Move to Self-Publishing starting December 14th

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a pretty big announcement today.

Starting December 14th, I’ll begin self-publishing Stardew Valley on PC, XBOX, PS4, and PSVITA. On those platforms, I (ConcernedApe) will be both publisher and developer. However, Chucklefish will remain publisher on Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms.

When I first released Stardew Valley, I was a complete novice to the video game industry. Chucklefish, as my publisher, oversaw the distribution, console ports and translations of the game. They set up the official wiki and helped me redesign the website, to great effect. And of course,Tom Coxon did amazing work adding network code to the game, making multiplayer a reality.

But I’m at a point now where I’m ready to move forward on my own. I think self-publishing is the dream of most indie developers, and I’m happy to be in a place where that’s possible!

Expect some more announcements concerning the future of Stardew Valley soon… stay tuned!



From Chucklefish:

We are proud to be part of the Stardew Valley story and wish ConcernedApe every success with his new self-publishing venture. We will carry on working closely together and are particularly excited to be continuing to publish the versions of Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch and Mobile, including the upcoming Switch Multiplayer update (in submission now) and new Android version which we know many of you are looking forward to! – Chucklefish

  • BlueDavrial

    Congrats and best wishes, CA! Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you

  • Guilherme Stecanella

    I don’t know, this looks kinda wrong. It’s like use a publisher to help you in everything you need and at the moment you have money enought you just move on like “I don’t need you anymore so bye bye”.

    At the same way, I understand that your goal is be independent and that right, but I thought you will do this with Spellbound since you have so much help by cucklefish in the last years after sv launch day.

    Anyway, you’re one of the best developers I ever see and I’m just surprised. I wish the best of the best. 🙂

    • Zorn85

      It’s the wrong way to look at it. Starting out, virtually no dev can afford to self-publish, so you basically need help in this regard. It’s a financial arrangement, and I’m sure Chucklefish made out incredibly well based on the success of the game. For the scale of games he is making, assuming you don’t need them to front the money there’s no need for an outside publisher. This is just the last step of that progression.

    • DanCooper_92

      There’s probably more going on behind the scenes than we know, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Anyway, ConcernedApe isn’t involved with Spellbound, that’s a Chucklefish game.

    • Matthew

      Don’t forget that Chucklefish are developers in addition to being a publisher! Usually with that type of arrangement, the combination pub/dev gets some benefit from publishing but is honestly looking to assist their FELLOW developers who may need a little bit of help with technical/business aspects of the game release or may just need a little help getting noticed. One of the worst things that can happen to a developer is needing to rely on a not-as-good-as-chucklefish publisher who, as part of the contract for the partnership, demands ownership of the IP and X years publishing rights (possibly even lifetime if ownership is signed over). There are great games from 10 or 20 years ago that the original developers would like to remaster or rerelease but they can’t do so because their original publisher is sitting on it and won’t do anything with it or let them have it either.

      I think it reflects very well on Chucklefish as a publisher that, in whatever agreement they had with CA, their agreement obviously left this possibility open for CA to do when he was ready. I’m sure Chucklefish have loved being involved with a game that proved to be such a phenomenon (and that they have learned some things from CA as well!), but I genuinely believe they are also just happy to have helped and are not sour about it at all.

      Don’t think of it as a breakup. Think of it as Chucklefish was happy to give CA a ride to work until he could buy his own car 😉

    • Chucklefish almost certainly took a cut of every single sale that was made on every version while they were acting as publisher. It’s not like they did this for free.

    • i82678

      I believe making game just by youreself for 5 years is always must be rewarding. Ape earned all this by hard work.

    • Niklas Eriksson

      So a guy makes his own game for 5 years and then makes a deal with a company to bring it to more platforms and give the game multiplayer. In that deal they agreed the company get a share of the money. In exactly what way do they deserve more money than that?

  • Dennis Castro

    Congrats! I wish you the very best in your self publishing endeavors, you’re very talented and I hope to see more of your own work in the future. I love Chucklefish and I am glad that they helped you in pushing Stardew Valley in the game it is today, never forget them!

  • Xenosous

    I hope the Android version comes soon!

    • Josh Rain

      You and me both

      • asdf

        You and me and me too both

    • mlj11

      I also hope this split doesn’t affect feature parity between platform versions.

    • Sean Brockest

      We will never see the android version now.

      • Xenosous

        Sure feels like it

    • Ryan Jose

      the Android version may not have released for Android in August but I think this month still comes out because they will focus on the mobile version and will bypass the updates from other platforms

  • Obeast

    Congrats! I will continue to support you in every way possible.

  • kelleth

    Congrats! Best of luck! I hope the nintendo switch will finally a physical version soon! does the Japanese physical have an English option?

  • Deus Vitae

    oh I really hope the Stardew Valley adventure doesn’t end yet! 😛
    Looking forward to ANYTHING you have planned in terms of updates/content 😀

  • Angus Avalonia

    I hope I’ll see ConcernedApe as a company someday ; Helping indie developers to publish and advertise their games.

  • Zyre Soriano

    Congrats! Will there ever be a physical copy release for nintendo switch?

  • Josh Rain

    Cool. Now finish porting the iOS version to android before I pirate it. Cause honestly, it takes VERY LITTLE effort to port back and forth between iOS and Android, and frankly, I’m getting impatient. If it takes too long, I’m just ripping it from the iOS store myself and porting it.

  • BlueRaja

    Off-topic, but: this blog has all this random useless HTML metadata, but it’s missing the two most important ones: Open Graph (for expanding links in facebook/slack/etc) and Structured Data (for properly displaying results in Google).

  • Grant Kerr

    Bringing the game to new platforms is great, but content has suffered badly in the mean time. I miss the day’s when it was about making a great game with fun and interesting content. Seems even you have fallen to being about the $$

    • Brian

      A content patch is coming out soon. Seems like you think Stardew Valley is developed by a triple a studio with hundreds of people

  • Christian Beach

    Good luck! Can’t wait for Switch multiplayer!

  • Weggie25

    I hope this means you can take a second look at the VIta port. The numerous bugs (Skull Cavern layout bug is the one that did it for me) soured the game for me. And contacting support via forums and email yielded nothing. Best of luck in going solo, take a look at the Vita port? Please 🙂

  • David David

    Is PS4 multiplayer ever going to happen?

    • MartijnW


  • When is the release dste for it its been to months and is still not out whats taking so long

    • Eric Salazar


  • I’ve read a interview of you a few weeks ago. I kinda identified with you. I think you’re a very intuitive and intelligent person, and that after all this is not just a game but a “story”… And as a person who like do write stories, I think the liberty is everything. I wish you the best, and I can’t wait to see where are you taking your work. <3

  • i82678

    Nice. Just read blood sweat and pixles and goes back to the game! Wish you all good.

  • And what about the French translation on switch?

  • Kristofer Marks

    Guy says, I’m keeping all the money and the people who helped him get there are just like, yay! Pft. I hate liars.

    • switchhinde


      This game has been sold millions of times while published by Chucklefish. They definitely got their fair share. I don’t think this is a money-grabbing move whatsoever.

      • Kristofer Marks

        You are an idiot if you don’t think money is the reason for everything. Which is fine. I just hate that people lie about it. Most people call it being polite. Being polite is lying with a straight face. Have a shitty day, fucker!

        • Niklas Eriksson

          Uhm, CA developed this all by himself and then Chucklefish helped him bring it to consoles and helped with the multiplayer and got the amount of money they decided in the deal. Why should they have more money than that?

          • Jenny Digs Hailey

            I don’t know. You tell me. I never suggested they should.

          • Niklas Eriksson

            So why are you talking about the “people who helped him get there”? They got the money in their deal.

          • Jenny Digs Hailey

            You are asking questions that are answered by reading what has already been posted. If you are also curious what I would propose as a better way to announce the developer/publisher dissolution, it would go something like this. “I made a game that made me rich, now I don’t need help distributing so I’m telling my publisher to fuck off and I’m gonna get even more rich.”

          • Niklas Eriksson

            Except he didn’t tell them to “fuck off”. They made a deal and now the deal has come to an end. You just don’t understand business, that’s all.

          • Jenny Digs Hailey

            Or maybe you don’t understand the definition of ‘fuck off’.

          • Niklas Eriksson

            Yeah i did. Just didn’t agree.

          • Jenny Digs Hailey

            You don’t agree with the definition of a phrase? LOL. Fuck off.

          • Niklas Eriksson

            Aren’t you a sad one.

          • Jenny Digs Hailey

            Now we’re switching gears to ad hominem attacks, eh? Well you look like a doo doo head! Ha! I win!

    • Shadywack

      You’re a complete dumbass. They came together amicably, they sort of parted ways amicably. He’s not lying either, he just put it euphemistically. He thinks he can manage the community functions and do the work the publisher did for him. No harm no foul. CF will go on to make buckets of money from mobile and Switch. There’s just pieces of shit like you who like to make shots from the peanut gallery as if your opinion is something anyone gives a fuck about.

      I’d say “go to hell” but from the way you sadly try to troll I’m guessing you’re already there, so enjoy your shitty miserable existence.

      • Jenny Digs Hailey

        Wow, you really put some effort into that! Good job! Only thing is, ‘euphemism’ (as you’re using it) is a fancy word for ‘lie’. C.R.E.A.M., and you, too, muthafucka! Get fucked! 😀

        • Jenny Digs Hailey

          I should have written ‘euphemism’ … is a euphemism for lie! Damn the esprit d’escalier! Zut! XD

        • Shadywack

          Here’s the definition you moron:
          a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one
          considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something
          unpleasant or embarrassing.

          Stupid people reproduce too easily, and that’s why there’s so much trailer trash fucking morons like you around. If there’s a hell, you’re too much of an idiot to realize you’re burning there after you eat shit and die.

          • Jenny Digs Hailey

            What else you see in that crystal ball of yours? You’re a one man riot. Tell me more! I especially enjoyed the simpleton, singular definition of euphemism! Way to play to the first graders! XD

    • Eric Salazar

      He’s now capable of continuing without the assistance of ChuckleFish. Not too sure why you’re so worked up over an originally indie developer continuing on independently.

  • Cirom

    (in submission now)


  • Justin Butler (Justincase)

    I wish you the best! Still waiting on the marriage/family update though ;p.

  • 蔡孜骏

    Are we getting a physical release on Switch? I am still waiting.

  • Thundersword Zoldyck

    Good luck and congrats for the evolution. Wish you the best with this new way.

  • Trevor Carson

    Congrats to you on this success and many more ape. But to Chuckle Fish…

    I’m a guy who reads into the wording of thing, a bit too deeply at time. so please correct me if im wrong here, and i hope im wrong. you are excited to continue working on “Switch Multiplayer” and android. you say switch multiplayer, but not “console” multiplayer. does that mean you are not going to work on Playstation or Xbox Multiplayer or just you got in good with Nintendo and your pushing your exsisting loyal players to the back burner for a bit of extra coin?

    Please Explain

    • Eric Salazar

      The answer to your question is (kind of) in the post…

      Starting December 14th, […] on PC, XBOX, PS4, and PSVITA […] I (ConcernedApe) will be both publisher and developer. However, Chucklefish will remain publisher on Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms.

      Barone will continue with the multiplayer update on his own for the remaining consoles.

  • Taluwen

    Woohoo! Grats dude!

  • Amanda Cross

    I see that multiplayer for the Switch has been submitted. Does the new content come with that or is it later?

    • Eric Salazar

      All new content is part of the multiplayer update!

      • Amanda Cross

        That’s wonderful. I’m excited for it. I love this game so much.

  • Luuc

    When is Android coming? It’s been more than a month since iphone

  • Bruno Buzzati

    It is now official, we’ll never see a french translation. Maybe on the switch but i dont think so.. Thx a lot liar

  • Swasanna


  • Kikix

    Hello and thanks you for this awesome and calm game. Hope it will continue for a long time. I’m here posting for two things : gives you my PoV on what a fan like me wants with the game now:

    1_new content for the game
    2_same version on every platform
    3_crossplatform multiplayer
    4_the missing languages translation

    And secondo translate the game in French. Can I do it?

    If there is no new content on schedule I hope you will do a Stardew Valley 2 at least !

    Best wishes,
    For French translation contact:
    [email protected]/com

  • When the multiplayer update will come to XboxOne?

    • Carlos #TeamTDM

      I KNOW!!!

  • Daniel Santalla Denis

    I know nobody will answer this but I still have to ask: When is the multiplayer update coming to Switch?

    • Eric Salazar


  • Marcelo Valley

    Cade a versão de Android poxa?

  • I hope this means that we may get updates with new content. <3 It's understandable if not. The game is fairly old now and a gosh dang masterpiece~ But still, I'll scream and cheer if there will be.

  • Ellise Veena Tolentino

    Waiting in vain for android version. Haven’t played this in any console. So im very excited for the android version

  • Lord George Reginald Bailywick

    WHEN is the xbox multiplayer coming?

  • Andrew Holmblad

    Hey They got rid of the item name exploit in the IOS version !!! Please fix …. the brackets [] Won’t show when entered for any number for the name. And the exploit doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  • Varithian

    So basically you used Chucklefish to get to the point where you can say you are self published to fufill some fantasy of yours.

  • Vas Vadum

    I myself am happy for this. I was curious about Stardew for some time, but I’m angry with Chucklefish for allowing a hypersensitive dictator trans person control their discord and ban people freely and even get them banned from the official Chucklefish discord too by filling the discord with all her staff. Chucklefish says they can’t do anything because she’s not chucklefish employed but gets to have all the perks of being an employee therefor this is Chucklefish’s responsibility and the fault lies with them.

    Maybe now that Stardew is no longer a part of Chucklefish, I’ll add it to the wishlist to get at some point.

  • Tommy doolen

    Why can’t I buy fireplaces in the ps4 version

    • Tommy doolen

      Oh I didn’t realize that was part of the co op update I played the switch version first

  • PelvisThePelvis


    The vita version will receive this contents, except the multiplayers things?

  • Adrian Capili

    Hello Chucklefish hope you fix the PSVITA SKULL Cavern bug that repeats the floors. More powers to you Sir!

  • disqus_kSvnCQJIfD

    Thank you so very much for creating this awesome game! I just got it for Switch and am having so much fun playing it. I do wish that there were some cheats that worked like previous PC versions (like money cheats)