Upcoming Wiki Transfer

Hey everyone,


I wanted to post something to explain some of what is going on with the wiki. As many of you know I began self-publishing Stardew Valley on most platforms in December of 2018. Since then I’ve been taking responsibility for the different Stardew related things (an example of that is the forums, which were originally run by Chucklefish but now are run by me on my own website). A similar thing is happening now with the wiki.


Chucklefish currently hosts and maintains the wiki. However, as part of the broader move to self-publishing, the wiki’s content and domain will be transferred to ConcernedApe in the near future. All that really means is that I’ll be responsible for hosting and maintaining it.  It will continue operating at www.stardewvalleywiki.com, and will remain an open platform edited by the community. It’s important to me that the community which contributed so much to the wiki are respected and taken care of. And, in accordance with privacy laws, no personal information will be transferred during this move.


There may be a few bumps as this proceeds, but I’m doing everything I can to make sure it’s as painless as possible. I really appreciate your patience.