Stardew Valley coming to consoles Q4 2016

Hi everyone!

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that console ports were in the works, but I couldn’t give you any more details at the time.

So today, I’m pleased to officially announce that Stardew Valley is coming to the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U!

With the help of Chucklefish and Sickhead Games, I’m expecting to have these versions ready in time for the winter holidays!

It’s very important to me that playing Stardew Valley with console controllers is intuitive and effortless. I’ll be the first to admit that the current, rudimentary controller support in the PC version is far from ideal, and it will need to be adjusted prior to the launch.

I’m also excited about the possibility of utilizing special console features like the Wii U’s second screen!

The Mac and Linux version of the game are still in the works, and should be ready very soon! Still working on the multiplayer and version 1.1 updates, too, and will keep you updated. Thanks for all of your patience and support!

  • Aaah! I definitely want the Wii U version if you can get the tablet stuff super integrated!

  • bluemaxima

    No Vita port?

    • Alexisonfire

      I would LOVE a Vita port, but it’s great to see the game on consoles too!

    • stareja

      Add another voice for a Vita port. I would spend an ungodly amount of time playing this.

      • Goon Others

        only you?

  • seven5three

    I’m so excited for a Wii U port!

  • OranginaDreamer

    This is great news! Super excited for the Wii U version! 😀

  • yamina_chan

    Dangit, I don’t have any of those XD’ – But these are great news indeed =D

  • YES!

  • kuroneko0509

    wii u as well? cool

  • JonathanisPrimus

    No Vita version? Sickhead has done a few Vita ports before … I guess this means Starbound for Vita has been officially been cancelled too?

  • Sunny11

    Day 1 on PS4!

  • Tony Mondloch

    Would love a way to bring my farm from pc to xbox.

    • Jon Doe

      Exactly! Would love to be able to take advantage of the whole “Xbox Play anywhere” program and be able to move seamsesly between playing this game on Win10 or on Xbox. Now that will be sweet!

  • Dimitrie

    Is there a reason for this not (yet) coming to the phone? 🙂 I always played the old harvest moon games on the gameboy. This should be a perfect game for on my big phone 😉

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Controls. The developer doesn’t think it would control well with just a touch screen.

      • Dimitrie

        Hearthstone is there as well… i think if they can do it 😉 mobile would empower shorter but more frequent plays.. yes inefficient mobile controls can fatigue the player faster, but short plays are still plays and can be played at moments not accounted for

  • Orinwarren

    Will multi-player be cross platform?

  • Erin

    Amazing! Looking forward to it.

  • PizzaSlapper

    Soooo, how about a Vita version as well?

  • That´s great, if you can, release to playstation 3 and other old gen consoles, the portable one are good too!, congratulations!

  • ThomBaws

    I’d really appreciate a 3ds version. I don’t have any of these consoles 🙁

    • amandalisaxo

      Same here

  • Mithinco

    I recently got the Steam controller and it works! Best part is that I can customize it however I wish.

  • c2h5oc2h5

    Any chances for 3DS version?

  • InfiniteGray

    YAY!!! Finally Mac will come out!!! I have been waiting literally forever… As in since the game was launched (⌒▽⌒)

  • James Frederick

    Will there be a physical release?

  • Dipper Universe

    Those ports take more time to make.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      I can see a 3DS version taking more time given its hardware, but K don’t see why that would apply to Vita.

      • PewPewYoureDead

        Because nobody plays a Vita anymore. Why would the time/resources?

        • fuck off man a lot of people have a vita

          • PewPewYoureDead

            Cute ad hominem. I guess all 11 Vita owners upvoted your comment.

          • VemCáMeuNego

            You sir are an asshole…

          • Tanja Niemeier


          • AbstractRealist

            Haha, no…no they don’t.

          • DarthNever


        • Chris Sneed

          Yeah, all of these comments coming from vita owners that want the game for vita but don’t use there’s. Troll elsewhere.

          • AbstractRealist

            As usual the vocal minority often sways perception…of course those who actually DO own and use their Vita’s will speak out.

        • saintfighteraqua

          Judging by the comments I’d say you’re wrong.

      • James Jeans

        Presumably, it’s because the Vita is dead as a stone.

        I’d like a Vita version too, but the Vita got mentioned exactly zero times at the E3 Press Conference on Monday. Sony has let that ship sail.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          They’re releasing it on Wii U, a platform that according to a reliable source, will be discontinued globally by the time this port launches.

          • AbstractRealist

            True, but “will be” and “has been almost 100% abandoned for some time already” are two very different things. Also, the Wii U still has a few big titles coming out.

          • Jozef

            True, seems pointless. NX port would be better. Hasn’t the Vita sold more units than the Wii U? Or similar at least…

        • Jozef

          Doesn’t mean we can’t get more games for it. The user base on small platforms tend to be very dedicated to the system. Something like this would likely have a huge attach rate.

          • 2Kids Entertainment

            Vita will have its spark of life until the PS4 dies though and will remote play this lots but sucks I can’t play while commuting…

  • PhantomVash808

    Yes coming to PS4

  • Michael Elmquist

    This is incredible news. Further on, I wonder what ‘very soon’ (referring to the Mac port) means. In an hour? Two tops?

    • InfiniteGray

      All I know is that I can’t wait much longer! (≧∇≦)

  • Felix Maurer

    I love you.

  • HimochiIsAwesome

    While a lot of people want 3DS and Vita ports, I’m personally fine with just the console ports, since playing a full day to save is a lot more difficult on a portable console and doesn’t really work if you just say, grabbed the game to play on a bus ride and don’t have the time to play ’til the end of the day.

    I dunno, tho.

    Glad to see if coming to other consoles too, though! Maybe I can get my Xbox friends into the game too? 😛

    • Chizu

      Depends on the environment you are playing in, I frequently use both my 3ds and vita for extended periods, easily enough for several days in-game here. Not to mention both handhelds have suspend features, out of time? you can just put the system to sleep and pick it up right where you are later.

      • HimochiIsAwesome

        True, but if you’re, say, on the way to work, you can’t keep the console on for that long or it’ll begin to lose power.

        I’m not saying it’s impossible at all, just that if it ever was implemented, the addition of quicksaves would probably need to be added. (Which I think people have asked for on the main game too?)

        Edit: “The addition of X would need to be added”? I need to stop posting things when I’m tired, haha. It probably still makes sense though.

        • Chizu

          “True, but if you’re, say, on the way to work, you can’t keep the console on for that long or it’ll begin to lose power.”

          The 3DS can manage at least a day in sleep mode, and the Vita will go for like several days at least (it’s sleep mode is pretty efficient) Easily more than enough to get you though a work day with travel and back . Unless your commute is like 5 hours a day, cause dat 3ds wont last that (though the vita should)

          I mean, yes quicksaves would be nice anyway, but I don’t think they’d be entirely necessary. More of a quality of life feature than essential.

          • HimochiIsAwesome

            My 3DS has never held out for a whole day! :O Is this with or without the wireless stuff on? Maybe my 3DS is just bad? Haha.

          • Chizu

            It’s lasted for me in sleep mode, I guess it depends on how much you actually use it outside of sleep mode, sadly the 3d’s sleep isnt very efficient compared to the Vita or even the PSP. I have the wifi on cause street/spotpass, it’d probably last a little longer without it.

        • Benjamin Sandberg

          For the 3DS this is partially true but the new slim vitas drain insanely slow in their sleep mode. If you are not in a game it can go for a week or two in sleep mode without a charge. If you are suspending while in a game it can still last a few days.

          • Try weeks. I’ve had my Vita in suspend mode for upwards of 2 and a half weeks without charging. It’s crazy how efficient it is.

    • Well I have clocked over 400 hours into Animal Crossing: New Leaf so I don’t know what you’re talking about ahah I play it in bed all the time

      • HimochiIsAwesome

        True! I just mean that one of the main ‘pros’ of a console is the portability and some people would prefer an easier to save game on a handheld, which might be why Ape is prioritising a console release over handhelds. I also play 3DS games in bed, so I agree with you, though! 😛

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I also would love to see a Vita port

  • TheWildTillyMint

    So happy that more people will get to experience Stardew as it something I am still playing, would love to see it on 3DS as my mum would be able to play it then and she loves these types of games but just happy to know it is successful 🙂

  • Chizu

    Vita version please 🙁


    Will the game have multiplayer by that time?

  • Bayonettah


  • Liam Allen-Miller

    Vita version would be awesome! I hope you guys can do it at some point!

  • Szponix

    Please vita version! PLEASE!

  • Twilit Soul


  • Alex Hakeshu Figueiredo

    Please bring the VITA port to life. Proud owner of the PC version and would buy it again to play on my VITA.

  • Radradya

    bring me another round of bachelorettes to marry. 😀



    • Synacks

      you’re a shitty fan

    • J Smith

      The vita is dead why waste time putting it on a dead console

  • Aidnac

    Can you skip on the WiiU port and just work on the Vita version instead? You would have more people buying it for the Vita than the WiiU.

    • Brandon Mitchell

      I’d love to see a poll on this.. Everyone on Stardew Valley’s official website is begging for a handheld port..
      (I don’t own it. just curious)

      • Viktor HällerstÃ¥hl

        Wii U version would have something to offer in the second screen, will probably be the best version in the end and why they are doing it. A Vita version would just be like every other version except handheld, and probably worse due to the size of the screen..

        • J Smith

          Also HM started on the Snes so it’s kind of fitting that Nintendo gets a port

      • Deadly Viper
    • J Smith

      so you want them to skip one console with crappy sell numbers so the they can put it on different console With crappy sell Numbers and didn’t Sony pull the plug on Vita

      • Benjamin Sandberg

        Yep. We Vita people fight hard for our machine!

      • Aidnac

        lol what is funny is the PS Vita has a larger total install base globally and also regardless what you think you know there are more 3 party games still coming and being produced for the Vita which is what you can’t say about the WiiU and its barely handful of titles coming out. So crap all you want about the Vita, my problem like everyone else that supports the Vita have a problem right now which is what game to buy since so many are still coming out.

        • J Smith

          And your point is what so a person who bought this owns a ps4 big deal also the problem with vita is not games they have a lot of thoise the problem with vita is that only a few of them are any good

        • J Smith

          Stupid kindle those

        • J Smith


        • J Smith

          Keep lying to your self about how the 3ds didn’t make the Vita it’s bitch while every one else knows the truth

          • saintfighteraqua

            But Vita is still better. Sales don’t always equal quality. Vita’s fans are older, too, whereas Nintendo mainly caters to kids.

          • J Smith

            why are you replying to a post that is three months old

      • saintfighteraqua

        Sony stopped first party support but the Vita has a ton of third party support.

    • Timothy Totten-Prime

      Hell no to skipping the Wii U! That version is the only one I’m really interested in (likely since when it comes to consoles, we only have a Wii U at the moment.)

  • Adrian Redulla

    Ohhhh my god I’m so happy!!!! Thank you ConcernedApe! 😀

  • Sonic Wind

    All this port begging.

  • Kevin Aaronson

    Another +1 for vita version.

  • Florin Emil

    Please we need a vita port 🙁

  • josh80

    Wii U! Wow, I’m pleasantly suprised!

  • Kytana

    Wii U nice, very nice.
    Hope retail.

    • J Smith

      probably not

  • James

    I would really love a Vita port as well! Coming to consoles is still pretty cool though.

  • Charles Goodson

    I would also play this on Vita but I am very thankful for the PS4 version.

    • Benjamin Sandberg

      Second. You have your hands full but I swear I would buy Vita version in a heartbeat. I’ve already put 52 hours into the game. If Vita port ever happens ConcernedApe has my money. 3DS too whichever comes first.

    • MEH NAME

      It is on ps4 so there is a chance of it getting on psn meaning you may be able to (MAY) download it on the psp/vita. Steam is making a handheld console too!

  • Cyberjin

    This game could have been great on portable

  • Andy

    Please consider doing a physical release with Limited Run Games!
    Many gamers like myself much prefer physical copies over digital downloads.


  • Synacks

    the current controller abilities aren’t TOO bad, it just lacks some necessary functions. however the current functions that DO WORK, work well.

  • Florian F

    Congrats on figuring out the details of the console release!

    But, to say what many other already said: the choice not to put this on at least one portable platform (Vita, 3DS, iOS) is puzzling to say the least. This is the type of game that people buy handhelds for. Three people will buy this on X1. Hundreds of thousands of people would buy it on iOS.

    A Vita version of Stardew Valley would be a day 1 purchase for me. In fact, the hope for one is what kept me from buying it on Steam.

    • Yuuki

      you arent much better. you mention ios yet no andoid…

    • Soph

      I think you underestimate how popular this will be on console. We have nothing truly like this at the moment.

      • kitschybc

        I really don’t get the logic behind that;my consoles and my computer are in the same room, so there’s literally no reason for me to buy the same game for two different pieces of equipment that exist in the same space. Whereas if this were to be released on 3ds I’d buy it again in a heartbeat because then I could take it with me wherever I went.

        • DynastyStar

          The reason why I bought Stardew Valley(and why I think its so popular) is because there haven’ been any good Harvest Moon-like games. What will make or break the game’s success on Xbox One is whether or not they’ll be able to market the game well to people on Xbox One. I think you also assume that there’s more crossover in audience between PC and Xbox One. My sister has a PS4, but she doesn’t even have Steam, but her computer is in the same room as the PS4, and I imagine that alot of people with Xbox One are like that as well.

    • Timmipoo

      An IOS version would be horrible.

  • Paulo ☝

    Yeaah, this is very nice, and i will wait for the PC updates ♥

  • Brandon Mitchell

    I’m just curious…
    Let’s have a poll:
    Would you rather have Xbox/PS4/WiiU port or a handheld port?

    • Florian F


    • Deadly Viper

      3DS or Vita. So handheld.

    • handheld! my 3DS needs it ahah I honestly think this game is perfect for a handheld ❤️

  • Paulo Cardoso

    I have a PS4 and a Vita. This kind of game has no chance of competing for the living room TV (in my case, of course), so I’m not interested in the PS4 port. On the other hand, I should tell you this was one of my most wanted ports to come to handheld (and in particular Vita, since the platform really lacks in this genre).

    Seems like a missed opportunity, but if you do reconsider this and end up bringing Stardew Valley to Vita, I’ll definitely put my money where my mouth is!

    • James Jeans

      Remote play is always an option. I’ve used it to play Fallout 4 and Until Dawn on the Vita, and those games play basically fine. Stardew Valley is probably an ideal remote play title.

      • Benjamin Sandberg

        I will almost certainly be doing this for Stardew Valley but a true port would be better so I don’t have to rely on a good internet connection. And Fallout 4 actually works pretty well on remote play suprisingly. I was actually very happy at how well they mapped controls and the VATS system helps with the shooter gameplay when the sticks aren’t sensitive enough.

  • Charlotte

    I know that the Vita port option is in high demand in the comments section here, and I’m totally on board with that (like seriously I love my Vita), but I also understand how /expensive/ it is to develop for the damned thing. Great news about the console ports!

  • Jade

    No love for handheld devices? I’d be all over a 3DS and/or Vita version.

  • Embytron

    A game I would put hours and hours into on my Vita but I probably won’t be picking up for PS4. Hope you reconsider.

  • kalren

    Just a friendly request for a Vita port. I think this game would be fantastic as a portable title. Please reconsider.

  • Chris Sneed

    Has anyone asked for a Vita version? Let me be the first then. 😉 Seriously two purchases for the vita version alone in my household.

  • John Laschober

    I’d buy it on Vita. Steam and consoles don’t cut it since I’m always out and about.

  • slimwiggins

    Vita please

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Vita or death; Vitahu Akbar!

    • J Smith

      didn’t Sony pick death when it came to the vita a couple of years ago

  • Owen Rowland

    Vita port pleaseee

  • TheRaven81

    What about the previous generation? PS3, or XB360? And Vita – I would so buy this if it went to Vita – so I could take my farm wherever I go. You can’t just kill the past systems from your mind, it’s def. still powerful enough.

  • Ashley Brewster

    Now what one to buy when I own all three… hmmm C:

  • Bdaman17

    No vita? This game would be Perfect for Vita

  • Bdaman17

    Scrap Wii U version and make a Vita Version, in all honesty.

    • J Smith

      Why would scrap the Wii U version in order to put the game on a dead system

    • Timothy Totten-Prime

      What is up with you people who want to scrap the Wii U version? Piss off already. They can add new consoles to the list of ports without scrapping existing ones.

  • Wow so many Vita owners in one place how unusual

  • J. G. Blue

    Love the game. Was waiting to get it until Multiplayer hit, but broke down and got it anyway. Still can’t wait for multiplayer though. Has it been said anywhere how multiplayer will work? Will it be limited to 2 players (I hopes so). Will you be force in as Spouses? Or Start as Siblings? I hope it will be more than just a “visit another player’s home and look around”, thing.

  • Cody

    Was hoping for vita.

  • GetBlazedSon

    I use dual monitors on PC. Can you enable the second-screen options you make for the Wii U on the PC version?

  • – ̗̀new ̖́-aianmoo16

    put it on New 3DS

  • Kyle Uitto

    guess im going to have to buy it twice XD

  • Not enough games utilize the second screen feature on PS4, Wii U, etc…

  • Shelbi

    Would LOVE to see a 3ds port, this is the type of game I imagine for 3ds.

  • Happy Romero

    3DS Please:))

  • SacreBlo

    Really excited for the Wii U version! Having played a lot of Terraria/Wii U lately, the dual screens can be really fantastic for these kind of games if the Gamepad support is made right.

  • RobertaK

    Will be nice to play on my Mac when we get it out of storage and connected (in process of relocating). Definitely looking forward to the 1.1 update — been doing a new save and keeping some space for the new buildings. 🙂

  • Darkbrussel

    does this mean the patch won’t be out till winter?

  • Bonsky

    Nice to see you getting it out there to the consoles that have a solid install base and active support by their respective manufacturers. You should consider doing a time/cost analysis for what it would take to create a Vita version and then putting it the budget out there as a possible crowdfunding option so that the die hard supporters have only themselves to blame when they aren’t willing to put their money where their mouths are.

    • Deadly Viper

      Id pay for that if it was 3DS.

  • SonOfNiel

    Hooray! So happy to hear that you’re considering giving special love to the Wii U. Keep on truckin!

  • Kedirech

    Thanks for all the hard work 🙂 I’m super excited for the Mac port, even if it’ll mean a definite decrease in my productivity for a few weeks.

  • Kumiko

    No Vita plans yet?

  • Gabriela Galvan

    Like everyone else, I’d love a Vita port!

  • Rioku

    Can’t wait for the Linux version! A handheld vita or nintendo ds version would be fun. 😀

  • Dancap

    Any chance for this?

    • Deadly Viper

      OMG thats exactly how I imagined it! PLEASE make this happen CA!!!

      • Deadly Viper

        I imagine this is what in game would look like, a guy on imgur said and I qoute “Unofficial concept. Resolution is perfect fit for the platform.” It would be a crime not to put this beautiful game on the 3DS! its so perfect for it!!

        • Dancap
          • Deadly Viper

        • TheSharpPixel

          even I don’t have a 3ds but agree it fits completely!

        • kelleth

          a less Shitty HM:DS with no bugs would be very nice.

          • Just a Fanboy

            Imagine if this got a Japanese port. With how popular and well received stardew valley is if this got ported to the NX suddenly natsume would have some real competition. And from a little indie dev no less lol, seriously no competition is bad for the consumer. I’ve always loved the harvest moon/runefactory games but with no competition I always felt their wasn’t enough motivation to improve just reskin with maybe a couple new features. RF tides of destiny is one of my favorites because of all the changes that were made, while it wasn’t the best farming game it was the best RF imo. If this game made them put more effort into character design in the next HM/RF game then I’d be happy. Btw don’t get me wrong I absolutely love stardew valley, I just want to see more out of this genre. The genre is obviously not as niche as people think, HM games just aren’t good enough to entice the less hardcore fans of the genre.

      • Dancap

        After this poor harvest moon on 3ds I really wish to see Stardew Valley and take with me everywhere on my 3ds 🙂

        • Deadly Viper

          I cannot stress how much I want this on 3DS… if it dont happen-

    • Franky

      Do you wanna kill every Harvest Moon game ever?

      • Benjamin Sandberg

        Yes this is better 😉

        • Franky

          I agree. HM has had every opportunity to improve. If SV kills the series, then lack of improvement is all there is to blame.

      • kitschybc

        HM is already dead. They haven’t had a worthwhile release since Melody imo

        • Franky

          Funny you say that. That’s my favorite HM game next to FoMT.

      • Ichigo Saionji

        I think hm gets more worse every game.. ><

        • Franky

          Yeah… so many franchises from my childhood suck now a days, but at least the indie scene is delivering quite well to make up for it. I absolutely love the fact this game has 1.3M sells right now.

      • Dancap

        Who cares LAST Harvest Moon games? 😀 Now Harvest Moon kill itself :/

      • kelleth

        Nothing tops Back To Nature, HM64, A Wonderful Life and Friends Of Mineral Town. The DS games don’t stand a chance against this though.

    • MEH NAME

      WOW that’s the ultimate dream!

    • Really hoping this happens.

    • BlackAndWhiteZ

      Holy spaghetti this is perfect!!! +1 for 3DS version

    • ur alien friend


    • slimwiggins
  • koko

    Psst.. a 3ds port

  • Jens Verwimp

    Made an account on Disqus just to say; Very happy with the console releases but is there a chance we get it for Vita? Please?

  • Nohirexi

    Will there be any way to transfer save files from PC to console or have cross-platform saves?

    • Andee Dee

      Yes, this please!

  • Peem

    wow! my ps4 is ready. I bought it for this game lol. And what about update can someone tell me when update come out?

  • Eugène de Beauharnais

    Well I joined the discussion for a 3DS/android port. Please. Pleaaaase.

  • Domen Kamplet

    Can you buy Stardew valley once and play it on pc and consoles?

  • James Jeans

    I hope the updated controller support comes to the PC version. I’ve put 125 hours in, and I’d like to get more intuitive controller support on PC…

    …of course, I’m liable to rebuy it for PS4, so it might end up being a moot point anyway.

  • James Jeans

    I know it isn’t ideal, but we Vita owners can always use remote play to get it on the Vita. This kind of game doesn’t exactly require twitch shooting, so a little latency won’t be such a big deal.

  • Oath 2 Order

    Who actually has a vita like lmao what a waste of money

  • Deewin

    Even though you are probably super rich and successful already, I’m still gonna buy this on ps4 to support you for making this game! You were the first person to make a game that captured the best things about harvest moon and you delivered! I also hope you do it for vita/3ds but if you really want to appeal to a huge market an iphone/android version wouldn’t hurt too 🙂

  • McGreen Von Davva

    Would the releases for consoles have the 1.1 update? Holding off on playing this more since I want to play it with my fiancée.

  • Chip

    Super excited for Mac version! When you say “very soon” is that July/Aug soon or Oct/Nov soon?

  • Glad to see Stardew Valley is coming to Wii U. Can’t wait for it!

  • Deadly Viper

    Not a SINGLE person has commented about Xbox, why not just scrap it and put it on 3DS?

    • Prashanta Prakash Rai

      I think you’re right, I would love to play Stardew Valley on the go on my 3DS!

  • Lord Raijin

    wow…so many people have vita? i sold mine long time ago……anyway keep up the good work ConcernedApe….really can’t wait to see what 1.1 have to offer!

  • J Smith

    don’t kow if you will read this but do you have any idea how much the game will be

  • Timothy Totten-Prime

    Glad to see the Wii U is included in this. I’ll gladly pick up another copy for the Wii U (we already have two PC copies in this household, and likely a third one coming soon.)

  • K Z

    I don’t mean to be rude, but do you have any idea how soon the mac version will come out?

  • Dejaa AVuu

    guy you have to add new content on the game
    it’s became boring after a while

  • YoungChemist17

    would it be possible to release a cd version on PC? Steam and I have never gotten along and now I can’t play stardew valley because it will not open in steam. I’m completely in love with your game and would like to have a hard copy to avoid this problem.

  • Zain Zaidi

    This game would be amazing on portable consoles

  • Mama_Boog

    I’ll reiterate what I said on Twitter — I am -so- happy for you and your success. I’m so glad that you persevered and that you’re now reaping the rewards.

  • guys please bring this to the 3DS, it has a larger install base than the Xbox one and PS4 combined (60 million 3DS sold!) and we really want this game ❤️ even just the New 3DS model has sold almost as many units as the Wii U or the PS Vita

    • Wayne Petitt

      This is totally true, 3ds is the perfect home for the Stardew Valley experience. Please take the time required to make a great port. Follow the example of Shovel Knight. Soooo looking forward to it!

  • Lychii

    Here to support a Vita or 3ds port for this =] would buy again to have it on a portable console.

  • Nyanadventurer the second

    You’re a genius, Cocernedape this i’ll be great on the Wii U!!! Still waiting on that mac port though so I can play with my friends

  • CallMeMaster

    I’m wondering if we paid for it on pc will we have to pay for it on ps4 as well? or atleast get a discount for the people who paid for the pc copy

  • Narrow

    Hype for mac build! (Hope it comes out soon…)

  • Stardew valley is my cocaine

    Crossing my fingers for cross-platform multiplayer.

  • Arthur Almeida

    Translation into Portuguese-Brazil please!

  • Lord Xamon

    Launch other languages!

  • Chris Barnett

    I would love to see a 3DS version of this awesome game!

  • cam2oo3

    Multiplayer on Wii u?

  • Elliott Lockwood

    Thank you! Gonna be a charming addition to my PS4 collection!

  • Jane Van

    Please update controller for pc. I would like to play it on steamlink easily. Thank you!

  • Tanja Niemeier

    This Game would perfectly fit on PS Vita…

    I’ve got a question… If I buy Stardew Valley (PV-Version) now, is there any possibility to get the Mac-Version for free? That would be great, because I’ve got no Windows PC and would play Stardew Valley via Parallels Desktop App

    Greets from Germany <3

  • Sinoos

    Wow, can’t wait for MacOS version. I’m exhausted of using wine and setting it up every single time… 🙂

  • Francisco Bravo

    Please do it on Vita, PLEAAASE!!!!!! I Needz It

  • Mutsu Kazuma

    all nice and stuff but I’d rather have co op already

  • MrMunchikins

    how much muns hun

  • Leo

    Vita version, please!

  • Troel Fayce

    Gee the one vita user sure has a lot of disqus accounts

  • ambuckle

    All these vita port requests, and you make Wii U port.

  • 1999Brock

    If I bought this game on Steam now, would I be able to play it on a Mac once that version is released?

  • Narrow

    Would be cool if the mac and linux ports got out this summer! Your doing a great job!

  • Yué MrMaow

    3DS port please :c

  • AbstractRealist

    Vita is DOA why would they waste resources on that? No 3DS support though?!?!?!? This would be an amazing portable game…perfect for something you could open up and play throughout the day!

  • Pietro Caminiti

    Please can you focus on MAC VERSION!??!

  • mosoj

    So so looking forward to the Mac version !! I created a steam account only for that game before finding out it was pc-only haha..

  • Ashford Hill

    I don’t see the point in porting it to consoles if none of them are handheld…I mean PC and console can pretty much give the same experience. You have to be at your console/PC station to play, and use a keyboard or controller. Vita/3DS = playing it while you’re taking a crap, in bed, at a friend’s house, in the car/bus, etc. I guess you could do this with a laptop too but it’s bulkier. Wii U port is the only thing that really brings a different experience to the table since you can use the gamepad.

  • LaDiablaBlanca

    What’s a Vita?

  • disqus_FogAS4Ysk0

    I would flip my shit if you ever ported this to the 3DS.

  • Relaxerelaxe


  • rainman1003

    Since it’s coming out on PS4, hopefully cross platform compatibility with the Vita is something being considered! 🙂

  • zanita

    Im so excited to see the Mac version!

  • Pax

    Would happily kill for a Vita port. This game would be amazing on it. (Because what I really need is to spend even more time on it than I have… ahah.)

  • Kaye

    Pleeeease release an update for Mac soon, I really want to play this game soooo bad!

  • Gus500

    No android?

  • Kou Pally

    Please help me justify my 3DS purchase. 8(

  • Zoe

    I can’t wait for the Mac version!

  • Russ

    sad mac is not getting any love.

  • Nah Man

    Make it portable so I can play it on long trips to visit the families.

  • Michelle Purtell

    Im really looking forward to the Linux version. Ive been waiting to redo my computer with MX15 so I could play this game until that’s ready but I’m getting sick of Windows 10 upgrades 🙁 Hoping it will work on a Linux branch-off. .. if anyone knows about MX i would apreciate some advise/direction on the possibilities. 🙂

  • Haven’t bought it yet because I’m waiting for a portable version (Vita or 3DS). Guess I won’t buy it anytime soon… maybe never? hahaha
    It’s a shame since I barely play on PC and PS4 anymore, while I spend every free time I have playing Disgaea on Vita, which I’m addicted to :<

  • Ichigo Saionji

    Tbh I’d love to see a vita port x3 (i mean it already comes for ps4) and I don’t think the vita is a dead console, i know many people who play on it :0

  • Carson

    PLEASE !!Bring me the mac version ,around owner of the pc version and would buy it again to play on my mac

  • Would love it if you hurry up with the Mac version. I’ve been dying to play it after reading all the positive reviews, but sadly, I game on a Mac..

  • Rubedo

    Didn’t play story of seasons for long, but this game, lots of time put in. Why? Because PC! I thought the game controller was good, not rudimentary as you said.

  • kayyim

    +1 for a vita port! just bought mine last week (i’m late i know), and I love it!
    Dying to play this game. I have a mac so I’ve been waiting for that as well. Huge fan of HM series so this would definitely become a favorite as soon as I get my hands on it.

  • Navada_Death

    Plz let couch co-op be a thing


    I don’t own a vita but I would definitely buy one just for Stardew Valley. And it would also fit perfectly for the 3DS too! 🙂

  • Matthew Olitoquit

    This would be amazing on the Vita. This mighty console can definitely handle this game and after watching people play this game, i am for sure to buy it when it’s released ( and stable haha )

  • borborygmus

    Let me +1 the request for a Vita port

  • Ziggy Tull

    Vita version! Pleeeeeeazzzzze!

  • Jozef

    Could we get a Vita port please?

  • Doopstein

    Already own the game on Steam and I would love to own it on Vita as well.

  • Phoenix5453

    Is there an estimated date for when Stardew Valley on Mac will release? I really want it, and i just want to know when i can get it.

  • Please please please release a Vita port. I’d buy that day 1 and I’d pay handsomely for it.

  • Warco

    I would love to pitch in with my vote for 3ds or Vita. I use my vita far more, but this would probably work better with a 3ds as seen in the concept photos below. I don’t have any consoles, and this game is definitely small enough data wise and graphically to run well on either handheld. Please make at least one of those happen. I would buy it in a heart beat! I am actually really wanting a handheld version now that I looked at some of these comments. Darn you people, making me want things!

  • Leah

    Two things. For one people complaining about Harvest Moon hopefully realize that the Harvest Moon games took a dive because of issues between Natsume and Marvelous causing them to part ways. Marvelous now does their own games; Story of Seasons, while Natsume continues to have ownership of the Harvest Moon titles hence why they seem so different. They are completely different games with the same title. Two; I really really hope they make a way for people to transfer their saved files from their pc to the console. I am unfamiliar if the tech is there to do that yet, I suspect not given it hasn’t been possible for other games, but I am so hoping theres a way. I would hate to lose all my progress.

  • Cara

    Congrats on your amazing progress and success!! When I first read about Stardew Valley, I was cautiously hopeful for a Mac port. Thrilled to hear that I can be wholeheartedly excited!

  • Andrew sz

    How long is soon for the mac? I have been watching gameplay and I really like the game. A Mac version would be great because a lot of people use Mac, so it would draw draw more people into playing this magnificent game.

  • Vastana

    I get the feeling that multiplayer isn’t really a priority anymore.


    DOn’t worry steam is making a handheld console that will play it. Plus it is going on playstation therefore there is a chance it will get on PSN (playstation network)meaning it may be up for download to psp/ psp vita C= I personally would love it on 3ds again even if it was digital wouldn’t complain!

    • Don’t worry steam is making a handheld console


      • MEH NAME

        Yes they are making a handheld steam console that will play it.

  • Chris

    Yo how much longer till this thing is on the mac? Why is this taking so long?

  • Kilman Gamer

    Can you pleaseee port it to 3ds i want it to baddd! it would fit perfectly and everybody would love it!! come on please if it can go on wii u then it can go to 3ds PLEASE!

  • DarthNever

    PLEASE BRING TO PS VITA (sorry about caps)

  • David Ledermann

    Just bought the game on GOG last night.
    Hope the Mac port is coming soon since I would prefer to run it natively on my mac.
    Also a VITA port would be great

  • Mike Fokkema

    i hope the multi player is coming soon to pc, want friends of mine will only buy it when multiplayer comes out en so i can play with the, becuase the game is awesome

  • PS Vita/3DS too hopefully? 😉 <3 So everyone can play Stardew Valley everywhere !

  • Falion

    We need a Vita version.

  • aggt Turner

    This game would be perfect on VITA!

  • Eszra .

    Great, still can’t play it. No 3DSXL versions in the works? More then likely not.

  • Ariel G.

    Yaaaay!!! I will FLIP when this happens!!! I am so excited to hear this ^_^

  • Cole Albaugh

    im a mac user and i got the install today so i installed it and than clicked play and did not work and i did all the troubleshooting options now what do i do

  • Eliza

    Any news on the Mac version?

  • Eliza

    Is there more news about the Mac version?

  • Shkaev

    Mac, mac, mac!

  • Peter Hardy

    Could you please, please, please make sure the interface is so teensy tiny that it makes the game completely unplayable. I guess these games are all developed on monitors and then sometimes get released without play testing them on a normal tele, Witcher 3 had to have patches to address this and the console port of Wasteland Directors Cut is downright silly, 50″ tele and I have to sit a couple of foot away from the screen to read the tiny text.

  • Ismael Rosales

    Wii U, thank you!

  • Traace

    Both, the vita and the nintendo 3DS are ARM based system. As long as this game comes out for iOS or Android, the chance for such a port is higher.

    Its bad to see that this game ain’t coming for PS3 nor Xbox360 even
    while they got enough performance for this. I don’t see the point to buy a new console just because the industry is trying to force me to do so. Maybe thats why i’m still running a big Tube TV in 2016 🙂

    “The pig eats whatever u deliver to them :)”

    However, please keep in mind, developing games for consoles require very expensive developers kits + licenses, so in my opinion this indie developers here did it right 🙂

  • Supersamus77

    There should be cross console multiplayer, like pc and wii u as an example.

  • Gramster2016

    I really, really, really can’t wait for this on xbox one. Had me temporarily excited when you said winter as it’s winter now in Australia, then I realised you meant the American winter time. So around October-December sometime it’s out? I seriously cannot wait! This is torture!

  • Claire Read

    I’m a bit behind the times, but I just wanted to say – woo HOO! This is the news I’ve been waiting for. You may as well just take my money now.

  • William Dalgleish

    So glad to be getting an Xbox One port!

  • Marques de Sousa

    You could bring the language option for the Brazilian Portuguese. I really want to play this game and certainly buy for console, but I can not speak English T.T

  • Gordonette Freeman

    Please do a Vita version! I’d like to play it and would 100% buy it again <3

  • I had a jam on Stardew via Gamestream to my Nvida Shield.
    Seems to suite a controller nicely (the Shield controller is very similar to Xbox)

  • Smurfette

    What about being available for the Regular WII??!??!?! PLEEEEEEAAASSEE!!!!

  • Milky Kou

    Vita and 3ds port would be wonderful on the go. It takes time but time can make it worth while.

  • Tiffany Leavelle

    I have a Wii U and would love to get this game but my Mac isn’t up to par so I can’t get it on steam. is there a release date yet?

  • Marcus Alves

    Steam players will be able to transfer the save game for ps4 for example?

  • Mando44646

    3DS or Vita?

  • saintfighteraqua

    I came here to request a Vita version but it looks like I’m late! Vita has such a loyal fan base and we’re grateful to any support.

  • Hei Gameplays

    Make version for Nintendo 3ds

  • David Hackett

    Man, if this was on 3DS I would never put it down. This is a game that I honestly love and if I had the option on being able to travel with it, it would make my life so much happier ngl

  • swapware

    I will be buying Stardew Valley again on XBox One when its released , hopefully they remember to release in Australia as well, some developers forget we are here, but another $20 will be coming your way this december, lost track of how many games i have re-bought just to play on the X-Box One

  • Tibo_Blux

    3DS port is love, 3DS port is life. Please 🙂

  • Jose LM

    vita version please!

  • Aquamarth

    No sega game gear port?

  • LadyPoodle

    Can you make it on the 3ds as well? It would be really neat if we could take it around when we need to do somethin ;D

  • Becca Sheepcakes

    Any chance it will come to the 3ds or new 3ds?

  • Sara Carmona Artés

    Why not a 3ds versión? I’d love to take the Game with me.

  • Dante

    Cant wait for this
    How much will it be $

  • fear

    ps vita with limited run for retail copy it be day one for me!

  • Evan Huxley

    Vita port would be appreciated, and great work on the job 55 hours in so far. I bet another 50 will go just as quick 😀

  • Kyle

    pssst… y’all guys got dat vita port?

  • puretube

    heard so many good things about stardew valley. can’t wait to play it on my xbone!!

  • Sc0ttPi1grim

    Absolutely wonderful game created with such care and appreciation. I recommend this game to anyone who loves gaming. An incredible joy to play and sink hours into. I’ve been looking forward to the console ports just to buy it again;). But I have to ask if there’s any chance of a Nintendo switch version being considered, just thinking about being able to take Stardew valley with me on the road and playing it when and where I want sounds amazing.

  • James Jeans

    Not a whole lot of Q4 left. I hope the console version is still on track for this year.

  • Monkin

    Really hoping for a ps vita version, saw this for pc and wanted to check and see if I could just buy it on my vita so I could play it in bed, alas… please put out a ps vita version as well!!

  • Raulsdg

    I played this game some time when it was out and it got Boeing for me… Even tho i love harvest moon
    .. this feels more like a portable title please PLEASE LORD bring it to the 3DS

  • Zelane

    I just want to put my support behind a vita version! I love the PC version but this is the perfect game to play when I have to make a long flight somewhere, would really zen me out during turbulence

  • Great! So I dont buy it for PC in Steam sale and wait for Xbox. 😀

  • “I’m also excited about the possibility of utilizing special console features like the Wii U’s second screen!”

    I guess that excitement must have worn off quickly, since you cancelled the Wii U version a few months later.

  • Vriess

    Wii Version has been canceled apparently. It’s been pushed the Switch. Would make for a decent launch title. I’d prefer a 3DS version for my daughters.

  • Vera Papini Ribeiro

    OMG please please please make a 3DS or Vita version. Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. This is the best game ever! I’ve benn playing it sins the launch!


    R.I.P Wii U

  • GrimmyReaper

    Seeing how everyone is asking

    I’d love to see a Vita or 3DS version as well. Bought it on Steam, love it but would not buy on my PS4. There would be no point. A handheld, I can play that anywhere. Minecraft, Terraria (and Starbound initially) are great games for on the go, the bus, the train, at a boring family party.

    I wouldn’t even care about the multiplayer.

  • Bryan Albrecht

    The people of Vita Island demand this game!

  • Naria Silverweed

    I would be happy for VITA and/or 3DS. And before any haters could say anything about VITA not mentioned in E3 Press, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still games being made for it. One of the games I look forward to being released for it is Banner Saga and Hakuouki Kyoto Winds

  • Angel Tully

    Make it for ps3 Pleasee

  • VemCáMeuNego

    PLEASE ! Do a VITA version !

  • RGent

    Saw the ps4 version on playstation universe.com and the first thing i did was look on psn for a vita version this game suits it so well gutted its not on there it needs to happen

  • Iancovici Dragan

    Vita pleaseeee

  • Simon

    Vita maybe?

  • ur alien friend

    plz bring it to the 3ds! It would make do much money and i would play the shit out of that.

  • Joanna Cressy

    I hope it comes onto Nintendo 3DS soon! That would be amazing!

  • Matheus André

    Does the Wii.U version exist? If not, please make a postage! (Only I have a Wii.U ???)

    • Aztec

      It’s long since it was announced they hadn’t o scrap the WiiU version in favor of the Switch which was of course the correct decision.

      This game is available for:
      PS Vita

      Chances are you at the very least own a PC to post here and this game can run on a toaster so if your only console in 2018 inexplicably continues to be the WiiU then I’d above you to get the PC version for your Windows, Mac or Linux machine.