Dev Update #11


As you perform various tasks in Stardew Valley, you’ll gain levels in 6 different areas:

Farming, Mining, Fishing, Foraging, Combat, and Luck

You can gain up to 10 levels in each skill area. For most skills, each level-up grants you new crafting recipes, cooking recipes, or other abilities. At levels 5 and 10, however, you’ll have a chance to choose one of two different talents. Talents grant you small perks related to the skill area. Depending on which talent you choose at level 5, a different set of talents will become available at level 10.

Below you’ll see a visual example of the farming talent tree:


As you can see, your choice at level 5 will set you on a path to being slightly more animal-oriented or slightly more crop-oriented. You’ll still want to do a little of everything if you want to be a well-rounded and successful farmer, but talents will make your favorite activities a little easier and satisfying.

Other new stuff:

Some new fishes and some new dishes:


Crab pots (put bait in them and wait overnight… you can catch all sorts of things!):

Crab Pot





Tappers that you can attach to a tree for syrup collection.

Polished the look and layout of town a bit:



Thanks for reading!