Stardew Valley 1.5.3 Patch Out Now On PC

Hi everyone,
The 1.5.3 patch is now available. It fixes some more lingering issues from the 1.5 update, makes some slight adjustments to the game, and adds better support for high-res displays.

Changelog (w/ Spoilers):

  • Added an experimental change to allow the game to render correctly on ultra-wide displays.
  • Potential fix for various cases where the player could get stuck/soft-locked in an animation after using a tool. This fixes the Horse Flute softlock, and may potentially solve getting softlocked while trying to fish (on the Beach dock/during the Festival of Ice minigame, etc.).
  • If the player is flagged as having seen the Summit event but does not have its music marked as heard, they can re-trigger the event. The Summit event now automatically marks its music as being heard as soon as the event is started.
  • The Summit event now properly triggers if the player is married to another player character.
  • Skipping the Island departure event in such a way that the character is still pathing while the screen completely fades out no longer causes them to spawn on the island on the upper left corner of the map.
  • Fix for post-6 heart Leo using the wrong schedule on Wednesdays.
  • Slight adjustments to Leo’s gift tastes.
  • Crab Pots are now affected by the crab pot related professions of the farmer who refills the bait. This fixes a case in multiplayer where a player’s profession (such as Mariner) would appear to not work because the Crab Pot was originally placed in the water by someone else.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quality Bobber was not applying its bonus.
  • You can now catch Night Market fish using Magic Bait in the southwest corner of the Beach.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get soft-locked if you hooked a fish right as the Pirate cave event begins.
  • Fixed some minor data entry issues on Normal Bundles that also appear in Remixed Bundles (Animal Bundle requiring a Small Brown Egg instead of a Large White Egg, and normal Cheese not being an option in the Artisan bundle)
  • Made Prismatic Slimes a little more common (1/125 chance to 1/83 chance) and also made Luck modify the chances of encountering it.
  • Fixed bug preventing Prismatic Slimes from not dropping Prismatic Jelly in rare cases.
  • The Strange Capsule now only spawns once per game.
  • Made Stone Owl rarer and touched up the sprite.
  • Fixed bug where the Strange Capsule would leave a residual light glow.
  • The overnight Lost & Found tool check now also checks the Island Farmhouse fridge.
  • Penny’s 14 heart event now places your existing bed in a chest rather than replacing it.
  • Qi Beans/Fruit are now properly removed from any machines/craftables after the Qi Challenge expires.
  • You can no longer catch Qi Beans when fishing during festivals.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a Dust Spirit’s stone-breaking move would cause a Qi Bean to spawn.
  • Removed a long delay after talking to the Gourmand when you’ve got the crop he’s requested growing, but not yet fully grown.
  • Furniture is no longer visible/can no longer block movement during events that take place outside of the Farm.
  • The daytime music from Ginger Island can now properly be played on the Saloon jukebox.
  • Fix for a crash using a Warp Totem while the Mermaid Show is playing.
  • You can now properly go back to sleep immediately after waking up after passing out.
  • Fixed various item duplication glitches related to moving Rings around in certain menus.
  • Fixed certain gemstones appearing on the Daily Quest board before they are actually accessible in-game.
  • Fixed the menu backgrounds option displaying incorrectly when playing on splitscreen on a rainy day.
  • The Farmer no longer blinks while charging a tool. This was causing a minor visual issue.
  • Fixed incorrect button mapping shown on Local Coop Join screen.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • (Modding) Added an exception when specifying invalid items in randomized bundles.
  • (Modding) Fixed big craftables losing mod data when removed.
  • (Modding) Fixed an issue where going from one floor to another on horseback inside the Volcano could cause the player to be positioned incorrectly on the next floor.


Console ports are still underway, they are getting close but we don’t want to rush anything and risk a sub-optimal experience. Thanks again for your patience.