Mini Dev update #6



Rings – These rare trinkets will grant you special powers when worn. Equip two at a time to customize your ability!

Boots – Boots are all the rage in Stardew Valley… But true adventurers prize them for their protective qualities. You’d be a fool to go too deep in the caves without a sturdy pair.

Minerals – Geologists from around the continent know that Stardew Valley is a wonderful place to find geodes… heavy eggs of stone that sometimes contain minerals in their hollow cores.

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The local blacksmith, Clint, is happy to break them open with his hammer for a moderate fee… revealing the glittering treasures within.




When you collect artifacts and minerals, you can choose to sell them or donate them to the local museum. As a way of saying thanks, Gunther (the curator) is happy to let you arrange the artifacts as you see fit. He might even give you special gifts or museum decorations as you work towards completing the collection.


Slingshot – After getting your hands on a slingshot, you’ll have a handy ranged weapon at your disposal. Load it up with stones, ores & more. You might have to practice a bit to get your aim down… just try not to hit Mayor Lewis on the nose!


Other things I have been working on recently:

  • Fixing bugs & unintended behaviors
  • Drawing more character portraits
  • Menus
  • A new building
  • Player character blinks occasionally

Things I will be working on soon (they are all started but not entirely finished):

  • Farming
  • Tool upgrades
  • Seasons

Of course, that’s not everything… there’s still a lot of content that needs to be added before I am happy to release this… as well as finishing multiplayer, which is no trivial task. But I am not slowing down, my virtual body is moving at generous speed and will continue!

Back to work… thanks for reading, everyone!