Console 1.4.3 Patch

Hi Everyone,

There is a patch out now for Xbox and PS4, and coming soon (it’s still in certification) for Switch.

This patch fixes a few more console-specific bugs and also includes all the fixes that were in 1.4.3 on PC.



– Accept/Select or Cancel/Back actions will now be mapped differently depending on the Enter Button Assignment.

– Reduced frame rate hiccup when going between mine levels.

– Item stowing mode disabled by default.

Fixed an issue where the game could crash in certain cases when a ring (such as the Napalm Ring) would have caused another enemy to die. (this will be fixed in another patch coming soon)

– Potential fix for a crash related to viewing invalid quest data in the quest log.

– Fixed an issue where you could collect multiples of a bundle’s reward in the community center if you closed the menu without collecting them.

– Fixed an issue where naming your pet the name of an NPC could have your pet appear on the calendar on that NPC’s birthday.

– Fixed an item duplication exploit when using the add to existing stacks button on an inventory with a full stack.

– Made some fixes to the Turkish localization.

– Fixed a bug in the Crafting Menu that could cause extra resources to be consumed in certain situations.

– Adjusted the Four Corners farm map to fix layering issue with buildings.

– Fixed a bug where you could enter Wizard’s Tower before unlocking the Community Center.

– Fixed an issue causing certain wallpapers to grant a Lost Book when selected in the Catalogue.

– Fixed an issue where you could get your grange score immediately after asking Lewis to judge your grange during the Stardew Valley Fair.


There are a few more fixes that didn’t make it into this patch (notably the issue where brick floors revert to wood floors). Those lingering issues will be fixed in a 1.4.4 patch that will probably be out some time in January (the holiday season makes patches take longer). Thanks for your patience!

Happy holidays