Stardew Valley on The Yetee


I’ve had a whole lot of requests for official merchandise since the game’s launch, so now you can wear Stardew Valley stuff on your walls, bodies and various household objects! Available now on The Yetee!

There’s a big map of Pelican Town, stickers of in-game sprites, and three t-shirts – including this Cave Dwellers shirt that I designed myself!


  • Sinjid

    Oi! I was so excited seeing an update hoping for multiplayer! Sweet shirts though!

  • Domen Kamplet

    Nice, I must to buy one!
    Again does who know when update 1.1 will be released?

    • Peem

      No one know even dev. lol

  • Jade Wills


  • Kat Roo

    I really hope ConcernedApe considers plushies of the bachelors and bachelorettes. <3 ;_;

    • Etna

      Would 100% buy a plushie of Abby – if she were real, she’d be my soulmate 😉

      • Graem


        • Etna

          I say that in jest, as a straight woman. SUPER creepy =P

        • Fourvel

          “Creepy,” says the guy with droopy murder eyes…

  • I wish the pixel designs of the stickers were available on a t-shirt too. ^^

  • Graem

    Cave-dweller shirt is pretty cute.

    • Ellie Lafonte


  • Thiago F. Reis

    Version for MAC Pleeeeeeeeeease!

  • João Rafael Romero Reato

    Hey Ape. Hugs man! I loved the game but i stop playing because i am very mad with penny. Is she betraying my char? If so, can i kill her or just divorce? hehehe. (please, don’t say to me i need to leave my farm to her and make another farm, this is so unfair 😉 )

    • João Rafael Romero Reato

      (i choose her because she is good to the kids and lovely, and i wanted to give a better life to her. I liked Leah too, but i feeled she already have a romance with elliot and i didn’t wanted to break their relation. Abgail and sebastian just looked so good together. And Maru is black, i want a kid like my char. White. But i like black people but i just don’t want to mix my genes. Maybe Sand….. I don’t know anything about her, is she good or an prostitute?)

      • João Rafael Romero Reato

        (maybe my salvation is on multiplayer…. is so many girls playing? Calm down girls, let’s just have some dating first to know each other well. Maybe i miss working as a designer in big city :O… 😉 Hugs)

        • João Rafael Romero Reato

          (besides, i think i miss the Penny i fall in love with. Maybe other girls are plotting against her… Investigation Quest Line to exonerate or blame Penny? )

          • João Rafael Romero Reato

            (i always have seen her since i was a kid. She study music, play piano and harp. But life was not good to us. Hope she’s ok in her new life.)

  • Pietro Caminiti

    Where is the Mac version???? I am waiting for it!

  • Carambar25


  • Qing Yang

    First of all, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease make the Mac version!

    Can they make the map poster into a puzzle game? That will be more interesting!

  • Slava Chibisov

    Please add mac version on Steam and take my money!!1

  • Medamaudee

    I’m not sure if it is just me but when I go to view the shirts, nothing appears! Is this because they are sold out?

  • Alie Voors

    These Shirts are super cute! I want a poster of the stardrop tree!

  • Cutie_pie_0205

    Can it PLEASE be on PS3 i just got it….. Can’t afford PS4…. It’s my fav game EVA

  • Dustin Brinnon

    Man… Already got the Collector’s Edition of Star Ocean as an early b-day gift… but then again, my wife’s haircut and color haven’t received a final price either…

  • Spiral Kipz

    While I absolutely love Stardew Valley, I hate to say that none of these T-shirts are stylized or made in a way that speaks to me. If only there were a shirt that spoke out to me so I could support this great game more 🙁

  • Marcus Rideout

    Here’s what the poster looks like – finally got around to framing mine!


  • BuddyChumPal

    do they ship to europe?

  • Kristen Nichole Lowe

    i just bought this game in year two almost now year three and i love it cant wait to buy the game guide for it