Stardew Valley 1.6.6 Patch Notes


Balance and Gameplay changes:
-Bee houses now work with flowers in garden pots.
-“Minecart depot” alternative layout now only appears in the upper or lava mine areas.
-You can now turn the gold clock on or off
-Added coal -> mahogany seed trade at raccoons
-50% mastery XP now only applies to farming, as originally intended.

Translation changes:
-Reverted Chinese text to 1.6.3
-Reverted Chinese default font to the original
-Added an option to use the smooth font introduced in 1.6.4
-Added a dialogue font size slider for Chinese
-Added complete Russian translated movie & desert festival sprites
-Added option for Russian to use the “old” font

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a case where Mr. raccoon could disappear during the raccoon cutscene in multiplayer
-Fixed being able to trash Pierre’s Missing Stocklist, or give it away at the Feast of the Winter Star.
-Fixed being able to give a wilted bouquet to your spouse.
-Fixed issue causing only 1 omni geode to be produced from the skull cavern chest.
-Fixed crash when a save contains some invalid animal home data.
-Fixed a crash when talking to Penny in French.
-Fixed a malformed Willy farm event in German.
-Fixed an incorrectly blocking map tile in the Forest Farm map.
-Fixed some machines and some desert festival logic not working for Linux/macOS players using the compatibility branch.
-Fixed a case where an area was inaccessible in the volcano dungeon
-Fixed sewer event in German
-Fixed cases where you’d see Mayor Lewis’ giftbox note again when collecting 15 parsnips from a different chest.
-Fixed emily makeover event from being hard to skip
-Fixed Calico Egg Rating prize edge cases for farmhands
-Fixed prismatic hat effects not working in French.
-Fixed being able to “advance” the ready check menu by pressing Y, which lead to many issues.
-Fixed island outfits not being loaded for farmhands
-Minor optimizations.

Fixes for modded players:
-Fixed error showing non-flavored roe items.
-Fixed error if a mod sets an NPC’s ‘friends and family’ data to null.
-Fixed error loading a save containing enchanted weapons whose ID changed or data was removed.
-Fixed soft lock when watching weather TV channel if tomorrow’s weather is custom.
-Fixed temporary maps that aren’t part of a location not using seasonal tilesheets.
-Fixed summit cutscene showing custom fish with wrong sprites.

Changes for mod authors:
-In Data/Objects, added two new fields: CanBeGivenAsGift and CanBeTrashed. Setting CanBeGivenAsGift: false adds the not_giftable context tag automatically.