Stardew Valley 1.2 live on Xbox One + Playstation 4!

Hey folks! Stardew Valley 1.2 is now available for Xbox One and Playstation 4 players!

Stardew Valley is now available to play in seven different languages; English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian-Portuguese! While localization is the main feature of this update, 1.2 also includes some controller improvements and important bug fixes. Check the patch notes below!

Equates to PC version 1.2.29

Patch Notes

  • Translations for German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • When using a controller, the cursor will snap between menu buttons by default. If you disable that, the cursor will instead accelerate while moving.
  • When using a controller, pressing the back button will skip events that are skippable.

Bug Fixes

  • Wallpapers and floors no longer have a tile placement indicator showing a random object
  • Increased stability of preference-saving code.
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when a pig tries to spawn a truffle but there’s no space for it.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could have occurred at any time during the game.
  • Fixed a typo of the word ‘pronounce’ in the marriage event.
  • Fixed the player not getting the recipe for Cookies if they skip Evelyn’s event.
  • Farming level now affects crop yield prior to level 10.
  • Fixed crashes while loading save files.
  • Fixed crashes while saving due to slay-monster quest.
  • Minor performance improvements on the farm. (Console Specific)
  • Miscellaneous audio fixes. (Console Specific)
  • Removed achievements tab from collection window (Console Specific).


  • Shin sKy

    French translation please !!!!!

    • Mickael Chausse

      Apparemment il existe déjà une traduction française plutôt bien réalisée par la communauté, si tu tiens vraiment à avoir le jeu en français je te conseille d’essayer:


      Après effectivement je suis d’accord sur le fait que ne pas fournir de traduction française est un peu étonnant mais bon si il s’avère que ce patch fr est plutôt bien réaliser il n’y a plus matière à se plaindre.

    • xarai

      mutliplayer > dumb language

  • DistopianPotluck

    Can we have a button on the controller(there are a few unused ones) that when i select an item on the top row of the inventory it moves the item to any of the bottom 2 rows? And the same button moves any item in the bottom 2 rows to an empty slot in the top one?

  • Thoraxekicksazz

    This is prime time to be on the Switch. There is almost nothing to play on it still.

    • Blu

      Yeah no, there’s plenty to play on it.

      • Thoraxekicksazz

        I have played through all of Zelda BotW, Disgia 5, and Minecraft. There is pretty much nothing else to play. Arms, No thanks. Mariokart, got it on my Wii U. So my Switch sits in it’s dock wait, gathering dust.

  • Thanks guys! My only real point of contention is: What about the handing-in-to-Gunther bug? I have a year 10 save with everything completed except the artefacts and the fruits. I have all the artefacts, but handing in to Gunther causes a crash.

    The issue was supposedly fixed several patches ago, but the fix is most definitely not retroactive.

    • A quick update: Issue not resolved by patch– it not has Gunther simply ignore you, making the game hang (while continuing to play music) as long as A is pressed while trying to talk to him, then returns to normal afterwards.

      So Gunther’s gone from Cthulhuing my game to the silent treatment.

    • xarai

      pc seems to be fine and thats what most ppl care about id rather mutliplayer be released b4 ur problem

      • Strongly disagree; bugs should be focused on before adding new features (which always bring with them further bugs).

        Multiplayer would be great, sure. But if it came out right now, I wouldn’t play it. I wouldn’t want to get 5-or-so years in and hit this bug again. In theory it’s fixed on new saves, but until I get confirmation, I’m done with Stardew.

  • Jamie Lynn

    Is there a way to disable the new click feel when you enter the menu/inventory screen? I really liked the ability to sail smoothly over my inventory, now I have to tap the joystick numerous times just to pick an item. It’s getting old! :/

  • Doti Hicks

    Can we have a zoom button for ps4 verizon

    • Why would you want a zoom button?

  • Kittenn1011

    Can I inquire the status of PC multiplayer? Because this post was coincidentally made on the first day of the Steam summer sale and I plan to purchase when multiplayer is available so I can play with someone (as opposed to borrowing it from their steam library), so I’m just wondering if it’s coming soon and if it might be worth it to pick it up during the sale or if I should just continue waiting and perhaps pick it up during the next one?

    • Katabelle Voice Actress

      Could we have a multiplayer update please?

      • dawnbomb

        yeah when the hell is multiplayer. still haven’t bought the game and have been telling everyone i know to wait.

        just waiting to see if its real or full of lies. updates would be nice but they aren’t happening, and i don’t support developers that lie to their player base.

        • Kittenn1011

          The only people who need to wait are the ones who specifically want the multiplayer experience. This game has great gameplay in the single player that does exist, and the update had a bunch of awesome features that I’d’ve expected to be a paid DLC with most other devs. It’s a good game at a fair price for what it is. The reason I’m not purchasing it is only because we’ve already purchased a copy in my household, and we only need to purchase two copies of a game for each of our steam libraries when we want to play multiplayer together. If you’re not purchasing it because you only want to play multiplayer, that’s cool too, but it’s still an awesome game without it.

          And I don’t think Chucklefish is lying about multiplayer, I just wish he’d keep us updated as to progress and likely timeline for it to be released.

          • dawnbomb

            i don’t care if a game is the best puzzle game this decade. i’m not going to support a lying developer. to many people make all this hype for sales and then fail to deliver.

            i support people who actually deliver on promises.

            nothing short of not lying, is gonna change my mind.

          • cftroop

            Who said they’re lying about anything? I’m sure they’re still working hard on it. Cool your jets. Some people here are just jumping right to conclusions. Sheesh

          • Kittenn1011

            Exactly. He’s done nothing so far to make me think he’s lying about multiplayer. He’s lied about nothing else and he’s added other new content to the game free of charge, so I expect we’ll get the same from multiplayer… eventually.

          • dawnbomb

            people always say that, and then when things don’t deliver they go ‘don’t be greedy, the game in this forum/blog totally has tons of content and is a great game just enjoy it’

            like where do you people come from all the time? don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? people need to fucking heat and blaze their jets, and open their eyes at lying ass developers who don’t deliver on promises.

          • cftroop

            I don’t know why you’re acting like he owes us something considering he already said it won’t be this summer, so if you bought the game for the sole purpose of playing multiplayer then that’s on you.

          • dawnbomb

            actually he DOES owe us something. thats what a promise of sale is. when people pre order games, they actually expect to get what they paid for.

            technically even tho developers get away with it all the time, it is ILLEGAL and a CRIME to sell under false pretenses.

          • cftroop

            That’s not what you paid for though. Multiplayer was not advertised when you bought the game. If you go to the game page it still doesn’t list anything about it IIRC. Stop acting so entitled.

          • dawnbomb

            it was announced before the game even launched…

          • xarai

            your point? it was announced… means nothing a lotta companies lie
            they’ve been concentrating on sucking console dick instead of what the actual customers wanted. the multiplayer keeps getting pushed back to make way for console updates which is bullshit. they could dbl their profits already by just releasing multiplayer I alone know 12 ppl now was 5 that will buy the dang game when it becomes multiplayer and thats not including the 7 ppl I will buy the game for so I can play with friends

          • Derrik Curran

            I know it’s a month later but as a gamer and a developer, comments like yours make me genuinely sad. $15.00 is unequivocally a fair asking price for Stardew Valley, as a product compared to other products. As a consumer, all you have to do is look at what’s being offered, asses its value, and compare that to the asking price. It’s as simple as that. This talk about stuff mentioned in blog posts and your personal agenda about “promises” and “lying” do not play into it.

            This is precisely why so many developers keep gamers in the dark.

            The sense of entitlement and utter disrespect for other people’s work so prevalent in the gaming community make me embarrassed to be a part of it.

            Not only does Eric Barone seem like a remarkably good person, he spent thousands of hours pouring his heart into a project that he cared about, communicated with fans better than most developers, and paid close attention to feedback. And he did it almost entirely by himself which is mind blowing. We, as gamers, are lucky to have games like this in a sea of soulless, mass market cruft. Show some respect, not to mention basic human decency. Unless I’m completely misreading the situation, the man truly wants to bring people happiness.

            Software development is HARD. Things change. Unexpected complexities arise. Delays happen in all software development but especially with games. That’s reality. Nothing Eric Barone has done has been “ILLEGAL and a CRIME”, as you implied. I’d suggest actually reading about the laws you’re referencing:

            “The elements of false pretenses are: (1) a false representation (2) of a material past or existing fact (3) which the person making the representation knows is false (4) made for the purpose of causing (5) and which does cause (6) the victim to pass title (7) to his property”

            Also see:

            “slander. n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another, which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.”

            I think you’ll have a better time if you try being a nicer, more reasonable person.

          • Nico Pedersen

            He’s not working on multiplayer, i think it’s the puplisher chucklefish that’s working on it, and the game was made for single player, so it’s probably a lot harder than they anticipated, but still worrying that they haven’t said anything, when they started on it last fall.

    • Frosty

      there was a person (can’t remember who) at chucklefish that said it wouldn’t be ready for this summer. Hopefully it will be ready in the fall, or winter, worse case being the start of next year.

  • RedWolfy

    You have my buy right now, guys! Thx a lot for translations! 🙂

  • 氷菓 アーロン

    I agree, multiplayer. 1 year down

  • Holly Nash

    In terms of disabling cursor control in this update , how and Where do i change it ?

    • Jamie Lynn

      I’m also wondering about this! Have you found out anything yet?

    • Jamie Lynn

      You just uncheck the “use controller-style menus” in the options screen. Took me a while to figure that out as well. 🙂

  • кєlу

    Jestem zawiedziona, gdyż od kilku dobrych miesięcy czekam na akutualizację związana z MULTIPLAYER. Moje oczekiwania dobiegły końca ponieważ nie mam zamiaru wchodzić codziennie na waszą stronę żeby się bardziej dołować. Chciałam zakupić grę bo myślałam że w najbliższym czasie dodacie tą aktualizacje. Ale niestety nie tylko to mnie zawodzi.. Bo też to że nie ma języka Polskiego, a Japoński jest.. Masakra. Moim zdaniem straciliście cierpliwość graczy..

  • Tom Nickles

    Either of these issues fixed?

    Museum bottom row overlap issues with inventory window (PS4)(XB1)(PC)
    Geode duplicate rewards – Sometimes geodes produce the same mineral reward many times in a row (PS4)(XB1)

    • Overlap issues are kind of fixed in that you can lock the inventory at either the top or bottom from the options menu. Geode rewards not fixed.

      Gunther freeze… still not fixed. Just broken in a different way now.

  • blitz07play

    Multiplayer please!!!!!!!!!

  • Cavaleiro Sentimental

    Multiplayer !!!!!!

  • Ararera

    I originally bought this game with the hope that multiplayer would be out within the first year. Didn’t I read from the developer that this would be happening?

    Single player was amazing… I just wish I hadn’t wasted money on the second copy so prematurely. This is definitely my fault for being preemptive… but boo the lack of real updates on this! 🙁

  • Diaurora Putra Perdana

    Multiplayer? At least make an update about it so it’ll seems that you care about it.

  • Kimberly Rodriguez

    This is my first time commenting here and i’ve been keeping track of updates since even before the game came out.. but I really gotta say a few things. Made an account just to comment.

    This game is great and all.. and I’ve wasted a great amount of hours in it as well as spruced the game up with fan made mods and whatnot to make it more lively, but I haven’t touched Stardew Valley for a looooong time. I’m talking about like 3 or 4 months after its initial release. What’s the point?

    I mainly bought the game for multiplayer, as did the majority. If I wanted a single player experience then I’d go for my other sims like Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing or Rune Factory(RIP) because they have more content, and although two of those games have multiplayer (Animal Crossing having the best in terms of interacting with your friends. Harvest Moon ANB and SoS.. not so much but they’re trying), they still have more to do than in Stardew Valley. Mods make the game feel like it has more content but it’s not the same..
    What sucks is that the other life or farm type sims aren’t getting much love lately and have no console or PC releases (Harvest Moon is just terrible so I don’t care for that shitty excuse of a “PC” version they’re probably never going to release) so that’s the one thing Stardew’s doing right.. but that’s not enough to entice everyone. Especially those who mainly play sim games. We want to play these kinds of games with friends, but there isn’t any legitimate farm sim game that does yet.
    Don’t get me wrong, though. Single player is good, yes.. but when you promise to put multiplayer in a game, is where it becomes a problem. And not keeping us in tabs of updates, either? Of course some people are frustrated with this.
    Translations were needed. I understand that as well as bugfixes, but keep us informed on multiplayer updates so we know it’s still going to happen! Don’t just completely throw that under the bus and expect no complaints about “y no multiplayer?”.

    I’m hoping to see at least some progress on it next year but as far as i’m concerned.. This game has lost its luster for me. It’s like, there’s so much that you can do in single player as is that it gets boring, and ends up not being as exciting and fun as it used to be.

    • Max Cejuela

      Sorry but you don’t make much sense. You say there is more to do in harvest moon, animal crossing, etc. Yet you complain that there’s too much to do in single player that it gets boring. Getting upset because multiplayer hasn’t been implemented yet is valid since it’s been over a year now with few updates on the matter, but unfortunately it’s not under his control. The multiplayer aspect is being handled by Chucklefish Games and they don’t have a good track record for doing things on time. Ape said himself that he had 2 choices: get the singleplayer out now, or get the singleplayer + multiplayer out at a later date. You bought the game knowing it didn’t have multiplayer but you still wanted to play it. If what you wanted most was the multiplayer, you should have waited to buy it later on.
      P.D. For $15 dollars ($9 steam summer sale) this game gives you more than what it’s worth for a fraction of what any other game of the genre can deliver. So be patient and be grateful that you got to play it before and didn’t have to wait an extra year or more just to have it come out with multiplayer.

      • Kimberly Rodriguez

        First of all, I know Chucklefish is working on the multiplayer. I don’t understand why you’d think I’m blaming ConcernedApe for taking so long making it, when he said himself that Chucklefish is going to work on multiplayer. Nice assumption there.
        I’ve.. already said that i’ve been keeping tabs on SV’s updates since even before the game’s release.

        Also, yes. My main reason for purchasing the game is for the multiplayer but even if it was singleplayer only, I would have still bought it. Because I love sim games. Especially independent ones since they have more creative permissions.
        So I don’t understand what your issue on why I decided to purchase the game, is. If you thought I was upset and outraged for not getting multiplayer immediately after the purchase, you’re sadly mistaken.

        Now I will admit that I’m a little on the annoyed side that it’s taking so long to come out, but I’m not blaming ConcernedApe at all for that. He has worked on the whole game as is, all on his own(Even the music, can you believe it?!), with Chucklefish’s partnership to publish it and to work on multiplayer.
        I know how tedious that kind of work is, since I do my own individual projects as well, and it takes a reaaallly long time to get it done all by yourself. Getting the extra help from Chucklefish was a good idea since making multiplayer games takes time, and the extra help is needed to speed up the process.. but does it really have to take a whole year to do that? Are they providing a special mode for multiplayer? I’m skeptical of what it’ll be but I will look forward to whatever it is.

        As for CA, I’m pleasantly impressed with all that he’s done for Stardew and still am, but the reason why I don’t play the game as much if not at all anymore, is because I’ve already done all that I wished to do with the game and then some by adding some mods in, to spice the game up a bit. I’m entitled to feel a loss of interest in a game after a while, as are you and everyone else in the world.
        Now I don’t know if there will be a Stardew Valley 2, but I will most likely purchase that game in an instant (regardless of multiplayer), because I appreciate CA’s hard earned work on his game.
        I commend the man. He inspires me. I have no issue with him. Just with Chucklefish’s lack of multiplayer update information.

        Let’s get to the topic of multiplayer now, shall we? That was the key reason as to why I bought the game when it was released, yes, but I was going to get it anyway even if it was singleplayer only. And no. I do not regret my purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed Stardew Valley, which is why I felt like ranting about how much I wish this game should have multiplayer already. I can rant about it if I want to… though I probably won’t again and will just wait some more. I didn’t want to comment back but I felt the need to correct you on some things you may have misinterpreted from my “rant”.

        Back to the Stardew Valley multiplayer topic. I will most likely have that spark of interest in the game again, once multiplayer is released. There’s a few friends of mine who have the game, too, who feel the same way I do. We’ll wait for multiplayer. That’s what we have been doing for a while now.

        But in the meantime while I wait, I’m more occupied with Story of Seasons 2, waiting for the SoS game for Switch coming soon info, as well as Animal Crossing anything.. Rune Factory is dead unfortunately so I won’t talk about that, and Harvest Moon is trying as hard as they can.. but it’s not as good as Story of Seasons. Natsume really needs to team with Marvelous again…
        You don’t have to read all that. That’s just my own personal input on my favorite franchises. As you can tell, I’m quite passionate about my sim games. Obsessed, even.. but not really.

        One game I am currently interested in getting is Ever Oasis that is coming soon, which has co-op and seems to look like an appealing game that will occupy my time for a good few months. It reminds me of Fantasy Life, which is another 3DS gem that I also absolutely adore. I love all of the sim games I play and do from time to time, go back and play ones I’ve previously played. I may as well with Stardew.. but probably not until multiplayer.

        Now going on to why I feel as though the other games I mentioned before, have more content than Stardew. For one.. they have multiple titles. That’s one reason to appeal to them more, though unfair to Stardew since there’s only one game. Like I said, I’d more than gladly purchase a Stardew Valley 2 and the future releases of the games if ConcernedApe was going to do something like that. I’ll wait years if I have to, just like with my other favorite titles. Even if he decides not to make a second game, that’s fine too.
        I’m not sure if you’ve played them, but I will tell you the kind of content each game I mentioned, has. So you don’t think i’m bashing on Stardew just because the other games have more titles and think that’s the only reason why it has more “content”.
        I’ll simplify it a bit more, because I don’t want to write paragraphs about each game right now and if you already played them, then you should know what they’re about. So I’ll list the pros and cons of each.

        Animal Crossing

        -Has the best co-op out of the others
        -The game feels longer, due to the real-time setting, so getting everything isn’t as easy to do as binging in Stardew for hours and waiting for your crops to grow, or farming for those delicious truffles to sell.
        -Museum system is similar to Stardew’s when it comes to digging (or fishing) for artifacts, but the fossils and portraits are based on real artifacts and give you pretty good descriptions on what each item’s origins and history are. It’s not really necessary, but a good way to know your history about things you probably didn’t even know about. The same applies to the fish and bugs, too. I love you, Blathers. ..And hate you, Crazy Redd.
        -Can customize outside of your own house, like your whole town and upgrade stores as well. Not to mention selling your own things with your own price tag in the Re-Tail store (exclusive to New Leaf), and changing the appearance of your furniture and other catalogue items to the way you want them. Spongebob-themed house? It’s possible so long as you have either downloaded or created the design pattern. You can also haggle prices either higher or lower, which is fun to abuse.
        -Turnips. Serious business. Similar to Iridium, Rare Seed or diamond farming in Stardew, but this one has more of a challenge because turnip prices vary and you actually have to go to other people’s towns if Nook is being such a pansy about turnip prices. If you’re too late, your turnips end up rotting and you’ve lost all of those bells for nothing, having to throw those spoiled turnips into the trash. The feeling sucks just as much as crows in Stardew inhaling your valuable crops one morning because you forgot to put a scarecrow there. While I do appreciate the quality in the crops or other items are randomized, I still find turnip selling much more challenging because you have to wait actual real days to hope for a right price… and if you time travel backwards because you forgot you had turnips in your inventory or storage, your turnips rot, so you’re forced to deal with the consequences of waiting to make a good profit!
        -More options, when it comes to customization of clothing, houses and pathways.
        -The ability to visit someone else’s town! And the ability to also mutilate their trees, steal their fruits and buy all of their stuff!
        -More engaging Festivals and Holidays, due to the game being in real-time, so it celebrates all of your region’s holidays and each holiday has a nice little quest you can do for every villager in your town that lasts a whole day!
        -Cross-breeding flowers and money trees.
        -Many, many villagers that you can choose to either stay or leave. They may not have as big of a background as the villagers in Stardew but they sure do have their quirky behavior and catchphrases that you can change. ..And if there’s a villager you don’t like and want gone, you can interrogate them enough until they DO leave, so you don’t have to deal with them and their obnoxious behavior forever when you play.
        -Town Commodities and Ordinances! This is exclusive to New Leaf but it’s the best feature the franchise has had yet. You can construct statues, different buildings, or
        -The game is real-time. While time travelling can be done, it’s still real time and that makes the game a chore to do every day. After a while, you’ll get bored of waiting every week of the day to get that one bug you really want and just lose interest.
        -No story. This is where Stardew shines over Animal Crossing, but the content for it still makes up for its lack of a proper story.
        -No way to mine for ore. Even though New Leaf had a go at this by providing crystals you can get from rocks (as well as bells), it’s still not the same as actual mining in Stardew, which is more profitable and more fun to do.
        -Upgrading tools is kind of lame. While upgrading tools in Stardew is more easy in my opinion, getting those gold tools are a pain. Especially the bug net since catching bugs is the most stressful thing to do. Walking normally will startle that one bug hiding somewhere that you’ve been meaning to catch for weeks! Yes. Literal weeks.
        -Running around a certain area for long periods of time kill your grass as well as running over your flowers causes them to break and disappear. New Leaf fixed the whole grass and snow deterioration but (aside from the gamecube version), the other titles had that problem and it was really annoying to deal with.
        -The worst one of them all. Because it’s real-time, if you don’t play Animal Crossing for a long time, your town will be infested with weeds, rafflesia and cockroaches in your house. Even if it’s just for a month or two, that’s what is going to happen. However in New Leaf, you can change that by changing your town ordinance to Keep Town Beautiful.

        I know there’s more information I probably overlooked in pros and cons, but you get the idea. Animal Crossing has a lot of content compared to Stardew Valley. That is a fact.

        Now let’s move on to Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon. Both games are farming sims and are different now, due to Marvelous who are the original creators of Harvest Moon and Natsume, who just helped with translations and owns the name “Harvest Moon”, separating. So both companies have their own farm sim games now and are competing with eachother which is sad.. (because Natsume is losing) but I still support both. I’m grouping them both together because they’re still similar to eachother. Also to be fair, Harvest Moon was also heavilly inspired by ConcernedApe, which is why he made Stardew Valley to begin with. His own take in the farming sim and he did really, really well with it.
        Anyway, now I’ll weigh in the pros and cons of both these games.

        -Has a story. Much like Stardew does as well, the stories differ from each game but the main concept is usually the same (when it comes to the older, classic harvest moon titles) You move away from the busy city life and then live a life as a farmer due to either inheritance from a deceased family member, or because you’re tired of the city. You move to a run down farm. It’s your job to fix it up and bring it back to life. You can marry, have a child and gift other people to gain their affection. You can do the same in animal crossing, but the concept is a little different.
        -More crops to choose from and cross-breeding/hybrid crops. Even though Stardew has mods to add more crops, it’s still limited to the amount you can in SoS and HM.
        -Has more ingredients to use for recipes and has more recipes in general. There’s mods for this in Stardew as well.. but it’s still limited.
        -Has more animals to choose from.
        -Referring to the wii harvest moon games, there’s more bachelor/ettes to choose from
        -In the wii titles, your child can grow up to be an adult and you can play a new game as them. I personally find that a really nice option.
        -Only the Wii titles have a better mining system that is more similar to how Stardew’s is, but excluding creatures and parasites, there’s various types of gases that affect your performance. This might not be a pro for others, but it is for me because I like a challenge but don’t want to have to fight off critters to get the kind of ore and wonderfuls I need.
        -A/nother Wonderful Life, which is the only harvest moon you can actually age in, is possibly the most depressing one of those games because of that and there is an ending to that game (which is your death). This can be a pro or a con to be honest.
        -In some parts, the Harvest Moon games have more story to them than Stardew. Even though the majority have the same lackluster story of reviving the Harvest Goddess and to save the town, A/nother Wonderful Life’s story is different and more realistic in some parts. And the two 3DS Story of Seasons games have different stories and concepts.
        -Some Harvest Moon games let you change your clothes AND your children’s clothing, as well as your spouse. (and accessories)
        -Can make jewelry. Upgrading tools is the same as Stardew so there’s no difference between the two.
        -Fences don’t deteriorate
        -More customization to your farm and house.
        -Has special easter eggs regarding other franchises. (And you can grow crops from them, too!)
        -Although limited, the 3DS titles (counting A New beginning to Story of Seasons 2), has a mediocre co-op mode, but it’s still something and A New Beginning’s multiplayer mode was a great way to get rich fast.
        -Regarding multiplayer again, there are some fun minigames that some of the older harvest moon games have, but it’s local, and feel more like Mario Party minigames.
        -Can have more than one crop field
        -Have infinite fodder storage, so no use of multiple silos cluttering farm land is necessary.

        -No same sex marriage
        -Mining system could be better. I do like how Stardew followed Rune Factory when it came to fighting off monsters and stuff to get the materials you want. That’s why Rune Factory will always be my favorite sim game of all time.
        -Bachelor/ettes aren’t as quirky as they are in Stardew. It really depends on the game, though, because personally I love the Wii versions of the games the most since the characters are more expressive and have their own individual personalities.
        -Marrying someone in the latest games is a CHORE.
        -Lack of scarecrows and sprinklers. Though Story of Seasons 2 does have scarecrows, you don’t have to worry about crows in Harvest Moon games.. just weather disasters. so it’s really just there for show.
        -Which comes to the point of weather greatly ruining your crops and quality.
        -(Excluding Magical Melody and the 3DS Harvest Moon games) Can’t choose where exactly to put your fences or other smaller outdoor items.
        -Isn’t in multiple platforms like Stardew is, which is why I wish there were some mofr PC farm games. I prefer PC and console over handheld any day.

        There’s more but I won’t discuss them all. I’m surprised if you have read all my gibberish up to this point and thank you for that since I did get rather out of hand with the whole content nonsense.

        I will say, that Rune Factory is the most like Stardew which is why I wanted to play Stardew so much when it came out. But Rune Factory will always be the best. It’s like the harvest moon games, but with more story, more monsters to fight as well as the ability to actually craft your own weapons and more.

        Also regarding what you said in the beginning. I said there’s only so much to do in Stardew that you get bored of the game. That’s.. sarcasm. I was being sarcastic. There isn’t much to do when you’ve already done what you wanted to do. But there was a decent amount of things. I did enjoy reviving the town hall and getting all of the items for it as well as marrying my beloved spouse and sprucing up my farm to make it look gorgeous.

        At the time the game came out, I was in Canada, so my price was higher than the U.S. one but I still bought it to support CA, and to wait for multiplayer.

        So no. I am not upset at the game and what’s been going on with it. I just wish there was some more information about multiplayer from Chucklefish. It’s like they are discreetly hiding that multiplayer topic under the rug and I’m not having that.

      • xarai

        you didnt read a single thing she said and its rather insulting

  • Viniciusbalbino Peixoto

    Where’s the multiplayer?

  • Glacialis1337

    Everybody’s asking for info on how the Multiplayer development is going… can’t we just get a twitter post saying “We’re working on it”? that’s all we ask.

  • Rachel

    I really appreciate the console update that made menus work properly, not like with a mouse. On the other hand, I can’t see the Community Center bundles in my inventory screen anymore (the cursor won’t go there) or find out what’s required in a bundle (again, no cursor for hovering).

    I still love the game with a contented passion.

  • Dawid Bielecki

    Jestem tymi aktualizacjami już zniesmaczony. Czekałem od ostatniej aktualizacji z przetłumaczeniami około 2 miesięcy i dostaje przekopiowanie pliku tekstowego z pc na konsole. Rozumiem tez ze dla niektórych tłumaczenie na ich język jest przyjemne ale nie gdy robi się tłumaczenia omijając dookoła kraj taki jak polska i rozumiem ze Polski jest ciężkim językiem ale dajcie spokój zrobić Chiński i Japoński dało się to dlaczego Polskiego nie można ? Dodatkowo myślałem tez ze po takim czasie od zapowiedzenia pojawi się MULTIPLAYER. Dlaczego te aktualizacje wychodzą w takim odstępie i nic tak naprawdę nie wnoszą ?

  • Multiplayer please with coop local/splitscreen on PC

  • Preston Pierce

    How can some random guy implement multiplayer in to your own game and you still can figure it out your self?

  • Lucid Halos

    I’m glad that the cursor snaps now, even though I had gotten use to the previous version as well. I know I can disable it, but I find snapping to be efficient a majority of the time.

    I do want to report a bug that hasn’t been resolved yet on PS4, mainly because I know I haven’t been the only person to have this issue (googled it). During Sebastian’s 6-heart event (the DnD session) you can only select the top choice from the list and when you try to move to a different answer it makes this god awful noise and still won’t allow you to select it. I would love to this fixed, seeing as I would like to see everyone’s heart events nicely.

  • Leo4me

    I want a new update where you add a lot of more crops 😀 please and stuff

  • Tender

    Please, we’re waiting Italian translation. A lot of us.

  • кєlу

    Polish translation please!!!

  • Wouter Sikkema

    Yeah im jumping on the new functionality/multiplayer update when? bandwagon. this game is going the same way kerbal space program is going, not adding anything to it but releasing it on more places/more languages while its going stale for everyone else. so priority! multiplayer or new stuff!

  • Thania Monica Maharani

    This is so weird. I can’t find stardew valley on ps store. What’s happened?

  • Joe Carey

    There’s another typo in the game where the plural of tomato is listed as tomatos when of course it is tomatoes.

  • Lucacat

    Have you planned an additional update/localization for the Italian language?

    PS: I will buy It on Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

  • Victor


  • トライラッシュ デッピー

    wow, who knows if anyone will see this but i’ll leave my 2cents worth. (don’t you just love putting in all that work for a new update, only for people like ME to ask you to add something newer to the game?) anywho, i think it would be great if you could release (not asking for a free update) a SANDBOX version? Stardew Valley: Sandbox Edition. where players could create their own “Valley” like, super-ultra-mega-uber customize it? like a RPG Maker or Minecraft type thing? i know i know “Minecraft schminecraft”

  • Tax KhomKrid

    Can do 2 player in one platform ?
    for play with family

  • Robby Thrasher

    I’m actually concerned with this item: “Removed achievements tab from collection window (Console Specific)”. Why? That seems like creating unwanted behavior, not a bug fix.