different (slightly better) mac but same OS version and it’s worked fine so I’m starting to wonder if it’s a hardware issue. I grew up with windows so I have no idea how to find any deep files on a mac

  • Curtis Mitchell

    This game was worth the wait ConcernedApe. Very happy Mac gamer right now!

  • MrScrublord

    What is the GOG release date for Linux version?

  • DarkNoctis Deathofevilbear


  • Сергей

    Game just “running” on Ubuntu 15.10 and nothing!
    So sad…
    Terminal says that i should use SDL 2.0.5 or higher when official sdl web site says that 2.0.4 is last release version…meh

  • Sirtaj

    Really pleased that the port to Linux is finally here – even though the game works fairly well under Wine already it’s nice to have a good port with better performance and stability.

    I have an odd problem with the Linux version though. The hotbar (tool selection) won’t stop scrolling incessantly. I’ve tried everything – unplugging all my input devices and controllers, removing all configuration etc. But nothing’s worked so far. I’m not even sure where to start looking. I’ve checked elsewhere via xev and there’s nothing sending input events to the window.

    Anyone else having this problem, or have idea what might be causing this? I’m on Mint 17, equivalent to Ubuntu 14.x with an AMD 7850.

  • Yaviel

    Thank you, we’re all looking forward to multiplayer and version 1.1! I was wondering something; I feel so bad for Clint (with his unrequited crush)! :p Maybe it will be possible to let certain npc’s get together after a certain amount of time has passed (unless you’re together with said npc)? That would be so awesome, but probably a bit hard to program. It would allow for the game to feel even more lifelike as time progresses within the village.

  • Thanks for supporting Mac games 🙂

  • VaultBoi

    I just install ubuntu, only to test Stardew Valley on linux 😀

  • Sam

    Yay more mac stuff haha

  • As a poor Mac peasant, this makes me happy. No more WineSkin! <3

  • Jacob Murray

    Thank you so much! I adore this game beyond belief. I’ve logged 90 hrs already (holy crap) and I can’t wait for future updates. My favorite game of 2016 thus far!

  • Silent Hunter

    Would it be at all possible for you to release this with OpenGL ES 2 support? If you do, it will run on ARM Linux computers like the Raspberry Pi and the DragonBox Pyra.

  • Sheela Rai

    Hyped to play it, but having some issues on Mac: game opens, music plays, but I only see a black screen. Heard for Windows user worked deleting the .roaming folder, is there an equivalent on Mac? Thanks!

  • xarai

    this was pointless and stupid to do, linux and mac are both retarded to own for any gamer. instead of making actual content you made comparability for systems that are comparable to windows 95

    • lol

      who hurt you

    • Azayki

      Stupid and pointless because it doesn’t directly benefit you? It benefits him – more players are now able to buy his game and it enables more people to enjoy this amazing game. Pretty sure those are meaningful and intelligent outcomes. How old are you, 11?

  • Tiffany Leavelle

    Do you really have to have Mac version 10.9+ to play this game? *Sighs* Looks like I’ll have wait for the Wii U release since my is 10.7.5

    • vmunich

      Just update? Mac updates are free!

      • Tiffany Leavelle

        How do I do that? Software wise, I am up to date.

        • Alejandro Matias Ravasio

          AppStore should offer you the update in a big-ass banner.

  • Katie Fleetwood


  • Byte Me

    Thank you VERY much for the Linux port!

  • Fluffybombs

    I suspect it’s a problem with Steam, not the game, but every time I open the game, it crashes instantly.
    I have had issues of a similar nature in the past with Steam games, but nothing quite so sudden. I tried to purchase a DRM-free version, because I hate using Steam if I can avoid it, but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. Since Steam had basically no support of any kind and I therefore won’t be able to play the Steam version, I was hoping to find out where I could get a DRM-free version (Ideally for free, since I already bought the game)

    • Fluffybombs

      Oops, probably should have done some research.
      Well, GOG has it, DRM-free, apparently. Is there any chance, ConcernedApe, that you could give me a key/coupon/whatever for that? I’d be happy to provide proof of purchase, if necessary.

  • Rudolf

    Hi there,

    I’m cusiously waiting for ANY news concerning multiplayer! Is there any release date concerning this? Playing on PC by the way.

  • Oliveira Glau Dani

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