Dev Update #19

Hi everyone!

So, as I said in the last update, I’m working on the main story-line for Stardew Valley. ย My aim is to create an overarching narrative/goal that will give players a stronger sense of purpose in the game world.

The main story-line in Stardew Valley centers around an old, overgrown community center:


Some say it’s an eyesore… others say it’s haunted.

This building was once the heart and soul of Pelican Town… a place for citizens to gather, socialize, and collaborate. But that was long ago, In a bygone age when the valley was more isolated from the outside world. Now, the community center is in shambles, a forgotten relic of the past…


Maybe this newcomer can restore these old ruins to their former glory?

The community center is divided into six areas… the Pantry, the Art Studio, the Fish Tank, the Vault, the Bulletin Board, and the Boiler Room. To repair each area, you’ll need to complete a number of “bundles”:


Each bundle consists of a selection of items and corresponds to a unique aspect of the game. They are designed not to be “grindy”, but rather to encourage players to explore the various facets of Stardew Valley. pickaxeICONWhen you’ve completed all the bundles for an area, that area will be restored and a permanent, positive change will happen in the valley (a new area might become available, for example).

If I do decide to include Joja Corporation in Stardew Valley, here’s how it will work:ย If you don’t fully restore the community center within 2 years, Joja Co. demolishes it and builds a mega market in its place.

I am still fiddling with this, and ultimately I will base any final decisions on whatever is the most fun. Even though I’m referring to it as the “main story-line”, there’s still tons of goals and things to do that don’t involve the community center.

On a side note, I also expanded the forest area by a lot… added a lake and some other features:Sewer


Thanks for reading!





  • Netrac Freeman

    That building looks quite lovely actualy.

    This game still looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out,

  • FuzzyBubbles

    HYPE. Can’t wait for this game, it’s looks absolutely amazing. I’ve been watching this for a long time and i’m excited to see how well it’s coming along ^_^

  • Irrimn

    OMG another update! It looks and sounds amazing! When are you going to let us start play testing it for you?

    I think it’d be cool if you added in a bit of castlevania-esque requirements to unlock areas — like if you get A item first then B area is available but then if you get X items first then Y area is available first. So in any given game the sequence of events wont be the same every time. Kind of like what you were saying with the community center, being able to restore each room unlocks a new aspect or area of the town.

    Still so excited for this game!

  • Magzilla

    Holy moly! I love the restoration idea! I really cannot wait to restore Pelican Town to it’s former glory! As you restore the town, will the litter on the beach and so clean up over time? So that way, while exploring and walking from here to there, you can see your progress in the town by how clean and lively it becomes.

    Really love how it’s all coming together! Keep up the bombastic work!! <3

    • Dude

      I like where this idea is going. Can you screw up the entire town so that, through restoring the community center, the town gets fixed as well? It would be a nice way of giving the player a sense of impact or whatever.

  • Kayla

    Just wanted to say YAY for the update! I’ve been checking every day for the past couple of days because i suspected that there may be a new update soon. So excited for this game!

  • Guest

    Nice update, I am really excited. Awesome work. Now that you’ve explained what Joja corp would be, I must say, I am personally against it. And that’s because Stardew valley along with all of the farm simulators imo should be about unrestricted exploration and shenanigans and not being constantly driven to push through the story line. Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf valley was like that. There was a time restriction on playing through the game and it was kind of the one time I really didn’t love playing a harvest moon title. I don’t think it’d be possible to ruin the game, but I think it would really detract from it. Or if you do decide ultimately to include it could you put in a sandbox mode? Or make it playable after the story line is completed?

    • Anonymous

      There’s no real constant storyline push. Either you find all the items and get a community center, or you don’t and you get a supermarket. Both are perfectly valid outcomes that would add replay value, which I’m all for.

      I just want to see a decent antagonist, Joja Corp looks sleazy as heck.

      • Foelhe

        I agree. Plus tying the main storyline to the different parts of the game encourages people to mix it up and try new things, instead of sticking to one tried and true path. As long as it’s not mandatory, I think that’s a good idea.

  • Lhoto

    Been looking forward for the release of Stardew Valley, and have been excited, but this update kind’ve turned me off. I’m a fan of the idea of restoring an old town hall, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s like getting an appetizer when you expect a full multi-course meal. Might I suggest making that somewhat more of a trophy hall/method of showing accomplishments, then going for something more substantial for the story, or making the scale of the restoration to more than just the town hall?

    • Irrimn

      You say “JUST” a town hall like each room isn’t going to fulfill a specific purpose. What if one of the rooms IS a trophy room that allows you to see all of your accomplishments?

      • Lhoto

        What I’m saying is a single building is of rather little significance, I’m hoping there’s something more than just that one building.

        • Dasaki

          I’m certain that along with the town hall, you’ll see marginal improvements through out the town, and maybe even have to deal with Joja supporters that try to perturb you. Whatever he adds, it’s not gonna just be a small thing that can be completed on the side lines, I’m sure. It should be pretty fun to do that along with everything else in the game as well.

          • Lhoto

            Still seems pretty minimal, but we’ll see what he does with it on release.

  • Anonymous

    I love the town hall idea, having it constantly be improved throughout the game to give a real feeling of progress. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Joja Corp storyline sounds great too!

  • Maiden of Aqua

    The Joja Co. Storyline reminds me of a certain PS2 Harvest Moon game… I think it was called “Hometown Saviour” or “Save the Homeland” (Silly people and their silly translations). Anyways, I’m super pumped to see the finished product. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also – D: Noo the lake, people need that for drinking water…. they don’t need 5 arms from drinking it though.

  • dawnbomb

    other then the 6 main goals, is there a list of achivements of something ala magical melody where there was 101 goals to achieve? i think something like that could really add fun and make a game last longer, as well as make it something to work together with friends. i know i really enjoyed that, and now i really only play rune factory because modern harvest sims have no goal other then ‘do whatever’.

    i think having some list like that ads a major sense of goal into a game, and personally i’m excited to play this multiplier with friends, and the idea of a goal list to work towards would really push a player to keep going, because completing goals is fun! especially with friends!

    also, if you feel 2 years is to small, go for two and a half years like harvest moon 1 did. having just that little bit of extra time can really motivate a player to actually invest into farm improvement, rather then stop near the world time deadline in sacrifice of completing the goals to keep the valley alive, and it gives extra freedom with reguards to time for love life, and because its multiplier people might mess around abit ๐Ÿ™‚

    so, i’m saying a time limit can be good, it pressures towards a goal, and goals are fun! might just want to expand it abit, and maybe ad a extra set of unnecessary goals just for fun, because when its with friends its fun to achieve stuff!

    and on a random note, one of my favorite parts of game is finding weird items and reading their descriptions, or finding little secret locations i didn’t know about before a NPC told me about them.

    just throwing ideas out, hope your game is great multiplayer fun, me and a friend can’t wait to play together! i just hope it keeps is working towards something! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Irrimn

      I like the ideas of more achievements — even if they add nothing other than a goal and a little badge that says “you’ve done this” in the game. Heck, there could even be a “romance person X” achievement and then the achievements would be cumulative across all games so one game you could go for marrying a different person each time — which would obviously add to the replayability a lot.

      As for the time requirement for restoring the community center, maybe it would be better if there were stages of deadlines. Like at first it’s 6 months but then if you get 1 room done in the first 6 months it’d be pushed back to a year. Then get another room done and it’s pushed back again. And so on so that there is a sense of urgency for each room getting repaired (which to go with my other suggestion, every room could be repaired in whatever order the player wanted to make it as open-ended as possible and then each playthrough of the game could have some variation). Not only would this give the player an ultimate long-term goal (restore all of the rooms) but also an immediate goal as well (repair 1 room in the next 6 months so it doesn’t get demolished). And 6-months in the game is probably pretty long? I dunno how the calendar works in the game though whether there is 4 months in a year like Harvest Moon or if it is like real calendar months.

      • dawnbomb

        6 months is way to long, sim games work on a 120 days a year calander / 4 months a year / one month a season.

        • Irrimn

          Six months was just an example. The proper timeline would need to be play-tested so that it wouldn’t be too easy or too difficult so that the goals were challenging but realistic for the average player.

          • Dasaki

            I can definitely see a longer time limit, but then that would mean longer grind limits as well, a la larger health gauge, bigger time stamps on character to NPC growth, and a more spread out flag system for the courting portion of the game.

            I am almost sure at this point in development, at any rate, ConcernedApe has already decided on a time system. He is quite far into the creation of the game where most of the NPC flags, birthdays, etc, have already been set.

            One of the main things I look forward to in a game of this calibur is not how sandbox it can become, but what content is offered during it’s sandbox moments.

            I play some Harvest Moon games now a days and find that content is lacking for a 120 day/year 4 month/year system, and want for more intuitive character to NPC interaction, and world exploring (which as far as I can tell, this game will deliver, considering its dungeon crawl elements.) So while there is content involving the initial farm life, court life, and resource gathering, I can definitely see a chance for improving character to world experiences, including having branching dialogue options, (Mass Effect, Dragon Age kinda) flag reaching systems not just involving dialogue but maybe including a “fetch quest” or something that involves player input on a larger scale than just saying yes or no to a meaningful discussion.

            Basically all these extra additions to sim life gameplay like this will make it not rely on things like “time pausing, while in buildings” and “smaller 24 hour clock rotation”

            Again, just ideas, I’m certain ConcernedApe already has his own plans for how it’s all gonna go down. and I’m eager as heck to give it all a try.

          • Irrimn

            I definitely understand your concerns as far as a longer time limit is involved. I also think the interesting character interaction and dialogue in this game is going to be a step above the usual farming sim game though (as evident by the screenshots we’ve already received). With the dungeon crawling aspect I’m hoping that it ends up Rune Factory-esque in the RPG element execution. I feel like Rune Factory games have always had exemplary character interaction mixed with RPG elements so in that regard they are THE game to beat IMO. I’m hoping festivals and special days like birthdays are common enough that there is almost always something going on in town but at the same time, there are enough days available for you to do the farming and exploring and RPG aspects as well. Surely it will be a fine balance to strike giving the player enough time to try and do everything but I think with the right amount of play-testing it will just be a matter of, well, time.

          • Dasaki

            Exactly, I can see the dungeon crawl having some special moments to, maybe finding special mystical alters or something that could give you some bonuses, timed and not, towards the later dungeon crawling.

            Or even event triggers that has some sort of connection with the town, or outlaying areas, unlocking special gear or weaponry to reward fine exploration.
            I’ve always felt that was the one thing the dungeon crawling in Rune Factory always lacked, and have always wanted more from it. Tides of Destiny was really cool in that some of the dungeons had stories within the confines that you could find, or just the way the dungeons looked,

            I can’t wait to see what cool stuff ConcernedApe hides in Stardew Valley’s dungeons.

  • It’s all looking to shape up, quite tip top! Glad that you are still polishing things up, and still thinking about adding in Joja Corporation.

    I personally enjoy there being an antagonist, like in the Harvest Moon games (somewhat like Save the Homeland/Leaf Valley), I just hope some faces are added behind the names to Joja Corp- that would spice it up quite nicely.

    Like I said in my previous post regarding the main story, don’t cut anything short with your dream game! The storyline to restore the townhall and save it from the Joja Corporation sounds fantastic, and the impact it would have on the entirety of Stardew Valley! I’d love to see that outcome~

    Regarding the one person I saw in the comments who dislikes a “time limit,” I have to say to them that 2 years in a Harvest Moon like game is a long time to get things done, and it’s always nice to have these kinds of goals. Plus, what is a game without a good antagonist and a goal to fulfill? I say, not much of a game at all! :] As dawnbomb says, it could also be increased in time if needbe.

    Keep up the great work, Ape, and keep your dreams true!

    • Irrimn

      I agree that having faces (bad guys, hooray!) behind the Joja Corp story-line would make it more personal and give the player someone to hate (or love? Oooh… what if the Joja Corp exec was a secret marry-able person in the game and you had to do all these extra things to change their wicked ways and woo them?). Either way there should definitely be a face behind the name since just having a generic bad-guy corporate entity, while believable, isn’t as engaging.

      • Dude

        Bad guys! omg, yes.
        I’d love it if, while you were trying to save the town or whatever these little bad guys would pop up to throw curve balls at the player every so often. Maybe a curveball gets thrown each time the player gets close to completing each of the six tasks? like, for the fishing one, the jaja lackies show up in a fishing barge that makes it impossible for any more fish to be caught, to get rid of them you have to find the legendary rare fish or whatever and thereby proclaim the land to be habitat for an endangered species.

        Mostly, i just love the idea of a bumbling set of baddies adding a bit of antagonistic comedic relief while also adding some diversity to the game. But the added complexity of a possible love interest is cool too, if that could work out within the time frame of the game…

      • Magzilla

        I love the idea of a Jojo Corp executive being a woo-able character. You can either soften his/her heart to the way of country living, or help reach their goal of dominating the small town!

      • DrKramshaw

        Yeah, this would be amazing. To make them personable (maybe not at first – or maybe only one person who is sympathetic).

        The Joja Corp reminds me of a similar outfit in the Six Feet Under TV series.

      • Dasaki

        That sounds like it would definitely add a deeper element to the game, where you have a different way of keeping to a Country based town, or Joja Owned and Operated city scenario.

        Very awesome idea.

      • Amanda

        As long as there’s both a male and female woo-able person. HM’s Leaf Valley did this, but only with the girl.

        • Irrimn

          I agree that there should be both a male and female woo-able counterpart if this makes it into the game. Admittedly I also feel like there should be bi/gay/lesbian woo-able npcs so that people that want to make homosexual or bisexual characters can, which is something that HM has never touched on because they’re too mainstream and they fear public reprisal.

          • dylan brown

            Im not sure thats the main reason- it would also add extra work and they might of thought for that amount of effort there wasnt anything added that would get extra sales- i.e not a sellable feature many would want. I mean they’d have to be idiots to worry about negative public opinion because of it- the sims series has had same sex relationships for getting on 20 years – its one of the most successful franchises ever- and nobody was upset about it there.

          • Irrimn

            Extra work? I don’t think so honestly. You could just make it so that all relationship paths are open regardless of sex. Just make your character’s gender a non-issue and it’s literally that simple.

            Now if they wanted to add homosexual characters that were SOLELY gay (not 100% bi-sexual like The Sims where you can woohoo with anyone regardless) then yes, that would take more work and would depend on your character’s sex.

            Regardless, you’re completely wrong about why they haven’t done homosexual relationships in ANY Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. They are afraid of public reprisal in that there is still a lot of people that are anti-gay and the game would probably get boycotted and/or receive a higher ESRB rating (any rating above an E would completely kill the sales of a HM game.)

    • Dude

      Bad guys! omg, yes.
      I’d love it if, while you were trying to save the town or whatever these little bad guys would pop up to throw curve balls at the player every so often. Maybe a curveball gets thrown each time the player gets close to completing each of the six tasks? like, for the fishing one, the jaja lackies show up in a fishing barge that makes it impossible for any more fish to be caught, to get rid of them you have to find the legendary rare fish or whatever and thereby proclaim the land to be habitat for an endangered species.

      Mostly, i just love the idea of a bumbling set of baddies adding a bit of antagonistic comedic relief while also adding some diversity to the game. But the added complexity of a possible love interest is cool too, if that could work out within the time frame of the game…

  • Shaun Kennedy

    I think regardless of whether Joja Corporation is implemented or not that this kind of game doesn’t need an arbitrary time limit to it’s sandbox, the ability to play indefinitely or at least for a highly prolonged period of time (say ~10+ years) should be available in some fashion.

    Though from what it sounds, Joja Corp. tearing down the Community Center and building a supermarket doesn’t sound so much as a “game over situation” as it does an alternative choice. I’m thinking kind of like how in SimCity you can go the route of clean high tech industry or dirty more-money-in-your-pocket landfill city… giving us choice would be well appreciated. A supermarket could make the actual gameplay easier (IE: cheaper items) but seriously set back the social aspect of the game by possibly ruining smaller businesses.

    Also as an aside: While I know the game is intended to be released in it’s full version, are there plans to support it with additional content updates or DLCs after the game is out?

    • Kuroneko

      The more I ponder on Joja Corporation being added the more I kinda don’t want it to be added due to the fact your game will end in 2 yrs if you didn’t fix up the community center.

      • dylan brown

        Just because there is a 2yr timer on the main quest town hall demolition thing dosnt mean the game has to stop then… If the game is designed to let you play on sandbox style as long as you like- having this quest on a timer dosnt effect that at all.

        Here’s an idea though ConcernedApe – dont just have a 2 year fixed limit – 2year can be when it happens if you do nothing, and the town mayor sells it to Joja corp- but the player gets the mayor to agree to hold off to see if you can rejuvenate it- and each time you restore one of these rooms, the mayor is happy at your progress and the deadline gets pushed back a season extra. That way the player wont feel so rushed and can delay the deadline more with their actions – or something like that.

        Either way- if you go with a time limit, i see no reason to stop you playing on the game after that? Though it would mean making a visitable supermarket- have it sell stuff but obviously you can grow your own stuff cheaper.

  • Gabriel Clark

    The Joja Co storyline sounds like a great optionally enabled feature! Either way, love it and cannot wait to pay it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tamson

    This is GREAT! So excited, keep up the good work!

  • Dude

    Awesome, I love it.
    But I gotta ask, are there goals involved with your family? Like, being a generally good dad and husband so that your kid grows up and takes on the farm or whatever? I don’t think you’ve mentioned too much about married life and the thought of having a family just for the sake of having a family does seem kind of dull.

  • ElectricPrism


    Please don’t let the game go to weirdo land, spiritism, ghosts and religion should not be in StarDew Valley, I don’t imagine they will be but I was concerned with the whole “Haunted Community Center”.

    That kind of element belongs in Horror games and not farming games, I think you should examine your Genre demographic and ask if certain story ideas make sense for who the audience is.

    One audience I see is
    1 ) People in their late 20s – 30s who used to play Harvest Moon
    2 ) Facebook Farm addicts
    3 ) People who want a game that is rewarding that isn’t overly violent.

    Harvest Moon had a money element, you harvested your crops and made money which you could then use to buy cows, chickens, other seeds, etc… the entire premise was that money was like points which helped you upgrade to bigger and better things though planting, growing and harvesting plants.

    I think being able to marry all the cute chickies in the town would be a excellent game element I know my girl would enjoy playing as it’s the whole “happily ever after” idea, I think your game isn’t unique to a specific gender but includes both girls and guys.

    Also, if you really wanna put other game fanchises under the magnifying scope check out Red Letter Media, they have a whole video section called Game Station where they break down games to find out what makes them fun and what mistakes they made in their creation – here’s a review of Sonic the Headhog 2

    Also, their StarWars reviews are a excellent mirror in which every flaw of the new Star Wars prequels is exposed and every writing error is examined.

    (Their reviews include lots of cussing, but their analysis is dead on. You’ll also need several hours to watch them, dont judge until you’ve completed a whole review ~1-6 videos)

    Other than that, I really look forward to StarDew Valley, the story can be simple – you essentially turn a crappy place into a nice place and liver there on the farm.

    Anyways, the graphics look really great, I cant wait.

    • Anonymous

      You can have ghosts without it being religious. It’s not ‘weirdo land’. There are already unnatural monsters in the mines under the valley. Also, I certainly hope that nothing in this game is being tailored to appeal to Farmville click-addict fans.

    • Lorion

      Have to disagree. There were always supernatural beings like the harvest goddess, those elves or even ghosts in the Harvest Moon games and they did fit in very well.

      So there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be something alike in Stardew Valley.

    • DrKramshaw

      Yeah, ghosts is fine, there’s nothing particularly weird about that. Don’t confuse paranormal or fantasy with mysticism and over the top spiritualism..

      • ElectricPrism

        Your POV is only valid in the US. When you factor in other cultures suchas Asia who still believe in ancestor worship and spirits, this kind of game element could immediately be a huge boner killer and turn off for players.

        Mysticism is also culturally relative, if you favor one culture you’re going to alienate others. If you present spirits according to a European view you may alienate Asians from the player base and therefore loose money $$$$$$$.

        Also, while _you_ may not view ghosts as religious, many cultures see ghosts in a superstitious light and as something to be feared. Its ignorant to think that other cultures don’t view ghosts as religious just because American culture doesn’t.

        I don’t see the benefit of adding an element that could potentially alienate different types of players.

        • DrKramshaw

          Modern game playing people are not going to shy away from a game with ghosts, like other people posted, that kind of stuff has been rampant in Harvest Moonn type games and RPGs since forever. It’s a non-issue. Sort of like depictions of violence being censored over there. The people playing (and buying) the games don’t have the issue, they do everything they can do to get around it.

          The creative aspect of the game shouldn’t be compromised for any perceived cultural issues that may or may not occur.

          • Lucid Flux

            I wont play this game if it becomes to creepy. This is not so much based on whether there are ghosts or not but rather how involved the game becomes with them. For example FF6 had a ghost train in it, but the entire story didn’t revolve around ghosts. I think it really should be kept to a minimum or to a side quest not to the entire premise of the game. I will not play this game if the core elements of the story revolve around spirits or ghosts.

            I preferred how older games around the SNES time always made those aspects of the game minimal or optional.

          • Jake

            We also can’t forget that a lot of the games with ghosts, and/or spiritual/mystical references were created by Asian developers(which seem to be the demographic he is defending). Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Metal Gear Solid, Earhtbound(Mother series in Japan) are ALL made, or were made, by Japanese developers.

            In short, this argument hasn’t held water since the late 80’s. Good conversation starter though!

        • Dasaki

          The world is connected through adding this sort of media in any subject. I can see some people being alienated, or just disliking the game because of something, but that goes for any artistically created piece of media.

          Just as DrKramshaw said, it’s a complete non-issue that probably doesn’t even stand ground in this discussion. Adding content, and taking away content just for the sake of religious separation and alienation is a very bad way about going through with creating games of any caliber.

          Look at some of GaijinGoomba’s videos on youtube and see how many elements of religion and mysticism in games there are, and usually they are only there to give personality to the games we play.

          Forgive me if I’m wrong, please, but I can see you’re only looking at this game through the eyes of an entrepreneur, a businessman. ConcernedApe isn’t just doing this for money, he’s doing it to give a game with content to players anywhere and everywhere to play. While it is respectable to create a game for the potential earnings you can make, it’s foolish to do so with that state of mind, and not for the sake of the game and for the players.

          Trust me, when this game comes out, you yourself might see the aspiration of story, content, and what you call “unnecessary elements”. It’s going to be a fun ride where players can talk about this stuff, and give content for guys like GaijinGoomba to talk about to his viewers too.

          @ConcernedApe, have fun and make this game full of awesome and interesting content for your players to enjoy. If someone chooses to alienate themselves away from the game for some content you put in, then so be it, it’s just going to be their loss.

        • Amanda

          I’m sort of in agreement with everyone else. I don’t complain if there’s aspects of other cultures in a game I play. Most gamers these days are used to things like this, and I doubt adding in a ‘ghost’ would hurt this game developer.

          Besides, he only suggested that there’s a rumor its haunted. That’s pretty normal in a town with a decrepit building. Doesn’t mean its actually haunted, just that people don’t usually approach the building because it seems so old and scary to them.

  • Sam

    I love the idea to restore the community center by exploring diverent parts of Stardew Valley <3 For me there is no need for the joja corp anymore, but i am excited what you will do with it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I still really looking forward to this Game รขโ„ขยฅ

  • Zzinged

    I am so looking forward to being able to finally play Stardew Valley! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • leeyamoon

    In update 17 you write in the end ” Things that still need to be done “, can you do that on the end of every update?

  • DrKramshaw

    My firsts thoughts hearing about the corporation possibly buying out the community center is – does that put a timer on the gameplay? Because personally I’d rather play without time limits, rather than fail at some point. If it was going to be a fail-state, would it also be possible to donate your earned money if needed (assuming the player earns straight currency in the game) to prop up the center, so it doesn’t get bought out?

  • Beastmatt

    Ape, you should make it a final decision at the end of the storyline, to either finish the community center or have them make a mega market. Of course, I don’t know how the decision can go about, but I’m sure you can think of something. I believe the storyline should at least have you make one critical decision that can be based on your personal morality/perspective on things.

  • Cushy Demon Buttock

    [lies down on floor] I want to play this game so badly it is actually causing me physical agony

  • Songtress

    Suggestion: Make the Corp a ‘new Game + thing (so that way players have time to learn the mechanics in the ‘first run’ of the game, but in New Game+ the time limit of 2 years & the corp changing the Valley to include the mega-mall/mart will shake up the game.

    Maybe give the game a segement about the changes that happen when if you don’t succeed in saving the Town Hall, (So it changes the game?

    • Anonymous

      I immensely dislike this suggestion.

      I’d have to give up my main save file just to roll up a new one and do everything again to see the Joja storyline? Heck no.

  • Ryan Spring

    I do like the sound of this !
    Thanks for taking your time to give us an update i like to check in every few weeks to see how this is coming along.

  • Dasaki

    It’s so good to see you still working so hard on this game. I am eager to give it a go, and will happily buy many copies of it, once its release is made clear, for my close friends.

    Seeing how you’re working on the main arching line for the game, I’m happy to see it’s gotten a clear objective.

    As a possible later edition to the game, you can add in Joja Corp. and have them build over that with a super market, and allow the player to add to its resources and gain product value based on how well the market is selling. You can even put in something along the lines of adding in a story arch where the player can decide to work with residents to make a new Pelican City Community Center, one that could rival the old one that was torn down in respect for the village.

    Just some ideas throwing around, no need to act on them. Make this game the way you want, and I’ll be MORE than happy to play it!

  • Great work dude! Love reading about and seeing hoe things are progressing (though I sure wish I could play it as its improving).

    In the name of “getting the game out”, I would recommend against having the Joja Corp side of the story in at release.
    It also sounds like something that could easily be added on later without much concern for ruining peoples progress.
    I DO really like the concept, and how it would push the player to work towards getting all of the community center repaired in time. But having at the same time, having that ‘failure’ state would split the player base experience into two groups… which could go either way (good or bad)

    I REALLY like the suggestion of having it be a new game+ feature, and that also fits really well with my suggestion of holding off on adding it till the game is already out.


  • BamaUndergrad

    If you’re going for a sense of purpose, then the JoJa Corporation story might add an extra sense of urgency to it! I say go for it! In any case, the game looks like it’s coming along great, and I can’t wait to give it a play.

  • Steve Taylor

    Very Suikoden of you! Excellent. Let’s fill those areas with helpful or fun NPC’s.

  • Hirakhos

    I feel like a huge problem with Pikmin 1, Recettear and a few other games of this type, almost any sandbox. Arbitary time limits really really mess with the flow and feel of the game. It stops being relaxed and zen and starts being “Am I doing this fast enough? I CAN’T KNOW UNTIL THE END”
    It’s really just unneccesary stress. I would be really let down if you added an arbitary time limit to such a chill and explorative game.

    • Anonymous

      Sacrificing story for ‘Chill’ seems like a gigantic downside to me, personally.

      I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if you could reach the point in the game where ‘Community Center VS Supermarket’ is reached and delay it for an increasing penalty.

      2 years pass, Joja Corp comes to bulldoze the Community Center. You’re given the option to pay # amount of money to delay it for 1 month. This price increases for month two. Moreso for 3. And on, and on. More time, but for money.

    • Amanda

      Ugh…my only complaint with Recettear was the rediculous loan amounts I had to pay. It definitely racked up in price very quickly, and I was not making that much.

  • yukovalis

    So why the H aren’t you on something like kick starter? I would buy this game in a heart beat, seriously. Get some funding or something maybe?

    • Anonymous

      Because he doesn’t need funding? Kickstarter implies you need money to make your game, he’s developing this fine on his own.

      • yukovalis

        I see that, and understand.. still it is the kind of thing I’ve been waiting a long time to get, so I’m sure there are many who would want to throw their money at it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peter Schelvis

    damn i want this game, finish it fast and i’ll throw you a bag of cash!

  • As usual everything is looking great and I wish you a lot of luck with all the work left to go.

    I myself am not a fan of the Joja arc, but that’s more a personal taste, and I know a lot of people do enjoy there being a bad or “alternate” ending. (I dislike “villains” in non-empire building SIMs as a rule.) Personally if it’d included I’d say go for two and a half three years, or leave an option when starting a save file to negate it entirely– but only if it wouldn’t be a lot of work to implement.

    I’ve been a long time fan of farm and city-building SIMs and my favorites have always been the ones that are as open-ended as possible. I like goals as much as the next person, but I hate the feeling of being PRESSURED to complete a goal or feeling like I “lose” if I don’t finish something in a time period. SIMs should be fun relaxing games with just enough storyline and decisions to keep it interesting and to add replayability.

    Also, the graphics do seem more charming every time I see them. I’ve also been trying to get some of my friends interested in this game– six of the seven I’ve shown seem excited for it and two have promised to buy it when it comes out and play it with me. :’)

  • ConcernedApe

    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! It seems like the Joja Co. time limit idea is controversial, and I totally hear you on that. I can see both sides of the argument, and I’ve been debating with myself on how to proceed. I’ll be keeping all your comments in mind, and I’ll try my best to accommodate players with varying tastes. Take care!

  • recyclable

    I’m starting to think you’re trolling us!!
    The anticipation killed me a year ago T^T

  • Mouko

    I’d say… why not? I mean, the gameplay itself sounds fun and the Joja Corp would give a sort of goal to work towards. I find I enjoy games more if there’s SOME kind of a story, some sort of narrative for why I’m there.

  • Amanda

    I like the idea of the community center. With that, I don’t really see a reason for Jojo Corp, aside from having a ‘villain’. Otherwise, the hm games always did ok without a villain type. But if you do go for it, I suggest more of a three year time limit. That should work well for those who move at a more leisurely pace.

    Also…sludge…ew. xD If you fish there, do you catch mutated fish?

  • Twil50

    I like the idea but I just hope players who wants the mega-market can still unlock the areas and some of those “positive changes”.

    Right now im more appealed to the mega-market because it looks more useful than the community center.

  • c00de

    Have been following this game for quite some time now and it’s coming together in to a bundle of Awesome!! Cannot wait to give you my money and play this game!! ;P

  • Trufflezz

    I can’t wait for this game, it looks great ๐Ÿ™‚ It will be on Steam, right? I saw/heard of it on Steam Greenlight, so thought it would be. If it is, I hope there will be Steam achievements~ It looks great so far, I’ve been watching it for a year now I think :3

  • willpill35

    Sounds awesome and cant wait for it to be released but I was thinking I like the idea of a time limit but you could break that up into two parts. Since you pretty much start out from scratch i think your first goal should be to raise funds to buy the community center and its land and you could have a time limit of a year or two before its demolished. Then after you purchase the land there is a clause in the contract for the land that you must restore the property within 2 years or demolish the building. I think that would give it quite a bit more realisim to what it means to own land and to maintain it.

  • Abintaeps45

    Just to confirm – there’s no ‘end’ to this game right? Or will there be a ‘free-play’ option? I’d hate for this game to be like the Atelier series, whereby you get incredibly addicted, but you MUST finish the game within 4-5 years, otherwise it’s a crappy ending, and you have no choice but to start again. You miss out on so much fun! And we all know how awesome this game is going to be.

    I just think it would be more fun if you could repair the Community Center at your leisure.

    If Joja Corp has to be involved, maybe there’s something you could do to delay / stall them every 6-12 months or so? Like peaceful protest! Woo!

    • Anonymous

      Yep, gameplay is endless. The Joja Corp thing ends after 2 years, as a sort of story resolution thing.

  • Homoseshual

    Man, i’m dying to play this. *o*

  • Bailey

    I can’t wait to make a spreadsheet calendar with every townsperson’s birthday (w/ their favorite gifts), festival dates, etc. like I did with Harvest Moon: Back to Nature!

    This game looks beautiful and I’m very excited.

  • Please add Spanish.
    all my friends want to play, but we are of Latin America! รขโ„ขยฅ

  • Austin

    Make the Joja part optional. Or at least able to continue after you fail.

  • Irrimn

    It’s the first of the next month. We want an update!

    • Irrimn


      • Irrimn


    • Kat Korvus


      • Irrimn

        *chants* RI-OT! RI-OT! RI-OT! RI-OT! RI-OT! RI-OT! RI-OT!

  • Jacob Martin

    If it does get demolished, will we still be able to play WITH the mega market in the game? That’d be quite interesting.

  • LRFoto

    I am so, so, so excited for this! Are there planned betas at all in the distant future? I think this is my favorite update yet! Everything looks amazing!

  • Valerie Russell

    Looks awesome! I can’t wait!!!!!

  • David

    I can’t believe I just found out about this game, this looks incredible! Will be buying the heck out of this game when it comes out, my brother and I have been wanting a game like this since having played Harvest Moon.

  • Skinter Poro

    I want download stardew valley:C

  • Rich H

    Can’t wait to play this game in a nursing home in about 40 years!