Stardew Valley now available on Game Pass

Hey everyone,


Stardew Valley is now available on Game Pass for Xbox & PC!

I’m hoping a lot more people will be able to play Stardew Valley now. The PC version is compatible with the Steam & GOG versions for multiplayer, so if you have any friends who haven’t played before, this might be a good opportunity to get them to play with you.

I also want to give praise to my teammate Arthur (Mr. Podunkian), who put a ton of time and effort into preparing the game for this Game Pass launch. He basically handled the whole thing, and it’s all gone off without a hitch.


In other news, the 1.5.5 hotfix patch is being worked on and should come out soon, fixing a few issues that were introduced with 1.5.5


If the game isn’t launching for you at all after the 1.5.5 patch (PC), and you’re on an older operating system, please check out this guide.