1.5.6 out now on Steam/GOG

Hey everyone, 1.5.6 is out now.

It’s a small patch that fixes a few bugs, adds a “quality of life” feature for multi-monitor users, and addresses a few gameplay inconsistencies that have been around for a long time (i.e. the hoe dirt under mature forage crops de-spawning, and indoor grass dying in winter)

– On multi-monitor setups, the game now remembers and restores on the last used monitor.
– Potential fix for a random crash that could occur at the end of the night.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the various farm types’ wallpapers and floorings from applying when starting a new game.
– Fixed a bug where pressing ESC to dismiss the level up screen would dismiss the menu without applying the level up, causing it to reappear every night.
– Hoed dirt no longer decays under forage items on the farm. This ensures that dirt under freshly grown seasonal forage seeds can no longer disappear randomly.
– Grass placed indoors no longer dies when seasons change to Winter.
– Fixed being unable to harvest Tea Saplings placed on Garden Pots on Ginger Island.
– Fixed an issue where the Z key would be unbindable after resetting controls to the default.
– Fixed map screenshots not functioning on Linux.
– Updated Steamworks.NET to 20.0.0.

The update will come to Windows store version soon as well.
As always, thanks for playing Stardew Valley!