Self-publishing on Switch

Just a heads up everyone, starting today I’ll begin self-publishing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. That means I will now have full responsibility for any and all matters concerning Stardew Valley on the Switch, so if you have any comments or inquiries about the Switch version please send them directly to me.

I thank Chucklefish for their help in making Stardew Valley a major success on the Switch, and I’m looking forward to continuing full support of Stardew Valley on the platform!

With today’s change, I’m now self-publishing Stardew Valley on all platforms except mobile, where Chucklefish continues to serve as publisher.



  • Ian Morley

    That’s awesome. I hope you have continued success. I’ll admit I haven’t played the game in a while as there are a lot of good switch games but you game is one of my most played at about 60 hours.

  • Areiniah

    I only just started playing Stardew Valley for the first time ten days ago, and man, I’m totally hooked. I’ve been a harvest moon and animal crossing fan for years, so this game really hits the spot in so many brilliant ways! Absolutely amazed at the quality, pixel art and music – speaking of which, I’d love to hear the music played more often/for longer in the game, it’s so nice but ends so quickly! I’m an avid cross stitcher so I can totally see myself stitching my character and favourite townspeople. Thanks from Tasmania Australia for such a great time, looking forward to many more hours of fun 🙂

  • Matt Horwell

    Will Stardew Valley be released on a physical cartridge in the UK as it has been in Japan? I’d love to buy it on the Switch, but I prefer physical media rather than digital download. Thanks!

  • Pasquale Bruno

    Hi Eric! I have always seen your video game with extreme interest, so much so that I asked my girlfriend to buy it on the PC and play with it and then tell me how it was … well she was in love with it! So my question is this, I know you are alone and the work is hard, but what about the Italian on switch, is it coming out soon? On ps4 and pc if I’m not mistaken it is already present. Thanks and congratulations!

  • Sam Burges

    I have a few friends who have Stardew Valley on PC but, I have the Switch version. So I wondered if cross console play is in the works or not because I think lots of people, including my friends and I, would enjoy it. The game is amazing and keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Heropon

    That’s great news !
    Does this mean we will get the last updates soon on Nintendo Switch, especially the languages update released on Steam ?
    I’m waiting for French language to play the game on my Switch.
    Thanks for the hard work 🙂

    • Demonicmobster

      Y’all can wait. We (Xbox and ps4) players still haven’t gotten the multiplayer update yet and y’all switch players got it before us despite the game coming to us sooner. Y’all can wait for more updates till we get ours. It’s been a year and eight months since the update came out for pc which shouldn’t be a thing since microsoft made it easier to port to Xbox from pc then Nintendo did for the switch. On a personal note I bought this game to play with my wife (whom I married 1 years and 11 months ago) and guess what we had a beautiful baby girl before the update was apparently even in development.

  • Davide Bellino

    That’s beautiful news!

    Please, italian language in Switch versione ( and others language for everyone players!)

  • Kahalua

    So hooked. Finally am down to the very last of getting everything accomplished. One thing that I struggle the most with is getting the craft every item. I am almost positive that I have crafted every item listed, yet it won’t show me to be sure, and it’s really frustrating. I am using the Switch playing the game. Really confused. Is there anyway of knowing exactly what items I may be missing? This would help out so much.

  • Ян Степанов

    Ok, cool, self publishing, chucklefish is bad … or good or… whatever, u got more money, so whats up with game now? no news? do people really care about publisher? no! we want updates, new maps, new monsters, weapons, robots, ghosts, anime-styled girls, sport cars and big apple pie.

  • Nathan Lee

    When is the Korean language patch for Switch being released? We are waiting for more than half a year.

  • Alura Bisset

    Are there any plans to make a “zoom out” function for the switch? I find that it’s a bit too zoomed in as a default. 🙂

  • Manolo


    Will the Italian language arrive in the Nintendo Switch version?

    • Nicolas Bob Degrassi


      Same question. Italian on switch?

  • Crescent Moon

    I’m glad you now self publishing stardew on the switch. There are two things i have noticed that have frustrated me a tiny bit but there not game breaking. So sometimes when watering your plants with your watering can (it seems to happen when your not charging up the watering can) it will appear like it was watered but if you sleep till the next day the plant won’t grow and will still look like it was watered, even if your not using the water fertilizer. I don’t know how this one happens but my best guess is if your watering to fast and the game shows it being watered but doesn’t count it? altho it will still sometimes happen when you take a second or two in between to water each plant.

    The second thing is that when your donating stuff to the musium your not able to pick up stuff you have already placed down do to the fact you can’t move your empty cursor over it.

    That’s about it other than that it’s a great game and I hope your next project is just as successful.

  • Tad Anderson

    Will you be adding a function to turn lightning off as you can do on PC?

  • AlphaStrike

    Next game update when?

  • Dimipapa

    Shud i give up on xbox update?

  • Emrah Dural

    Turkish on switch?

  • Dee

    I wish we can easily rename our pets, farm, character, specially horses in the game after we have named it on stardew nintendo switch without having to start over and waste all our hardwork poured into the game.

    • Tommy McCarrick

      You can/could you click slightly above the sell button I believe cannot remember if it was a bug but I found this by mistake when I realised my animals has WASD at the end of their name.

      • Dee

        Would it work on renaming your horse?

  • AstorJam

    Hi, when will the update for the Italian language on ps4 and ps vita come?

  • Squizzo

    HI! I love this game on Nintendo Switch, but can you get the Italian translation? Please!

  • Elena

    Hi thanks for your amazing job!
    Id like to know if, in the next patch, we can de-zoom/zoom out our farm in order to decorate it propelly. It’s a little frustrating be unable to see all the farm zone when we place/move something inside.
    And ofc italian language! Thanks again and all the best!

  • Tre St

    Hey that’s great and all but when is PS$ and Xbox getting multiplayer? we have been waiting for a while for this!

  • Jovita Tanuwidjaja

    Hello! When will the 1.4 update be released on Switch? I would love to raise the fish. Thanks!

  • Liran Tal

    Would it be possible to transfer PC save data to the switch? I’d like to buy it for switch but can’t bother starting over.
    I found a link that someone explains how to do it but it includes doing dodgy things to your switch I believe….