Android Version Coming March 14th

Hi Everyone,


Update: Stardew Valley for Android has a release date — March 14th!

Just want to give you a quick update… Stardew Valley for Android is on it’s way, and is now open for Google Play pre-registration.

The android version will be priced at $7.99 (the same as iOS). Please check the Google Play Store to see the price in your region!

Like the iOS version, this is the full version of Stardew Valley, up to 1.3 (but not including the multiplayer functionality).

Transfer of PC save data is supported, so you can carry over your game without having to start over!

English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Hungarian, Korean and Turkish language support will be available at launch (coming to iOS and consoles in a future update).

Mobile development studio The Secret Police have been hard at work on some recent updates to the Mobile version since the iOS launch, adding the following mobile-specific features:

  • Save at any time – even when you close the app!
  • Pinch-to-zoom functionality, allowing players to zoom in and zoom out to get a full view of the farm
  • New control systems including virtual joystick and invisible joystick options, ‘action / attack’ button option, improved auto-attack and Joypad adjuster tool with complete customization of your onscreen controls


I also want to let the Xbox/PS4 players know that the multiplayer update is coming along well… the XBOX update is in QA, and PS4 will follow shortly. I hope to release both, simultaneously, within the next couple of months.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have anything more concrete to share with you. Thanks so much for your patience.




  • Kariko

    Is the save data synchronized with Steam Cloud? What should i do and how do i continue my Android progress on my PC?

    • Brianna Lynn Bennoch

      youll prob just need to plug your phone into your pc and copy and paste your saved data

  • Finely!

  • Sahand Gold

    The features far android &iOS or just for the iOS?

  • Thank you so much for this :]

  • Tamashi

    Is there a possible release date or are y’all not far enough for dat yet!!!! BTW SUPER EXCITED!!

  • Neck Flix


  • Chloe Dalle

    I’m so excited and have a SUPER TON of respect for all the work that’s been done! Can’t wait for console 1.3 though! If you REALLY wanna kick it 16-bit, put a SPLIT SCREEN mode on consoles so my gf and I can play on the couch together like, physical IRL people!!

    • Mamie Laurel

      Super ton of respect?? Now i know why he doesnt care about people who are pissed off.. He doesnt deserve any respect at all, he sell the game it s not a gift..

      • Monik Martins

        He takes in concideration our comments and what we would want to have on the game… He HAS GOT my respect too.

      • Yakob

        Come back when you can actually use the English language properly.

  • erikboettcher

    Any idea if there is going to any form of mod capabilities? It being android i can’t imagine it will take very long for someone to figure out a way.

    Either way THANK YOU both me and the wife are super excited for this release. That will 4 games weve bought from you. 2 PC and 2 Android. Keep up the stellar work and if you need anything from the community we are here just ask.

  • Ehab Elkhatib

    Thank you, but as soon as you are able to can you tell us in what month the android version might release

    • we r me go boom

      a better question might be what year, if console co-op is any indication.

      • Mamie Laurel

        Lol you think as me, like it s not possible he released the android port before multi or translation on the other system but we are all wrong. Android port release the 14th of march and we have to wait after that to obtain what he promised..

      • abi gail

        It’s been coming soon since July 18 xD

  • Ehab Elkhatib

    Is there going to be controller support

  • প্রথম চৌধুরী

    We’re particularly in love with multiplayer mode. Is multiplayer planned for Android / iOS ?

    • Régis Knechtel

      Yep. They said multiplayer will be available to every platform eventually. No time frame thought.

      • Christian Beach

        It says in the article that iOS/Android versions will not get multiplayer.

    • Christian Beach

      Don’t listen to Régis. The article stated that iOS/Android versions won’t be getting multiplayer.

      • Tyrell Severight


      • Yakob

        As of in at release, android won’t have it.

  • Wesley Leung Kwan Lok

    Whats the difficulty to add Traditional Chinese when you’ve already got Simplified Chinese?!

  • OG Mudbone

    Mmm sweet nectar WHEN

  • Mamie Laurel

    In…. French??????? But…. French is not available pn ps4 or switch? Will it be released before this android port? Please, oh please, before releasing port on android or whatever, just do what you promised 3 years ago… I cant understand, are you doing all wrong on purpose? Hopefully now the game is a concerned ape game on switch maybe things will be done allright now

  • May it’ll be available in 1 or 2 weeks, right ??

    • tony

      Maybe early March

  • Natalie Rath

    Will those mobile only features like saving at any time and pinch zoom features be brought into the switch? Or maybe even touch controls?

    I sometimes carry only the switch tablet to play VOEZ, Darkest Dungeon, Deemo and others. It would make it handy if I can use touch controls for Stardew Valley on the switch too!

    • corleonis88

      It´s so weird that you cant use the touchscreen on the switch even for the menu

  • REALITYCheque

    Please please please add controller support!

    • ThePurpleSensation

      there are apps to map the controller to touch screen controls. It’s just a patch but makes the job for many things. Others will need touch controls yes or yes.

    • Shirosaur

      Hope there will be NS Pro Controller support

      • Katelyn

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  • Long Sijz

    multiplayer mobile?

    • Abigail Palmer

      It says in the article that it won’t have it.

      • Long Sijz


      • LKatsu


        • Juanjo

          Same question here. It’s not clear, at least on this post

  • Wesley Leung Kwan Lok

    oh and it is not available in Hong Kong!

  • spots

    I’m happy to know it’s coming to smartphones !! Congratulations to the creator of stradew valley, I knew that when buying the stradew valley of pc will help the creator! and it was worth it: D

  • 최시원

    I can’t find in google play!

    • TheRaven81

      Click on the blue text in the article saying “now open for Google Play pre-registration”, and it will take you to the register page. 😉

    • mooon

      I think it’s not available in Korea yet. Link doesn’t work here.

  • ninesia

    With all these languages why no German support?

  • Fitrah Alfazri

    Well, since i can’t buy Stardew Valley on PS4 (Cause its not available in my region) now this my opportunity to play the game on mobile.

  • Kazuma

    any chance of mod support in android?
    the game is really fantastic with a few mod 🙂

  • Scott

    I already own it on PC, but I’ll buy it just to show my support for bringing it to Android!


  • Tamashi

    Know what would be kool cross comparability between console pc and mobile

  • Không Cần Tên Đâu

    Please ConcernedApe,there is a lot of Vietnameses,who does not understand English,playing Stardew valley.Please add Vietnamese

  • Lê Nguyễn Vĩnh Bảo

    I love this, i’ve been waited for your game coming to android for soooo long, hope you will soon add multiplayer to the game so i can play with my friends, and also add some ways for people to use mods please!

  • MK
    • I’ve managed to find it, but I wonder if there’s a compatibility issue? I had a similar problem as you when Pokemon Go came out, and I couldn’t find it in Google Play. I realised that it was because my phone (at the time) wasn’t able to support the game.

  • Long Sijz

    Language Vietnam?????

  • Faris Ar Rasyid

    please add mode multiplayer and language indonesian and new map new mission

  • mario emack

    just one question when they take multiplayer for xbox and if it’s going to be local

  • Candice

    Will it be coming to Amazon app store?

  • Sacroinfernal

    Aún no hay fecha de salida verdad?
    Sólo espero que no tarden tanto como la 1.3 de Terraria.

  • Marcelo Valley

    Lança logo por favor

  • Faerlay

    Ok…mobile…PS4…Xbox….and trasuction fr for Switch ???

  • Mahmud Bayramov

    thank you ape for the android version

  • Morris Montage

    it’s too long I wait for the Italian language on PS4.

  • NeKo

    Can tell the specific time

  • KuKetto

    Is there any way to gain access to files? I mean i would like to translate the game to hungarian language if it’s possible

  • Some_Dud3

    Stupid, but interesting question. (At least I think so.) Will mobile ever have mod support?

    • Ali Haydar Engüzekli

      I hope Mobile stardew valley will have mod support…

  • Tyrell Severight

    Im gonna buy the android version of this game
    I hope someday they maybe get multiplayer working on mobile devices. It would be cool if it were possible for multiplayer on mobile devices.
    maybe they should make an in app purchase for LAN multiplayer someday???
    just an idea.

  • Mamie Laurel

    February 21, 2019.
    What’s new.
    Multi on ps4 or one? Hmmm no.
    Italian french turkish etc.. on every platform?? Hmmmmm still no.
    Ah a beta for language. Euh wait… On pc? Where fan translation are already available? And a beta???? Useless as f…
    Ahhh another news. Wait.. An android release? But he never promised anything about an android release. But 3 years ago he talked about languages i think…
    I hope that nobody will buy it on mobile but it s useless, every sheep will buy it and more, thanks him for this version.. What a sad world. When i read the others messages and i see that people are excited for this release i just want to cry. So you can do just what you want and people still are happy…

    • LKatsu

      Get a job…

    • Onii

      The wise words of Stu – “You are literally too stupid to insult”

  • Potenza Vito

    we wait italian traslation for swich

  • Hani

    would multiplayer support be included eventually?

  • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

    Ape, thanks for the update for us XBox Users. Really excited to play with my wife.

  • Misty Tuson

    Date for the release?

  • Eren Krueger

    but when is get released ?

  • Ali Haydar Engüzekli

    Merhabalar, öncelikle Türkçe dil desteği için teşşekkürler.
    Çocuklar hakkında daha fazla şey olursa daha güzel olur bence
    Çocuklar büyüyebilir
    Çocukların görünüşü evlendiğin Karakterin ve kendi karakterinin karışımı olabilir
    Çocuklara diyalog eklenebilir büyüdüklerinde
    Çocuklara özel eventler eklenebilir
    Çocukların kişiliğini şeçebilir olalım (mesela 10 tane kişilik özellikleri var ve her kişiliğin ayrı eventleri olabilir.)
    ve benzeri şeyler eklersen oyun daha’da güzel olucaktır.

    not: yıllar geçtikçe bazı şeyler değişebilir mesela bazı karakterlerin görünüşü ve benzeri şeyler.

    • Ali Haydar Engüzekli

      (bu arada bunu okuyan türkler varsa İngilizceye çevirirse güzel olur. benim İngilizcem yetmiyor İngilizcesini yazmaya :p)

    • Ali Haydar Engüzekli

      I translated it from Google translate
      Hello, first of all thanks for the support of the Turkish language.I think it’il be better if there’s more about kids.
      The proposal:
      Children can grow
      The appearance of children can be a mixture of your married character and your own character
      Dialogue to children can be added
      Children-specific events can be addedLet’s be able to choose the personality of the children (for example, there are 10 personalities and each personality may have separate events.)

      note: some things may change over the years, such as the appearance of some characters and similar things.

  • Khang

    Please add Vietnamese language 🙁 Because in Vietnam, we have a large number of fans

  • Jair Kappel

    Man I think/hope it releases tomorrow on their 3rd Year Anniversary

  • Jeff

    Hello Ape great job! I use steam as well as iOS to play your wonderful game but will iOS ever get multiplayer. Of course I could just use my PC but when I’m on the go I really wish I could play with my friends. It is true that it would make the game lag more because its a phone but I know you will find a solution. Thanks for your devotion.

  • Saintsaid

    This game is not perfect without multiplayer. I wanted to play multiplayer with my friend and my brother in this game, please add multiplayer via LAN just like Minecraft and Terraria.

  • Saintsaid

    iam from indonesia, please add indonesian language

    • akmaza

      just use english dude

  • Box Bahxton

    I wonder, will it have multiplayer support? (as in, the near future)

  • PsjP3n0m

    Hello Ape, you can add a release date?

    • Zorax

      Chucklefish made an post on facebook 10 minutes ago.
      Mark your calendars – Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe will be coming to Android devices on March 14th!

  • Nathan Lee

    Currently the Android pre-registration site is region blocked for South Korea when this will support Korean. Is there a reason why it is blocked here?

  • Rafly Frizky

    If we transfer the save data from pc and make progress on mobile, did the pc save make progress too? It’s like cloud save or what?

  • Ithaniel Hernandez

    If it’s not too much trouble you should add multiplayer between the phone and computer and the xbox and get all the updates rolling in at the same time like with Minecraft… I’d really enjoy playing this with my girlfriend but she doesn’t have an Xbox and you said no split screen a while back I think…. If it’s easier just do split screen because she can’t afford to buy an Xbox bit I have one and I’d really love for your masterpiece to be shared between more people including me and her. If it’s too much trouble I understand… Thanks for the amazing game anyway man. I love this game to death

    • Ithaniel Hernandez

      If that cross platform thing is too much you could always just make phones be able to play multiplayer with each other

  • Mamie Laurel

    … I hope i just make a mistake but… Did the android version will be released BEFORE the translation patch on all the other systems??? If it s yes, you are definitely dumb or you do it on purpose. We waited 2 years for that and now if we have to wait AFTER the android release, i’ll make all what i can to obtain a refund. I think you must be refund if the game developper lie about features. Obvisously you dont care about people who are pissed off but we can see more and more, in the middle of people who thinks you are some kind of god, people that are as pissed off as me. I only i had some influence to tell people dont buy the android version but i have not, i can only tell people near me to not buy it. And for all who says he s alone he s awesome or bullshit like that, it s not cause you make a work alone than you can do what you want. If you sell a product you re responsible of that alone or not. To be honest i m the dumb in that story ive bought a game without any waranty that he will make what he said and my money is in his pocket but i hope ill can get a refund

  • Ruko Slam

    Are you sure stardew valley can’t be released on anything else you can make new money on before releasing the ps4/xbox updates?

  • pamellka

    Omg pc save transfer omg!!!!
    Wonder if mobile will be able to support mods one day too??

  • Joël Jacquet

    Meanwhile, the Vita version is still a crashy mess with no news whatsoever nor even a mention.
    How about FIXING what’s already out and broken instead of upgrading what’s working / making new release ? no ?

  • Leonardo Porto

    Please! Controller Support. Ipega!

  • Pedro Neau

    You have dropped the languages ​​on the switch. It’s been too long since we wait.

  • Shirosaur


    but please, add Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support

  • cofi1

    Registred users gets game for free?

    • Saintsaid


  • corszo

    just a few days!! 🙂 i cant wait to get it

  • marcelo tinelli

    Question. I have a moto z play (snapdragon 625, octacore 2.0Ghz and adreno 506 + 3gb ram) and google play says it’s not compatible with this game. But my friend has a moto g5s (same specs, the 3gb ram version) and google play says it’s in fact compatible. Phones Specs

    Can someone explain me why this happens? is my phone compatible or not?

    • Saintsaid

      I think… Its becaus your android version, maybe.

      • marcelo tinelli

        We both have 8.0
        The only difference I see is that I’m rooted. Could it be that’s the problem? If so, I’m unrooting for sure hahaha

  • Exlxaaxl

    what about Nintendo switch….. all these cool features coming to every console including phones except for the switch? or did you just forget to mention it?

  • samidewa99 dewasami

    Multiplayer please

  • Mamie Laurel

    Whooooaaaaaa you did it!!! It was really hard but you managed to do it!!! Congratulations the android version is coming tomorrow and still no multi on ps4 and one and no french and italian at all ( oh wait wait, the patch is already online… On pc……………….). Really i wasnt really sure if you just dont care or if it was too much work and now it s sure, you just dont care. Enjoy the money that will come from mobile devices, in my case i got a refund for my switch version so my money is at least not anymore in your pocket. I have make all what i can to be sure that everybody i know will not buy the mobile version but it s not a lot of people so if everybody can do that maybe he will not got money he doesnt deserve.

    • It was a different team that did the port. This did not affect the console versions project velocity in any way.

  • XxenderxX

    What time will it come out

  • Teddy Riggs

    Will it have mod support?

  • XxenderxX

    What time will it come out

  • Azzy

    Will this android version has a coop mode in the future ?

  • Tran Phu

    how can i transfer data from my switch to my android phone ??

  • William Scott Conway

    Where can step-by-step instructions on how to migrate from PC to Android be found?


  • crystal chen

    PLEASE HELP! After yesterday’s update, every time I go to sleep, the saving screen turns black and it’s just a black screen forever. I tried playing restarting from few days saved before but it just wouldn’t work.

  • Rubén Hidalgo

    How can I add a virtual joystick to the Android version?

  • Nerona Aaron

    When Is The Multiplayer Release?

  • bribreve

    I was SOOOOO hyped when I saw this on my buddies phone in the app store. I immediately checked my playstore and sadly it wasn’t there. Searching on the www and following it’s playstore link revealed that it’s not compatible with my phone – I have a XIAOMI redmi note 7 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 660; Android 9.0) – what are the needed specs for the game?

  • Annie Mian

    Why can’t I find the game on the play store? ㅠㅠ

  • EnixPho

    I can’t wait for the PS4 update :> I really wanna play this relaxing game with my bf <3 ty for all your hard work.

  • Saitama Yuzaki

    Please add contrller xbox supported

  • Phil Lane

    Can anybody tell me if i have a ps4 stardew account is it crossplay on android eg ps4/vita cross play. I dont want to buy the game again if i have to start my story again. Thanks for any replies in advance.

  • Kimberley

    I am getting really impatient waiting for the ps4 co-op…. everyone else gets to play this game all they want except for ps4 and xbox and i feel as if i have been waiting for well over a year and a half being told a couple more months every time… i refuse to play the game until multiplayer comes out for these platforms.

    • Justin Reschke

      I feel you. I google search for a release date every couple of weeks. I’ve been kind of regretting that I didn’t just purchase it for PC.

  • Aimee Normand-Buchberger

    I would love to beta test the update for PS4, is there a way to apply for that?

  • Yvette

    My son plays on Xbox One and it seems there are many more cool things you can do on a PC. Will you be adding the Night Market feature for Xbox One in future?

    • LunarHalcyon

      Hopefully with multiplayer update, but it’s been quiet lately on news. Said it would be in a few months in March.

  • Sunny

    I just found a glitch on the ios version: when the egg hunt is finished, the game crashes. Just figured i’d let you know 🙂

  • Chloe Rogers

    Please if we can never have multiplayer on the PS4, PLEASE PLEAAASE we need some post marriage content. Lol. The babies and marriage aspect of the game is so useless. In harvest moon games, over time they made the spouses and children more interactive and useful. But even in the beginning there were family events and such. the lack of this content makes me feel alone and empty in my own virtual house lmao.

  • Sebastian Buchacz

    I play this game on PlayStation 4 for 140 hours and it’s amazing because my farm is really big (180) pigs and it’s jumping up from 60 fps to 35 and left.
    I love this game and support you<


    please and multiplayerr in mobile

  • Matheus Rodrigues

    Ps vita update?

  • Shelby

    Will there ever be a chance of couch co-op on ps4? Online multi-player is useless to us. I want to see if I should actually buy this game or not.

  • Leon Bateman

    Any news on ps4 multiplayer or psvita multiplayer?

  • Spoon

    How long we have to wait for the Console Multiplayer now??? ….. feels like a promise thats Never come….

  • Hayden Esselman

    PLEASE make a zoom feature for Xbox One and PS4… my only wish

  • Crystal Beck

    So when is the update for xbox one? I cant seem to find any new information about it 🙁

  • James Davis

    4 months later and no PS4 multiplayer update. 🙁

  • Dimipapa

    How much longer for xbox update???

  • preheated walnut

    Where’s the update I’m longing for the magnifying glass and casino

  • Laaapoi !

    Hey, is there anything more to say on the co-op for console?

  • Renaldy

    Please add some Multiplayer On stardew valley Android…
    By connecting Hotspot and Trade with friends… and add more ancient things

  • HexaXcom

    Please fix this i try to open the game but still crash cannot open the game on samsung galaxy s4 android version 5.0.1 fix this

  • Sorïax

    Still waiting French Traslation on Switch!!