Mini Dev Update #5

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve added recently:

Mine Elevators


These can be built in the mines. When you use them, you can quickly travel to any other mine elevator platform you’ve built. Build a network of these and make mine travel a breeze.




As you explore the mines, you might encounter a dungeon entrance. If you can make it through in one piece, you might just leave with a pocketful of golden souvenirs. These dungeons are procedurally generated to keep things fresh. They are also totally optional for those who prefer to avoid combat!


  • A new dungeon-exclusive monster
  • Ladders that lead to and from each mine level
  • More or less finished the different mine biomes
  • approx. 10 new mine-exclusive “decor” items
  • (stuff I won’t spoil)
  • A couple of new deep mine songs
  • Back-end file IO stuff that keeps the mines persistent