Stardew Valley now available on Android

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up…

It’s a day early, but Stardew Valley is now available for Android on the Google Play Store!

It’s $7.99 USD, but for regional pricing please check the store.

I hope you enjoy playing Stardew Valley on your Android device.


  • Lazor

    Ape, can we get some Pie’s in-game? 🙂

  • Chris

    Shutup and take my money!

    • tony


  • L33t Squirrel

    Just when I couldn’t love you (platonically) any more, this happens. My seaside scribe has a hermit crab in his pocket, but he’ll be in mine. <3

  • Travis Gutjahr

    Bought so fast!

  • Moses

    Nooo it doesn’t work in my phone (Redmi note 5 pro)! It says it’s not compatible 🙁

    Please make it compatible with the phone since it have a pretty good chipset with a good RAM 🙁

  • animal gamer

    How do you transfer your stardew valley game from pc to android

  • 小影

    :(,1.0Game version?No Chinese subtitles yet

  • I can not see the Korean Store. Please check. I want to buy

    • MK

      ME TOO !! T_T

  • Riina

    Hello! On all phones brand Xiaomi game crashes after the first logo. The problem FOR all users of phones of this brand. Please release this igoy for Android I waited a few months, very long and patiently. I’m just going to cry. :'(

  • Riina

    Speaking on behalf of all users XIAOMI

  • animal gamer

    How do i transfer my saves from pc to android

  • Alexis Jasso

    Please! make it work for all Xiaomi devices! I really need to play it soon.. 🙁

  • Sad

    There are no games in Korea’s Google Play Store.

  • Sad

    There are no games in Korea’s Google Play Store.

  • Trần Thanh Tú

    cant use on XIAOMI

  • Sad

    There are no games in Korea’s Google Play Store.

  • Green_Shades

    The game’s regional pricing is more than USD value, what the heck?!

    • Tofuti

      Oof. Same here. Paying *more* in Malaysia, where minimum wage is about 230usd/month, than it costs in the US.

    • Christian Beach

      That’s the fault of exchange rates between countries. It can’t really be helped.

  • Nirv

    The image is incorrectly stretched to the screen in OnePlus 6t (black bar at the top of the screen). The game is gorgeous, just remove, please, this black bar.

  • Zirael91

    Hello!! Italian language for Switchps4?

  • Razzy Nugraha

    The game crashes on Android phone, specifically with Xiaomi brand. Please fix, concerned ape.

    • Sun

      Same T_T

  • TheSnappyParrot

    Thanks for releasing this on Android. Please have mod support 🙂
    Works on my Xiaomi MI A1 (Feb 2019 Security Patch)

    • Sun

      How did u do?

      • TheSnappyParrot

        I can’t say
        I don’t recall doing anything noteworthy to my device

  • Misfit410

    Are there publishing settings you can not restrict it on some devices? I’d love to at least try to install it on my Nvidia Shield TV but it’s blocked as incompatible.

  • Niklas 123456789

    How can i transfere my savegame from PC to my Android phone?

  • Alexis Jasso

    They have released an update, now it works at least in my redmi note 5a prime.

  • GaleriChan Ch.

    I’m so exited and i’m waiting for the multiplayer keep going <3

  • Timo Weigert

    Very good port for mobile but what is about Co-op?

    • Christian Beach

      Mobile’s not getting co-op

  • Milen Kolev

    I got it first thing in the morning. It is fun just needs some getting used to but it is real time killer in public transport and while laying in bed. I just can’t understand why can’t there be a visible joystick and action buttons without the tap-to-move. Right now I am using invisible joystick and buttons and am doing well but still. Still I waited for this since it was announced so I am satisfied.

  • Josh Rain

    Thank You ConcernedApe! This is the best gift anyone could have given us in years (besides the people making Terraria actually fixing and updating their damn game on Android)

  • Cane Cutter Rabbyte

    At this rate we will get a working stardew valley programmed I to minecraft before we get multiplayer on xbox or ps4

  • DJ

    Awesome work, now any news on multiplayer for Xbox and PS4

  • Diaurora Putra Perdana

    When will the Multiplayer be available on Android version?

    • Christian Beach

      Multiplayer is not coming to Android or iOS.

  • Bibi

    I can not save the game after “Egg Festival”T_T
    i have iphone xs max (ios 12.1.4)
    stardew vally: 1.19ver.

    • rain雨

      I’ve read that it’s a bug, you need to update the app to v.1.03

  • Anton Doronkin

    Where is PS4 multiplayer?

  • ᄅ허ᅣ

    Why didn’t you release it in the Korean store?

  • Durz

    I seem to be having a bug where it just leaves me at a blank/black screen after day 20 of spring. I tried to restart the app but when I clicked the tick mark to restore the previous game play it just showed me a blank screen. The x mark worked and let me redo the day but when I ended the day it just gave me a blank screen again. Please help
    Im currently on the latest version of the game (version 1.03)

    • Lucy

      I’m having the same problem. It started fir me on fall 15th it happened the first time by exhaustion, when i try to reload where I left off my game crashes. I tried ththe day 3 or 4 times also sleeping in my bed at the end instead of falling asleep by over working myself. Same thing. I tried making a new save file and it happened to me again on the 6th day of spring my first year! I’m so sad and I really hope it’s fixed soon this just became my favorite game

  • Rory


  • Rory


  • Rory

    Yes, cross site scripting is not able. Your site is safe!

  • KIM

    I can’t save file when i updated
    Fix the bug plz

  • ooooobi

    I see there is a Hungarian language in it. Will it be included in the switch version?

  • Ps4 to android transfer?

  • Snappy

    I bought the game in steam. I saw that the game goes on the phone. But I don’t feel like paying for the same game twice. There would be some kind of connection with Steam and other platforms so that players would not overpay twice for one game …

  • mozily

    this app has not been exposed to the google app store in Korea. please check.

  • Freex

    and another language for console? it’s for a long time?

  • Pidgeon

    Ok so I think that there’s a problem with Argentina’s store, the game is currently priced 8,64 USD, idk what is Google play’s regional pricing policy, but it doesn’t make sense that in my country it’s price is higher that in the US’s store.
    Anyway, I love your game, and I’ll buy the android version whenever I can, I just felt the need to let you know that, in case you’re not aware of that situation.

    • Pidgeon

      Oh yeah, and I was wondering if the Android app could be modded, I love playing with mods and I feel that that’s an important part of the fun experience of playing this game.

  • Dobin Park

    It does not appear in the Google Play Store in korea. Check the google developer console.

  • Việt Dũng Nguyễn

    We need Vietnamese. Hope developers will update soon. Thanks

    • Mr Wazzoo


  • SSShakuras

    meanwhile, the Vita……..

  • BearPro99

    hello i was wondering if it was cross platform because my sister has it for xbox 1 and i have it con pc so if you can tell me that would be good thank you and have a good day

  • Hugo Ferreira

    Now please the ps4 Multiplayer !

  • I’m completely addicted to the mobile game now.

  • Brianna Ferguson

    When does the new update get released for xbox one? Xbox one should at least be a higher priority than getting it onto mobile

  • Nalgae Tsubasa

    From Indonesia here, and I just wanna say thank you very much~

  • Emre Karaman

    Please add Turkish Language for Nintendo Switch version.