Dev Update #10

Here’s another long overdue development update!



The most recent thing I’ve been working on is fishing. I’ve added:

  • Fish-catching “minigame” that requires a little bit of skill to succeed at, as well as provide more purpose for fishing equipment.
  • Variable casting distance (fishing in deeper waters can net you better fish…) that you can improve by upgrading your fishing rod.
  • Baits that entice certain fish, get fish biting faster, and more.
  • Bobbers that affect the way the minigame work… making your job easier and increasing your chance of catching difficult fish.
  • Improved the look of the water quite a bit.
  • A Fishing Shop and a fisherman NPC.
  • Fish length… bigger fish sell for more, and your biggest catch for each fish species is recorded!
  • More fish.


Here’s a video sneak peek:

You’ll also notice a new on-screen display in the upper right, which includes a snazzy new money dial to make your profiteering a bit more satisfying (sparkles, coin sounds, flying profit/loss indicators, you name it).

I’ve also added item quality (for select types of items), fertilizers, sprinklers, wells, little indicators when a “maker” is ready to be harvested, and the ability for your bee houses to produce flower-specific honey if they are close enough:


Fertilizers can increase the quality of your crops, make them grow faster, or retain moisture so you don’t have to water the soil as often.


Contrary to what one might think based on the low update frequency, I am working hard on the game every day. It’s just a lot of work for one guy, and my main focus is on developing… so unfortunately the updates get neglected sometimes. Anyways, thanks for reading!